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Author's Chapter Notes:
Welcome, Street Fighter fans and yuri lovers alike to this new entry in Street Fighter fanfiction called “The Feel of Flowers” (working title, very likely to change). This story has a lot of things in it that you have never really seen before. If you just want to skip to the good stuff then go right ahead, otherwise, there are a couple of things that I’d like to say…

First of all, let me introduce you to your hosts of this story. I’m Trutenor, one half of the creators of this fic. If you’ve ever read “Attack of The Dark Cherry Blossom”, then you’ve heard of me. I’m best known for being the first to write Ryu/Sakura lemon at FF.net, AFF.net, and soupfiction.net, but I’ve also written a couple of Pokemon fics, a Naruto fic, and I am also the first one to write a Karin/Sakura yuri called “Union of Rivals.”

Now it’s time for another first… a Sakura/Kei yuri.

Yep… hasn’t been done before… I’ve seen Chun Li/Sakura, Chun Li/Cammy, Juli/Juni, Sakura/Hinata (Hinata from Rival Schools), as well as an orgy of all the SF gals, but never Sakura and her best friend, Kei Chitose.

Now some of you are already wondering what would possess me to write this…

Several reasons…

One: as a writer, I strive to improve my craft at writing. Heading out into new categories and doing stuff that hasn’t been done before is exciting. I admit to liking R/CL, but you won’t find me writing a bunch of fics about it (unless it’s a special request from a friend). Why? Cause it’s been done to death. There would be no challenge for me there.

Two: like Karin and Sakura, Kei and Sakura’s bond can be “implied” to be more then just friends. Making a relationship out of that sounds like a challenge.

Three: cause I like yuri. A lot. Besides, it’s only fair. If several girls can write about yaoi, then why can’t guys write about yuri? And being a yuri lover, I want to… how do I say this… give back to the yuri community, and seeing that Street Fighter yuri is rare, that gave me a chance to add something new in.

Four: DeNice and I thought it would be very interesting to write a Street Fighter story about the girl that’s always hanging around Sakura. Kei almost has no personality at all in the Street Fighter universe, so I’ve decided to give her one.

Who is DeNice? You don’t know who he is? Well he is one of the best Street Fighter fanficton writers you will ever meet! He found me online one day, and from then on, I’ve taught him a couple of things. His writing style is so full of detail that it actually pulls you in. His writing style also has some similarities to mine, so when we joked about a Sakura/Kei yuri and I decided to take it a step further, I also decided that I wanted DeNice to write this story with me. This is my second project with anybody. My first writing project was with Jagwire and Leenx of the site called “Quadruple Blast”.

DeNice is best known for his New Archives stories, but he has also written a bunch of other cool stuff. But I’ll let him tell you that in the next chapter.

Ok, enough about me. A couple more things about this story...

One: this is a yuri. What that means is that there will be a love between 2 girls with sex (a lot of sex) as well. Don’t like, don’t read.

Two: this chapter will have profanity and obscene scenes in it. Yep, this isn’t a children’s story. Let me put it to you this way: If you aren’t old enough to get a learner’s permit, I don’t recommend reading this story. If you do, it’s at your risk.

Ok, no more yapping. On with the story!
“Sakura! Wait up!”

“We can’t stop now, Kei! We’re gonna be late for school!”

Why do I put up with this? Every day, it’s the same thing. I go to Sakura’s house every morning, so the two of us can walk to school together, and she is never ready! Her alarm clock never goes off on time, and we always spend the day dashing towards Tamagawa Minami High.

Sometimes my parents wonder why I put up with that “Kasugano” girl. According to them, Sakura is nothing more then a troublemaker, always getting into fights, always late for classes, and just a delinquent. They say that a scholar such as myself shouldn’t bother with girls like “her”. They say that I can do better, and that I should just forget about Sakura and get on with my life.

My parents were saying that when Sakura and I were in elementary school, and they still say it now, in my senior year of high school. They say that now is the time to really get serious about my future. They “recommend” that I lose Sakura.

But… I can’t do that… Sakura is my best friend, and she’s always been there for me… except when she is involved in one of her street fights…

I still don’t get why she is so interested in street fighting. Ever since she saw the legendary Ansatsuken warrior Ryu defeat Sagat in that Street Fighter tournament many years ago, Sakura has been fighting nonstop, even skipping school for like months to compete in competitions.

Though I do have to admit… Sakura’s fighting skills did come in handy at one time…

It was a couple of years ago… Sakura and I were just let out of school and were heading home…

“A D!” I remembered Sakura groaning, as she looked at a piece of paper from her backpack. “ My parents will kill me when they see the grade on this test paper!”

