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Story Notes:
The Things We Do...

UPDATED January 9, 2008...

Hello, all. This is DeNice once again, giving you the best of the best as it comes to my writing ability. Things look different format wise, doesn’t it? Well, normally I’d go on and put my intro right at the start of the story, but with this one I think I’d try something out to change it up. Now, as you probably guessing by reading that little segment, this is a Capcom vs. SNK crossover that I’m making up, and now, that’s only half right. This, exactly it’s a Capcom, Tecmo, SNK, Namco mix. I’ve been away on a renisaunce of sorts and trying to build more momentum for my writing, and I found it recently. I’m no longer limiting myself to only the SNK and Capcom franchises. I found that my interest in the fic went up once I considered mixing Dead or Alive and Tekken to Street Fighter and The King of Fighters together (sorry Itagaki [DOA’s creator]). Anyways, the way this story works is different from, how say, Secrets of the Illuminati, where it focused on storyline and epic battles. Oh, no... although there will be a plot to this that’s pretty deep, this is to show you the “kinky” side of the stick... Be warned, this story will contain much more stuff as to what was shown just above, be it wet dreams, lemon, lime, yuri, yaoi... you get the deal. I’m not saying you have to be a certain age to read. I’m just saying that you should read at your own risk.

Also, this story runs on a dreammatch-like get-together, like the Capcom vs. SNK games. So where someone like Ryu might seem like he came from Third Strike, Kyo was taken from between King of Fighters 2001 and 2003, and Sakura was taken from after Street Fighter Alpha 3, yet still in high school, where Mei-Ling and Fen were taken from 4 years after Street Fighter 4. Speaking about Mei-Ling and Fen, they’re just a few of the original characters used by me and donated by Chan, MiggyMeista, Jami, and Sony Love. Here’s who to expect in the fic OC and regular wise...

Capcom (New)
Ken Masters
Chun-Li Xiang
Cammy White
Charlie Nash
Sakura Kasugano
Karin Kanzuki
Maki Genryusai
Batsu Ichimonji
Hinata Wakaba
Kyosuke Kagami
Akira Kazama
Daigo Kazama
Yun Lee
Yang Lee
Dan Hibiki
Morrigan Aensland
Sean Matsuda

Kyo Kusanagi
Iori Yagami
Chizuru Kagura
Benimaru Nikaido
Goro Daimon
Ash Crimson
Shen Woo
Kasumi Todo
Li Xiangfie
Athena Asamiya
Sie Kenshou
Mingnon Beart
Kula Diamond
Clark Steel
Ralf Jones
Jinju “May” Lee
Jhun Hoon
Kim Kapwhan
Kim Jae Hoon
Kim Dong Hwan
Choi Bounge
Chang Koehan
Hotaru Futaba
Mai Shiranui
Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Rock Howard
Joe Higashi
Bonne Jenet
Chae Lim
Alba Miera
Soriee Miera
Robert Garcia
Ryo Sakazaki
Yuri Sakazaki
Mary Ryan
Kevin Ryan
Shingo Yabuki

Darrell Markis
Kaoru Miadama
Yao Mitsumi
Shui Mei-Ling
Xiao Fen
Yin Lee
Noel White
Drake White
Melody Forte

Mitsukake Katogoshi
Yui Su’ang

Marcos Ortega
Vicky Small
Skye Hawk
Chela Castillo
Tomoko Nakamura
Frederick Lowe

Scott Wagner

Sony Love
Emi Tsuki
Keiko Tsuki
Miyuki Kumebara
Misti Baxter
Monica Baxter
Jessica Baxter
Blaize Baxter
Angelica Baxter
Soniah-Jesikah Baxter
James Daniels
Sonia Sheridan

Now, keep this in mind. In addition to violence (martial arts and all that jive, remember...) and lots of hentai material, there will be some out-of-character moments plus suggestive words used, so please, if all this offends (or if you like to read “politically correct” fics, which is a bit crazy since a fic is indeed total fiction), your browser does have a back button. If you’re still here, sit back and enjoy the fic!
“Why am I here...? Why do I do this to myself? I mean... I know what I vowed to do... but sometimes I wonder if this is really worth it. It’s another tournament, and with that, another chance for me to get my revenge... but I don’t know... I guess I’ve been at it for so long, at times all I can think about is him. I really hope this is the end of the line for both me and him as far as I’m concerned. I get sick of chasing after him, you know... and now I’m in another tournament, having to risk my health going through the battles in hopes of finally capturing him and finishing him off. *sigh* All the other fighters have other reasons as to why they’re here... and in the back of my mind, I think I envy them. I mean... other than him I can’t think of any good reason as to why I’d even be here. I could be out living a normal life like so many other people, yet here I am, stuck on this wild goose chase until I catch him—“

“Ok, ok. I get the picture, Chun-Li. I think you should stop now, or else I think you might have a breakdown right here and now. Here, I’ll buy you another drink.”

“No, Mai... Don’t do that... I already had two. That’s two more than I originally cared to have to begin with. I’m not a drinker.”

“Hey, neither am I, but you should at least get a good round or two in, occasionally. It sure helps me out whenever I’m thinking about... him...”

“Mai...? You mean Andy?”

“*sigh* Yep... You think after all this time that we’ve been together that he’d show me a little bit of affection, but nooooooooooooooooooooo.... Training is more important than our relationship. He even had the nerve to be the one to ask me to leave the Fatal Fury team in the King of Fighters tournament! The nerve! All because they wanted Mary Ryan to join their team. If I didn’t know better I’d say that he was trying something slick behind my back.”

“Now, Mai, everyone knows that Mary has an eye out for Terry... That’d just be wrong, now wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t be so suspicious about it. I’m sure he had good reasons that year...”

“And the year after that and the year after that...? Chun-Li, he’s trying to get away from me... I... I mean... what’s wrong with me? Is it the way I look?”

“*cough* Ummmmm....”

“My hair? The way I dress? What? What can I do to seem attractive in his mind? Do I have to stop being human and be a secret technique that he can use? He just seems so impossible...! I pour my heart out to this man, and this is the way he treats me!? He doesn’t even give me a glance!”

“Mai! Get a hold of yourself! You’re starting to lose it!”

The red-haired kunoichi known as Mai Shiranui heaved a large sigh as she sat inside the walls of the bar, her hand twirling the straw that led inside of the beverage she was drinking. Her head found its way to the counter in front of her, her brown eyes giving off dull vibes as she stared at the whirlpool she made through the transparent glass of the cup. On her body rested casual clothing; well, at least, casual to her. Where as a tee-shirt for most people would go down to meet the hems of their pants, Mai’s barely covered her chest area. It was more of a tank top than anything else, and anyone lucky enough to quick enough could dip their heads down just a bit and look up to see her red bra cupping her rather busty breasts. Apart from that, she wore shorts, which, fitting her personality, were a bit tight, and way above the knees.

Looking on in the chair next to her was another well-grown woman, this one Chinese and a bit older than the Japanese Mai. Where Mai was more revealing about her casual appearance, Chun-Li was more suitable in that manner, wearing a blue, full body jumpsuit with yellow stripes along the side and on her shirt. Her hair was more of a brownish color and done in buns, yet despite the differences in appearance, the Interpol agent known as Chun-Li shared something painfully similar to her companion, and it went beyond the fact that they both wore sneakers.

Both women were depressed. The bartender knew this overtime with each order of sake that Mai would order up every 5 minutes or so. She didn’t realize it the first time her blue eyes caught them walking in a good 20 minutes ago, but now it was painfully apparent. Of course, being right on the other side of the bar, the blond-haired woman in the burgundy tux was able to overhear most of the conversation between Chun-Li and Mai with little problems. It wasn’t that she was nosey... much, but she knew she couldn’t really have much choice about what she heard in her bar. After all, it was her business to take double duty to make sure everything runs right inside her domain, and if anything went astray, she could always fine tune her Muay Thai attacks on the sap that disrupts the peace. However, this wasn’t the case. There was no physical disturbance here, but rather an emotional one, and that was of her concern.

Mai was as good as a friend as King needed.

As she stood close by, looking at the two women as they talked, King made herself semi-busy by whipping a few mugs clean with a white towel. From here, she steadily picked up more of the venting Chun-Li and Mai were doing.

“Yeah, sorry about that...” Mai muttered loudly. “I guess I should watch myself, too. You know, it isn’t easy dealing with the fact that the man you love with all your heart makes you feel as if you don’t exists. I really don’t know why I keep on fantasizing about him like I do. I bet any other woman would have gotten over him and found someone else... but I know deep down I want Andy. I was set on that for years, and I’m not stopping now. I just wish he realizes that before I start to wrinkle and loose my charm, if you know what I mean.”

“I understand where you’re coming from,” Chun-Li replied, her elbow now on the counter so that she could focus clearly on Mai. “I can’t completely relate... I haven’t met anybody that I can really... dream about... It’s hard to find someone in that tense, especially with my line of work and what I have to do... I’m so busy running around the world in search of the leader of Shadowloo that I don’t realize the joy you at least have part of. I can’t rest easy knowing that... that he’s still around... but sometimes I wonder where it’ll end... or if it’ll end at all.”

“Now I wouldn’t say all that... I’m sure you’ll get him real soon.”

This time it was Chun-Li’s turn to sigh, her gaze lowering to the floor a bit. “Its something I count on happening, too... You know what? I guess another drink won’t kill me.”

Mai’s head rose from the counter and focused on the Chinese woman entirely, her eyes coming back to life. “Ah, that’s the spirit! Might as well enjoy ourselves before the tournament starts.”

(That’s my cue...)

Without even being summoned, King made her way to the two women and asked, “So, what will it be this time? Sake for two, Mai?”

“No, no...” Mai declined, shaking her head for emphasis. “This one’s a special one. Why don’t you surprise the two of us? I’m suddenly feeling really good tonight... I’m going to mix it up some.”

A smile grew on Mai’s face as a smirk appeared on King’s. “Alright, if you so insist,” came the bartender’s reply, and she turned away to check up on her arsenal of beverages. As she flipped through the countless amounts of liquor in the cabinets along the wall, King made a mental note to make sure all these drinks went onto Mai’s tab. Knowing the kunoichi, she wasn’t going to pay her back on the same night that she was going to get drunk silly.

“Hmmm... what’s this?”

A particular bottle made itself known to King as she cycled through her inventory. As she pulled it out to examine it, she took notice of its appearance. It looked like a classic wine bottle, but the label was faded out to the point that she couldn’t tell what it was offhand. The bottle was transparent, though, so she could see the liquid, which was a blue, crystal-like color. King twisted her mouth. How come she didn’t see this one before? Normally she was very familiar with her drinks...

After a few moments without remembering what it was, King did what made her so good at recognizing liquors... She grabbed a small cap-cup from above the cabinet, popped the top of the unmarked beverage, poured some in, and swigged. The taste, along with the smell, was rich with alcohol... yet in still, it tasted... familiar yet foreign to King. Vodka, maybe...? Shot? Weird... She couldn’t quite get it in her head. However, it sure did feel satisfying to her once it went in... Not bad... Not bad at all.

(This should do the trick.)

Meanwhile, Chun-Li was paying attention to Mai was she talked. She was convinced. The 5 servings of sake were finally starting to settle into Mai’s system. The red-hair’s cheeks began to flush, her eyes began to grow glassy, and her speech was just starting to give of the slurred vibes that perfectly classified that of a drunkard. Chun-Li was glad that she only had 2 drinks period, because she knew someone had to be responsible in making sure both she and Mai were able to get to their hotel rooms without any problems and detours.

“Mai, you sure you wanted this drink?” she asked. “I think you should take it easy for the rest of the night.”

“What? Are you kidding me? I’m just fine...” was Mai’s response, followed shortly by a hiccup thereafter. “I’ve had nights where King and I would go at it at drinking contests. Fifteen or so rounds, Chun-Li. I think I know my limits. *hic*”

Chun-Li smirked a bit, hiding the fact that the scene was at least a bit humorous. “Well, for tonight, let this be the last one. Drinking so much will really throw you off when it gets to walking straight, let alone fighting.”

Mai waved it off. “Yeah, sure.... Whatever suits you.”

As soon as Mai finished her sentence, King returned, both hands sporting two beer mugs holding in a crystal clear beverage inside. Mai blinked. This sure didn’t ring a bell to her... and she knew King and her arsenal for quite some time.

“Hey, King,” she said, “What’s that? Looks kind of different from the usual.”

“Hey, you said to get something from the grab bag, so I did. I don’t quite know what it is. The label’s all screwed up, but I just tried it out, just to make sure. It’s pretty good stuff, whatever it is.”

