Legendary Streets by MiggyMeista
Summary: A crossover between Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter, when the two worlds unite, the heroes of both worlds must unite to combat the evils looking to take over the united world. Please R&R
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1. Two Worlds Become One by MiggyMeista

Two Worlds Become One by MiggyMeista
Legendary Streets: By MiggyMeista

Hello everyone, I'm bringing to you a crossover fic between my two favorite video game series, The Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter. It may sound like an unorthodox crossover but I'll make it work. I'll be using characters from all Zelda games (except those crappy CD-i ones) as well as characters from all Street Fighter games (well, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Alpha series) and I might make a few OCs if I feel like it. The main heroes are Link, Zelda, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Alex, the main villains are Ganondorf and Urien. Note that I will be using the Twilight Princess version of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf and that all the SF characters will be taken from a period after SF3. Anyways, I don't any of these characters. Legend of Zelda is owned by Nintendo and Street Fighter is owned by Capcom. Now let's get this fic underway

Chapter 1: Two Worlds Become One

Dark clouds circulated around the skies that floated over Hyrule Field, lightning would occasionally brighten the sky in a luminous flash which was quickly followed by the booming rumble of the thunder. It was not fit weather for anyone to be out and about, the animals and even the monsters that roamed Hyrule Field knew this and took shelter from the weather wherever possible.

However, the sounds of the thunder were not the only sounds echoing over the landscape, battle cries echoed out over the field along with the clashing of steel against steel. In a deserted part of the field that stretched across the vast land of Hyrule, an epic fight was taking place at the top of a hilly terrain. A golden colored barrier encircled the area to keep trespassers out of the way of the battle taking place. The two warriors lunged at each other again. Once again, their steel clashed with each other, they then pushed off of each other and leapt backwards and stared each other down.

The first man was light skinned with an average build, he had long brown hair extending down to the back of his neck and draping across his pointed ears. His sapphire blue eyes fixated on his enemy, he was clothed in a green cone shaped hat along with a green tunic covering up a white shirt and golden chain mail, he also had on white pants and brown leather boots and gloves. In his right hand he gripped his sword tightly at the hilt ready to strike whenever neccessary, in his left hand was a sturdy, intricately designed metal shield. Also on his left hand glowed a symbol of three golden triangles although only one section was truly illuminated.

"Link, I must say you are an impressive foe, but nothing more, you shall meet your demise at my hands," cackled the other man, a tall, buff, dark skinned man with short fire red hair cascading down the back of his head and stopped at the neck, he also had a neatly trimmed red beat as he stared malevolently at Link with his steely black eyes. He was clothed in all black, his armor, tunic, pants, boots, gloves, and cape all black. He gripped his sword tightly in his right hand as well. On his left hand also glowed the same symbol that Link had on his hand, and a different section of the symbol was illuminated on his hand as well.

"That will not happen, I will do what I must to make sure that your tyranny never washes over this land of Hyrule Ganondorf!" retorted Link as he ran towards Ganondorf yet again, Ganondorf quickly followed suit.

Their two swords clashed with each other again, Ganondorf then elbowed Link in the face sending him crashing to the ground. Ganondorf lunged at Link again with his sword pointed downward in an effort to stab Link, but Link thinking quickly pulled his shield in front of him deflecting the villain's blade and then Link followed up with a quick slash across Ganondorf's chest. Ganondorf staggered back and looked the blood flowing from the cut as Link sprang back to his feet.

Just outside the barrier, two onlookers watched Link and Ganondorf's brawl with unwavering eyes. One onlooker was a woman, slender in build with long brown hair draping down her back, her bright green eyes gazed on wonder at the battle before her. She was clothed in a pink and white dress, long with gloves, pink heels and a gold tiara. She was the princess of Hyrule, Zelda. Along with her was Link's horse, a fine mare with rust colored skin and lustrous white mane. a leather saddle sat across her back as her coal black eyes fixated on the fight going on the other side of the barrier. The horse let out a loud whinny as Zelda turned to comfort the mare.

"Don't worry Epona, I have faith in Link, I know he'll come out of this victorious said Zelda as she looked at her left hand which had the same symbol on it that was embedded on Link and Ganondorf's left hands.

Ganondorf charged at Link again with a powerful flaming punch, but Link rolled out of the way just beofre Ganondorf's fist connected and nailed Ganondorf with another quick slash, Ganondorf growled in pain and then gazed at Link with a scowl.

"You're an irritable little maggot, I shall enjoy squashing you when this is all said and done," commented Ganondorf.

"That will not happen, you will be the one who expires today, the Master Sword shall seal your fate!" responded Link in a courageous tone as he pointed his sword's sharp blade in Ganondorf's direction.

"You forget, that as long as the Triforce of Power is mine, you cannot defeat me!" growled Ganondorf as him and Link clashed swords again.

"Power is nothing without wisdom or courage, which are both things you lack!" retorted Link as he pushed off Ganondorf and swung his blade at the villainous man hitting him in the chest again. The Triforce of Courage glowed even brighter on Link's hand as he gripped the Master Sword even tighter.

"Fight strong Link, do not let Ganondorf obtain the other parts of the Triforce," called out Zelda, the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda and Epona continued to support Link by silently cheering him on from the outskirts of Ganondorf's magical barrier, praying Link would keep their world free from Ganondorf's evil clutches. In another world, on a secret base somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, an imposing figure walked into a laboratory where numerous scientists were waiting for him. The man was tall and had a finely chiseled physique, long golden hair flowed down his body draping down his back. His skin was half red, and half blue and he was clothed a long flowing off white robe with a red scarf. He looked at the scientists as with his piercing black eyes the head one when up to him and bowed.