“Maybe you should have studied, Sakura…”

“Come on, Kei! You know me better then that! Studying for test papers are boring! Where is the excitement? The thrill? I’d rather practice my fighting skills!”


I was once again wondering what I was going to do about Sakura’s study habits. Sakura was my best friend, and I wanted her to succeed in life. I didn’t want to see her become a dropout.

“Don’t worry about it, Kei… I’ll figure out something…”

“Why don’t you just study, Sakura?”

“Because studying is boring!”

“Sakura! You’re missing the entire poi—“

“Shh! Kei…I think I heard something…”

I thought Sakura was trying to change the subject, but it turns out that she wasn’t mistaken. I also started to hear things as we walked by the local convenience store.

“Sakura…what is it?”

“Probably just our imaginations…” Sakura said after a bit. “Let’s hurry up and get home.”

We forgot about what we heard and just continued to walk, but that was probably where we made our first mistake…

Out of nowhere, Sakura and I were ambushed and dragged into an alley a couple of blocks away from the store.

“Oh yeah…” I heard a masculine voice say as my back was pinned against the alley wall. “I’m gonna get some tonight!”

I struggled to open my eyes and look at what was transpiring. I instantly saw three boys who looked like they attended the local college. From the looks of it though, college was not on their minds…

“How’s the other one coming along?” I heard that same masculine voice speak again. It turned out that he was also the one pinning me to the wall.

“Fresh pussy…” I heard from a second guy that was holding Sakura against the wall. “This will be fun… for me anyway…”

“Hurry up guys!” The third guy spoke who was keeping watch from intruders. “I want my turn too! You two shouldn’t get to have all the fun!”

“We played Jan-ken* and you lost!” The first guy says again. “Just be patient. We’ve got all night…”

All three guys grin mischievously as the first one turns to me again and starts to lick at my neck.

Crap, I think to myself as tears start to come out my eyes… Sakura and I are going to be raped tonight… and there is nothing anybody can do to help us…

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride…” My attacker says as he starts to pull down my skirt. “You know you want this too…”

No!!! I don’t want this! I want to go home, take a hot shower, eat some dinner, and go to bed! Being sexually assaulted is nowhere on my mind!

I look towards Sakura, who is about to face the same predicament as me. It’s bad enough that I’m about to face a fate perhaps worse then death, but to see my best friend experience it as well makes this whole moment feel even worse…

“I like the package…” My rapist says as he brushes a finger across my panties. “Now for the sweet candy inside…”

“Help! If anybody can hear me—“

“Shut up!” I hear my rapist say as he slaps my right cheek with his left palm. “If you don’t keep quiet, we’ll have to kill both of you…”

“Please stop…”

My eyes close as I prepare for my body to be tainted. Kei Chitose, you will just have to face facts… Nobody will hear your cries of help… your heart… mind… and body… are all about to be violated…

Somebody please stop this…


I open my eyes upon that yell. I look to my left and see Sakura’s attacker crumbled on the floor with his hands over his groin area.

“Sanouske!” The third guy yells. “What the hell happened?”

“This slut…she kicked me in the nuts…”

“You bitch!” The third guy says as he dashes towards Sakura. “I’ll kill you!”

“Go to hell!” Sakura yells as she delivers a jumping sidekick to his face. “You’ll pay for what you and your friends tried to do to me and Kei!”

“Sanouske! Toru!” The guy holding me says. “ What the fuck is wrong with you two? Don’t let this girl take you apart!”

“Big words, coming from a pedophile…” I see Sakura reply back. “Why don’t you try to beat me yourself? Or are you too much of a coward!”

“You’re dead, bitch…” My attacker says as he lets go of me and goes after Sakura. “Both of you… your pussy wasn’t worth it anyway…”


I had nothing to worry about that night…Sakura beat that man to a pulp with simple karate moves. I was astonished at all that Sakura had accomplished.

“Kei!” Sakura says as she grabs my hand. “Let’s get out of here!”

I quickly pull my skirt back up and follow Sakura out of the alleyway to our homes…our sanctuary…

…And ever since that day, Sakura has been street fighting more and more. That incident happened to be the proof that Sakura needed that she was cut out to be a decent Street Fighter, so when she heard of a chance to meet her idol Ryu, she immediately wrote a couple of sick notes for me to take to the school nurse to explain her absences. Or if it was summer, Sakura would tell her parents that she was spending it with me, but really go out and find Ryu while leaving letters of her time with me. Sakura would then have me mail the letters to her home so that her parents don’t get suspicious. Just recently, Sakura has returned from one of her “trips”, only this time, Sakura says that Ryu was being brainwashed by some guy named Bison. Ryu was saved though, thanks to her and another fighter named Ken, and then Sakura and Ryu parted ways.

