The Things We Do For Love & Lust by DeNice
Summary: A Street Fighter/King of Fighters hentai crossover with original characters submitted from Jami, Chan, Miggy, Sony Love, and myself. A new tournament exhibition has been called in Osaka, Japan, and it's drawing in the biggest fighting roster ever to date from across the King of Fighters and World Warrior circuits. However, as the fighters grow in numbers in the huge, custom built luxury hotel within downtown Osaka, things quickly become a lot more of an issue beyond that of fighting... A powerful force has been sweeping participants up one by one, and reducing them all to full fledged perverts... Now, it's up to a chosen few to race against time to find the cause of this epidemic before it consumes them too...
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Story Notes:
The Things We Do...

UPDATED January 9, 2008...

Hello, all. This is DeNice once again, giving you the best of the best as it comes to my writing ability. Things look different format wise, doesn’t it? Well, normally I’d go on and put my intro right at the start of the story, but with this one I think I’d try something out to change it up. Now, as you probably guessing by reading that little segment, this is a Capcom vs. SNK crossover that I’m making up, and now, that’s only half right. This, exactly it’s a Capcom, Tecmo, SNK, Namco mix. I’ve been away on a renisaunce of sorts and trying to build more momentum for my writing, and I found it recently. I’m no longer limiting myself to only the SNK and Capcom franchises. I found that my interest in the fic went up once I considered mixing Dead or Alive and Tekken to Street Fighter and The King of Fighters together (sorry Itagaki [DOA’s creator]). Anyways, the way this story works is different from, how say, Secrets of the Illuminati, where it focused on storyline and epic battles. Oh, no... although there will be a plot to this that’s pretty deep, this is to show you the “kinky” side of the stick... Be warned, this story will contain much more stuff as to what was shown just above, be it wet dreams, lemon, lime, yuri, yaoi... you get the deal. I’m not saying you have to be a certain age to read. I’m just saying that you should read at your own risk.

Also, this story runs on a dreammatch-like get-together, like the Capcom vs. SNK games. So where someone like Ryu might seem like he came from Third Strike, Kyo was taken from between King of Fighters 2001 and 2003, and Sakura was taken from after Street Fighter Alpha 3, yet still in high school, where Mei-Ling and Fen were taken from 4 years after Street Fighter 4. Speaking about Mei-Ling and Fen, they’re just a few of the original characters used by me and donated by Chan, MiggyMeista, Jami, and Sony Love. Here’s who to expect in the fic OC and regular wise...

Capcom (New)
Ken Masters
Chun-Li Xiang
Cammy White
Charlie Nash
Sakura Kasugano
Karin Kanzuki
Maki Genryusai
Batsu Ichimonji
Hinata Wakaba
Kyosuke Kagami
Akira Kazama
Daigo Kazama
Yun Lee
Yang Lee
Dan Hibiki
Morrigan Aensland
Sean Matsuda

Kyo Kusanagi
Iori Yagami
Chizuru Kagura
Benimaru Nikaido
Goro Daimon
Ash Crimson
Shen Woo
Kasumi Todo
Li Xiangfie
Athena Asamiya
Sie Kenshou
Mingnon Beart
Kula Diamond
Clark Steel
Ralf Jones
Jinju “May” Lee
Jhun Hoon
Kim Kapwhan
Kim Jae Hoon
Kim Dong Hwan
Choi Bounge
Chang Koehan
Hotaru Futaba
Mai Shiranui
Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Rock Howard
Joe Higashi
Bonne Jenet
Chae Lim
Alba Miera
Soriee Miera
Robert Garcia
Ryo Sakazaki
Yuri Sakazaki
Mary Ryan
Kevin Ryan
Shingo Yabuki

Darrell Markis
Kaoru Miadama
Yao Mitsumi
Shui Mei-Ling
Xiao Fen
Yin Lee
Noel White
Drake White
Melody Forte

Mitsukake Katogoshi
Yui Su’ang

Marcos Ortega
Vicky Small
Skye Hawk
Chela Castillo
Tomoko Nakamura
Frederick Lowe

Scott Wagner

Sony Love
Emi Tsuki
Keiko Tsuki
Miyuki Kumebara
Misti Baxter
Monica Baxter
Jessica Baxter
Blaize Baxter
Angelica Baxter
Soniah-Jesikah Baxter
James Daniels
Sonia Sheridan

Now, keep this in mind. In addition to violence (martial arts and all that jive, remember...) and lots of hentai material, there will be some out-of-character moments plus suggestive words used, so please, if all this offends (or if you like to read “politically correct” fics, which is a bit crazy since a fic is indeed total fiction), your browser does have a back button. If you’re still here, sit back and enjoy the fic!

1. First Night by DeNice

2. Second Day by DeNice

3. Second Night by DeNice

4. Third Day by DeNice

First Night by DeNice
“Why am I here...? Why do I do this to myself? I mean... I know what I vowed to do... but sometimes I wonder if this is really worth it. It’s another tournament, and with that, another chance for me to get my revenge... but I don’t know... I guess I’ve been at it for so long, at times all I can think about is him. I really hope this is the end of the line for both me and him as far as I’m concerned. I get sick of chasing after him, you know... and now I’m in another tournament, having to risk my health going through the battles in hopes of finally capturing him and finishing him off. *sigh* All the other fighters have other reasons as to why they’re here... and in the back of my mind, I think I envy them. I mean... other than him I can’t think of any good reason as to why I’d even be here. I could be out living a normal life like so many other people, yet here I am, stuck on this wild goose chase until I catch him—“

“Ok, ok. I get the picture, Chun-Li. I think you should stop now, or else I think you might have a breakdown right here and now. Here, I’ll buy you another drink.”

“No, Mai... Don’t do that... I already had two. That’s two more than I originally cared to have to begin with. I’m not a drinker.”

“Hey, neither am I, but you should at least get a good round or two in, occasionally. It sure helps me out whenever I’m thinking about... him...”

“Mai...? You mean Andy?”

“*sigh* Yep... You think after all this time that we’ve been together that he’d show me a little bit of affection, but nooooooooooooooooooooo.... Training is more important than our relationship. He even had the nerve to be the one to ask me to leave the Fatal Fury team in the King of Fighters tournament! The nerve! All because they wanted Mary Ryan to join their team. If I didn’t know better I’d say that he was trying something slick behind my back.”

“Now, Mai, everyone knows that Mary has an eye out for Terry... That’d just be wrong, now wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t be so suspicious about it. I’m sure he had good reasons that year...”

“And the year after that and the year after that...? Chun-Li, he’s trying to get away from me... I... I mean... what’s wrong with me? Is it the way I look?”

“*cough* Ummmmm....”

“My hair? The way I dress? What? What can I do to seem attractive in his mind? Do I have to stop being human and be a secret technique that he can use? He just seems so impossible...! I pour my heart out to this man, and this is the way he treats me!? He doesn’t even give me a glance!”

“Mai! Get a hold of yourself! You’re starting to lose it!”

The red-haired kunoichi known as Mai Shiranui heaved a large sigh as she sat inside the walls of the bar, her hand twirling the straw that led inside of the beverage she was drinking. Her head found its way to the counter in front of her, her brown eyes giving off dull vibes as she stared at the whirlpool she made through the transparent glass of the cup. On her body rested casual clothing; well, at least, casual to her. Where as a tee-shirt for most people would go down to meet the hems of their pants, Mai’s barely covered her chest area. It was more of a tank top than anything else, and anyone lucky enough to quick enough could dip their heads down just a bit and look up to see her red bra cupping her rather busty breasts. Apart from that, she wore shorts, which, fitting her personality, were a bit tight, and way above the knees.

Looking on in the chair next to her was another well-grown woman, this one Chinese and a bit older than the Japanese Mai. Where Mai was more revealing about her casual appearance, Chun-Li was more suitable in that manner, wearing a blue, full body jumpsuit with yellow stripes along the side and on her shirt. Her hair was more of a brownish color and done in buns, yet despite the differences in appearance, the Interpol agent known as Chun-Li shared something painfully similar to her companion, and it went beyond the fact that they both wore sneakers.

Both women were depressed. The bartender knew this overtime with each order of sake that Mai would order up every 5 minutes or so. She didn’t realize it the first time her blue eyes caught them walking in a good 20 minutes ago, but now it was painfully apparent. Of course, being right on the other side of the bar, the blond-haired woman in the burgundy tux was able to overhear most of the conversation between Chun-Li and Mai with little problems. It wasn’t that she was nosey... much, but she knew she couldn’t really have much choice about what she heard in her bar. After all, it was her business to take double duty to make sure everything runs right inside her domain, and if anything went astray, she could always fine tune her Muay Thai attacks on the sap that disrupts the peace. However, this wasn’t the case. There was no physical disturbance here, but rather an emotional one, and that was of her concern.

Mai was as good as a friend as King needed.

As she stood close by, looking at the two women as they talked, King made herself semi-busy by whipping a few mugs clean with a white towel. From here, she steadily picked up more of the venting Chun-Li and Mai were doing.

“Yeah, sorry about that...” Mai muttered loudly. “I guess I should watch myself, too. You know, it isn’t easy dealing with the fact that the man you love with all your heart makes you feel as if you don’t exists. I really don’t know why I keep on fantasizing about him like I do. I bet any other woman would have gotten over him and found someone else... but I know deep down I want Andy. I was set on that for years, and I’m not stopping now. I just wish he realizes that before I start to wrinkle and loose my charm, if you know what I mean.”

“I understand where you’re coming from,” Chun-Li replied, her elbow now on the counter so that she could focus clearly on Mai. “I can’t completely relate... I haven’t met anybody that I can really... dream about... It’s hard to find someone in that tense, especially with my line of work and what I have to do... I’m so busy running around the world in search of the leader of Shadowloo that I don’t realize the joy you at least have part of. I can’t rest easy knowing that... that he’s still around... but sometimes I wonder where it’ll end... or if it’ll end at all.”

“Now I wouldn’t say all that... I’m sure you’ll get him real soon.”

This time it was Chun-Li’s turn to sigh, her gaze lowering to the floor a bit. “Its something I count on happening, too... You know what? I guess another drink won’t kill me.”

Mai’s head rose from the counter and focused on the Chinese woman entirely, her eyes coming back to life. “Ah, that’s the spirit! Might as well enjoy ourselves before the tournament starts.”

(That’s my cue...)

Without even being summoned, King made her way to the two women and asked, “So, what will it be this time? Sake for two, Mai?”

“No, no...” Mai declined, shaking her head for emphasis. “This one’s a special one. Why don’t you surprise the two of us? I’m suddenly feeling really good tonight... I’m going to mix it up some.”

A smile grew on Mai’s face as a smirk appeared on King’s. “Alright, if you so insist,” came the bartender’s reply, and she turned away to check up on her arsenal of beverages. As she flipped through the countless amounts of liquor in the cabinets along the wall, King made a mental note to make sure all these drinks went onto Mai’s tab. Knowing the kunoichi, she wasn’t going to pay her back on the same night that she was going to get drunk silly.

“Hmmm... what’s this?”

A particular bottle made itself known to King as she cycled through her inventory. As she pulled it out to examine it, she took notice of its appearance. It looked like a classic wine bottle, but the label was faded out to the point that she couldn’t tell what it was offhand. The bottle was transparent, though, so she could see the liquid, which was a blue, crystal-like color. King twisted her mouth. How come she didn’t see this one before? Normally she was very familiar with her drinks...

After a few moments without remembering what it was, King did what made her so good at recognizing liquors... She grabbed a small cap-cup from above the cabinet, popped the top of the unmarked beverage, poured some in, and swigged. The taste, along with the smell, was rich with alcohol... yet in still, it tasted... familiar yet foreign to King. Vodka, maybe...? Shot? Weird... She couldn’t quite get it in her head. However, it sure did feel satisfying to her once it went in... Not bad... Not bad at all.

(This should do the trick.)

Meanwhile, Chun-Li was paying attention to Mai was she talked. She was convinced. The 5 servings of sake were finally starting to settle into Mai’s system. The red-hair’s cheeks began to flush, her eyes began to grow glassy, and her speech was just starting to give of the slurred vibes that perfectly classified that of a drunkard. Chun-Li was glad that she only had 2 drinks period, because she knew someone had to be responsible in making sure both she and Mai were able to get to their hotel rooms without any problems and detours.

“Mai, you sure you wanted this drink?” she asked. “I think you should take it easy for the rest of the night.”

“What? Are you kidding me? I’m just fine...” was Mai’s response, followed shortly by a hiccup thereafter. “I’ve had nights where King and I would go at it at drinking contests. Fifteen or so rounds, Chun-Li. I think I know my limits. *hic*”

Chun-Li smirked a bit, hiding the fact that the scene was at least a bit humorous. “Well, for tonight, let this be the last one. Drinking so much will really throw you off when it gets to walking straight, let alone fighting.”

Mai waved it off. “Yeah, sure.... Whatever suits you.”

As soon as Mai finished her sentence, King returned, both hands sporting two beer mugs holding in a crystal clear beverage inside. Mai blinked. This sure didn’t ring a bell to her... and she knew King and her arsenal for quite some time.

“Hey, King,” she said, “What’s that? Looks kind of different from the usual.”

“Hey, you said to get something from the grab bag, so I did. I don’t quite know what it is. The label’s all screwed up, but I just tried it out, just to make sure. It’s pretty good stuff, whatever it is.”

Mai shrugged while Chun-Li fidgeted a bit in her seat. While Mai wasn’t fazed by the mysterious beverage on the counter in front of her, Chun-Li wasn’t sure if she should go on with her third drink. It was unknown, which meant that it could be anything. Anything meaning anything. Mai, at first not realizing what Chun-Li was thinking, grabbed the mug closer to her and took a quick sip of it, letting the taste settle in her mouth before swallowing it. As she did so, her eyes opened up a bit, a bit delighted at the taste, apparently. Chun-Li observed it all from start to finish, where the Japanese woman put the mug down back on the mug. If she wasn’t drunk herself, she could’ve sworn that the signs of the sake from earlier practically disappeared the moment Mai swallowed...

“Well, whatever it is, it sure has spunk,” she commented. “It has a rich taste to it.” She then turned to the Chinese woman and realized that she was staring at her. “What’s the matter? Go on and try it out! This is pretty good stuff right here.”

At first Chun-Li didn’t reply. She couldn’t help but feel a bit cautious about it... but... what the hell. The night wasn’t going to get any better if she just kept on thinking about it. Chun-Li grabbed the second mug, brought it to her lips, taking a pause before she took a bit of it in. The moment the liquid touched her tongue, just like Mai, Chun-Li’s brown eyes widened a bit, a bit involuntarily, as the strong flavor hit her. However, it still tasted good... She swallowed, looked at the two other women that were looking at her... then without speaking, she took another round at it.

“I think she likes,” King observed, Chun-Li nodding in response as she emptied the drink out into her mouth. Mai took that as the green light to continue herself, and King just looked on as the two women finished off the drinks she served.

“I needed that,” the agent said to King as she put the glass down. “Thanks.”

“Hey, no problem. It’s what I do.”

Chun-Li then looked at Mai and said, “I think we should get back to our rooms. It’s close to 9 P.M. I should be getting ready for the battles ahead.”

The kunoichi pouted a bit upon hearing that. “I don’t know... It’s still early and the tournament doesn’t even start for quite a few days. You shouldn’t be such a picnic ant. Why don’t you stay in my room and we can hang out some.”

“Hang out?”

“Yes, hang out...” Mai repeated. “Do tell me you know what that means.”

Chun-Li cleared her throat a bit, holding her hand over her mouth as she did so, then answered, “I guess I can do that. Now that I think about it, it sounds pretty good. Fine, it’s a date.”

No sooner did the words come out of Chun-Li’s mouth did both women grew startled. As Chun-Li stiffened in her seat, shaking her head, Mai let out a slight giggle, although inside she did get the weird vibe from Chun-Li’s choice of words.

“Date... Chun-Li?” she repeated, her smile growing a bit. Chun-Li stuttered a bit, unable to stop from blushing in embarrassment.

“I-I didn’t mean to say that. Y... you know what I mean.”

Mai laughed out loud, standing up while stretching her arms above her head. “Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t resist that one. Thanks, King. We’ll see you later. Put everything on my tab, ok?”

King simply gave her friend a blank look. “As always...”

Mai then turned to Chun-Li, and before Chun-Li could quite get what was going on, Mai grabbed her hand, her grip on her tight.

“Well, then. Let’s get going. I know a few things we can do on our first date.”


Not willing to reply to that, Mai ran off from the bar towards the front door, dragging Chun-Li along with her with King looking on. The blond couldn’t help but smile to herself, the sight was all so entertaining to her... Chun-Li’s choice of words being the clincher.

“Date...” she said to no one in particular. “Nice one...”

As she thought about it, she could visualize the scene now; Chun-Li and Mai together at some place... like the movies... sitting together, eating popcorn out of the same bag...

Only one soda, sitting right in the armrest between the two...

It was funny to look at. Both watching the movie with interest...

Then Mai’s hand goes for the soda...

So does Chun-Li’s...

And they both wind up cutting each other at the point of destination...

Both women are now looking at each other... apologizing for not watching out for the other...


And their hands, which were initially grabbing at the soda, were now holding onto one another...

And... Mai brings herself over to Chun-Li...


The Chinese woman does the same...

They’re so close now...

So close to each other...

They can literally feel each other’s breath...

And even closer they come to each other...

So close...

Both their eyes are closing now...

And... the gap between their lips ceases to exist...

And... and King could make out light, quiet, yet audible moans of pleasure... as they stayed like this...


And she could see Mai’s free hand begin to roam around Chun-Li’s brown hair... Exploring... feeling... as Chun-Li’s grasp onto her shoulder...

And more moans still...

(U... uhhhh...)

Pants... breathless pants... as their lip junction is broken... only to rejoin... little signs of their tongues beginning to come out of their original homes to come out to play in the other’s...

The grip on the other’s hand becomes tighter... as their free ones now come down... to their breasts... that were poking out of their shirts...


It was so clear to King... she could plainly see little bumps poking through the material... Their nipples... must be hard now... So hard... and sensitive... and... wanting attention...

(Hah... haaahhh...)

They both know what they want... She can tell... Their eyes... tell all... Both Chun-Li and Mai’s free hands now seep under the other’s shirt.... and track back up... until they meet their breasts...

And still, the moans become louder... longer... as they begin to play around with their mounds... Squeezing... caressing... Twisting their hard nipples... pulling... rubbing...

(I... Aaaaahhhhhh.... S... so..... hot..............)

Before she could realize what was going on, King immediately felt hot... Hot all over... as if she was on the surface of the sun... she could barely take it anymore... She couldn’t explain it... but... she was burning... both inside and out...

(M... my.... my clothes... Too.... too hot........)

She had to get them off... Her mind was in a haze now... All that mattered was cooling down... Her body threw itself onto the wall behind her... her eyes closing as her hands rushed to her tuxedo. Her fingers fumbled over the buttons, but after a few times they finally managed to undo the two that went to the jacket...

Not even bothering to take it off fully, King went onto the white shirt... first the top... then the one below it... then, because she skipped it, the red bow tie along the neck, leaving it to hang limply to the side...

She kept going... and for some odd reason, she seemed to get even hotter... Faster... She went faster... until the last one all the way at the bottom went undone...

And still it wasn’t enough... She needed to open up... Open up more...

The heat... It keeps building...

So hot... Steaming...

Eyes still closed, King’s body began to slump to the floor as her hands began to reach behind her own back... and clumsily roam around until... she found a hook...


One single flip... and instantly her hands went on to remove her bra from her body...

And in her mind, she could still see the scene between Chun-Li and Mai... vaguely aware of what she was doing to herself in the now empty bar... Mai’s hands... both of them... now working on Chun-Li’s medium sized breasts while Chun-Li’s worked on hers... passionately doing all they could to increase the pleasure within them...

King moaned, her hands now moving up to her own, now free breasts... and she pictured herself as Chun-Li... Mai’s hands toiling as they pressed into her chest... She mimicked it... on herself...

“Oh... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...”

It felt so good... So wonderful... So blissfully... wonderfully... awesome... She now rotated her hands... rubbing into her breasts... bringing herself the exact same level of pleasure that Chun-Li was going through...

She then imagined that she was Mai... her busty members being tugged and teased by Chun-Li’s hold on her erect nipples... Whenever the Chinese woman would pull... King would pull... and whenever the brown-hair twisted... the blond could copy...

And whenever Mai gasped and groaned... King was right behind her...

The bartender was now gone and lost to the real world, lost in her fantasy, lost on her pleasure cruise...

...but suddenly, the picture; the scene was gone from King’s mind...


But still, the heat remained in her body... all over her... all seemingly to concentrate in a single place...

It burned there... King couldn’t stand that... It had... to... be... be... rid of...

Her eyes still closed and her body still hidden behind the bar, King began to run south on her body, until her right hand grabbed hold of the zipper... and her left grabbed to top of her pants... As quickly as she could, she pulled the zipper down... and opened the fly, exposing her panties...

She sighed blissfully, her hands now on autopilot, as they not roamed and pressed into the fabric... into her...

“Oooooooohhhhhh...! A...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...! J... jeeezz.....!”

The friction made her body ache, more so the area that was hidden behind the underwear... Holding in the heat...

King was positive... clothes were making her hot... All forms... She had to let them go... She had to release the flames inside and out her body... She had to release the aching that claimed her body...

She had to release.........


Her hands swiftly pulled down her panties and pants down to her knees, letting her bikini section show with no shame at all... With little thought, King brought a finger inside of her pussy... and rubbed...

...and threw her head backwards hard into the wall, moaning so loud it appeared as if she was yelling in pain... but there was no pain...

Only bliss.



King had little control under her legs, which pressed into one another... and contracted towards her body and out as she writhed on the floor in pure ecstasy, fitting more fingers inside herself... first two... then three... her sweetness squeezing and compressing itself all around them...

And from there, the blond began to pump, in and out... in and out... all three fingers... her body now lying flat on the floor... unable to stand the jolts of electricity that ran through her body. Her free hand returned to fondling her breasts as her pussy began to make sweet, squishy noises as it grew wet and her fingers began to increase in speed...

King’s heavy and desperate breathing was mixed with hard gasps as she could feel something mighty becoming to come... Her insides couldn’t take it anymore... The flame... the ache... the burning...

Too much... Too hot...

Soooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch........


---- ----

“What a jerk. I can’t believe he came here just to try to get me out of the tournament and get himself in. My brother is such an egotist.”

“I know, Mei-Ling. Just relax. He just likes to talk. You and me, on the other hand... We’ve proven ourselves. He hasn’t been through what we have. He wouldn’t be able to take it.”

The two Chinese girls couldn’t help but enjoy the scenery. The sky was dark yet majestic, stars clearly in the sky, as they walked down the sidewalk, the park lights setting the mood for a nice, romantic atmosphere. However, to the two walking side by side, it was just a good night out. Anything to get away from the headache known as Shui Shun. One girl was a dark haired individual, normally totally black but now set in a dark brown and set in twin braids down her back, wearing a normal short-sleeved shirt and jeans, while the other had an unnatural light, reddish-brown tint to her long hair. She wore a tank top to accompany the hot night, along with jeans as well, only 3 sizes bigger than needed. The first went by Shui Mei-Ling, the latter by Xiao Fen.

“I know that much,” Mei-Ling muttered as the two walked aimlessly into the night, “He just thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen in the world. Such a bragger, and he insists that I’m nothing but a distraction. You know how close I was to just letting loose and giving him a piece of me?”

Fen nodded, putting a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “If I were you, I probably would’ve beaten him up already. I don’t know how you do it. You must have the patience of a saint or something.”

“No... In a way, I don’t know how I quite do it either. I just do, somehow.”

”Well, don’t sweat him,” Fen said while smiling, “He’s going back to watch us win this tournament from the sidelines. Maybe there he’ll be able to see just what you got. I mean, getting that invitation was the best thing to happen to me for a while. This is the big time, Mei! All the big fighters are right here all in one place, all ready to throw down in a little over a week. I’m so excited I could go on and on about it!”

Mei-Ling smirked as she looked at the stores that rested at the bottom of the large hotel that they were approaching. She couldn’t help but be excited as well for being here. The sponsors at this year’s tournament said that this year, things would be different as far as the way battles went was concerned, and Mei-Ling was always looking for a challenge. It ran in her blood, which went back to the early Chinese wars and martial arts battles her ancestors participated in. However, it was quite a bit of a wait from today, when everyone who was invited arrived at this one spot in Osaka, Japan to when the first battles would take place. A little over a week, to be a bit more precise. However, the gap period let her get a chance to go on and prepare, scout out the competition, and make up some strategies. This WAS her first big tournament debut, after all, and she was aiming on impressing a lot of people, both live and on TV. It was time to really set her family’s name on the map.

“But first, I’m going to go on and get something to refresh myself,” Fen continued, the two friends now turning onto the main pathway that lead past the small stores leading up to the hotel’s front doors where all the fighters were being housed at.

“But, Fen, we just came from eating dinner,” the older girl reminded.

“Yeah, I know, but still. I’m famished.”

“You mean thirsty.”

“Yeah. That.”

Mei-Ling rolled her black eyes as they approached the hotel stores. “Sometimes I wonder how you can act like this 24/7. I mean, I’ve heard of ‘ignorance must be bliss’ but you sort of take it to the extreme.”

Fen merely smiled as they approached what appeared like a bar. “What can I say? I’m just a happy-go lucky girl that likes to have fun. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Oh. This seems like a good place.”

As Fen stopped to look at the building she stopped at, Mei-Ling did the same... and her expression changed for the worst.

“Fen... This is a bar...”

“Yeah, I know,” was Fen’s innocent reply. “This should be a great place for something to clench my thirst.”

However, as the light-haired woman took her first step, Mei-Ling grabbed her shoulder with her hand, stopping her and making her face her.

“No, I can’t let you go in there. Father always told me that places like this breed grimy people...”

“Oh, stop it, Mei,” Fen said while swatting Mei-Ling’s caring hand from her shoulder. “Come on, now. I can tell by looking through the window. There is no one even inside this place, and it says on the sign on the door that the bar doesn’t close until midnight. We must be lucky to beat the rush. I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of fighters here that practically get wasted in place like this. At least here I can get a drink without having to showcase any of my skills on any drunkards.”

Mei-Ling shook her head upon Fen’s conclusion of her sentence. “No, I’m more concerned about you. I mean, I never seen you drink anything alcoholic before... and you’re only 17. I don’t think it’s healthy.”

Fen responded to this by giving her friend a mute look. “Mei... I think I should be doing the worrying. This is our first night on our new experience... and all you can think of is training and looking out for my best interest. Lighten up some! How can you enjoy yourself if you keep doing all the things you do back at Shanghai? I mean, really. You’re 19 years old. You don’t have to be daddy’s little girl now. You can grow up and try out new things.”

Fen’s hand then grabbed onto her best friend’s and she flashed a pearly white smile.

“You can enjoy yourself, Mei, or you can spend all this time in the week doing nothing but training. It’s your call.”

Mei-Ling frowned at her friend as her mind began to think it over. Of course, in her brain, she knew darn well what she was raised up to do... She knew that she should be spending this time just like her father instructed; busy fine-tuning herself for the battles ahead of her...

“I don’t know...” she muttered to herself, however, it was spoken loud enough for Fen to overhear... and make the decision for her friend.

“Oh, come on, Mei! Stop being such a stick in the mud and follow me!”

And before the older girl could realize it, Fen pulled her effortlessly from her standing position, threw the door open, and dragged her inside...

---- ----

“Hello? Anyone home here?”


It was the first word that popped into King’s mind. In an instant she blinked, finding herself on the floor behind her counter, lying completely on her back...

...and thankfully, hidden from the view from the front door, because King was more or less surprised once she found out that her shirt, tux, and tie were undone and open for all to see her chest and her pants and panties down to her knees... just barely out of range of the pool of liquid that found its way between her legs.

Gasping to catch herself, King sat up in a jolt, her arms instantly covering up her breasts in a natural auto-defense, her blue eyes wide as she looked down at herself.

(I didn’t just do what I think I did... did I...?)

“Anyone serving here? I’m parched! I sure could use something down my throat.”

“Fen, not so loud! Maybe someone’s in the back busy with something.”

Jeez! Customers? Now? Just as she reached her climax, too...

“J... just a second...” King called out, her voice a bit shaky and recovering from her orgasm as she rushed to pull herself together. In a rush, she grabbed onto a cleaning towel from her rack nearby and rubbed it all around her area... and even though she was trying to get clean, King couldn’t get over the fact that as she did so, her lower lips would begin to ache all over again; ache in the blissful way that she just experienced firsthand...

N... no time about that! She had someone else in the bar, and she wasn’t going to lose business because of... of...

King shook her head clear as she now put the last of her clothes back on her body and stood up, fixing her bow tie as she glanced at her latest visitors. It was then that she got a fix at the two young girls that walked in. In fact, at first glance, they looked to be just shaving the 16 and over limit she had in her bar. However, they were over, so King had no problems. She breathed deeply as she looked at the girls of Chinese decent, one with dark brown braids and the other with light red hair...

(Wow... I haven’t seen these two before... They look... good...)

“Hey, there,” the light-haired and seemingly younger girl greeted King. “My friend and I would like to get something to drink.”

King smirked as she eyed the young woman in front of her. This one’s eyes had a playful tone to them to accompany her fresh face. She sure seemed like a go-getter if one could go by just looks. The other one seemed more serious... yet, in her own way, she was beautiful in her own right. Her black eyes looked around her to the surrounding, capturing everything around her...

Oh, what she wouldn’t give to make her realize some other things as well....

“Uh... hello?”

King immediately blinked, her focus now back on the light-haired girl that went by the name Fen. “Sorry. What do you have in mind?”

Fen looked beyond King and to the inventory on the wall, seeing bottles upon bottles... yet in still, it wasn’t like a restaurant where she could just see a menu and pick from there. Her companion stayed quiet as she mumbled to herself, thinking hard as to which one she should try out...

“Hmmm... Maybe... uh... no... Hey, how’s about tha... wait... Wait a second. No. Not that one...”

Fen then frowned, and it signaled King to make a suggestion...

“Hey, kid,” she said, reaching over to her right and getting a familiar, crystal clear bottle from the counter, “If you can’t choose... may I suggest this little wonder right here...?”

---- ----

“Alright, everyone. I want all of you to unpack the moment we get to our rooms. No lagging off. Its bad enough our flight was delayed, but we can make up on preparing for the tournament first thing tomorrow morning.”

Kim Kaphwan had a really good feeling in his heart about all this. This tournament was the one that he knew that he was going to do his best. He heard good things about this particular tournament, and it made him round up everyone he ever partnered and trained with over the years. Standing in front of him was Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge, Jhun Hoon, Jinju Lee (whom everyone just called May Lee), Chae Lim, and his two sons, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan. It was the biggest Korean team ever established, and Kim was positive this was going to be the tournament in which Taekwondo really showed its flare.

As of now, the team was in the lobby of the hotel, waiting on one of the elevators to open up for usage. In the 30 story building, their rooms were on the 12th floor, and everyone couldn’t wait to unpack... for different reasons.

“Well, can’t Jae Hoon, May, and Chae join me on a night out on the town?” Kim’s older son, Dong Hwan, asked, lazily holding his belongings over his shoulder and the rest of it on a carrier. “I’ve got serious jet lag and I want to work it off by seeing Osaka for all its worth.”

Kim turned to face his son and flatly replied, “Son, I don’t think you heard me. We’re heading right off to our rooms to unpack, then we’re getting ready for training first thing tomorrow morning. No goofing off.”

Dong Hwan pouted and put his free hand in his pant pocket. “Oh, man...”

“You should’ve known better than to ask dad that on the eve of a big tournament...” Dong Hwan’s young brother, Jae Hoon, whispered to him. “Besides, you’re always slacking off. If you don’t watch yourself this time you might get hurt.”

“Oh, please. I’m more worried about my social status than this tournament. As a matter of fact, you know that I didn’t want to go here in the first place. This week was a good Horror-izon marathon on and now I can’t even watch it because I bet this place doesn’t have cable.”

“Tch. Have you seen this place, Dong Hwan?” came May Lee, coming over due to overhearing Dong Hwan’s previous comment. “I think any place that has a mall on the 15th floor should have satellite cable in each room no problem. This place is like a vacation all in itself! I can’t believe you’d rather be back in South Town than here.”

Dong Hwan made a face and looked at May Lee from the side of his eyes. “I can’t believe that you’re actually thinking about something else besides being the next Supergirl...”

”What’s that?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Oh, I know its something. My ears can pick up a snide remark within 20 meters. Why don’t you say it louder?”

“Hey, kids,” Jhun interrupted, “Sorry to break this up, but I do believe that you’re going to miss the elevator.”

The three younger members of the Korean team looked towards the closest elevator shaft to find out that it was open, and that everyone else had boarded inside it already... and the doors were beginning to close as well.

“Hey, wait a second!” Dong Hwan yelled, jumping forwards, his bag not too far behind him and put himself between the closing doors, preventing it from closing all the way and open back up. As he breathed a sigh, Chae Lim sweatdropped heavily.

“Wow, that’s really using your brain...” she joked, making Dong Hwan mutter something under his breath as he let the other two in. As soon as everyone was inside, Kim pressed the number for their floor, and this time the doors closed with no problems. The elevator then made a jolt and began to ascend the building, making a ding noise at each floor they passed. As they waited, Kim decided to make conversation.

“Ok, who else here was able to catch any other fighters since we arrived? I managed to catch the Air Force team a few hours ago. I’ve heard rumors that the usual suspects are here from KOF, however.”

“You mean the Women’s team, Ikari team, Fatal Fury team, and all that?” Dong Hwan asked, trying to show some interest in the current subject.

“Exactly. Of course, I have my eye out on the Geese team and the K’ team...” Kim answered, his eyes now growing a bit serious. “Whenever we see those two around something tragic always seems to happen and this Bison fellow... I didn’t get any good vibes him and his team as well.”

(There he goes again...) the older, brown-haired son of Kim sighed in his head, now leaning against the wall on the side and tuning his father out. Everyone else, however, listened.

“I know. A lot of suspicious people seem to be here along with the other fighters,” Chae Lim added. “I think I caught a glimpse of Iori Yagami downtown, but I could’ve been mistaken about that... However, I also got wind that the Miera brothers from Southtown are here as well. Why, I don’t know. I thought their business was back in Southtown only. It must be big.”

“You know...” May Lee cut in, rubbing her dark, navy blue hair with a hand, “Speaking of which, it seems gangs are popping up around here by the masses. I definitely saw the Triple Dragons from Hong Kong around here a few minutes ago, and I saw a bunch of rough people roaming the streets. Seems like a young biker gang...”

“I don’t like the vibes about this...” Kim said, putting a hand on his chin. “Too much evil seems to be here...”

Jhun, who was standing next to Kim, merely looked at him at the corner of his eyes, his hands in his pockets, while Chang and Choi were busy looking out the window behind everyone, catching the view of Osaka as their view elevated well above the nearby buildings.

“Well, no matter how many bad guys decided to show up, just look at us!” May Lee said with a high spirit in her voice. “We have the justice dream team now! There’s no way evil will win this time, especially with May Lee on the scene!”

“Now that’s the type of spirit I’m talking about,” Kim encouraged with a sparkling smile. “Keep thinking like that and we’ll stand the greatest chance at prevailing here.”


All attention went to the door, in which the number to the side read 12, and the elevator stopped moving, allowing the doors to open and show off the hallway in front of them. It had a gold and red interior, hotel rooms on both sides, and Kim could make out that all the way at the end, the left side let out for them to look down into the beautiful lobby below and the rest of the hotel. Everyone grabbed their bags, Dong Hwan the one pulling the carrier along and bringing up the rear, and they filed out in search of their rooms.

“Ok, we have two rooms,” Kim informed from in front. “Chang, Choi, Jhun, and I shall take room 1216. I trust you kids to have 1217 to yourselves with no problems, ok? Jae Hoon?”

Kim’s dark-green haired son looked up and asked, “Yes, dad?”

“I’m entrusting you to be responsible for the room. I would let Dong Hwan do it, but the last time I left him in charge of the dojo, I came back to find it wrecked and a bunch of his ‘friends’ laid all around the floor, drunk.”

“I told you I didn’t know anything about that party!” Dong Hwan immediately tried to defend himself, but Kim simply ignored him.

“Sure, dad, you can count on me,” his younger son said obediently. Kim gave his son a warm smile and looked up... and noticed two women coming his way. One he was very familiar with... The red-head joined KOF regularly and was originally on the Fatal Fury team, but was now on the Woman’s team, this time being no different. Despite Kim’s acknowledgement of her, he did condone her current attire, which was showing off a bit too much skin. However, this was Mai Shiranui, and it was a trait of hers to be like that.

The other woman he wasn’t as regular with, but he knew well from the Millennium tournaments. She was a Chinese brunette, a bit older than Mai, and was a well-known agent for Interpol. It seems as if they both were coming from town, for she too was in casual wear, a blue full-body jumpsuit with yellow lines...

“Ah, Chun-Li Xiang and Mai Shiranui,” Kim greeted as the two groups met. “It’s a pleasure to see you here.”

Chun-Li blinked once she laid eyes on Kim, then she reminded herself of just who he was. “Taekwondo fighter Kim Kaphwan, I presume. Yes, it is indeed a pleasure. Is this your group for the tournament?”

“Why, yes, it is,” Kim replied. “For this contest, I’ve assembled all of my best to form the biggest Korean team up to date.”

(His best...?) Jhun instantly thought, his face still very calm yet hinting a little bit of wariness. The big man, Chang, looked over Jhun and Kim at the two ladies in front of him... and he blinked. Below him, barely coming up to his waist, stood Choi Bounge, his arms crossed and with a pouting expression on his face.

(I can’t believe this! Two of the most beautiful women in the circuit and I can’t even get a look at them from here!)

After overhearing Kim and Jhun trading words with Chun-Li and Mai, the former criminal suddenly flashed a light bulb in his head, and tapped his running buddy on the leg, making him look down...

“What’s up?” Chang asked.

“Hey, Chang. Why don’t you lend me a hand and give me a lift? I want to see what’s going on.”

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”


Not exactly what the 5’ man had in mind, Chang brought one mighty hand down to grab at the back of his shirt, then, in one fell swoop, whooshed him upwards and onto his shoulder, Choi having to hold onto his hat for the ride.

“T... thanks...” Choi said, regaining himself as he could now peer down with no problems to see the two beauties below. They were both in casual clothes, which was good in Choi’s eyes... If only Kim and Jhun weren’t in the way... He could’ve easily seen under the kunoichi’s skimpy little shirt and saw her twin jugs with little effort...

The thought of just peeping at those at that angle made Choi smile wide.


“Say...” Chang said to his buddy while scratching his head, “are those two holding hands?”


Choi took another look, this time trying not to look at either woman’s fine feminine features and focus on their hands...

“Hmm... Seems like you made a clever observation, Chang,” Choi said while bringing a hand on his chin. “Wonder what that’s all about...”

“Ok, then. I guess we’ll be seeing you soon,” came Chun-Li’s voice and it caught the duo’s attention. With that sentence, the two women made a way past the two ‘leaders’ of the Korean team and past Chang, in which both he and Choi looked on to see them pass the young teenagers of their group; Chang’s focus on their heads while Choi’s were on their rear ends... and his smile still intact.

“Come on, you two,” Kim called his ‘special’ students while walking in the opposite direction, “We’re not too far from here. Just a few more doors.”

With May Lee, Chae Lim, and Kim’s sons bringing up the rear along with everyone’s belongings, it forced Chang to about-face and head forward, but still, Choi spun around on Chang’s shoulder to keep his focus on Chun-Li and Mai as they stopped at a hotel room. As Mai’s free hand searched for her key in her pocket, their hold on one another broke...

...and Choi was taken aback to find out that Chun-Li’s hand, now free, was now coming back along Mai’s body, wrapping around the kunoichi’s back to pull her close to her own body. He wasn’t the only one startled; from his view he could see Mai turn to look over to Chun-Li, most likely in a bit of confusion.

(Hey, what’s up with her...?) Choi asked in his mind.

Due to the distance between the two women and the peeping tom, Choi couldn’t catch any dialogue, however, he did just manage to see Mai pull out her key from her pocket... and at the same time lean forward towards Chun-Li...

...and Choi almost fell off of his perch on Chang in astonishment. His mouth open, he watched on in wonderment and shock to find that the two women were now kissing. Not just a quick kiss, but a full-blown, affectionate, lovers kiss. They held it for one second... two... three... four... then five, before Mai pushed Chun-Li aside so that she could put her card into the slot of her hotel room and push it open. From there, the two slipped in, and with that, the door closed again with a slam. Rest assured, Choi was overcome by a lot of things right now...

Perverted-ness prevailing over everything else.

“Chang!” he hissed into Chang’s ear, “You are not going to believe what I just saw!”

“Saw what?” came Chang’s voice, but before Choi could reply, Jhun’s voice rang out through the air.

“Hey, you two! Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to come in and help us settle in?”

Choi and Chang turned to the hotel room in which they were staying, the door open and Kim and Jhun already inside, unpacking their belongings. Choi sighed a bit, and then said, “I’ll tell you once we get a safe distance from these two... Here’s the plan...”

---- ----

“Ah, great. The rest of the Women’s team isn’t here yet...” Mai said to Chun-Li as they stepped into Mai’s hotel room. “I guess that gives us the room to ourselves for a while until they come back from a night on the town...”

“Oh, really?” Chun-Li asked. “Just who did you bring with you?”

“Oh, King, of course, but she’s tending to her bar, so she won’t be here until past midnight... Kasumi Todo and Li Xiangfie are the other two. I forgot where they went. I think they went out for dinner downtown.”

“Well, from what I’ve heard from the Xiangfie girl, she has quite the appetite... I think that means they’re going to be gone for a long while...”

Mai nodded, and tossed the key onto the circular table that rested near her side. She then turned to face her companion and asked, “So... I’m guessing that kiss back there was part of the ‘date’ you said?”

Chun-Li couldn’t help but give her trademark giggle upon hearing that. “Well, the first one back in the elevator was... but the second... Well... it was just... to see if the first one wasn’t just an accident...”

Mai smiled to match Chun-Li’s. “No... No accident here... I was going to do the same thing... You’re not too bad of a kisser...”

“So are you...”

A pause between the two women as they stared at one another’s eyes for a while... just... staring... then Mai blinked.

“Ok... it’s obvious that we must be drunk, because if we were in our right minds right now, we wouldn’t be doing this...”

“I don’t know about that... I don’t... feel drunk...”

Mai gave Chun-Li a look. “If you’re drunk, I doubt you’re going to feel anything.”

“Oh, really? I beg to differ. I think I can feel something for sure.”

“What’s that?”

Chun-Li took a step forwards towards Mai, her eyes not removing from Mai’s the entire time. Once she was close enough, Chun-Li put a hand on the kunoichi’s bare arm, and ran her soft hand along the skin.

“I can feel you...” came her reply.

“...mmmmmmm... C... Chun... You’re... you’re sorta making me...”


“Yeah... Just like when I dream about... Andy...”

“Does Andy touch you like this?”

“ No he doesn’t...”

“A shame... Someone like you needs to be appreciated more... by someone who knows a thing or two...”


“Up to it?”

“...sounds like... a date....”

Neither really knew what they were saying at all to one another. Words just seemed to flow from their mouths, and one thing was leading to another... It had to be the alcohol they consumed... or maybe not... because neither felt even the slightest bit tipsy... All they knew for sure was that being this close to one another made them both burning hot, and it sure didn’t start coming along until after they went inside the hotel.

To Mai, however, this situation was something she was always wishing on; just not by Chun-Li. She really wanted that darn Bogard man to be the first, and frankly only one to sweep her off her feet and take her away, but as of now, she couldn’t take it anymore. She suddenly felt the urge to get intimate, no questions asked, and Chun-Li seemed like just the person...

Mai whispered the Chinese agent’s name one more time, bringing both her hands over to her shoulders to pull her close, her eyes now starting to burn with desire and lust...

(Yes... I want this..... This time... no more beating around the bush, Chun-Li. We’re going to do this... No more turning back... Screw Andy. I’m horny now and I’m not waiting on him... I found someone else tonight...)

...and she leaned forward... and puckered up...

---- -----

Back at the bar, Mei-Ling could only look at her friend in astonishment. When she originally said that she would only have one drink, it quickly turned to three... and for some reason, she wasn’t showing off the signs of getting drunk yet, like she suspected. She, along with King, the bartender and, as she remembered after a few moments, a world-renowned Muay Thai fighter from the King of Fighters circuit, merely watched on as Fen put down her glass from her last drink of the crystal-colored liquid, a smile on her face.

“That certainly hit the spot!” she chimed lively. “Quite refreshing, for sure! I just love it when something that good gets in my system. Always serves as a nice perk-up!”

Fen’s attention then went on to her older friend, and noticed that Mei-Ling didn’t even glance at her own beverage yet.

“Hey, Mei, what’s the matter? Why aren’t you trying it out?”

Mei-Ling then looked back at the drink in front of her and responded, “I’m just not sure if I should do this. I mean... Father never really allowed me to drink alcohol... He always said it was for adults and—“

“Mei, what did I just get through telling you?” the light-haired girl mused while shooting her friend a look. “You’re an adult now! Relax and drink up! It’s our first night on the big scene! Don’t forget that! We should be living it up! We practically got in here for free! If that isn’t a meal ticket, I don’t know what is.”

Mei-Ling made a face, but slowly her right hand reached forward onto the counter to grab her first glass, at first very hesitantly. It took her a few seconds to wrap her fingers around the glass, and a few more still to lift it up. King, still, remained quiet as she observed the two young girls in front of her, still semi-fantasizing all the naughty things she could do to them if she had the chance...

Finally, the older girl brought the rim of the glass up to her lips, but the liquid didn’t go in. She then looked at Fen a bit from the corner of her eye, who returned it with a thumbs-up.

“Just let it in. Pretend its water or something.”


And with the help of her friend, Mei-Ling took a quick sip of the crystal... and instantly let out a noise of wonderment as the flavor packed into her mouth. It was a bit strong, yes, but... but the taste... was like nothing she had before in her life.

“Wow...” she said after swallowing, giving off a smile to her friend as she sat next to her, “You weren’t kidding. I really like the taste of this.” Mei-Ling’s focus then went to King, and asked, “What is this again?”

King blinked at her for a few moments before the question registered in her mind, then answered with, “Oh, I can’t quite tell you that. That’s why the label is stripped. It’s quite good stuff that only I get, so I can’t let anyone know what it is exactly. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing it so long, I forgot it.”

Mei-Ling looked at King for a few moments...

A bartender who strips the labels of her drinks...?

For some odd reason, Mei-Ling got the feeling that she just made a big mistake coming in here. The situation was rather fishy, to say the least...

She would’ve spat out what she just consumed, grabbed Fen by the hand, and dragged her out right then and there to head back to their hotel room, and scold her for even talking her into something like this...

That’s what she would’ve did...

...but instead, Mei-Ling only shrugged it off and drunk some more, making Fen smile.

“That’s the spirit! Just let everything go, already! Enjoy life while you got it by the horns, I always say!”

The braided girl put her glass down once she was finished with it, and gave her friend a dull look. “Fen, you never say such things in your life.”

“Oh, what do you care? You know what I’m trying to say.”

“You two really are a pair and a half, you know that?” King interrupted, focusing on Mei-Ling. “So, do you want another round?”

Mei-Ling immediately shook off the request. “No, thanks. I don’t quite have the money to pay up a bar tab.”

“Don’t sweat it. These’ll be on the house, since it’s your first day on the circuit. Think of it as a welcome gift.”

Once the words hit her, Mei-Ling, even surprising Fen, grew a spark in her eyes and a smile to equal her own. “Gee, thanks! In that case, I’ll have 2 more, so that I can match up to my friend over here!”

King smirked back at Mei-Ling and then nodded, turning to make the orders. As she did so, Fen scooted her chair over so that she was as close to Mei-Ling as possible.

“Peppy, aren’t we?” she asked in a joking manner. Mei-Ling only nodded in response. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but whatever was in that drink really opened her up. It was great, to say the least, and she wanted more of it. As soon as she made the wish, it was granted, as King came back with two more crystal drinks for her to enjoy. As soon as the mugs hit the counter Mei-Ling grabbed the one closest to her and began taking it down at a steady pace, so fast that even Fen had to slow her down some.

“Hey, Mei. Take it easy, will you? Its not going anywhere, you know.”

Mei-Ling put down her current mug and gave her friend an embarrassed smile. “Sorry. I guess I sorta got carried away with it.”