Mai shrugged while Chun-Li fidgeted a bit in her seat. While Mai wasn’t fazed by the mysterious beverage on the counter in front of her, Chun-Li wasn’t sure if she should go on with her third drink. It was unknown, which meant that it could be anything. Anything meaning anything. Mai, at first not realizing what Chun-Li was thinking, grabbed the mug closer to her and took a quick sip of it, letting the taste settle in her mouth before swallowing it. As she did so, her eyes opened up a bit, a bit delighted at the taste, apparently. Chun-Li observed it all from start to finish, where the Japanese woman put the mug down back on the mug. If she wasn’t drunk herself, she could’ve sworn that the signs of the sake from earlier practically disappeared the moment Mai swallowed...

“Well, whatever it is, it sure has spunk,” she commented. “It has a rich taste to it.” She then turned to the Chinese woman and realized that she was staring at her. “What’s the matter? Go on and try it out! This is pretty good stuff right here.”

At first Chun-Li didn’t reply. She couldn’t help but feel a bit cautious about it... but... what the hell. The night wasn’t going to get any better if she just kept on thinking about it. Chun-Li grabbed the second mug, brought it to her lips, taking a pause before she took a bit of it in. The moment the liquid touched her tongue, just like Mai, Chun-Li’s brown eyes widened a bit, a bit involuntarily, as the strong flavor hit her. However, it still tasted good... She swallowed, looked at the two other women that were looking at her... then without speaking, she took another round at it.

“I think she likes,” King observed, Chun-Li nodding in response as she emptied the drink out into her mouth. Mai took that as the green light to continue herself, and King just looked on as the two women finished off the drinks she served.

“I needed that,” the agent said to King as she put the glass down. “Thanks.”

“Hey, no problem. It’s what I do.”

Chun-Li then looked at Mai and said, “I think we should get back to our rooms. It’s close to 9 P.M. I should be getting ready for the battles ahead.”

The kunoichi pouted a bit upon hearing that. “I don’t know... It’s still early and the tournament doesn’t even start for quite a few days. You shouldn’t be such a picnic ant. Why don’t you stay in my room and we can hang out some.”

“Hang out?”

“Yes, hang out...” Mai repeated. “Do tell me you know what that means.”

Chun-Li cleared her throat a bit, holding her hand over her mouth as she did so, then answered, “I guess I can do that. Now that I think about it, it sounds pretty good. Fine, it’s a date.”

No sooner did the words come out of Chun-Li’s mouth did both women grew startled. As Chun-Li stiffened in her seat, shaking her head, Mai let out a slight giggle, although inside she did get the weird vibe from Chun-Li’s choice of words.

“Date... Chun-Li?” she repeated, her smile growing a bit. Chun-Li stuttered a bit, unable to stop from blushing in embarrassment.

“I-I didn’t mean to say that. Y... you know what I mean.”

Mai laughed out loud, standing up while stretching her arms above her head. “Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t resist that one. Thanks, King. We’ll see you later. Put everything on my tab, ok?”

King simply gave her friend a blank look. “As always...”

Mai then turned to Chun-Li, and before Chun-Li could quite get what was going on, Mai grabbed her hand, her grip on her tight.

“Well, then. Let’s get going. I know a few things we can do on our first date.”


Not willing to reply to that, Mai ran off from the bar towards the front door, dragging Chun-Li along with her with King looking on. The blond couldn’t help but smile to herself, the sight was all so entertaining to her... Chun-Li’s choice of words being the clincher.

“Date...” she said to no one in particular. “Nice one...”

As she thought about it, she could visualize the scene now; Chun-Li and Mai together at some place... like the movies... sitting together, eating popcorn out of the same bag...

Only one soda, sitting right in the armrest between the two...

It was funny to look at. Both watching the movie with interest...

Then Mai’s hand goes for the soda...

So does Chun-Li’s...

And they both wind up cutting each other at the point of destination...

Both women are now looking at each other... apologizing for not watching out for the other...


And their hands, which were initially grabbing at the soda, were now holding onto one another...

And... Mai brings herself over to Chun-Li...


The Chinese woman does the same...

They’re so close now...

So close to each other...

They can literally feel each other’s breath...

And even closer they come to each other...

So close...

Both their eyes are closing now...

And... the gap between their lips ceases to exist...

And... and King could make out light, quiet, yet audible moans of pleasure... as they stayed like this...


And she could see Mai’s free hand begin to roam around Chun-Li’s brown hair... Exploring... feeling... as Chun-Li’s grasp onto her shoulder...

And more moans still...

(U... uhhhh...)

Pants... breathless pants... as their lip junction is broken... only to rejoin... little signs of their tongues beginning to come out of their original homes to come out to play in the other’s...

The grip on the other’s hand becomes tighter... as their free ones now come down... to their breasts... that were poking out of their shirts...


It was so clear to King... she could plainly see little bumps poking through the material... Their nipples... must be hard now... So hard... and sensitive... and... wanting attention...

(Hah... haaahhh...)

They both know what they want... She can tell... Their eyes... tell all... Both Chun-Li and Mai’s free hands now seep under the other’s shirt.... and track back up... until they meet their breasts...

And still, the moans become louder... longer... as they begin to play around with their mounds... Squeezing... caressing... Twisting their hard nipples... pulling... rubbing...

(I... Aaaaahhhhhh.... S... so..... hot..............)

Before she could realize what was going on, King immediately felt hot... Hot all over... as if she was on the surface of the sun... she could barely take it anymore... She couldn’t explain it... but... she was burning... both inside and out...

(M... my.... my clothes... Too.... too hot........)

She had to get them off... Her mind was in a haze now... All that mattered was cooling down... Her body threw itself onto the wall behind her... her eyes closing as her hands rushed to her tuxedo. Her fingers fumbled over the buttons, but after a few times they finally managed to undo the two that went to the jacket...

Not even bothering to take it off fully, King went onto the white shirt... first the top... then the one below it... then, because she skipped it, the red bow tie along the neck, leaving it to hang limply to the side...

She kept going... and for some odd reason, she seemed to get even hotter... Faster... She went faster... until the last one all the way at the bottom went undone...

And still it wasn’t enough... She needed to open up... Open up more...

The heat... It keeps building...

So hot... Steaming...

Eyes still closed, King’s body began to slump to the floor as her hands began to reach behind her own back... and clumsily roam around until... she found a hook...


One single flip... and instantly her hands went on to remove her bra from her body...

And in her mind, she could still see the scene between Chun-Li and Mai... vaguely aware of what she was doing to herself in the now empty bar... Mai’s hands... both of them... now working on Chun-Li’s medium sized breasts while Chun-Li’s worked on hers... passionately doing all they could to increase the pleasure within them...

King moaned, her hands now moving up to her own, now free breasts... and she pictured herself as Chun-Li... Mai’s hands toiling as they pressed into her chest... She mimicked it... on herself...

“Oh... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...”

It felt so good... So wonderful... So blissfully... wonderfully... awesome... She now rotated her hands... rubbing into her breasts... bringing herself the exact same level of pleasure that Chun-Li was going through...

She then imagined that she was Mai... her busty members being tugged and teased by Chun-Li’s hold on her erect nipples... Whenever the Chinese woman would pull... King would pull... and whenever the brown-hair twisted... the blond could copy...

And whenever Mai gasped and groaned... King was right behind her...

The bartender was now gone and lost to the real world, lost in her fantasy, lost on her pleasure cruise...

...but suddenly, the picture; the scene was gone from King’s mind...


But still, the heat remained in her body... all over her... all seemingly to concentrate in a single place...

It burned there... King couldn’t stand that... It had... to... be... be... rid of...

Her eyes still closed and her body still hidden behind the bar, King began to run south on her body, until her right hand grabbed hold of the zipper... and her left grabbed to top of her pants... As quickly as she could, she pulled the zipper down... and opened the fly, exposing her panties...

She sighed blissfully, her hands now on autopilot, as they not roamed and pressed into the fabric... into her...

“Oooooooohhhhhh...! A...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...! J... jeeezz.....!”

The friction made her body ache, more so the area that was hidden behind the underwear... Holding in the heat...

King was positive... clothes were making her hot... All forms... She had to let them go... She had to release the flames inside and out her body... She had to release the aching that claimed her body...

She had to release.........


Her hands swiftly pulled down her panties and pants down to her knees, letting her bikini section show with no shame at all... With little thought, King brought a finger inside of her pussy... and rubbed...

...and threw her head backwards hard into the wall, moaning so loud it appeared as if she was yelling in pain... but there was no pain...

Only bliss.



King had little control under her legs, which pressed into one another... and contracted towards her body and out as she writhed on the floor in pure ecstasy, fitting more fingers inside herself... first two... then three... her sweetness squeezing and compressing itself all around them...

And from there, the blond began to pump, in and out... in and out... all three fingers... her body now lying flat on the floor... unable to stand the jolts of electricity that ran through her body. Her free hand returned to fondling her breasts as her pussy began to make sweet, squishy noises as it grew wet and her fingers began to increase in speed...

King’s heavy and desperate breathing was mixed with hard gasps as she could feel something mighty becoming to come... Her insides couldn’t take it anymore... The flame... the ache... the burning...

Too much... Too hot...

Soooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch........


---- ----

“What a jerk. I can’t believe he came here just to try to get me out of the tournament and get himself in. My brother is such an egotist.”

“I know, Mei-Ling. Just relax. He just likes to talk. You and me, on the other hand... We’ve proven ourselves. He hasn’t been through what we have. He wouldn’t be able to take it.”

The two Chinese girls couldn’t help but enjoy the scenery. The sky was dark yet majestic, stars clearly in the sky, as they walked down the sidewalk, the park lights setting the mood for a nice, romantic atmosphere. However, to the two walking side by side, it was just a good night out. Anything to get away from the headache known as Shui Shun. One girl was a dark haired individual, normally totally black but now set in a dark brown and set in twin braids down her back, wearing a normal short-sleeved shirt and jeans, while the other had an unnatural light, reddish-brown tint to her long hair. She wore a tank top to accompany the hot night, along with jeans as well, only 3 sizes bigger than needed. The first went by Shui Mei-Ling, the latter by Xiao Fen.

“I know that much,” Mei-Ling muttered as the two walked aimlessly into the night, “He just thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen in the world. Such a bragger, and he insists that I’m nothing but a distraction. You know how close I was to just letting loose and giving him a piece of me?”

Fen nodded, putting a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “If I were you, I probably would’ve beaten him up already. I don’t know how you do it. You must have the patience of a saint or something.”

“No... In a way, I don’t know how I quite do it either. I just do, somehow.”

”Well, don’t sweat him,” Fen said while smiling, “He’s going back to watch us win this tournament from the sidelines. Maybe there he’ll be able to see just what you got. I mean, getting that invitation was the best thing to happen to me for a while. This is the big time, Mei! All the big fighters are right here all in one place, all ready to throw down in a little over a week. I’m so excited I could go on and on about it!”

Mei-Ling smirked as she looked at the stores that rested at the bottom of the large hotel that they were approaching. She couldn’t help but be excited as well for being here. The sponsors at this year’s tournament said that this year, things would be different as far as the way battles went was concerned, and Mei-Ling was always looking for a challenge. It ran in her blood, which went back to the early Chinese wars and martial arts battles her ancestors participated in. However, it was quite a bit of a wait from today, when everyone who was invited arrived at this one spot in Osaka, Japan to when the first battles would take place. A little over a week, to be a bit more precise. However, the gap period let her get a chance to go on and prepare, scout out the competition, and make up some strategies. This WAS her first big tournament debut, after all, and she was aiming on impressing a lot of people, both live and on TV. It was time to really set her family’s name on the map.

“But first, I’m going to go on and get something to refresh myself,” Fen continued, the two friends now turning onto the main pathway that lead past the small stores leading up to the hotel’s front doors where all the fighters were being housed at.

“But, Fen, we just came from eating dinner,” the older girl reminded.

“Yeah, I know, but still. I’m famished.”

“You mean thirsty.”

“Yeah. That.”

Mei-Ling rolled her black eyes as they approached the hotel stores. “Sometimes I wonder how you can act like this 24/7. I mean, I’ve heard of ‘ignorance must be bliss’ but you sort of take it to the extreme.”

Fen merely smiled as they approached what appeared like a bar. “What can I say? I’m just a happy-go lucky girl that likes to have fun. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Oh. This seems like a good place.”

As Fen stopped to look at the building she stopped at, Mei-Ling did the same... and her expression changed for the worst.

“Fen... This is a bar...”

“Yeah, I know,” was Fen’s innocent reply. “This should be a great place for something to clench my thirst.”

However, as the light-haired woman took her first step, Mei-Ling grabbed her shoulder with her hand, stopping her and making her face her.

“No, I can’t let you go in there. Father always told me that places like this breed grimy people...”

“Oh, stop it, Mei,” Fen said while swatting Mei-Ling’s caring hand from her shoulder. “Come on, now. I can tell by looking through the window. There is no one even inside this place, and it says on the sign on the door that the bar doesn’t close until midnight. We must be lucky to beat the rush. I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of fighters here that practically get wasted in place like this. At least here I can get a drink without having to showcase any of my skills on any drunkards.”