"Master Gill, we are ready to run the simulation you so desire," said the head scientist.

"Good, I must be ready to lead the people to salvation for when Judgment Day descends upon us, this simulation will help me get fully prepared for when that day dawns," replied Gill.

Gill walked through a door into the laboratory's Simulation Room, a metal door closed behind Gill as he entered, as the scientist began to enter codes into a computer system, another man walked into the room, he had a physique much like Gill's, with short pale white hair, steely blue eyes, and dark brown skin. He was clothed in a gray business suit and just scowled at the scientists as he looked on at them doing their job.

"Master Urien, what brings you here?" asked on of the technicians.

"I decided to amuse myself by watching my brother's stupid experiment, I cannot believe he wants to lead common humans like you into a utopia," answered Urien with contempt in his voice.

"Simulation ready, begin!" called out a scientist.

As the simulation started, Gill found himself on the top of a hill overlooked a vast ocean with waves crashing all around, off in the distance, was a big island that looked lush and very serene. Behind Gill was a large amount of people just watching onwards in awe at the deity.

"People of Earth, do not fear for your life, for I shall lead you into paradise!" exclaimed Gill as fire energy surged from his red hand and ice energy surged from his blue hand. Gill began to concentrate a large amount of energy into his palms as a rumbling sound emitted from the ocean. Gill increased the output of energy and like a sword cutting vertically through butter, the ocean split in half revealing a road to Gill's uopia.

"The road is open, quickly my people, your utopian society awaits you on that island," boomed Gill to the mass of people behind him.

"Bah, like this will ever really happen for real," grumbled Urien to himself as he watched from the other side of the simulation room. Back in the world of Hyrule, the battle between Link and Ganondorf still waged on, Link flipped away from a strike attempt by Ganondorf and then Link dashed forward and hit the dark skinned villain with a spinning slash attack, Ganondorf flew backwards but peformed an ukemi to get back to his feet quicker. Ganondorf then let loose a malevolent snicker towards Link.

"This ends here, hero! Let's see if you can stop this!" bellowed Ganondorf as he raised his hands above him and an orb of shadowy energy began to form above his hands. As he gathered more energy, the orb started to grow larger and larger. Ganondorf laughed maniacally as Link started to charge forward in an attempt to stop Ganondorf before he could gather all the power he needed. From out of nowhere however, the ground began to tremble violently causing Link, Zelda, and even Ganondorf to almost lose their footing.

"That's odd, we're not near any fault lines, so why was there an earthquake?" mused Link to himself as the trembling of the ground continued onwards.

"What in the name of the sages is going on?" asked Zelda as she fought to keep her balance and to keep Epona from going completely crazy. On Earth, the same violent earthquake that was shaking up Hyrule was also affecting Earth.

"This shouldn't be happening, the computers must be malfunctioning," wondered Gill as he continued channeling his energy to soldier forth through the simulation.

"What the hell is going on, we don't have earthquakes around this area," pondered Urien as stood in the doorway to avoid any falling debris around the laboratory.

As the tremors grew longer and more violent, what appeared to be a crack, much like a crack on a window formed in thin air in the simulation room, bringing the simulation to an end.

"Now what is going on, something's going horribly wrong," remarked Gill as he looked around the room in disbelief.

With a loud shatter, the crack blew open, and as shards of what appeared to be cosmic matter fell to the ground, Gill gazed at the gaping hole suspened in mid-air and through the other side, he could actually see the battle between Link and Ganondorf, who simply stopped what they were doing and stood dumbfounded with mouths agape when they saw Gill looking at them, a similar look of shock also adorned the deity's face.

"Who are you, and how did you get in here?" inquired Ganondorf in an angry tone of voice.

"I could say the same about you, what is this place, I've never seen anywhere like it on Earth," commented Gill.

"Earth, I've never heard of an Earth before, this is Hyrule," replied Link.

"Hyrule, wow, I must have broken a dimensional barrier between worlds during that simulation. How utterly amazing," gasped Gill.

"No way, another world besides ours, there's no way that can be true," gasped Urien.

"Another world aside from Hyrule, I've always that it was a possibility that such worlds existed, but until now, a gateway to those world has never been cracked open," remarked Zelda.

At that moment, the energy that Gill released and the energy Ganondorf had been storing above him merged together causing a loud shattering sound to be heard as more cosmic matter flew around, and immediately the two worlds began to distort and even larger, more violent earthquakes began to arise as the shapeshifting of the two worlds continued.

"Zelda, do you have any idea of what we are witnessing here aside from the fact that we now know about another world besides ours?" questioned Link.

"I don't know what's happening now, but it doesn't look good at all!" answered Zelda.

"The two worlds, are they merging together?" mused Ganondorf.

"Our worlds fusing, no telling what type of reprocussions that could have on all of us!" exclaimed Gill.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" They all screamed, many more screams arose from regions all over the two worlds as the distortion being brought by the fusion of Earth and Hyrule was causing numerous oddities with nature, and soon, everything went completely black for everyone as the quakes brought on the uniting of the worlds became too much for everyone to handle. After what seemed like forever, the tremors soon stopped as the worlds finished their intertwining into one another. Earth and Hyrule were now one world due to the god like powers of Ganondorf and Gill.

Author's Note: Well there you have it, the first chapter of Legendary Streets. The worlds of Zelda and Street Fighter have united into one and a new adventure will begin for our heroes. Next chapter, Link and Zelda will begin their search for the main heroes representing SF, which are again, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Alex. I don't know how many chapters exactly this fic will span for, but it will be long, so there will be plenty to read. Anyways, I'm off to go work on that next chapter, until then however, please read and review! And buy somethin will ya!
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