Mail Issue is Fixed
Mail is now routed to a local email address. Right now, it is run on my personal laptop as a test run. I will migrate it to a new server some time later.

Update 2012/02/16: It has since been relocated. Also, had a database crash regarding this particular database table. It has since been repaired.

Ami Sapphire on February 11, 2012 5:19 PM
Address Changes Back and New Category
The address has been changed back to from This is because of a two-day upgrade from Windows 2000 to Ubuntu Linux. That, and PHP4 was so far off support since 2008, and plans to only use PHP5 were underway after the system upgrade. Things should not be broken after the upgrade, though.

Also, a new category, MSTings, has been added to the category list.

Ami Sapphhire on July 15, 2011 6:53 PM
SMTP Mail is Finicky
This is an interesting issue. I can send mail using the Mail Users form, but cannot receive mail using the Contact Us form if the e-mail field (From: field) is not filled with the admin address.

For now, use in the e-mail field and put your e-mail in the Subject field if you have to use the Contact Us form.

Ami Sapphire on September 18, 2010 2:56 PM
Announcing Address Change
Due to modifications of the web server configuration, the address is no longer It is now That is because I recently made it so that both PHP4 and PHP5 were supported on my site.

PHP projects are now separated by folder, and they both use the same MySQL server. Although, I'm not sure if this archive should stay here with v4 for compatibility puropses, or go over to v5 for better support.
Ami Sapphire on April 07, 2009 7:17 PM
Browsers and Possible Layout Issues
This is a note for what browsers display this site properly and what browsers do not at the moment. Will be updated every time I test a browser and its version listed. Gecko/Mozilla-related browsers will most likely have no issues viewing this archive, but to make sure, they're listed as well.

Internet Explorer 6: [1] Centering issue; old bug is old (2007). Not easy to fix. Tried as best as I can. [2] Hovering issue. Non-fixable.

Internet Explorer 7: No issues.

Internet Explorer 8: No issues.

Internet Explorer 9: No issues.

Netscape 9.x: No issues.

Firefox 2.x - 13.x: No issues.

Flock 1.x: No issues.

Opera 8.x to 10.x+: No issues.

Google Chrome (Windows): No issues.

Safari 4.x: No issues.

Unsure about Netscape 4.x (unimportant), 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x. They probably display fine (with the exception of 4.x). Need confirmation, despite them being no longer supported.

Last Updated: 2012/02/12

Ami Sapphire on September 06, 2008 2:05 AM
Removed <img> HTML code.
Due to a *chan troll on another fanfiction archive abusing this code, I have disabled it for the time being. Heck, I actually never allowed images on this site at all! Good day.

*I can't believe I overlooked this simple solution!*

Ami Sapphire on July 27, 2008 10:48 PM
Fanfiction Script Upgraded!
The archive has been upgraded to the latest version. There seems to be no problems so far. That is all.
Ami Sapphire on May 30, 2008 5:33 PM
Script upgrade delayed for a while.
I checked out the main site for the latest download of the script, and lo and behold, there was one! So I download it.

The I check out the comments of the release message. Because that's what I do.

People installing or upgrading their archives were having issues with it, so I decided against it. But I will install it on my test server (Vista PC), and also upgrade my second-end archive; if it goes very well, then I will upgrade this archive... live.

...After I back it up. The last backup I have isn't the latest.

Ami Sapphire on May 10, 2008 6:05 PM
Site slogan request!
This is the news post for suggesting slogans for this archive. I'm not exactly creative in creating slogans, hence this post. You can take all the time you want in coming up with slogan suggestions.

Lol, I know that it's not going to stay as 'Site name will change soon'.

Ami Sapphire on February 20, 2008 10:27 PM
Site e-mail is enabled.
What the title says. It was simple, but I was too lazy to invoke the feature. An unused ISP e-mail account is now being used after nearly six years.

Now it is possible to mass e-mail members for high-priority reminders and important announcements.
Ami Sapphire on February 18, 2008 2:31 PM
Okay... That Was Very Frustrating: Part Two
No, you're not hallucinating. There is no part one on this archive. It was on a previously installed archive on a second server. The original text:

At around 9 AM this morning, I attempted to install this same archive that you see here on the main Linux server. Of course, it wouldn't install properly. After the setup of an admin account, it would white out. Other PHP pages do work, but the archive didn't. That is why the archive is located on a four-year-old eMachines desktop computer with a wireless connection. (And the Linux server is six! XP)

So... here we are... the private fanfiction archive! By the way, this location is permanent until I can figure out the Linux to eFiction script issue.

Oh, and since this is newly installed, I will tweak with it tomorrow.

Regarding this text, I have figured out the issue. I had two MySQL and PHP versions installed on the server, causing the issue described in the previous text (AKA, a conflict). I removed the ones I didn't know were installed and replaced them with the ones I intended to use in the first place.

That stated, I will shut down the second server and make a security change within MySQL on this server a little later, so it will break for a while.

Test line for a new MySQL user!
Ami Sapphire on November 27, 2007 11:24 AM