“Just slow it down a bit, ok?”


As Mei-Ling tried again, Fen gave her full attention, her eyes not coming off her as she drank. Very soon she was done with the first and on with the second... and as she drank... Fen made a realization; one that really didn’t make itself known to her until now.

(Wow, Mei-Ling looks nice tonight...)

For some reason, it was weird to her, because neither she nor Mei-Ling changed clothes for the night... but maybe it was the lights to the bar that was making her look exquisite tonight... At first it surprised her. She never thought about Mei-Ling that way... but now, as she watched her friend take up her own advice and enjoy herself... looking at her made her feel funny inside...

“Phew!” the dark-haired girl sighed as she put her glass down on the counter, emptied out. “That sure hit the spot. I never had something so good before. Thanks a lot, miss.”

King merely waved it off. “No problem. So tell me, how do you feel now?”

“Well, I feel a lot more relaxed about all of this. You were right, Fen. I need to open up and enjoy life more. How about you? ....? Fen? Fen?”

Mei-Ling blinked as she eyed her friend, who was looking back at her, but just not responding...


It was then that the younger girl snapped out of her daze, blinking rapidly as she sat up in her chair.

“Yes, Mei? What’s up?”

Mei-Ling took a pause to examine Fen a bit. It was a while since she finished the alcoholic beverages... and still she didn’t show any signs of becoming drunk. Weird, since this was a bar, and she always thought that alcohol ran rather quickly through a person’s system. They both had three drinks each... so why didn’t she feel tipsy? Perhaps she had everything all wrong about the subject.

“Oh, nothing,” Mei-Ling said, her voice at ease now. “I thought something was wrong with you.”

“No, I’m quite alright...”

Fen then took a pause, gathering up the guts to say what she was about to say to Mei-Ling. Once she was sure she had enough, she took a deep breath...

“...but Mei-Ling?”

“Yes, Fen?”

“I got to let you know something...”

“What’s that?”

Fen made good eye contact with Mei-Ling... and the older girl could start to make out a... a nice... gloss look in her friend’s eyes... She didn’t notice it before... and she had to admit...

It made her look... sort of cute...

“You look... pretty good tonight...”

“What’s that?” she repeated, taken aback at Fen’s quote. Fen herself took a pause again, then repeated herself.

“I... just wanted to let you know that well... I don’t know... Perhaps it’s the night or something... but you look beautiful...”

“You know... you must be right, because you do as well...”

It was then that King grew quite alert at what was happening. Right out of the blue, these two girls were telling each other THIS?? King looked at the bottle towards her left...

...and was convinced.

(Whatever this stuff is... it seems to make whoever drinks it...)

She couldn’t quite finish that, as now she caught movement next to her. She turned her head to find out that Fen reached a hand out to feel onto Mei-Ling’s hair... then her braids.

“It’s a good thing you did get your hair done,” she said in a seductive tone. “It really brings out your appearance...”

“Really...?” the other girl replied, her cheeks now slightly becoming a rosy tint.

“Yeah... It even makes you look a bit sexy, too...”

“Sexy...?” Mei-Ling repeated, blinking a bit as the words computed. Never before was she called that... As a matter of fact, she was always so busy training back in Shanghai and being around the family that she wouldn’t pay attention to any males that might seem to advance on her. But... hearing that from Fen... didn’t seem so bad... In fact... as she said it, it made Mei-Ling’s body tingle...

“Oh, yes...” Fen said, now leaning over a bit more so that she began to invade Mei-Ling’s personal space. “You know, back in Shanghai, I never seen you with a boyfriend. You were always confined by your father and he wouldn’t let you date...”

“...yes, that’s true...”

Fen’s eyes then began to sparkle as she spoke again.

“You know, it’s a pity that a beautiful girl such as you hasn’t had anyone tell you what I just did... I bet you never been kissed before by someone outside of the family, have you?”

Mei-Ling instantly shook her head. King, on the other hand, knew deep in her mind where this was going...

(This stuff... makes whoever drinks it... literally fall head over heels in lust! Fast! I can’t believe I held something like this in my bar! It’s fantastic!)

She smiled as she listened as the two friends began to lead each other on... getting a familiar warmth in her body...

“So...” Fen continued, her hand now traveling down to Mei-Ling’s thigh and rested there, but her eyes never strayed from her older friend and rival. “Let’s just see how you’d fare on your first... real kiss...”

Mei-Ling knew warning bells were flaring in the back of her head, but she didn’t pay any attention to them at all. She suddenly felt really carefree, willing to try out anything. Logic, something that defined her existence, went out of her mind, as she now absorbed her friend’s kind words, absorbing the foreign feelings that never welled up in her before...

...and if it’s going to be her first kiss... she had only one wish...

“Fen...?” she asked in a whisper.

“Yes, Mei?”

“I’ve never been kissed before... Have you?”

Fen blinked at the question, a bit thrown off, but she quickly caught up with herself again.

“No, Mei, I’ve never been kissed before... I hang out with boys, but I never found anyone I felt that was good enough. They all seemed like they just wanted to get in my pants and that was it...”

“Yeah, I understand that...” Mei-Ling replied as she now leaned forward herself, her voice now growing a bit husky as she built up the tension between her and her beloved best friend. She placed both her hands on her friend’s side... “Then I only have one wish...”

“What is that, Mei?”

“....if it is my first kiss... I want it to be with you, too...”

“....Mei... I... I don’t know what to say... That’s so sweet...”

“Well.... will you grant me the honor...? You just don’t know... how badly I want you all of a sudden...”

Fen gave Mei-Ling a smile... and then, much to King’s pleasure, leaned in slowly towards her friend. Her eyes read pure signs of passion as she answered back.

“Mei, I’d grant that wish a hundred times over.”


And with that, the two childhood friends gave each other one final look, Fen pushing away some of her hair that was across her face, then she placed her own hands back on her lap, and almost as if they were connected by mind, both closed their eyes, met each other midway, and connected their lips for the first time in their lives.

King observed it all. The moment they made contact, both girls opened their eyes, but not wide, but casually, as they began to enjoy the kiss they planted on one other. Those orbs then closed again, and this time, they both relaxed more as they let the kiss run naturally, at first getting a feel of one another, then letting the moment just last for seconds on end...

Neither felt nervous; just comfortable, knowing that their first kiss ever was being shared with one another. The moment began to get hotter as Mei-Ling’s hands began to roam from her body to Fen’s, at first just feeling along her sides a little. Fen, in turn, decided to try something different with their bond, and opened both her and her friend’s mouth with her lips, and escalated the kiss to let her tongue go inside the older girl’s mouth.

This caused Mei-Ling to involuntarily gasp a bit, but not in surprise... but in pleasure. This was really starting to get her body warm and her mind began to forget about where they were or why they were even here. As quickly as she could throw a fist, Mei-Ling began to grow lost; unable to think of anything except Fen.

Oh, sweet-scenting, sweet-tasting, carefree, child of the wind, Fen... Being so close to her never felt so.... good before. Mei-Ling just couldn’t believe it. Just thinking about her made her heart start to pound. And here she was, sharing her first kiss with her...

The two broke their kiss for the first time for real, this time, breathing in deeply from what they just shared.

“T... that was... so wonderful...” Fen panted. “Mei.... you’re one heck of a kisser... I never felt so.... oooooooohhhhh...”

Fen just couldn’t find the words to describe it. She just moaned. She wanted more of her caring friend. She wanted to just melt herself into her friend again and never come unglued. Mei-Ling held a power over her, and it dazzled her to no end.

And Fen loved every single moment of it.

Mei-Ling panted just as well as her friend, and the fire inside her only seemed to build. It was her desire... She knew it well now... The Chinese/Indonesian girl in front of her... She couldn’t stand just being this close to her and not get any more passion from her...

“Fen...” she pleaded. “Please... Let’s not stop this...”

The braided girl reached forward and grabbed the long-haired girl by her shoulder, both of their eyes just letting the other know that they were practically dying to get back together again...

“I want more...” the older girl panted. “I want more of you... Being like this and not together is a sin. I never realized that you could make me feel this way... Please...”

Fen could feel Mei-Ling’s lust just by looking at her... and there was no way in the world she was going to disappoint...


Fen’s arms wrapped around Mei-Ling’s neck, and the younger girl pulled her close to her, so fast that when they met once again, they both fell out of their stools and to the floor below them, but that didn’t matter. King looked over the bar to find out that Mei-Ling was fully on top of Fen on the floor, the two sharing a much more passionate kiss than before, steady moans of pleasure escaping both of their mouths as they fell into a state of absolute bliss. The site made King feel that exact same burning feeling that happened when Chun-Li and Mai left...

(Wait...) the blond gasped inside her head, just realizing something. (Chun-Li and Mai! They had some of the drink as well! I wonder if they...?)

---- ----

“Phew!” Choi sighed as he pushed the door closed with his back. “I thought we’d never get out of there. Those two are going to be the death of us if we don’t watch it.”

Besides him was the big man, Chang, who was also blocking off the door with his body. “You said it. Giving them that sleeping stuff in their drinks was a perfect idea, but I don’t think it was necessary to bash Jhun over the head with the serving plate.”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?” Choi said with a grin. “Now follow me. I have got to see if I was dreaming or not.”

The two renegades of the Korean team then started to walk down the hall, passing by a few younger fighters heading towards their room in the process, heading towards the door to the Women’s team’s hotel room.

“Just what is it that you saw, again?” Chang asked as they eventually got to the door.

“We’ll just see...” was all Choi responded with, using the claws on his hand to pick at the lock that operated the door. After a few moments, the little man’s grin widened once he heard a click and the door began to open up, but Chang held the knob, making sure it didn’t open up all the way.

“I’ll take a peek inside...” Choi offered, and, without waiting on Chang’s answer, looked inside...

...and that grin grew five times bigger, as his eyes laid upon a dream sight. The room they were staring at was the living room of sorts, with a TV, table, a kitchen area, and a few sofas lying about, but that wasn’t the only thing lying around, either. On almost every bit of furniture in the room had at least one article of ladies clothing thrown on top of it in a nasty, reckless fashion, from shirts to pants, to bras and panties...

...and, just as Chang began to look in, both had their jaws drop on the floor once they looked at the sofa in front of the TV, where both Mai and Chun-Li sat at, sitting right next to one another... with no sight of clothing on each others’ bodies...

...and it was far from silent, too, for the air was filled with the Chinese woman’s moans of pleasure as the kunoichi was hard at work, her mouth overlapping one of the agent’s perky breasts while the other one was being kneaded and squeezed under her hand. Both men could make out the scent of something pretty... arousing, and it had to be the scent of the women’s’ sex already active.

“Well, this is a surprise...” was all Chang said as he zoned out, his focus only on the show that was in front of his eyes. Choi only responded with a low, “Yeeeesssssssssssssssss....” with a devious smile returning on his face.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh..... Maaaaaaiiiiii....” came Chun-Li’s lost-in-space voice, heavily stuck with wonderment as waves upon waves of pleasure overcame her body. Her eyes were open, but all she could see were pretty, bright stars as she leaned back onto the sofa, letting Mai get an even better position on her body. The red-haired woman was now off the sofa and on her knees, between her lover’s legs, making sure she was positioned that her steadily wet pussy rested on Chun-Li’s knee. As she sucked and caressed, she made sure to rock her hips towards and away from Chun-Li slightly, letting out a blissful cry herself.

The two have long since lost track of time, but all they knew was that they were going at it for a long while now, taking turns making the other go literally insane by any means that popped into their perverted minds. Chun-Li was no longer a busy officer of the law, and Mai was no longer just a kunoichi, Japan’s “Nipi Icchi”. As far as they were concerned, both were just two horny women who just couldn’t take it anymore, and nothing else mattered but their happiness.

“Oh, yes...! Keep going...!” Chun-Li panted as her hands now found their way behind Mai’s head and back, rubbing uncontrollably. “Put that mouth of yours to work all over me... Oooooooohhhhh....!”

“Oh, you can count on it...”

Mai now slowly let herself go down from Chun-Li’s breasts, her tongue now running down her soft skin down her stomach and in her navel, and further down still, making the older woman coo in a daze. Oh, just what did she have in store for her this time?

Mai finally reached her destination; Chun-Li’s sex, and the sight of it, not to mention the smell, amazed her. She never, ever was this close to another woman’s secret spot like this... but that wasn’t going to stop her from her goal. First she brought her head closer to it, Chun-Li now letting her legs go as wide as they can to make way for her, and she took a whiff, a short one, just to familiarize herself...

“Looks about ready enough to eat for me...” she teased, now moving in closer to let her tongue do its job... inside...

Instantly, the room was filled with Chun-Li’s lust-filled cries, more than loud enough for both peeping toms at the slightly ajar door to hear them. Choi could’ve started drooling by now, and Chang was no different. The whole moment was too sweet, and if only they were in there themselves to get a better view... It was almost too good to be true.

“Man, I wish I had a camcorder,” Chang muttered to himself.

“No kidding. A fine time for us to not buy one. I wouldn’t get bored of seeing this over and over again...”

“See what?”

The moment the last voice popped up, both Choi and Chang jumped up and spun around, the door almost locking up again... and found that behind them was the short, black-haired girl of the group, May Lee, staring back at them, her arms crossed and giving them a look similar to that of the now-passed-out Kim. Choi and Chang both couldn’t help but stutter out a response, but nothing of any sort of sense came out of their mouths.

“Well?” May Lee repeated, tapping her sneaker on the carpet. “What did you think you two were doing peeking into another person’s room? Have you ever heard of a thing called ‘privacy’?”

“Er... well... shouldn’t you be in bed by now?” Choi said in a weak attempt to counter the situation. However, May Lee wasn’t buying it one bit.

“With all the cries I heard, I could’ve sworn that someone was getting hurt out here. That’s why I came back out here to investigate. I hope it wasn’t you two that caused it.”

“N... no!” Choi immediately defended, starting to develop a light sweat. “I... it was nothing. I didn’t hear any yells. Did you, Chang?”

May Lee looked up to Chang to find him shaking his head to answer. Her focus then went back to Choi.

”See? Nothing’s happening out here, so why don’t you go back to your room? We were just about to do the same.”

Obviously, May Lee knew that they were hiding something from her... She twisted her mouth and replied, “Well, I think it’s my duty as a servant of justice to come in to make sure everything is ok.”

At once both men grew wide-eyed, and as she began to walk past them, Chang stood in her way, grabbing her by both of his hands.

“Hey! What do you think you’re---!”

“May, trust me, you do not want to go in there!” Choi insisted. “It’s boring. No evil needing to be squashed. In fact, we were out here to make sure things were going alright, and you see? No prob—“

“Oo... Ooooh, yes! Mai! That’s so.....! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

May Lee blinked once that call ran through the air. Both men in front of her let out a gasp as they swung around to face the door... which was still ajar!

(Awwwww, craaaaaaaaaaap!) ran though Choi’s mind.

“Says you guys!” May Lee yelled out. “That sounded like Chun-Li! Don’t worry! May Lee’s coming to the rescue!”

In a blur, so fast that neither Choi nor Chang could catch it, May Lee spun off Chang’s hands and behind them, busted the door open with a well-placed kick, and jumped inside, her cape, which was hidden under her blue shirt, now whisking away in a breeze that just now formed out of nowhere.

“No need to worry, for May Lee’s on the scene of the crime!” she said proudly. “What’s going on... in..... here.............?”

And then, May Lee blinked once.



And her eyes grew wide in utter disbelief and her jaw seemed to literally hit the floor. In front of her virgin eyes rested the bodies of the Chinese officer and the Japanese kunoichi, both staring back at her with blushes so red they could’ve been mistaken for cherries from the sofa, clothes thrown about with little care all over the room, the air thick with a strong scent most foreign to May Lee’s nose...

“M... May... Lee.....?” Mai stuttered, now standing up in a blur and covering up both her crotch and her breasts with her hands. “What in the world are you doing in here?!”

“And how did you get in here!?” added an equally embarrassed Chun-Li, also covering up herself with the cushions to the sofa. The Korean heroine could only look on in shock, the only things escaping her throat were stutters. After a long while, a massive blush formed all over May Lee’s body and she held her mouth with her hand.

“Ohmigosh,” she said quickly. “I’m SO sorry! I... I didn’t know you were in a... private... uh... meeting.... Sorry, sorry, sorry....!”

May Lee then turned back around and gave Choi and Chang the biggest evil eye she could muster, and it scared the crap out of both of them. With that both stepped away from the door... and broke into a run down the hallway. Once they were out of sight, May Lee closed the door behind her and refocused on the older women in front of her.

“I... uh... I came out noticing that some people were at the door peeping in... and I could hear moans of pain, so I thought....”

“It’s.... um.... ok...” Mai said shakily, taking in May Lee’s explanation for her busting in. “It’s understandable... although I really didn’t know we had an audience...”

Chun-Li simply blew out a sigh of relief. May Lee, however, was still a bit uncomfortable. This was the first time she EVER saw anyone bare naked besides herself... and it made her a bit at nerves’ end.

“Thanks, though,” Mai continued. “You were just doing what Kim raised you to do.”

“Uh.... huh...” May Lee let escape from her mouth, and Mai smirked, noticing that the Korean girl didn’t let her eyes off her body ever since she came into the room. She stopped trying to hide herself, and once she let May get a good look of her, May’s blush grew even redder.

“See something you like?” the kunoichi teased, making May Lee snap out of her daze... and realize what she was doing.

“I---uh---- oh, no!”

May Lee instantly turned her back to both women, trying her best to stop blushing so much. “I... I didn’t notice I was staring! It wasn’t right. I’m sorry, Mai. I... just never... um...”

“Never saw a woman like this?” Mai ended for her. May Lee looked over her shoulder a bit and nodded.

“Well, don’t be so shy about it. There’s nothing on me that you don’t have for yourself.”

May Lee took a pause after hearing that. Perhaps that was true. Everyone in the room was female... but that was besides the point.

“So... can I ask just what was going on in here? I did hear yells and cries...”

Mai looked over to Chun-Li, who, in turn, did the same, and then Mai looked back at May Lee. “Chun-Li and I were just... exploring our femininity.”

“Femininity?” May Lee responded, turning around fully this time. “I don’t get it.”

Mai gave a warm smile. “Well, let me explain... Lately both Chun-Li and I have been... underappreciated. When a woman gets older, her needs increase. I’m not just talking about clothing and all casual stuff. With ours it’s quite emotional... With Chun-Li, she was growing discouraged that her job makes her go all around the world in search of a certain person, so it prevents her from experiencing the minor joys in life. With me, I grew frustrated at the fact that a certain someone failed to notice me. When a woman gets desperate enough, she’ll... do some crazy things...”

And with that, Mai let out a nervous laugh, and continued, “What you caught us in the middle of... was... um... something special... We... both had needs that were going unanswered... so we decided to fulfill them ourselves.”

“Uh......” May Lee uttered in a low tone. It was obvious that still she was a bit confused at what Mai meant.

“I can see you’re still a bit lost, so let me try this. May, would you like to learn something about being a woman?”

The offer made May Lee take a step back. Inside her conscience, May knew something wasn’t quite adding up. Something was a miss... and even then, she wasn’t quite comfortable with it...

“Um... Maybe I should... you know... head back to my room...” she started to say, but she found herself watching Mai walk calmly towards her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“What’s the matter, May?” she asked in her ear. “It’s just a quick showing. It won’t take long unless you want it to.”

“It’s not that... It’s just... um... I should... be taking this time... to... you know... rest for tomorrow... I... have to train with the rest of the Korean team bright and early and... I could use the rest...”

As soon as she finished, May Lee couldn’t help but feel her breath quicken as Mai’s hand dropped down from her shoulder... to her chest...

“M... Mai...!” May Lee squealed, her auto-defense kicking in and signaling her to try to break free, but for some reason her body didn’t respond the way she wanted it to.

“Its okay, May,” Mai reassured. “There’s nothing wrong with this.”

“Are you kidding? I’m sure this is an invasion of personal... space...”

“May, all you have to do is relax...”

“But... But...”

For some reason, beyond her own comprehension, May Lee couldn’t quite get the words to form in her mind to say anything. As Mai’s hand roamed over her shirt fabric, her body started to feel... different... and at that realization, although she didn’t mean to, May let out a small whimper...

All enough for Mai to keep on going...

“Mai... That’s enough, really... I... I can’t stay here...”

“And why not? Doesn’t this feel good to you?”

May didn’t want to admit it, but as she thought about it, her mind began to run back to the rubbing Mai was doing to her small breast, and that the touch was making her feel a bit more... excited...

“...yes...” she said in a weak voice, wanting to protect it from Mai to hear. However, Mai was so close that she could pick it up with no problems.

“I think I know what your problem is. You go around saying that you’ll do anything for the sake of justice that you forget about yourself. Isn’t that right?”

“N... no... That’s can’t be it... I like what I do... It’s what I live for...”

(I swear Kim must be brainwashing those kids...) Mai thought to herself, but nevertheless, she kept on persuading her newest companion.

“Well, answer me this, what do you do whenever you aren’t training or fighting bad guys, um?”

May Lee was about to let out an answer almost instantly, but then the question sunk in... and she swallowed hard, finding that an answer wasn’t coming up as quickly as she initially thought.

“Well... um...” she began, making it sound as if she was thinking while speaking, “lots of things...! I... um... I... watch movies and read comics...”

“That’s a good start. What’s your favorite genre?”

Instantly May Lee made a face, because this question had a quick answer. She found herself hanging her head as she muttered the response.

“I like... hero movies...”

Mai could feel that May Lee was beginning to grow depressed, so she quickly moved her hand to her back, rubbing it soothingly.

“That’s ok, May Lee. There’s nothing wrong with being a heroine.” This alone made May Lee’s spirit come up. “I’m just pointing out that there isn’t a superhero out there that uses all their time just thinking about eliminating evil. Right?”

May Lee nodded. “Right.”

Mai now put on a smile, her hand not stopping at all as they continued to condensate, Chun-Li just looking on from the couch, brushing the hair from her face. “What you’re missing from being a really great superhero... is balance. Sure you can go around and always be on the lookout for the next baddie you see, but you’re going to forget about yourself, and I don’t know if Kim has ever told you this or Jhun, but there’s not one person on this earth more important than you. If you don’t take time out for yourself, you’re really not going to know yourself that well and you’ll be asking yourself what’s the point. In short, you should take a little bit of time out to just break... and find out what makes you, May Lee, feel good. You’ll be a lot happier. I assure you.”

The young Korean girl absorbed every word that the older woman told her. Mai’s words did seem to make sense...

“But do you really think tonight’s a good night for me to start that?” May Lee asked, looking Mai right in her eyes as she moved behind her squarely, her warm hands on the girl’s shoulders.

“Well, why don’t you be the judge of that?”

May Lee was about to respond, but she couldn’t... because her focus was broken clearly as Mai’s hands went from her shoulders to her chest again, giving her light rubs with her palms as she pressed into them... May began to stammer some more, but it could’ve easily been confused with sudden gasps as she felt small vibes run through her body... This was just one of the many firsts with her this night, but this one didn’t seem to make her uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, May Lee slowly began to feel her body ease up again... but she still couldn’t quite understand why...

“M... Mai...” she said, her voice in a whisper as she felt her breathing begin to increase in deepness, “How... come I feel...?”

“That’s called pleasure, May,” Mai answered, “and its nothing to be scared of. As a matter of fact, its something Chun-Li and I were just welcoming. It’s a feeling that crime fighting just can’t quite match...”

“I... I... see...” the younger girl sighed out, that feeling beginning to claim more of her body. It made her feel fluttery, as if she was floating in air and her body was going through a massage by the breeze. May Lee’s body began to grow weak in the knees as her eyes began to close from the building passion, and Mai sensed it, allowing her to lay back against her own body, still sending May Lee on her first bliss trip.

“You see, May?” the red-haired kunoichi said softly, her eyes clearly on May Lee. “Doesn’t this feel wonderful?”

“Yes, Mai...”

May Lee couldn’t quite understand it, but she didn’t feel as if she even said what she thought she said. Right now her focus was on her own body, and marveling at how wonderful Mai’s hands skillfully aroused it. After all the training and battles both exhibition and against evil that strengthened her body, May Lee noticed that just Mai’s lovely touches were making her feel weak, like kryptonite to Superman and Supergirl... However, unlike them, she enjoyed the feeling, even if it made her lose her train of thought....

“That’s it...” Mai kept saying gently, her hands beginning to reach for the bottom of May Lee’s blue shirt... to pull it out a bit so that her own hands could slip under them... and tend to those same mounds personally.

The Korean superheroine couldn’t help but let out a moan as the feeling increased quite a bit, the direct contact definitely more electrifying than through her shirt. The more Mai played with her, the more May Lee began to forget about training, or the tournament, and all her worries... altogether...

“Oh, Mai........” she said dreamily, her eyes now closed heavily as her arms lay limply at her sides. “So good........ Don’t...... stop.......”

“Don’t you worry about that... I’m only just beginning...”

Mai’s fingers now focused purely on the hard little nubs that were May Lee’s nipples, and she began to gently pinch them, each pinch making May moan even more. She fell even deeper in her daze, unable to find out that Chun-Li was now off the couch and walking towards both the women standing near the front door...

“I didn’t realize that she’d be seduced like that...” the Chinese woman said to Mai.

“Well, I guess there’s a bit more to this than we thought,” Mai replied sweetly. “We only started acting like this shortly after we left King’s bar...”

Chun-Li took a pause to think that fact over... and it soon became clear why that was so.

“Maybe it was the last drinks we had...? The unmarked ones....?”

Mai looked at Chun-Li for a quick second before her focus was grabbed again by May Lee, her hand now reaching up to feel at Mai’s cheek. This made her smile.

“You’re right... and to be honest, I’m glad King gave us that. I feel so free right now it seems that I can do anything that I can think of... Getting May Lee horny like this being one of them... The first time she walked in I knew I just had to try it...”

“So do you think we can get other people just like her?”

“Chun-Li...!” Mai gasped, giving her friend an excited look. “That’s quite a naughty mind you got there...! But...”

Mai gave May one more look, then her focus went back to Chun-Li.

“...that idea is so... naughty that it’s got me riled up! I like to see if this really works on other people. Just imagine what this tournament could turn out into if we could seduce all the fighters here! It’ll be heaven!”

The idea certainly seemed appealing to the Interpol agent, for she sprouted possibly the biggest smile of her life. “Most certainly! We can finally get all those worries aside and out of the way. I say we do it.”

Mai smirked. “Yes, but I think we have a little girl here that wants our attention. What do you think, May Lee?”

May Lee only murmured a reply, unable to pick up a single word that either woman said beforehand. Her mind was just too hazy to comprehend anything besides the obvious. Chun-Li then decided to make herself known to the equation, giving Mai a wink as she came over to put her hands on May Lee’s jeans. Mai winked back, getting the message, then gave May Lee a fair warning.

“May Lee... are you feeling ok?”

“Oh, yes, Mai... Sooooo gooood.... Soooooooo wonderful.......”

“Well, how would you like to really be set free and receive the best type of pleasure? Would that seem good?”

“That’ll be awesome... Please.... Do what you want with me.... I don’t care what....”

May was going to be let into a treat... Neither women were going to disappoint. Simultaneously, Mai began to lift her shirt up from off her body while Chun-Li began to unzip the jeans, only to eventually pull them down and off her. Both articles of clothing were discarded at the same time, bringing to light a half-naked May Lee as she finally slid to the carpet and on her back. Mai and Chun-Li discovered that May Lee wasn’t wearing a bra at all under the shirt, but in a way, it didn’t seem to be such a surprise to Mai, for she just got finished with that spot...

...or was she? As May Lee looked up at the stars in front of her passion-filled eyes, Mai leaned down towards her and brought her lips down towards the girl’s sides, just next to her breasts. The kunoichi then let her tongue come out a bit, touching May Lee’s skin for the first time. May Lee shuddered instantly. Mai lapped at the smooth, creamy skin just a little bit and began to move towards the center of her body, stopping as she got to the peak, May Lee’s nipple....

...and May Lee let out an even longer and louder moan as Mai began to suck on that small yet sensitive mound. The electricity shocks from earlier increased in intensity and, little to the superheroine’s knowledge, made the damp spot in her white panties grow even more for Chun-Li to see personally.

(Well, I guess it’s time I went to work...)

With a grin, Chun-Li began to slip the material hiding May Lee’s secret spot down to her knees, then clear off past her sneakers and, just like the other articles of clothing that were previously on her and Mai’s body, thrown off to be forgotten. May Lee could quickly feel a change in temperature in that exact same area, but her body was too weak and far into ecstasy to even think about covering it up. Then, as the first lady of KOF continued to fondle her breasts, the first lady of the Street Fighter circuit leaned forwards herself, and as her tongue began to touch the wet, pink area of skin that rested between the girl’s legs, both were treated to the sound of May Lee’s first screams of bliss of the night... but certainly not the last...

---- ----

“Ok, I admit that both Mai and Chun-Li going at it was hot, but THIS has got to top that for sure!”

Chang could only look on in both astonishment and wonderment as he looked on through the new crack that Choi put in the door. The two waited a good 3 minutes after May Lee ejected them from their perch and then came back immediately... only to find out that May Lee herself was now part of the act! Choi was literally drooling out of his open mouth, and Chang’s eyes grew bug-like seeing this sight. This was the same May Lee that was shaping up to be just like Kim... and here she was, moaning in pure bliss... being seduced by the two most beautiful women in the world...

“Choi... I don’t know about this... I mean, this is May we’re watching... I think we should break this up.”

“Are you crazy, Chang?!” Choi said in shock, not able to believe that the big man just said that. “You just don’t realize how much I wanted to see her of all people in a situation like this! It’s excellent, if I do say so myself!”

Chang could only scratch his head... however, he just steadied his focus... on the camcorder they bought on their way out, right on May Lee, and continued filming the one in a lifetime event that was in front of them...

---- ----

“I said it once, and I said it again, I am the MAN at Tekken! Don’t think the same patterns you use on other opponents will work on me, guys, because they don’t!”

“Hey, that’s my quote, Darrell! Don’t you go on stealing it!”

”Oh, relax, Yang. I think I proved my point anyways tonight. I practice almost everyday in fighting games at home just like my training.”

“Well, that still doesn’t mean that you’re the best. I’m pretty sure my Paul could’ve beaten your Xiaoyu that last match.”

“Yun, I’m pretty sure of that, too... sorta...”

“How about I have another shot at you right now? I’m pretty sure you won’t top me like you did at the arcade!”

Darrell Markis’s grin couldn’t get any bigger. “I don’t know, Batsu... I mean, a night like this isn’t quite the mood for a brawl...”

A pretty large group of high school students and teenagers found their way in the park in front of the hotel. The Japanese, tanned skinned girl of the group, a 16 year old by the name Kaoru Miadama, kept the time for all of them; 10:25 PM. The group was consistent of quite a few teams; the Special Abilities team, Kaoru, her Korean boyfriend, Yui Su’ang, and her Chinese friend, Yao Mitsumi. Second was the Triple Dragons of Hong Kong: the twins Yun & Yang, and the little sister, Yin Lee. Third was the Rival Schools team: the hothead P.E. student, Batsu Ichimonji, his cousin, Kyosuke Kagami, and the energetic schoolgirl, Hinata Wakaba. Fourth were the Young Street Fighters, the firefly Darrell, the rich girl, Karin Kanzuki, and the cherry blossom fighter, Sakura Kasugano. Fifth, and finally, was the Music Divas; Dee Jay’s niece, Melody Forte, Dee Jay’s pupil and star singer, Chela Castillo, and possibly the biggest singer of all of Japan and China of the decade, Athena Asamiya. Of course, the list didn’t end there. Along with Melody was the boy she’d had a crush on for ages, Ken Master’s pupil, Sean Matsuda, and along with Sakura was the tall yet scrawny kid, Mitsukake Katogoshi. The entire group was just coming in from a night on the town, their first in Osaka, their last stop a round at a local big arcade scene near the heart of the city. Of course, by the sounds of things, Darrell was the main attraction of the night, and he wasn’t through quite making sure everyone knew how good that feeling felt. It was the biggest winning streak at Tekken 5 at that arcade to date; 35 wins, the last ones coming from wins over Yang, Batsu, Yun, and even Melody, who proven to be absolutely no slouch at the controls. However, Darrell wasn’t going to be bested, taking them and the other challengers off the machine, finally losing with grace to what seemed to be one of the top three tournament players at the arcade. That didn’t stop him from nailing an invite with the guys hosting to the next big tourney, one in which he was sure to make.

However, that was in the past now. Right now, everyone was spent, and they needed to get some sleep for the next day, for as far as they were concerned, getting away from their daily grinds and back into the fighting scene was quite the vacation. Everyone, including the more serious fighters in the group like Kaoru, Yang and Batsu, were anxious to either go out again and explore Osaka or just relax.

“Ah! I never thought I could get into a public place without a million people coming out of nowhere and asking me for an autograph!” Athena sighed as she stretched her arms out over her head. “It’s a great feeling finally getting a press-free day in about ages.”

“I know exactly how you feel,” Chela said while giving her teammate a smirk. “Mexico is not much different. I thought I’d have to wear a disguise just to get to a local store and buy something to drink sometimes! Some guys will just do anything to get something from you if you’re a big star.”

“So I noticed,” Melody chimed in, still able to hear over the headphones on her head. “It’s a good thing that I just do the beats, or I’ll wind up to my necks like you two do. By the way, Athena, just why aren’t you on the Psycho Soldiers team this time?”

The singing goddess known as Athena let out a sigh as she looked at the ground, closing her eyes a bit. “To get away from a certain headache known as Sie Kenshou... I was supposed to be on the team, but we... had a bit of a quarrel... and he began to act like such an annoyance, so I just finally said... something... to him and I decided to join you girls. Seems like a good fit, right?”

“Right,” the Mexican singer replied. “Definitely.”

“With someone who’s been around the block a bit more, I think we might just have a better chance at winning around here,” Dee Jay’s niece said, winking at both her pals.

“Yeah, well, let’s just hope that you don’t face off against us during your stay here,” Yun smirked while looking behind him. “The Triple Dragons plan to blow right through anyone who thinks they can beat up!”

“Oh, is that so?” Melody asked while growing a spark in her eyes. Anyone who knew Melody knew just how much she loved a challenge. “We’ll just see about that next week, now won’t we? Just try not to hurt yourself, got that?”

Yun let out a light-hearted laugh. “Very funny...” He then turned around to spot the stores that littered the lobby of the massive hotel.
Meanwhile, Kaoru had her arms crossed, looking over to Mitsukake as he conducted conversation with Sakura, of course, with Darrell looking through the corner of his eyes in caution. After a while she merely closed her eyes a bit; doing a little bit of meditating.

“Hey, Kaoru... You alright?”

Kaoru’s black eyes opened up a bit to look over to Yui and she cracked a small smile.

“Yes, Yui. I’m doing alright. I’m just a little tired, is all. I still don’t quite get why Rose wanted us to come here all the way from Paris just to compete. She didn’t say much to us about it...”

“Well, Rose did say she’ll be here to tell us what is going on, herself,” Mitsumi said while fixing her brown hair with a hairbrush. “All she told me was that she had a weird feeling about this get-together. As a matter of fact, it can’t really be called a tournament. I mean, think about the format. It’s not an elimination tournament. Instead, its more like an exhibition, and each team has a win record to respond to. It’s not traditional, that’s for sure. Yet in still invitations went out to all the major fighters in the two circuits. It doesn’t make sense that an exhibition is getting so much attention, so I guess Rose is a little suspicious...”

“Plus, I have to wonder if doing it here is a bit much...” Kaoru muttered. “I mean... I never heard of a custom made hotel like this. I mean... it has its own mall, not to mention a huge pool towards the roof and a casino and... Well... you get it... And all for such little cost? Yeah, I don’t blame Rose. I don’t exactly trust it myself.”

“I don’t see why you two are complaining,” Hinata cut in. “A place like this is too great to pass up. You should at least give it a try.”

Kaoru gave Hinata a look. “That’s why I’m here to begin with. If it weren’t for Rose and Sakura I wouldn’t be here at all, but I do have a lot of debts that I owe to them, so...”

She then intentionally trailed off on that, turning back around as the big group walked onto the walkway going past the stores. There didn’t seem to be a lot of people outside the hotel, and that fact stuck as odd to Kaoru, since there was supposed to be a truckload of people here. Perhaps everyone was inside, but that would be a pretty weird coincidence...

“Hey... guys...” she started, “Shouldn’t there be people around here?”

“Oh, everyone must be inside or out in the city running it up,” Sean replied.

“Yeah, well...”

Kaoru began to reply to that but instead she found herself slowing down, her head moving over to its side as she passed a particular building. This caused Yui to stop as well as Mitsumi, and basically, everyone else fell in suit.

“What’s the matter?” asked Yui.

“Shhhhh....” Kaoru immediately hushed in a low voice. Everyone else blinked, confused as to what was going on with her. However, Kaoru only concentrated... She could hear... voices from the bar next to her... Weird voices...

...and Mitsumi was able to hear it as well, not to mention Athena, who blinked quite a few times as she tried to understand what was going on.

“Isn’t this King’s bar...?” she mouthed out for everyone else to hear.

“Yeah, it sure is,” Chela answered, giving her own look as said voices began to grow louder. “I wonder just what is going on in there...”

“Wait a second... Those aren’t normal voices,” Darrell muttered out loud. As he said that, his heart rate started to grow slowly, because, for some reason, it seemed awfully like what he had in mind... but he wasn’t sure...

“Well, why are we just standing around here like a set of bumps on a log?” Yin asked while walking past everyone else and towards the door, Melody hot on her heals. “Let’s go see what’s happening.”

“Sounds good to me,” added Dee Jay’s niece.

“Whoa, wait a sec...!” Darrell began, but it was too late. The moment she got there, Yin opened the door, expecting to see people having some type of conversation or the like... but instantly, both she and Melody just froze at the door, wide-eyed... then, just as quickly as Yin opened it, both girls grabbed the door handle and shut it hard, pressing their backs against it....

---- ----

At the sound of what she swore was a door slamming shut, Fen’s head jerked up from the floor. Her hair was a mess, and it quickly grew apparent that there wasn’t a stitch of clothing on her body. “Hey... Mei...?”

“Y.... yeah....?” panted an equally sweaty, equally tired, yet equally naked and horny Mei-Ling, who was below Fen and connected to her best friend by their legs... and crotches.

“Did... Did you hear something........?”

“No... Don’t be silly... Now... stop holding out on me.... I’m far from done with you...”

Fen looked back down at her friend and smiled big. “Sure... No problem... So, King... are we doing it right...?”

Behind them, sitting on a pool table, sat the bartender, who was once again devoid of any clothing at all, and even though she didn’t have a partner, she was just as good by watching and experimenting on herself... using the bunt of a pool stick for assistance... “Oh, yes... That’s perfect.... Now, all you have to do is move your hips against one another...”

“Like.... oh...! Like this....?” shuddered the light-haired girl, who followed her instruction to be rewarded with another shock of pleasure all throughout her body once her wetness grinded against Mei-Ling’s.

“Yeah... Just like that, Fen...” cried Mei-Ling. “Do it again, and again, and again! Until we can’t take it anymore...!”

“S... surly...!”

----- -----

“J... just what in the world were those three DOING!?” sputtered Yin on the other side of the door, who was just flat-out shocked after witnessing what her young eyes just picked out.

“I think I know, and it sure had nothing to do with drinking...” Melody responded, then, after a quick though, added, “but then again, maybe it did...”

“What?!” asked Yun. “What did you see?”

“Oh, trust me, you do NOT want to know,” said his sister, now quickly making her way from the door to the main pathway leading to the hotel. “Let’s just get out of here, pronto!”

“No, no...” Kaoru replied while waving it off. “I need to know. This is probably one of the things that Rose was going to tell me about. I seems as if I found it myself.”

“W... wait....”

Unfortunately for Yin, everyone else just passed by her as she tried to stop them, but no one really paid her much attention. As Kaoru, being the one in front of the group, began to reach for the doorknob, another hand from her side stopped her, said hand belonging to Melody.

“Listen to me...” she warned. “Do NOT go in there. You really don’t want to see this—“

“Melody...” Kaoru began, starting off really calm, “I’ll tell you what. Either I get inside there and see for myself what is going on in there, or you tell us what you saw personally. Either way, I’m going to find out what the problems is... one way or another.”

Melody frowned at her options, and she knew there was no way Kaoru was going to change her mind about it. Reluctantly she removed her hand from the door and Kaoru’s hand, enabling the younger girl to begin to open up. However, before she did, the air suddenly grew... thick with a strong scent that everyone was able to pick up with no problems... and for certain people in the group (Sakura, Darrell, Kaoru, Yui, Hinata, Kyosuke, and oddly Mitsukake, to be exact), it was VERY familiar... Add to that a sudden loud pair of moans, non-ordinary ones at that, and they were convinced...

With a swing, Kaoru swung the door open... and everyone gasped loudly at the sight... eyes as wide as saucers...

---- ----

“Uh..... oh.....”

That was the first and only thing that popped out of Fen’s mouth once she looked up a second time, this time looking up towards the door to find a full set of people, abet young, standing right in the doorway, eyes literally burning on her... and Mei-Ling...

...and King...

And just like that, all three of them instantly shot out from their positions as quickly as they could, trying to find anything (and that meant anything) to cover themselves up. Mei-Ling in particular was flaring red in embarrassment, because quite a few of the people looking at her were quite well known in the circuits.

Athena Asamiya...

Sakura Kasugano...

And the Lee Dragons standing out more so than anyone else in the group.

“N... no...” she stammered to herself quietly. Now, she just didn’t know what to do. Should she explain herself? Should she run away? Should she...

Of course! Of course she should care! This break in the moment brought back some of her senses and instantly, she grabbed onto Fen’s hand, and before the younger girl could realize just what the heck was going on herself, Mei-Ling broke into a run, gathering up the few clothes that she could in her other arm, and she blew right through the group at the door, nearly running over Mitsukake in the process. Then, the group’s attention threw over towards the hotel, where they were able to see the young girls bail out at full speed, their naked buns glistening in the light as they headed inside. After a few moments of silence, Yun just put his cap over his eyes while everyone else just remained speechless. Kaoru herself just gave a really, really... lost look, then, in said posture, gave a simple suggestion.

“That... did not... just happen...”

“Yes...” Kyosuke muttered in response, taking his glasses off his face, which, for obvious reasons, went foggy, and cleared them on his shirt. “Let’s... just forget that we were here...”

The rest of the group gave a universal noise in response as Melody softly closed the door behind them and they went on towards the hotel... leaving King in the empty bar, wearing a look herself.

“Well... I guess... I should... head back to the room... I think I had... enough customers tonight...”

---- ----

(Rose? Are you there?)

(Yes, Kaoru. I’m here. It seems you caught me just while I was going my evening readings. What seems to be the trouble?)


In her own hotel room a little later, Kaoru twisted her mouth as she “talked” to her mentor, the psychic and fortune teller, Rose. Although Rose wasn’t present in the room physically or even in a 3000 mile radius of Japan, she was still able to talk to her young student via telepathy. As of right now, the young girl wasn’t alone in the room. While she sat facing the window, gazing at the many lights that illuminate Osaka, Yui was busy getting ready for bed as Mitsumi stood in the bathroom, not only getting her nightgown on and prepping for bed, but also “talking” with the team’s mentor in the process.

(Considering why you told us to be here...) Kaoru continued, letting her mind do all the talking, (I think we might’ve found something... odd...)

As she said that, her mind couldn’t help but replay the scene over in still form, and once again she just couldn’t believe it. She seen a lot of things for someone as young as her. Hell, she did a lot of things well above someone her age. However... THAT... That just rendered her blank.

(Let me take a look, then...) Rose replied, her voice echoing within Koru and Mitsumi’s mind. However, the younger began to close her eyes. She knew the routine from here. As she welcomed the darkness of her surroundings she could feel a presence within it. It never took shape but it make itself known. A small yet noticeable jolt ran through her body, centered around her head.


(So what do you make out of it, Rose?) Kaoru asked.

A good moment of silence passed before the psychic responded.

(I... can’t quite... place it.... Other than... *ahem*... the obvious... I can’t make out anything outside of the lust. No abnormal spirits controlling them or of the like... It was all on their own accord...)

At this, the Japanese blinked. (Are you serious...? Are you telling me that wome—er—people do things like that?)

(Yes, Kaoru... I must confess, I’m surprised that you are just finding out about this. Abet odd, this type of practice is rather common in the world today.)

Mitsumi was able to see her friend shake her head as she tried to put all of this into her mind and not be grossed out about it. Then, as Kaoru opened her eyes again, the girl from Tong-An moved out of the bathroom and sat next to her.

(I... just... don’t get it...) the dark-skinned girl muttered.

(Let me try to explain it to you) Rose said. (Ever since the beginning of existence there have been cases of those who were attracted to the same sex. Whereas normal intercourse, like the one you and Yui share on occasion, is called being heterosexual, this one is called being homosexual. Most people either call it being gay, lesbian, or, in other special causes, bisexual, by today’s standards.)

(Bi?) Kaoru asked.

(Bi. As in you like guys and girls.)

The last voice came from Mitsumi and at first it startled Kaoru. Due to her thinking so much, she didn’t notice her at all.

(Mitsumi...? You know about this?)

The Chinese mountain girl gave a firm nod. (Yeah. In fact, I can relate. Back in Tong An, I had a friend who was bi. She wasn’t crazy about it, really. She just happened to like a particular girl while at the same time being with a boyfriend. Of course, just like me, she was an outcast on the spot because of that. She, outside of Wangtang, was one of my few friends back there.)

(So I guess you felt connected to her because that she was an outcast...) Kaoru assumed.

And, for some reason, Mitsumi let out a small cough while holding her mouth over her hand, and Kaoru could’ve sworn that she gave a little odd look on her face. However, it was pretty fast, and it was gone before she knew it.

(Yeah, you can say that, Kaoru.)

(I just don’t see how you could associate with her. I don’t think I could do it, really. I mean... sorry... but I just find that sort of thing just too weird for me to really get comfortable with.)

(Yeah... well...)

Mitsumi merely twisted her face as she and Kaoru exchanged glances once again. Again, Kaoru was sure that weird look appeared on Mitsumi’s face again.

((I wonder what she’s thinking about...)) Kaoru said to herself, in such away as to that Rose and Mitsumi couldn’t hear it through their mind link.

(Are you ok, Kaoru?) Rose asked.

(Yeah. I’ll be fine. I’ll just try to forget about it. I’ll talk to you as soon as something I think is out of place rises.)

(You do that. Sleep well, you two.)

And with that, the telekinetic conversation ended and Kaoru closed her eyes once again to give a sigh, letting her hair flow freely as she shook it clear.

“It’s getting about that time for bed, don’t you think?” Mitsumi asked her partner to break the silence in the air. Kaoru nodded in response.

“Yeah, you’re right. We’re going to be busy tomorrow for sure. I’m just going to get changed and join Yui for bed. That way you can have the other bed all to yourself.”

“That’s fine by me.”

As Kaoru stood up from her seat and passed Mitsumi to get to the bathroom, the Chinese girl watched her go the entire time... and as she disappeared behind its door, she put a hand gently on her opposite arm.

(Kaoru... If only you knew more...)

---- ----

“I can’t believe that just happened...”

It was a good three minutes later, and in her hotel room, Mei-Ling just couldn’t stop holding her face in her hands as she sat next to the window. Right now she just wanted to die. She couldn’t believe it. She just couldn’t. It was worse than embarrassing... It was worse than being beaten to a pulp... It was just... bad...

...and it was exactly the contrary to what Fen kept trying to tell her as she too sat next to her by the window, neither of them putting back on their clothes ever since. Mei-Ling was just too far into her sadness and Fen was too busy trying to make her feel better.

“Mei, please... Everything’s going to be ok. Don’t sweat it... Maybe... maybe they didn’t take it that way...”

“Oh, what makes you so sure about that?!” shot back Mei-Ling, her voice muffled by her hands. “For all they know I was just a... a... a slut!! This isn’t why I came here, Fen! I came here to make a good impression on the circuit... and look what happened! I can’t believe I disgraced my family like that...!”

Fen laid a hand on Mei-Ling’s shoulder soothingly and kept trying. “But... but really...”

“Oh, stop it! It’s over, now! I can’t possibly fix this mess up...”

The older girl sniffed hard, and then wiped her eyes... because, despite the fact that she was pretty upset herself, she could sense another small choke next to her...

“Mei... It’s my fault... I shouldn’t have made you go in there...”

Mei-Ling turned slightly to find out that Fen had her head lowered to the carpet, her hair hiding her face, only to show her mouth to her... and the sight made her really feel bad... Perhaps worse than before...


