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Summary: F/F Yuri co-written with Trutenor. Sakura Kasugano and Kei Chitose have been childhood friends for the longest time, and the two would do anything for the other, no matter how far they would go out of their way... However, as the two find themselves in the middle of a big quarrel with the powerful Mizuryu high school gang of Tokyo, the entire ordeal brings out new emotions and troubles the pair never would've predicted in their wildest dreams...
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Genre: Action, Romance
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Published: January 09, 2008 Updated: January 09, 2008

1. One by DeNice [Reviews - 0] (3207 words)
Welcome, Street Fighter fans and yuri lovers alike to this new entry in Street Fighter fanfiction called “The Feel of Flowers” (working title, very likely to change). This story has a lot of things in it that you have never really seen before. If you just want to skip to the good stuff then go right ahead, otherwise, there are a couple of things that I’d like to say…

First of all, let me introduce you to your hosts of this story. I’m Trutenor, one half of the creators of this fic. If you’ve ever read “Attack of The Dark Cherry Blossom”, then you’ve heard of me. I’m best known for being the first to write Ryu/Sakura lemon at FF.net, AFF.net, and soupfiction.net, but I’ve also written a couple of Pokemon fics, a Naruto fic, and I am also the first one to write a Karin/Sakura yuri called “Union of Rivals.”

Now it’s time for another first… a Sakura/Kei yuri.

Yep… hasn’t been done before… I’ve seen Chun Li/Sakura, Chun Li/Cammy, Juli/Juni, Sakura/Hinata (Hinata from Rival Schools), as well as an orgy of all the SF gals, but never Sakura and her best friend, Kei Chitose.

Now some of you are already wondering what would possess me to write this…

Several reasons…

One: as a writer, I strive to improve my craft at writing. Heading out into new categories and doing stuff that hasn’t been done before is exciting. I admit to liking R/CL, but you won’t find me writing a bunch of fics about it (unless it’s a special request from a friend). Why? Cause it’s been done to death. There would be no challenge for me there.

Two: like Karin and Sakura, Kei and Sakura’s bond can be “implied” to be more then just friends. Making a relationship out of that sounds like a challenge.

Three: cause I like yuri. A lot. Besides, it’s only fair. If several girls can write about yaoi, then why can’t guys write about yuri? And being a yuri lover, I want to… how do I say this… give back to the yuri community, and seeing that Street Fighter yuri is rare, that gave me a chance to add something new in.

Four: DeNice and I thought it would be very interesting to write a Street Fighter story about the girl that’s always hanging around Sakura. Kei almost has no personality at all in the Street Fighter universe, so I’ve decided to give her one.

Who is DeNice? You don’t know who he is? Well he is one of the best Street Fighter fanficton writers you will ever meet! He found me online one day, and from then on, I’ve taught him a couple of things. His writing style is so full of detail that it actually pulls you in. His writing style also has some similarities to mine, so when we joked about a Sakura/Kei yuri and I decided to take it a step further, I also decided that I wanted DeNice to write this story with me. This is my second project with anybody. My first writing project was with Jagwire and Leenx of the site called “Quadruple Blast”.

DeNice is best known for his New Archives stories, but he has also written a bunch of other cool stuff. But I’ll let him tell you that in the next chapter.

Ok, enough about me. A couple more things about this story...

One: this is a yuri. What that means is that there will be a love between 2 girls with sex (a lot of sex) as well. Don’t like, don’t read.

Two: this chapter will have profanity and obscene scenes in it. Yep, this isn’t a children’s story. Let me put it to you this way: If you aren’t old enough to get a learner’s permit, I don’t recommend reading this story. If you do, it’s at your risk.

Ok, no more yapping. On with the story!

2. Two by DeNice [Reviews - 0] (8086 words)
Well, now... Looks like we got ourselves a situation here. Hi, lemon lovers. It’s the second half of the author duo putting together this romance/yuri fic, DeNice. I bet Tru got you warmed up the first chapter, and now I’m going to keep the ball rolling. Now, if you’re reading this, you can either do one of two things. You can either skip my little background bio that is about to follow and skip down to the real story, or you can stick around and get to see what makes me tick. So... make your choice.... Made it yet? Well, if you chose the latter, you’re still here, so just gently read on...

I made my debut to fanfiction almost exactly a year ago with my huge story: Street Fighter: New Archives, starting my original character (and growing to be fan favorites among certain peers I have), Darrell Markis and Capcom originals Sakura Kasugano and Hinata Wakaba. It wasn’t until that story ended that I went on to other projects and just experimenting while keeping the Archive series going on FanFiction.net (and is still going now).

I met up with Tru, my partner, through another close friend of mine, Chan Yoruyamatiha, about two months later. Before hand I knew of him by stumbling across his website shrine to Ryu and Sakura through a Google search (I put in “Sakura Kasugano” for the search, btw...). It was there that I checked out the fic named “Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom.” I was only 13 at the time, and I never read of a story like that before at all. I was completely blown away by Tru’s words, and I saved that story to my laptop to read whenever I didn’t have internet access. I was very new to the world of lemons but that was what started my journey.

Once I met Tru, I felt like his #1 fan in a way and he was welcome to answer any questions I had pertaining to the ways of writing lemons. I started off slow with little segments within my old fics, but over time, after picking up ideas from Tru and other people’s fics, I tried my hand at a true lemon/yuri fic called “Street Fighter: The Three Petal Blossom”. When I got into writing the chapters to that story (which isn’t even done yet), I grew... accustomed to writing hentai material. The words just seemed to flow along with the music I always played whenever I typed, and now the result is, what certain people would call it, one of the best three-way fics written.

As of now, I must admit, I came a long way from those times when I first started and I’m willing to show you that talent with this story, which IS the first ever Sakura Kasugano/Kei Chitose pairing written. Like Tru, I’ve seen many pairings, especially along the lines of Street Fighter, but I always wondered why I never saw a Sak/Kei. I brought it up with my mentor and here we are, about to try our hand at it. I hope you enjoy how this turns out, because I’m going to give it my all!