Okay... That Was Very Frustrating: Part Two
No, you're not hallucinating. There is no part one on this archive. It was on a previously installed archive on a second server. The original text:

At around 9 AM this morning, I attempted to install this same archive that you see here on the main Linux server. Of course, it wouldn't install properly. After the setup of an admin account, it would white out. Other PHP pages do work, but the archive didn't. That is why the archive is located on a four-year-old eMachines desktop computer with a wireless connection. (And the Linux server is six! XP)

So... here we are... the private fanfiction archive! By the way, this location is permanent until I can figure out the Linux to eFiction script issue.

Oh, and since this is newly installed, I will tweak with it tomorrow.

Regarding this text, I have figured out the issue. I had two MySQL and PHP versions installed on the server, causing the issue described in the previous text (AKA, a conflict). I removed the ones I didn't know were installed and replaced them with the ones I intended to use in the first place.

That stated, I will shut down the second server and make a security change within MySQL on this server a little later, so it will break for a while.

Test line for a new MySQL user!
Ami Sapphire on November 27, 2007 11:24 AM