“I’m such an idiot... I could’ve easily gotten something from the vending machine... in the lobby... but... but no... I had to go there and drag you into it... I’m sorry, Mei...”

And right afterwards, a single tear shook down from her face down her cheek...

And there, Mei-Ling stopped feeling sorry for her own predicament and focused on her best friend. However... she couldn’t answer with words... She just could find the words to quite fit out what to say to her. Normally, Fen is the one who did the encouraging... but now, that couldn’t be the case... and oddly, Mei-Ling could only think of one way she could possibly make Fen smile...

Slowly and cautiously, she moved her right arm and her body as well so that she could wrap her arm around Fen’s neck, and at this, Fen looked up to make direct eye contact...

“No... I’m sorry, Fen... I didn’t mean.... to make you feel bad... Please...”

And, just after the sentence, Mei-Ling leaned forward once, cupping Fen’s cheek, the one in which a tear had fallen from, with her hand... and once again gave a meaningful, yet quick kiss on the lips, giving the younger girl the shock that came the first time their lips met. Both girls could feel the familiar passion that first swept them both off their feet before, but this time, Mei-Ling had to cut it short, because there was something she needed to take care of first...

“...don’t be so hard... I shouldn’t have reacted like that... I shouldn’t felt ashamed, because... back there... when you and I were... together... I was truly happy, and I don’t want them to take that joy away from us...”

Fen nodded, bringing her spirits back up. “Yeah, you’re right. They don’t know what was going on, so what do we care what they think. All I’m sure on was that we were having the time of our lives back there...”

And as she continued speaking, Fen reached out and grabbed hold of Mei-Ling’s cheek as well, her eyes beginning to gleam again...

“...and really, I don’t see why we should be stopping now...”

“Does that mean that we can continue where we left off?” Mei-Ling purred, her voice growing just as willing and desiring as Fen’s.

“Yes, it does... Now, come on, while the night’s young...”

Not wanting to waste anymore time, the two decided to continue making up for lost time... with continuing where they left off. Mei-Ling slipped from her seat towards the floor while Fen kneeled beside her, letting her get into a comfortable position between the wall and the chairs in which they previously sat in. Then as she was comfortably in place, Fen flicked some of her hair to the side and assumed her own position, making sure to first place a leg in-between her best friends, then gently lie down on her friend’s bare body. As she did so, both their bodies welled up with anticipation, both sets of lower lips beginning to moisten and both sets of breasts once again sprouting aroused nipples. The two cooed blissfully once Fen fully lay on Mei-Ling, matching her breast to breast, eye to eye, and lip to lip...

The kiss was the deepest of the night so far and more wanting, their tongues dancing with one another yet hidden to anyone else, their lips practically glued to one another. As this went on, the two rocked their bodies slightly, letting out groans and moans as their breasts mashed onto one another and their legs massaged and grinded at their sweetnesses. Their arms were limp, Fen’s falling around Mei-Ling’s head while Mei-Ling let one wrap around her friend’s back and one simply lie on the carpet, as they quickly broke their first kiss and met with another. The two just wouldn’t stop kissing, grinding, and letting out those sounds of sweet sex could only produce... and they didn’t stop long until the night, where they simply just lost track of time... and themselves...

---- ----

Meanwhile, a few floors up and a bit towards the right of the hall, a class was already in session, and it consisted of two grown women “tutoring” a young superheroine to be on how a little thing called “pleasure” works. As of right now, the May Lee of old was long gone, replaced of a girl that looked just like her old self, yet with a few keen differences. Her eyes weren’t the least bit like that of a girl who took justice in as a way of life. No. This May Lee was barely able to think of anything else outside of how her nude body was going through so many wonderful feelings due to Mai and Chun-Li’s caresses. She was barely aware that she was lying on her back on the floor of the hotel room, her groans and moans being muffled by Mai’s mouth as she kissed her, or the fact that Chun-Li’s fingers were busy going in and out constantly at a steady pace in her most precious of areas, housed between her legs. No, none of this was apparent to her.

All May Lee could do was feel...

And of course, make all the sounds that came when one was riding that all so great road of ecstasy.

Mai and Chun-Li both smiled as May Lee writhed below them, her back arching every now and then off the ground as one particular wave after another shot through her young body and her legs held tightly to Chun-Li’s hand purely out of instinct. It was obvious, May Lee had absolutely no control over her own body, instead, that privilege going to the older women that practically insisted that she try this out.

And frankly, she was glad that she did stay.

For the first time, the Korean girl actually felt... free. There was no room for anything else now...

...and it sure beat the heck out of training...

...or sleep.

“M... Mai....! Chun......!” she moaned loudly once Mai was done with one particular kiss, “Oh...! Wow........ Ah! Aahhhhaaaa....”

“So... Mai...” Chun-Li purred from her position, still not letting up in her exercise. “Do you say we let her... finish...?”

The kunoichi nodded. “I think so too... Take it away...”

And with that, Mai pulled away from May Lee’s ever so sexy body, leaving the young girl to open her eyes slightly and wonder just why she stopped kissing her. It was even more apparent by her eyes that she was flat-out addicted to them, and she was beginning to open her mouth to plead her to come back...

...that is, until May’s mind grew aware of the steady slickness that rested between her legs, and the fact that something was moving in and out of it with quite some force... and although she was showing her appreciation for it like she did before by simply giving in to the feeling, now she was aware of what was going on...

“Oh, yes....!” she squealed. “Faster...! Faster, Chun-Li...! Don’t stop...!”

Chun-Li didn’t respond, yet in still, she answered to the girl’s wish. On command, the two fingers inside May Lee picked up the pace, and as a result, a long groan escaped the Korean’s mouth. She couldn’t completely explain or understand what was going on within her, but all she knew was that it felt wonderful, and that even still, the pleasure was increasing more and more...

...and once Chun-Li decided to push in even further, her fingers completely buried inside May’s cunt, it peaked... and finally, after practically forever, May Lee exploded in a tidal wave of pure bliss. The yell could’ve been easily heard all throughout the remote area of the hotel, and as it happened, hot tears came down the heroine’s eyes, but they were of inner joy...

...all stemming from the eruption below that was her very first orgasm.

Once it was all over, May Lee’s body slumped down fully on the carpet, her chest heaving up and down as she struggled desperately to catch her breath. Meanwhile, the Interpol officer pulled her two magic makers out of the girl’s lower entrance and grew a mischievous grin once she saw it glisten in May Lee’s love juice. As she proceeded to lick it off, Mai leaned forward so that her face was only inches away from May’s, and whispered in a very light voice...

“Wonderful... Wasn’t it...?”

May Lee gasped as she tried to answer, but all that came out were noises. Then, after a few tries, she gulped and replied, her voice light itself due to weakness...

“Yeeeeesssss... Oooooohhhhhhhh... Oh..... So.... Wonderful.....”

“So how about it...? Will you stay for tonight? I have a feeling that tonight’s only going to get better... especially with more company coming over...”


To May Lee, more was most certainly better at the moment. More things to learn. More bliss to enjoy. More girls to share it with...

“Oh, yes, May. More. I’m pretty sure that Kasumi and Xiangfie would like to get a load of this... King, too. What do you say?”

Then, just as some amount of strength returned to her body, May Lee gave a slow nod.

“Sounds like a date...”

“Well, then,” Mai said while lending a hand to May Lee. “In that case I have an idea. Let’s go prepare for them. They’ll be here any minute.”

---- ----

“Most certainly, it does, May... Most certainly it does... Yeeeeesssssssssss...”

A few feet away, near the door, the little pervert Choi was literally going overboard as his mind pictured the scene in his head. To imagine... Six. Count ‘em: SIX lovely females in one room, licking, kissing, touching, caressing, screaming, cumming....

“Chang... How much tape is left on that tape?” he asked the bigger pervert, who looked at the time via the small screen in the camera.

“About an hour.”

“Well, I say...”

Choi paused as the sound of the elevator at the end of the hall rang through the air. Instantly the two Koreans looked towards that direction to get sight of three women right walking out of the transport device. They were easily identifiable... One blond woman named King, one young Japanese girl named Kasumi Todo, and one slightly younger still Chinese girl named Li Xiangfei, all (for the exception of King, who was wearing her bartending suit) wearing street clothes to accompany the bags they were holding from various shops.

“I say we get out of here, before they catch on,” Choi ended, getting up from her perch as Chang slowly closed the door in front of him. “By another tape from the mall, and come back... I’m going to have a volume of this stuff by the time the night’s over.”

Chang only nodded, and, much to the surprise of anyone looking, walked away as calmly as they could past the three women, neither party even exchanging glances with one another. The girls, on their hand, were too busy conversation themselves...

“...I’m just glad that the food here is so inexpensive,” Kasumi continued from where she left off, a noticeable traditional Japanese umbrella, newly bought, sticking out of one of her bags. “Xiangfie set an new record today eating at that restaurant tonight and had that been anywhere else, we’d probably have to win 3 other tournaments like this to pay off the bill.”

The brown-haired and braided Chinese girl merely pouted while crossing her arms and sticking her chin up. “Don’t be jealous! You know Din Sum is my favorite! It was only natural for me to win that contest.”

“And I’ll be amazed if you don’t wind up throwing it all back up later.”

Xiangfie merely gave a “Hmph!” as King gave a silent smirk. Of course, for obvious reasons and no-so, she didn’t reveal the incident back at the bar. Not only that, but King was oddly quiet ever since she met her teammates on her way into the hotel. Neither of the girls to her sides asked or even noticed, and it gave her time to let her mind wander. She knew what was in her system full and well now. The bad (or really, in her case, good), news about it was that it wasn’t going to wear off anytime soon... so it enabled her to just keep daydreaming about so many naughty things...

(I might have missed out at the bar, but that doesn’t mean that the night’s over... Oh, not by a longshot.)

King kept in mind the fact that Mai also had her fill of the crystal drink earlier, and that, if it had not set in already, she’d be soon acting just like she was right at this moment... and frankly, King couldn’t wait to get her hands all over that busty form of a woman for the night. She could envision it so well that it began to hurt just thinking about it...

(I need that SOOOOOOO badly...)

“Hey, King...?” Kasumi’s voice shut off her thoughts just long enough for her to pay attention to her voice. “We’re here. Can you unlock the door? I have my hotel key, but the bags are holding me down.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.”

With a flick of the hand in her jacket pocket, King whirled out the white plastic card to the door and slid it in. The moment she did so, the door practically flew open, something that the door normally didn’t do, and for good reason. Someone was behind it.

“Oh, guess who it is. Early, huh? What’s the rush?”

King let out a smile as she and the red kunoichi exchanged glances before that same Shiranui woman looked at the others in their group. That little glance was all it took... and she knew.

(Looks like I don’t need to worry about that...)

Mai had clothes on, yet, a bit like how King was currently looking, it seemed as if she just threw them on straight from the dresser. She merely wore her tee-shirt from earlier and another pair of shorts, this one a brighter red and white color. Add that the fact that her hair was a bit undone and, unknown to either Kasumi or Xiangfie, it was apparent that she had quite a workout. The non-athletic type.

“Early...?” Kasumi repeated. “Come on... It’s around 10:30. I’m pretty sure that’s anything but early. Well, are you going to block the way or are you going to let us in?”

Mai didn’t say a word, yet moved to the side, letting the other three women walk inside and drop their bags at the floor. As soon as she did so, Kasumi let out a sigh and plopped down on the nearest sitting apparatus, that being a comfortable chair near the TV, and began kicking off her shoes.

“I’m beat... I spent all day today following Xiangfie all around the city. I think I might’ve lost a couple of pounds just from all that walking.”

“I don’t know why you’re complaining. I feel just great,” sprouted Xiangfie, who sat across from her teammate on the sofa. “Just... maybe a bit full...... uh?”

Then, the Chinese girl began to sniff the air... causing Kasumi to sweatdrop.

“What is it now? Sensing another lovely dish in the remote area?” she joked.

“No...” was Xiangfie’s response, shaking her head in emphasis. “Don’t you smell it? It’s...”

Now that she thought about it, Kasumi took a regular breath... and cocked her head back a bit. Xiangfie was right. The air was rich with something... Something quite strong... And the atmosphere... It didn’t seem... calm...

“Yeah... I smell it...” she replied. “I don’t know what that could be, though... except...”

And then Kasumi blinked, her mind coming up with a possible answer.

“Say, Mai...” she asked while turning towards the oldest of the four female fighters, “How long have you been here?”

“Oh..... About 30 minutes...” came the kunoichi’s honest reply. Once again Kasumi blinked, her face beginning to show signs of curiosity and suspicion. She knew she smelled this before... but she couldn’t put a hand on it... or a finger... or anything.

(Darn... Where did I smell this odd scent before...?)

After a few more moments, Kasumi faced Mai again, who was now heading towards the back of the room where everything lead to the bedroom part of the hotel room.

“Hey, what have you been doing ever since you been here?”

Hidden to the other three women, Mai let out a mischievous smile as she reached the doorway of the bedroom, which was dark. Then, she spun around and answered.

“Oh, nothing much... I just decided to hang out with some company, if that’s alright with you.”

“Company?” came Xiangfie’s confused voice as she gave Mai a puzzled look. “Like who?”

“Like us...”

And with that, King, Kasumi, and most noticeable, Xiangfie, gasped as behind the Chinese fighter and the sofa rose an individual with dark blue hair. As she revealed more of herself, her arm began to slink forward and onto Xiangfie’s neck, circling ever so slightly, rendering her unable to speak, then, as she fully stood up, Kasumi’s eyes grew as wide as they could in shock.

“May Lee...!? What are you doing here...? And w... what are you WEARING!?”

“I think the question is, ‘what am I not wearing...’” chimed May Lee, who, to put it bluntly, was as little clothed as possible. Kasumi could barely able to believe the fact that the Korean superheroine was not wearing anything besides a pair of bra and panties, colored yellow to match with her hair, and the fact that she wasn’t acting like her normal, “Rid the world of evil” self. The only person who was more surprised was Xiangfie, who could barely move to see what was happening. For some reason, although May’s finger was the only thing pinning her to the couch, she couldn’t press up against it, like if it had a paralysis over her entire body.

“M... May...?” she asked. “W... what... are you doing...?”

“Oh, nothing...” the Korean replied in a light and even carefree and cute voice. “I just felt like messing around......”

Then, during that long pause, May Lee’s bare finger moved up from Xiangfie’s neck to her face, most noticeably, her lips.

“Messing around with you, that is...”

At this moment, Kasumi was ready to sit right back up and smack May Lee silly and back to her senses the only way a Todo knew how. Alas, the thought only rendered itself valid for about 2 seconds before a set of hands came from behind her own seat just as she stood, preventing her from moving forward.

“And she’s not the only one who’s got plans...”

This voice was unfamiliar with Kasumi, so she didn’t recognize who it was until her head whirled around to see who it was...

“C... Chun-Li—mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!”

Before she could even exercise her shock, Kasumi was cut off the moment she found out that her lips were being blocked... no... KISSED, by Chun-Li’s own. The rate of how things were going along were almost too fast for her to compensate them in her brain, but right now, the only thing that poked into her mind was to react...

...and she did so by trying her best to push away from the Interpol officer and only Street Fighter in the room. She gained control of her hands and pushed forward as hard as she could, yet, as she did so, somewhere in-between the moment of doing the action and its contact with Chun-Li’s body, she found out several things.

1: The force of the push was really weak, barely classifying as a tap. Maybe it was because of the hastiness of it all...

2: Just like May Lee, Chun-Li was absent of any suitable waredrobe outside of that of her underwear, hers a baby blue color.

And finally...

3: Chun-Li carried a strong scent... All over her body... and then, she finally remembered where she smelled it from...

...from all the times that she was alone in her room earlier in her teenage years, and would at times experiment her “growing up” in solitude...

...but this... THIS was a very strong one, and she could only imagine what that could’ve stemmed from...

(Wait... Am... Am I still KISSING her?!?)

Indeed she was, and she found herself back to square one; trying desperately to break her liplock with the other female standing behind her chair. However, she grew aware that her body began to tingle at the realization that she was indeed kissing Chun-Li and not dreaming it... and she felt that will to fight back begin to vanish...

Wait...! No! She had to fight it. What was coming over her? This wasn’t natural. No! Not natural at all! She shouldn’t be thinking about how Chun-Li was making her feel right now! She should be uncovering answers at to why they were acting like this!

Perhaps Mai got Chun-Li and May Lee all drunk with her sake along with herself... and it finally went too far...

Or maybe...

Or maybe...


As time, be it as slow as it was going right now, passed by and the longer she stayed like this, Kasumi began to loose her tension and her eyes began to return to their normal size...

And, for reasons beyond her understanding, her will to get away faded rapidly, being replaced by just... a wonderful sense of security...

And, still outside her reason, her body was becoming more and more willing, simply going along with the flow of things as she found her arms begin to move from Chun-Li’s upper chest area (they were there the entire time...?) and now began to wrap around the older Chinese woman’s back into a tight embrace...

(That’s it, Kasumi...) Chun-Li thought happily. (Just relax... and enjoy the feelings this brings...)

Indeed that was what the young fighter was doing, barely aware that now Chun-Li was now in front of her, her hands away from her sides and now concentrating on unbuttoning the shirt that she wore. With each button, starting from the top, Kasumi felt her strength being zapped from her, until, just only after three buttons being unhooked, she couldn’t stand anymore, merely leaning onto Chun-Li’s body for support, a burning sensation now steadily raging all throughout her inner being.

(Oh, yes...) her mind said in a sudden bliss that she neither knew where it came from nor why it was even speaking at all. (This sensation...)

And still, while this was going, Kasumi and Chun-Li’s lips never parted, the two of them barely able to breathe, mostly Kasumi. The younger was now completely lightheaded, allowing the older to simply slide her plaid shirt off her shoulders and to the ground, revealing all of her upperbody save for her own white bra protectively enclosing her breasts.

And all the while, Xiangfie just watched on in complete awe and confusion. Even though she was apparently the more “down to earth” now that Kasumi was now... “gone”, she just couldn’t understand a thing that just happened. Her eyes were just on her friend and the Interpol agent as they continued to kiss, Chun-Li now letting her tongue slip into Kasumi’s mouth and taste more of her.

“Looks like fun, doesn’t it, Xiangfie?”

Xiangfie was ripped out of her starefest by May Lee’s voice, who was now beside her and sitting next to her on the sofa. She began to look at May Lee, who was staring at her with a look that she never, ever seen before in her life, then back at Kasumi... then back at May Lee... then back at Kasumi...

And the final time, when she looked back at May Lee, her cheeks were red with an embarrassment that came out of absolutely nowhere. May Lee proceeded to let out a giggle.

“Go on... Let me know.”

“M... May... I...”

Right now, the Chinese girl had no idea what to say. She was just... lost... in everything right now. Hopelessly lost as to why Chun-Li was kissing Kasumi; why neither King nor Mai were saying anything about this...

And why she was finding the sight...

Pleasing...? Even..............


Xiangfie bit her lower lip, nervousness setting in with other feelings quickly following suit. Just what in the world was coming over her? Was it the atmosphere having an effect on her? Or was there something... more to it...?

However, a surge went through her body, and without realizing it, Xiangfie’s mouth, without notice from its brain, began to speak in a tiny voice.

“I... feel... weird.......” was all she could say about it. However, those three words were able to register to May, and she smiled upon hearing it, taking it as a cue to move in closer.

“I don’t know about weird... but I know what you’re feeling... I know because I just felt it 30 minutes ago... Let me show you how it works... It’s probably the best feeling in the world...”

And before any protest, if any were to come out of her mouth, could be heard, May Lee leaned forward completely, easily looming over Xiangfie, causing her to lie back onto the sofa and May to lie on top of her. May Lee’s hands then dropped onto Xiangfie’s shoulders, and, taking a big leap of faith, let her lips meet the girl’s below her.

The reaction was instant. Xiangfie’s eyes closed a bit and a small, yet rather audible moan escaped her vocal chords. And instantly, as if it was contained in a jar that just broke on the floor, pleasure just seemed to flow all through the Chinese girl’s body... and, unlike Kasumi, there was no fighting it. Xiangfie just accepted it, and May Lee was right.

The feeling was amazing...

Amist all of this bonding between female and female, King could feel as if she was going to burst. She was anticipating this... Well, maybe not this whole scene, but she knew what was up... Chun-Li had Kasumi occupied and May Lee was busy with Xiangfie... That only left...

“Mai...” she said, her voice heavy in lust at the realization. Already she could feel her lower lips begin to drool upon just the name. And, across and just a few inches away... and closing... Mai was experiencing the same thing.

“Looks like we’re the only ones not... connecting...” Mai opened up, her voice just as husky as King’s as she closed the gap, pushing King back to the wall next to the couch.

“Why don’t we fix that...?” came King’s reply. Both women, close friends, found the other’s eyes just screaming in lust towards one another. Then, without another word between them, King and Mai’s arms grasped tightly around one another and they just dove into one another with a hungry kiss, Mai pressing her full frame into King while the latter hugged Mai close to her own body. It was the hungriest out of the three kisses being applied, and maybe it was because they knew each other for so long that they were just going into this without any sort of formal warning or warming up. Technically, neither needed to warm up at all; they were already scorching...

---- ----

And, for the lucky two men that just happened to be watching (and filming) the entire thing, it was merely impossible to not get hard watching it. This time, neither Choi nor Chang shared dialogue between one another. They just observed... and inside, they just knew things couldn’t get any better than this.

Boy... were they wrong...

The party was just getting started...
Second Day by DeNice
“(*yarn*) Phew... I haven’t... slept so good before in my life...”

It was the next morning, and May Lee could be seen stretching her arms above her head, welcoming the morning sun rays. At first blurry in the eyes, after a few blinks, the Korean girl shook her head clear and caught sight of her surrounds...

...and slowly grew aware of where she was... and WHY she was there.

This wasn’t the second room for the Korean team. Not by a long shot.

Clothes, even more so than last time she cared to check, were littering the entire living room of the hotel room, and the air was STILL a bit thick with the smell of sex from last night. On the floor, just below and to the right of her couch in which she found herself at, were the still sleeping bodies of Mai and King, the kunoichi on top and her right hand in the blonde’s hair. Likewise, in the chair beyond that sat Chun-Li with Kasumi embraced in her arms, both also asleep. Not only that, but every woman in the room was stripped of everything from their bodies, even underwear... and at first, May Lee was a bit thrown off finding herself in such a place.

No... This was definitely NOT the Korean team’s room.

This was the Women’s Team’s room... and it certainly was “busy”, as May Lee could make it out.

“Wow....” was all that escaped her lips, rubbing the back of her head as she looked at the commotion that they caused. “I guess.... I had a hand in all this somehow...”

“Oh, you have nooooooooo idea...”

May Lee blinked as she heard another girl’s voice to her left. She turned her head, and blushed hard once she found out that Li Xiangfie was just a few inches away from her, sprawled out in a very comical way, but just now waking up, looking straight at her in the process. At the same time, she just now noticed something else...

(Jeez... This couch is STILL damp...)

“Good morning, May...” Xiangfie purred, now adjusting herself so that she was crawling over to her companion from last night. “Slept well...?”

After a few moments, May Lee caught on and nodded. “Sure did... and if I’m right, you dreamed like I did, didn’t you?”

The girl from China nodded. “Oh, yeah. It was quite a good dream, too... but nothing compared to last night... Oh, wow, May. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

May Lee smirked. “First time for anything.”

“Yep. That’s my May...”

“Your May...?”

Xiangfie nodded while now closing the gap between her and the Korean, not stopping until she was once again fully on top of her bare body. She then lowered her head down and once again the lips that were so at work on her own body last night connected with hers...

“Yes. My May...” she said in between a kiss. She then closed her eyes and now proceeded to really get back into her groove, and May Lee accepted, snaking her arms around Xiangfie’s neck. The two stayed like this for only about 15 seconds, for before anything could really pick off the ground and into orbit once again, a voice rang out in the air.

“At it again? I never thought that you’d enjoy it that much...”

Both girls broke their kiss to look up and see Kasumi now starting to stretch her arms herself, yarning in the process, as well as waking up Chun-Li. The Interpol agent blinked quite a few times before her mind began to clear up from sleep. At first she was a bit speechless, because the scene she was seeing now didn’t ring a bell at first, but quickly, everything fell back into place...

...and a smile appeared on her face, out of all things...

“Morning, girls,” she greeted, getting a warm and even sexy response from the others that were awake. “I see everyone enjoyed their... experience last night.”

May Lee and Xiangfie nodded in response while Kasumi turned around on her lap and kissed Chun-Li on the lips, giving her answer to that.

“Thanks... It was a blast,” the Todo girl added.

“Yeah, well, before most of this started... Chun-Li and I had an idea... I think you four might want to hear it out...”

The newest voice came from Mai who, now slowly dragging herself off her also awaking partner, King, ran a hand through the mess she called her hair to try to straighten it out.

“Idea...?” Kasumi asked. “I knew you were up to something...” This was accompanied with a smirk. “Go on... Let’s hear it.”

Mai now sat on her knees in front of the door, so that every woman in the room could see her. With a smile, she began.

“Ok, so... last night, at the bar, King gave me and Chun-Li a special drink that... I don’t know... must have influenced us to do what we did last night. Now... considering how happy it made all of us... Am I right...?” Mai paused to get a nod from everyone, then she continued. “Chun-Li and I had a thought. If we could do this right out of the blue, just like that, all because of a drink... and seeing that it’s practically contagious... whoever we chose to go after...”

“Oooooo....” Xiangfie carried on. “You want to spread the love, don’t you?”

Mai nodded fiercely. “Exactly. Imagine... all that pleasure we all endured last night... and that was only 6 of us. There’s a truckload of other fighters that need to realize this! And then, it won’t just be us having fun...”

May Lee blinked a bit, the back of her mind telling her... no, screaming at her to stop now, but immediately she threw that thought out the window. “Now that you say that... I think that Chae Lim and Master Kim’s sons would be pretty... entertaining... to see...”

“Right...” Kasumi followed, “and my eyes won’t have any trouble picking up some hot guy... or girl around this place...”

“Perhaps Ryo would like to get a load of the new... King in the circuit...” the bartender said while putting a hand on her chin, giving a slick smile.

“And I can finally get that blasted Bogard...” Mai began... then, surprising everyone else, shook her head. “You know what? Last night made me realize something. I’ve been wasting enough time trying to get him. I can get pleasure by other means. I think I’m going to shop around some... Ha, ha! I’m going to have so much fun this time around!”

“Sounds just splendid,” Chun-Li encouraged. “I think I’ll join that ‘shopping spree’ as well. Seems as if this tournament won’t be such a bore now. In fact...” As she spoke, and thought, about this, Chun-Li’s mouth sprouted an even wider smile. “I think I know how this can even get even more exciting...”

“What’s up, Chun-Li?” Mai asked.

“Well... I say we hold a... contest... Whoever, out of the 6 of us, can get the most people ‘under her spell’ wins the contest.”

“And just how will we know how many the others have?” Xiangfie asked. Chun-Li thought about this for a minute, then came up with an idea.

“How about we keep a tally board somewhere in this room. Perhaps behind the door. Each time you score someone, you come back here whenever you get the chance, and put the fighter’s name under yours. If someone’s already did him or her, you don’t get the point... even though I have the strangest feeling that it’ll be sort of easy to find out who’s been laid or not.”

“True... true...” May Lee noted, “but... if I feel like it... can I still nail a person that one of your already did... just if I want to?”

Chun-Li looked at May Lee naughtily. “I don’t see why not... You just won’t get a point...”

May Lee only shrugged it off.

“So, do we have a bet?” King asked.

“Not quite...” Mai cut her off. “Just what does the winner win?”

For about 2 minutes, the 6 women in the room turned silent, thinking of what possible prize could the winner get for her efforts. Then, of all people, Kasumi was the one to speak.

“I say... the 5 who lose have to all submit to the winner for a full week. No questions asked, and no matter what she’d want them to do.”

“Ah... that’s a classic bet...” Mai commented, smiling at the once-in-a lifetime chance to practically be the queen of the tournament. “I’m in.”

“Me, too.”

“Me, three.”



“And I’ll be six.”

“There!” the kunoichi announced while standing up fully. “It’s settled then! We’re going to turn this fighting tournament into another type of tournament... an orgy tournament! Losers have to do whatever the winner says for a week... and trust me... I already have a whole lot of things you 5 can do for me...”

“You must be dreaming!” May Lee challenged while getting off the couch. “I’m going to win this bet! A superheroine never loses!”

“We’ll just see about that! No matter how good of a superheroine you think you are, you’re no match for a Todo!”

“Todo, Shmo-do,” Xiangfie waved carelessly. “You people aren’t known for your charm worth a dime, and unfortunately for you, I have enough of that to go around for the both of us.”

“Charm only goes but so far, Xiangfie...” Mai taunted, waving a finger at her young teammate. “If you wanna win... you’re going to have to be seductive... and that’s something I practically excel at.”

“Well, enough chat,” King interrupted. “I say we get this thing started... and I know a good place for us to start, just to... you know... have us all have an equal playing ground.”

All the girls looked at King as she walked towards a window... and looked down at the park in front of the hotel...

“I got wind last night that some teams will be out here training in the morning... Also, more fighters should be arriving today...”

The others looked at one another, then at the window themselves, each one of them wearing devilish smiles.

“Fine,” Mai said. “Looks like we’ll be starting there... Girls? Let the best woman win.”

---- ----

“Mmmm... Yui...”

Right now, Kaoru was in heaven. For reasons she neither knew or cared for, her body was just... electrified. What made things weird was that it was all so sudden. First everything was pitch black and it was the normal feeling of nothingness that comes with sleep. Then suddenly a tiny touch fell over her body. First it made itself known on her breasts... then down south, traveling slowly until it reached the most private of areas... and it played around some, lightly yet erotically...

...and through the temporary bliss that Kaoru went through, a sensation that was rather rare on her day to day basis compared to other people, she just knew it hat to be him...

“Oh... Yui... You’re so.... ah... sweet...”

Then, the unexpected happened.


Kaoru woke up.

The hotel room that was encased in darkness hours ago was now bathed in early morning sunlight, nullifying the need for any lightbulbs to be turned on, and it was a rather nice vibe to accompany the pleasant sensation that she just experienced. As she woke up fully, Kaoru let out a yarn, stretching her arms then blinked a few times before shortly rubbing her eyes. That was quite a dream she had, and it the back of her mind she wished it wasn’t one...

Then, for a... somewhat related reason, Kaoru blinked again.


Perhaps it wasn’t quite a dream after all, for, as her dark eyes gazed down upon her body, she found out that the sheets used to keep her body warm were in quite disarray, done in such a way that Kaoru was convinced that she didn’t do it herself. Also, her mind grew more aware of the situation, she could “feel” something moist down below, and it didn’t take long to put two plus two together.

“Yui...” she said in a light voice while nudging the young Korean next to her with her hand. “Come on and wake up...”

After a few moments, the Japanese girl caught word of their partner’s groans as he opened his eyes to sleepily stare back at her.

“Mm... What’s... up...?”

Kaoru gave a sly smirk. “I think you know, you sly devil. Playing with me while I’m asleep, eh...? You’re such a hentai.”

She was almost certain that Yui would give her a smile, a mischievous one, in return and to confirm her allegation, but instead he gave a blank, confused one. “What are you talking about?”

After a moment of pause, the dark-skinned girl decided to show her spuse, flipping off the sheets from her body and onto Yui, and from here, they both could clearly see the... “mess” that accrued within the area of Kaoru’s panty section.

“Does that ring a bell to you?”

“Actually....... no, it doesn’t.”

Kaoru immediately gave Yui a look, this one a bit more serious. “Come on, Yui. You know darn well that at times you do this...”

“Yes, but normally I’d remember it and plan doing it in advance... and admit that I did it. After last night... let’s just say that it was the least on my mind...”


“Sorry, Kaoru,” Yui replied while sitting up, “but I didn’t do it this time. Perhaps you had quite a good dream last night...”

“Yui, you know that I don’t dream like that unless you invoke it. I never had such dreams just because, and I’m not going to begin that now.”

“Kaoru... I didn’t do it, and if you’re saying that you didn’t... then that only leaves one other person...”

And at that statement, both paused and looked over to the second bed in the room, the one that the mountain girl, Mitsumi, slept on. However, it wasn’t occupied at all. In fact, it seemed as if it was barely slept in...

“Hey, where did she go?” Kaoru asked, and practically immediately after that, the sound of a door closing rang through the air. All attention went towards the bathroom, and out stepped Mitsumi, who was still in her nightwear and brushing her braided hair.

“Mitsumi...?” Kaoru called. The older woman looked her way and flashed a smile.

“Hey, you two. Good to see you up. A bit behind schedule... but not by much.”

Kaoru had a quick thought... then immediately shook it off. No. There was just NO way in the world SHE could’ve... However, someone must have caused her little accident.... She might as well ask...

“Hey...” she began, starting off slowly, “Did you... by any chance......”

She then sighed, and decided to flip the covers clean off the bed for Mitsumi to see for herself...

“W... whoa....” she marveled. “Looks like someone’s had quite the dirty dream last night.”

A small, annoyed mark appeared on Kaoru’s forehead, but it was quick to leave. “Yeah. The thing is that I... sort of had some help. I know for a fact that I can’t possibly have those dreams without... provocation... and Yui says that he didn’t—“

By this time Mitsumi gave her friend a look. “Y... you’re kidding, right....? You don’t honestly think—“

“Mitsumi, I didn’t say all that. I was only going to ask if you... happened to—“

“Kaoru... I gotta ask... You mean to tell me that you never, EVER... had wet dreams before you met Yui or aren’t around him... and that you never... ‘experimented’ before?”

The dark-skinned girl twisted her mouth. “I told you about my past and you know how I behave. It just never comes to my mind like other people. In fact... well... I didn’t know such things like this existed until I met Yui.”

Mitsumi, in turn, adjusted her face to match Kaoru’s. “Puberty with you must’ve sucked...”

Kaoru twitched and finally blurted out, “Mitsumi... Did you touch me last night or not...?”

The Chinese girl instantly double-taked. “What are you? Crazy? I didn’t touch you, ok? You said last night that you were uncomfortable with the whole thing and besides I don’t fly that way personally. I might joke but that’s beyond me. WAY beyond me. Geez, Kaoru, cut me some slack for once.”

Mitsumi then ended that by turning her back to the two in the room, her arms crossed and a heated expression on her face. As to Mitsumi’s sudden response, both Yui and Kaoru made a surprised face.

(Wow... She’s pretty dead-set on that... I never seen her react like that to anything) Yui thought. However, Kaoru took it a different way.

(So... if Mitsumi swears that she didn’t do it... Then what’s going on with me...? Perhaps I am... changing...)

Kaoru quickly shook her head and dismissed the thought. “Well, never mind then. We need to meet Sakura and the others in the front grounds soon to start warming up. I think I’ll get ready for that and think about this later.”

“Ok, Kaoru, you do that,” Yui encouraged, and with that Kaoru jumped off the bed and into the bathroom to clean herself. However, hidden to both her and Yui’s eyes as Mitsumi walked away and towards the other section of the room, she stopped, looked back at the door Kaoru concealed herself behind, and sighed.

---- ----

“Let’s go, Wagner. Give me your best shot.”

“You need to be careful as to what you wish for. You’re going to regret it.”

Little to most people inside the hotel, a chosen few were already outside and limbering up for the tournament. Within the park, in a clear area, stood two strong individuals, both with blond hair. One was older and his hair outspreading. Even though there was no sign of his army attire, he still wore his dogtag over his white tee and jeans. The other individual wore something similar to that, only he also wore a brown leather jacket and his hair was much shorter. This individual was the one named Scott, Scott Wagner in full (he preferred to be called by his last name), and the morning was perfect to get some rounds in with the man that took him in, Guile.

There was little breeze through the air, but that quickly changed once Scott began to advance, striking with a bunch of rapid jabs at his “new” father. Guile kept his guard up while backing up some, then, after finding an opening, turned with a strong backfist that Wagner blocked. The younger then went for a rolling sobat, but Guile swatted the kick away while moving to the side a bit for a strong punch... however, Wagner was fast enough to avoid it.

“You’re getting slow,” Wagner commented.

“That’s what you think...” Guile replied, now bringing his arms back as far as they could... and Wagner knew darn well what this move was.


Guile’s fists came back fast and across his body, generating a lightning fast projectile attack that barely shaved Wagner’s hair as he ducked it, the move going on farther until it collided... and sliced through, a nearby tree. Luckily it was done in such a way that the attack didn’t make the tree crumble over.

“Looks like your aim’s slacking,” the Air Force Airman smirked. “My turn.”

Wagner’s right arm instantly began to glow in a yellowish electrical tint and Guile blinked, because this move didn’t seem familiar, especially when he reared it across his chest...


...and threw out his energy into a sharp, razor disk that zoomed forward.

“Taking tips, eh?” Guile commented while dodging to the side, letting the attack pass on by... only this time, Wagner was the one to give a taunt.

“You underestimate me...”

Guile turned his focus back to the attack, and noticed that the Ultra Disc was coming back in reverse as if it was attracted to the army man.


Not wanting to make it come around once again, Guile blocked it, making it wear out on contact. Then, he ducked to the side to avoid a fist to the head. The two went at this pace for quite a bit, neither combatant gaining the advantage of the situation, and ultimate no one would.

“Mmm... Wagner, stop.”

At the command, the younger ceased attacking at a dime, noticing that Guile’s focus turned from him to the pathway, where someone was standing with heavy interest... Guile recognized this man from the KOF circuit. The white and blue gi was enough proof.

“Hmmm... Kim Kaphwan, I presume...” Guile said while standing up and facing the world Korean chap.

“Yes. Those were some very excellent tactics you both displayed. Don’t mind me peeking.”

Wagner shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. There are many other times where we do this.”

“So tell me; who is your third fighter?”

“My long time partner, Charlie, should be flying in from an assignment in a few days,” Guile responded. “Should be interesting to see what you have to offer...”

Kim gave a friendly smile. “Well, I think it’s only fair since I’ve been watching you practice. I was just bringing both my teams out so we can start preparations for the tournament.”

“Looks like we’ll be scouting then...” Guile then turned to Wagner, and added. “You up for it?”

“Sure. No problem.”

Just then, two more individuals appeared behind Kim, reveling themselves to be his sons.

“Ah... Jae Hoon. Dong Hwan. Say good morning to two of the Air Force Team members.”

Jae Hoon, in his normal white and green uniform, gave a formal greeting, while Dong Hwan, in the black and red, merely put a hand up and gave a half-hearted “Yo” in response.

“Say...” Kim began. “Where are Chae Lim and May Lee?”

“They’re still in the room. May Lee was still getting ready when we left and Chae Lim was helping her out.”

“Hmmmm...” Kim muttered, putting a hand on his chin. “May Lee late to a practice...? Is she feeling ok?”

Jae Hoon only nodded.

(Perhaps something is wrong with her...) the father thought to himself. (Then again, this is May Lee. She wouldn’t miss much of a practice...)

“Well,” he finally said out loud, “Let’s go meet up with Jhun, Choi, and Chang. We’ll wait on the girls for a few minutes, then if they’re still getting ready, we’ll start without them.”

---- ----

“Wow, May Lee. I didn’t know that you could be so forgetful. Really. Didn’t you know that today was our first training session?”

“Yes, I knew that! I just overslept and now I have to rush to meet the rest of the guys back outside! I just hope we’re not too late!”

(Not... I’m in no rush at all...)

Back in the hotel room, May Lee was busy rummaging through her bag, her drawers... Anywhere she knew she had her old Taekwondo uniform so she could wear to practice. Sure, she could go with her regular street attire, but this was just a practice, and it wasn’t to involve her... special alterego. However...

...this was how Chae Lim thought the situation was.

For May Lee, however... this was just an act... and she smirked as she hid her head in a dresser drawer, because she knew that very well as she looked at Chae Lim through the corner of her eyes...

(May Lee’s first play is about to pick up...)

“Alright!” she exclaimed out loud, backing away from the drawer to pick up a white and blue uniform abet similar to that of Chae’s. “Found it! It’s been ages since I put this one own.”

The silver-haired girl, who was at another drawer next to a bed, spun around. “It’s about time. Hurry up and throw it on so we can get out of here.”

May Lee took a pause, then faced the already clothed Chae. “Problem is... I’m missing the belt for it...”


Chae had to blink at that. Indeed, by the way May Lee packed it and was showing it off to her to see, everything was in place... yet, being as that she held the pants in one hand and the upper portion of the gi in the other, the belt was indeed missing.

“Just how old is that gi, May Lee? I’m pretty sure you can find another one besides that one.”

“We don’t have time for that!” the dark-haired girl responded. “You want to hurry up and catch the others, don’t you?”

Chae Lim instantly nodded.

“Well... tell you what...”

May Lee now put the gi itself on the bed next to her, and took a few steps so that she could get close to Chae Lim. At this distance... something struck itself... a bit weird to the younger. She couldn’t quite place it however... but it was somewhere in May Lee’s face that gave off strange vibes...

“Tell me... what...?” she asked.

Then... May Lee gave a very, very quick smirk and in a blur her right hand reached forward to an end to Chae Lim’s own black belt...

“E... ey....!”

...and in one surprisingly quick motion, May Lee whisked it off.

“Why don’t I borrow yours...?” the superheroine ended, looking at the belt itself for a moment before looking back at her partner... just in time to make a surprised face as she saw Chae Lim’s uniform go undone in a chain reaction. The silver-haired girl instantly blushed in embarrassment as she quickly tried to hold the gi still, but even so, the upper part went just out of her reach and exposed enough of her body for May Lee to see a bit of her white bra before her arms blocked her view.


“Oops...!” May Lee responded, her voice making it seem as if she really did that by mistake, but her face read loud and clear that it was just the opposite. “Did I do that...?”

At first, Chae Lim couldn’t speak. All she could do was look at May Lee in shock as the dark-haired girl just a few centimeters away from her gave a look that she never seen before...

“M... May...!” she finally managed to sputter out. “W... what’s gotten into you...? Why are you...!?”

May Lee’s eyes silenced her as she now closed the gap between their faces. That look... It was definitely making Chae Lim uneasy and even a bit afraid... Afraid of what this might lead to...

“’Why am I doing this...?’” May Lee repeated, her eyes looking at Chae Lim mischievously. “Is that what you were about to ask? Well... I’ll tell you... Last night... I wasn’t here sleeping. I was in the room down the hall; you know... the one the Women’s Team stays at... and... while I was there... I had an awakening of sorts. I was introduced into something absolutely wonderful...”

By this time, the superheroine’s right hand was creeping forward, totally undetected by Chae Lim, for she couldn’t pry her attention away from May Lee’s face...

...that is... until...


May Lee’s fingers snuck in-between Chae Lim’s, successfully finding the area in which her left breast lay at... Instantly, Chae threw her body back and away from May, but it didn’t get far, for she found herself forced against the dresser she was just finished searching through and rendering her unable to escape.

“It’s awesome, Chae,” May Lee continued in a soave voice, being as calm as she can while still being seductive. “You just have to try it out...”

“Y... you can’t be the real May Lee...” Chae whispered harshly, half from her current shock and half from the sudden... ‘shock’ that ran through her body once May Lee’s finger brushed against her soft skin that was her nipple. “She’d never do such things like this... W... who are you...?”

May Lee just giggled. “Silly. I am May Lee, in the flesh, and no, I’m not an evil clone... I’m just... how do you say... a little more... balanced... Sure, before all I wanted to do was become a really great heroine that could rid everything in this world from being tainted by evil, just like Master Kim, but... last night... Mai made me realize that I was missing something... Balance. She told me that if that’s all I do, then I’d lose myself in the process... She told me that it was about time I got to realize other joys that I can partake in... and right now, I’m going to exercise that...”

May’s fingers wouldn’t leave from their place on Chae’s body, much to the latter’s dismay, as it left the dark-haired fighter to continuously “play” around with her breast, and no matter how much Chae tried to block it, May’s hands were just too fast... Chae would move her arm up to block an advance, yet May would find another way under and to the same spot she was before... and then Chae would try to block that, but it left her other breast vulnerable...

“Mai taught me so many things, Chae...”

...and, with each little touch, the little “shock” that ran through Chae’s body would grow, and not just little by little, but by a lot, and the silver-haired Korean slowly began to realize that it was making her grow goosebumps all over...

(Wha... What is she... doing... to me...?)

“So many wonderful things... and I can’t hold them all to myself...”

By now, May Lee’s inner passion was beginning to erupt, for, as she continued to seduce Chae, her hands moved faster and more skillfully and her breathing upgraded to little pants as her anticipation grew. She knew by the look in Chae’s eyes that it was working...

(Any second now... and Chae Lim is mine... Stay... focused, May... Don’t lose it yet...)

May Lee then let out a smile as she leaned forward onto Chae, her hands now on the younger’s wrists to slowly pry them away from their guarding posts and still Chae continued to fend her partner off...

...yet... no avail.

And even so, as the two remained locked by their eyes ever since the beginning, Chae Lim slowly began to stop on her own right, for... as she gazed into May’s eyes, something began to take over...

(No...! I... I gotta fight it...! I have to snap May Lee out of this! I have to...)

“Chae...” May Lee continued, her voice in a very low tone as her hands placed Chae Lim’s arms to her sides, “I want to share what I learned with you...”

“May Lee..... Don’t....”

The older paid the younger no mind at all, her face now barely scraping against the other’s... From this distance, Chae could barely hold back any further. May Lee was just too fast with her hands for her to block; too... dominant for her to pry off...

“It’s a little thing called...”

And then May Lee closed the gap, not bothering to finish her sentence, as her lips connected with Chae’s. No one moved a muscle for about a second before Chae Lim’s body responded with a startled and resisting yell that was muffled by May Lee’s mouth and because of this, her lips parted enough for May Lee to slip in her tongue from her mouth to Chae’s.

From one minute to the next, Chae Lim was in a whirlwind of emotions. She didn’t know what to do or why this was happening to begin with. She wasn’t prepared at all for anything like this to happen. Overnight at that... and at the moment she couldn’t do anything but take in the kiss...

A kiss that made her body go on end with electricity from within...

And as fast as May Lee put the kiss in, she pulled back, not moving anything away from Chae Lim except her head.

“Called ‘pleasure’... Desire... Lust.........” she ended her previous sentence, panting lightly as she spoke.

On the other end, Chae Lim could only look back at May Lee, her mind only able to say one thing.

(She kissed me... She... she... kissed me...)

Her heart ran wildly as she tried to sort things out now that May Lee seemed to let her catch her breath. She needed footing on the situation. She needed to understand why things were happening so fast... and at all. She needed to know a lot of things...

Like... why her body felt so... zapped once May Lee kissed her...

And how... how she actually felt a bit... welcome at it...

And... and...

She needed to know why she stopped...


At that moment, Chae Lim seemed to forget everything prior to this entire moment. She forgot about practice with the others. She forgot about the tournament. She forgot about EVERYTHING...

...except the kiss...

And May Lee...

She was too fast to block...

Too strong to break away...


“Oh, May.....”

And too seductive to resist.

Chae Lim’s arms rose from their dormant positions, but not to try to defend herself. This time they wrapped around May Lee’s neck to pull her closer, all making the older give off a warm smile.

“I told you it was wonderful, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did...” Chae replied, her own eyes filling with a strong passion that never existed within her fiber before in her life. “I never knew such a powerful feeling could be... like this...”

“Would you like for me to teach you more?”

“Yes... Please do... I want to know everything about it. Don’t hold back anything at all, May...”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Chae... I’ll teach you everything I learned from last night... but first... we’ll start from where we left off...”

And with that, the kiss continued. The two partners and friends quickly came together in a tight embrace, Chae Lim’s arms making sure
May Lee wouldn’t get away from her first willing kiss, and it grew apparent to the superheroine that Chae was quickly growing addicted to her lips. The younger Korean kissed not with aggressive nature, but still wanting, somewhat leading her partner-turned-lover towards the bed, May Lee not fighting at all. The two plopped down at the same times on their sides and quickly entwined their legs, the cotton of Chae’s gi swishing against the denim jeans May wore last night, and almost as quickly as they dressed earlier that morning for practice, the two Korean girls began to reverse the process, Chae beginning it by kicking off May’s red and white sneakers for her. Next came her white socks and almost feverishly, the silver hair brought her hand over towards May’s pants...

(Whoa...! T... too fast...!)

...making May Lee break their loving kiss unexpectedly and stop Chae from going farther.

“A... a little... too soon... for that, isn’t it...?” she panted, moreso than last time she spoke. Chae responded with a blush.