But now that all of this “Street Fighting” business is done with, maybe now Sakura can settle down and start to study a bit… I mean… we are high school seniors this year. Sakura barely passed her junior year, but this year, she can’t afford to goof off as much. If she doesn’t shape up fast, then Sakura won’t graduate. And if she does graduate, then will Sakura be able to go to college or will she wind up becoming a ronin? *

But…before graduation, we have to worry about getting to school on time…

“Come on Kei! We are almost there! We just need to cross the bridge and we will make it!”

The bridge… Wait a second… I just remembered… The bridge is a shortcut to school. If we take the bridge, we’ll make it to school with 10 minutes to spare, but most people avoid the bridge because gangs and ruffians tend to hang out there.

I look over at the bridge. Nobody is there… Just our luck…

Finally… At least for one day, I can make it to class with more then a minute to spare.

“huff… puff… there’s the bridge Kei… Let’s go… We’ll make it to class on time tod—ooof!”

Sakura and I fall down after Sakura bumps into something going across the bridge.

“I’m sorry about that…” Sakura grins as she and I get up from the ground. “But my friend and I are in a hurry. If you’ll excuse us please, we really have to cross this bridge to get to school…”

“Heh, heh, heh…” The object that Sakura bumped into grins wickedly as he crosses his arms. “There is a nominal fee for crossing this bridge…”

Taking a look at this man, I see that he has on a pair of shades as well as a blue jacket with the sleeves torn off. Upon closer inspection, I see that on his arms are tattooed blue dragons…

Shimatta! He’s a member of the Mizuryu-Dan! *

“What kind of “fee” are we talking about?” Sakura questions back, not showing any signs of being intimidated in her voice.

“Simple…” the man responds back. “Let me fuck one of you, then you can both be on your way…”

Just great… Another pervert… Why is it that Sakura and I always seem to run into them at the worst possible moments?

“Sakura…let’s just turn back and go the other way…”

“Not a chance, Kei…” Sakura answers. “We’ve come too far to turn back now. This is our only chance of making it to school on time. Besides…” I now start to worry as I see Sakura smirk. “…I think I can take him…”

“Sakura!” I yell at Sakura as I shake her. “This is a member of the Mizuryu-Dan! Don’t you know how dangerous they are? They are known for being like water… calm yet ferocious. And most of the elite members have mastered several different styles of combat!”

”Don’t worry about a thing…” Sakura says as she hands me her backpack and puts on her fighting gloves. “He’s probably all bark and no bite. I’m not impressed by his intimidation techniques… Not after what I’ve been through as a Street Fighter. This won’t take long…”

”So you want to throw your life away…” The man says as he uncrosses his arms and gets into a fighting stance, “So be it…”

Sakura dashes towards the man and delivers a flying roundhouse kick, but the man blocks the attack with his left arm.

“So you do have some skill…” Sakura says as she examines her opponent. “That means I don’t have to hold back now…”

Sakura picks up her speed and throws several punches. Unfortunately, the Mizuryu member continued to block everything that she threw at him. And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…


The Mizuryu member counterattacks with his left fist in Sakura’s stomach, then finishes off his attack with a right hook towards her lip.


Damnit, why did I let Sakura talk me into taking the bridge?

“Is that all that you’ve got?” The Mizuryu man mocks Sakura.

“My grandmother hits harder then you…” Sakura says as she gets up from the ground. “Time to end this quickly…”

Sakura attacks again, only this time, she aims more of her attacks towards his legs. The Mizuryu member can’t keep up his guard against all of these low attacks, and he fails to block a low kick aimed towards his ankles.

Whenever Sakura connects with a kick to her opponents ankles, it always becomes troublesome for them since Sakura always follows up that attack with a…


As if on cue, Sakura pummels him with several punches before rising to the air with her version of the Dragon Punch. The Mizuryu member drops to the floor with a thud.

“I’m warmed up now…” Sakura says while bouncing up and down in fighting stance.

To her surprise though, the MizuRyu member gets up and runs away.

“You haven’t heard the last of the MizuRyu-Dan!” The member says as he dashes off like a baby. “I’ll tell my boss about this!”

“Just like I said…” Sakura says as she gives me a thumbs up. “…all bark and no bite…”

Immediately after finishing that statement, Sakura collapses to the ground.