Mei-Ling shook her head upon Fen’s conclusion of her sentence. “No, I’m more concerned about you. I mean, I never seen you drink anything alcoholic before... and you’re only 17. I don’t think it’s healthy.”

Fen responded to this by giving her friend a mute look. “Mei... I think I should be doing the worrying. This is our first night on our new experience... and all you can think of is training and looking out for my best interest. Lighten up some! How can you enjoy yourself if you keep doing all the things you do back at Shanghai? I mean, really. You’re 19 years old. You don’t have to be daddy’s little girl now. You can grow up and try out new things.”

Fen’s hand then grabbed onto her best friend’s and she flashed a pearly white smile.

“You can enjoy yourself, Mei, or you can spend all this time in the week doing nothing but training. It’s your call.”

Mei-Ling frowned at her friend as her mind began to think it over. Of course, in her brain, she knew darn well what she was raised up to do... She knew that she should be spending this time just like her father instructed; busy fine-tuning herself for the battles ahead of her...

“I don’t know...” she muttered to herself, however, it was spoken loud enough for Fen to overhear... and make the decision for her friend.

“Oh, come on, Mei! Stop being such a stick in the mud and follow me!”

And before the older girl could realize it, Fen pulled her effortlessly from her standing position, threw the door open, and dragged her inside...

---- ----

“Hello? Anyone home here?”


It was the first word that popped into King’s mind. In an instant she blinked, finding herself on the floor behind her counter, lying completely on her back...

...and thankfully, hidden from the view from the front door, because King was more or less surprised once she found out that her shirt, tux, and tie were undone and open for all to see her chest and her pants and panties down to her knees... just barely out of range of the pool of liquid that found its way between her legs.

Gasping to catch herself, King sat up in a jolt, her arms instantly covering up her breasts in a natural auto-defense, her blue eyes wide as she looked down at herself.

(I didn’t just do what I think I did... did I...?)

“Anyone serving here? I’m parched! I sure could use something down my throat.”

“Fen, not so loud! Maybe someone’s in the back busy with something.”

Jeez! Customers? Now? Just as she reached her climax, too...

“J... just a second...” King called out, her voice a bit shaky and recovering from her orgasm as she rushed to pull herself together. In a rush, she grabbed onto a cleaning towel from her rack nearby and rubbed it all around her area... and even though she was trying to get clean, King couldn’t get over the fact that as she did so, her lower lips would begin to ache all over again; ache in the blissful way that she just experienced firsthand...

N... no time about that! She had someone else in the bar, and she wasn’t going to lose business because of... of...

King shook her head clear as she now put the last of her clothes back on her body and stood up, fixing her bow tie as she glanced at her latest visitors. It was then that she got a fix at the two young girls that walked in. In fact, at first glance, they looked to be just shaving the 16 and over limit she had in her bar. However, they were over, so King had no problems. She breathed deeply as she looked at the girls of Chinese decent, one with dark brown braids and the other with light red hair...

(Wow... I haven’t seen these two before... They look... good...)

“Hey, there,” the light-haired and seemingly younger girl greeted King. “My friend and I would like to get something to drink.”

King smirked as she eyed the young woman in front of her. This one’s eyes had a playful tone to them to accompany her fresh face. She sure seemed like a go-getter if one could go by just looks. The other one seemed more serious... yet, in her own way, she was beautiful in her own right. Her black eyes looked around her to the surrounding, capturing everything around her...

Oh, what she wouldn’t give to make her realize some other things as well....

“Uh... hello?”

King immediately blinked, her focus now back on the light-haired girl that went by the name Fen. “Sorry. What do you have in mind?”

Fen looked beyond King and to the inventory on the wall, seeing bottles upon bottles... yet in still, it wasn’t like a restaurant where she could just see a menu and pick from there. Her companion stayed quiet as she mumbled to herself, thinking hard as to which one she should try out...

“Hmmm... Maybe... uh... no... Hey, how’s about tha... wait... Wait a second. No. Not that one...”

Fen then frowned, and it signaled King to make a suggestion...

“Hey, kid,” she said, reaching over to her right and getting a familiar, crystal clear bottle from the counter, “If you can’t choose... may I suggest this little wonder right here...?”

---- ----

“Alright, everyone. I want all of you to unpack the moment we get to our rooms. No lagging off. Its bad enough our flight was delayed, but we can make up on preparing for the tournament first thing tomorrow morning.”

Kim Kaphwan had a really good feeling in his heart about all this. This tournament was the one that he knew that he was going to do his best. He heard good things about this particular tournament, and it made him round up everyone he ever partnered and trained with over the years. Standing in front of him was Chang Koehan, Choi Bounge, Jhun Hoon, Jinju Lee (whom everyone just called May Lee), Chae Lim, and his two sons, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan. It was the biggest Korean team ever established, and Kim was positive this was going to be the tournament in which Taekwondo really showed its flare.

As of now, the team was in the lobby of the hotel, waiting on one of the elevators to open up for usage. In the 30 story building, their rooms were on the 12th floor, and everyone couldn’t wait to unpack... for different reasons.

“Well, can’t Jae Hoon, May, and Chae join me on a night out on the town?” Kim’s older son, Dong Hwan, asked, lazily holding his belongings over his shoulder and the rest of it on a carrier. “I’ve got serious jet lag and I want to work it off by seeing Osaka for all its worth.”

Kim turned to face his son and flatly replied, “Son, I don’t think you heard me. We’re heading right off to our rooms to unpack, then we’re getting ready for training first thing tomorrow morning. No goofing off.”

Dong Hwan pouted and put his free hand in his pant pocket. “Oh, man...”

“You should’ve known better than to ask dad that on the eve of a big tournament...” Dong Hwan’s young brother, Jae Hoon, whispered to him. “Besides, you’re always slacking off. If you don’t watch yourself this time you might get hurt.”

“Oh, please. I’m more worried about my social status than this tournament. As a matter of fact, you know that I didn’t want to go here in the first place. This week was a good Horror-izon marathon on and now I can’t even watch it because I bet this place doesn’t have cable.”

“Tch. Have you seen this place, Dong Hwan?” came May Lee, coming over due to overhearing Dong Hwan’s previous comment. “I think any place that has a mall on the 15th floor should have satellite cable in each room no problem. This place is like a vacation all in itself! I can’t believe you’d rather be back in South Town than here.”

Dong Hwan made a face and looked at May Lee from the side of his eyes. “I can’t believe that you’re actually thinking about something else besides being the next Supergirl...”

”What’s that?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Oh, I know its something. My ears can pick up a snide remark within 20 meters. Why don’t you say it louder?”

“Hey, kids,” Jhun interrupted, “Sorry to break this up, but I do believe that you’re going to miss the elevator.”

The three younger members of the Korean team looked towards the closest elevator shaft to find out that it was open, and that everyone else had boarded inside it already... and the doors were beginning to close as well.

“Hey, wait a second!” Dong Hwan yelled, jumping forwards, his bag not too far behind him and put himself between the closing doors, preventing it from closing all the way and open back up. As he breathed a sigh, Chae Lim sweatdropped heavily.

“Wow, that’s really using your brain...” she joked, making Dong Hwan mutter something under his breath as he let the other two in. As soon as everyone was inside, Kim pressed the number for their floor, and this time the doors closed with no problems. The elevator then made a jolt and began to ascend the building, making a ding noise at each floor they passed. As they waited, Kim decided to make conversation.

“Ok, who else here was able to catch any other fighters since we arrived? I managed to catch the Air Force team a few hours ago. I’ve heard rumors that the usual suspects are here from KOF, however.”

“You mean the Women’s team, Ikari team, Fatal Fury team, and all that?” Dong Hwan asked, trying to show some interest in the current subject.

“Exactly. Of course, I have my eye out on the Geese team and the K’ team...” Kim answered, his eyes now growing a bit serious. “Whenever we see those two around something tragic always seems to happen and this Bison fellow... I didn’t get any good vibes him and his team as well.”

(There he goes again...) the older, brown-haired son of Kim sighed in his head, now leaning against the wall on the side and tuning his father out. Everyone else, however, listened.

“I know. A lot of suspicious people seem to be here along with the other fighters,” Chae Lim added. “I think I caught a glimpse of Iori Yagami downtown, but I could’ve been mistaken about that... However, I also got wind that the Miera brothers from Southtown are here as well. Why, I don’t know. I thought their business was back in Southtown only. It must be big.”

“You know...” May Lee cut in, rubbing her dark, navy blue hair with a hand, “Speaking of which, it seems gangs are popping up around here by the masses. I definitely saw the Triple Dragons from Hong Kong around here a few minutes ago, and I saw a bunch of rough people roaming the streets. Seems like a young biker gang...”

“I don’t like the vibes about this...” Kim said, putting a hand on his chin. “Too much evil seems to be here...”

Jhun, who was standing next to Kim, merely looked at him at the corner of his eyes, his hands in his pockets, while Chang and Choi were busy looking out the window behind everyone, catching the view of Osaka as their view elevated well above the nearby buildings.

“Well, no matter how many bad guys decided to show up, just look at us!” May Lee said with a high spirit in her voice. “We have the justice dream team now! There’s no way evil will win this time, especially with May Lee on the scene!”

“Now that’s the type of spirit I’m talking about,” Kim encouraged with a sparkling smile. “Keep thinking like that and we’ll stand the greatest chance at prevailing here.”


All attention went to the door, in which the number to the side read 12, and the elevator stopped moving, allowing the doors to open and show off the hallway in front of them. It had a gold and red interior, hotel rooms on both sides, and Kim could make out that all the way at the end, the left side let out for them to look down into the beautiful lobby below and the rest of the hotel. Everyone grabbed their bags, Dong Hwan the one pulling the carrier along and bringing up the rear, and they filed out in search of their rooms.

“Ok, we have two rooms,” Kim informed from in front. “Chang, Choi, Jhun, and I shall take room 1216. I trust you kids to have 1217 to yourselves with no problems, ok? Jae Hoon?”

Kim’s dark-green haired son looked up and asked, “Yes, dad?”

“I’m entrusting you to be responsible for the room. I would let Dong Hwan do it, but the last time I left him in charge of the dojo, I came back to find it wrecked and a bunch of his ‘friends’ laid all around the floor, drunk.”

“I told you I didn’t know anything about that party!” Dong Hwan immediately tried to defend himself, but Kim simply ignored him.

“Sure, dad, you can count on me,” his younger son said obediently. Kim gave his son a warm smile and looked up... and noticed two women coming his way. One he was very familiar with... The red-head joined KOF regularly and was originally on the Fatal Fury team, but was now on the Woman’s team, this time being no different. Despite Kim’s acknowledgement of her, he did condone her current attire, which was showing off a bit too much skin. However, this was Mai Shiranui, and it was a trait of hers to be like that.

The other woman he wasn’t as regular with, but he knew well from the Millennium tournaments. She was a Chinese brunette, a bit older than Mai, and was a well-known agent for Interpol. It seems as if they both were coming from town, for she too was in casual wear, a blue full-body jumpsuit with yellow lines...

“Ah, Chun-Li Xiang and Mai Shiranui,” Kim greeted as the two groups met. “It’s a pleasure to see you here.”

Chun-Li blinked once she laid eyes on Kim, then she reminded herself of just who he was. “Taekwondo fighter Kim Kaphwan, I presume. Yes, it is indeed a pleasure. Is this your group for the tournament?”

“Why, yes, it is,” Kim replied. “For this contest, I’ve assembled all of my best to form the biggest Korean team up to date.”

(His best...?) Jhun instantly thought, his face still very calm yet hinting a little bit of wariness. The big man, Chang, looked over Jhun and Kim at the two ladies in front of him... and he blinked. Below him, barely coming up to his waist, stood Choi Bounge, his arms crossed and with a pouting expression on his face.

(I can’t believe this! Two of the most beautiful women in the circuit and I can’t even get a look at them from here!)

After overhearing Kim and Jhun trading words with Chun-Li and Mai, the former criminal suddenly flashed a light bulb in his head, and tapped his running buddy on the leg, making him look down...

“What’s up?” Chang asked.

“Hey, Chang. Why don’t you lend me a hand and give me a lift? I want to see what’s going on.”

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”


Not exactly what the 5’ man had in mind, Chang brought one mighty hand down to grab at the back of his shirt, then, in one fell swoop, whooshed him upwards and onto his shoulder, Choi having to hold onto his hat for the ride.

“T... thanks...” Choi said, regaining himself as he could now peer down with no problems to see the two beauties below. They were both in casual clothes, which was good in Choi’s eyes... If only Kim and Jhun weren’t in the way... He could’ve easily seen under the kunoichi’s skimpy little shirt and saw her twin jugs with little effort...