“Perhaps....” she replied mischievously, May returning the favor.

“I see you aren’t as hopeless as you thought you were... It seems you know a thing or two... Have you been experimenting behind Master Kim’s back...?”

On cue the blush on the younger girl grew more. “I admit I had my urges... I always thought it was just... natural...”

“Well, that’s alright by me... but... let’s not spoil the moment by going fast. Master Kim can wait on us if he wants to...”

Both girls giggled and then met one another once again, Chae this time taking it slow like May wanted. As the two locked in both lips and tongues, their hands roamed all along the opposite’s back, sides, neck... and anything else they could find and reach. Taking the time to enjoy the moment, Chae couldn’t quite think of anything else she could add to this moment... but apparently May did, for it wasn’t long until she pushed onto the younger girl, making her lie on her back as the superheroine pinned her down with her own body. May then brought herself just a tiny bit away from Chae’s body, quickly bringing it back and making a soft purring noise.

“Prrrr.... This feline sees something she likes from the one behind her...” she said. “Something very... delicious....”

At first Chae didn’t quite catch on, but it didn’t take long...

(Impersonating a cat...? Two can play like that...)

“Oh, whatever can that be....? Mmmmmm....?” Chae replied, the latter part coming out very cat-like.

“Those breasts hiding under your clothes....... They’re luring me in... Your clothes... They have to go...”

“Only if yours go, too...”

“Sure... Seems fair to me... Even... *giggle* fun...”

May Lee made another purr as her right hand “clawed” at the folds of Chae’s gi, which was still not fully on her body after the incident. After a few small efforts, each one making Chae shudder, the white and blue custom-made gi slipped off the silver-hair’s shoulders and sides, lying limply under her body, now exposing the bra for May to feast eyes on.

“Now for this... Mmmm...?”

Without saying a word to May Lee, Chae Lim’s hands came forward and grabbed onto the bottom of May’s shirt, quickly beginning to dispatch of it, the heroine helping out herself. Once it was off completely, Chae let out a tiny gasp.

“May...? No...?”

May only shook her head, smiling at the fact that Chae noticed that there was no material holding up her breasts, just like last night. She then resumed her impersonation, rolling Chae onto her side a bit as her right hand clawed at the skin playfully before aiming at the strap keeping it on Chae’s body....

...then, its role changed to just being one of the articles of clothing left on the bed and floor...

“Ah.... there’s my milk....” May cutely announced her prize, just before letting her tongue lap at one erect nipple... once...

“Oh! May...!”

Chae’s instantly felt a jolt of electricity shoot all throughout her frame, and she cried out the instant May licked a second time... and a third... and a forth...

...and from there, May continued to lap at Chae’s sensitive mount like a cat drinking milk from her favorite dish, and right now, the other girl was enjoying every little sensation. Her hands gripped the sheets of the bed as she moaned, louder than she did before, and it grew apparent that she wanted more, for Chae’s body, more specifically her hips, began to rock up against May Lee’s body, trying to get more by any means...

“Mmmm... Does my silver-haired lover want me to go lower than this....?” May Lee taunted dominantly.

“Oooooooooohh, yeeeesssss!!” was the younger’s response. “I want you to lap me everywhere, May....!”

“That’s good... Yes... Good idea.... In fact... that’s a great one...”

May, deciding to fulfill Chae’s wish, still wouldn’t quite let those pretty mounds of hers alone, for as she slipped lower, her fingers still remained in that area, this time pinching and giving both erect little nubs an equal amount of sexual attention... and the silver-hair just couldn’t get enough. By the time May finally did decide to go lower, Chae could barely contain the mighty force building up within her...


“Don’t worry...” the dark-haired girl said sweetly, her right hand creeping downwards... seeping under Chae’s gi pants....

...and instantly May Lee’s ears tingled at the sound of Chae Lim’s loud moans as her fingers successfully founded the sweet wetness tucked away... and without delay she began her job in sending pleasure waves all throughout her partner’s body...


“AAH! M... MAY!!”

Taking May Lee by surprise, Chae erupted into an orgasm after only 5 flicks at her sensitive southern mound, and each burst of cum steadily dampened May’s fingers as well as her pants.

“Looks like you’ll need to clean up once we’re done...” May giggled as her friend went temporarily limp for about 10 seconds, recovering from her high. After collecting her breath, Chae sighed...

“Oh... but... I don’t think... that’ll be any time soon...”

The older blinked as Chae smiled lovingly back at her, her own hands beginning to take off the remaining amount of clothes from her body... For the first time, the superheroine was face to face with a totally nude Chae, the cum from her body running down her legs...

At this time, May could’ve said something extremely erotic... however, she couldn’t speak. Only her mind did...

(Chalk one up for May Lee...)

---- ----

“Ok, here we go! Youoroken!”

“Hmm... HA!”

Two ki projectiles, one a long streak of fire, and the other a dark gray ball of energy, collided with exploding impact. At one end stood Kaoru, wearing her workout clothes, a short white designed tee with gray sweatpants, and rushing towards her as fast as he could, was Darrell, wearing a black shirt with a white kanji letter on the front along with matching pants. The two were facing off at an open area few inches away from the main pathway that lead to the hotel front doors, which was in the distance.

A few inches away from his adopted ‘sister’, Darrell turned around and leaped forward, his attacking leg striking on fire as he set his sights on Kaoru’s stomach. The Hiya, as he called it, as blocked by Kaoru, but as he landed to follow up with a lunging overhead fist, but Kaoru teleported away in a flash behind him, now starting to counter with a spinning standing sweep. The older rolled forward to avoid it and then hopped up to face her, then hopped away from Kaoru to go defensive. Quickly Kaoru kept the pressure on with a few random attacks, and then ended with a fast fist to the face.

“Whoa!” Darrell shouted while bending back a bit to make it gaze over his head, then he straightened himself to return it with an elbow to the stomach. Kaoru doubled back, but unmoving in will, and decided to try another trick...

“Tama Heki...”

Kaoru’s eyes closed and in an instant, another Kaoru emerged from her body.

(Hey... nice new trick, Kaoru) Darrell thought to himself. (How about we give it a test run...)

Not keeping his eyes off the original girl, Darrell opted to launching another Youoroken blast at that one. While the second Kaoru moved to the side, the first one merely stood her ground and blocked the attack. Yet, in the corner of his eye, Darrell could make out movement. The second Kaoru ducked down while dashing and opted to perform the Hiagasen, but once again Darrell moved out of the way, this time running forward to try to rush the original.


Darrell’s right fist bloomed into flames as he attacked with a pair of fast jabs that were blocked. However, before he could add on, a sudden jump of ki interrupted him. He spun around just in time to see the other Kaoru begin to lift a finger towards his head, a small ball of silver energy on it...

“And this it new, too!” he exclaimed in surprise. “Sakura! Assist!”

“Ok! No problem!”


With that, Kaoru’s finger shot off a violent wave of dark ki energy towards Darrell, streaking up into the air and making it impossible to jump over. The speed was also good enough to prevent a dodge, so all Darrell could do was block. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only wave. Kaoru then pulled her arm back and prepared the second and more powerful strike to her super, Karasuhebi no Tanjuu, but another yell made her change focus...




Kaoru spun around and threw her arm forward, just as Darrell’s teammate, the Tamagawa Minami student known as Sakura Kasugano, threw both her palms forward to unleash a huge ki blast at the same time. Kaoru’s took the form of a long snake that collided head first into the Hadouken, barely winning over its power struggle battle to keep moving forward. Sakura instantly broke out of her pose and rolled to her side, just in time to find out that the Kaoru who fired the Karasuhebi no Tanjuu let out a small yelp as her head whisked backwards and her body vanished into thin air.

(So that was the fake one...) she thought. (Must’ve been too much ki for that one to handle...)

Darrell realized this, too, as he instantly whirled around just in time to catch the real Kaoru’s fist with his hand. He then ducked to the side and hopped away from her.

“Karin!” he called. “Looks like it’s showtime for you now!”

“You bet it is!” Sakura’s rival, the rich blond girl known as Karin Kanzuki, responded while stepping onto the “playing field” that was marked off earlier. “Just watch me make quick work of her!”

“Sorry, but I don’t think I want to play with you today,” Kaoru replied while turning away herself and flicking at her black hair before jumping out of the play field. “Mitsumi, you’re up!”

“It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for ages for my turn!”

With a mighty cry, Mitsumi jumped in to meet Karin, entering her fighting stance. Karin merely put a hand on her chin and let out a short laugh before getting ready herself.

“Mountain girl, you’re about to see what a real fighter can do...”

“Ha! I don’t need to see what I already know; thanks for the offer, though. Now, are we going to taunt or are we going to fight it out?”

“Fine by me...”

Karin then prepared to take the early offensive with one of her signature moves, the Gurenken, but it was interrupted... by a voice.

“Hey, that sounds good and all, but I have an even better idea!”

The two girls, not to mention the remaining members of the teams, all dropped their exhibition that was just warming up, and looked towards the path heading away from the hotel. In the distance were a bunch of people, all on motorcycle bikes, all parked on the hill facing them, but there was one person already right in front of them. It was a young female, roughly 19 or so, wearing a short black leather jacket with a white bra underneath with matching black pants and boots. She also sported brown hair worn long and in a bit of a ponytail, and in her mouth was a regular plastic straw with quite a few chew marks on it.

“Hmph... How rude, interrupting a private spar like that,” Karin pouted, crossing her arms. “Just who are you, anyway?”

The girl merely sprouted a smirk as she continued to chew on the straw. “Oh, just a bored girl who’s looking for some action... Name’s Tomoko... and I think I know a few of you... You’re that rich girl that owns that Zaibatsu thing; Karin Kanzuki. Yep... Just as snooty as I thought you’d be.”

Karin just scoffed in defense. “Figures, all that coming from some common biker thug. Doesn’t know a shred of dignity or respect at all.”

Now it was Tomoko’s turn to scoff, rolling her eyes as well. “Whatever... Oh...” Her focus then went to Sakura. “And you’re that schoolgirl that kept going into all those international tournaments... Sakura, isn’t it...?”

In response, Sakura nodded.

“Hmm... not bad... Wonder how you manage to balance your schoolwork with all that fighting you do... Hey, that’s not a bad idea, however... I’m bored, and my gang’s getting restless... I’m just itching for a fight right now, and I’m not going to wait a full week until this stupid tournament starts until I can get what I want. So... let’s see... Which one looks like..... fun.....?”

As she trailed off, Tomoko’s gaze leaned off Sakura to the others out in the grass area...

(That Korean kid...? Nah... He might be just like that Kim guy with all those kicks... The girl with that huge braid...? Looks Chinese... Kung-Fu, maybe? Pass... Hmmmmm...)


With that, Tomoko took the straw from her mouth and pointed it towards... Kaoru, who responded by just giving her a stare.

“You seem like an interesting person. Sure, that black dude don’t seem too bad either... but you... You seem to have a special... ‘mystery’ factor to ya. Come on, let’s mix it up a little.”

“Hmph...” Kaoru sighed. “I don’t think you’ll be able to handle someone like me... Besides, why should I even bother...?”

“Well... I could always get things more exciting by calling my little gang hanging out down the road and we can THEN go at it... Like I said, they’re just as restless as I am...”

Not even bothering to consider what that meant, because in the back of her mind she already knew, Kaoru let out another sigh. “I swear people like you really rile me up... You’re ready to do anything for kicks, even so much to be so reckless... I have better things to do at this tournament than to just pick fights, but if you really want to be in a battle so badly, then fine. Just don’t make me waste my time like other people do.”

Tomoko then kicked the brake on the motorcycle that she owned and jumped down, now walking past the others there to get to Kaoru, with Yui next to her. As she passed Karin, the blond couldn’t help but feel a little agitated...

(She’d pick a fight with her but not with me...? Some taste she’s got...)

As the biker gang leader walked towards the young traveler, Yui looked at his girlfriend in a little bit of concern.

“You sure you want to...”

“Yui, stand aside. I’ll handle this.”

Yui didn’t respond for a while, but then he nodded and did as she said, causing her to stand right in front of Tomoko with no distractions. As she got close, Tomoko put a hand on her hip and gave Kaoru some attention as well. Tomoko was only 3 inches taller than Kaoru, but other than that there seemed to be little physical differences between them outside of appearance.

“This should be interesting...” Tomoko started. “So, what’s your name?”


“I’ll remember that... Let’s go then.”

“I thought you’d never ask... HA!”

Right at the end of the sentence, Kaoru threw her right fist forward right at Tomoko’s head, and Tomoko responded by moving her head back and out of the way. Right afterwards the younger froze, looking back at Tomoko.

“Seems as if you might just be... worth it...” she said. “Any rookie would’ve gotten floored by a fist that fast.”

“Do I look like a rookie to you?” was all Tomoko answered with as she returned the attack with her own hard left hook. Kaoru ducked it while spinning and countered with a hard roundhouse kick to the head, yet her attack was blocked at the last minute. Tomoko then quickly backed off and readied herself, her right hand reaching towards her waist.

“Let’s take it up a notch!”

And with a yell, a long biker chain whipped out from Tomoko’s waist and into her right hand.

“A weapon...?” Kaoru noticed, unmoving in her stance. “Big whoop... HA!”

The younger girl’s hands went to her chest, forming a small ball of silver energy, and then in a flash she shot it out. At the same time, Tomoko whipped the chain in front of her, the steel clashing with the Doushaburi and actually sending it back where it came. Kaoru had to swat her own attack away, but she didn’t get a chance to see the metal whip come her way, wrap around her neck, and in one single tug, dragged her down face first.

The others who looked on with mixed emotions as Tomoko let out a laugh, watching her opponent bring her hands up to the chain to try to pry it off while standing up at the same time, but another tug made her slip once again to one knee.

(Damn... This thing’s tight...)

“Bet you’re not saying that I’m weak now, are you?” the biker leader taunted while tugging lightly but still enough to make Kaoru move towards her.

“Once... I get this thing... off....!” Kaoru muttered loudly, straining the best she could but to no avail.

“I’d like to see you try to get that off! You’re mine!”

No longer playing around, Tomoko reeled her in, planning on giving Kaoru more punishment, but just before she got close, Kaoru’s body faded out, and the older girl swore her eyes were playing tricks on her...


Only it wasn’t a trick. It was a teleport, and Kaoru made the most of her position behind Tomoko by applying a hold on her neck, similar to that of Tomoko’s chain, making the owner of the weapon grunt hard while pushing backwards. Kaoru tried to keep her footing but Tomoko took advantage of her balance, placing her leg in front of Kaoru’s unstable one, and with that the both of them fell onto the ground, only Tomoko was faster to her feet. Once again the biker queen took the initiative and tried to kick the young traveler in the ribs while she tried to gather herself, but Kaoru put a hand out and parried it while rolling away and to her vertical base.

From here, the two once again stared each other down, Kaoru’s hardening eyes meeting with Tomoko’s. As time went by, the younger clenched her fists while the older’s grip on her chain tightened. Then, Kaoru’s sneaker cautiously went forwards, trying to plan herself out. Tomoko, however, let out a small smirk, then suddenly her body seemed to blur as she ducked down, a leg out, and successfully caught Kaoru off guard, sliding and sweeping the leg she planted out. Instantly the tanned fighter put her hands out to stop her fall and instantly rolled away once again, this time taking the attacking matter with a few hard attacks. Similar to the Doushaburi, Tomoko used her metal chain to ward off Kaoru’s moves, but one punch changed that.

“What the--?”

Tomoko froze the moment she found out the last one coming for her face stopped short and grabbed onto her chain, and in a strong yank, Kaoru managed to get one end of the chain out of her left hand, Tomoko having to hold tight to the other to prevent the entire chain from leaving her.

And just like that, the two found themselves connected by the chain, each girl holding an end, Kaoru smirking a little as if to say, “Look what I got.” The other girl twisted her mouth for about a second before smiling herself, her hand now wrapping her end around the palm.

“You honestly think that you can tangle at this game with me?” the biker asked, now smugly tying the chain around her right hand.

“You keep speaking,” Kaoru shot back, repeating Tomoko’s action. “It’s just going to make you feel even more stupid once I knock you out.”

“You’re a regular riot, girl... This’ll spice things up, though. A chain-fight seems just right for two bitchy girls like us.”

As the term, “bitchy”, came out, Kaoru’s eyes turned almost coal-like, Tomoko seeing this clearly and bracing herself.

“No more games, Kaoru...” she said, her voice lowering. “Time to put up or shut up.”

“The latter to you...” was all Tomoko’s adversary commented with, falling back, but pulling the chain her way, catching the owner of it a bit off guard and making her stumble forward a step. Instantly she planted her feet and returned the favor, Kaoru being surprised at the force of the pull, and nearly tripled in her reaction, bringing her within reach of Tomoko. Thinking quickly, the younger ducked her head down, avoiding a welcoming attack, and spun, bringing her arm up to try to strike Tomoko with the chain, but the biker queen saw it coming and brought her head to the side while facing Kaoru. She then quickly flicked her wrist, making the chain “vibrate” once and almost jump and hit Kaoru’s face, but it was ducked, the traveler bringing her free arm up to hold the attacking part of the chain and pulled as hard as she could. Expecting Tomoko to come closer, she grew disappointed that Tomoko stopped herself after only two steps. Just when she began to think of another tactic, she grew surprised that the small gap between them was closing... because Tomoko was now dashing in close. Kaoru opted to block...

“I don’t think so!”


...but the biker, using her slight size advantage, ducked, throwing all her weight down so that the chain pulled Kaoru off balance and towards her, and then lashed out with a hard kick with her boot to the side of the head, and in this position, it was devastating. Kaoru temporarily went limp, falling over on her side but not fully, stopping on one knee as Tomoko held tight and kept her up by only the chain...

“Come on back!” Tomoko taunted, now hoisting and dragging the dazed fighter back onto her feet and closer. “I’m not done screwing with you yet!”

The younger fighter managed to blink a little and shake her head hard, getting the stars out of her, and waited until Tomoko began to attack again before rising up with an elbow right between the eyes. Tomoko stammered back, rubbing the now sore area with the back of her free hand, but Kaoru wasn’t planning on letting her stay there long...

As quickly as she could, she jumped into the air (not being able to get a lot of height due to the restraint) and quickly came down with a sharp kick, shadows of herself following. Tomoko barely had the time to recover before the black sneaker landed home in her stomach, and it forced the older girl onto a knee...

“And now... I’m going to put a HUGE dent in your ego!” Kaoru snapped, not wasting time on her landing before once again focusing her ki, bringing up a finger slowly to aim her silver energy bullet at Tomoko... She aimed her super attack carefully... and once she was sure she wasn’t going to miss, she fired her first wave to her Karasuhebi no Tanjuu. However, before the attack could hit, Tomoko dodged to her right, the momentum throwing off Kaoru from completing the attack, and that worsened once the biker queen pulled as hard as she could, waiting for the slightly smaller girl to come to her before she wrapped the chain around her neck once again, only this time, it was accompanied with the owner of the chain turning her back against Kaoru, using the leverage and aid of the chain to hoist Kaoru up off her feet. The traveler let out a gargled yelp as the pressure around her neck cut off her air from her lungs for about 2 seconds before Tomoko slammed her over her back and face first into the ground. The older wasn’t finished, however, as she jumped onto Kaoru and landed square on her back with both feet full force...

“YAAAAAH!!” came the scream of the younger fighter from the effects of the Overrun, and the others watching couldn’t help but wince at the scene. Yui himself was beginning to be fed up with the sight of seeing his girlfriend fight like this, and that feeling only grew once Tomoko added.

“Oh, did that hurt? Don’t worry... If it didn’t, than THIS will! Time to try out this new attack I’ve been trying out recently...”

Tomoko bent down a little and tapped Kaoru’s flushed cheek teasingly before getting off the younger’s body, but once she did she pulled up on the chain, reeling a stunned Kaoru up off the grass against her will. Once she was up, the biker queen grabbed a part of the chain just in front of Kaoru’s face, tightening the hold even more around her neck. Then, as she was convinced that it was enough, signaled by Kaoru’s coughing as she desperately tried to reverse it, Tomoko let out a laugh, not bringing her hand away from Kaoru...

“This’ll serve as a nice wake up... ‘shock’!”

And on cue, Tomoko was able to sent a strong current of electricity through the chain, and instantly the channel went all throughout Kaoru’s frame in painful jolts, each one making her scream...

“Ha! State Charge, Kaoru!” the older girl said in dominance. “And you’re its first victim!”

(That’s it...)

A few meters away, as the others watched the momentum slowly slip away from Kaoru, Yui finally had enough. Seeing the girl that he held dear in this position and not do anything about it was something he just couldn’t stand...

“Kaoru!” he shouted, beginning to run up towards the battle and break it up, but something made him stop...

“Y... Yui.....! You..... stay right there.......!”

And just like that, he did, astonished that of all people, Kaoru herself was denying him the opportunity to set her free. “But you’re...!”

“I told you.....” she strained while getting the words out of her, still yelping as her eyes closed in pain. “I told you that I’d handle this...! Let me!”

The Korean teenager didn’t find the words to respond to Kaoru’s request, instead watching at Kaoru’s hands, once trying to free her body from the chain locked around her neck, fell down... At first it seemed as if she finally passed out, but, much to Tomoko’s surprise, the relocated to her opponent’s shirt...

“Wha...!? You’re kidding...!” the older girl shrieked. “You can’t POSSIBLY--!”

“This is the end!”

A strong elbow rocketed into Tomoko’s face, breaking the super attack that was the State Charge, and it was strong enough to daze the pony-tailed girl. Kaoru then quickly grabbed onto the chain that was between her and the biker, and pulled her back to her, this time not having to wait until she was close before she administrated a hard forward kick to the stomach, followed by an overhead blow, then an uppercut with the following fist, the one chained. Four more kicks rained down onto Tomoko’s head before Kaoru threw her shoulder forward...


...and ended her attack with authority.


Kaoru’s super attack finished with a point-blank ki attack from both hands to the vulnerable stomach of Tomoko, and the force was enough to knock the older vixen on her back, surprisingly the first time she was downed the entire fight. However, this caused Kaoru to fall down fast with her, and this time she wasn’t able to catch herself. Tomoko wasn’t able to even catch one breath before it was forced out of her with Kaoru landing hard on top of her...

...and, instantly, all the others watching grew wide-eyed, along with the two warring females, as the found out that as the traveler fell, her lips seemingly honed in on the opposite set in front of her... and connected all in one swift motion...

“SIS!?” Sakura yelled, Darrell only letting out a hoarse “Dude...” as he half-coughed, half-laughed, Karin only able to hold a hand over her mouth in risk of what might fly out. Mitsumi was only able to laugh at her heart’s content and Yui was beyond shocked.

Just like the two that were actually linked by their lips, who were at first unable to move from the sudden twist of events. Then, in a sudden boost of will, Kaoru pulled while Tomoko pushed, the younger girl now lying just beside her current rival, the chain bounding them strapping them across their chests, which rose up and down as they tried to catch their breath.

“...t... this... this doesn’t leave between the two of us...” Kaoru muttered harshly between breathers.

“...agreed...” Tomoko sternly replied, her free hand now resting on her forehead as she began to recuperate. Hidden to anyone else there, only a good 10 feet away on the other pathway, a certain man with brown hair, pony-tailed set, and in a pink karate gi couldn’t help but let out a gush of blood from his nose once he found out what just happened as he was passing by on his way to his hotel room, only to be rewarded with the sight of the two young and surprisingly sexy girls now lying right next to each other in a coincidentally arousing way...

“This MUST be a good omen!” one Dan Hibiki shouted to no one in particular. “Did you see that, oyaji!? I’ve seen my calling! I make that out as a sign that Saikyo style will finally prevail! I’ve got a GOOD feeling about this tournament!! Yousha!!!”

...and as he began going all about the training area, doing only what other people looking on would call “being Dan”, a few meters across, at a park bench, sat old man Chin of the Psycho Soldier team, along with his students, young Bao and Kenshou, the earlier mentioned noticing that suddenly his master had grown frozen and looking at something in the near distance...

“Master...” he asked while tapping on Chin’s back. “What’s wrong? You’ve suddenly stopped talking and now you’re all sweaty and stuff...”

At first Chin didn’t reply, his eyes normally hidden under his heavy brows now wide to the max as he got a GOOD view of the two girls.

“Oh, my heart be still...” he whispered to himself, using a hand to block the sun from his view. “Not even an illusion! I must be drinking too much sake...!”

“Master?” Bao repeated, his innocent eyes unable to grasp the situation as he looked for himself. “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong, little Bao... Everything’s right in the world right now...”

“How can you say that!?” a hysterical Kenshou sniffed, sitting with his head hung low and in an emotional low. “How can anything be right when Athena’s gone!? She hates me... and... and....”

He trailed off, wiping his crying eyes with his jacket sleeve, but unfortunately, Chin tuned him out, only responding with a lame “That’s fine, Kenshou,” as he stared on, his focus right on the areas between Kaoru and Tomoko’s legs, hidden by their pants...

(Oh, sweet father... make someone let out a moan...!) his mind wished heavily... and as if his father DID reply, Tomoko answered the prayer with a tired and exhausted one, the girl unable to explain WHY she did it in the first place... Instantly, Chin felt a bloodrush to his head and he dropped it towards the concrete, smiling a toothy grin (minus quite a few teeth).

(Life is sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood....)

Back to the main attraction, the biker finally felt a little energy come back to her, and then rolled over so that she was now on top of Kaoru, her black hair falling down a bit...

“Not bad... Not bad at all... I knew you’d be fun...”

“Fun is not the word I’d use for this...” the tanned Japanese girl answered, “and I’d appreciate it a lot if you got off me...”

Tomoko let out a laugh. “Give me your hand, then. I want my chain back... that is, of course, if you want to stick around with me.”

Kaoru then opened her eyes fully and gave Tomoko a look. “No, that’s quite alright... I’d rather not spend too much time around people like you... Those bad habits of yours might taint me more than I already am.”

Despite that, she willfully gave Tomoko her right hand, the biker queen unattached the metal chain from it. She then rose to her feet, wiping the sweat out from her forehead before brushing her jacket off. Kaoru, in turn, now sat up and stared at the girl in front of her.

“So, what? You’re not going to finish this?” she asked.

“Finish...?” Tomoko then shook her head. “Kaoru, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve had my fun with you... At least, for now.”

Kaoru twisted her mouth. “Don’t get excited... If you even bother to try a stunt like this again, don’t expect it to end like this.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, really. For one, one of us is going to be out cold, and it sure won’t be me.”

“I’ll hold you by that...”

A firm shake of the head to relax later, the biker girl placed the chain back in its holder and ended, “I’ll see you soon...”

“Yeah... Hopefully later than sooner. MUCH later.”

As Tomoko walked away, unable to stop smiling at Kaoru’s attitude, Kaoru stood up and looked on as the older girl mounted onto her bike and prepared to leave...

“Are you ok, Kaoru?” a soothing voice came from her side. Kaoru quickly turned to face her boyfriend as he came close along with the rest of their group. She only nodded, forgetting about the pain around her neck.

“I don’t see why she wouldn’t be ok,” Mitsumi broke in, grinning mischievously ear to ear. “After an end like that, it must’ve blown her mind straight to the moon!”

Instantly the younger girl shot her friend a hot look. “Back off! I didn’t want to kiss her! You know that was an accident, and if I wasn’t bound by that stupid chain I wouldn’t even have to go through all that with that biker!”

The Chinese mountain girl only waved it off. “Ok, ok, sure. You go on about that.”

Ignoring Mitsumi, Kaoru turned to face her “siblings”, Darrell in particular looking down towards the ground and hiding his face behind his hand. Sakura, however, seemed to be putting up a straight face.

“Never quite seen you in a battle like that...” she commented, her voice a little low and bewildered. Kaoru kept a little quiet and kept her focus on her ‘brother’.


“Ok, ok......” he said, shaking his head, now trying to give a regular face. “I’m ok.”

The ‘little sister’ only shook her head. “I would’ve thought better of you than that...”

“I... I’m sorry!” he immediately choked. “It’s... its hormones, Kaoru. D... don’t worry. It’ll wear off...”

“Yeah, well, for your safety I’d hope so,” she half-joked. “You guys, I’m going off.”

“Where are you going?” Yui asked.

“Just to get some ‘me’ time. You guys go on and do some more training if you want. I’ll catch up with you all.”

She then turned down a path down past the bench where the Psycho Soldier team sat at, leaving her friends to watch her go. After she seemed to disappear behind a tree, Sakura let out a sigh.

“Well, there’s no use having to wait on her. Come on, guys. We still have a lot of light to burn. I’m going to practice some katas.”

“I’m coming with you,” Darrell volunteered. The rest silently agreed and together they resumed their training. However, Yui was the last to get back into the groove, his mind still not able to rid itself of Kaoru’s image as she went on and out of the area.

(Hmm... Just take it easy...)

---- ----

And even still hidden from the others in the area, a woman was watching the entire thing from start to finish in the shadows of the trees. As she watched Tomoko get on her bike and drive off, the vixen in the blue jumpsuit licked her lips and smiled to herself... knowing that another set of lips were already moist...

(Looks like I found my first point...)

She then slipped out of possible eyesight, undetected by anyone, and began her plan...

---- ----

Inside the foyer, just now checking in, stood a pretty dominant group. Anyone who was anyone knew this team...

The young brown-haired man in the black denim attire...

The somewhat thin blond with the hair that literally was standing on end...

The Judo master, looming over everyone else...

The young “student” of the first man, still wearing a blue version of a boy’s school uniform and fighting gloves...

The young girl, brown haired and casually dressed, and sporting a pair of gloves very similar to that of the first man still...

A slightly younger girl, her sister, standing with an ever-speculating glance at that one man that was getting the key from the woman behind the desk...

And finally the first girl’s best friend, the girl that could’ve been easily mistaken for a boy on first glance due to the short hairstyle.

Kyo Kusanagi. Benimaru Nikaido. Goro Daimon. Shingo Yabuki. Emi Tsuki. Keiko Tsuki. Miyuki Kumebara.

Team Esaka.

The legendary Japan team from KOF.

And they were officially in Osaka.

It didn’t take them long to get here, it was just that Benimaru thought that it would be a better choice to come the night after the day everyone was supposed to be at the grand hotel that housed all the fighters for the exhibition. He believed in the expression “come fashionably late” but now wasn’t the time to talk about that. They were here, and now it was time to unload...

“So, Master Kyo,” said Shingo, wearing a bright and colorful expression as he carried not only his but Kyo’s bags over his back (something he actually volunteered to do), “Are we going to start preparing for the exhibition today?”

“Well... I don’t know about you,” answered the heir of the Kusanagi flames, getting the card to their room located on the 10th floor, “but I’m going to spend most of today unpacking... and the rest of that enjoying my break. If you want you can go out and scout out the competition, but if anything I’ll be ready to go around tomorrow.”

“Oh, ok. No sweat!”

“Hmph. Typical of you... I swear you just as lazy as a fighter can get,” Keiko commented with a hint of disgust in her voice, her arms crossed. The comment itself made Kyo respond with a mute look, hidden to her gaze.

“How come I get the feeling that you was born with the sole purpose to hound me at every turn?”

“What was that?” Keiko immediately shot back, but before another infamous encounter between the two could start, Daimon broke it up.

“Hey, I thought we agreed that we’d stop having these little quarrels. At least until this exhibition ended.”

Keiko only sighed while Kyo began to move on towards the elevator, Shingo hot on his heels.

“Heh, you guys never really fail to brighten up a day,” Miyuki commented, her hands planted in her pant pockets and with a smirk on her face. Keiko turned her head to face Miyuki and gave her a questioning look.

“And just what are you implying by that...?”

“Oh... nothing...” came the other girl’s innocent response. With that, Keiko turned her attention back to her sister.

“Really, I’m going to pray for you, Emi. I still can’t quite understand how we wound up with associated with him...”

“Come on... You know you’re just forcing your anger towards him.”

“Hey, I just don’t like him. I’m not forcing a thing.”

(Sure you aren’t, you crazy nutcase...) Kyo silently thought as he waited for the elevator to come pick him up. “Hey, you guys coming or what?”

Emi politely nodded, getting her belongings for her trip and began to follow, her friend, Miyuki, at her side. As they joined the two other members of the Esaka team, Keiko could only shake her head as she crossed her arms.

“Beinmaru... no offence, but your friend’s a total jerk...”

The man with the golden hair standing on end only grabbed his stuff. “Yeah, well... Kyo’s never been quite the... ‘friendly’ type outside his little circle. He still needs to get used to you.”

“Haha, nice joke,” the girl responded, getting her bag in which a handle to a classic Japanese katana was poking out of the top. “Considering how long we’ve known each other, I might need to use ‘you-know-what’ against him for real one day.”

Daimon only sighed as the remaining three members joined the group, just as the elevator arrived. However, Benimaru was barely able to catch the sight of Kyo boarding it before he heard his name being called...

“Benimaru... It’s been a while.”

He and Keiko turned around... and grew a bit surprised at the fact that the flame-haired kunoichi known as Mai Shiranui was standing right behind her, all set in her red ninja uniform, her fan up to her chin and giving him a beautiful look...

“Mai...?” the bishounen of the group immediately smirked in the way only he could do. “Hey... Nice for you to drop by...”

At this Keiko sighed heavily. “And there he goes...”

“Nice for you to make it,” the woman greeted. “I was beginning to worry if you guys would make it.”

“Well, you know,” Benimaru began, leaning against the wall and entering his cool mode, “I always say make a late entrance. That way, people expect you more.”

“Ah! I see... Nice little tactic... It sure worked for me...”

Keiko immediately sighed hard. “I’m out of here. We’ll see you at the hotel room.”

“Yeah, sure.”

The teenage girl rolled her eyes and then boarded along with Kyo and the others, leaving Benimaru behind. Mai looked on behind his shoulder just in time catch the doors close, and inside she smirked.

(Now... to give Benimaru a little sample...)

“So, where’s your group at?” Benimaru asked. “I figure you’re still looking for—“

“Andy? Gosh, no... This young woman’s got far too many years ahead of her to be chasing after only one man.”


That quote made Benimaru blink. Mai? Giving up her search for the ninja Bogard?

“You’ve must be joking... I don’t believe you for a second.”

And with that, Mai’s eyes sparkled and a mischievous grin crossed her face...

“Oh...? Well then... Let me show you how much I’m joking, then...”

(Oh, yes... This’ll be exciting...)

---- ---

“Hey, Athena!”

“What’s up, Melody?”

“Hey, I guess what everyone’s saying was right. A lot of the teams for the tournament are outside prepping and showing off. You think after breakfast we should scout around?”

Athena, now wearing something a lot more casual than normal, a short t-shirt and a jean skirt, nodded as she sat at the table which housed the Diva’s morning meal. “Sounds like a good idea. Sure.”

The Jamaican woman gave a cocky smile as she sat down with the singing goddess and her Mexican counterpart, the three girls enjoying their stay at the food court located at the center of the mall. As of now, it was pretty much unpopulated with the other contestants either outside training or in their rooms or about the place. In fact, the only other fighters that either girl had seen yet was members of the Wrestling League, Zangief, Tizoc, Darun Mister, and Hugo, all in the Russian-style bar down the hall having an arm-wrestling contest, not to mention the sight of the Ryans, Mary and Kevin, as they passed by discussing times on the police force. Since the hotel was designed just for the fighters for the exhibition, and because of that, no spectators were to be on the grounds, the popular singers knew they could rest easy knowing that when they wake up there won’t be security guards outside the door trying to hold off a thousand screaming fans.

And such a fact was definitely a subject that Melody wanted to address...

“So... girls... keep it real with me...” she started while beginning to chow down. “We have about 9 days until the first matches begin. No paparazzi to worry about, no fans trying to tear us limb from limb for souvenirs... How does the space make you feel?”

Such a question made Chela blink a little. She swallowed and answered at first with a mere “Ummmmmmmmmmmmm.... not... quite sure... really.....”

Athena was no better. She simply shrugged before giving a real answer. “To think about it, now that I’m no longer on the Psycho Soldiers and that there’s no pressure until next week as far as my star status, I actually feel relaxed. In the first time in about... ever, I had some down time. I got to admit, this... is a wonderful time.”

To cap it off, Athena smiled while sitting back and taking a drink from her cup. The Mexican star took all those words to mind and nodded.

“Yeah. I think that’s it, too. I just wish that Dee Jay caught the flight with us, but he said that he was behind schedule on his newest album and he needed to catch up.”

“Yeah, Uncle Dee Jay runs into those types of problems quite a bit...” Melody said jokingly. “Parties all night and is never really ready to go in the morning. He tends to fall behind like this... but he’s a great producer, so I guess that’s why the record company lets him do that all the time.”

“And I guess that’s why you act like the way you do?”

The three girls now turned their attention to the entrance of their current eatery to see the sight of one of the Women’s team’s members, Kasumi Todo. She, just like the others enjoying their food, was downing casual wear, and it seemed as if she just came by to strike conversation...

Well, that’s what Melody thought, taking the Japanese girl’s smile as a signal.

“I guess so. I mean... I was raised up quite a bit by my uncle by the beats of the Caribbean. I think it’s only natural that, you know, I follow suit.”

Kasumi nodded, now making her way to the table and sitting across from all three girls in the empty seat to the table. It was here that the entire Diva team could see her attire; a blue buttoned decorated shirt along with (and to Athena, somewhat out of character) really short denim shorts. In fact, the shorts barely emerged down the legs. Athena initially began to at least make a comment to the choice of attire that the Todo girl was downing, but ultimately she fought it off.

“So, it’s a new day, and a new schedule,” Kasumi started, leaning forward while placing her chin onto her hands, elbows on the table. “What’s your team got on their schedule, Athena?”

“We were just talking about that... Melody suggested that we head out to check out the competition, so I guess we’ll be spending the morning doing that. Then, maybe we’ll do a little bit of loosening up for about an hour, and finally we’ll enjoy the humongous break in our schedule until nighttime.”

Chela nodded as she ate and Melody did the same, giving Kasumi her full focus. Hey, it wasn’t like she had much of a choice; she left her headphones at the hotel room. After a moment or two of silence among the four girls, Kasumi sat back up, her back pressing against the seat, and then brought one of her legs up to cross against the other. Melody, not thinking much prior to this, took a close look at this move...


Due to the shorts, Melody could make out Kasumi’s toned thighs as she, perhaps even a little deliberately, took her time putting her leg over her other knee, and as the leg reached its peak, Melody blinked.

“Umm...” she began, but Kasumi cut her off.

“Not a bad idea. With all those teams, it’s nice to scout them out. Getting their tactics down and all... Yep... A wise move indeed.”

Then, hidden even to Melody’s observing eyes, Kasumi’s eye gave a tinkle and she smiled to herself, her focus now trading with the Jamaican fighter across from her...

“Don’t you think so, Melody...?” she asked, her tone becoming a bit more intentive. The girl in the colorful clothes hesitated a bit and sat up rigid, cupping a hand over her mouth.

“I... er... um... yeah... I... I guess...”

(No Todo charm, eh? They underestimate me...)

Melody tried to calm herself down by taking her attention off Kasumi and took the last bit of her breakfast and began to bring it down, but as she looked up again she nearly choked.

“Hmm... A bit warm today, isn’t it? Doesn’t this place have air conditioning or something like that?”

Kasumi looked up towards the ceiling while bringing a hand up to the top of the shirt, and after a second, the button that rested above the rest came loose. By this time, Chela was done with her food, and she, along with Melody, brought her attention to the Todo as she began to unbutton her shirt down to the second button, and her eyes somewhat widened a bit.

“Um, Kasumi...” she started, “What are you doing...?”

“Just trying to cool down. Really, it is baking in here!”

By now she was working on the third, and as Athena swallowed and looked up, she completed the hat trick of girls that were simply staring at Kasumi, as now she was showing off far too much of herself, white bra clearly in view...

And to make things “worse” Kasumi merely brought her free hand up to her face and waved it a bit to create some moving wind.

“K... Kasumi...! Please...!” the very dark violet-haired singer/fighter hushed. “This is a public area...!”

“Calm down, Athena,” the representative of the Woman’s team responded uncaringly. “In case you haven’t noticed, the only guys on this level are all the way down the hall, and everyone else is outside. The vendors all went on break. I think that creates room for me to do this, don’t you think?”

At this time, all three members of the Music Divas didn’t, or rather, couldn’t reply to Kasumi, for their focus only seemed to rest on the area between the Todo girl’s neck and stomach as she still continued to work her way down, unbuttoning the shirt, until finally all 7 buttons were undone and the shirt collapsed outwards to show off the upper half of Kasumi’s body like show curtains...

...and, as a result, Kasumi couldn’t help but let out a small laugh...

“Girls... You’re blushing....”

The team opposite of Kasumi all let out simultaneous gasps as they sat back and tried to reclaim themselves, but Kasumi was set...

(You’re already stepped into the pool... Might as well come all the way into the deep water...)

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed,” she continued out loud. “Hey, go on and try it yourselves.”

On cue, each one of the girls denied it sharply, but hidden to them, they couldn’t pick up what was happening to them. A part of Athena wanted to scold Kasumi for being so loose, a part of Chela wanted to simply pretend that this wasn’t happening, and a part of Melody just wanted to get away before things got weirder.

However, they forgot the “strange display” from the previous night.... and how slowly, Kasumi was dragging them in, as if she was influencing them through some sort of hidden mind control...

“...A... Athena....?”

...and such control began to head into place, for, as Dee Jay’s prodigies looked on in surprise, the girl in-between them began to bring her hands up to the top of her own shirt and slowly but surly began to loosen them one by one...

“Athena...?? Just what in the heck do you think you’re...?”

“I... I guess Kasumi’s right, Chela...” the older and more experienced fighter immediately intercepted, her voice a bit confused as to why she was doing it herself. “It is a bit... warm...”

(Haha... and I know why, too...) Kasumi grinned.

After a bit of hesitation, Melody gave a shy nod and brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt...

“Yeah... It is...”

And in a swift motion, unlike the previous two, Melody threw the green and orange shirt off her body, revealing a surprisingly athletic and toned body along with a colorful bra matching that of her shirt that suddenly found its way behind her and to the next table beyond. Chela at first merely gazed on as the other two girls removed their shirts completely, and simply gave a twist of the mouth.

“Well, if you all are doing it...”

The Mexican girl began to follow the breeze and do the same, but Athena cut her off.

“Wait, let me help.”

The singing goddess closed her eyes and to a little of Chela’s surprise, she could feel hands with no type of physical form at all begin to latch onto her shirt and tug upwards, and she lifted her arms to allow it to come clean off and meet the small pile of clothes in the chair behind them.

“T... thanks...” Chela said while cracking a slight smile towards her psychic teammate. Athena merely brought a hand behind her head and rubbed, giving a cute smile herself.

“Don’t mention it...”

“Feels better, doesn’t it?” Kasumi asked. As the three refocused on her, they found out that the shirt that she originally wore was now off the chair and onto the floor rather recklessly...

“Ummmmm...” Melody began, her eyes once again becoming glued to the Japanese girl’s frame. “I... I’ll pick that up...”

“Thanks. I’d appreciate that.”

The Jamaican cautiously rose out of her seat, her eyes still on Kasumi’s smooth bare flesh as she did so, and then she willed herself (an action she wasn’t aware of at all) to turn around and get the article of clothing Kasumi mysteriously dropped. She came to it, looked to the side to make sure that no one was in the mall walking around, and once she grew aware that the coast is clear, bent down to claim it...

“You know, Melody...”

“AH!” the brown-skinned girl gasped suddenly, noticing that a sudden pressure seized her rear end, and as she looked over her shoulder, found Kasumi reaching over to grasp and feel on her ass, wearing a devilish smirk while doing so. Instantly Melody froze, unable to react at all to this moment, instead listening to Kasumi as she spoke...

“In all my ages, I must admit... that rear end of yours is possibly the best I’ve seen out of any individual...” she said, a very noticeable “purr” emerging from her vocals. Upon hearing that, Melody’s blush returned only 3 times deeper than it was before. She began to react once again, not even sure what her body would’ve did, but once again the Todo cut her off.

“Your eyes too... So watchful... Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at me a while ago... Looks like you had an eye out for me, huh?”

When Melody let out more stammers, Kasumi giggled and continued.

“It seems to me that you were doing your own type of scouting here... Liked what you saw?”

As once again Melody sprouted a hotter shade of red, she licked her lips, trying her best to at least speak. She was successful...

“Y... yeah....”

“And I’ve made my own observation as well... and I came to a conclusion... I think we need to... examine each other more closely...”

As the two talked, Athena and Chela were practically dumbstruck. Sure, the words were computing and it made sense, but any defensive action towards them never came out. They just looked on in amazement as Melody left the blue shirt on the floor and turned around, seeing the lustful gaze within Kasumi’s pupils.

“I... I guess studying that close would... be nice...” she manage to speak, her voice a little uneven but beginning to recover from her shot emotions. However, that didn’t speak for the rest of her body, for her heart was literally drumming like drums in the most intense Caribbean songs, and she began to make her way towards the Todo girl, growing more dazzled by her wits by the second...

And never once did any of the Music Divas wonder how Kasumi did this. How she held this “demonic” will that led them to this moment. Only Kasumi knew, and she was definitely planning on cashing in on her efforts. She adjusted herself, letting Melody sit inside her thigh, and the moment she sat, Kasumi’s left hand planted itself onto the side of Melody’s butt...

“Let’s see how well I can ‘study’ you...”

With that, Kasumi brought a hand behind Melody’s head, brought her close gently, and let their lips press onto one another. Although she’d been kissed before, Melody suddenly felt a special spark flash through her the instant she began the kiss. A sudden shot of hot breath escaped her mouth, and her stomach began to well up with a sudden emotion that didn’t hold a name at the moment. Even if it did, it was irrelevant, because it began to grow once Kasumi upped the ante by letting her tongue come and play with hers in her home.

And in a domino effect, Melody let out a desperate moan as she suddenly began accepting the kiss and demanding more, turning around more and beginning to force Kasumi down onto the long seat, and once her back was firmly placed on it, Melody’s left hand cupped the back of her head so she could share eye contact, Kasumi able to see the sudden passion that was building within Melody’s body...

Now out of sight of the remaining two, Chela began to bite her lower lip. She felt her own body begin to grow excited out of the blue just by watching the beginning moments of the kiss, and as the air began to fill with the sound of lustful groans, the Mexican singer began to find her own hand begin to creep inward between her legs...

(Oh... Oh, man... What am I... doing...?)

Little to herself, that was the exact same thing that Athena was asking herself, for, as she noticed that her hands stayed in their original positions, she could just FEEL the area under her skirt and under her panties began to grow active and it began to demand more provocation that this...

Then, almost at the call of duty, both their minds came with one solution........

Chela’s pointer finger began to sneak up to the space between her legs while Athena began to use her psychic powers to imagine an object... ANYTHING, just stealthily approaching the area her dampening panties were holding hidden underneath...

...and at the same time, they rubbed...

And, just like Melody, Athena and Chela were gone, and as Kasumi could pick up the beginning signs of their breathless pants, she could only give a laugh inside her mind as she accepted Melody’s advances.

(Looks like I score three on my first go... Let’s... see the others... top that--oh, Melody....!)

Kasumi’s train of thought was unexpectedly cut off as Melody almost effortlessly stripped her of her bra, and greedily began to nibble on her sensitive breasts, the Jamaican girl’s mind only able to compute the need to just dive into the girl she was haggling for the past 10 minutes. It was a lust that just exploded out of her, and now that she was granted it, she was going to exploit it all. Melody slightly pushed herself back a bit just so that she could get more comfortable as she hovered on top of Kasumi, giving the young Todo as much pleasure as she could muster up, and by more means, fondling the free breast with her hand as she twisted and pulled and teased the hardened little nub.

And as Kasumi hushed Melody’s name huskily, her head pressing hard against the material of the seating device, the other two girls were busy letting their own fantasies run wild. The only things driving Athena and Chela were Kasumi’s moans and their own needs, rubbing against their sexes with increasing force... Chela’s hair jolted as her head snapped back against the chair and her eyes closed shut, her free hand now fast in removing her bra so that she could tease herself even more, and Athena was long since gone, surrendering herself to her own Psycho Power as she felt her mind go absolutely mad with lust. All she could imagine was that she was surrounded by a lot of people, her loving and adoring fans, and that each and every one of them was doing something to her body to make her go absolutely bonkers. A kiss on the lips? A young man was there doing that. On the collar? Another boy. Her breasts? Taken care of by two girls, twins at that... Her navel? A nice, brown-haired fanboy was joyously taking the pleasure of leaving kisses all over there... Even her feet were being kissed erotically by a never-ending list of people, all of them changing and rotating their jobs, but the most precious areas, her pussy and even her ass, were being attended to by two people she knew very well...