“Sakura!” I yell as I rush over to her fallen body. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…” Sakura responds back. “He had on a pair of brass knuckles when he hit me…but other than that, nothing major…”

“Don’t give me that…” I say as I inspect Sakura’s face with my hand. “Sakura… Your lip is bleeding…”

“It’s no big deal, Kei! Stop making a big fuss about it! I’m used to injuries!”

I ignore Sakura’s remarks as I take a handkerchief out of my backpack and use it to wipe some of the blood off her lip.

“Kei…” Sakura says quietly. “I didn’t know you cared…”

“Of course I care Sakura…” I say as I now put my handkerchief back into my backpack. “I care about you more than anyone else I know…”

“I’m glad to have a friend like you around…” Sakura gently says as she brings her right hand up to my left cheek.

“Sakura…” I whisper as I clasp my hands over Sakura’s right hand.

What’s this feeling that I’m getting inside my body? I’m feeling strange all of the sudden…but this sensation… it feels good…

I close my eyes as I try to savor this moment. Wherever this feeling came from, I sure don’t want it to go away.

I don’t think I’ve felt anything like this… Ever…



“Don’t we have to get to school?’

I look at my watch. We only have 5 minutes left before class.

I help Sakura up from the ground and we dash across the bridge and make it to Tamagawa Minami high with a minute to spare.

So the incident at the bridge is dealt with… but the sensation that is in my body still remains… and it has something to do with Sakura…

Sakura… We have always had a special bond… but is there more to it than that?

Fortunately, Sakura and I made it to class and to our seats just in time. As soon as we sit down, that’s when the teacher decides to show up.

“I need one of you to deliver this folder to the principal’s office.” The teacher starts as he sets down his briefcase. “Darrell Markis*…” the teacher says, pointing at the new African American exchange student from America. “Take this folder for me.”

“Yes sir.” The student says as he gets up from his seat, takes the folder, and leaves the classroom.

“As for the rest of you…” the teacher says, writing some stuff on the chalkboard. “…turn to page 23 in your textbooks and start the assignment.”

I open up my book and look at the math assignment. It’s easy. I then take out a piece of paper and start writing the answers down.

Upon finishing the last problem, I drop my pencil. I bend over to the ground to pick it up. I then look back at my paper and gasp at what I have wrote.

Even though I know the right answers, I didn’t write them down. I didn’t even write anything resembling math. Instead, all I wrote was one word repeated several times…

Sakura… Sakura… Sakura… Sakura…

My god…what is happening to me?

And chapter 1 is finished…before I wrap up this chapter, let me go into the side notes…

*Jan-ken - basically the game of paper, rock, scissors. Jan-ken is basically what the Japanese call the game.

*Ronin - a high school graduate who doesn’t go to college right away (or in some cases tries to get in but can’t). If you’ve ever read the manga and/or seen the anime “Love Hina”, then you are probably familiar with Keitaro Urashima, the lead character of the story who is a ronin.

*Mizuryu-Dan - water dragon gang. This is a pun on several things. First of all, Mizuryu is an inside joke that goes back to my first yuri “Union of Rival’s”, where Karin Kanzuki had a friend named Aoi Mizuryu. The second pun is on Street Fighter’s first major rival in America, Mortal Kombat. In the Mortal Kombat games, there were 2 Dragon gangs, the Red Dragon and the Black Dragon. I decided to make a joke off of these 2 gangs and create my own “dragon” gang with a different color scheme. The Mizuryu Dan is a cross between the Red Dragon and the Black Dragon. In the Mortal Kombat games, the Black Dragon is ruthless and well known, while the Red Dragon is more secretive and cunning in their activities. The Red Dragon also tended to be more organized. With the Mizuryu-dan, they are well known for being ruthless and dangerous like the Black Dragon, but they are also a lot more organized then the Red Dragon. Think the Yakuza and you have an idea of what the Mizuryu-Dan is like.

*Itai - basically Japanese for “ouch”.

*Darrell Markis - for those of you who have never read DeNice’s works, Darrell Markis is an original character that De made up for several of his Street Fighter stories such as Street Fighter: New Archives. Darrell is a Street Fighter that has a mastery over fire, and is also a computer expert. Darrell is one of the few original characters that I have read in fanfiction that doesn’t make me want to puke, and yet feels real. A lot of my friends also like Darrell.

And that’s it for this chapter! Next chapter, DeNice will write from Sakura’s point of view! I’ll see you again at Chapter 3. Until then!
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