The thought of just peeping at those at that angle made Choi smile wide.


“Say...” Chang said to his buddy while scratching his head, “are those two holding hands?”


Choi took another look, this time trying not to look at either woman’s fine feminine features and focus on their hands...

“Hmm... Seems like you made a clever observation, Chang,” Choi said while bringing a hand on his chin. “Wonder what that’s all about...”

“Ok, then. I guess we’ll be seeing you soon,” came Chun-Li’s voice and it caught the duo’s attention. With that sentence, the two women made a way past the two ‘leaders’ of the Korean team and past Chang, in which both he and Choi looked on to see them pass the young teenagers of their group; Chang’s focus on their heads while Choi’s were on their rear ends... and his smile still intact.

“Come on, you two,” Kim called his ‘special’ students while walking in the opposite direction, “We’re not too far from here. Just a few more doors.”

With May Lee, Chae Lim, and Kim’s sons bringing up the rear along with everyone’s belongings, it forced Chang to about-face and head forward, but still, Choi spun around on Chang’s shoulder to keep his focus on Chun-Li and Mai as they stopped at a hotel room. As Mai’s free hand searched for her key in her pocket, their hold on one another broke...

...and Choi was taken aback to find out that Chun-Li’s hand, now free, was now coming back along Mai’s body, wrapping around the kunoichi’s back to pull her close to her own body. He wasn’t the only one startled; from his view he could see Mai turn to look over to Chun-Li, most likely in a bit of confusion.

(Hey, what’s up with her...?) Choi asked in his mind.

Due to the distance between the two women and the peeping tom, Choi couldn’t catch any dialogue, however, he did just manage to see Mai pull out her key from her pocket... and at the same time lean forward towards Chun-Li...

...and Choi almost fell off of his perch on Chang in astonishment. His mouth open, he watched on in wonderment and shock to find that the two women were now kissing. Not just a quick kiss, but a full-blown, affectionate, lovers kiss. They held it for one second... two... three... four... then five, before Mai pushed Chun-Li aside so that she could put her card into the slot of her hotel room and push it open. From there, the two slipped in, and with that, the door closed again with a slam. Rest assured, Choi was overcome by a lot of things right now...

Perverted-ness prevailing over everything else.

“Chang!” he hissed into Chang’s ear, “You are not going to believe what I just saw!”

“Saw what?” came Chang’s voice, but before Choi could reply, Jhun’s voice rang out through the air.

“Hey, you two! Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to come in and help us settle in?”

Choi and Chang turned to the hotel room in which they were staying, the door open and Kim and Jhun already inside, unpacking their belongings. Choi sighed a bit, and then said, “I’ll tell you once we get a safe distance from these two... Here’s the plan...”

---- ----

“Ah, great. The rest of the Women’s team isn’t here yet...” Mai said to Chun-Li as they stepped into Mai’s hotel room. “I guess that gives us the room to ourselves for a while until they come back from a night on the town...”

“Oh, really?” Chun-Li asked. “Just who did you bring with you?”

“Oh, King, of course, but she’s tending to her bar, so she won’t be here until past midnight... Kasumi Todo and Li Xiangfie are the other two. I forgot where they went. I think they went out for dinner downtown.”

“Well, from what I’ve heard from the Xiangfie girl, she has quite the appetite... I think that means they’re going to be gone for a long while...”

Mai nodded, and tossed the key onto the circular table that rested near her side. She then turned to face her companion and asked, “So... I’m guessing that kiss back there was part of the ‘date’ you said?”

Chun-Li couldn’t help but give her trademark giggle upon hearing that. “Well, the first one back in the elevator was... but the second... Well... it was just... to see if the first one wasn’t just an accident...”

Mai smiled to match Chun-Li’s. “No... No accident here... I was going to do the same thing... You’re not too bad of a kisser...”

“So are you...”

A pause between the two women as they stared at one another’s eyes for a while... just... staring... then Mai blinked.

“Ok... it’s obvious that we must be drunk, because if we were in our right minds right now, we wouldn’t be doing this...”

“I don’t know about that... I don’t... feel drunk...”

Mai gave Chun-Li a look. “If you’re drunk, I doubt you’re going to feel anything.”

“Oh, really? I beg to differ. I think I can feel something for sure.”

“What’s that?”

Chun-Li took a step forwards towards Mai, her eyes not removing from Mai’s the entire time. Once she was close enough, Chun-Li put a hand on the kunoichi’s bare arm, and ran her soft hand along the skin.

“I can feel you...” came her reply.

“...mmmmmmm... C... Chun... You’re... you’re sorta making me...”


“Yeah... Just like when I dream about... Andy...”

“Does Andy touch you like this?”

“...no... No he doesn’t...”

“A shame... Someone like you needs to be appreciated more... by someone who knows a thing or two...”


“Up to it?”

“...sounds like... a date....”

Neither really knew what they were saying at all to one another. Words just seemed to flow from their mouths, and one thing was leading to another... It had to be the alcohol they consumed... or maybe not... because neither felt even the slightest bit tipsy... All they knew for sure was that being this close to one another made them both burning hot, and it sure didn’t start coming along until after they went inside the hotel.

To Mai, however, this situation was something she was always wishing on; just not by Chun-Li. She really wanted that darn Bogard man to be the first, and frankly only one to sweep her off her feet and take her away, but as of now, she couldn’t take it anymore. She suddenly felt the urge to get intimate, no questions asked, and Chun-Li seemed like just the person...

Mai whispered the Chinese agent’s name one more time, bringing both her hands over to her shoulders to pull her close, her eyes now starting to burn with desire and lust...

(Yes... I want this..... This time... no more beating around the bush, Chun-Li. We’re going to do this... No more turning back... Screw Andy. I’m horny now and I’m not waiting on him... I found someone else tonight...)

...and she leaned forward... and puckered up...

---- -----

Back at the bar, Mei-Ling could only look at her friend in astonishment. When she originally said that she would only have one drink, it quickly turned to three... and for some reason, she wasn’t showing off the signs of getting drunk yet, like she suspected. She, along with King, the bartender and, as she remembered after a few moments, a world-renowned Muay Thai fighter from the King of Fighters circuit, merely watched on as Fen put down her glass from her last drink of the crystal-colored liquid, a smile on her face.

“That certainly hit the spot!” she chimed lively. “Quite refreshing, for sure! I just love it when something that good gets in my system. Always serves as a nice perk-up!”

Fen’s attention then went on to her older friend, and noticed that Mei-Ling didn’t even glance at her own beverage yet.

“Hey, Mei, what’s the matter? Why aren’t you trying it out?”

Mei-Ling then looked back at the drink in front of her and responded, “I’m just not sure if I should do this. I mean... Father never really allowed me to drink alcohol... He always said it was for adults and—“

“Mei, what did I just get through telling you?” the light-haired girl mused while shooting her friend a look. “You’re an adult now! Relax and drink up! It’s our first night on the big scene! Don’t forget that! We should be living it up! We practically got in here for free! If that isn’t a meal ticket, I don’t know what is.”

Mei-Ling made a face, but slowly her right hand reached forward onto the counter to grab her first glass, at first very hesitantly. It took her a few seconds to wrap her fingers around the glass, and a few more still to lift it up. King, still, remained quiet as she observed the two young girls in front of her, still semi-fantasizing all the naughty things she could do to them if she had the chance...

Finally, the older girl brought the rim of the glass up to her lips, but the liquid didn’t go in. She then looked at Fen a bit from the corner of her eye, who returned it with a thumbs-up.

“Just let it in. Pretend its water or something.”


And with the help of her friend, Mei-Ling took a quick sip of the crystal... and instantly let out a noise of wonderment as the flavor packed into her mouth. It was a bit strong, yes, but... but the taste... was like nothing she had before in her life.

“Wow...” she said after swallowing, giving off a smile to her friend as she sat next to her, “You weren’t kidding. I really like the taste of this.” Mei-Ling’s focus then went to King, and asked, “What is this again?”

King blinked at her for a few moments before the question registered in her mind, then answered with, “Oh, I can’t quite tell you that. That’s why the label is stripped. It’s quite good stuff that only I get, so I can’t let anyone know what it is exactly. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing it so long, I forgot it.”

Mei-Ling looked at King for a few moments...

A bartender who strips the labels of her drinks...?

For some odd reason, Mei-Ling got the feeling that she just made a big mistake coming in here. The situation was rather fishy, to say the least...

She would’ve spat out what she just consumed, grabbed Fen by the hand, and dragged her out right then and there to head back to their hotel room, and scold her for even talking her into something like this...

That’s what she would’ve did...

...but instead, Mei-Ling only shrugged it off and drunk some more, making Fen smile.

“That’s the spirit! Just let everything go, already! Enjoy life while you got it by the horns, I always say!”

The braided girl put her glass down once she was finished with it, and gave her friend a dull look. “Fen, you never say such things in your life.”

“Oh, what do you care? You know what I’m trying to say.”

“You two really are a pair and a half, you know that?” King interrupted, focusing on Mei-Ling. “So, do you want another round?”

Mei-Ling immediately shook off the request. “No, thanks. I don’t quite have the money to pay up a bar tab.”

“Don’t sweat it. These’ll be on the house, since it’s your first day on the circuit. Think of it as a welcome gift.”

Once the words hit her, Mei-Ling, even surprising Fen, grew a spark in her eyes and a smile to equal her own. “Gee, thanks! In that case, I’ll have 2 more, so that I can match up to my friend over here!”

King smirked back at Mei-Ling and then nodded, turning to make the orders. As she did so, Fen scooted her chair over so that she was as close to Mei-Ling as possible.

“Peppy, aren’t we?” she asked in a joking manner. Mei-Ling only nodded in response. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but whatever was in that drink really opened her up. It was great, to say the least, and she wanted more of it. As soon as she made the wish, it was granted, as King came back with two more crystal drinks for her to enjoy. As soon as the mugs hit the counter Mei-Ling grabbed the one closest to her and began taking it down at a steady pace, so fast that even Fen had to slow her down some.

“Hey, Mei. Take it easy, will you? Its not going anywhere, you know.”

Mei-Ling put down her current mug and gave her friend an embarrassed smile. “Sorry. I guess I sorta got carried away with it.”

“Just slow it down a bit, ok?”


As Mei-Ling tried again, Fen gave her full attention, her eyes not coming off her as she drank. Very soon she was done with the first and on with the second... and as she drank... Fen made a realization; one that really didn’t make itself known to her until now.

(Wow, Mei-Ling looks nice tonight...)

For some reason, it was weird to her, because neither she nor Mei-Ling changed clothes for the night... but maybe it was the lights to the bar that was making her look exquisite tonight... At first it surprised her. She never thought about Mei-Ling that way... but now, as she watched her friend take up her own advice and enjoy herself... looking at her made her feel funny inside...

“Phew!” the dark-haired girl sighed as she put her glass down on the counter, emptied out. “That sure hit the spot. I never had something so good before. Thanks a lot, miss.”

King merely waved it off. “No problem. So tell me, how do you feel now?”

“Well, I feel a lot more relaxed about all of this. You were right, Fen. I need to open up and enjoy life more. How about you? ....? Fen? Fen?”

Mei-Ling blinked as she eyed her friend, who was looking back at her, but just not responding...


It was then that the younger girl snapped out of her daze, blinking rapidly as she sat up in her chair.

“Yes, Mei? What’s up?”

Mei-Ling took a pause to examine Fen a bit. It was a while since she finished the alcoholic beverages... and still she didn’t show any signs of becoming drunk. Weird, since this was a bar, and she always thought that alcohol ran rather quickly through a person’s system. They both had three drinks each... so why didn’t she feel tipsy? Perhaps she had everything all wrong about the subject.

“Oh, nothing,” Mei-Ling said, her voice at ease now. “I thought something was wrong with you.”

“No, I’m quite alright...”

Fen then took a pause, gathering up the guts to say what she was about to say to Mei-Ling. Once she was sure she had enough, she took a deep breath...

“...but Mei-Ling?”

“Yes, Fen?”

“I got to let you know something...”

“What’s that?”

Fen made good eye contact with Mei-Ling... and the older girl could start to make out a... a nice... gloss look in her friend’s eyes... She didn’t notice it before... and she had to admit...

It made her look... sort of cute...

“You look... pretty good tonight...”

“What’s that?” she repeated, taken aback at Fen’s quote. Fen herself took a pause again, then repeated herself.

“I... just wanted to let you know that well... I don’t know... Perhaps it’s the night or something... but you look beautiful...”

“You know... you must be right, because you do as well...”

It was then that King grew quite alert at what was happening. Right out of the blue, these two girls were telling each other THIS?? King looked at the bottle towards her left...

...and was convinced.

(Whatever this stuff is... it seems to make whoever drinks it...)

She couldn’t quite finish that, as now she caught movement next to her. She turned her head to find out that Fen reached a hand out to feel onto Mei-Ling’s hair... then her braids.