“AH!!! KYO!! KENSHOU!! Deeper! Faster!!”

Athena’s eyes never seen anything so... wonderful in her life. Among the millions of fans she all-so-loved was that dreamy Kusanagi heir, nothing on his body but his old headband as he was busy letting his manhood please Athena’s body through her front entrance... and even though she knew Kenshou was a baka, now it didn’t matter, for he was making it up by making Athena scream from the back, and at this moment, the goddess didn’t know which way was up or down...

...and because of her assistance, she could feel her body begin to practically explode in an earth-shattering shower of an orgasm any minute. No, any second...

And neither of the girls knew it, but Athena’s loss of control over herself triggered a side effect in ALL of them, and suddenly, they all lost touch with reality... Suddenly, the mall didn’t exist. The four of them were just in a massive area with a million people crowding them, Athena already taking it all in as she let her fans, Kyo, and Kenshou make her shed pure tears of joy, while Chela’s mind found itself being clouded with the vision of being that the mercy of some of the world’s finest men, either letting them tend to her precious mounds a.k.a. her breasts, or letting their enlarged members go anywhere she seemed fit, and that was practically everywhere. She didn’t even mind giving the one above her head the pleasure of entering her mouth, where she gladly let her mouth suck on it and lap all around the length of it...

To Melody, there was only one, and it was Sean. Although she could clearly see herself kissing Kasumi, it was the Brazilian fighter that she adored so much letting his presence known, driving himself into her ass back and forth, as hard as she wanted it, and she couldn’t stop screaming at the top of her lungs from the pleasure...

And Kasumi, the last of them all, found herself back to where she was last night... and the life of the party was her. She was treated to the feel of Chun-Li’s kisses once again claiming her lips, May Lee and Xiangfie lapping at her bare, shining wet pussy, Mai and King all over her breasts, doing everything they could think of to them...

“Oh, yes!” the Todo shrieked, feeling her body begin to wear out, “All of you! Keep going! Oh, PLEASE keep going!! Ahhhhh!!! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!!!”

“OHMIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!” came Chela’s yell of bliss.

“SEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNN!!! TAKE ME!!!!” Melody followed afterwards, her body tensing up and sensing her almost most violent climax ever.

“KYOOOO!!! KENSHOU!!!!!!!!” Athena topped it off, her eyes as tight as humanly possible...

And then... all four of them reached the brink.

What followed was a strong set of screams of ecstasy as the four girls came, stronger than any normal night alone could’ve produced two-fold. In a barrage of streams, the group grew very unaware that they still had some sort of bottom wear on their bodies, and because of that, the articles of clothing became tainted with their girl cum from the inside out...

...then, after a good while, all four of them slumped, exhausted from Athena’s enhancer, and then, nothing spread among them besides deep, desperate cries of recuperation as they slowly brought themselves back to earth....

...and once she was sure she had enough, Chela forced herself to sit up, leaning onto the table in front of her...

“What... what just... came over us...?” she asked breathlessly. The others merely joined her on the table, giving each other weak glances.

“I... I wish I knew...” Melody sighed. “But... but it was.... the best feeling I’ve ever.... had in my life...”

Athena merely moaned again to accept, and Kasumi just closed her eyes, trying to get herself back together.

---- ----

“Uh.... Yama...?”

“What is it, Reji?”

“Boss... check that out...”

A slick young man being surrounded by a few much more built men took off his shades and looked to the side, and even he couldn’t believe it. The leader of the infamous Mizuryu gang of Tokyo, who entered the tournament merely to dominate it, found out that just by walking in today that things weren’t as they seemed. It was only supposed to be a trip to try to get something quick to eat for his select group of fighters from his gang, but here he just stopped and found out that four of the young girls that are to participate in the tournament, two of them also known as great singers and a third a niece of a wealthy producer, were in an empty shop either masturbating or on top of one another, pleasing each other...

“So... what do we do...?” Reji asked. “Should we get a piece of the action?”

Yama in response merely held a hand up. “Don’t be ridiculous. Not even we stoop that low... Those four must have lost their minds...”

“So... we... don’t.....?”

Yama remained silent, putting on his shades once again as he gave the scene a dismissing thought, the turned away.


“Yes, boss?”

“I want you to call the rest of the gang in Tokyo. Tell them to get up here... pronto. Once they’re up here... then we’ll... start... ‘collecting’...”

With that order Reji smiled greedily. “Yeah, I gotcha...”

“Mizuryu!” Yama then pointed forward. “We’re movin’ out... We’ve got a change of plans. In addition to winning this tournament, we’re going to be collecting quite a few bitches along the way... so keep your eyes out for any more activity. Oh, and we’ll come back to those four later...”

And as they walked on, the small group of Mizuryu let out an excited yell as they moved on with rejuvenated senses.

---- ----

Around this time, and a good, long ways away, Kaoru was busy sitting on the ground underneath a tree, her body poised in an “Indian” style form, and her eyes closed, a faint aura surrounding her body. This time there was no telepathic conversations involved, contrary to what she told both Mitsumi and Yui. It was just that after the fight with the biker queen, Tomoko, she needed to calm herself down, and she did that the only was she knew how: meditating.

As she stayed dormant, her ears picking up the sounds of a passerby or two crossing the path in front of her, inside her mind was busy just X’ing out all her problems and thoughts for the time being. All that she could sense was darkness....

....until her senses picked up a familiar aura closing in rather fast in front of her. Letting out a curious growl, Kaoru opened her eyes to find out the sound of an engine was growing steadily in the air and a familiar girl was on top of the bike the engine was housed in...

“Not again...” she moaned, frustrated, not bothering to move any part of her body other than her eyelids. The last battle was pretty rough to say the least for both of them. What could she possibly want NOW? Technically, it only took 12 seconds for Tomoko to get in front of her and cut the engine off, now looking square at the girl she just fought with...

“Look... I gave you your fight...” Kaoru started. “I’m not fighting you again, so please... for both our sakes, why don’t you just say what you gotta say and head on about your business? As you can see, I’m busy.”

Tomoko, in turn, merely mounted off her precious bike and proceeded to step wordlessly towards the younger girl. With each step, Kaoru began to get strange vibes from the biker, totally different from those that were displayed a good while ago. Tomoko carried on in a very girlish manner, whereas before she was definitely tougher than this. Her appearance was also... changed. Her leather pants were being worn a bit lower than she remembered, and the belt the secured it was even unbuckled, exposing a little bit of Tomoko’s panties... The moment Kaoru laid eyes on that, her focus instantly shot up to the biker’s upperbody, where the jacket was pretty much left intact...

...yet, the white bra from earlier was conspicuously absent from her body...

...and here, Kaoru was fully on defensive mode.

(Just what the heck does she think she’s doing??)

“I knew that you’d be somewhere around here...” Tomoko opened up, and Kaoru instantly took notice to the fact that Tomoko’s voice was different in tone than before. MUCH different... as if she was somewhat glad that Kaoru was sitting there in the manner in which she was. Also, her eyes carried a very soft look, one that was absent completely from her face in their last altercation.

(I can’t believe that this is the same girl I fought before...)

Kaoru then cleared her throat, trying her best to keep her eyes on Tomoko’s face, and responded with, “Ok, I know I don’t actually care much but... have you looked at yourself recently? You look a mess... and with your jacket undone...”

Kaoru didn’t finish, for Tomoko now put a hand over her mouth and looked a bit above Kaoru as she spoke. “Yeah, I know... It’s a bit warm out so I decided to loosen up...”

“THIS is ‘loosening up’?”

Tomoko’s eyes then reverted back to Kaoru’s. “You act like you never seen anyone like this before...”

“I haven’t!” Kaoru mused, her cheeks suddenly running hot at the thought.

“Not even yourself...?” the biker asked, her mouth now giving a slick smirk as Kaoru now paused, thought about what she said... and let the blush grow even more.

“S... shut up!” was all Kaoru could answer with, now turning her head away from Tomoko and try not to look at her. Despite that, she still gave a quick glance out of the corner of her eye before looking away once again...

A look that Tomoko caught cleanly. With that, the biker closed the ground between them even more, and once she was so close that her boots were practically a millimeter away from Kaoru’s sneakers, she squatted a bit so that she could examine the darker girl in front of her.

Kaoru, on the other hand, was beginning to grow irritated just by Tomoko’s presence right next to her. She knew where she was now, and the bad part was that she didn’t know WHAT she was going to do...

“Why are you here....?” she asked in a low, even threatening tone. Tomoko’s smirk never left her face.

“It’s a free country... I think I can do what I want...”

“Oh, get over yourself...” Kaoru muttered, rolling her eyes... only to once again lay eyes on Tomoko... and gasped hard, noticing that the gaze was planted on the space hidden underneath the leather jacket. In an instant Kaoru leaned back hard against the tree, finding out that as Tomoko lowered herself, the jacket loomed out to clearly expose her breasts for her to gawk at...

“H... Hey! What the hell’s the matter with you!?” the younger shot out loudly. “Just what do you think are DOING?? If you don’t watch it I swear you’re gang’s going to have to decide who’s going to be the new leader!”

“Girl, you are SO uptight...” Tomoko said silkly, calmly placing a hand under her chin as she looked at Kaoru. “Really, you think a girl your age would be making better days other than just sitting around and being the dark horse.”

“For YOUR information,” Kaoru flared, “I spend all that alone time calming my senses! The power that flows through me is unstable, and if I don’t get it under control, who knows who’s going to get hurt? I don’t have time to be running along with a band of grimy people like you.”

“Tch. If only you know what really goes on in a biker gang... You think all we do is cause a disturbance. Sure, we get wild, but we’re not destructive. We just ride wherever the world seems to take us, and we live life a day at a time. All that other ‘biker’ stuff you see on TV is so stereotypical it makes me sick. Hell, you ain’t the first to tell me that, that’s for sure.”

“So why do it in the first place? Don’t you have anything better to do?”

“Maybe... but then again, I’ve always wanted to live my life like this. It was fascinating when I was younger, and it sure did beat the heck out of having to listen to all those adults I had to put up with at home and school 24/7. I tell you, it’s pretty cool to be able to do what you want and not have to listen to anyone but yourself and your instincts...”

Tomoko then paused, getting a good look at Kaoru as she lowered her gaze at the ground...

“And, by the way you’re looking right now, that’s more than I can say for you. What? Your parents on your chops like that, too?”

Kaoru remained quiet at the remark.


Still quiet, only this time, Kaoru’s eyes closed heavily and her body twitched. Tomoko twisted her mouth, and tried a final time.

“Cat got your smart tongue? Speak up already...”

And with that, the younger girl finally snapped.

“I KILLED MY PARENTS, OK!?” she yelled, her eyes literally burning a hole into Tomoko’s frame. “I was the one who murdered my mother and father, all because of this stupid power! I spent practically my whole life on the streets struggling to find a place to stay alive at, while at the same time being haunted by this damn curse! I had no family and the orphanages were hell! Even then I went on a murderous spree that was all for what? NOTHING! You think its fun being all alone like that and living life the way you want!? Guess what? I never HAD any childhood dreams like that, because I was too busy trying to figure out how I was going to survive without all the things you were so lucky to have. And here you stand and tell me how great it is getting AWAY from that!? Go fuck yourself!! I’d KILL to have that life...!”

And once the rant was all over, Kaoru was in tears, shaking uncontrollably as so many dark emotions began to fill her being, and, as Tomoko just looked on in semi-shock, her eyes were beginning to water up...

“You just... don’t.... understand...”

Then, an idea popped into Kaoru’s mind, as she made an attempt to suck it all up, and give the speechless Tomoko a look...

“However... I guess now wouldn’t be a bad time... to MAKE YOU understand that myself!”

Then, before the biker leader could react, Kaoru sprung forward in a fury, tackling Tomoko in utter rage, and then pinned her down to the grass, her hands firmly on her shoulders... and make Tomoko stare right into the hatred that was burning in Kaoru’s black eyes...

“Let’s see how fun you think it is NOW!”

“Girl, you’ve completely LOST it!” Tomoko yelled out, struggling herself to move underneath Kaoru’s grip, who was now trying to choke the life out of her. After a bit of a fight, the older girl managed to get her right arm out and then wrapped it around Kaoru’s neck, and with that she reversed the situation, trying to restrain the younger girl underneath her.

“Let me GO!” Kaoru ordered.

“Not until you get back to your senses, you nutcase!”

Kaoru responded with an angry growl, throwing her entire weight up so that she could counter the hold herself. The two kept going back and forth at this pace. Back and forth... back and forth... back and forth...

...until, for one final time, Tomoko pinned Kaoru down to the grass.

It was a good minute and a half worth of a tussle, and by this time the two had worked their way behind the tree and out of the view of pedestrians. The two, still a bit spent from their last battle, were now almost totally exhausted. In fact, as Kaoru lay ‘calmly’ in defeat under Tomoko’s mass, the latter could barely keep herself upright in fear that her body would just give out. The two exchange heavy gasps and pants as they managed to collect themselves once again, and, in a sigh, Tomoko spoke.

“You back to normal...?”

Kaoru gave a questioning look before answering. “I... I guess...”

Suddenly, the older girl whipped her head up a little, letting her hair flow backwards. “Heh... you really are something else... going off like that... I almost thought you’d be more than I can handle at first...”

This made the younger close her eyes and mutter, “I just lost myself... Sorry about that... I normally don’t blow up like that anymore...”

“Well... I guess I understand why... I did sorta push you over the edge... No one ever acted like that around me before...”

A few more pants between them...

And Kaoru began to generate the sentence “So do you think you can get off me now?” However... for some reason, she couldn’t say it. The situation she caused seemed to leave her in a peculiar position... She was right under Tomoko’s body, helpless and unable to move... and the realization of that seemed to have an odd effect on her...

(Wha... what the....?)

Kaoru suddenly began to feel fluttery inside, and, surprisingly, Tomoko was faring no better. As she and the younger girl exchanged eye contact, their hearts suddenly began to increase in tempo, and, almost simultaneously, the two shared a light blush. Words were meaning to come out of their mouths, but ultimately they were lost on their way out. All they could do was stare at each other, wondering just why their bodies were reacting this way.

Inside, Tomoko seemed to know where this was going. Heck, she did just come off an unexpected episode with that... ‘officer’ not too long ago. But again, that time she wasn’t able to really... feel that way towards her. Sure, the party was fun... but here... it was something similar yet different...

(This girl... Could it be that... I’m... really... actually growing....?)

On the flip side, Kaoru knew this feeling already, and it began to scare her. She only felt this way when she was around Yui... in that special way... and now that she was feeling that now with Tomoko, she couldn’t understand it at all...

(What... what am I thinking...? I... I love Yui... That’s no question about it... I shouldn’t be attracted to Tomoko... She... she’s a gi...)

And then, Kaoru knew. The conversation and events from last night finally began to register in her mind... Most specifically, Kaoru remembered Mitsumi’s words... about the explanation Rose gave them...

(Am... am I... turning...?)

For a very, very long while, the only thing audible was the sound of the girl’s pants, only this time, the pants were turning from that of exhaustion to that of something different...

And before they knew it...

“K... Kaoru...?”


“Um... I gotta say... I haven’t really been... quite in a position like this... Sure, I was planning on messing with you... but... but I wasn’t expecting things to lead to this...”


“I don’t know why... but I feel as if... we share something quite in common... What that is exactly, I’m not quite... sure... yet... all that fighting that we did recently... and being this close to you... I’m guessing there’s more to all of this than me just looking for fun... At least now...”

“So you’re saying that you...”

“Yeah... I think I might be... falling for you...”

“...that must explain why I’m feeling so warm right now... The only other time that I feel this way is when I’m with my boyfriend... only it’s a girl this time... Frankly, I don’t open up much... except for people I’m close to ... but in this case, I guess... I’ll make an exception...”

Tomoko sprouted a smirk. “I guess that means that you’re agreeing with all this...?”

“I guess so... Yes...”

“That’s fine by me in my book...”

Tomoko then let her body drop down onto Kaoru’s, letting out a coo as her bare breasts landed onto her body. She then went on to place her hand by Kaoru’s face... and lowered herself more, letting herself brush her lips across Kaoru’s in a somewhat teasing manner before sealing the deal...

The girl on the bottom let out a slight gasp as soon as Tomoko’s lips met hers. On contact, she knew that something was different about this type of kiss... Sure, the ones that Yui gave her were romantic and sweet, and she truly treasured each and every one of them, but Tomoko’s seemed so magical... It instantly set all her senses on a new high, and before she knew it, she felt the last of her defenses, if any still existed, collapse.

A small moan of bliss escaping her vocals, the tanned traveler let her hands come up above her head, surrendering herself to the biker queen, who in turn, couldn’t help but feel quite at ease with what she was doing. It all felt so natural... even when her right hand cupped Kaoru’s flushed cheek as her left began to feel all along the younger girl’s side.

(Mmmm... Her skin... Its like she’s burning... but damn, she’s so soft, too...)

Tomoko’s eyes seemed to sparkle as she continued her play with Kaoru, and the latter, whose eyes were passionately closed, yet not totally, the two girls letting off a hue of love that must have been hidden deep within their fiber for a long, long time. Every move just seemed to be just right as it was performed... As time went by, the kiss grew more demanding and the girls upgraded from a liplock to tasting the other’s tongues with her own, Kaoru’s eyes closing fully this time and uttering yet another sigh.

Her body began to swell with her building emotions, and she began to squirm, not out of protest, but in the need to get more... Her arms wrapped around Tomoko’s neck as she let the leg that was resting between Tomoko’s come up, using the leverage to bump her hip once into her new lover, not noticing that her now raised knee lightly brushed against the long-hair’s clothed sex...

“O... ooh....” came a sudden gasp from Tomoko, her eyes springing open just a little as a sudden jolt ran through her body once Kaoru did her action, and it was enough for her to break the kiss, one that seemed to last forever, yet she still remained close to the girl who was looking up at her with worried eyes.


“Y... your leg... brushed up against... my...” she trailed off, her face unconsciously blushing and not even aware that she was out of breath so quickly. At first thinking that she would actually finish her quote, Kaoru got the picture first.

“Oh... I didn’t mean to...”

“Its fine...” the biker immediately reassured. “I... it felt... great...”

“So can I keep it there...?”

“Of course... In fact... I think you should try that out...”

Tomoko let herself ease up as much as she could and relaxed against Kaoru once again, a “mmmmmm....” coming out as soon as she repositioned her lower area against Kaoru’s leg. At the same token, she brought her right knee up so that both girls found their crotches being occupied by the other’s knee...

“Feels good...?”

“Hai...” came a breathless reply from the younger.

“Mmm... I can just tell by this... You’re so fucking hot lying on your back like that... So wet too...”

“I... guess that’s another thing we share in common...”

A playful smile sprouted along the older’s face as she focused on the area of Kaoru’s upper chest that her tee-shirt was hiding, and brought her tongue to give the hot skin a lap. Instantly her lover shuddered... Another brought out a groan as Tomoko worked on the meeting from her collarbone and the cloth... and a third made them both give a loving moan, Tomoko’s licking sending tiny shockwaves down their bodies, centering on their womanhoods, which were now very much active, and the pressure from the other’s leg was not making things any less intense... In a matter of seconds, Kaoru’s mind went astray, and she rested her head against the grass, her mouth panting “More, Tomoko...” in a harsh hush as the older aimed her efforts up Kaoru’s neck and finally back to square one.

A short while of passionate kissing later, the biker once again broke their lip embrace, but in favor of something else...

“Let’s make this interesting, then... Just sit back...”

Kaoru forced her mind to at least give Tomoko half-focus as she watched the biker reluctantly raise off her body, but instead turn around a full 180 degrees, the young traveler finding herself pinned in-between her legs. Tomoko then crawled a few inches backwards, so that her open jacket could house Kaoru’s face and give her black eyes a perfect view of her somewhat busty breasts just centimeters away from her face, all the while the biker queen grabbing hold of the bottom of the young girl’s shirt, and rolling it up past her own twin set...

“Kaoru... The bra... It has to go...”

“O.... ok...”

Luckily it didn’t take Tomoko’s expert hands no longer than 10 seconds to find the buckle in the back, snap it off, and discard it from Kaoru’s precious body. She then tucked her head down a little...

“Kaoru... You see my breasts...?”

“Hai... They’re wonderful...”

“Lick them.”

A “Nn?” noise came out of Kaoru, but it was quickly overridden by her next action... Moving up a little slowly, Kaoru let her tongue peep out and touch the hard nub of one of Tomoko’s breasts, triggering a sudden exhale in response through Tomoko’s mouth.

“Yes, that’s it... Don’t be shy of them...”

“Who said I was shy...?”

Going braver, the girl on the bottom now gave the nipple a harder, slower lick... and another... and another... and despite the pleasure that emerged from each one, the biker willed herself to give Kaoru’s aroused body the same amount of attention. Bringing a hand to fondle and caress one breast, her tongue occupied the other, and it wasn’t long before the two girls, once known for their dark and wild personalities, were reduced to being nothing more but pleasure-racked teenage girls. Sure, at random times Tomoko shot Kaoru some dirty talk, but both knew that deep down the biker really didn’t mean any of it. It all served to make the vibes that empowered their bodies increase in force and appreciation for what they were doing to one another.

After a good 5 minutes of working each other’s breasts, Kaoru stopped once she found out that Tomoko also ceased, her body now moving forward just a bit...

“Oh, Kaoru......”


...grabbed hold of the hem of Kaoru’s sweats...

“I’m so wet...... You’re driving me wild...!”

...and pulled them down...

“Please.... My pants...! Take them off!”

At this time, the girl’s heads were right in-between the other’s legs, and Tomoko was totally lost in the moment, her eyes as lustful as ever as she gazed upon the soaked cotton that was Kaoru’s panties. The same could be said for Kaoru, who grew mystified at the sight of the dampness of Tomoko’s, who, during their session, worked her leather pants down more than it was before so she could occasionally run her finger against her own wetness. This time, however...

“I need my pussy licked...!” the biker cried out, looking back at the girl below her desperately. “I need it SO badly...”

Kaoru’s vocal chords and vocabulary was completely shot. She couldn’t speak any words at the moment, be it English or Japanese. The only thing she did to respond was tug Tomoko’s pants down to her knees, and, just to tease her lover, licked sensuously along the dampness of Tomoko’s panties...

“Oooooooooooohhhhh...!” came a loud cry from the older girl, her head dropping as far as it can go, unable to bare the response her lower body gave to Kaoru’s tongue. For a second she thought she was actually go over the edge, just off that one lick! And it only got worse... or rather, better. The younger girl licked lovingly once again, this time tracing the entrance of Tomoko’s lower lips deliberately and torturously slow. The longer she did it, the more desperate Tomoko’s moans and cries grew.

“S... stop... teasing me...!” she yelled in a shout. “I need you to LICK me, Kaoru!”

“Oh... Did I hear right...? Are you pleading, Tomoko?” the traveler taunted with a devilish smile to herself. “Big, tough Tomoko, gang leader? Begging little ol’ Kaoru to give her pleasure? I’m surprised... I thought you were the type to... be more reserved...”

Another longing moan flew out of Tomoko’s throat. “I... I can’t....!”

“Tomoko Nakamura... You’re so horny right now... Your cunt... It’s practically dripping right now, crying for me... You’re such a dirty girl, Tomoko. Aren’t you?”

Before Kaoru could even realize what she just said, the girl lying on top of her moaned out again.

“Hai! I’m such a dirty, naught girl! Such a horny bitch!”

And at the same token, not even Tomoko, who every knew had a bit of a foul mouth, was surprised that she was saying what she was saying. However, in the back of her mind, she really didn’t care. All she wanted was something... ANYTHING to stimulate her pussy, even if she had to sell her dignity to do it...


Kaoru’s eyes then widened in surprise, and suddenly her heart jumped. Something hot suddenly blew across her exposed panties... and it found out to be Tomoko’s hot pants for air... The reaction broke Kaoru’s momentum... and it made the biker girl smirked.

“...but you forget... This makes two of us...” Tomoko added on, her tongue adding the period by dabbing at Kaoru’s love hole, triggering a steep increase in the younger’s breathing.

“W... wait...!” Kaoru immediately found herself gasp. “D... don’t....!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Tomoko asked. “You’re just as turned on as I am, and there’s absolutely no denying it. If you’re doing to tease me, then it’s only fair that I return the favor...”

Once again, Kaoru let out a moan as Tomoko’s tongue teased her sex, the licker loving the taste of the juices that were seeping out of the now gray cotton material...

“Do you see...? No use denying it... You’re just as horny a slut as I am...” more taunting ensured, Tomoko’s voice very pleased at the fact. “Although I must admit... all this dirty talk is making me hungry...”

Kaoru didn’t need to think to know what she was talking about... and frankly, once the word “hungry” crossed her eardrums, something that no one was foreseeing happened...

Kaoru and Tomoko lost it.

“Foul mouth or not, I just don’t care anymore! Eat me for all I’m worth, and don’t for a second hold back!”

“And that goes double for you!”

Once the dialogue ended, both girls utterly went crazy in their lust towards one another. Dignity and moral were cast aside in favor of just one thing; sex. In an instant, the two pulled down the other’s panties and hungrily feasted upon the other’s wet snatch, which were waiting for eons for attention. The air was quickly filled with moans, cries, yelps, and howls of uncontained pleasure, and it was a miracle that no one was nearby to hear it. Frankly, even if someone DID, at the moment, Kaoru and Tomoko would not have cared. Waves upon waves crashed down on their weakened bodies, and both knew any minute they were going to explode...

“K... Kaoru!! I... IKKUUU!! A... a... are... MAAAAA!! AAAH!! ATASHI......!!” (“I... I’M COMING!! Oh... Oh... my.... GOD!! AAAH! I.......!!”)

“To... Tomoko!! Matamo...! Matamo...! Y.... YAAAH!! IKU!!” (Again...! Again...! Y... YAAAH! I’M COMING!!”)

...all the more reason to keep going...

...and it only took two more licks of their sensitive clits before they went over the limit and busted wide open. A gorgeous double orgasm claimed both girls, most of their love juices going into their lover’s mouth and down their cheeks. The two came practically in tears, but, of course, not of the bad type... Both their bodies bucked as they rode out their peak... and once it was all over...

“Otsukaresama... Tomoko-chan...” (“Thanks... Tomoko...”)

“Dou... itashimashite...” (“Don’t... mention it...”)

...Tomoko and Kaoru’s eyes closed... and the older’s body didn’t even have the chance to collapse on top of the younger’s all the way before both of them passed out...

...and then... quiet... as the two enjoyed the peace between them...

---- ----

“So that is why I’m starting a justice party. To keep on the look out for any more suspicious activity that has been going along recently. I don’t like the fact that May Lee and Chae Lim haven’t been seen since an hour ago, and honestly all these gangs approaching the area isn’t much help, either. I hope you understand why I called you all here.”

In the lobby area of the hotel, standing in front of Kim... and over him at a good 7’ was the man fighters around the world knew as Sagat, a.k.a. the emperor of Muay Thai, who was currently in his fighting attire, fresh from the training grounds, and full on the contemplation of Kim’s ‘organization’. Sure, he wasn’t expecting such events to take place, but then again...

“And how would this benefit me?” he asked. “I didn’t come here to have to be a security guard. I came here to do battle with warriors. All because you dedicate your life solely to justice, doesn’t mean you need to drag other people into your little charade.”

“I might not necessarily agree with Sagat... but still... you don’t suppose that they might’ve had some difficulties and couldn’t come?”

This comment rose from Monica Baxter, the well-dressed, brown-haired woman of the group, who had just arrived at the hotel no longer than 15 minutes ago along with her husband, the world-renowned World Warrior, Ryu. Ryu himself had his arms crossed and his eyes closed, not saying anything but still putting his mind onto this predicament. Aside from Ryu stood Guile and Scott, both of them already agreeing to be on the look out for activity.

“No, Chae and May have never missed a practice,” Kim commented. “I can only expect the worse.”

“If you ask me, I think you’re overreacting. Come on, kids will be kids, and they play games like this.”

To Sagat’s left stood another individual, known throughout the United States as its two-time Tae Kwon Do champion, Frederick Lowe. From the expression on his face, it was clear that he wasn’t pleased being pulled over in the middle of checking in along with his girlfriend (who was now currently on her way to their room on the 8th level) and would be much rather breaking his room in instead of hearing about all of this. Kim, on the other hand, gave Frederick a mute look.

“You know, I’ve heard about you...” Kim muttered, “and at times I wonder if you’re really a representative of Tae Kwon Do with such attitude...”

“What’s that?” the man with the corn rolls asked in a warning tone, but before anything could happen, Wagner took the precaution to hold him back.

“Hey, chill out, the both of you,” he refereed. “There’s no need to blow our tops over such a minor manner. All we have to do is keep an eye out. We don’t need to be on patrol, if you know what I mean.”

This made Frederick draw a deep breath and slowly pull away from Scott, straightening himself up some as Kim cleared his throat.

“Would you at least do that? If you see anything suspicious, try to let the others in the group know about it. If you must, take action. I don’t quite know what’s going on but it’s not good to be caught off guard, considering what seems to happen anyways in get-togethers like this.”

“Now with that, I’ll agree with,” Guile said. “It COULD be some trap set by Shadowloo or the like. I mean, come on. All this stuff practically being thrown at us right now for no charge, and the way the format is for the fights next week, I’d be watching out, myself. Its not the classic ‘winner goes on, loser goes home’ tournament. It allows all the fighters to stick around for an equal amount of fights, so just keep your eyes peeled.”

Ryu and Monica only nodded at Guile’s comment, and Frederic and Scott especially showing how much they knew about such events.

“Alright... I’ll be on the watch,” the emperor replied, “but don’t make this into a habit, Kim.”

Almost instantly, Monica looked towards the side...

“Hey, isn’t that your students right there?”

Kim immediately spun around towards the elevator and found both girls of the Korean team unload from one of the elevators, both wearing traditional Tae Kwon Do uniforms, Chae’s a yellow and black color and May’s a red and white...

“I told you,” Frederick said smugly. Kim merely ignored it.

“Chae! May!” he called as they spotted and approached the small group of fighters near the front door. “What took you two so long? I was looking for an hour!”

“An... hour...?” Chae repeated slowly. She then hit herself on her head with her palm. “I’m sorry, Master Kim, but May Lee had some difficulty with her uniform. We had to... find her another one.”

“But I thought I told you to pack more than one, May,” the world champion of Tae Kwon Do said to his super heroine and she immediately countered.

“It’s not only that. I overslept as well, so in addition of that I had to wash up. The stupid alarm clock must not have gone off.”

Kim’s eyebrow raised. “Really? Both Jae Hoon and Dong Hwan were both on time...” A pause, then... “which is odd, because normally Dong Hwan is never on time.”

May Lee’s mouth twisted. “That baka must have set the alarm clock earlier than normal. You guys know I’m a sound sleeper.”

After that, Kim gave his two girls a long yet meaningful stare, then he suddenly flashed a smile.

“It’s no problem. Now that you’re ready, we can meet the others out in the grounds.”

“Alright!” the super heroine yelled loudly. “Let’s get to work!”

Kim then bid his farewells to the group and exited out the door along with May Lee and Chae Lim. The moment he was out of earshot, Frederick shook his head.

“That guy is just as nuts as people said he was...”

“Yes, well... he has good intensions...” Ryu said quietly, opening his eyes for the first time in over 10 minutes. Frederick simply sighed and went on to follow his girlfriend. This left Sagat and Ryu to exchange glances for a while...

“You are aware... this time—“

“Yes, I know... We’ll just see... But honestly... I can’t help but have this feeling... There’s... something odd about this exhibition... The vibes in the air... Something going on around here.”

And, in a universal tone, all the others complied, although, for reasons beyond them, they didn’t know what it could be or why it existed...
Second Night by DeNice
“WHAT!? YOU of all people already got THREE points already!? How!?”

The Todo girl could not help but smile as big as she could at Xiangfie’s shock. “And who was the one saying Todos don’t have charm?”

“I still don’t believe it...” the Chinese girl muttered while shaking her head. “I didn’t find anyone worth getting into, and yet you get that Jamaican girl, Melody, Chela, and above all, ATHENA! I can’t believe your luck...”

Kasumi gave her friend a taunting stare as she gazed at the board that Chun-Li hung on the back of the woman’s team’s door. So far Kasumi was in the lead with 3, May Lee marked off Chae Lim for a point, and Chun-Li’s slot had Tomoko’s name right next to hers in almost perfect penmanship. However, ever since they dispatched from the room, neither Kasumi nor Xiangfie caught a word from either King or Mai, so theirs remained blank, along with Xiangfie. The last girl pouted a little and her partner noticed this, and decided to give her a tip...

“Dear Xiangfie, it’s not all about finding the perfect one. We’re not dating here. The object of our little competition is to lure as many fighters to you to the point where they just can’t resist anymore. It’s all about numbers, and it’s all about just letting it all go...”

“Yeah, yeah... I get that much...” the younger girl with the black hair paused a bit before ending, “I’m going back out. Perhaps my luck will get better tonight.”

“By all means go on. Me? I think I have quite the comfortable lead right now... I think I’m going to take tonight off and go back on whipping your butts tomorrow...”

Xiangfie immediately gave her partner a raspberry for her comment, opened the door to the room, and exited, slamming it shut. Kasumi, now the only one in the room, let out a silent giggle before sitting lazily in the chair that she played with Chun-Li the previous night, and relaxed, letting a leg hang over the arm of it.

(If this keeps up, then winning this bet is going to be a piece of cake...)

A good while passed, the only thing active in the room was the TV which was turned onto the news, and as Kasumi’s mind wandered so did her right hand, its fingers lightly teasing her crotch... making her close her eyes in a blissful state.

(Mm... Wonder... what that busty agent and that Shiranui ninja are up to right now, anyways...)

---- ----

“So... I see you’re back. Tell me, did you enjoy it?”

Far from the hotel and in an area hidden from the streets of Osaka, the biker queen known as Tomoko was standing in a small alleyway, giving a certain Interpol officer the largest grin of her life, and even the darkness of the evening couldn’t hide that from Chun-Li’s eyes.

“You know, for a... ‘cop’, you sure do know how to please a girl. I never would’ve thought something like that could feel so... great! It sure livened up my day.”

Chun-Li smiled, sitting on an old dumpster that was heavily rusted, however and luckily, it wasn’t stinking. In fact, it was odd that the two were meeting in such a place. However, there was a good reason why...


“Dismount from the motorcycle now and keep your hands up in the air! And no sudden movements, or else you’re going to regret it!”

A few minutes after her fight with Kaoru, and later still after she let her gang run wild so that she could get some ‘free time’ with her bike, Tomoko quickly found herself being tailed by another motorcycle, this one with a woman in blue and yellow on it. However, the moment she caught the badge on her shirt, she sped off, instantly knowing that it was a police officer. Not bothering to pull over on the first command, she merely kept going, blazing through the streets of Osaka at 55 miles per hour solid, leading her pursier on a good chase that lasted 20 minutes before she made the mistake of trying to lose her in an alleyway...

“SHIT!” she cursed, hitting the brakes while sliding the bike to a stop before it could hit the wooden wall in front of her, and instantly she looked backwards to find out that the cop blocked her off in a similar manner. Tomoko growled, and that was when the woman said the quote just mentioned... and reluctantly dropped off to the ground.

“Say, what’s the big idea?” she demanded, standing on guard as the brunette in the police attire walked slowly towards her. “I haven’t done a thing wrong!”

On the contrary, the officer, who Tomoko realized was Chinese, her hair done in twin buns at the side (almost hidden by the police cap), shook her head.

“Oh, but with what I got on you, I think you’re in quite some trouble, little miss.”

“Tch! Don’t ever call me that!” the biker queen spat, crossing her arms and leaning backwards on the wall.

“Anyways, I have you charged with speeding—“

“I was going 55! The speed limit on that road was 65!”

“—unmarked license plates—“

“Are you BLIND? Those plates are authentic—“

“And several acts of vandalism caused by your ‘trope’...”

At this Tomoko paused, not because the woman in front of her was right (because honestly, she didn’t even know herself if her gang lost their mind or not since she dismissed them...), but rather because she began to recognize the woman. She leaned forward, squinted her eyes, and tried to get a good look at the figure and face...

“Yes. Miss Tomoko Nakamura. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you will now. You’re wanted...”

At the moment, Tomoko felt as if she was going to explode. “Wanted?!? For what!? And just how in the hell do you know my name!? You’re not of this c...”

And then she stopped, finding out that the Chinese officer was now extremely close to her, and as she looked up and under the cap, her eyes widened... At this view, there was no mistake about it...

“Oh, but I have a good reason for all that,” came a seductive response to Tomoko’s questions. “I’ve had my eyes on you for quite a while... Studying every move you’ve been doing. Oh, yes, you’re quite the catcher... You’re wanted on my list, Tomoko...”

“Hey...!” the young gang leader yelled while pointing at the older woman. “You’re... that famous agent! Chun—“



The biker queen instantly grew wide-eyed at the fact that Chun-Li now placed a finger on her lips at first to silence her... then, once it was removed and Tomoko thought she had a chance to speak, Chun-Li leaned forward, and, before the younger of the two could react, replaced her finger with her own lips...

During the 3 seconds or so that the kiss endured, Tomoko’s pointing arm jerked in surprise... stayed in the air over Chun-Li’s shoulder... then, on the third second, it slumped down limply... and as the Chinese brunette pulled away, she left a very, VERY bewildered and confused girl leaning back onto the wall, her body too stunned to move... She could only stutter...

“Wha...? What are...? What... the...?”

Chun-Li then giggled, taking off her fake police cap and throwing it back onto the bike that she conveniently borrowed from the local forces. “Leading a rowdy bike gang is definitely an offense, but so is going around with sexy looks like that... You’re well beyond a fine charge...”

“But... but I’m no lesbian...” Tomoko huffed, her mind swimming for reasons well beyond her comprehension. Sure she had experienced kisses while she was attending school, but none of them left her this dazed before. It was almost as if Chun-Li’s lips contained some type of drug in them...

“No lesbian? That’s not what I saw back when you fought that other young girl... It seemed like you enjoyed it...”

Almost instantly after hearing that, Tomoko gasped, all her senses temporarily snapping out of dreamland and back to earth long enough to stammer, “Y—you mean you saw--??”

“That kiss?” Chun-Li interjected. “Yes, I did, and just thinking about it makes me want to have you more...”

At this moment, the biker didn’t have a clue what to do. She didn’t know wither to clean the Chinese officer’s clock or try to make a run for it... Then her body reminded her that she wasn’t going anywhere, as instantly she felt her body grow hot and fuzzy, and it seemed as if she was burning...

Her body throbbed, and Tomoko let out a moan, heavy breaths emerging out of her mouth to try to vent herself, but it sure wasn’t working... It was like the words the officer spoke were making her temperature shoot through the roof. She clutched her white bra’s front and closed her eyes, trying to rip it off...

“W... why am I... so hot.....?” she panted.

And as she did all this, Chun-Li just looked on, smiling mischievously...

“D... dammit... A... answer me.......... Oooohhhhh... W... what’s... happening... to me.......?”

As her right hand tried to literally throw off her bra, her left shot down to her leather pants, her brain unaware that it was unbuckling the belt so that the heat below could get out... and at each clumsy brush of the aching area between her legs, Tomoko’s moans increased in pitch...

“You don’t know what’s happening...?” Chun-Li asked dumbly, slowly approaching the biker queen. “Well, to put it bluntly... you’re growing aroused beyond belief! And that was all after just one kiss, at that. Hehe! You’re definitely a ripe plum waiting to get picked...”

Unable to notice the woman approach, Tomoko forced her eyes to open... and all she could see was Chun-Li’s anxious yet... attractive face stare upon her racked body...

“Let me show you how a real kiss is like...”

As much as she wanted to protest, Tomoko just couldn’t do it. Her body was betraying her judgment...

...and, as the officer kissed the rebel, all that heat that paralyzed the younger’s body converted into something much more bearable... even pleasing... As they stay locked, Chun-Li’s hands held onto Tomoko’s shoulders, looking at the heavy eyelids of the biker as she seemingly stopped questioning the situation... Her right hand seemed to indicate it as it lightly began fingering at the individual strands of Chun-Li’s hair...

(That’s it... You’re mine, now... Just enjoy it...)

Keeping the young girl preoccupied, Chun-Li’s right hand dropped down and around Tomoko, reaching into the jacket and searching for something...

...and found it.

Two seconds later, the white bra that was originally on Tomoko’s body was now on the pavement next to their sneakers...

(Definitely ripe for the plucking...)

To even strengthen that phrase, the Chinese woman let her right hand come back and feel across Tomoko’s breasts, each little pass making the biker gasp as her erect nipples took joy into the tease. Then the next step assured, the busty pair on the rebel’s body now being caressed and molded whichever way Chun-Li seemed fit...

And still the kiss kept going, Tomoko too far into bliss to stop, and practically begging in muffled moans for the attention as time went on. Her brown eyes were since heavily closed, her body steadily weakening form the waves of electricity throughout her every fiber, and it seemed any moment she would just collapse onto the ground in a heap... However, with the strong arms of Chun-Li keeping her up, no such thing occurred...

Then, at one point, Chun-Li’s caresses stopped... and before Tomoko could even begin to cry out a protest, she instantly felt one of the brunette’s hands seep into her pants while the other snaked around her neck so that the marathon of kisses wouldn’t cease...

(Such a beautiful girl...) Chun-Li thought to herself as her delicate fingers lightly tapped the fabric on the biker queen’s hips. (Under all the toughness, when it all boils down to it... she’s nothing more but a regular schoolgirl... and the same tricks that work on schoolgirls will work on a schoolgirl who owns a motorcycle gang...)

At the end of the thought, a long, demanding moan escaped Tomoko’s mouth, throwing herself back onto the wall as she felt the area between her legs ache at Chun-Li’s teasing touch, her fingers not pressing into her sex but rather just stimulating the lips. It was just then that she realized that she was rapidly growing damp there, and that it made sensations grow three fold every time Chun-Li rubbed... each one slow and devilish... making her demand more... By only the third one, Tomoko broke her junction with Chun-Li’s lips and looked up into the sky, her body barely able to stand the pressure...

“O.... oh....! P... please....! I... I...!”

“What is it, my lovely Tomoko?” the officer asked devilishly.

Another light rub on Tomoko’s sex...

“I... I want... I....”

Yet another, Chun-Li knowing darn well why it was so difficult for the girl to say what she wanted to say. Ecstasy was impairing her speech... She teased again, and was satisfied that Tomoko’s legs now squeezed together as a reaction, the pleasure centering below her panties on the verge of erupting... The biker’s face was only adding to the situation; completely desperate, her mouth open wide as she tried to breathe and speak at the same time...

“I want you..... in....”

“In...? In what?”

And still another.... Chun-Li’s two fingers now pressing into the material and against Tomoko’s clit... which made the girl’s entire body spasm... And Tomoko knew this was too much...

“I want you INSIDE me!” she cried out, officially at the end of her rope. “I want your fingers inside my wet pussy! I want you to make me cum! Oh, PLEASE don’t make me beg! PLLLEEEEEEAAAASSEEEE!!!”

“Haha... Better to crack now than later, I guess...”

It took no longer than 2 seconds for those two magic makers to pull Tomoko’s panties to the side a little and gently flick at the uber-sensitive nub within....

.....and it took even less for Tomoko to explode.


The emotional high was enough for the biker to curse in her native language, and her body heat could’ve easily shot down a flying aircraft. The fabric that was her cotton panties never stood much of a chance holding out on the strong bursts of girl cum that blasted out, and Chun-Li could easily feel her fingers grow sticky and wet as she continued to rub the swollen sex...

...all the while wearing a smile.

“Intense...? Sure suits your personality...”


“I just came back here to thank you,” the biker queen said. “I never had such a fun time before, even while out with the gang, and I’m sure going to spice things up tonight.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Too bad I won’t be able to join you...”

Tomoko blinked. “Why not?”

Chun-Li gave a kind smile. “I have to meet up with someone. It’s important...”

“Oh... bummer...”

“It’s ok, though. I’ll let you know the next time I’m available. You just make sure your friend will enjoy it, too.”

Tomoko immediately nodded, as if she was a little girl. “Uh-huh. She sure did enjoy our first little routing... She’s waiting for me now back at the hotel.”

“What a coincidence... I have to head back that way, too. You don’t mind giving me a lift, now don’t you?”

There was absolutely no delay for Tomoko’s reaction. Instantly she turned around towards her beloved motorcycle and hopped on, Chun-Li right behind her. As the younger woman began to gear up to leave, she felt Chun-Li’s hands grasp onto her sides sensuously...


“You’re such a silly girl...” the Chinese officer commented with a wink in her eye. “I haven’t even did anything serious to you and already you’re moaning.”

Tomoko turned her head back to Chun-Li, her eyes showing a hint of lust in them. “I know... but every time you touch me, I can’t resist...”

Chun-Li responded with a playful giggle. “Do you think you can still drive if I do... this...?”

As Chun-Li ended, her hands began to travel up Tomoko’s body... finding her palms resting against Tomoko’s breasts once again...

“...we’ll see...” was all Tomoko responded with, her own excitement beginning to rise. With that she pulled the bike into drive and sped off. It didn’t take a genius to find out that she was going to have a wild ride...

---- ----

“It’s about time you guys got here! We’ve been waiting on you all day! What took you? We live in the same city for Pete’s sake!”

For once, the man in the brown jacket and jeans couldn’t really answer. His blond hair was cut from its famous ponytail, and went wild all around his head. The lone wolf known as Terry Bogard simply kept his peace, staring at the Southtown police siblings known as Mary and Kevin Ryan, most particularly Kevin, who was shooting his head off.

Along with Terry in the hotel lobby was his young prodigy, Rock Howard, wearing the same black jeans and red jacket with the wings in the back, Joe Higashi, a world-renowned Muay Thai fighter from the KOF circuit, and lastly Terry’s brother, Andy, who was still in his normal fighting attire from getting a few rounds of practice not too long ago. Even though he arrived a good 5 hours before the others in their group, Andy still found himself on the heat of Kevin’s attack, even though it was only because he didn’t make an effort to find him....

...and also out of fear at the possibility of “That Woman” tagging along her friend, Mary...

Surprisingly, ever since Andy got to Osaka, he didn’t hear or see not an ounce of Mai’s appearance, and in a way that struck him as odd... but then again, the more time he could go without seeing that love-struck kunoichi, the better in his case.

“You know, you really need to relax, Kevin,” Terry finally answered, sweatdropping of all things. “Things here don’t get serious until next week, so why are you going nuts now? We have plenty of time to get prepared, you know.”

“That’s besides the point!” the taller blond in the heavily armed police uniform mused. “We should’ve come together hours ago. I don’t know why you insisted on taking another plane... You see what happens? We just lost a day.”

As Terry kept pleading his case, Rock silently looked around in the lobby. Although his red eyes caught the sight of various other fighters for the tournament, he didn’t get to see the one he was looking for...

(I thought you were dead... I guess I was wrong... I want answers... and I’m not going to rest until you tell me them face to face... father...)

The mere thought of seeing his biological father made Rock’s blood boil. He just knew he was here somewhere, and it went well beyond that of his name being in the roster. This wasn’t about the tournament for Rock. This was all business. In a way, he didn’t care how he’d do it. He just wanted Geese...

However, in the meantime, as he eyed the elevators around him, he noticed that one opened up... Everyone else noticed it, too, and turned that way. The vibe from the person coming out was unmistakable... and it made Andy twitch.

“Damn it... It’s her...” he mumbled.

Indeed it was. Sporting tight shorts and a mere tee shirt came the flame-haired Mai Shiranui, and instantly she stopped next to the Fatal Fury group, wearing a smile on her face.

“Well then...” she opened up. “It’s nice to see you guys again. What’s it been...? Three days now...?”

“Yeah, just about,” Mary replied. Instantly, Mai’s eyes shot over to Andy... who was now wishing that he was invisible, because he knew the moment Mai lays eyes on him he wasn’t getting away from them unless he disappeared somehow, and began to brace himself for being haggled to death... However, as moments passed... the younger Bogard noticed that all Mai was doing was staring at him... and that was it... No advances... no words at all, even... In fact, her face read no real emotion towards him...

...all of this rendered him stunned.

By now, everyone in the circle was silent, their eyes on Mai, then a confused Andy... and it stayed like this for about 10 seconds before Mai turned her head away a bit.

“Sorry that I can’t stay and chat, but I originally came down here to get some things from the little store down here, so, if you don’t mind...”

