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Summary: An original story loosely based off Street Fighter (and a tad of KOF) with an OC heavy cast of characters from Sony Love, MiggyMiesta, and Jami (iceangelmkx) as well as my own. In this world, many people's lives intertwine in the web of destiny. However, two unique girls, both born with no past, are about to begin to realize their own destiny hands-on... as well as the chosen set of characters that wind up caught in the mix...
Rated: T
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Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Violence
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Published: January 09, 2008 Updated: January 09, 2008
Story Notes:
Hello, everyone. Once again I'm back, and once again I'm giving writing another shot. As you all know, my name's DeNice, the lone ranger of the Windswept Blazes. I've been away from writing for quite a while to pursue other talents, namely MUGEN and getting a bit a head in my life. Since my last writing piece, I've gotten a job, my driver's license, and a slow, yet strong set of ideas to proceed my last fic, Secrets of the Illuminati. One of these said ideas was to kill the huge amount of writers block I felt while writing, which mainly came from my action fics. To address this, and what you may quickly pick up, is that I'm starting anew with this story. The NeoBlood Archives are set in a new continuum from the New Archives stories/SotI, which means that the characters coming up from those stories (like Kaoru and Darrell) are being rewritten largely from their old roles. I feel as if starting new would make things a lot more interesting to write instead of having to follow a storyline that I had set out for myself when I was inexperienced. Secondly, for at least the this part of the NB archives, there will be very little mention/appearances from established company characters from either the Street Fighter or King of Fighters franchises. This was, I can purely focus on the original characters, who are the meat of the storyline anyways, and try not to tie things in too deep trying to throw them into the mix.

Now then, with that out of the way, I'd like to show the listing of the cast, just so that you guys know who's going to be featured (with author).

Kaoru Miadama (De)
Akiko Miadama (De)
Zaku Shizuma (De)
Tomoko Nakamura (Miggy)
Yama-Yamaguchi (De - largely inspired by Trutenor)
Shui Mei-Ling (De)
Xiao Fen (De)
Alice Chellis (De)
Darrell Markis (De)
Scott Wagner (Jami)
Marcos Ortega (Miggy)
Vicky Small (Miggy)
Emi Tsuki (Sony)
Keiko Tsuki (Sony)
Shiroto Ozawa (De)
Chela Castillo (Miggy)
Melody Forte (De)
Augustin Turcotte (De)
Syn (De)

Now that the casting is out of the way, how's about we get to the story, eh? Any character mentioned from the KOF and SF games are owned by SNK and Capcom respectively. Trust me, if I owned Capcom, I'll make sure Sakura Kasugano gets into Street Fighter 4 no matter what... Anyways, enjoy reading!

1. I: Darkness by DeNice [Reviews - 0] (1500 words)