“It’s a good thing you did get your hair done,” she said in a seductive tone. “It really brings out your appearance...”

“Really...?” the other girl replied, her cheeks now slightly becoming a rosy tint.

“Yeah... It even makes you look a bit sexy, too...”

“Sexy...?” Mei-Ling repeated, blinking a bit as the words computed. Never before was she called that... As a matter of fact, she was always so busy training back in Shanghai and being around the family that she wouldn’t pay attention to any males that might seem to advance on her. But... hearing that from Fen... didn’t seem so bad... In fact... as she said it, it made Mei-Ling’s body tingle...

“Oh, yes...” Fen said, now leaning over a bit more so that she began to invade Mei-Ling’s personal space. “You know, back in Shanghai, I never seen you with a boyfriend. You were always confined by your father and he wouldn’t let you date...”

“...yes, that’s true...”

Fen’s eyes then began to sparkle as she spoke again.

“You know, it’s a pity that a beautiful girl such as you hasn’t had anyone tell you what I just did... I bet you never been kissed before by someone outside of the family, have you?”

Mei-Ling instantly shook her head. King, on the other hand, knew deep in her mind where this was going...

(This stuff... makes whoever drinks it... literally fall head over heels in lust! Fast! I can’t believe I held something like this in my bar! It’s fantastic!)

She smiled as she listened as the two friends began to lead each other on... getting a familiar warmth in her body...

“So...” Fen continued, her hand now traveling down to Mei-Ling’s thigh and rested there, but her eyes never strayed from her older friend and rival. “Let’s just see how you’d fare on your first... real kiss...”

Mei-Ling knew warning bells were flaring in the back of her head, but she didn’t pay any attention to them at all. She suddenly felt really carefree, willing to try out anything. Logic, something that defined her existence, went out of her mind, as she now absorbed her friend’s kind words, absorbing the foreign feelings that never welled up in her before...

...and if it’s going to be her first kiss... she had only one wish...

“Fen...?” she asked in a whisper.

“Yes, Mei?”

“I’ve never been kissed before... Have you?”

Fen blinked at the question, a bit thrown off, but she quickly caught up with herself again.

“No, Mei, I’ve never been kissed before... I hang out with boys, but I never found anyone I felt that was good enough. They all seemed like they just wanted to get in my pants and that was it...”

“Yeah, I understand that...” Mei-Ling replied as she now leaned forward herself, her voice now growing a bit husky as she built up the tension between her and her beloved best friend. She placed both her hands on her friend’s side... “Then I only have one wish...”

“What is that, Mei?”

“....if it is my first kiss... I want it to be with you, too...”

“....Mei... I... I don’t know what to say... That’s so sweet...”

“Well.... will you grant me the honor...? You just don’t know... how badly I want you all of a sudden...”

Fen gave Mei-Ling a smile... and then, much to King’s pleasure, leaned in slowly towards her friend. Her eyes read pure signs of passion as she answered back.

“Mei, I’d grant that wish a hundred times over.”


And with that, the two childhood friends gave each other one final look, Fen pushing away some of her hair that was across her face, then she placed her own hands back on her lap, and almost as if they were connected by mind, both closed their eyes, met each other midway, and connected their lips for the first time in their lives.

King observed it all. The moment they made contact, both girls opened their eyes, but not wide, but casually, as they began to enjoy the kiss they planted on one other. Those orbs then closed again, and this time, they both relaxed more as they let the kiss run naturally, at first getting a feel of one another, then letting the moment just last for seconds on end...

Neither felt nervous; just comfortable, knowing that their first kiss ever was being shared with one another. The moment began to get hotter as Mei-Ling’s hands began to roam from her body to Fen’s, at first just feeling along her sides a little. Fen, in turn, decided to try something different with their bond, and opened both her and her friend’s mouth with her lips, and escalated the kiss to let her tongue go inside the older girl’s mouth.

This caused Mei-Ling to involuntarily gasp a bit, but not in surprise... but in pleasure. This was really starting to get her body warm and her mind began to forget about where they were or why they were even here. As quickly as she could throw a fist, Mei-Ling began to grow lost; unable to think of anything except Fen.

Oh, sweet-scenting, sweet-tasting, carefree, child of the wind, Fen... Being so close to her never felt so.... good before. Mei-Ling just couldn’t believe it. Just thinking about her made her heart start to pound. And here she was, sharing her first kiss with her...

The two broke their kiss for the first time for real, this time, breathing in deeply from what they just shared.

“T... that was... so wonderful...” Fen panted. “Mei.... you’re one heck of a kisser... I never felt so.... oooooooohhhhh...”

Fen just couldn’t find the words to describe it. She just moaned. She wanted more of her caring friend. She wanted to just melt herself into her friend again and never come unglued. Mei-Ling held a power over her, and it dazzled her to no end.

And Fen loved every single moment of it.

Mei-Ling panted just as well as her friend, and the fire inside her only seemed to build. It was her desire... She knew it well now... The Chinese/Indonesian girl in front of her... She couldn’t stand just being this close to her and not get any more passion from her...

“Fen...” she pleaded. “Please... Let’s not stop this...”

The braided girl reached forward and grabbed the long-haired girl by her shoulder, both of their eyes just letting the other know that they were practically dying to get back together again...

“I want more...” the older girl panted. “I want more of you... Being like this and not together is a sin. I never realized that you could make me feel this way... Please...”

Fen could feel Mei-Ling’s lust just by looking at her... and there was no way in the world she was going to disappoint...


Fen’s arms wrapped around Mei-Ling’s neck, and the younger girl pulled her close to her, so fast that when they met once again, they both fell out of their stools and to the floor below them, but that didn’t matter. King looked over the bar to find out that Mei-Ling was fully on top of Fen on the floor, the two sharing a much more passionate kiss than before, steady moans of pleasure escaping both of their mouths as they fell into a state of absolute bliss. The site made King feel that exact same burning feeling that happened when Chun-Li and Mai left...

(Wait...) the blond gasped inside her head, just realizing something. (Chun-Li and Mai! They had some of the drink as well! I wonder if they...?)

---- ----

“Phew!” Choi sighed as he pushed the door closed with his back. “I thought we’d never get out of there. Those two are going to be the death of us if we don’t watch it.”

Besides him was the big man, Chang, who was also blocking off the door with his body. “You said it. Giving them that sleeping stuff in their drinks was a perfect idea, but I don’t think it was necessary to bash Jhun over the head with the serving plate.”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?” Choi said with a grin. “Now follow me. I have got to see if I was dreaming or not.”

The two renegades of the Korean team then started to walk down the hall, passing by a few younger fighters heading towards their room in the process, heading towards the door to the Women’s team’s hotel room.

“Just what is it that you saw, again?” Chang asked as they eventually got to the door.

“We’ll just see...” was all Choi responded with, using the claws on his hand to pick at the lock that operated the door. After a few moments, the little man’s grin widened once he heard a click and the door began to open up, but Chang held the knob, making sure it didn’t open up all the way.

“I’ll take a peek inside...” Choi offered, and, without waiting on Chang’s answer, looked inside...

...and that grin grew five times bigger, as his eyes laid upon a dream sight. The room they were staring at was the living room of sorts, with a TV, table, a kitchen area, and a few sofas lying about, but that wasn’t the only thing lying around, either. On almost every bit of furniture in the room had at least one article of ladies clothing thrown on top of it in a nasty, reckless fashion, from shirts to pants, to bras and panties...

...and, just as Chang began to look in, both had their jaws drop on the floor once they looked at the sofa in front of the TV, where both Mai and Chun-Li sat at, sitting right next to one another... with no sight of clothing on each others’ bodies...

...and it was far from silent, too, for the air was filled with the Chinese woman’s moans of pleasure as the kunoichi was hard at work, her mouth overlapping one of the agent’s perky breasts while the other one was being kneaded and squeezed under her hand. Both men could make out the scent of something pretty... arousing, and it had to be the scent of the women’s’ sex already active.

“Well, this is a surprise...” was all Chang said as he zoned out, his focus only on the show that was in front of his eyes. Choi only responded with a low, “Yeeeesssssssssssssssss....” with a devious smile returning on his face.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh..... Maaaaaaiiiiii....” came Chun-Li’s lost-in-space voice, heavily stuck with wonderment as waves upon waves of pleasure overcame her body. Her eyes were open, but all she could see were pretty, bright stars as she leaned back onto the sofa, letting Mai get an even better position on her body. The red-haired woman was now off the sofa and on her knees, between her lover’s legs, making sure she was positioned that her steadily wet pussy rested on Chun-Li’s knee. As she sucked and caressed, she made sure to rock her hips towards and away from Chun-Li slightly, letting out a blissful cry herself.

The two have long since lost track of time, but all they knew was that they were going at it for a long while now, taking turns making the other go literally insane by any means that popped into their perverted minds. Chun-Li was no longer a busy officer of the law, and Mai was no longer just a kunoichi, Japan’s “Nipi Icchi”. As far as they were concerned, both were just two horny women who just couldn’t take it anymore, and nothing else mattered but their happiness.

“Oh, yes...! Keep going...!” Chun-Li panted as her hands now found their way behind Mai’s head and back, rubbing uncontrollably. “Put that mouth of yours to work all over me... Oooooooohhhhh....!”

“Oh, you can count on it...”

Mai now slowly let herself go down from Chun-Li’s breasts, her tongue now running down her soft skin down her stomach and in her navel, and further down still, making the older woman coo in a daze. Oh, just what did she have in store for her this time?

Mai finally reached her destination; Chun-Li’s sex, and the sight of it, not to mention the smell, amazed her. She never, ever was this close to another woman’s secret spot like this... but that wasn’t going to stop her from her goal. First she brought her head closer to it, Chun-Li now letting her legs go as wide as they can to make way for her, and she took a whiff, a short one, just to familiarize herself...

“Looks about ready enough to eat for me...” she teased, now moving in closer to let her tongue do its job... inside...

Instantly, the room was filled with Chun-Li’s lust-filled cries, more than loud enough for both peeping toms at the slightly ajar door to hear them. Choi could’ve started drooling by now, and Chang was no different. The whole moment was too sweet, and if only they were in there themselves to get a better view... It was almost too good to be true.

“Man, I wish I had a camcorder,” Chang muttered to himself.

“No kidding. A fine time for us to not buy one. I wouldn’t get bored of seeing this over and over again...”

“See what?”

The moment the last voice popped up, both Choi and Chang jumped up and spun around, the door almost locking up again... and found that behind them was the short, black-haired girl of the group, May Lee, staring back at them, her arms crossed and giving them a look similar to that of the now-passed-out Kim. Choi and Chang both couldn’t help but stutter out a response, but nothing of any sort of sense came out of their mouths.

“Well?” May Lee repeated, tapping her sneaker on the carpet. “What did you think you two were doing peeking into another person’s room? Have you ever heard of a thing called ‘privacy’?”

“Er... well... shouldn’t you be in bed by now?” Choi said in a weak attempt to counter the situation. However, May Lee wasn’t buying it one bit.

“With all the cries I heard, I could’ve sworn that someone was getting hurt out here. That’s why I came back out here to investigate. I hope it wasn’t you two that caused it.”

“N... no!” Choi immediately defended, starting to develop a light sweat. “I... it was nothing. I didn’t hear any yells. Did you, Chang?”

May Lee looked up to Chang to find him shaking his head to answer. Her focus then went back to Choi.

”See? Nothing’s happening out here, so why don’t you go back to your room? We were just about to do the same.”

Obviously, May Lee knew that they were hiding something from her... She twisted her mouth and replied, “Well, I think it’s my duty as a servant of justice to come in to make sure everything is ok.”

At once both men grew wide-eyed, and as she began to walk past them, Chang stood in her way, grabbing her by both of his hands.

“Hey! What do you think you’re---!”

“May, trust me, you do not want to go in there!” Choi insisted. “It’s boring. No evil needing to be squashed. In fact, we were out here to make sure things were going alright, and you see? No prob—“

“Oo... Ooooh, yes! Mai! That’s so.....! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

May Lee blinked once that call ran through the air. Both men in front of her let out a gasp as they swung around to face the door... which was still ajar!

(Awwwww, craaaaaaaaaaap!) ran though Choi’s mind.

“Says you guys!” May Lee yelled out. “That sounded like Chun-Li! Don’t worry! May Lee’s coming to the rescue!”

In a blur, so fast that neither Choi nor Chang could catch it, May Lee spun off Chang’s hands and behind them, busted the door open with a well-placed kick, and jumped inside, her cape, which was hidden under her blue shirt, now whisking away in a breeze that just now formed out of nowhere.

“No need to worry, for May Lee’s on the scene of the crime!” she said proudly. “What’s going on... in..... here.............?”

And then, May Lee blinked once.