“Um... yeah...” was all Joe muttered out, although in his mind he wanted to say more. Then, in a surprise to everyone, Mai just walked through everyone, not even giving Andy a second glance. As she slipped towards the store she spoke of in the distance, the others just followed with their eyes... until Terry spoke up.

“Must be your lucky night, Andy...”

Andy could only rub the back of his long-haired head, making a face. “This has to be some type of new trick of hers...”

---- ----

“Welcome. How may I help you, Miss Shiranui?”

“Oh, yes... Can I have two large cans of whipped cream, a bowl filled with fruit, some warm sake, a piece of nylon rope, and a bottle of cosmetic oil, please...?”


“Oh... It’s just for someone upstairs... That’s all...”

---- ----

As this was going on... one Benimaru Nikaido was literally exhausted, his nude body sprawled out on top of one of the beds in the woman’s team’s room, the lights out completely and the air heavy in the smell of heavy-scented perfume and sex... His eyes were open but they never moved off the ceiling, bewildered at all that happened the past 10 hours... In no time flat he found himself in a wet version of heaven... and fortunately, he wasn’t done yet...

“Mai...” his weak, out-in-space voice cracked the silence of the room, “Please... come back really soon...”

---- ----

“Phew! Now that was a workout! A few more of those and we’re destined to come out first place, easy!”

Not too far away from the Fatal Fury team, Yang Lee was the first Lee Dragon to enter into the lobby, Yun and Yin right behind him. The sky had since gone a dark red glow, and the Triple Dragons had spent the entire afternoon getting their team moves down. Now, with the end of day 2 of 14 until the first matches began, the only thing on Yun and Yin’s mind was to chill out. Yang, however, kept his intentions to himself, his eyes scanning coolly along the area at the random bit of fighters and employees around.

“So what do you say that we go score some grub?” Yin suggested, a wide smile on her face as they approached an elevator. “I can whip up something nice in our room so that we don’t have to go to a restaurant.”

The suggestion made Yun raise an eyebrow. “Why go through the work? The food here is free, Yin.”

“I know that, brother, but I recently called our aunt and got a recipe that we can use for our own restaurant back home. I figured that we could sample it.”

“Well, if you put it that way, I guess we can do that...” the oldest Dragon answered, not exactly thrilled about that, yet he knew business booms always equaled great sales... Yun then looked up to the display, and found out that the elevator was now on the 17th floor, working its way downwards... He muttered something inaudible to himself before leaning against the wall next to the doorway and tucked his cap over his eyes, planning on getting some rest as the three siblings waited for their liftoff...

...then, he felt the presence of a pair of individuals stop right in front of him... Yun lifted his head up... and twitched a little as he realized who it was... Yang and Yin’s response was no different.

“Hey...” Yin whispered cautiously, “it’s the two girls that we saw the other night....”

Indeed it was. Only 2 body lengths away from the Triple Dragons stood Shui Mei-Ling and Xiao Fen, the two of them in their martial arts outfits, just like the Dragons, and in a similar reaction, both girls froze dead in their tracks once they grew aware of who were waiting at the elevator...

For about 10 seconds, a heavy silence surrounded the 5 individuals, not one of them daring to start off any sudden movements... then, growing sick of being so quiet, Fen slowly broke the ice.

“Um.... h... hi...” she formally greeted, biting her lower lip at the end of her quote.

“...hi... to you, too...” replied Yin, letting the phrase creep slowly from her lips.

Mei-Ling then began rubbing her right arm nervously, not at all forgetting what happened the last time she laid eyes on the Dragons, and there was no doubt that was the cause of the tension between the Chinese teens...

“Listen...” Yun began, “we’re... sorry for peaking into your... session last night...”

This made both Mei-Ling and Fen blink. “Really?” the light-haired girl asked.

“It... was none of our business to barge into that building like that,” the youngest Dragon added, the words now flowing better than before. “We’re really sorry that we made you...”

As the girl of the Dragons trailed off, Mei-Ling gave a nod, reclaiming her nerve. “No hard feelings... So... I figure that you three were out practicing as well...”

Yang only responded with a nod.

“I don’t think we’ve formally met,” the older of the two Shanghai girls said. “I’m Shui Mei-Ling and this is my friend, Xiao Fen.”

Fen responded with a friendly wave of the hand and a smile. “Nice to meet you guys.”

“Yeah, well, with your reaction, I don’t think we need to introduce ourselves, but we will anyway,” Yun offered. “Of course, I’m Yun, and these are my younger siblings, Yang and Yin. The three of us make up—“

“The Triple Dragons,” Fen ended. “I know. Mei-Ling told me about this fight she had when she was young with your sister...”

The moment Fen mentioned that, both Mei-Ling and Yin exchanged glances...

“Wow...” the braided girl sighed. “During our... encounter I didn’t even notice that you were there in the group, Yin. I haven’t seen you ever since then.”

“Yeah, I remember you now... That fight was so long ago... I guess that’s why I was so shocked that it was you there...”

Once again the youngest Dragon trailed off, biting the innards of her mouth, then, after a short pause, resumed talking.

“So what are you about to do?”

Mei-Ling and Fen both traded chances a bit before facing the Dragons once again. “We were... about to eat some dinner.”

Then, somewhere in Yin’s being, her mind came up with a suggestion. “That’s a coincidence. We’re about to have supper in our own room. As you might know, we do own a restaurant, and I’m one of the top chefs there.”

“So...” Fen began, her eyes opening up a bit, “you’re offering us dinner?”

Yin looked up to her brothers and gave them both a solid nod, as if to say, “Is that OK, with you?” Both brothers returned the favor...

“Yes, that’s exactly it,” Yin ended.

“Well, if you say so... Mei-Ling?”

Mei-Ling only nodded her head and began to accompany the Dragons onto the elevator that just opened up, Fen just behind her. The doors closed...

...and when they opened on the 14th floor about a minute later and the Dragons stepped out, Mei-Ling and Fen merely stepped out of the elevator... and simultaneously slumped up against the opposite sides of the hallway, the two of them sighing heavily.

“God... that Yun is so... hot up close...!” Fen whispered loudly enough for her friend to hear. “I never knew he could look so good...!”

“And Yang made my heart skip a beat...” Mei-Ling replied breathlessly, her hand over her pounding heart. “I have to have him...”

“Tonight...” Fen finished, her face sprouting a smile. “Question is... how do we get rid of Yin...?”

Mei-Ling paused. Through her sudden fascination over the younger twin of the Triple Dragons, she forgot about the youngest member...

“We’ll... need to keep her preoccupied somehow... She said she was cooking, right...?”

Fen nodded.

“Well... I think we’ll need to make our moves quickly while she’s preparing dinner... We don’t want to be caught, now do we...?”

“Hey...! What’s wrong, you two?” Yin’s voice shouted out from down the hall at an open doorway. “We’re right here!”

“O... ok! Coming!” the light haired teen yelled out, then shot her friend a mischievous look. “Let’s go do it...”

Mei-Ling nodded strongly and together the two of them ran up to where Yin was holding the door open for them... and together the three stepped inside...

“I’m going on ahead to start dinner,” Yin said sweetly once she closed the door behind them. “You guys can stay out here with my brothers once they come out of their room. They said they’re going to get their night wear on first before they eat, so you can stay here in the living room if you want and check out to TV.”

“That’s cool...” Fen replied, her eyes instantly heading off into the bedroom door that was closed. Because of this, she missed Yin wave off to her as she turned towards the kitchen area.

“I don’t want you guys looking at this new recipe my aunt sent me, so just sit tight and don’t look. It should be ready in about 30 or 40 minutes. I have to get everything prepared and all that.”

“That’s nice, Yin,” Mei-Ling said calmly. “Why don’t you head along with it?”

Yin nodded and happily slipped into the kitchen that was specifically prepared for their team... and once she was inside, the two Shanghai girls instantly set their sights on the first bedroom...

“I bet they locked the door...” Mei-Ling commented.

“That’s ok...” Fen winked. “Its nothing a well-placed punch won’t solve...”

Mei-Ling paused for a second before whispering harshly, “You’re not going to blow the door open, are you?”

The younger girl shook her head. “No, but you have the right idea....”

---- ----

“Brother... you don’t think this is a good idea to let those two in here, do you...?”

Yun only sighed as he took off his white Kenpo shirt and cap and rested it on a nearby chair in the brother’s bedroom. “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea... but I figured I’d let Yin have a little fun with her friends. You know what she’s always saying about me... That I treat her like a little girl. Well, it’s about time she changes her tune about me.”

“Perhaps...” Yang replied, he himself only standing next to one of the beds as Yun flopped down on it.

“Besides, it’ll be a nice time to get to know them a little better. I could always use some more rivals other than Makoto and Ibuki.”

The younger only nodded. This left Yun to sigh a little. “What do you think Yin is making?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell me about any new recipe she got from our aunt. Then again, she’s more in contact with her, so I guess we won’t know until she finishes...”

And instantly, startling both Lee brothers, the door knob twisted and, defying the lock that was on the door, the door flew open; not in a bang, but still with some force to it... and both brothers grew shocked that it was the light-haired girl known as Xiao Fen who was responsible with it, her fist out as if she had struck the door...

“W... what the...!?” Yun began, but Fen cut him off.

“You know... while we’re waiting on your sister to finish supper, why don’t we spend some time getting to know each other....?”

As she spoke, Yang immediately noticed that her eyes were ridden with an odd vibe; not exactly threatening, but still with enough intent that made him uneasy. Right behind Fen was Mei-Ling, and her eyes were absolutely no different as the two stepped into the room... and locked the door after them...

“Whoa...!” Yun shouted out, shooting off the bed and towards the wall behind him. Fen, in the meantime, spent no time getting close and pinning Yun to the wall. Yang, on the other hand, couldn’t necessarily react to any of this; letting Mei-Ling come and wrap her arms around his back...

“Hey... Did anyone tell you how handsome you look up close?” the younger girl asked the older Lee, her right hand right next to Yun’s sweating head. The White Dragon was literally bug-eyed, unable to break free from the corner he found himself in... This made Fen let out a laugh.

“You’re so cute giving me that look... It’s priceless...!”

Fen decided that she wasn’t going to wait anymore and leaned forward and planted her lips onto Yun’s... instantly triggering a protesting “MMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” as he tried to instantly fight it. Yang looked to see his brother in this position, and he utterly froze, unable to figure out what to do. He was quickly yanked out of that by Mei-Ling, who pulled him closer to her... making sure the only thing the brown-haired twin could see was her face as she brought it close to his...

“Come on... I want you to play with me...”

“M... Mei...” was all that escaped the younger twin’s mouth, before Mei-Ling lustfully sealed it off with her lips... On contact with the lust-driven girl’s lips, Yang could taste an intoxicating sweetness in Mei-Ling’s lips, one that seemed to take over his mind almost automatically.

---- ----

(35 minutes later)

“Guys! Time to come chow down! Dinner’s ready!”

As Yin finished cleaning up the mess in the kitchen that was created in order to create the nice noodle-esque dinner that was now steaming on the large table, the door to the brother’s bedroom swung open, abet slowly, and out came the four other Chinese teens, Yun walking side-by-side with Fen, and Yang right along with Mei-Ling...

“Oh! There you guys are,” the young Lee sister greeted while turning around to see the others settle down at the table she set. “It was sort of quiet around here while I was cooking. What were you all up to?”

The four fighters in front of her exchanged glances with one another before Yun merely answered, “We were just getting to know one another better... That’s all...”

Yin smiled in response. “That’s great, brother. You guys dig in while I finish up. Tell me how you like it, ok?”

---- ----

“Hmmm... is that....?”

Just a little bit in front of the hotel’s front doors, Xiangfie came to a complete halt. After taking a while to clear her thoughts and take what her friend brought to mind, Xiangfie was about to call the night a wrap until she heard the sounds of battle shouts in the distance. It sure didn’t take long for the Chinese girl to recognize them, either. A few meters in front of her, working out in the dim surroundings of the park, was a determined Shingo Yabuki, wearing his normal navy blue school attire minus the jacket and Kusanagi gloves. On normal occasion Xiangfie wouldn’t have paid the Kyo-wannabe much mind due to his obsessive tendency to want to “shoot fire”... but as she stood in silence, observing each soulful movement that Shingo was putting into his kata, she could feel something within her click...

“Perhaps I should...”

As Shingo took a stop after a good deal of work, wiping his bare arm over his forehead while breathing a sigh, Xiangfie sprouted a smirk.

“Yeah... Let’s try it out...” she whispered to herself silently. Then, as she watched Shingo take a seat under a large tree where his water bottle, jacket and sweat rag sat, she let out a small breather to get her act together, and then dove right in...

“Hey, Shingo!” Shingo’s ears caught the sound of a young female next to him, and quickly his gaze came up to see the Chinese girl with the bottomless appetite come to approach him. Quickly he adjusted his posture, sitting up rigid against the tree and gave her his undivided attention.

“Oh, hi there,” he greeted politely, letting Xiangfie sit down next to him.

“I see that you were doing some late night training. Where’s the rest of your team?”

“Master Kyo and Miss Emi are in our hotel room along with Miss Keiko,” the young fighter reported matter-of-factly. “Benimaru went out somewhere with Mai and the last time I saw Daimon he was measuring strength with that Zangief guy in the mall.”

Xiangfie nodded. “So why are you the only one that’s not relaxing?”

“I decided to take the time to keep on working. I won’t stop until I get to shoot fire, and I’m willing to do all I can to achieve that.”

For a while, Xiangfie didn’t respond, letting Shingo’s words sink in as he temporarily turned to the side and took a sip of his water. As he drunk, Xiangfie looked up...


At this view, Shingo actually looked rather... nice. Perhaps, good, to say the least. The moonlight from the cloudless sky made the sweat all over Shingo’s surprisingly toned body glisten...

(He’s not so dorky from this view... In fact...)


“Yes?” Kyo’s student asked, giving Xiangfie a clueless look. The Chinese girl smiled a little and, surprising Shingo, leaned forward and kissed him on his lips... Deeply...

Before Shingo could even think of a reaction, his mind went completely blank... especially when Xiangfie’s hands wrapped around his head and dragged him down... Xiangfie herself was especially surprised at how fast she was moving...

(Kasumi was right... This... this is a little too easy... but the easier the better... I wonder... I wonder if I can go and make more of getting Shingo...)

At the end of her thought, Xiangfie broke the kiss, giving Shingo, her first playmate a laugh, and asked.

“Say, Shingo... How would you like to have a little fun tonight...?”

The boy didn’t reply, instead just nodding like a very good boy. Xiangfie laughed some more and then turned her head towards the rooms above them...

“Follow me, then...”

---- ----

“Room 1003... Room 1003...”

So far a certain young woman, sporting dark brown hair down to her shoulders and green eyes to go along with her golden yellow and blue attire, just couldn’t get around the huge hotel. Sure, she knew how hotels operated and such, and that she knew the number of her room... especially since she knew that it was the one in which her sisters were supposed to share. It had been months since she’s seen any of them, and frankly she couldn’t wait to see how everyone was doing.

Of course, she would have to anyway, since there was still the manner of finding room number 1003. Carrying her belongings in a bag on her shoulder, the girl known as Angelica Baxter kept on her silent search for her room, turning a few corners in the process. So far she hadn’t found anyone on this floor. Although she didn’t really denounce it as an odd happening, Angelica still had an out-of-place feeling about this. The hotel was supposed to house all the fighters participating in the tournament. It made no sense that things were so... calm... Even... quiet...

Perhaps... Too quiet...

Angelica didn’t like this. This wasn’t a normal sort of quiet. In fact, it was because of that she stopped that the next corner, staring at the door in front of her.

“(sigh) Just 1022...” she whispered to herself, crossing her arms and making a face. “I feel as if I’m walking around in circles here... I could’ve sworn that I came around this door before...”

After taking a moment to think about it, Angelica then came up with an idea.

“Hmm... perhaps I took a wrong turn around here... This place is so huge I don’t know how many hallways there are around here... Huh?”

Just then something caught her attention. Angelica took an action out of the sudden nature of the sound and hid herself behind the wall, looking over the side to see who was causing the sound of walking across the adjacent hallway. It was then that she laid eyes on a biker girl, wearing all black, her clothes all zipped up and matching with her long black ponytail. For some reason, Angelica was really relieved to see her. At least she wasn’t alone in this floor. In fact, maybe she might know the way to her room. It did seem as if she knew where she was going...

Angelica stood tight and let the other girl pass her, looking at her backside as she went on down the other corridor. She kept quiet, deciding wither she should stop her. However, she wouldn’t need to... She stopped by herself in front of a door...

And it was here that she heard something that made her heart pound and her blood run hot...

“Hey there, you sexy thing you...”

---- ----

“Can you go on and get some hair shampoo for me? Oh, and while you’re at it, how about getting this for me, too? Why do I bother...?”

Just coming off an elevator on the same floor was Japan team member Keiko Tsuki, and at the moment she didn’t seem exactly mad... Just a little ticked off (and for someone of her stature and personality, that was saying something). In her hands was a white bag full of accessories that her teammate Miyuki asked her to get for the room, and at the moment she was on her way back to drop it off.

“I still have the feeling that I’m getting tricked somehow... I can’t leave those two alone for a second,” she continued while still speaking to herself as she walked. “I’m going to make sure nothing happens between that baka and my sister as long as we’re staying here. I should’ve told Miyuki to get these things herself. Seriously, she acts as if the shampoo they have in the room is not good enough for her... Wha...?”

Once she came up to another hallway where she needed to take a right turn, Keiko stopped as another girl passed her by. She was a little younger than she was, having black hair to accompany her street clothes and dark skin tone. Although originally she was just going to ignore her and go about her business, for some reason, her mere presence seemed to distract Keiko. As the individual kept walking forward, the Esaka team member just stood tight, her eyes not coming off the teenage girl...

“Say... That’s that Kaoru girl that I saw meditating earlier today...” she whispered to herself. “I wonder what she’s...”

Fortunately for her, her wondering of what the introvert’s business could be was being answered just that moment. Kaoru stopped in front of a room, not going in, but instead pausing as someone else met up with her...

Keiko then slipped down the other hallway a little, peeking over the side to spy on them. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this... but still she did like to poke into other’s business like this...

Because of her moving, she missed what Kaoru first said to this other girl, but she did catch everything else from the one in the biker clothes...

“Looks like you haven’t been able to wait...”

“You know I don’t like waiting, Tomoko...” the younger of the two said with a small pout on her face. “I don’t like it when you leave me.”

“Even for a second?” the biker asked. Kaoru shook her head.

“Not even for a second... When you’re away... I’m always finding myself thinking about you...”

(Looks like the two are very close friends...) Keiko observed from her safe point. Still, she kept watching.

“Oh, is that so...?” Tomoko asked, Keiko noticing that her voice was a little... strange. It lowered its tone... and it even sounded... seductive... “By the way I see it, you were doing more than thinking about me...”

Hidden to Keiko’s eyes, since Kaoru had her back to her, the dark-skinned girl was now blushing. “I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out...”

---- ----

On the other end of the hall, Angelica’s eyes were wide in surprise.

(I... I don’t believe it...! They can’t possibly be... like THAT, could they...?)

As more time went by and the more the two spoke, the harder the Baxter girl’s heart pounded. She could feel her pulse all throughout her body as she stood as she held the corner tightly with her hands. She needed to know...

“So...” Tomoko said while inching closer to the younger Kaoru, “if that’s the case... let me observe you a little... Hehe... I like how you’re pressing your thighs so tightly together... You must like that feeling you’re having right now...”

At the moment, Kaoru’s cheeks were becoming flushed and her eyes were beginning to gloss. “Oh, you have no idea, Tomoko,” she said in a panting voice. “This is what happens when you leave me... I get so horny thinking about you...”

(They... ARE...!?) Angelica thought loudly in her mind. Instantly her face went crimson and her body felt a strong electrical surge all throughout it. Now she was hooked. She couldn’t get her eyes off Kaoru and Tomoko. She wanted to see more...

“Mmm! Such a dirty Kaoru you are!” Tomoko teased, placing a finger lightly in-between the younger girl’s legs, making her shudder and moan simultaneously. “You know I love this side of you...”

“O... ohhh...” was all Kaoru replied with, her lust-filled eyes closing as she let the soaking feeling in her panties hidden underneath her sweatpants grow. “Ooh, yes, Tomoko... Tease me...”

“Don’t worry...” the biker queen replied, her eyes now closing a bit as that familiar surge filled her being. “I’m all over that my sexy lover...”

---- ----

(Just what the heck is going on here!? They’re lesbians!?)

Right now Keiko’s mind was on red alert. She just couldn’t believe what she was seeing now. Her body shook as she kept her eyes on the scene being displayed in front of her eyes. As she gazed at Tomoko pleasing Kaoru as they stood, Keiko just couldn’t think of anything she could do at the moment. She didn’t know if she should just leave and find another way around them, because in order to get to her room, she’d have to get past the two girls... Or... Or...

Or she could stay...

(...n... no...! What am I doing...!?) Keiko yelled at herself. (What’s happening to me!? I shouldn’t be here! I shouldn’t be staying here and watching this...! I...)

Just then Keiko’s thoughts were cut off by a rather audible groan from Kaoru, who was well beyond the point of no return. Tomoko’s touch was sending shivers all through her, and she just loved how her finger pressed around and into her sex...

Moving up... and down... So slowly...

Making her want more... and more... every second...

“To... tomoko... D... don’t stop...” she gasped heavily, unable to understand how she was still standing while receiving all this pleasure. “Oohh... Oh, Tomo-chan...”

“That’s it... Just relax, Kaoru...” the biker girl replied. “Just let it go...”

As time dragged by, Keiko kept wondering why the heck she was still spying... She wanted to leave... She really wanted to... but... she couldn’t. It was like someone was holding her still and making her look at every little bit of the moment that was unfolding...


...and something became known to Keiko, making her gasp and blush at the same time...

(Oh, no... I... I’m wet...)

Finally, somehow she was able to take her eyes off Kaoru’s pleasured being and focus on her own body... and sure enough, she was right... She just looked down in shock and awe as she noticed her jeans show off a small damp spot... It was by no means showing off how bad the situation really was, for she could FEEL it... below those blue jeans...

(S... so soaked...)

Keiko could feel herself slowly but surly losing her grip, unable to get any other though out of her mind other than that of her dripping wet pussy... and how it was aching now... So badly...

(N... no...) her mind protested harshly and desperately. (I... I can’t... I... I won’t...)

“K... Kiss me...!” Kaoru’s voice filled the air, making Keiko turn her attention back to base 1, and just in time to see the younger and shorter girl lean forward and hungrily kiss her new lover deeply on the lips, all while Tomoko still fingered her pussy... It was at that moment Keiko felt something inside her go away... Something she was so desperately trying to fight to keep... but to no avail...

Her will...

---- ----


That was the sound of Angelica’s bag hitting the ground behind her...

(Geez... I... I can’t get enough of this... It’s so... arousing...)

Angelica just couldn’t deny it anymore. The feelings that kept surging through her were just too great for her, and deep inside she didn’t want to deny them. Hidden to anyone else she knew, she always liked things like this... but this was the first time in a long while she was able to actually see it for real...

...and only a few feet away at that...

It was just too much for her. The more she watched, the more aroused she wound up being. It wasn’t long until she couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Tomoko make this type of love to Kaoru was making her so hot, and she needed to be tended to...

Before she knew it, she slipped down to her knees, her eyes closed and her ears only listening to Kaoru’s moans, which were growing louder and more passionate by the minute. She could feel it. Her panties were soaking wet... Almost feverishly Angelica’s fingers slipped her blue pants down just enough for her to slip them under her panties while her other hand slipped under her shirt to fondle her rock-hard nipples...

...and almost instantly, she found herself moaning right along with the dark-skinned fighter just around the corner from her...

---- ----

...and on the opposite corner, Keiko found herself sitting on the ground, her small shopping bag on the floor, having spilled its contents, and her predicament was no better. She was already heavily gasping and groaning as her fingers touched and rubbed the aching spot between her legs. The feeling was so great she just couldn’t stand it. She long since surrendered to her sudden horniness, and now she was enjoying the benefits...

“O... ooohh....!” she cried out blissfully, pressing her back against the wall as she fucked herself with her fingers, her eyes closed tightly from all the pleasure her body was seizing. “Ohmigod, yeeeesss...!”

The faster and harder her fingers went, the more her cunt leaked its precious cum, and to Keiko there seemed to be just no limit to how horny she could get. As she felt herself get closer and closer to her climax, she wondered why she never felt this way before...?

(I... is this what Emi feels when she... she’s around that baka, Kyo...? Ooh... S... So much... p... pleaaaaaassuuuuuree....)

---- ----

Back to the main attraction, Tomoko was convinced. Kaoru was very close to going over the edge. Her moans were almost screams and yells, and she could barely control the shaking her body was going through...

“Lie down, Kaoru...” she ordered... and on command, Kaoru’s legs finally gave out, her weakened body collapsing onto the carpeted floor on its back. Her chest heaved as she panted, her legs spread out as if offering her wetness to her biker lover. Tomoko lowered herself to Kaoru’s level, just looking at how wet Kaoru’s sweatpant crotch was...

“My gosh... Its waaaay past ready for eating...” Tomoko purred.

“Take me, Tomo-chan!” Kaoru cried out desperately, her eyes still closed tightly. “Eat my wet cunt! I need it now! Eeeaaattt meeeeee...!”

“Well, then,” Tomoko snickered, “Since you asked so nicely... I guess I’ll...”





Kaoru’s cry from Tomoko’s first lick on her pussy could’ve been heard two miles away. The dark-skinned girl’s back arched as she absorbed every single lick Tomoko gave her dripping sex. Each and every one drove her insane, and they both knew that any moment she was going to explode in one of her best orgasms. It was just a matter of time... of listening to Kaoru’s moaning, panting & screaming... Every breathless word that escaped her lips... Every little drop of cum that left her pussy so willingly and onto Tomoko’s tongue... Every little sensation, all coming together into one universal surge...


Rest assured, they both enjoyed Kaoru’s most explosive climax ever...



...and, as a sudden surprise, Tomoko and Kaoru realized that they weren’t alone... taking the sudden two squeals of pleasure as their cue. At the moment they let those go unattended, letting Kaoru ride out her orgasm, her love juices spraying all in Tomoko’s mouth...

...and once it was done and Kaoru recovered, she was about to speak, but Tomoko held a finger to her mouth, silencing her. She then merely gestured Kaoru to go to her side of the hall and she’ll do the same...

---- ----

“A... ah... oh, god... That... that was so... wonderful...”

Keiko felt dizzy. Very dizzy. Her mind was an utter mess, her body weakened from the fact that she just came all over herself...

Keiko panted, desperately trying to catch her breath after experiencing such feelings firsthand. Sure she had little things like this, but this... This was a lot bigger than she thought was possible...

And the evidence showed. Her legs were lined with cum, she was developing a sweat all over her body, and her body still felt hot...

...and what amazed Keiko was that she STILL didn’t have enough...

“Something... this... good...! I... I have to have more...”

“Don’t worry. I think I can do that...”

Keiko gasped and turned her full attention to her right... and the moment she laid eyes on the person speaking, she felt her face grow crimson. Standing in front of her was that same Miadama girl she was gazing at, wearing a very mischievous smile on her face. Her face read lust all over it, and that special feeling Keiko was currently experiencing just seemed to amplify by knowing that it was her she was lusting for... Before she knew it, Keiko was hit by another horny wave, because she knew what was coming next...

“We might not have met...” Kaoru started, sitting right next to Keiko, “but... I just know what you want...”

Keiko smiled, letting her legs spread just a little, offering herself to Kaoru. “Go on and give it to me... I’m all yours...”

And with that Kaoru smiled, finding herself start to move in-between the Esaka girl’s legs, just like Tomoko did to her all so recently... “It’ll be... our pleasure...”

---- ----

“It’s past 9... Just where the heck is Kaoru?”

In her hotel room, Mitsumi sat impatiently on the couch, her arms crossed as she stared at the clock above the TV in front of her. It was starting to get dark outside, and she was beginning to grow increasingly worried at the fact that Kaoru wasn’t returning her “mind calls”. Sure she knew that the girl could take care of herself, but still...

“Would it hurt her to at least let me know where she’s at? She’s got all the others looking for her.”

A pause...

“Or rather, I have them looking out for her...”

And then, Mitsumi closed her eyes hard as an aggravated expression rose onto her face.

“Dammit! Ever since that night I can’t help but think about her... I’m surprised she’s still not wise to me. Argh! It’s all because of that stupid night that I’ve been acting like this! I need to lighten up...”

Heaving a sigh, Mitsumi stood up from the couch and stretched her body, letting out a yarn as she did so.

“Come on, it’s Kaoru I’m stressing over... She can take care of herself. I think I’ll head on out to bed...”

And just as she thought about that, the door instantly came unlocked and swung open, and Mitsumi instantly turned her gaze to it, noticing the familiar vibe...

“Oh, there you are, Kaoru. I was..... um....”

...and instantly, once Mitsumi got a good look on the doorway, she froze completely. Sure, Kaoru was at the door, but she wasn’t alone. The mountain girl could clearly see Tomoko from earlier holding onto her arm in a flirtish way, not to mention two other girls that were unfamiliar to her eyes...

“Hi, Mitsumi...” Kaoru replied, her voice low and carrying an odd tone, “It’s nice to see you here....”

Mitsumi didn’t respond, instead taking a step backwards from the scene. As time went on, Mitsumi noticed that Kaoru’s top was off her shoulders, and it exposed quite a bit of her skin... Not only that, but the other three girls along with her were also quite messy when it came to their attire... as if they were wrestling just before coming into the room...

...and even THAT thought made Mitsumi bite her inner cheek while preventing herself from going crimson at that image...

“You know...” the young traveler began, not moving from her spot, her soft eyes peering into Mitsumi’s confused and shocked orbs, “While I was gone, I was thinking about what you said earlier... You know... with Rose and all that... and I came to a conclusion... I suddenly know why you’ve been acting so weird around me...”

“N... no you...” Mitsumi instantly stammered, taking another cautious step backwards. Kaoru only nodded her head.

“Yes, I have... When you lived back in Tong-An... you said your friend was attracted to this certain girl... Tell me... Were YOU that girl she was with?”

Now it was clearly apparent to the others that the oldest out of the 5 girls in the room was embarrassed; her now panicky actions being the proof. Quickly Mitsumi’s whole body shaded red, just as she hesitated before bringing a warning hand up to her face, itself glowing with golden energy.

“Y... you stay back...” she stammered, trying her best to get the grasp on the situation. “I... I think I know what’s happening here... I haven’t forgotten what I saw last night... but apparently YOU DID! Kaoru! Snap OUT of it! I don’t know what happened when you meditated, but please! Don’t make me beat the sense back into you...”

With that threat, Kaoru pouted, putting one hand (the one unoccupied by Tomoko) on her hip. “Oh, Mitsumi... Come, now. You really aren’t threatening your own best friend like that, are you...? That’s not nice... I thought you cared for me...”

And once again, Mitsumi sputtered out her response. “K... Kaoru... I...”

“It’s written all over your face, Mitsumi...” came the voice of Angelica from just behind Kaoru.

“Yeah. Stop playing hard to get,” Keiko immediately chimed afterwards.

“We all know what is going on with you...” Tomoko added.

“I bet you were that girl you were speaking of in that story, now weren’t you....?” Kaoru ended the foursome, noticing that the energy in Mitsumi’s hand died out and Mitsumi clenched her hands tightly into fists, looking down towards the ground. “You were, weren’t you...?”

“......s....” came a small, almost wind-like whisper.

“What was that? I didn’t catch it...”


“Come on... You’re normally loud spoken. This isn’t like you to be so quiet, Mitsumi... Perhaps—“

“YES!” the Chinese girl finally blurted out. “Yes, I’m bi! Yes, I’m attracted to both boys and girls, and YES, I’m attracted to YOU!”

As she ended, Mitsumi’s eyes closed heavily, as if she couldn’t look at her friend anymore... However, a few seconds passed before a warm hand found its way on her cheek...

“Don’t tell me that you’re being ashamed of that...” Kaoru said, looking her friend square in the eyes. “It’s ok. I’m growing really attracted to you, too...”

“What...? Really...? You... you mean... THAT way...?”

The Japanese girl only nodded. Mitsumi slowly opened her eyes to stare at her friend the same way she was... and it didn’t take long for her to really notice that lustful gaze in Kaoru’s black eyes...

“No... I don’t believe you...” Mitsumi said quietly. “There’s no way you can...”

Before she could finish her sentence, Kaoru’s other hand pressed onto Mitsumi’s stomach... and in one small push, Mitsumi found herself falling backwards, slowly... until she landed on the single chair behind her.

“Wow, Mitsumi. I never realized that you can be so stubborn to accept things like this,” her best friend purred, coming closer to her once again. “Do you want me to show you that I’m not lying...?”

The Chinese girl didn’t know how to respond to that, so taking the initiative, Kaoru decided to sit on one of her legs... and the moment she did, Mitsumi gasped.

“K... Kaoru...! You’re... You’re soaking wet...!” she exclaimed, her eyes zoning in on how Kaoru was sitting. Surely, her sat squarely on her leg, deliberately letting Mitsumi feel how wet she became over the last half hour or so. In response to Mitsumi’s shocked expression, she only smirked.

“Not so much of a surprise there, huh...?” she asked.

The mountain girl then decided to look at Kaoru’s face once again, but she couldn’t... for right in front of her, that same girl was lifting her shirt off of her body and throwing it onto the floor, revealing her black bra, totally matching with her body... The moment she saw it, Mitsumi’s cheeks went burning red and her eyes went even wider.

“I bet you’re liking what you see, don’t you...?” Kaoru purred in a sexy voice. Mitsumi could only nod, her vocal chords shot. It was then that Kaoru noticed Mitsumi’s free leg was slowly pressing towards the one she was sitting on...

“Ooooo... Do you see this, Keiko?” Kaoru called, the Esaka girl coming close to see for herself. “I think she’s hiding something from me... I wonder what that could be, huh...?”

Standing in front of a nervous Mitsumi, the brown-haired Keiko, normally known for being very “bitchy” and such, couldn’t have been more of the opposite, smiling at the state that Kaoru’s friend was in... She then kneeled next to the chair and spoke herself.

“Ah, I think I see it, Kaoru...” she said, looking Mitsumi straight in her eyes. “You might be a tomboy, Mitsumi, but all tomboys are girls... and even tomboys get wet...”

“I...! A... ah....!” Mitsumi gasped, realizing that even before she could realize it, Keiko was brushing her fingers on the clothed lips of her dampening sex. Almost instantly her head shot up and she took deep breaths, a little part of her brain still trying to resist the pleasure she was starting to receive, but the other huge amount beginning to accept it...

“See? You don’t have to deny this...” Keiko continued. “It feels great once everything just flows out of you...”

“Y... yes...” came a low moan from Mitsumi, who was now verbally getting into it. “I... I want this... Please...”

“Mmmm... and I can see those hard nipples through that clumsy shirt of yours...” Angelica purred, the third girl now approaching Mitsumi and starting to lift the mountain girl’s red phoenix shirt off. “Isn’t that right, sexy Mitsumi...?”

“Oooh... Oh, they’re... so hard....” she panted in reply. It was clear that there was no way she was fighting it, and now she found herself at the point that she didn’t want to. This was a whole lot better than just having Kaoru by herself... Mitsumi was graciously enjoying multiple girls pleasing her on all fronts, Angelica now removing her bra to let her hands pinch and twist at her sensitive, hard nipples, Keiko teasing her wetness with her fingers, eventually doing away with her pants as well, and Kaoru just observing it all, her hands moving sensuously up and down various parts of Mitsumi’s steadily stripping body...

“Oh, don’t forget about me, girls...” Tomoko said, her voice behind Mitsumi. In no time flat she let her tongue start to lap at Mitsumi’s neck while her hands played with the long, brown braid Mitsumi’s hair was in. Before she could realize that, Keiko’s hands removed her soaking wet panties from her body and began to drive two fingers in and out of her snatch... Everything was happening so fast for the oldest girl of the group... and through her moans and cries of pleasure, she could barely speak.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any better, Mitsumi managed to catch the vision of Kaoru’s face again in her eyes...

“There’s just one more thing...” she whispered. “Enjoy it, Mitsumi... I just know you wanted this from the start...”

“Oh, p... please....!” Mitsumi begged, her mind and body totally unable to stand what was happening to her. “PLEASE!”

And just like she wanted... Kaoru leaned forward and let her lips fall in place where she should’ve been... right on her best friends... just as Keiko dug her fingers in as far as they could go into her wetness...

...and just like that, Mitsumi’s eyes went wide and she instantly moaned as loud as she could, the sound being muffled by Kaoru’s tongue in her mouth...


...and the moment Mitsumi came, Kaoru responded telepathically...

(Yes, I know... We all love you, too...)

---- ----

(about 20 minutes ago...)

“Wow, Emi. That’s pretty sneaky of you...”

“Shhhh... Can you at least do that for me? I want to take advantage of things while Shingo, Benimaru and Daimon are gone... You know that while she’s around, she won’t let me do this, so I need for you to distract her. Get her out the room or something... Just as long as she doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“Can you do that for me, Miyuki?”

“Sure, no sweat. You just have fun, ok? I’ll probably go tell her to go get something for me from the mall or something...”

“That’s the way. I owe you one.”

Right after a friendly nod from her best friend, Emi turned around and closed the bedroom door. Right now, she was already in her nightgown, ready to “retire” for the night. However...

“So... you really think this is going to work...?” came Kyo’s rare, passionate voice. He was lying down in the large bed in the room that (against Keiko’s wishes) was set for him and Emi, wearing nothing but his boxers. Emi only smiled; she always did when Kyo sounded like that.

“I’ve got a good feeling about this... It’ll work...”

“Alright... I don’t want to have to lodge a huge sword out of my chest by the time tonight’s over.”

Emi only giggled as she made her way towards the bed. “Don’t worry about it, Master Kyo... Just think about the fun we’ll have tonight...”

“Heh...” the Kusanagi heir smirked. “I guess that works, too...”

“Ok, then...” Emi smirked, bringing her hands over to the ropes of her nightgown. In no time flat they came undone, and in no time at all, the green covering fell to the ground, letting Kyo once again find himself looking at her nude body, the only things on her was her white bra and panties.

“Excellent...” was all he said to Emi, making her smile even bigger. She then started to slip into the beg alongside her boyfriend, bringing herself as close as possible to him...

“Now... let’s begin, shall we...?” she whispered lovingly. Kyo’s eyes grew as soft as they could, and the two began to move and reunite by their lips...

(knock, knock, knock)

“Unko... (Shit...)” Kyo instantly cursed, being broken out of the mood from a knock on the door. “I thought you said your sister was gone.”

“If that was my sister, she would’ve sliced the door to wood chunks instead of knocking,” Emi reminded. “That might be Miyuki... Let’s just keep going... Maybe she’ll go away...”

“Well... if you say so...”

The two tried again, this time ignoring the knocking on their bedroom door and instead starting to passionately kiss. Just before things could get anywhere else... the door busted open, startling both Emi and Kyo. Instantly the Kusanagi heir shot off the bed, ready to defend himself... until he realized who it was at the door, staring back at him.

“S... Shingo...?” he stammered. “What the hell...?”

Shingo, on his end, didn’t respond, his eyes sorely on both Emi and Kyo. From her point of view, Emi could tell something was wrong with him. He never appeared so... odd... Kyo slowly noticed this, too...

“What’s the matter...?” Emi asked softly.

“Yeah, why are you staring at us like that?” Kyo responded. “You act like this is the first time you barged in on us like this.”

Shingo once again remained quiet... for 3 seconds. Then...

“Kusanagi-san...” he said in almost a whisper-like fashion. “Tsuki-chan...”

“Yes...? Yes, what is it...?” Emi persuaded him.

Then, suddenly, Shingo immediately blushed, but his overall tone was none the less strange.

“I... I want... you two to...”

“Want us to what? Come on and spit it out...!” Kyo responded with, not becoming ticked off. What came out next shocked the heck out of both of them. Shingo closed his eyes, looking down... and both Emi and Kyo looked down... at the bulged in his pants...

“Fuck me...” he finally muttered.

“NANI!?” Kyo almost shrieked. “What the heck’s the matter with you!?”

“Oh, don’t mind him. He’s always been like this, hasn’t he...?”

Kyo and Emi both blinked, for this wasn’t a very familiar voice, but one just enough to ring a bell. Behind Shingo, who also turned his attention to, was none other than Li Xiangfie, who was wearing something WAY out of left field; a black leather attire and her hair out of the usual circle braids and cut short, almost as if she was resembling Lei-Fang from Dead or Alive. Rest assured, neither Kyo nor Emi could’ve been more confused at what was going on.

“I just got him to get his desired out in the open, that’s all...” she continued with a smile on her face. “Seems that’s what he’s been looking forward to all these years at KOF, huh, Kyo? Funny. I always had a small thought that he wanted to do more than just be you...”

“Xiangfie, what the hell did you do to him!?” Kyo demanded, his fists burning into flames instantly. “And why are you wearing that tramp getup!?”

“It is NOT a tramp get-up!” Xiangfie protested. “I just decided to change my look up a little. I’m sort of getting tired of being the same ol’ Xiangfie, always known for eating and fighting and more eating. It’s about time my wild side came out, and so far I’m enjoying every little bit of it. Every since last night I never felt so good, and trust me, you’re definitely going to like this side of my, Kyo Kusanagi and Emi Tsuki. Shingo sure did, and he just adored it... Isn’t that right?”

Then to Kyo and Emi’s shock, Shingo turned to face Xiangfie and nodded, just before the two found themselves in a deep, lustful kiss... Kyo’s flames died out and he could only stare at it in shock.

“I’m... not seeing what I think I’m seeing, am I...?” he asked his girlfriend.

“Oh, I see it... but I just can’t believe it...” Emi replied, just as Shingo and Xiangfie broke their kiss. All since then the other two weren’t able to get their eyes off it...

“As you can see, Shingo and I have taken a liking to each other,” Xiangfie said. “I just wanted his to come up and show off how he’s became, and I think it’s safe to say he won’t be holding anything else back from us...”

Xiangfie then stopped and looked at Kyo and Emi, just to look at the priceless look of amazement they both had, and let out a giggle.

(Yes... That’s it. That’s all I needed to see...)

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you all later. Shingo’s going to be escorting me back to my room.”

“Yeah, Kusanagi-san,” Shingo replied, sounding more like himself. “I’ll be back later, alright?”

At first Kyo didn’t reply at all, but after a second he said slowly, “O...k...”

With that the door shut... but Kyo didn’t move at all.

“That... was odd and scary at the same time...” Emi whispered.

“Tell me about it... Things just get weirder and weirder around here... First Mai comes and suddenly Benimaru goes missing for the entire day, now Xiangfie hooks up with Shingo. I’m going to keep an eye out for all of this. Things look very suspicious...”

The Kusanagi heir then slipped back into bed with Emi... and, oddly, Emi noticed that Kyo... easily slipped back into the mood he was in before the interruption. She could feel his arms wrap around her waist and that same look found its way into his eyes again...

“But for now, I think we better just forget it and get something in before your crazy sister shows up again, don’t you think so?”

At first Emi couldn’t respond, a little confused at what Kyo said... but in about 2 seconds, it didn’t matter to her anymore. She then smirked and let Kyo kiss her again...

---- ----

(Yep... Just as I thought... It might not had been like Kasumi did it... but considered us tied...)

---- ----


In the least likely of places, a red-headed man stood on top of the hotel’s roof, his hands in his color-matching pant pockets as the wind blew lightly by. On his back rested a black jacket with the symbol of the moon on the back, and in his eyes sat an indifferent expression, giving off an uneasy and heavy vibe.

Iori Yagami was in Osaka ever since last Thursday, a full week and a half ago, the moment he received his invitation to the exhibition, yet none of the other fighters could get a good focus on him. Iori himself was only here for one purpose...

“I see Kyo’s having his fun...”

A long pause rested in the air as Iori focused in on the ground below him, the once green grass of the surrounding park now a dark blue. He just stared at it for a long while, not moving a muscle...

“So... The drink does exist...”

Another break, the wind that was once calm now picking up in a brief whirlwind before it quieted down once again...

“I would step in to stop this nonsense... but... this might prove to be quite entertaining...”

Then, a rare sight occurred, one that most likely only happened once a blue moon...

Iori smirked....

“Kusanagi has no idea what he’s gotten himself into...”

And with that, the Yagami heir turned his back to the scenery and slowly brought himself back inside, planning on keeping his secrets to himself... and enjoy the show in the process...
Third Day by DeNice
It was the third morning to shine over Osaka since the initial gathering date for the fighters, and with that note, Yui Su’ang couldn’t have felt any more tired. Sure he did manage to spend the night with Sakura, Darrell and Karin, too tired from searching for his girlfriend to make it all the way to his normal hotel room, but still, he could barely sleep that night. He couldn’t stop worrying about what could’ve happened to Kaoru since they parted the previous morning...

(It just isn’t like her...) he pondered as he dropped off the elevator to the floor in which his team was situated at. (I mean it is... I hope she didn’t run off again... She knows that I hate it when she does things like that...)

Arms crossed and a frown on his face, the silver-haired Korean slowly made it back to his room to hopefully reach Mitsumi. Since he got into the Young World Warriors’ room last night, he tried to call numerous times back to his original room, but with no luck. Now, he was going to investigate the matter first-hand.

“Here...” he said to himself, finally getting to his room. He then reached into his right jean pocket and pulled out the plastic card key to get inside... but the moment he slid it into its slot and unlocked it, it opened on its own accord, catching his slightly off guard. His eyes lifted up to see who was opening it up for him, and smiled as he realized who it was.

“Kaoru! There you are,” he smirked, looking at his Japanese girlfriend below him. She was currently wearing a bath towel, as if she had just came out of the shower. “I’ve been looking all over for you, you know...”

“Oh, Yui... I was wondering what happened to you...” came her reply, and in a way it bothered him. Why did she sound so... unconcerned...?

“Are you ok? Anything happened to you the other night?”

Kaoru simply shook her head. “No. I’m just fine. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that I’ve been trying to reach you all day yesterday and you never responded to me... I was worried about you, you know...”

“Oh... I’m sorry, Yui... I was pretty busy yesterday...”

Yui placed his hands on his hips and made a face. “Really? What could’ve gotten your attention like that...?”

Kaoru looked at her boyfriend’s face for a moment and then made up her mind. “Why don’t you come on in...? I’ll show you.”


And with that, the silver-haired Korean stepped into his original bedroom, Kaoru closing the door behind her. As he familiarized himself with his surroundings again, Kaoru led him over to the bedroom area, Yui thinking that she was going to get some clothes on for today... but as they passed by the living room, Yui’s cautious eyes found themselves aiming at the single chair...

“Um... Kaoru...?” he started slowly. “Is that your... bra on the seat...?”

The black-haired girl blinked as she looked for herself, and found out that wasn’t even... half-right. There was more than one pair of women’s underwear on the set... Five different colored and sized bras and one single pair of panties littered that one piece of the room alone...

“Um... well... yes...” Kaoru said lightly, blushing a little bit as inside her mind she cursed at the fact of forgetting to clean up...

“All of them...?” Yui asked again, this time raising an eyebrow, Kaoru letting out a nervous laugh.

“Well, you see, sweetie... Mitsumi and I were... um...” she looked around, searching for words, and came up with some. “She wanted to do some silly comparison with our clothes... Don’t ask me why I agreed...”

Yui made a face. “Um...”

“Oh, don’t worry yourself over that...” Kaoru responded, collecting the articles of clothing into her arms, smiling lightly as she did so. “Here, I’ll clean it up...”

“Yeah... ok...” the silver-haired boy mumbled, scratching his hair. “Listen... I told Sakura and the others that we’ll meet them outside for some more training. The three are pretty serious, it seems... Karin managed to set up a training bout with Ryu, Monica, and Ken and she invited us to overlook their strategy. So...”

Yui stopped once he found out that Kaoru came close to him, suddenly cuddling up next to him, tracing her right hand across his cheek and making it turn a light red...

“Oh, Yui... I think you work yourself too hard...” she said in a soft tone. “Come on. Sakura and the others can afford for us to be a little late. How about giving yourself a break? I can tell the other day was pretty tiring on you due to all that worrying.”

At first a little speechless, Yui did respond with a slightly confused nod. Sure Kaoru was only really affectionate around him, but... not quite to this degree... She was never this carefree before in her life; he knew that for a fact... It really made him suspicious... The entire scene seemed very out of character for someone who was so serious about how she handled herself...

