Browsers and Possible Layout Issues
This is a note for what browsers display this site properly and what browsers do not at the moment. Will be updated every time I test a browser and its version listed. Gecko/Mozilla-related browsers will most likely have no issues viewing this archive, but to make sure, they're listed as well.

Internet Explorer 6: [1] Centering issue; old bug is old (2007). Not easy to fix. Tried as best as I can. [2] Hovering issue. Non-fixable.
Internet Explorer 7: No issues.
Internet Explorer 8: No issues.
Internet Explorer 9: No issues.
Netscape 9.x: No issues.
Firefox 2.x - 13.x: No issues.
Flock 1.x: No issues.
Opera 8.x to 10.x+: No issues.
Google Chrome (Windows): No issues.
Safari 4.x: No issues.

Unsure about Netscape 4.x (unimportant), 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x. They probably display fine (with the exception of 4.x). Need confirmation, despite them being no longer supported.

Last Updated: 2012/02/12

Ami Sapphire on September 06, 2008 2:05 AM