And her eyes grew wide in utter disbelief and her jaw seemed to literally hit the floor. In front of her virgin eyes rested the bodies of the Chinese officer and the Japanese kunoichi, both staring back at her with blushes so red they could’ve been mistaken for cherries from the sofa, clothes thrown about with little care all over the room, the air thick with a strong scent most foreign to May Lee’s nose...

“M... May... Lee.....?” Mai stuttered, now standing up in a blur and covering up both her crotch and her breasts with her hands. “What in the world are you doing in here?!”

“And how did you get in here!?” added an equally embarrassed Chun-Li, also covering up herself with the cushions to the sofa. The Korean heroine could only look on in shock, the only things escaping her throat were stutters. After a long while, a massive blush formed all over May Lee’s body and she held her mouth with her hand.

“Ohmigosh,” she said quickly. “I’m SO sorry! I... I didn’t know you were in a... private... uh... meeting.... Sorry, sorry, sorry....!”

May Lee then turned back around and gave Choi and Chang the biggest evil eye she could muster, and it scared the crap out of both of them. With that both stepped away from the door... and broke into a run down the hallway. Once they were out of sight, May Lee closed the door behind her and refocused on the older women in front of her.

“I... uh... I came out noticing that some people were at the door peeping in... and I could hear moans of pain, so I thought....”

“It’s.... um.... ok...” Mai said shakily, taking in May Lee’s explanation for her busting in. “It’s understandable... although I really didn’t know we had an audience...”

Chun-Li simply blew out a sigh of relief. May Lee, however, was still a bit uncomfortable. This was the first time she EVER saw anyone bare naked besides herself... and it made her a bit at nerves’ end.

“Thanks, though,” Mai continued. “You were just doing what Kim raised you to do.”

“Uh.... huh...” May Lee let escape from her mouth, and Mai smirked, noticing that the Korean girl didn’t let her eyes off her body ever since she came into the room. She stopped trying to hide herself, and once she let May get a good look of her, May’s blush grew even redder.

“See something you like?” the kunoichi teased, making May Lee snap out of her daze... and realize what she was doing.

“I---uh---- oh, no!”

May Lee instantly turned her back to both women, trying her best to stop blushing so much. “I... I didn’t notice I was staring! It wasn’t right. I’m sorry, Mai. I... just never... um...”

“Never saw a woman like this?” Mai ended for her. May Lee looked over her shoulder a bit and nodded.

“Well, don’t be so shy about it. There’s nothing on me that you don’t have for yourself.”

May Lee took a pause after hearing that. Perhaps that was true. Everyone in the room was female... but that was besides the point.

“So... can I ask just what was going on in here? I did hear yells and cries...”

Mai looked over to Chun-Li, who, in turn, did the same, and then Mai looked back at May Lee. “Chun-Li and I were just... exploring our femininity.”

“Femininity?” May Lee responded, turning around fully this time. “I don’t get it.”

Mai gave a warm smile. “Well, let me explain... Lately both Chun-Li and I have been... underappreciated. When a woman gets older, her needs increase. I’m not just talking about clothing and all casual stuff. With ours it’s quite emotional... With Chun-Li, she was growing discouraged that her job makes her go all around the world in search of a certain person, so it prevents her from experiencing the minor joys in life. With me, I grew frustrated at the fact that a certain someone failed to notice me. When a woman gets desperate enough, she’ll... do some crazy things...”

And with that, Mai let out a nervous laugh, and continued, “What you caught us in the middle of... was... um... something special... We... both had needs that were going unanswered... so we decided to fulfill them ourselves.”

“Uh......” May Lee uttered in a low tone. It was obvious that still she was a bit confused at what Mai meant.

“I can see you’re still a bit lost, so let me try this. May, would you like to learn something about being a woman?”

The offer made May Lee take a step back. Inside her conscience, May knew something wasn’t quite adding up. Something was a miss... and even then, she wasn’t quite comfortable with it...

“Um... Maybe I should... you know... head back to my room...” she started to say, but she found herself watching Mai walk calmly towards her and put a hand on her shoulder.

“What’s the matter, May?” she asked in her ear. “It’s just a quick showing. It won’t take long unless you want it to.”

“It’s not that... It’s just... um... I should... be taking this time... to... you know... rest for tomorrow... I... have to train with the rest of the Korean team bright and early and... I could use the rest...”

As soon as she finished, May Lee couldn’t help but feel her breath quicken as Mai’s hand dropped down from her shoulder... to her chest...

“M... Mai...!” May Lee squealed, her auto-defense kicking in and signaling her to try to break free, but for some reason her body didn’t respond the way she wanted it to.

“Its okay, May,” Mai reassured. “There’s nothing wrong with this.”

“Are you kidding? I’m sure this is an invasion of personal... space...”

“May, all you have to do is relax...”

“But... But...”

For some reason, beyond her own comprehension, May Lee couldn’t quite get the words to form in her mind to say anything. As Mai’s hand roamed over her shirt fabric, her body started to feel... different... and at that realization, although she didn’t mean to, May let out a small whimper...

All enough for Mai to keep on going...

“Mai... That’s enough, really... I... I can’t stay here...”

“And why not? Doesn’t this feel good to you?”

May didn’t want to admit it, but as she thought about it, her mind began to run back to the rubbing Mai was doing to her small breast, and that the touch was making her feel a bit more... excited...

“...yes...” she said in a weak voice, wanting to protect it from Mai to hear. However, Mai was so close that she could pick it up with no problems.

“I think I know what your problem is. You go around saying that you’ll do anything for the sake of justice that you forget about yourself. Isn’t that right?”

“N... no... That’s can’t be it... I like what I do... It’s what I live for...”

(I swear Kim must be brainwashing those kids...) Mai thought to herself, but nevertheless, she kept on persuading her newest companion.

“Well, answer me this, what do you do whenever you aren’t training or fighting bad guys, um?”

May Lee was about to let out an answer almost instantly, but then the question sunk in... and she swallowed hard, finding that an answer wasn’t coming up as quickly as she initially thought.

“Well... um...” she began, making it sound as if she was thinking while speaking, “lots of things...! I... um... I... watch movies and read comics...”

“That’s a good start. What’s your favorite genre?”

Instantly May Lee made a face, because this question had a quick answer. She found herself hanging her head as she muttered the response.

“I like... hero movies...”

Mai could feel that May Lee was beginning to grow depressed, so she quickly moved her hand to her back, rubbing it soothingly.

“That’s ok, May Lee. There’s nothing wrong with being a heroine.” This alone made May Lee’s spirit come up. “I’m just pointing out that there isn’t a superhero out there that uses all their time just thinking about eliminating evil. Right?”

May Lee nodded. “Right.”

Mai now put on a smile, her hand not stopping at all as they continued to condensate, Chun-Li just looking on from the couch, brushing the hair from her face. “What you’re missing from being a really great superhero... is balance. Sure you can go around and always be on the lookout for the next baddie you see, but you’re going to forget about yourself, and I don’t know if Kim has ever told you this or Jhun, but there’s not one person on this earth more important than you. If you don’t take time out for yourself, you’re really not going to know yourself that well and you’ll be asking yourself what’s the point. In short, you should take a little bit of time out to just break... and find out what makes you, May Lee, feel good. You’ll be a lot happier. I assure you.”

The young Korean girl absorbed every word that the older woman told her. Mai’s words did seem to make sense...

“But do you really think tonight’s a good night for me to start that?” May Lee asked, looking Mai right in her eyes as she moved behind her squarely, her warm hands on the girl’s shoulders.

“Well, why don’t you be the judge of that?”

May Lee was about to respond, but she couldn’t... because her focus was broken clearly as Mai’s hands went from her shoulders to her chest again, giving her light rubs with her palms as she pressed into them... May began to stammer some more, but it could’ve easily been confused with sudden gasps as she felt small vibes run through her body... This was just one of the many firsts with her this night, but this one didn’t seem to make her uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, May Lee slowly began to feel her body ease up again... but she still couldn’t quite understand why...

“M... Mai...” she said, her voice in a whisper as she felt her breathing begin to increase in deepness, “How... come I feel...?”

“That’s called pleasure, May,” Mai answered, “and its nothing to be scared of. As a matter of fact, its something Chun-Li and I were just welcoming. It’s a feeling that crime fighting just can’t quite match...”

“I... I... see...” the younger girl sighed out, that feeling beginning to claim more of her body. It made her feel fluttery, as if she was floating in air and her body was going through a massage by the breeze. May Lee’s body began to grow weak in the knees as her eyes began to close from the building passion, and Mai sensed it, allowing her to lay back against her own body, still sending May Lee on her first bliss trip.

“You see, May?” the red-haired kunoichi said softly, her eyes clearly on May Lee. “Doesn’t this feel wonderful?”

“Yes, Mai...”

May Lee couldn’t quite understand it, but she didn’t feel as if she even said what she thought she said. Right now her focus was on her own body, and marveling at how wonderful Mai’s hands skillfully aroused it. After all the training and battles both exhibition and against evil that strengthened her body, May Lee noticed that just Mai’s lovely touches were making her feel weak, like kryptonite to Superman and Supergirl... However, unlike them, she enjoyed the feeling, even if it made her lose her train of thought....

“That’s it...” Mai kept saying gently, her hands beginning to reach for the bottom of May Lee’s blue shirt... to pull it out a bit so that her own hands could slip under them... and tend to those same mounds personally.

The Korean superheroine couldn’t help but let out a moan as the feeling increased quite a bit, the direct contact definitely more electrifying than through her shirt. The more Mai played with her, the more May Lee began to forget about training, or the tournament, and all her worries... altogether...

“Oh, Mai........” she said dreamily, her eyes now closed heavily as her arms lay limply at her sides. “So good........ Don’t...... stop.......”

“Don’t you worry about that... I’m only just beginning...”

Mai’s fingers now focused purely on the hard little nubs that were May Lee’s nipples, and she began to gently pinch them, each pinch making May moan even more. She fell even deeper in her daze, unable to find out that Chun-Li was now off the couch and walking towards both the women standing near the front door...

“I didn’t realize that she’d be seduced like that...” the Chinese woman said to Mai.

“Well, I guess there’s a bit more to this than we thought,” Mai replied sweetly. “We only started acting like this shortly after we left King’s bar...”

Chun-Li took a pause to think that fact over... and it soon became clear why that was so.

“Maybe it was the last drinks we had...? The unmarked ones....?”

Mai looked at Chun-Li for a quick second before her focus was grabbed again by May Lee, her hand now reaching up to feel at Mai’s cheek. This made her smile.

“You’re right... and to be honest, I’m glad King gave us that. I feel so free right now it seems that I can do anything that I can think of... Getting May Lee horny like this being one of them... The first time she walked in I knew I just had to try it...”

“So do you think we can get other people just like her?”

“Chun-Li...!” Mai gasped, giving her friend an excited look. “That’s quite a naughty mind you got there...! But...”

Mai gave May one more look, then her focus went back to Chun-Li.

“...that idea is so... naughty that it’s got me riled up! I like to see if this really works on other people. Just imagine what this tournament could turn out into if we could seduce all the fighters here! It’ll be heaven!”

The idea certainly seemed appealing to the Interpol agent, for she sprouted possibly the biggest smile of her life. “Most certainly! We can finally get all those worries aside and out of the way. I say we do it.”

Mai smirked. “Yes, but I think we have a little girl here that wants our attention. What do you think, May Lee?”

May Lee only murmured a reply, unable to pick up a single word that either woman said beforehand. Her mind was just too hazy to comprehend anything besides the obvious. Chun-Li then decided to make herself known to the equation, giving Mai a wink as she came over to put her hands on May Lee’s jeans. Mai winked back, getting the message, then gave May Lee a fair warning.

“May Lee... are you feeling ok?”

“Oh, yes, Mai... Sooooo gooood.... Soooooooo wonderful.......”

“Well, how would you like to really be set free and receive the best type of pleasure? Would that seem good?”

“That’ll be awesome... Please.... Do what you want with me.... I don’t care what....”

May was going to be let into a treat... Neither women were going to disappoint. Simultaneously, Mai began to lift her shirt up from off her body while Chun-Li began to unzip the jeans, only to eventually pull them down and off her. Both articles of clothing were discarded at the same time, bringing to light a half-naked May Lee as she finally slid to the carpet and on her back. Mai and Chun-Li discovered that May Lee wasn’t wearing a bra at all under the shirt, but in a way, it didn’t seem to be such a surprise to Mai, for she just got finished with that spot...

...or was she? As May Lee looked up at the stars in front of her passion-filled eyes, Mai leaned down towards her and brought her lips down towards the girl’s sides, just next to her breasts. The kunoichi then let her tongue come out a bit, touching May Lee’s skin for the first time. May Lee shuddered instantly. Mai lapped at the smooth, creamy skin just a little bit and began to move towards the center of her body, stopping as she got to the peak, May Lee’s nipple....