(Something must’ve happened yesterday...) he thought, but as Kaoru planted a light kiss on his lips, things suddenly didn’t seem so bad. It did make him feel well knowing that at least Kaoru wasn’t being peeved off like she was the other day...

Inside, Kaoru began to smile as she felt Yui’s arms come around her back as the two began to kiss once again, this time a little more passionate. After a little while of just standing in the middle of the room, locked in their embrace, the articles of clothing in Kaoru’s grip dropped to the floor as the two dropped down comfortably onto the seat next to them. Kaoru’s hands felt up and down her boyfriend’s body and hair, Yui letting out a pleasant sound as the two cuddled. However, before things could get too serious, Yui pulled away, making Kaoru blink.

“Do you smell that...?”

“Huh...? Smell wha...?”

Just then Kaoru smacked herself inside her head.

(That’s the smell of what we did to Mitsumi the other night...!)

“Um... I-I don’t smell anything...” she stuttered, Yui barely catching the exaggeration before Kaoru suddenly broke the embrace, pushing off him and into a standing position. In a way, it was a wonder the towel around her was still on her body.

“Say... Let’s... you know... Go somewhere else...?”

Yui was then brought back to square one of this sudden brigade. Kaoru never... EVER acted like this... Not only was this starting to confuse & worry him, it was slightly getting on his nerves.

“Kaoru, are you hiding something from me...?” Yui said in a low and even warning tone. Granted, Yui never addressed Kaoru in this manner, but at the same token, a situation like this never came across them before. In the back of his mind, he was afraid that it might be much deeper...

Kaoru, on the other hand, bit her lower lip, trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. It was a very tough pinch, to say the least... Inside she hated holding in her secret, but she knew that it was going to cause some serious damage...

Yui was now standing up, Kaoru taking a step backwards away from him, a very ashamed look on her face. She honestly didn’t have a clue what to do or say...

“What is it...?” Yui asked again, this time calmer for the fact that he was scaring his girlfriend. Not apparent before, he figured that if he was to get some answers, he’d have to remember the promise he made to himself a few years ago...

(I have to make sure to love her no matter what... No matter the circumstances... She’s the one who brought me around in life... I can’t just...)

“Yui...” the black-haired girl started, looking down at the carpet shamefully. “I... It-s... hard to expla—“


The sudden voice shocked both spouses, Yui because he never heard this girlish tone before... and Kaoru because SHE KNEW...

(Oh, god... Not now... Not NOW...!)

“Who... in the world...?” Yui whispered to himself, turning around to find out where the new and mysterious voice was coming from... and whom it belonged to...

Unfortunately, the answer came in no quicker than 2 seconds. Yui’s eyes went to the bedroom area... and out came a pretty familiar individual... sporting a long black ponytail... and much to Yui’s shock, nothing else on her body than what she was born with...

“Hey, Kaoru, where you vanish to...?” came the voice of Tomoko Nakumura. “I know you’re out the shower, sweetie... Come on out. I can’t wait to get a ho... ho... holy shit.....”

At that moment, the biker queen just realized who was in the room and froze on the spot. Instantly she let out a yelp and jumped backwards to the wall behind her, staring straight into Yui’s eyes with total shock flowing through her. On his end, Yui only stared back, unable to determine what to do from here. He didn’t know if he should be mad, hurt... or...

He just couldn’t believe it...

“Kaoru...” he whispered, turning his attention back to the younger girl. “You didn’t... Please tell me you didn’t...”

She tried to move... She tried to move her mouth to speak, but no noise came out at all... After all, what COULD she say...? The entire time since she stared this... she never thought this could happen... The only thing she could do was say her boyfriend’s name softly under her breath...

“You mind explaining yourself, then...?” Yui said, turning around and eyeing Tomoko seriously. Tomoko let out a small scowl, but it didn’t last long. “I just don’t understand how... how you could do this... In fact it’s downright confusing... Seriously, what the hell, Kaoru... You didn’t even know she existed before yesterday, then you utterly hated her last time I remember... now... all of a sudden you sleeping with her behind my back...!”

Although he tried to fight it, Yui just couldn’t contain the amounts of anger he was going through. Even though he spoke, no words could pinpoint just how badly he was feeling about this...

And much to the contrary, Tomoko let out a laugh, a short yet loud one, startling Yui. “Heh... if you think this is bad, you should see your bedroom...”

“What was that...?”

“Tomoko!” Kaoru shouted. “What the heck are you trying to do, get me killed!?”

“Kaoru! I want to know exactly what the heck you’ve been doing since you left...” Yui said strongly. “I might as well know the extent to all of this to find out what the heck I’m going to do with you now... What’s gotten into you? You’ve never acted like this before in your life...! G—“

“Yui...” Kaoru said, this time looking Yui right in the eye, a feat that was almost impossible to do a few minutes ago. “I might as well show you now... No use in holding this from you any longer than needed...”

This silenced the silver-haired boy, looking on as Kaoru and Tomoko shared a glance before the younger of the two began moving past Yui and towards the door. Yui quickly followed behind her, and Tomoko just looked at the two from the side. Needless to say, once Kaoru opened the door and Yui passed her to look inside, he almost died on the spot. On the bed they shared together two days ago rested Mitsumi along with two other girls new to his eyes, Angelica Baxter and Keiko Tsuki, all three of them partially under the sheets of the bed and also bare of any clothing, peacefully asleep.

“Oh... My... God...” was all Yui managed to say, Kaoru’s eyes and face hidden from view by her hair. Just as Yui began to turn and give his girlfriend a piece of his mind, a hard shove pushed him in and off balance from behind, making him trip forwards and land on the bed himself...

“You see, sweetie...” Kaoru’s voice went through the air, only this time no longer afraid and timid... “yesterday I managed to find a side of me that I never knew I had...” Kaoru’s head then lifted up and a pleased smile crossed her face, “So why just hold this to myself when I could share it with some new and old friends of mine...?”

“Honestly you missed a lot, Yui,” Tomoko chimed in, closing the door behind her. “It was so much fun... Don’t sweat it, though... I think we can make up for the missed time...”

“S... say... WHAT!?”

In utter shock, Yui scampered up from the bed, finding himself standing up against the wall next to his and Kaoru’s bed, his eyes racing from the bed to make sure he didn’t wake the others and back to where Kaoru and Tomoko were staring at him hungrily...

(What the heck have I gotten myself into...!?)

The panicky look on his face was all Kaoru needed to see.

“You might be mine as a boyfriend...” she said slowly, taking stalking steps towards Yui, “but now you’re really M... I...”

At this part, she was right in front of Yui, who was strongly fighting the urge to lay his hands on Kaoru for the first time in his life... but, in the little time he had to think, he quickly grew disgusted by actually considering that... It was just wrong... Even... even if... it was leading to... this...


Yui’s eyes then sprung open as wide as they could, realizing that Kaoru’s hands were coming up and clasping onto his cheeks. A light blush fell over his face as he blankly shared eye contact with the Japanese girl’s... seeing her move in for a deep kiss, and just before she could plant it, his mind let out one last, desperate call...

((Rose...! We need your help.........))


The last letter came out in a whisper, barely able to be heard, but the force of the word hit Yui on his lips... with Kaoru’s lips quick to follow... Kaoru let her eyes close as she began her lustful kiss, Yui’s confusion highly apparent as he reluctantly returned it. Honestly, it was the only thing he could bring himself to do. He’d hate himself like no tomorrow if he hit Kaoru out of vain, and running away wasn’t anywhere near his mind. All he could bring himself to do was hold his lust-driven girlfriend in his arms and just go with it...

Tomoko silently stood behind her new lover with heavy interest, peering over Kaoru’s shoulder to see the slow, calming expression on Yui’s worried face, eventually sitting down on the bed quietly, her focus turning to the others asleep on the bed... Once the two were heavily engorged into their lip lock, their hands beginning to roam their spouse’s bodies, she gently tapped on each of the sleeping girl’s shoulders, trying to wake them up...

“You three...” she whispered, not quite able to get her eyes away from the scene in front of her. “Come on... Wake up... We got a visitor here...”

“” came a groggy mumble from Angelica, being the first to slip out of the safety of her sleep. Stretching a bit, the shorter, brown-haired girl yarned a little and gave Tomoko a sleepy look. “Who...?”

Tomoko brought a finger up to her lips, silencing her a bit, then pointed up towards the scene next to her... and opened her eyes wider, instantly waking up. Due to the distraction of seeing this new, silver-haired boy right next to her, she didn’t see the others, Keiko and Mitsumi, also spring up out of their rest... and as Mitsumi let out a tiny gasp, it made Yui’s eyes advert from Kaoru to the others looking on at him all of a sudden...

However, at this stage of events, he didn’t really bother now. His conscience was effectively turned off, as were all those dark emotions clouding his earlier judgment. In a way, behind in his girlfriend’s embrace made things seem a whole lot more bearable... and... now that he thought about it... it didn’t seem so bad...

“Oy...” he said quietly to Kaoru, breaking the kiss to say so. “Must be those... you know...”

“Hormones...?” Kaoru winked at Yui, making him smile. “Well... being that we’re as old as we are... they’re bound to be ripe and in their prime now... Why not use them...?”

“Yeah, I agree with that...” Mitsumi sighed, smiling back at the two once she figured out how things were happening. “But Kaoru... I thought you didn’t know much about sex.”

Kaoru shrugged, pulling Yui off the wall... and making the two of them fall next to the biker girl and into the mist of the other girls lying in the bed, landing on top of her Korean boyfriend. “I learned a lot yesterday...”

“And there’s still some things you could get into, sweetie...” Tomoko replied, running a hand through Kaoru’s hair as she began to kiss Yui on his cheeks. “Like... oh, I don’t know... how to make a 5 way into a 6 way... and... for extra credit...”

Kaoru’s eyes lit up, once she found out that Tomoko was sliding off the bed and to her bare knees, landing at the legs of the couple... and both Kaoru and Yui let out a yelp of surprise once a hand found its way in-between both of their legs...

“Having it so that everyone gets their share at the same time...” Tomoko smiled naughtily. It was clear that her perversion was high already, and it all helped everyone else in the room get back into the mood, even at this early hour...

Everyone... except Angelica. Just before any festivities could commence, everyone noticed that she was off the bed, stretching her arms over her head. The sudden turn of events threw all the people in the room off.

“Sorry, but if he’s here, then I’m afraid that I’m out,” she said with her back to the group.

“Huh? You’re kidding right?” Tomoko replied right afterwards. “What’s with the sudden cold feet all because a boy is...”

Tomoko stopped, somehow quickly putting 1 and 1 together. “Let me guess...” she said with a slow voice. Angelica paused for a moment before turning around and smirking.

“Yep. This girl only touches those of the X chromosome and no more,” she replied. “Don’t worry about me... I’ll be finding some fun... elsewhere...”

“Aww... that’s a shame...” Mitsumi mumbled. “But I guess we can’t quite hold you back if you don’t want to stay with us.”

Angelica then turned back around and the rest just watched on as she went out the doorway. Then, for a few moments, it was quiet before Yui made and odd comment.

“Is it just me, or am I the only who is thinking that she’s really planning on leaving without any clothes on.”

Tomoko just waved it off. “Meh, let her go. I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of her, anyways. Well, us girls anyway. The way she carried on last night only got wilder and wilder. She even topped me. Scary...”

All the other girls in attendance merely nodded.

“And here I thought that she was a gentle girl...” Keiko muttered as well. “Could’ve fooled me.”

“Anyways, enough with the silly prattle,” Kaoru announced. “She’s gone, no changing that now. Might as well enjoy the company we got now, right...?”

A bunch of snickers and sly murmurs filled the air in the room, and anyone with any sense knew where it was going... to lead from there...

---- ----

Just outside at the same time, however, Angelica was closing the hotel door behind her, then sighed for a moment, closing her eyes and, for a brief second, she was back to normal... as if nothing happened... then suddenly... literally out of nowhere...

((I’ve found my vessel...))

...then the next second later, she found herself hunched over as a very strong wave flew threw her body. It felt like the initial, perverted surge that welcomed her to this situation in the first place, only a whole lot stronger, easily overcoming her body. It was like it was multiplied by 50....

(W... what’s... happening... to... me...!?)

Letting out a loud moan, the youngest of the Baxter sisters fell on her hands and knees, feeling every end of her body feel as if it was on fire... and the situation didn’t stop until about a minute later and then.... it stopped. Granted, the sensation was still running wild in Angelica’s body, however, she grew a lot calmer, breathing slowly again. It seemed like she was accepting it...

“What.... whatever this is... inside me...” she said to herself in-between pants, slowly “calming” herself down, “it’s... great...”

And with that she stood up, but the look in her eyes was much more... demented... The same with the big smile that she sprouted... Now, things were a lot clearer...

“No girl’s going to escape me, now... I’m going to exert this... and go on a field day. And... I just know how to start...”

---- ----

“We’ve got to get that timing down...” Sakura repeated as her and her two teammates reached their hotel room. “I just know that it’s going to work perfectly, but if we can’t get coordinated, then it’s no use.”

“I don’t know, Sakura,” Karin interjected. “The attack is too conditional... and it’s going to take a lot of effort to pull it off just on one opponent. Personally, I think staying with our original plan will work a whole lot better.”

“Original plan...?” Darrell mimicked, leaning on the wall across from their hotel door, hands in pockets. “And that would be...?”

“That would win without relying on our partners so much. You and Sakura help each other far too often, and anyone half worth their salt is going to pick one of you off. Then we’ll be in the whole lot of trouble.”

“Well, let’s look at you, Miss ‘Be a winner at everything’,” Sakura said in a somewhat bitter tone. “You think that once you’re in you’re going to dominate, but look at what just happened out there! You were facing Ryu for crying out loud! You can’t be like that against a fighter of his caliber; he’s going to beat you every time if you’re going to fight selfishly.”

The Kanzuki girl gave her rival an intense glare. “Oh, ha-ha. Very funny, Sakura, but remember when you guys tried the Harugokusatsu on Ken? You took too long getting to him in the first place and had to rely on Darrell hold him longer than expected. In the allotted time that that happened, he could’ve did an offensive move by himself, like the Saishuu Hinote, and that would’ve been just as effective. BUT... that didn’t even happen, did it?”

Sakura fell silent, making a face as she remembered that part of her spar with Ryu, Ken Masters, and Monica Baxter. “No—“

“That’s right. Ken slipped out and the BOTH of you ate a nice flaming Shinryuken! Why do you think the two of you look a mess now, or did you really forget that?”

As a person passing by would’ve noticed, the work-out clothes that both Darrell and Sakura were wearing had burn marks all over them, where as Karin’s expensive outfit was just a little more or less intact... but she did have a bruise or two on her skin... Well, technically, that was an understatement. Ryu left Karin with quite a bit of battle marks as well, even on her bare legs, courtesy of the fact that the pink outfit sported a skirt.

“Ok, I screwed up once, but that’s not the point,” the younger schoolgirl fighter shot back, staring a hole into Karin. “The point is that I know that in order to win a team tournament we have to ACT like a team!”

“And here I thought that I was full of myself!” the rich girl countered, returning Sakura’s hardened stare. “MY point is that you rely too much on that one aspect! Aren’t you listening to me?”

“I’m listening but you aren’t making any sense to me!”

“Maybe that’s because you don’t have any in you to realize your mistakes! Maybe if your mind wasn’t so fixed on how great of a fighter Ryu is then you’ll get it!”

Sakura’s eyes turned to wildfire. “You take that back!”

“Why should I? I must be right! You fantasize about him every day almost, and I bet you go on and fuck yourself every night imagining that it’s him doing it! Better yet, how about every time you do it with Darrell, huh? Do you scream out his name instead of your own boyfriend!?”

“Why don’t you just go to hell then!?”

“Make me! Come on, I’ll fight you right now if that’s what it takes to get this through your head!”

Then, finally, the third wheel shot off.

“GIRLS!!” Darrell shouted out, his voice going over both Sakura’s and Karin’s. “The both of you! Shut up for a second and LISTEN to yourselves!”

Both girls, who were just seconds away at going at each other’s throats physically instead of verbally, looked back at their third teammate, who was giving them a seriously heated look. They both saw him like this before, but not directed towards them... It was like one he’d give Bison...

“We’re not getting anywhere like this, now are we?” he continued, crossing his arms while doing so. The schoolgirls exchanged glances for a while and then simultaneously sighed.

“Iie... (No...)” came both their replies.

Darrell’s dark eyes then closed, relaxing once again on the wall behind him. “I thought so. Both of those points are valid, but not just one of them is going to help us out here. We need to balance it out. If we don’t do that, then we’re going to lose all our fights here, and I just can’t stand having to witness that.”

A short pause went by before he went on, now opening his eyes again, this time softly.

“All this tension that we’re creating isn’t from the tournament; we’re forcing it on ourselves. Just two days ago we we’re all just fine, partying and what not. Now we’re at each other’s necks and the first match isn’t until next Monday. We’ve got to chill out, get ourselves together and relax... and compromise. Got me?”

“Yeah, I get it...” Sakura muttered, looking at her sneaker as she kicked at the carpet, embarrassed. Karin closed her eyes and also lowered her gaze, trying to regain her composure. The youngest of the group then pushed off his mount on the wall and placed one arm over each girl’s shoulder, bringing their attention back to his brightening expression.

“Let’s try to keep ourselves sane during our stay here, eh? We’ll figure something out. We just have to keep a light head. We have plenty of time to get our game plan set up. Until then, I say we get in our room, change out of these clothes, and take the rest of the day off. What do you say to that?”

The two others nodded in agreement, then Karin, the oldest out of the Young Street Fighters team, pulled out her hotel room key and slipped it in.

“Honestly, with all the expensive items here in this hotel, you’d think that the hotel rooms would reach up to mansion-caliber,” she said, returning back to the Karin both Sakura and Darrell knew so well. “I might have to call Shibizaki and tell him to hire a redecorate team for our room.”

This made Sakura giggle a bit. “Karin, we’re only staying here for a short while.”

“Still,” the blond haired girl said while opening their team’s hotel room door, “my living accommodations should be up to par. I shouldn’t have to come in from a nice workout to look at this.... plain....”

Karin never finished, for the moment her eyes met their team’s living room, she couldn’t bring herself to finish. Their hotel room, which last time they remembered resembled that of a normal hotel room, bland but with all the necessities needed to get by, was now totally different, the surroundings coated with numerous decorations all lighting the room a heavenly red color. Flowers sat on the table in front of the sofa as well as on any real solid surface, and overall everything had a very exotic tone to it...

“What... the hell...?” Darrell mumbled to himself. “The event organizers didn’t tell us that they would be redecorating our room...”

“Still, it looks nice, that’s for sure...” Sakura said, her voice in awe in how beautiful their room had gotten since they left about an hour or so ago. As she took the time to slip out of her sneakers that she wore, the others went on further inside.

“Yeah... I just hope everything that was here before they redecorated is where we put it last...” the flamethrower said while stepping forward and preparing to close the door behind him... only the moment he reached out for the door, it slipped out of his range and closed on its own... making him stumble a little.

“Huh...?” he gasped, the other two in his team looking behind him and noticing that fact as well.

“That... didn’t do that before...” Sakura muttered, a bit confused.

“Automatic door shutter? I’m beginning to like these changes...” the Kanzuki smirked, now comfortably sitting down on the couch of the room. “Hey, they even gave us drinks pre-served! I’m convinced. Class-A Room Service!”


Sakura blinked as she took a look at the table in the middle of the room. As Karin said, strung around the wooden table sat a pitcher with 3 crystal wine glasses, each one with a clear drink already poured in them. As Sakura and Darrell moved closer to observe, Karin found a small card next to the pitcher, picked it up, and read it...

“’To the residence of this room; Ms. Sakura Kasugano, Ms. Karin Kanzuki, and Mr. Darrell Markis... As you may have noticed, your room has been redecorated. This elegant change of scenery is to represent our appreciation for you making it to the exhibition, and to also show the level of customer care in this specialized hotel. We hope you enjoy your new scenery, and also the drinks sitting on the table next to this card.’”

Upon ending the card, Karin’s face read a pleased smirk.

“Oh, I’m really enjoying it already...”

“So... I guess it would be rude to just let that sit there, huh...?” Darrell murmured, making a face. “I wonder if its soda or something... It looks awfully like Sprite.”

“What are you?” Karin jested. “This has to be some sort of fancy wine for it to be served in such a manner.”

The youngest of the three shrugged. “Hey, not everyone’s all into the high-class, you know. To me, as long as it is good to drink, they can serve it in a little paper cup. Just as long as there is enough to fill up on.”

Karin sighed while bringing one leg over the other, grabbing the cup closest to her. “I guess some things never change in you, Darrell...” She then closed her eyes and began to take a small sip of her drink. As she did so, the cherry blossom sat next to her, also preparing a cup to down. Darrell, instead, walked past them and headed towards the window, making Sakura take a quick sip so she could speak.

“You’re not going to have any...?” she asked.

“I will in a second...” he said, looking to the park below. “I’m just checking out the scenery.”

“Well... if you don’t take it soon, then I will,” Karin joked, politely placing the now half-full cup on its holder. “This is quite a drink they’ve given us. I might have to personally thank them for such a nice gift.”

“Well... if you put it that way, then I’ll take mine with me,” Darrell said with a smirk. He then turned away from the window to head back towards the table, grabbing the third, untouched cup, and bringing it with him into his own bedroom, closing the door behind him. As he did, Sakura drank some more and sat back into the couch, sighing happily.

“Sometimes I wonder how things would be like if we didn’t have him around...” she murmured.

“Well... he is the bit of an equalizer...” Karin said.

“Equalizer...?” Sakura repeated.

“Put it this way... Compare us to some of the others here... I think it’s safe to say that I fit the role of the ‘Ken’ here, since I’m the rich girl, and that I like the finer things in life. You’re most certainly ‘Ryu” for you have a passion for fighting that a lot of others admire. Darrell’s...”

Karin then stopped, realizing that in fact she couldn’t find someone to compare Darrell to.

“Darrell’s what...?” Sakura egged her friend on, Karin in turn making a face.

“Well... to be honest, he’s himself. He’s not the snob or overconfident guy that ‘Sean’ is... nor is he so focused on fighting that he’d kill someone... He’s not a ‘Dan’ by any stretch of the imagination... He’s himself. He’s willing to help, doesn’t put himself over his friends, and enjoys a fair challenge...”

“Yeah, I know that...”

Sakura then gulped down the rest of the drink she had in her hand and placed the cup on the holder next to Karin’s.

“I guess that’s why I like being around him...” she ended.

Silence followed afterwards as the two girls sat peacefully next to one another, searching for some words to say. The younger of the two let out a sigh as she pit her eyes to the ceiling, all the while Karin re-crossed her legs and held her glass elegantly.

“Tell me something, Sakura...”

“Huh...? What is it...?”

Karin gave Sakura a mild look from the side of her eyes. “What is it like when you have those moments with Darrell...?”

“Say what...?” Sakura asked back, taken by surprise at the question.

Karin sighed and turned away for a moment, sipping the remains of her drink down. She then went on and took of her matching pink boots and replied, “As you probably know, I don’t have a boyfriend... All the male students in my private school are utter snobs. Sure... some might classify me as a spoiled brat... I guess in some ways that’s right. I’ve been brought up at the pinnacle of our society, so its natural for me to believe that I’m the best there is... That changed somewhat when I met you, you know. At first, it didn’t set in... I was so sure that first fight we had was a fluke, so I trained hard to try to beat you. By the time we fought again and I won, I began to realize just how someone who had fewer things than me could enjoy life so well. It wasn’t just the material things and titles in life that could bring joy into someone. I slowly brought myself back to earth... and looked into the things that made you... you. Forget the little things that brought you happiness... I went straight to the main reasons... Outside of your burning spirit for fighting, you had someone who you shared a bond with... Someone who you could totally relate with... Someone you loved... Same couldn’t be said for me... None of those saps at the Academy can ever be good for me... A Kanzuki isn’t suited to be second dog to anyone. I can see it now. If by any reason I fell for some of those guys who are also heirs of their companies, they might try to use me to get to our resources, or just to boost their own company. It wouldn’t be out of love, but just out of personal gain. That I can’t stand to let that happen...”

Karin’s eyes closed as she continued. “Honestly, I don’t think there’s one man out there that’s my equal... but I’m often left wondering... how it must feel... to have unconditional love... Darrell just seems so perfect for you... You’re very lucky, you know.”

Sakura paused, surprised that the conversation went so deep so quickly. Despite the fact she went along with it, knowing that this is a subject that Karin was very set on...

“Yes, I know I’m lucky... but there’s a belief that there’s a person suited for everyone out there... You don’t have to look for it... It just sort of... happens...”

“Seems too good of a fairy tale for me...” the blond sighed, putting her glass down on the coaster. “Come on... how can love just... you know... pop out of nowhere like that? It’s a bunch of phooey if you ask me.”

Sakura began to respond to that, but a sudden, warm feeling fell through her body. A very tiny gasp escaped her mouth, but before she knew it, it vanished... and...

...and so did something else...

A breath of air rushed out of her mouth and after the sigh, her eyes, already calm and peaceful, went into an even softer tone...

(I know what I can do...)

“Sakura...? Something the matter?” Karin asked, looking next to her to wonder why she suddenly felt so silent. Sakura had her glaze to the carpet below her. Not looking back up, she spoke to Karin.

“Are you so sure about that, Karin?”

Karin paused a bit but still answered. “About love just... happening? Yeah, I’m pretty sure, Sakura.”

“Well... this time you might want to reconsider...”

“Nani?” the rich girl asked, looking at the cherry blossom girl with curiosity. “Just what do you mean by that, huh?”

Sakura now looked back at her... in a certain way that made Karin gasp a bit. This look... It was... different somehow...


Suddenly Karin started to feel strange. The sensation was odd to say the least. She couldn’t quite get a fix on it... It was as if her heart began to pound harder and faster... and a flash of heat blew over her skin... It took her breath away for a moment; that one moment having so many things happen to her at once that could’ve happened in months... even years... It was an unspeakable sensation...

“I don’t know how to exactly say this without sounding dumb...” Sakura admitted, inching a little closer to Karin, “but... well... there’s these things that... well... during our little competitions... I really enjoy... All the times we fight... be it like we did just a few minutes ago or like our fights years ago and in the making... You see... You bring something that none of the others that I spar with bring... Sure... Darrell’s a great thrill to fight... Hinata is fun as well, and I gotta say that Kaoru really tests my abilities... but you seem to do all three at once... plus... you... just have that special tenacity... to be the best... I’m not sure ‘snob’ is what I call you... It’ll be something else... well...”

She paused, Karin realizing that Sakura brought herself the maximum distance closest to her... In fact, their bodies were touching...

“You’re just certainly the best rival I could ever ask for...”

Karin’s cheeks abruptly went crimson and the burning feeling that blew through her literally burst open.

“Wow... Sakura... I never knew you felt that way... To be honest... The times we share together... I can’t really forget about them that well, either...”

The quote caused Sakura to giggle again; a hand coming up shyly upon her mouth as her cheeks began to match the redness of her friend and rival. “I guess that’s something we really do share in common... In fact... Well...”

Sakura’s bright brown eyes gazed kindly into Karin’s, and before the two knew it, they found themselves locked in a heavy invisible embrace, their eyes acting like magnets; attracting them closer and closer to one another...

“You can say... that I’ve fell in love with them...” Sakura ended, her eyes showing lust-filled intensions.

Karin smiled, using a hand to brush a little of her golden locks away from her face. “So... I’m guessing this is... what you were talking about...? About love just... popping up...?”

Sakura, surprisingly, shook her head. “No... This was something... years in the making, Karin...”

“And Darrell...?”

“Don’t worry about him. Just focus on me...”

Karin then no longer questioned it. Despite the fact that all these feelings just ran out of her over the course of 3 minutes, it was almost as if it was all planned all along... Delicately, Karin reached over and pulled Sakura closer to her, the Kanzuki’s touch making Sakura’s eyes close and let herself get reeled in. Once she was close enough, Karin wasted no time letting her lips match her friends, and from there the world seemed like a much brighter place for her. Almost immediately she realized that this was indeed her first true “kiss”, a desire she held deep in her mainframe for the longest time yet thought it was impossible to reach. Now that she had it, she wanted to deeply cherish it... hold it and never let go of it...

For about 10 seconds the kiss was very tame, both schoolgirls not moving anything but their tongues as they pressed on one another, hands clasping with the others as they started to settle in on their new found level of companionship. Although it came out of practically nowhere, the two didn’t complain about it one bit... As time went by, Karin’s grip went around Sakura’s back, leading her back so that the two began to lie down comfortable on the sofa in the living room and from there, things escalated. As the two let the kiss run deeper and deeper the cherry blossom girl let her fingers come up to tug and twirl in Karin’s locks, Karin’s own hands unable to come out of Sakura’s short, dark brown hair. The pair was inseparable, Sakura kissing and licking at Karin while lying on top, and Karin feeling all Sakura’s writing body, from her back to her front. Once Karin got a hold of Sakura’s chest, despite the fact that it wasn’t necessarily large at all, the younger of the two couldn’t help but moan, arching her back and letting Karin grip onto the through her shirt. All that just encouraged the blond more.

“K... Karin...” Sakura struggled to say, beginning to lose her breath as her body reacted to Karin’s delicate yet strong hold on her breasts. “Oh, Karin... A... ah... You’re... making me...”

“Shh... I know...” the Kanzuki replied. “Just relax and let me do this... It’s something I always wanted to do to the one I found myself with in this sort of situation...”

“No, you don’t understand...”

Karin then found herself falling victim to the same sort of treatment she was applying to Sakura, the blossom now holding one of Karin’s breasts through her designer top, squeezing it with quite a bit of pressure behind it.

“It was you who wanted this...” Sakura spoke again, her voice heavy with her breathing. “So it should be you who gets treated like a queen like she deserves...”

“Sa... kura...” Karin moaned, loving Sakura’s hand and the attention she was giving her. Sure, what her short-haired rival and friend turned lover said was true, but still she couldn’t quite accept it... It was missing something...

Reluctantly, Karin attempted to push Sakura off her, but the cherry blossom girl would have nothing of it. She just kept at it, Karin finding herself weakening by the second. Again, she tried to plead with her... but still, Sakura wouldn’t stop. It took quite a bit from her... but she managed to meet Sakura halfway. Since her hands never left Sakura’s body, Karin managed to bring up a hand to Sakura’s mouth, making her stop as if she flipped a switch...

“Sakura... Listen...” the rich girl of the team panted through her pleasure. “I’m trying to tell you... I... I don’t want to be treated the way you assume...”

“Nani...? Karin, what do you mean by that...?”

Karin made a pause, trying to catch her breath some. Once she did...

“I know this might not quite sound like what... a Kanzuki might say, being that we’re all about class and whatnot... but... I don’t wish to be treated like a Kanzuki, Sakura. Not this time... I knew that was what you’d do... but please... just treat me as if I was just a normal girl... Just plain old Karin...”

Sakura paused, trying to understand just exactly why Karin would ask for such a request. “That’s quite unlike you, you know...”

Karin simply nodded. “I know you were listening to what I was saying before... I envy you... You have such a simple way of being who you are and don’t have any type of high class treatment, yet still you live a happier life than me. I always envied that part of you... Something I deeply longed for...”

Sakura kept her silence as Karin went on and placed her pointer finger on her lips playfully, and as she looked at her, Karin’s eyes just didn’t seem the same... They were practically sparkling.

“If you do want to see what I mean... just follow my lead... I don’t want to feel as if someone’s serving me. I’ve had that all my life... In fact...”

Sakura then gasped when she found out that Karin’s finger swooped downwards faster than she could really catch it, and touched Sakura down below her abdomen... in her special spot covered by her sweatpants...

“I’d like it if we... ‘shared’ these new feelings.... You understand...?”

Karin then smiled as Sakura nodded her head as well before leaning forwards and kissing Karin again on the lips. At the same time, Sakura mimicked Karin’s earlier action, playing with Karin’s panties under her stylish skirt. Karin’s body felt an exhilarating charge almost on contact, one that made her body arch into Sakura’s as the cherry blossom’s fingers toyed through the cotton. This made Sakura moan as a deep electric surge ran through her and, at last, she truly understood where Karin was coming from...

The sight as a whole would’ve made any pervert outrageously happy. Both Sakura and Karin were like mirror images, every part of their bodies molding together as if they were two pieces to a puzzle. Things only got more heated up as the kiss escalated, Sakura feeling that is was the longest time she’d just kissed anyone, including Darrell. The moment just felt so good... she didn’t want it to stop for the world. Karin was no different. Their actions grew more wanting as they began to feel a dampness form under the other’s fingers, hearts beating in rough tempo, and the moans became louder and louder without a care at all... Deep breaths quickly filled the air as the foregoing moment just kept going, hearts kicking up their tempo and beating hard against one another, and each girl’s cheeks turning abrupt crimson as the passion totally overtook them…

Karin finally felt that missing ingredient to her bliss. Everything was just how she wished... and with a girl that she’d be affiliated with for a long time... and the entire moment was totally overwhelming. Her grip on Sakura grew tighter as she felt herself literally began to feel her love juices flowing out under Sakura’s fingers... No real words could explain just how... happy she was...

Sakura, in turn, tried her best to keep her end of the deal afloat despite the hot surges claiming every fiber of her body. She’d probably had faired better if it weren’t for the fact that Karin was so deceptively... GOOD at this... It totally blew her mind how Karin’s lustful touches were making her so hot, and her mind, body, soul.... everything craving for more... This time tracing a free hand along Karin’s locks and face, Sakura pushed her fingers further into Karin’s panties, just barely touching a hardened nub through the limitations of the fabric (just why she wasn’t just plain taking it off was beyond her, but still, it felt soooo hot...). Surprising the cherry blossom, however, Karin’s reaction to her little move was practically instant. A lightning bolt shot through her now sweating body and her mouth gaped open in a smile of pure bliss... something that of its magnitude never appeared before on her face...

“M... my god...! S... Sakura...! Don’t stop...! Please...!”

Along with the intensity of Karin’s pleads, Karin’s own hand showed off her need, sliding under the fabric of Sakura’s sweatpants to feed the cherry blossom the same way. Sakura, in her own right, just couldn’t imagine this behavior from Karin, and everything was hitting the right nerves... Never... ever... did she feel this... electrified... It got to the point that Sakura couldn’t form words anymore due to the state in which she was in. Once Karin (somehow managing to move through the tidal waves of wet pleasure pounding down on her) worked her workout pants down to Sakura’s knees and began to directly please her brown-haired lover personally under her soaked undies, Sakura arched her back fiercely, the pleasure resting between her legs driving her mad...

“Karin!! I can’t hold it much longer!” she practically screamed out, Karin heeding the warning as she felt Sakura’s pussy pulse through her shamelessly wet fabric. Knowing she wasn’t too far off herself, Karin let herself go, not fighting any of her strong urges off (not that she really was anyways). She kissed Sakura strongly all over her pretty face, totally fueled by her lust towards the Ansatsuken user, speeding up her pace so that practically each second Sakura moaned as loud as she could, transforming her into a wild, sex-shocked shell of her former self... Sakura couldn’t contain herself, shaking wildly below her rival, eyes closed shut and her pussy drooling over Karin’s fingers...

“KARIN!!!” she finally screamed at the top of her lungs, her body jolting up like a cat dumped with water as she felt a unbelievably strong current shoot out of her and into her panties and Karin’s hand, no long able to hold onto the inevitable orgasm building with. Sakura’s reaction to her own orgasm instantly triggered a domino effect into Karin, as if in a shockwave, as Karin found herself unable to stop herself from losing her grip on herself as well...

“Oh, yes...! Yes! Sakura....!!” Karin replied harshly, gripping Sakura’s body as tightly as Sakura was doing to her as she felt herself losing it all... “Sakura!! SAKU.... RAAAA!!!!”

---- ----

“KO! You win!”

“(sigh) As usual...”

It wasn’t easy for Darrell to bore with a video game. Especially a fighting game, but today it seemed to be one of those off days. The PlayStation 2 controller in his hands dropped softly on the carpet and he stood up off the edge of his bed briefly, reached forward, and turned off the system as well as the 20” TV on the stand next to him. He then found his body flopping backwards on the neat bed sheets behind him, back-first, eyes squarely on the ceiling above him. For a short while his mind was a blank with no random thoughts at all.

“I wonder what other teams made it so far...” he said to himself finally. “It’ll do me some good to head out and see the others work out and such.”

A few moments later and Darrell sat up on his bed, punching his open hand with a fist.

“Yeah! I’ll do just that. I’d better change clothes, though. Ken really did a number on me...”

With that, the young fighter hopped to the ground and threw off his beaten up shirt onto a random bed pole. Afterwards, he headed to his dresser and began rummaging through his drawers, looking for an old jersey or something to wear outside.

“No... No.... Uh-uh... Not that either...”

After a few moments in one drawer, coming up empty-handed, he closed that one and went to the next one. However, he couldn’t look at much before the door knocked...

“Darrell...?” came a voice from the other side.

“Yeah, Sakura?”

“What’re you up to now?”

“I’m... getting dressed... Why? You need me?”

“Yeah... and it’s a little urgent. Can you come here?”

Darrell paused and looked towards the closed door. “I... don’t have a shirt on, Sakie...”

“That’s ok. I just need you right now...”

“...alright, whatever...”

Darrell quickly found a black shirt in the drawer and threw it on, then went to reach to the door, but not before noticing the cup that he placed on the little table next to the door. Not thinking much of it, Darrell picked up the little cup and took a quick sip before bringing it with him to the living room. Closing the door after him, Darrell grew aware that no one was actually in the room. The couch was blank, and the doors to everything except the kitchen were closed...

“Sakura?” he called, putting his hands in his jean pockets just as a pair of arms gently found their way around his neck...


“Oh... There you are... What’s with leaving me all alone in this room, huh?”

Darrell smirked, trying to look behind him, but the pair of arms made sure he kept seeing forwards. “Well... if putting on fresh clothes is a crime, then...”

“Well... in this case it is...”

Darrell made a small double take, noticing the tone of voice within Sakura’s mouth... “Sakura...” he whispered. “I appreciate what you’re trying to do... but come on... Karin’s still here... We can’t do this now.”

“Karin...? What are you talking about? I’m right here!”

And before he even knew himself, Darrell’s eyes grew buggy. THAT voice was right behind him... not Sakura’s. Instantly he shrugged the person off his back and stumbled forward, spinning around to see Karin’s smiling face glaring back at him... and at the moment, with nothing on her body save for the pink skirt and a white bra that went with her lovely outfit from fighting earlier... not to mention a mischievous smile on her million-dollar face...

”Hey...! Is this some type of joke, Karin!?” he shot back, his right eye twitching a bit. “Not funny, you two!”

“Oh, this is no joke...” Sakura’s voice rang again, Darrell tracing it to the other side of his door. His bedroom door closed to show Sakura, who also stripped herself of her shirt, as well as her bra... and at that moment, Darrell’s eye pupils dilated... In a flash, a thought came to his mind... back at the bar two nights ago... with King, Mei-Ling, and Fen... and all the rumors that were beginning to spread among the fighters attending the competition...

[Holy shit...! It suddenly makes sense now...! That bar! I should’ve known that something was fishy about that place...!]

And then he gasped, grabbing his throat upon realizing that fact, dropping his glass on the carpet and spilling the clear drink held inside...

[And I DRUNK some of that...! It must’ve come from...! Oh, god, I gotta warn somebody! Kim! Yeah...! He’s the one who’s starting that justice party or whatever...! I gotta get to him fast before...]

And almost as if they read his mind, Sakura let out a giddy laugh while stepping forwards...

“Honestly, Darrell... Why would you want to leave...? I bet you had dreams of this sometime or another...”

Trying to ignore it, Darrell instantly turned his sights to the front door of their hotel room and without hesitation began to make a break for it... but he couldn’t make two steps forward before a hand latched onto his right hand and another on the back of his shirt neck... Next thing he knew, he was thrown down hard onto the pink carpet floor head first...

“Uugh...” his groan filled the air as he found himself looking at the ceiling, rubbing the back of his head with a hand... but soon stopped and froze as two girls came into his sight...

“Oops!” came Karin’s voice from above. “Didn’t mean to drop you like that... but it’s really rude for you to just up and leave when two lonely ladies need your help...”

“Yep, that’s right, my little chocolate bar,” Sakura rang right afterwards. “That’s not like you at all...”

Darrell instantly started to jump back up again, but Sakura dropped to the floor before he could get up and pinned him down by his shoulders with her hands and knees...

“See? This is more like it...” she snickered. “Just stay like that...”

“Sakura...! Let me go...!” the youngest of the three cried out, desperately trying to think of something to get away. He tossed and turned and tried to throw her off, but that just didn’t happen. Sakura stayed tight on him like a fly to flypaper.

“Don’t worry yourself so much...” another voice, Karin’s, said, rang through the air, making Darrell stop cold as he felt something began messing around with the zipper to his jeans... “You don’t have to actually do anything... You just need to relax... I’ll give you a king’s treatment... no questions asked...”

Although he couldn’t see it, he most certainly could feel it, and know what was going on... Karin was unzipping the fly to his jeans... and softly removing the article of clothing from his body... all the while Sakura used one hand to roll up the shirt towards his chin...

“All you have to do is be hard for us, Darrell...” Karin whispered, finding her prize after unwrapping it down below...

“No...! Karin, STOP!!” Darrell screamed out, although by this moment, his face was becoming flushed despite his best efforts. “Don’t do this to me...!”

“Why not...?” Karin smirked, her head lowering to Darrell’s now exposed cock. “I’m pretty sure that if Sakura did this, you’d change your tune...”

“No...! It’s not that... I... I mean... Just... It isn’t right...! This isn’t like you two...! Come on! Snap out of it!”

The Kanzuki girl smiled and grasped his hard member with a hand, making its owner gasp hard at the sensation that followed...

“Trust me... I think only Sakura knows how I’m truly like on the inside... isn’t that right...?”

Sakura snickered as she watched their teammate collapse back onto the carpet, panting lightly as Karin’s hand ran up and down on his dick. “Yep... That’s right... and trust me... you’ll begin to like it...”

The youngest of the group closed his eyes hard, trying his best to force out the warm feeling of pleasure that was starting to build within him, his mind trying to focus on getting out of there... Problem was, he had nowhere to go, and with every second Karin played with him, it became a whole lot more difficult for him to fight his urges...

Sakura still sensed the unwillingness in her boyfriend, and decided to help uplift his worries... Now sitting beside him, she softly ran her hand down his forehead and short black hair and said in a soft tune, “Now, now, there, Darrell... It’s ok... Just let it go. It’s ok...”

“N... no.... I... can’t...” he still managed to say despite it being a pretty weak defense, eyes closed heavily as he dug deep within himself to break free, but for some reason, Karin and Sakura’s hold on him combined wasn’t going to let that happen for long... His hands gripped the carpet now, just as something escaped him that he wish didn’t...

He let out a gasp... Not any old gasp... but one that Karin and Sakura knew meant without even hesitating with it...

(He’s cracking...) Karin thought gleefully, now defiantly deciding to take it to the next level before it was too late. Granted, 20 minutes ago she wouldn’t necessarily know what to do in such a situation and personally, she wouldn’t have even imagined doing anything of the like, but that certainly wasn’t the case right now. Apparently, everything just seemed to flow without her thinking about it... and it was all working so well... Now ending her current little hand massage, the Kanzuki lay her body down parallel to the carpet, positioning herself so that her hands rested on Darrell’s thighs, and let out a bit of a snicker as she let her face see what was standing up rigid right in front of her...

(He won’t know what hit him...)

...most certainly he did.

“K... Karin.....!” he gasped out, his voice now lighter as he began breathing harder for air. The blond of the group stopped her little surprise treatment on Darrell and looked over to see his face... and there it was... That look of defiance was gone... With Darrell’s eyes open now, she could very well see the want within...

“That’s what I wanted...” she said huskily. “Now... go ahead and say the magic words... and I’ll continue from where I left off...”

“...ah... P... K.... Keep... s... sucking......”

“Good enough...” she replied, more than happy to keep up with Darrell’s request. Just as Karin welcomed Darrell’s member into his mouth and him mouth gapped open to let out a shudder, Sakura wasted no time jumping right on her boyfriend’s mouth, instantly letting out a gasp as his tongue and breath hit her hot lower regions…

“Oooohhh! That’s great…!” the cherry blossom sighed happily as her enjoyed Darrell involuntarily lapping at her pussy lips. “Keep him moaning, Karin, I’m liking this a lot…!”

Again, the Kanzuki girl wasted no time, continuing her play on the only boy in the group, still sucking greedily on Darrell’s hardness, who, in turn, found himself deep within a sea of hot lust… something he just happened to be liking more and more…

Every time Karin hit a soft spot in him, his mouth would hit Sakura’s sweetness in just the right spot, making her moan all over again as she gave into her wild passion even more than before. All this was starting to get to the blond’s head, and before she knew it, her own body was once again getting deeply aroused to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore… She needed some more of the action as well…

After about only a minute and a half of this, Karin upped the ante again, now taking the rod out of her mouth, now totally covered with her saliva, and, without any remorse on her mind, placed her own dampening pussy over Darrell, instantly letting out a yell at the first feeling of something like THIS go deep within her…

“Oooh!! Put it in me deeper!” she cried out, her mind now completely lost as she began to hop up and down Darrell’s shaft, now as wild as she had ever been in her entire existence. “Make me CUM you two…!!”

And, from there… the moment spurred on… and at that point… Darrell long forgot about the cause of all this uncontrolled lust… all that he could be brought to recall was just how wild the rest of the day became between him and his two teammates…

---- ----

“He, he... Score three for the Shiranui kunoichi...!”

Just outside the Young Street Fighters excited room, one Mai Shiranui couldn’t have felt more proud of herself. Sure, sneaking into the room was easy. Coming up with the right opportunity to use the crystal drinks was another. Lucky for her about the argument... or else she feared she’d have to actually show herself... but what’s the fun in that with no challenge in it all...?

“I best leave... I don’t want to get caught out here... or catch myself giving in to all those sweet sounds myself... There’s much more to be done...!”

And with that, along with three simultaneous yells of bliss from the room behind her, Mai scampered out of sight, her next plan already in mind... and a dousie to boot...

----- -----

“Oriya...! Tadaima...! (Here I am...!) Yakeru! (Burn!)

Outside the window of the Young World Warriors room and down below, streaks of flames slew all through the air, as young Emi attacked with greater focus with each and every attack. She’d been outside training with her boyfriend and sensei, Kyo for a while now, and she’d been keeping a steady pace with the Kusanagi heir, who was simply guarding all her attacks.

After her last special attack, the Tsuki No De, Kyo jumped back, Emi quick to follow. She threw a few blows, getting encouragement from her sensei, but once she was into a state of security and attacked again, Kyo threw a counterattack of his own, Emi letting out a yelp, instinctively swaying head backwards to avoid being clocked by his fist.

(Normally that would’ve caught her...) he thought, smirking a bit as Emi stood on guard in her stance. “Alright, that’s enough...”

The comment made Emi blink a little. “Huh? Are you serious? I mean... you know... So soon?”

Kyo put a hand in his white jacket and nodded once. “Yeah. Call me crazy, but I want to find Benimaru. He didn’t come back from wherever he went with Mai the other day, and Daimon didn’t see anything at all. To think about it, Keiko’s also missing. Honestly, I was almost looking forward to having her barge in on us the other night... It was just too good that we actually went uninterrupted... well... besides the Shingo incident...” Kyo paused once again, making a face... “Come to think about it... He’s never came back his own self.... Geez. What’s with everyone all of a sudden?”

Emi nodded in acknowledgement. “You want me to come with you?”

“Nah, I’ll be alright,” the Kusanagi heir waved it off, staring to head towards the hotel again. “You just relax. You did pretty well today. I’ll catch you back at the hotel room, alright?”

“Ok. I’ll see you then.”

Kyo gave Emi a loving look and then went inside, the door to the back of the lobby only a few feet away. Once he was cleanly inside, Emi sighed and sat next to a nearby tree. Wiping the light sweat away from her body with a towel that she hung on a low branch, she temporarily looked up at the sky, her mind flashing back to the other night. To say that she was shocked about it all would’ve been a big understatement. Yet... somehow the thought, just as fast as it had went into her mind, it crept out, and she found herself just closing her eyes and letting the breeze sweep by...

“Hello, there!”

The sudden voice startled Emi, knocking her out of her dormant mood. Opening her eyes towards the sound of the voice, the brown-haired Esaka girl managed to meet someone she rarely saw outside of the TV. In front of her was another young girl, her natural purple hair done in a very stylish ponytail curling down the back. On her body rested a casual but just as eye-catching yellow short shirt showing off her mid-section, black jean skirt socks and custom made sneakers to match. The words “Psycho Queen” ran in big letters along the shirt and sides of her skirt... Easily, her presence definitively got Emi’s full attention.