...and May Lee let out an even longer and louder moan as Mai began to suck on that small yet sensitive mound. The electricity shocks from earlier increased in intensity and, little to the superheroine’s knowledge, made the damp spot in her white panties grow even more for Chun-Li to see personally.

(Well, I guess it’s time I went to work...)

With a grin, Chun-Li began to slip the material hiding May Lee’s secret spot down to her knees, then clear off past her sneakers and, just like the other articles of clothing that were previously on her and Mai’s body, thrown off to be forgotten. May Lee could quickly feel a change in temperature in that exact same area, but her body was too weak and far into ecstasy to even think about covering it up. Then, as the first lady of KOF continued to fondle her breasts, the first lady of the Street Fighter circuit leaned forwards herself, and as her tongue began to touch the wet, pink area of skin that rested between the girl’s legs, both were treated to the sound of May Lee’s first screams of bliss of the night... but certainly not the last...

---- ----

“Ok, I admit that both Mai and Chun-Li going at it was hot, but THIS has got to top that for sure!”

Chang could only look on in both astonishment and wonderment as he looked on through the new crack that Choi put in the door. The two waited a good 3 minutes after May Lee ejected them from their perch and then came back immediately... only to find out that May Lee herself was now part of the act! Choi was literally drooling out of his open mouth, and Chang’s eyes grew bug-like seeing this sight. This was the same May Lee that was shaping up to be just like Kim... and here she was, moaning in pure bliss... being seduced by the two most beautiful women in the world...

“Choi... I don’t know about this... I mean, this is May we’re watching... I think we should break this up.”

“Are you crazy, Chang?!” Choi said in shock, not able to believe that the big man just said that. “You just don’t realize how much I wanted to see her of all people in a situation like this! It’s excellent, if I do say so myself!”

Chang could only scratch his head... however, he just steadied his focus... on the camcorder they bought on their way out, right on May Lee, and continued filming the one in a lifetime event that was in front of them...

---- ----

“I said it once, and I said it again, I am the MAN at Tekken! Don’t think the same patterns you use on other opponents will work on me, guys, because they don’t!”

“Hey, that’s my quote, Darrell! Don’t you go on stealing it!”

”Oh, relax, Yang. I think I proved my point anyways tonight. I practice almost everyday in fighting games at home just like my training.”

“Well, that still doesn’t mean that you’re the best. I’m pretty sure my Paul could’ve beaten your Xiaoyu that last match.”

“Yun, I’m pretty sure of that, too... sorta...”

“How about I have another shot at you right now? I’m pretty sure you won’t top me like you did at the arcade!”

Darrell Markis’s grin couldn’t get any bigger. “I don’t know, Batsu... I mean, a night like this isn’t quite the mood for a brawl...”

A pretty large group of high school students and teenagers found their way in the park in front of the hotel. The Japanese, tanned skinned girl of the group, a 16 year old by the name Kaoru Miadama, kept the time for all of them; 10:25 PM. The group was consistent of quite a few teams; the Special Abilities team, Kaoru, her Korean boyfriend, Yui Su’ang, and her Chinese friend, Yao Mitsumi. Second was the Triple Dragons of Hong Kong: the twins Yun & Yang, and the little sister, Yin Lee. Third was the Rival Schools team: the hothead P.E. student, Batsu Ichimonji, his cousin, Kyosuke Kagami, and the energetic schoolgirl, Hinata Wakaba. Fourth were the Young Street Fighters, the firefly Darrell, the rich girl, Karin Kanzuki, and the cherry blossom fighter, Sakura Kasugano. Fifth, and finally, was the Music Divas; Dee Jay’s niece, Melody Forte, Dee Jay’s pupil and star singer, Chela Castillo, and possibly the biggest singer of all of Japan and China of the decade, Athena Asamiya. Of course, the list didn’t end there. Along with Melody was the boy she’d had a crush on for ages, Ken Master’s pupil, Sean Matsuda, and along with Sakura was the tall yet scrawny kid, Mitsukake Katogoshi. The entire group was just coming in from a night on the town, their first in Osaka, their last stop a round at a local big arcade scene near the heart of the city. Of course, by the sounds of things, Darrell was the main attraction of the night, and he wasn’t through quite making sure everyone knew how good that feeling felt. It was the biggest winning streak at Tekken 5 at that arcade to date; 35 wins, the last ones coming from wins over Yang, Batsu, Yun, and even Melody, who proven to be absolutely no slouch at the controls. However, Darrell wasn’t going to be bested, taking them and the other challengers off the machine, finally losing with grace to what seemed to be one of the top three tournament players at the arcade. That didn’t stop him from nailing an invite with the guys hosting to the next big tourney, one in which he was sure to make.

However, that was in the past now. Right now, everyone was spent, and they needed to get some sleep for the next day, for as far as they were concerned, getting away from their daily grinds and back into the fighting scene was quite the vacation. Everyone, including the more serious fighters in the group like Kaoru, Yang and Batsu, were anxious to either go out again and explore Osaka or just relax.

“Ah! I never thought I could get into a public place without a million people coming out of nowhere and asking me for an autograph!” Athena sighed as she stretched her arms out over her head. “It’s a great feeling finally getting a press-free day in about ages.”

“I know exactly how you feel,” Chela said while giving her teammate a smirk. “Mexico is not much different. I thought I’d have to wear a disguise just to get to a local store and buy something to drink sometimes! Some guys will just do anything to get something from you if you’re a big star.”

“So I noticed,” Melody chimed in, still able to hear over the headphones on her head. “It’s a good thing that I just do the beats, or I’ll wind up to my necks like you two do. By the way, Athena, just why aren’t you on the Psycho Soldiers team this time?”

The singing goddess known as Athena let out a sigh as she looked at the ground, closing her eyes a bit. “To get away from a certain headache known as Sie Kenshou... I was supposed to be on the team, but we... had a bit of a quarrel... and he began to act like such an annoyance, so I just finally said... something... to him and I decided to join you girls. Seems like a good fit, right?”

“Right,” the Mexican singer replied. “Definitely.”

“With someone who’s been around the block a bit more, I think we might just have a better chance at winning around here,” Dee Jay’s niece said, winking at both her pals.

“Yeah, well, let’s just hope that you don’t face off against us during your stay here,” Yun smirked while looking behind him. “The Triple Dragons plan to blow right through anyone who thinks they can beat up!”

“Oh, is that so?” Melody asked while growing a spark in her eyes. Anyone who knew Melody knew just how much she loved a challenge. “We’ll just see about that next week, now won’t we? Just try not to hurt yourself, got that?”

Yun let out a light-hearted laugh. “Very funny...” He then turned around to spot the stores that littered the lobby of the massive hotel.
Meanwhile, Kaoru had her arms crossed, looking over to Mitsukake as he conducted conversation with Sakura, of course, with Darrell looking through the corner of his eyes in caution. After a while she merely closed her eyes a bit; doing a little bit of meditating.

“Hey, Kaoru... You alright?”

Kaoru’s black eyes opened up a bit to look over to Yui and she cracked a small smile.

“Yes, Yui. I’m doing alright. I’m just a little tired, is all. I still don’t quite get why Rose wanted us to come here all the way from Paris just to compete. She didn’t say much to us about it...”

“Well, Rose did say she’ll be here to tell us what is going on, herself,” Mitsumi said while fixing her brown hair with a hairbrush. “All she told me was that she had a weird feeling about this get-together. As a matter of fact, it can’t really be called a tournament. I mean, think about the format. It’s not an elimination tournament. Instead, its more like an exhibition, and each team has a win record to respond to. It’s not traditional, that’s for sure. Yet in still invitations went out to all the major fighters in the two circuits. It doesn’t make sense that an exhibition is getting so much attention, so I guess Rose is a little suspicious...”

“Plus, I have to wonder if doing it here is a bit much...” Kaoru muttered. “I mean... I never heard of a custom made hotel like this. I mean... it has its own mall, not to mention a huge pool towards the roof and a casino and... Well... you get it... And all for such little cost? Yeah, I don’t blame Rose. I don’t exactly trust it myself.”

“I don’t see why you two are complaining,” Hinata cut in. “A place like this is too great to pass up. You should at least give it a try.”

Kaoru gave Hinata a look. “That’s why I’m here to begin with. If it weren’t for Rose and Sakura I wouldn’t be here at all, but I do have a lot of debts that I owe to them, so...”

She then intentionally trailed off on that, turning back around as the big group walked onto the walkway going past the stores. There didn’t seem to be a lot of people outside the hotel, and that fact stuck as odd to Kaoru, since there was supposed to be a truckload of people here. Perhaps everyone was inside, but that would be a pretty weird coincidence...

“Hey... guys...” she started, “Shouldn’t there be people around here?”

“Oh, everyone must be inside or out in the city running it up,” Sean replied.

“Yeah, well...”

Kaoru began to reply to that but instead she found herself slowing down, her head moving over to its side as she passed a particular building. This caused Yui to stop as well as Mitsumi, and basically, everyone else fell in suit.

“What’s the matter?” asked Yui.

“Shhhhh....” Kaoru immediately hushed in a low voice. Everyone else blinked, confused as to what was going on with her. However, Kaoru only concentrated... She could hear... voices from the bar next to her... Weird voices...

...and Mitsumi was able to hear it as well, not to mention Athena, who blinked quite a few times as she tried to understand what was going on.

“Isn’t this King’s bar...?” she mouthed out for everyone else to hear.

“Yeah, it sure is,” Chela answered, giving her own look as said voices began to grow louder. “I wonder just what is going on in there...”

“Wait a second... Those aren’t normal voices,” Darrell muttered out loud. As he said that, his heart rate started to grow slowly, because, for some reason, it seemed awfully like what he had in mind... but he wasn’t sure...

“Well, why are we just standing around here like a set of bumps on a log?” Yin asked while walking past everyone else and towards the door, Melody hot on her heals. “Let’s go see what’s happening.”

“Sounds good to me,” added Dee Jay’s niece.

“Whoa, wait a sec...!” Darrell began, but it was too late. The moment she got there, Yin opened the door, expecting to see people having some type of conversation or the like... but instantly, both she and Melody just froze at the door, wide-eyed... then, just as quickly as Yin opened it, both girls grabbed the door handle and shut it hard, pressing their backs against it....

---- ----

At the sound of what she swore was a door slamming shut, Fen’s head jerked up from the floor. Her hair was a mess, and it quickly grew apparent that there wasn’t a stitch of clothing on her body. “Hey... Mei...?”

“Y.... yeah....?” panted an equally sweaty, equally tired, yet equally naked and horny Mei-Ling, who was below Fen and connected to her best friend by their legs... and crotches.

“Did... Did you hear something........?”

“No... Don’t be silly... Now... stop holding out on me.... I’m far from done with you...”

Fen looked back down at her friend and smiled big. “Sure... No problem... So, King... are we doing it right...?”

Behind them, sitting on a pool table, sat the bartender, who was once again devoid of any clothing at all, and even though she didn’t have a partner, she was just as good by watching and experimenting on herself... using the bunt of a pool stick for assistance... “Oh, yes... That’s perfect.... Now, all you have to do is move your hips against one another...”

“Like.... oh...! Like this....?” shuddered the light-haired girl, who followed her instruction to be rewarded with another shock of pleasure all throughout her body once her wetness grinded against Mei-Ling’s.

“Yeah... Just like that, Fen...” cried Mei-Ling. “Do it again, and again, and again! Until we can’t take it anymore...!”

“S... surly...!”

----- -----

“J... just what in the world were those three DOING!?” sputtered Yin on the other side of the door, who was just flat-out shocked after witnessing what her young eyes just picked out.

“I think I know, and it sure had nothing to do with drinking...” Melody responded, then, after a quick though, added, “but then again, maybe it did...”

“What?!” asked Yun. “What did you see?”

“Oh, trust me, you do NOT want to know,” said his sister, now quickly making her way from the door to the main pathway leading to the hotel. “Let’s just get out of here, pronto!”

“No, no...” Kaoru replied while waving it off. “I need to know. This is probably one of the things that Rose was going to tell me about. I seems as if I found it myself.”

“W... wait....”

Unfortunately for Yin, everyone else just passed by her as she tried to stop them, but no one really paid her much attention. As Kaoru, being the one in front of the group, began to reach for the doorknob, another hand from her side stopped her, said hand belonging to Melody.

“Listen to me...” she warned. “Do NOT go in there. You really don’t want to see this—“

“Melody...” Kaoru began, starting off really calm, “I’ll tell you what. Either I get inside there and see for myself what is going on in there, or you tell us what you saw personally. Either way, I’m going to find out what the problems is... one way or another.”