“Athena Asamiya! Wow, its been a long time,” Emi greeted while standing up to meet the superstar singer with a warm smile.

“Yes, it has,” Athena replied brightly. “You’re not as common at KOF like Kyo-san is. Its nice to see you again.”

The little comment was true, but it wasn’t without good reasons... Despite that, it didn’t phase Emi one bit.

“What brings you here to this exhibition?” the idol asked, bending down to sit next to Emi as the brown-hair plopped back onto the grass.

“Well... Kyo-sensei wants to see the progress that Shingo and I have been making,” came Emi’s honest reply. “Honestly, I don’t think he’s going to be doing a lot outside of that. He didn’t seem too... driven to fight for himself.”

“That’s like Kusanagi-san alright...” Athena said while making a face. “How about the others?”

“Oh, everyone’s here. Benimaru, Daimon, Miyuki, and my sister, too.”

Athena smiled again while crossing her semi-bare legs. “That’s pretty big for a team...”

“So is it true?” Emi asked right afterwards. “You’re on a different team now?”

“Without hesitation Athena nodded. “Yep. I’m on a brand-new team with Melody Forte and Chela Castillo from the World Warrior circuit. I’m going to show that baka Kensou that I don’t need him to get by. Indeed, that’s the other way around.”

Emi could sense a very small tint of bitterness in Athena’s lovely voice and decided to leave the subject alone. “So where is your new team now?”

Athena looked up to the sky a bit, holding her hands behind her head, and replied, “Melody’s taking a stroll around the area and Chela mentioned contacting her family back in Mexico.”

Emi nodded in confirmation, “And you? What were you up to before you decided to say hi to me?”

“Just checking to see who else made it here. For once I think this tournament will go by without some crazy, power-hungry god or whatever controlling it. Honestly, that gets on your nerves going through all that all the time.”

The comment made Emi giggle some, Athena smiling at her new friend’s gleefulness.

“That’s so true,” the Esaka girl added. “I mean, why can’t those sort of things end like normal competitions? I’d bet money that happens at every KOF from start to finish. It does sort of worry me every time Kyo goes to one when I stay in safety. I know he doesn’t like going, but those white envelopes are like homing missiles, and once they find you, it’s like you have to go. Just what is with that, anyways...?”

Athena, surprisingly, shrugged. “I honestly haven’t thought about that... Good point.”

Emi then brushed the question aside. “What I mean to say is, usually when he gets back there’s that vibe... especially since after N.E.S.T.S. went down. I’m just glad he got back at all. Seriously. I wish those tournaments would be tamer. Kyo almost went nuts once these invites showed up. He just came back from the last KOF not too long ago, and I had to show it to him that it wasn’t a KOF invite. I never saw him so relieved, so I guess I don’t blame him if he doesn’t participate this time around.”

The Esaka girl paused, giving Athena a quizzical look, then continued. “Are these things as stressful to you?”

“Well... in a way...” Athena replied a bit uneasily. “I guess its because Kyo’s family clan is hereditarily so strong that all these things just fall on him. I can’t relate. I guess its that I get frustrated at times because the Psycho Soldiers never, ever made it to the semi-final rounds in any of the KOFs. We always wind up fighting either Kyo, Iori, K`, or Terry’s teams and we never match up right.” Athena closed her eyes and sighed hard. “I wish at the most that I could have some solid backup. You know what happened at the last one. It wound up to me alone facing both Maxima and K`, and although I started off fighting, I already knew I wasn’t going to make it. However, half-way into my bout, I just quit. I couldn’t do it all by myself...” A long pause again, Emi now seeing Athena’s eyes grow softer from the memory. The idol’s left hand picked up a blade of grass and blew it away in one breath.

“You know, I envy you...”

“Nani?” Emi blinked, the quote surprising her. Did she hear right? How could an international singing sensation envy a simple girl like her? Athena turned to her and repeated.

“I sort of wish I was in your shoes. Even if you enter KOF, you’re there with Kyo backing you up. My best shot is Kensou, and ever since he lost his psycho power things just haven’t clicked. Heck, off the tournament scene, you’re his girlfriend, yet with me I just don’t necessarily see Kensou in the same light. At time I wonder what he actually finds attractive about me. A large part of me says its just about how beautiful I am physically and that’s it, but I’m not sure... I get so much mail from horny boys saying that but it’s obviously the same vibe with them all. Guys can be so trivial...”

Emi took a pause as she thought of a response, taking the time to look over Athena’s attire again at in the process.

“It’s... to be expected, though...” she said after a short while of quiet between the two. “The way you dress... and you natural pretty face and such...”

Athena then noticed a few strands of her dark violet hair being lifted up and observed, making full eye contact with Emi, who held her hair in a hand... Oddly, the expression on her face... seemed as if she was really fascinated in they way she looked...

“You’re really gifted with so many things that leave so many dreaming about you... You’re... a... really enchanting...”

Then, suddenly Emi stopped, noticing just what she was saying and doing. A hard color of crimson fell over her face, at the same time releasing her hold on Athena’s locks of hair.

“Oh, dear... I... I’m sorry...” the brown-haired girl gasped out her apology. “I... I don’t know what came over me...”

Athena shook her head. “No. It’s alright...” she then flicked at her long hair as she spoke. “You don’t need to feel embarrassed over that... You make a lot of sense, anyways...”

The pop-singer then inched herself closer to the Esaka girl, the two sitting side by side and touching by the side of their arms and legs... and for some odd reason, Emi’s blush grew even hotter, almost as if her entire face was on fire...

(God... W... what’s coming over me...? I’m so hot now... a... and this close to her...)

Athena then turned and noticed the flushed expression that was quickly claiming Emi’s being and asked softly “Are you alright, Emi?”

“I...” was all that managed to come out of her mouth, her eyes mesmerized by Athena’s presence. As much as she was telling herself to look away and regain her composure, she just couldn’t...

“Emi...?” Athena asked again, just as Emi’s eyes stopped staring into hers and gazed down at the grass with a glossy tone, blush intact.

“Athena...” she began, her voice a light whisper, I just... realized just how... ‘attractive’ you are... and... well... its gotten to the point that I can’t help but feel jealous all of a sudden... Its amazing how you haven’t really found anyone yourself, since you... have so many boys falling for you all over the world.”

Was she really saying all this...? So sudden...? The answer was totally fleeting Emi’s mind right now, and deep, deep inside her it was scaring her. She never felt this way before... and everything... her feelings... her actions... her words... were all so foreign to her... Regardless of all this, she found herself still speaking...

“I don’t know why... but suddenly I feel self-conscience of myself... I mean... I think the only reason I’m with Kyo is because... well...”

She never managed to finish her thought as a hand gently held under her chin, lifting her focus back up to the idol’s face, whose eyes were warm and holding a sudden... spark... in them...

“Emi... I’m not sure what’s going through your head... but you’ve got nothing to worry about...”

The flame-user of the two suddenly found the Psycho Soldier creeping closer still to her, their faces just millimeters apart...

“It doesn’t bother me about the others I’ve passed on before... I’ve just been waiting on the right one... but you...”

Eni’s body was frozen in place, eyes locked on Athena as she kept falling forwards...

“You shouldn’t worry... You’re great as you are... In fact...”

...and the next comment, literally, hit Emi square on her own lips...

“I find you plenty attractive myself...” Athena ended, her voice growing deeper than it had been the last few minutes, a rosy tint to her own cheeks appearing to accommodate the situation they found themselves in... “Just... just enough... to...”

Athena’s eyes closed as her sentence trailed off... and left it to finish, not with her words... but with her lips...

The moment Athena’s lips fell over hers, Emi’s mind completely erased itself. Her eyes widened in contrast to Athena’s, her body statue-still. She couldn’t move at all as the singer delivered an insanely slow kiss on her, her lips so sweet she was almost certain she was tasting pure apples right then and there... As her mind was sent far away into the wind, Emi’s right hand, the one farthest way from her companion, gripped the grass below her, just as Athena’s right fell over her other...

And just like that, the two young girls found themselves lost within the deep meeting of their mouths, their breaths escalating together in deepness and the warmth within their bodies growing more. Seconds passed... then a few minutes... and still the two didn’t show any signs of stopping this... mother of a kiss... It seemed to last an eternity to both Emi and Athena, and with each passing second their want... no... need to be with one another was as solid as still. By the time they did break their mind-blowing kiss, the two were terribly flustered, breathing harder than they have even had their entire lives... It was unreal...

“A... A... Athena...” Emi’s passion-filled voice escaped her vocal chords. “Kiss me again... P... please...!” she was practically begging to be attended to...

...and the long-haired star answered her plan instantly. She threw herself into Emi’s clutches, her own hands holding out Emi’s shoulders tight as then passionate kiss returned two-fold, hungrier and more wanting that before... Emi’s hands pressing Athena’s lithe body against her own while the other flowed feverishly in her hair. Legs intertwined in the heat of the moment and every inch of their skin was scorching from the sudden heat that sprung from within their souls...

As the two melted fully into one another, they slid down closer to the soft field of grass below until they lay on their sides, stopping their first hot kiss to quickly gather up a little of their strength to apply another. The two members of KOF gazed hard into each others’ eyes, trying to catch themselves as they both wondered, through all they’ve been going through... just what was making them do this all of a sudden...

Emi perhaps more so than Athena...

“Athena...” she panted, the first sensible word to flow through the air in the past... 3 minutes or so... “Y... you know... we shouldn’t... shouldn’t be doing this...”

Athena just nodded her head, still breathing harshly through her mouth. Gosh, she never felt this... bothered in her whole life... She wanted to reply with words... and even more so with her actions... but she just couldn’t pass anything through her heavy pants...

Emi, in turn, took a deep breath, despite the fact that it didn’t help much, and tried her best to muster up her next choice of words...

“I... I’m supposed... to stay... true to Kyo...”

Still terribly close to giving Athena more of what she was currently enjoying, Emi took her time collecting the words she so desperately needed to say...

“And I’ve never even... thought about doing this with another girl... but right now... I just don’t care...”

As she continued, Emi’s right hand found its way to Athena’s bare legs, tracing them from bottom of her ankles to the top of her thighs, Athena closing her eyes and savoring Emi’s touch fully...

“I... want to try... this... with you...” Emi finally finished, the breathless stemming from her excitement returning again. “I... don’t know why I--”

“You don’t have to...” Athena cut her off, opening her eyes to share her peaked passion with Emi. She just couldn’t wait for it anymore. “Just... take... me...”

The final three words came spaced out among one another, yet the moment the third hit her ears, any hint of hesitation eroded off of Emi’s conscience completely. Now the roles from earlier reversed, Emi coming into Athena’s welcoming arms and kissing the idol fiercely on her sweet lips while positioning herself on top of Athena, pressing her back onto the grass below... Once her back made contact with the ground, Emi left her lips alone to focus on other means of making Athena hot all over, and as Emi’s warm kisses fell onto her cheeks, neck, and shoulders, Athena realized that this was something most fan boys would’ve killed for...

...all of which Emi, who didn’t have the slightest clue as to what to actually do in this new situation, was magically accomplishing with expert tenacity... It was as if something... or someone... was guiding her... making her do all the right moves... and everything she did seemed to work perfectly... leaving the Psycho Soldier moaning as she had no choice but to sit back and receive all Emi gave her...

“Ooooooh... Emi...” Athena let out in a far-away voice. “E... Emi... Oo.... Ah.....!”

In all honestly, the only things that could be made out were non-sensible groans and sighs, and each time Athena managed to say Emi’s name, Emi’s own arousal grew, making her just as far-gone as Athena was without being touched...

The short-haired girl fought her own burning urges to keep herself focused on her target, now seeking to explore the beautiful singer’s body. Without saying a word, she grasped hold of Athena’s yellow top, and with the owner’s assistance, removed it completely off her body. Emi then paused again, gazing at every little detail that rose on Athena’s bra-protected chest. Besides little... moments with her sister when she was younger, she never been so close to another woman’s breasts before... and Athena’s left her nothing short of amazed.

“They’re... perfect...” was all Emi said, her voice now in a whisper. Along with the comment, she let a hand reach down and touched one of the two bumps personally through the cotton material...

...triggering a noticeable louder moan of appreciation from Athena’s mouth, her body now flat on the grass in a state of euphoria. Seeing the effect that little touch had, the Esaka girl decided to push the envelope even more, now grabbing hold to Athena’s left breast fully rather than simply touching it... and the product was twice as rewarding as the first. A long, loud moan escaped the singer’s vocal chords, her eyes closed heavily, her face a hard crimson, and her head thrown to the side, her whole body aching for more...

“Oh... god... D... do that again... Emiiiiiii.....” she encouraged her new lover, something that was done with much pleasure intended. Emi now squeezed and massaged Athena’s breasts, both of them, through her cotton bra, and the Psycho Soldier couldn’t get enough of it. Her gasps and groans were coming out faster and louder than before as time went by, and Athena could fully feel a steady slickness beginning to develop underneath her skirt and panties, turning her own even more...

“Aaah...! Ohhhhh, don’t stop, Emi...! ....Sooo.... goooood....!”

Emi could fully sense Athena’s arousal reaching new heights, her body now fidgeting restlessly as more waves of pleasure settled in. Wanting to keep this going as long as possible, Emi decided it was time to get bolder...

“Athena...” she cooed softly, her fingers tracing the outlines on Athena’s sole defense against leaving her chest open and exposed to the world around her, “This will... be... This will have to be done away with...”

The violet-haired girl’s only response was a longing moan, unable to wait any longer. She had to have it... now...

Emi easily reached behind Athena and within seconds, did away with the last little garment on the top of Athena’s body...

...and in the same amount of time, caused Athena to practically scream out in sheer joy, ducking down and lapping at Athena’s bare mounds with her tongue. As Emi tried to fit as much as Athena’s tit into her mouth as possible, the singer’s hands flew onto the back of her head, holding her dearly as she felt herself get closer to her limit. She just couldn’t stop moaning and each lick, suck, and even nibble on her fleshy mounds made her body quake with raw pleasure...

“Emi...! I...! I...!!”

The Esaka girl then found Athena’s entire body grow rigid for a few moments, and by the tightening expression on her face, knew what about to happen...

“Emmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

Said girl quickly shot a hand beneath Athena’s skirt, just in time to feel hot streams of Athena’s nectar splash against the already wet panties she wore, all as Athena yelled out to the heavens as she came... with her lower wardrobe still on her body...

It took a while for Athena to finally stop cumming all over herself, but she didn’t wait for that to cease before she sat up and landed a deep lustful kiss onto Emi’s lips, arms snaking around her lover’s neck. Athena then, at the golden moment, realized something...

First the other day with Kasumi...

Now here with Emi...

She suddenly smiled inside. She never realized it before... Just how... dirty had she became over the last 24 hours? And the kicker was... she loved her newfound perverted-ness. It was brining her to a brand new world, one that was always bright, sunny and full of surprises. She was finally free from her stressful schedule, her pressure to perform, and upkeep her image in front of annoying paparazzi. Athena left her old, superstar self behind... and all that remained was the pleasure-crazing Psycho Soldier.

Still locked with the Esaka girl by the lips, the violet-haired girl pushed softly onto Emi’s chest, and without fighting it, Emi’s body willingly fell to the grass back first.

“Thank you..." Emi’s partner said close to her ear. “Now, its your turn...”

Emi let out an “mmmmm...” as Athena began to return the favor, teasing her companion by trailing her fingers along the curves on Emi’s shirt, namely her chest area. As Emi cooed, Athena spoke lightly.

“You know... because of you I’ve finally realized something that was hidden in me... These... beautiful feelings... I wouldn’t trade them for the world...”

Emi then felt more movement, and lifted her head to see Athena sit up on her own abdomen, unzipping her jean skirt... and Emi couldn’t help but grow a little crimson...

“I don’t have anymore worries...” the Psycho Soldier continued, now maneuvering herself in a particularly seeing way to slip out of her shirt, “and I don’t care about anything else other then exploring myself... I simply need to know more...”

“I... I see...” Emi began to pant, now seeing Athena’s strip tease continue, now slipping out of her practically drooling panties, Emi now gazing upon her lover’s fully nude body save her socks and sneakers... and, after another minute or two, those were discarded as well. Seeing Emi’s red face made Athena giggle some more. “You like?”

Emi couldn’t do anything but nod her head shamelessly. Another giggle fell from Athena. “Don’t you think you should rid yourself of something as well...?”

Emi quickly got the meaning to Athena’s words, but the instant she began to reach for her own top, Athena’s hand beat hers to it.

“No, no...” the Psycho Soldier said, waving a naughty finger in Emi’s direction. “I’ll handle everything... You just relax...”

“Ok, Athena...”

Once the Esaka girl surrendered herself, Athena used a hand to roll up the bottom of Emi’s shut Emi having to hold her arms up above hear heed to get it off...

“I’m going to make this fun for the both of us...” Athena assured with a flashy smile, tossing Emi’s shirt to the side where the rest of the singer’s clothes lay. Her hands then fooled around on Emi’s collarbone, all the while Athena repositioning herself so that she sat on the top of Emi’s stomach, Emi felling Athena’s sweetness easily... Once she was happy with her position, the long-hair girl’s hangs then homed in on the fastens on Emi’s bra, and had them off in no time...

“I... want you to really see this...” the girl in command murmured, bending over on Emi’s bare chest and settling her head above the aroused breasts. “You’ll like...”

Shortly afterwards, Emi’s throat got caught in her throat as she felt something wet and rough, Athena’s red tongue, lap point plank at the tip of the Esaka girl’s hardened nipples, slow yet long. After only two of these, Emi’s throat couldn’t hold back the loving moan that was building within her. Her head rolled in a circle as Athena continued to lick solely on her nipples, the feeling just as great, if not more, than when Kyo did these things to her...

It was now time for Emi to call Athena’s name in pure bliss, now truly understanding the effects that these actions caused.

(You haven’t seen anything yet, Emi...)

Curiosity overcame Athena’s mind and, now convinced Emi was ready for it, stopped licking. The Esaka girl, however, couldn’t respond in protest, as Athena rose a small bit... bringing herself closer to Emi’s face... stopped... then sat back down again...


The reaction was instant; Emi’s eyes shooting open from the new shocking feeling that fell on her right breast, and also the same time, a chill flew through her body at the feel of something even wetter than Athena’s tongue enveloped her breast...

“Oohh... This... feels... weird...” Athena said, making an odd face as she tried to get a hang of this new position. She shuffled her hips some, shook around a bit... and searched for a nice feel on Emi’s breast...

Little did she know each move was hitting Emi’s VERY hard...

“K... kami..! Athena...!” she found herself wailing. “What are you DOING...!?”

“What does it look like, silly...?” Athena smiled back, now finding a groove. Rest assured, it was EXACTLY as it looked like. Athena was literally sitting on Emi’s breast, but not any old ‘sit’. Athena’s bare, moist pussy was totally covering up Emi’s breast...

.and if Emi’s guess was right... then...



The moment the thought crept into her head, Emi almost felt a gallon of her own juices shoot to her own wetness like a geyser in anticipation, a long, loud moan echoing throughout the are as her head pressed hard against the earth...

The action, ironically, causing a domino effect on Athena, as she just computed what she was doing, and about to do... and her own pussy started to leak all over again... Breathing heavy and eyes closing just as hard, Athena leaned back, half home the pleasure racking her body again, and the other half from needing to strip Emi’s remaining wardrobe from her body... After a few clumsy attempts, she managed to work Emi’s pants, now showing their own damp spots, and also her panties, down far enough for Emi to kick them off herself, the brown-haired girl’s wetness glistening beautifully in the sunlight...

(I... told you I’d made this fun...) Athena thought, now facing Emi’s face fully, her hands on Emi’s shoulders. (Now... prepare for the ride of your life...)

And with that, Athena began bumping her hips up and down on Emi’s breast, and from the very first hop on Emi’s chest, Emi’s gasps and groans flew freely, Athena’s short to follow. As time went on, Athena’s grip on Emi grew tighter, not only by her hands, but also her swollen pussy contracting against Emi’s aroused breasts, her cunt dribbling tiny rivers of her precum down her chest, collecting in Emi’s bosom... She wasn’t the only girl who was dripping with desire... Emi was enjoying the moment just was well as Athena was, totally unable to contain herself from making her own puddle of ecstasy on the grass between her legs...

Athena never let up the pace, going faster each moment, now jumping up and down on Emi’s body to get even more pleasure out of the both of them, to much success. Both girls eyes were shut as their bodies wore from enduring so many waves of uncontained lust, and Athena STILL wasn’t done on her many ways to make Emi upgrade from moaning to screaming and yelling... eventually reaching a hand back to drive a few of her fingers into Emi’s wetness as hard as she was humping Emi’s long breast; and action the Esaka girl was more than happy to accept...

“Ohhhhhh! Athena...!” she cried out, now totally overboard, reaching to her second breast she could please herself to add to her mad state of mind. Her chest was so hard it hurt, and her body kept jolting with pleasure bolts all over... hitting every nerve possible...

“Yes, Emi...! Let it all loose!” Athena yelled out as well, her own body feeling overwhelmed all over again. At this point she felt as if she was a faucet that was left on running full blast for about 2 hours straight... “Cum...! Cum for me...!”

The two kept pushing each other to the brink... knowing full well that once they did went over their limit, they’d be practically nothing left in their bodies to probably even stand up right for a long while, and all the while, their bodies kept welling up from the hunger every time they thought about it (considering they could think, granted all the intercourse they were sharing...) It kept driving them to got at each other more... Athena crushing her soaked pussy into Emi’s breast as hard as she could and as fast as she could manage it...

More and more....

“ATHENA!!!” Emi shrieked at the time of her lungs, the force within her literally beginning to rip her insides apart as it began to explode out of her. “AAAHHHH!!! ATHENAAAAAAAAA!”

“AAAHHH...!!” Athena’s own yell came immediately afterwards, triggered from Emi’s howl. “I’M GOING TO.....!!!!! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!”

At that moment, neither girl could hold it anymore... Almost as if bond by the same force, the two clutched hold on one another for dear life, Emi holding onto Athena’s legs at both her sides while Athena’s one hand literally could’ve put their own marks into Emi’s shoulder, the other jammed permanently by Emi’s lower pussy walls... Both their backs arching backwards madly... feeling everything beginning to spill out of their bodies all at once...

...and let all their passion... lust... and emotion... go...



The two schoolgirls hit a high note they never could’ve regenerate even if they tried, screaming at the top of their lungs and riding out this bomb of an orgasm for all it was worth. Cum seemed to just rocket out of their swollen lower lips with absolutely no control at all. Athena’s thick stream of her honey literally coated Emi’s breasts, the force of her summit so great that it made Athena jolt off Emi’s body completely to collapse, curled up in a reckless heap next to her lover as their rivers continued to run freely out of their tired bodies. Emi, along with Athena, was practically crying from all the aftereffects, their voices unbelievably loud as they rang for seconds on end...

...and didn’t stop until long after their orgasms did... yet still not fully... As they tried to catch their breath, Athena’s voice, now a bit lower but still very much heavy, sounded through the air...

“E... Em...i...?” she asked unevenly, her bare body still in the same exact position it was about 3 minutes ago, a lake of cum resting below her hips and legs. The brown-haired girl only moaned in response to the call.

“C... can... you move... at all...?”

Emi, still feeling all the surges coursing through her body from earlier, tried to answer Athena by figuring it out, but she found out that she couldn’t even lift a finger.

“I...Iie... I... I can’t... move...” came her light cry.

Athena then tried to move herself... using up all her energy just to lift her body up...

...and managed to stand up to a vertical base, her legs totally weak and arms down limply to her sides...

...for only about 3 seconds... after which, her body utterly shut down and she fell hard once again, this time lying on top of Emi’s nude body as well, her hair sprawled out all over her chest.

“I don’t think we… are going anywhere… anytime soon…” Athena said in a light voice. “Might as well… just… rest…”

Emi let out a light noise, just as her eyes closed and before she knew it, she was a sleep, simply too tired to keep her eyes open. Athena then looked at Emi the best she could, then smiled as she collapsed along Emi's chest, accompanying her new lover in the warm darkness of sleep…

---- ----

“So... that is what has been happening these past few days...”

“Yes. By the way Kim has been saying it, there’s a weird atmosphere hanging around this place. We can’t really place it, but there’s something up with all of this. Everything here is free, and no one has really seen a lot of people working the hotel. In addition to that, there seems to be an increase of the number of Mizuryu and Burakkuuindo (Black Wind) members hanging around the city. It all points to something rotten, and I have a strong belief that it has something to do with this exhibition.”

In a recently redecorated room, sporting a green camouflage tone to the scenery, Guile sat directly in front of his best friend and partner, Charlie Nash, who had just shown up at the hotel 20 minutes ago from the Air Force. Nothing changed as far as his appearance; even his blonde hair, set in a hangar style, was unaffected from the jet flight. As the two spoke, Charlie kept a calm tone on his face, trying to put his knowledge up to the situation.

“So... I suppose that something here is amiss,” Charlie began. “And you say Kim Kapwhan has assembled a group of fighters to investigate the matter?”

Guile nodded. “Exactly. Wagner and I are already part of the team, and if you ask me, I believe Shadowloo’s got a hand in this. Perhaps this is a place for Bison to start scouting for more people to join their ranks.”

Charlie put a hand on his chin, then fixed his glasses. “That would be a little odd of him, however... The fighters here all got invites, and it would be rather stupid of him to right-out invite members of the US Air Force, Interpol, and Ikari to a crime get-together. People back at HQ have already decided to keep an eye out for any overly-odd activity that could happen here, and so far no reports outside of the gangs swarming the place. Besides, we’ve lost track of Bison and Shadowloo for the past 3 months. It would be really dumb of him to show up at a public exhibition knowing these people are after him.”

“Perhaps you’re right, but I’m not going to rule that out,” Guile countered. “N.E.S.T.S. did a similar thing not too long ago. That organization is gone and Rugal is dead. I can’t think of anyone outside of Geese Howard that could possibly show up here and be the mastermind of all of this, and he’s participating too on account of an invite. It just doesn’t make any sense right now.”

The two men paused for a while, thinking about what they had to deal with, then after a few moments, Charlie spoke.

“Perhaps it would be wise to sit back a bit and watch things develop. Hopefully we can get a clue as to what is going on here.”


Just as Guile ended his remark, the door to their room opened up, revealing Wagner, along with some company...

“Ok, you two,” he began, walking in. “I picked the Delta Red representatives from the airport. They’re with me right now.”

“Ms. Cammy White is here?” Charlie asked, turning around to face the doorway to their room. Surely, the ex-assassin and doll of Shadowloo was standing right at the doorway, complete with her green Delta Red uniform, hat and boots. Charlie and Guile both stood up and greeted the Englishwoman at the door formally before realizing that two smaller individuals were behind her...

“And who are these two...? Other operatives, Cammy?” Guile asked.

“These two are my children...” Cammy responded calmly, and at the sound of that from her, it was odd, making both Guile and Charlie blink a bit before staring back at the two kids behind her. The two were similar in everyway other than the fact that they were opposite genders, and it was difficult to acknowledge them as members of Delta Red, for they wore normal street clothes and looked no older than 16 years old a piece...

“Noel and Drake White?” Guile mumbled, making the twins nod back at him.

“Hey! You’re Guile!” Drake, the older of the two by 8 minutes, yelled out. “Sweet! I heard a lot about you from the guys in Sector-T5. James says you’re a real brawler.”

The comment made Guile smirk. “Well then, this one’s certainly got spunk... Should be interesting to see how he fares here.” He then turned to Noel, noticing that her focus wasn’t on anyone else in the room anymore, but rather on a person outside. Guile himself turned to the direction, and found another woman approaching the group...

“Vicki Small,” Charlie identified. “Member of the US Secret Service...”

”Uh-oh...” Wagner muttered. “If she’s here, that means that there IS something big happening here in Osaka...”

Said operative was wearing a very formal business suit, her blond hair set into a short, neat hairstyle. Her blue eyes were very hard and serious, and it seemed as if already she was getting down to business...

“Commander Guile... Air Force Captain Charlie... Delta Red operatives...” her version of a greeting came, nodding while acknowledging each of the people in the room...


Vicki then blinked, noticing Wagner standing in front of her, arms crossed and giving her a look.

“Oh... that’s right... Wagner...” she corrected herself.

“Why must every time we meet you have to diss me?” Wagner asked, annoyed.

“I don’t know exactly... It’s probably the only joy of my life...” Vicki responded.

“Hey, I can pinpoint sarcasm, you know. Even from you.”

“Alright, Wagner, that’s enough...” Guile interrupted. “I think it’s about time that we get in order. I believe its time that we got you all up to date...”

---- ----

“Yang...! Yun…? Where are you...?”

Just inside the lobby doors, Yin Lee was busy on a mission. Since she woke up today, she’d noticed that she was the only one in the Triple Dragon’s room. Startled, she quickly washed up and got ready for the day, and ever since she left her room, she’d been busy trying to find her two older twin brothers, Yun and Yang. Currently, Yin was in another section of the lobby, apart from the main check-in area, wearing moderate length jean shorts and a yellow themed short sleeve shirt, a gold hairband across the front of her hair. Her eyes scanned the area, which was bare save for a few fighters scattered about, and in her search, she even asked a few on their whereabouts, yet to no avail.

“Where could those two have gone off to…?” Yin asked herself, putting her hands on her hips, now finding herself in the second part of the lobby, the lounge, which hosted a café for breakfast and fast meals, and just outside that, a few statues and a large water fountain towards the end of the area. After a bit of thinking, Yin decided to sit down, taking the closest chair and table to her in the café to occupy. Almost immediately upon sitting down, she felt someone approaching her
from the right…

“Hello, Ms Lee. May I get you anything?”

“Huh…?” gasped the youngest Lee Dragon, thrown off from the sudden voice. She turned her attention to find a male waiter in a white and red uniform standing beside her, notepad and pen already out and ready to take the order.

“Oh… Oh, ok…” Yin said, regaining herself. “Sort of scared me there… Ok, I’ll just take a cup of hot tea and that’s it… and could you please make it quick? I have to be somewhere.”

The waiter nodded his head in acceptance, not needing to write down such an easy order, and turned to get Yin’s tea. As he left, Yin just stared at him as he disappeared into the back of the café.

(I wonder where he came from… I could’ve sworn that I only saw that guy in that blue army vest, cap and shades over on the other side of the room… Maybe I just didn’t notice him…)

Yin then sighed, looking straight forward and down the lobby lounge, seeing only a few other fighters that she didn’t recognize pass by. After a while, however, that changed.

“Is that you, Yin?”

Yin turned her head around, and smiled upon seeing a familiar face for the first time in a while. Standing on the outside of the café was a young woman, a bit older and taller than Yin, dark-skinned and with short white hair. On her body rested a orange simple top with purple long pants and white sneakers, a carrying bag in her hand from shopping out in Osaka…

“Hi, Elena!” Yin greeted happily. “Seems as if you’re coming back from some early morning shopping, eh?”

Elena nodded, a bright expression on her face as well.

“When’d you make it here?”

“Oh, Unoka and I both got here rather late last night, so we missed saying hello to anyone that was already here and sleeping. Unoka right now is in our room doing some private training exercises on the 5th floor, hence why he’s not here with me right now.”

“Yeah, that’s the workhorse… Just like I remember him…” Yin paused some, then asked, “You know you need three fighters at least to participate here… Where’s your third member at?”

“Oh, I haven’t met her yet,” Elena admitted, “but she e-mailed me when the exhibition was still taking in team orders, and says her name is Mignon Beart. Apparently she’s a newbie in the KOF circuit yet she got invited to this exhibition and needed a partner, so we took her in.”

“Well, that’s nice of you to do that. I probably wouldn’t have did the same if I were you.”

“Speaking of teammates, where are your brothers?”

Yin twisted her mouth at the question. “That’s exactly why I’m down here right now. I woke up this morning and they were gone. They must’ve ran out somewhere and early to boot, so they snuck out so that they wouldn’t wake me up or something…” she shrugged after that. “I really don’t know…”

Yin then stopped herself, looking Elena square in the eyes, and asked, “You haven’t came across either Yun or Yang, have you?”

The silver-haired women began to shake her head and say no, but just then, her eyes caught someone near the fountain down the lounge…

“Isn’t that Yang right there with that girl?” she asked, the mention of the word ‘girl’ throwing the young Dragon off.


Yin spun around in her seat, and sure enough there was Yang, wearing a blue denim vest open to see a white undershirt, and jeans on his legs, walking towards the water fountain… and also holding hands with a girl in dual pony tails, dark red clothes… and that face…

“Mei-Ling…?” Yin asked herself, her hawk eyes staying on the two as they talked to one another. Then, the two disappeared behind the waterfall, but not before Yin could see that both were about to sit on the edge of the fountain…

Yin stayed still for a moment, somehow a little suspicious about the sight, then remembered Elena was still standing next to her table.

“Um… excuse me, Elena. I need to see what my brother’s up to.”

“Sure thing, Yin. As a matter of fact, I need to get going myself. I have a bit of ice cream in this bag and I need to get it upstairs soon or else it’ll melt. I’ll catch you a little later. Maybe we can hang out some this afternoon or something.”

Yin accepted Elena’s offer and the two Street Fighters split up for the time being, Elena heading towards the elevators and Yin, of course, heading to the large water structure…

(Those two seem awfully buddy-buddy for people who only met each other fr the firs time under 12 hours ago…) she thought, her destination getting closer to her. Once she was on the opposite side of the fountain, she stopped, peering through the falling water to eavesdrop on the two…

“…me seriously. She’s always a bit of a nut, yet I have to love her for it,” this was Mei-Ling’s voice. “Fen’s really a enchanting person.”

“I can see,” Yang’s turn to speak now. “She and Yun should get along just fine, sort of like we are right now…”

Yin, even through the obstructed view, could make out a small blush on Mei-Ling’s face as Yang spoke again.

“Your fighting style in unique as well as your personality. It’s nice to see a girl who takes Chinese martial arts so seriously. I got a good feeling that you’ll make it really far, not only in this exhibition, but in the normal circuit as well.”

Mei-Ling’s face flushed even more, her hands coming shyly together in her lap, “Aww… Yang, that’s really nice of you to say that… I’m flattered.”

Yin’s eyes then scoped Yang as he came forwards, grabbed Mei-Ling’s left hand, and actually kissed it lightly in a humble manner.

“My pleasure…”

(Alright, Yang… A bit more gentlemanly than I wish for…) Yin said quietly in her mind, hands gripping the edge of the fountain tightly as she spied on the two. (But I shouldn’t worry… He has Shaomei… He wouldn’t… do that… He’s no Yun. He knows what he’s doing…)

As Yang looked up, Mei-Ling scooted over some more, the two literally side by side, and ran a hand through Yang’s brown hair.

“I’d like to thank you for taking me out last night… That late movie was so romantic…”

“You’re welcome, Mei-Ling. It’s the least I could do for the time we had in the hotel…”


The two sentences shocked Yin to no end. A large part of her couldn’t believe it. All of this happened behind her back… HER back, and so quickly and ell done she never noticed a thing…

And the thing that made her eyes widen was that it was YANG doing this. At least Yun she’d half expect to do a stunt like this, since his relationship with Hoimei was basically tough love, but Yang was the legit brother; the one that spoke all the wisdom and sense in the group… and there was no problems between him and Shaomei…

So why…? Why… THIS!?

Mei-Ling giggled, snapping Yin’s attention back to the scene unfolding in front of her…

“Say, you think Yin knows you’re missing yet?” the braided Chinese girl asked Yang.

“Now that you think about it, she should be up and about by now… I’d better head back before she notices I’m missing…”

“Yes, well… thank you again… I enjoyed everything we did together… Just… before you go…”

Mei-Ling now brought herself as close as she probably could to Yang, bringing herself face to face with the middle Triple Dragon…

“…could… could you…?”

…and even closer still…

(…don’t you even dare, Yang…!) Yin threatened in her mind, feeling an inner heat within her body ass he gripped even harder to the ledge of the fountain, leaning towards the waterfall to the point her nose could’ve touched the falling water… Mei-Ling then puckered up her lips, eyes closing passionately, and at first Yang just gazed back at her face…

Then, to Yin’s shock, he began to move along with the moment and meet her halfway…

…and just then, Yin let out a gasp, eyes widening as she felt her body tilt towards the two, sneakers coming up off the floor… and found herself falling right into the pool of water in front of her… She tried to regain herself, but her hands slipped right off the wet ledge…

…and just before Yang and Mei-Ling could complete their kiss, the water behind them exploded, following a sharp scream, making the two stand up abruptly to avoid getting wet.

“What in the world…?” Mei-Ling gasped, holding onto Yang’s arm some as the two stared at the fountain… and grew on alert as someone rose from underneath the water’s surface, coughing to get her throat clear, and drenched from head to toe. Upon seeing her clearly, Yang’s eyes grew wide.

“Y… Yin…?”

Said person jumped out of the fountain, not even bothering to swat the dripping water from her face and hair, instead staring a hole right into her older brother…

“Yang Lee…” she said in a cold tone, “you… You are in SO much trouble!”

Both Mei-Ling and Yang stayed silent as the drenched Yin stepped closer to them.

“What in the HELL were you thinking!?” Yin demanded, pointing right at Yang’s chest. “have you forgotten about Shaomei!? What would she think if she knew you were doing this, huh? That girl is your real girlfriend! It took forever for her to open up to you, and you accepted her! Your lips belong to her and her only, and I’ll be DAMNED if I let you, of all people, go… go…”

The next word was very hard for her to say, for she never would’ve guessed that she would be saying this to her older brother… but it came out with just as much vigor as the rest of her words.

“CHEAT on her behind her back!! Come on, Yang, I’m taking you right back to the hotel room. I want to know EXACTLY what is going on with—“

As she spoke, Yin motioned to grab Yang and drag him in a similar matter as to which Hoimei would do Yun, but before she knew it her hand was smacked away with much force, actually making her stumble to her side a bit. She then looked up in surprise to see Mei-Ling looming over her, standing in front of Yang with a bold look on her face…

“You leave him alone…” was all she said, Yin standing up to stare her down face to face…

“You don’t have any right to tell me what to do with my own flesh and blood…” the youngest Lee Dragon shot back coldly, clenching her fists to her sides. Mei-ling merely stood her ground, all the girl-like motions in her body gone, not daunted at all by Yin’s attitude.

“You are not going to touch Yang in that manner…” she responded, her voice low. “I won’t let you, regardless of if you’re his sister or not…”

Then, surprising Yang, Yin sucked her teeth, hissed a bit at the older Chinese girl, and sprouted an evil look through her wet hair. The next moment afterwards, Mei-Ling stumbled to her side, falling down to her knees as a shot landed across her face faster than her eyes could pick it up. Yin’s left hand literally slapped the taste out of Mei-Ling’s mouth, leaving the Shui stunned for a moment and now her focus lay purely on her brother…

“Yang, let’s go. NOW!” she repeated, Yang only staring blankly back at his sister. He didn’t know how to react. He never… seen this side of her before… However, Yin couldn’t do much else as she found herself getting spun around roughly to her right, in which time she swung out horizontally to counter with her Shurraizan… yet it hit only air, missing a crouching Mei-Ling by only a hair…

…then a mighty cry ran though the air, Mei-Ling’s leg rocketing upwards to meet Yin’s check cleanly, uprooting her clean off the floor and sent her spiraling a few feet backwards, water shooting wildly off her body, until she crashed onto the file floor in a heap, eyes closed and K.O.’ed upon impact…

For a while, Mei-Ling stayed her fighting stance, then stood up fully and flicked a thumb across the bottom of her nose, sprouting a ‘tch’ sound from her mouth.

“Serves you right, you little brat…”

Mei-Ling never realized the words that she said were out of character, instead turning to yang and suggesting, this time in a happier tone. “How about we have some breakfast…? Anywhere but here, though…”

Yang didn’t say a word, instead just walking away from the spot he was in for the past 2 minutes and accompanying Mei-Ling on their way out the lobby. Just as they left out the exit corridor close by, Yin’s black eyes fluttered open, and she groaned at the pain that rocketed through her head…

“Wh… what just… happened…?” she mumbled weakly, slowly standing up and holding a hand over her swollen cheek. Granted, it took her three tries to stand up fully, her body stumbling through her dizziness. Once she was up she shook her head clear, and looked around for any trace of Mei-Ling or Yang… and came up with nothing. Once everything was settled into her mind, her eyes hardened like coal…

…and about 15 seconds later, Yin was seen passing by the waiter who took her order earlier back at café, holding her tea in his hand…

“Oh, Miss Lee. There you are. I’ve been waiting to give you your tea. Sorry about the delay coming back with i—“

“You know what you can do with that tea, pal!?” Yin instantly cut him off, snatching the hot tea cup from the waiter, just to toss its contents right out and all over his shirt, making him yell out as it burned hot right through it. She wasn’t done, unfortunately…

“You can take this mug and shove it right up your ass!”

And the next thing the waiter knew, the mug the tea was in smashed across his face, breaking on contact and flooring him instantly. The youngest Lee sibling then shot out of the café and outside into the garden surrounding the building in a hot rage… but not before saying…

“Bastard! It doesn’t take 5 minutes to make hot tea!”

And through it all, sitting right at the table closest to the exit door, Ikari team member Clark Steel just looked up from his paper in time to see Yin’s assault against the waiter, then, behind his shades, saw him knocked unconscious on the floor, shattered bits of the mug all over him, then returned to reading, shaking his head some as some of the other people working came to his aid from the back.

(Ironic thing is… that guy came back with the tea the moment she left down the lounge… Poor guy… I expected that kind of behavior from Ralf…)

---- ----

“Something’s horribly wrong with this place... I can feel it already.”

“Oh, stop worrying so much. Everywhere you go you have those “Bushin Vibes” of yours. Can you go one day without having to be so freaking serious?”

The Bushin modern ninja, or most specifically, the current Bushin Grandmaster, Guy, made a smug face. “Cody, are you implying that I can’t have an off day?”

Beside him, wearing normal street clothes contrary to Guy’s Bushin gi uniform, was the blue-eyed, blond hero of Metro City, Cody, and on his face sat a smirk that could rival Terry Bogard’s in cleverness. “Yes, I’m implying that.”

“Well, I take that as a compliment,” Guy said matter-of-factly. “I’d rather be overly cautious than laid back, i.e. you. This is why I’ve been prevented from going overboard about when to engage in combat and avoid being locked up in prison.”

“Hey, that’s a cheap shot!”

Just at that point Guy cracked a rare smile. The two men had just arrived at the Osaka Hotel Grounds about 3 minutes ago and were walking towards the front door as they spoke. Currently no one else was in sight in the remote area, but even so, Guy couldn’t quite help the feeling that already things were going awry in the confines. Besides, they always seem to during get-togethers like this... and the realization of that made the smirk on his face fade fast, his eyes on the building coming more and more into sight in the near distance.

“Anyways, this looks like its going to be another one of those times, Cody...”

Cody closed his eyes and crossed his arms smugly. “Well, if that’s the case, then you know that at least it’s going to be exciting. Perhaps Haggar can tell us about what’s up when we meet him.”

Guy nodded in agreement... just as the wind blew ever so slightly. Instantly, Guy stopped walking on a dime, making Cody stop as well and stare at him.

“What is it now...?” Cody asked. However Guy didn’t speak. His eyes hardened and look towards the surrounding trees to his left. A few seconds passed... and suddenly the leaves rustled heavily. On instinct Guy ducked down, just as something... or rather someone flew over him, where his head was at a millisecond ago. The whole event startled Cody to an extent as he watched Guy stand up calmly and look at the red-clothed blur come to a halt a few feet away. It was a blond woman, sporting a red alternative gi of Guy’s, her hair done in a long ponytail and her right arm wielding a single tomfa.

“So...” the woman greeted while turning around to Guy and pointing her weapon to his face. “Just what were you talking with Cody about that couldn’t wait until you saw the rest of us that’s so important?”

Upon remembering her features, Cody sighed. “Oh... Its only Maki...”

Guy crossed his arms and eyed his rival with intensity. “Well... I suppose that you could’ve told us that, since you’ve been here the longest.”

Maki placed her weapon-wielding arm on her hip and made a face. “Yeah. You’re talking about that odd vibe that’s surrounding this place, right?”

“Again with the vibes!” Cody complained loudly. “Why don’t you two just come on out with what’s wrong, huh? You know that I like a fight, but all because I’m not into all that mumbo-jumbo you think I can’t handle it!”

For a short moment, both the Bushin-ryuu fighters just stared at their companion for a while before facing each other once again, making Cody sigh heavily.

“Well, if you aren’t going to tell me, then I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to go see if I can find good ol’ Haggar around.”

“Ok, you do that,” Guy said. “I’ll catch up.”

“Yeah, you’d better.”

“Our room’s #840...” Maki called back, just as Cody went out of earshot. Then she faced Guy again...

“As I was saying... I got a bad feeling about all of this...”

“You’re not the only one, Maki,” Guy replied. “It’s just not the normal disturbance. It’s more.... sentimental than physically threatening... It’s odd.”

“Yeah...” Maki muttered while crossing her arms as well. “I thought things were off the moment I laid down to sleep last night. What do you suppose it—“


“What the...?”

Before either Maki or Guy could find out what was happening, the two found themselves being pushed back harshly from their positions. As they regained themselves, they immediately looked in the direction of the disturbance and found it to be a very pissed off Yin Lee, who was sulking away from them in utter rage, her clothes just now drying off from her earlier bath.

“Why... HEY!” Maki shouted back, “How about an APOLOGY, huh?”


Then, before she even knew it, Maki found her instincts kick in automatically and she ducked, a millisecond later the wind sliced above her, due to a vicious Shourai Shurrai from Yin. As she stood up, Maki’s face had a major scowl on her face.

“You’re really asking for it, twerp!” she warned, making Yin spin around, a wild look on her face. Before the two could go at it, though, Guy cut in-between them and held Maki back.

“This isn’t the place for you to be losing your temper...!” was all he said while dragging a kicking and screaming Maki towards the hotel. Yin just stared on with a devilish expression on her face, then spun around and stormed off. For exactly how long Yin didn’t know. All she could bring herself to do was think about what she just witnessed...

[Brother... You’re not like that... You’re too far above that... Why...? How could you cheat on Shaomei like that...!? I can’t forgive you or Mei-Ling for that...!]

“Yin... Is that you...?”

“WHO WANTS TO KNOW.... oh...”

Yin brought herself back to reality and found herself near a water fountain in the middle of the park, and that someone was kneeling in front of it, her head towards her. She wore brown, feather shoes and blue jeans to go with her denim vest, and on her short, brown hair sat a Native American style head ornament complete with feathers... Yin recognized her instantly...

“Skye...? What are you doing here...?” she asked, holding back her emotions. Skye, in turn, gave a worried face as she faced the fountain again.

“I was here feeding the birds... but your rampaging scared them away...”

Skye Hawk, daughter of Thunder Hawk, then turned back to the youngest Lee Dragon and asked, “What’s the matter? You seem heavily troubled...”

Yin instantly turned away, crossing her arms. “Its nothing you need to be concerned about. Everything ok.”

Yin then found out that someone was walking closer to her, and she turned back around to find out that Skye was standing right in front of her...

“You’re lying to me, Yin...” Skye muttered seriously. “You really make a terrible liar, and I known you long enough to know when something’s the matter. Now go on and spill it... You have nothing to hide from me...”

At that moment, looking square into Skye’s eyes, Yin just couldn’t help herself. Her emotions took over her, and instantly tears formed in her eyes....

“Skye... Yang...”

...she didn’t even come close to finishing before she broke down, collapsing into Skye’s comforting arms, Skye trying to soothe her as well as she could. As she cried, Yin’s words came out in loud sobs.

“I saw my brother kiss another girl! My faithful brother, Yang! My old friend....! It makes no sense! How could he cheat on Shaomei like that!? I... it just...!”

“It’s ok... Its ok, Yin... Just let it out... I’m here for you...”

As the two stood there, little did they know that on the other side of the fountain, Kim was watching over them, arms crossed and a grim look on his face. Solemnly he shook his head in pity at the scene in front of him...

[So... It appears that I’ve found a break in this mystery... Time to call everyone together...]

He then opened his eyes and gazed at Yin’s emotionally wrecked body...

[Don’t you worry, Yin Lee. Although you do belong to a group of the Hong Kong underground, I shall bring you around for justice’s sake! The first meeting of the Justice Party shall be hosted tonight!]
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