Melody frowned at her options, and she knew there was no way Kaoru was going to change her mind about it. Reluctantly she removed her hand from the door and Kaoru’s hand, enabling the younger girl to begin to open up. However, before she did, the air suddenly grew... thick with a strong scent that everyone was able to pick up with no problems... and for certain people in the group (Sakura, Darrell, Kaoru, Yui, Hinata, Kyosuke, and oddly Mitsukake, to be exact), it was VERY familiar... Add to that a sudden loud pair of moans, non-ordinary ones at that, and they were convinced...

With a swing, Kaoru swung the door open... and everyone gasped loudly at the sight... eyes as wide as saucers...

---- ----

“Uh..... oh.....”

That was the first and only thing that popped out of Fen’s mouth once she looked up a second time, this time looking up towards the door to find a full set of people, abet young, standing right in the doorway, eyes literally burning on her... and Mei-Ling...

...and King...

And just like that, all three of them instantly shot out from their positions as quickly as they could, trying to find anything (and that meant anything) to cover themselves up. Mei-Ling in particular was flaring red in embarrassment, because quite a few of the people looking at her were quite well known in the circuits.

Athena Asamiya...

Sakura Kasugano...

And the Lee Dragons standing out more so than anyone else in the group.

“N... no...” she stammered to herself quietly. Now, she just didn’t know what to do. Should she explain herself? Should she run away? Should she...


Of course! Of course she should care! This break in the moment brought back some of her senses and instantly, she grabbed onto Fen’s hand, and before the younger girl could realize just what the heck was going on herself, Mei-Ling broke into a run, gathering up the few clothes that she could in her other arm, and she blew right through the group at the door, nearly running over Mitsukake in the process. Then, the group’s attention threw over towards the hotel, where they were able to see the young girls bail out at full speed, their naked buns glistening in the light as they headed inside. After a few moments of silence, Yun just put his cap over his eyes while everyone else just remained speechless. Kaoru herself just gave a really, really... lost look, then, in said posture, gave a simple suggestion.

“That... did not... just happen...”

“Yes...” Kyosuke muttered in response, taking his glasses off his face, which, for obvious reasons, went foggy, and cleared them on his shirt. “Let’s... just forget that we were here...”

The rest of the group gave a universal noise in response as Melody softly closed the door behind them and they went on towards the hotel... leaving King in the empty bar, wearing a look herself.

“Well... I guess... I should... head back to the room... I think I had... enough customers tonight...”

---- ----

(Rose? Are you there?)

(Yes, Kaoru. I’m here. It seems you caught me just while I was going my evening readings. What seems to be the trouble?)


In her own hotel room a little later, Kaoru twisted her mouth as she “talked” to her mentor, the psychic and fortune teller, Rose. Although Rose wasn’t present in the room physically or even in a 3000 mile radius of Japan, she was still able to talk to her young student via telepathy. As of right now, the young girl wasn’t alone in the room. While she sat facing the window, gazing at the many lights that illuminate Osaka, Yui was busy getting ready for bed as Mitsumi stood in the bathroom, not only getting her nightgown on and prepping for bed, but also “talking” with the team’s mentor in the process.

(Considering why you told us to be here...) Kaoru continued, letting her mind do all the talking, (I think we might’ve found something... odd...)

As she said that, her mind couldn’t help but replay the scene over in still form, and once again she just couldn’t believe it. She seen a lot of things for someone as young as her. Hell, she did a lot of things well above someone her age. However... THAT... That just rendered her blank.

(Let me take a look, then...) Rose replied, her voice echoing within Koru and Mitsumi’s mind. However, the younger began to close her eyes. She knew the routine from here. As she welcomed the darkness of her surroundings she could feel a presence within it. It never took shape but it make itself known. A small yet noticeable jolt ran through her body, centered around her head.


(So what do you make out of it, Rose?) Kaoru asked.

A good moment of silence passed before the psychic responded.

(I... can’t quite... place it.... Other than... *ahem*... the obvious... I can’t make out anything outside of the lust. No abnormal spirits controlling them or of the like... It was all on their own accord...)

At this, the Japanese blinked. (Are you serious...? Are you telling me that wome—er—people do things like that?)

(Yes, Kaoru... I must confess, I’m surprised that you are just finding out about this. Abet odd, this type of practice is rather common in the world today.)

Mitsumi was able to see her friend shake her head as she tried to put all of this into her mind and not be grossed out about it. Then, as Kaoru opened her eyes again, the girl from Tong-An moved out of the bathroom and sat next to her.

(I... just... don’t get it...) the dark-skinned girl muttered.

(Let me try to explain it to you) Rose said. (Ever since the beginning of existence there have been cases of those who were attracted to the same sex. Whereas normal intercourse, like the one you and Yui share on occasion, is called being heterosexual, this one is called being homosexual. Most people either call it being gay, lesbian, or, in other special causes, bisexual, by today’s standards.)

(Bi?) Kaoru asked.

(Bi. As in you like guys and girls.)

The last voice came from Mitsumi and at first it startled Kaoru. Due to her thinking so much, she didn’t notice her at all.

(Mitsumi...? You know about this?)

The Chinese mountain girl gave a firm nod. (Yeah. In fact, I can relate. Back in Tong An, I had a friend who was bi. She wasn’t crazy about it, really. She just happened to like a particular girl while at the same time being with a boyfriend. Of course, just like me, she was an outcast on the spot because of that. She, outside of Wangtang, was one of my few friends back there.)

(So I guess you felt connected to her because that she was an outcast...) Kaoru assumed.

And, for some reason, Mitsumi let out a small cough while holding her mouth over her hand, and Kaoru could’ve sworn that she gave a little odd look on her face. However, it was pretty fast, and it was gone before she knew it.

(Yeah, you can say that, Kaoru.)

(I just don’t see how you could associate with her. I don’t think I could do it, really. I mean... sorry... but I just find that sort of thing just too weird for me to really get comfortable with.)

(Yeah... well...)

Mitsumi merely twisted her face as she and Kaoru exchanged glances once again. Again, Kaoru was sure that weird look appeared on Mitsumi’s face again.

((I wonder what she’s thinking about...)) Kaoru said to herself, in such away as to that Rose and Mitsumi couldn’t hear it through their mind link.

(Are you ok, Kaoru?) Rose asked.

(Yeah. I’ll be fine. I’ll just try to forget about it. I’ll talk to you as soon as something I think is out of place rises.)

(You do that. Sleep well, you two.)

And with that, the telekinetic conversation ended and Kaoru closed her eyes once again to give a sigh, letting her hair flow freely as she shook it clear.

“It’s getting about that time for bed, don’t you think?” Mitsumi asked her partner to break the silence in the air. Kaoru nodded in response.

“Yeah, you’re right. We’re going to be busy tomorrow for sure. I’m just going to get changed and join Yui for bed. That way you can have the other bed all to yourself.”

“That’s fine by me.”

As Kaoru stood up from her seat and passed Mitsumi to get to the bathroom, the Chinese girl watched her go the entire time... and as she disappeared behind its door, she put a hand gently on her opposite arm.

(Kaoru... If only you knew more...)

---- ----

“I can’t believe that just happened...”

It was a good three minutes later, and in her hotel room, Mei-Ling just couldn’t stop holding her face in her hands as she sat next to the window. Right now she just wanted to die. She couldn’t believe it. She just couldn’t. It was worse than embarrassing... It was worse than being beaten to a pulp... It was just... bad...

...and it was exactly the contrary to what Fen kept trying to tell her as she too sat next to her by the window, neither of them putting back on their clothes ever since. Mei-Ling was just too far into her sadness and Fen was too busy trying to make her feel better.

“Mei, please... Everything’s going to be ok. Don’t sweat it... Maybe... maybe they didn’t take it that way...”

“Oh, what makes you so sure about that?!” shot back Mei-Ling, her voice muffled by her hands. “For all they know I was just a... a... a slut!! This isn’t why I came here, Fen! I came here to make a good impression on the circuit... and look what happened! I can’t believe I disgraced my family like that...!”

Fen laid a hand on Mei-Ling’s shoulder soothingly and kept trying. “But... but really...”

“Oh, stop it! It’s over, now! I can’t possibly fix this mess up...”

The older girl sniffed hard, and then wiped her eyes... because, despite the fact that she was pretty upset herself, she could sense another small choke next to her...

“Mei... It’s my fault... I shouldn’t have made you go in there...”

Mei-Ling turned slightly to find out that Fen had her head lowered to the carpet, her hair hiding her face, only to show her mouth to her... and the sight made her really feel bad... Perhaps worse than before...


“I’m such an idiot... I could’ve easily gotten something from the vending machine... in the lobby... but... but no... I had to go there and drag you into it... I’m sorry, Mei...”

And right afterwards, a single tear shook down from her face down her cheek...

And there, Mei-Ling stopped feeling sorry for her own predicament and focused on her best friend. However... she couldn’t answer with words... She just could find the words to quite fit out what to say to her. Normally, Fen is the one who did the encouraging... but now, that couldn’t be the case... and oddly, Mei-Ling could only think of one way she could possibly make Fen smile...

Slowly and cautiously, she moved her right arm and her body as well so that she could wrap her arm around Fen’s neck, and at this, Fen looked up to make direct eye contact...

“No... I’m sorry, Fen... I didn’t mean.... to make you feel bad... Please...”

And, just after the sentence, Mei-Ling leaned forward once, cupping Fen’s cheek, the one in which a tear had fallen from, with her hand... and once again gave a meaningful, yet quick kiss on the lips, giving the younger girl the shock that came the first time their lips met. Both girls could feel the familiar passion that first swept them both off their feet before, but this time, Mei-Ling had to cut it short, because there was something she needed to take care of first...

“...don’t be so hard... I shouldn’t have reacted like that... I shouldn’t felt ashamed, because... back there... when you and I were... together... I was truly happy, and I don’t want them to take that joy away from us...”

Fen nodded, bringing her spirits back up. “Yeah, you’re right. They don’t know what was going on, so what do we care what they think. All I’m sure on was that we were having the time of our lives back there...”

And as she continued speaking, Fen reached out and grabbed hold of Mei-Ling’s cheek as well, her eyes beginning to gleam again...

“...and really, I don’t see why we should be stopping now...”

“Does that mean that we can continue where we left off?” Mei-Ling purred, her voice growing just as willing and desiring as Fen’s.

“Yes, it does... Now, come on, while the night’s young...”

Not wanting to waste anymore time, the two decided to continue making up for lost time... with continuing where they left off. Mei-Ling slipped from her seat towards the floor while Fen kneeled beside her, letting her get into a comfortable position between the wall and the chairs in which they previously sat in. Then as she was comfortably in place, Fen flicked some of her hair to the side and assumed her own position, making sure to first place a leg in-between her best friends, then gently lie down on her friend’s bare body. As she did so, both their bodies welled up with anticipation, both sets of lower lips beginning to moisten and both sets of breasts once again sprouting aroused nipples. The two cooed blissfully once Fen fully lay on Mei-Ling, matching her breast to breast, eye to eye, and lip to lip...

The kiss was the deepest of the night so far and more wanting, their tongues dancing with one another yet hidden to anyone else, their lips practically glued to one another. As this went on, the two rocked their bodies slightly, letting out groans and moans as their breasts mashed onto one another and their legs massaged and grinded at their sweetnesses. Their arms were limp, Fen’s falling around Mei-Ling’s head while Mei-Ling let one wrap around her friend’s back and one simply lie on the carpet, as they quickly broke their first kiss and met with another. The two just wouldn’t stop kissing, grinding, and letting out those sounds of sweet sex could only produce... and they didn’t stop long until the night, where they simply just lost track of time... and themselves...

---- ----

Meanwhile, a few floors up and a bit towards the right of the hall, a class was already in session, and it consisted of two grown women “tutoring” a young superheroine to be on how a little thing called “pleasure” works. As of right now, the May Lee of old was long gone, replaced of a girl that looked just like her old self, yet with a few keen differences. Her eyes weren’t the least bit like that of a girl who took justice in as a way of life. No. This May Lee was barely able to think of anything else outside of how her nude body was going through so many wonderful feelings due to Mai and Chun-Li’s caresses. She was barely aware that she was lying on her back on the floor of the hotel room, her groans and moans being muffled by Mai’s mouth as she kissed her, or the fact that Chun-Li’s fingers were busy going in and out constantly at a steady pace in her most precious of areas, housed between her legs. No, none of this was apparent to her.

All May Lee could do was feel...

And of course, make all the sounds that came when one was riding that all so great road of ecstasy.

Mai and Chun-Li both smiled as May Lee writhed below them, her back arching every now and then off the ground as one particular wave after another shot through her young body and her legs held tightly to Chun-Li’s hand purely out of instinct. It was obvious, May Lee had absolutely no control over her own body, instead, that privilege going to the older women that practically insisted that she try this out.

And frankly, she was glad that she did stay.

For the first time, the Korean girl actually felt... free. There was no room for anything else now...

...and it sure beat the heck out of training...

...or sleep.

“M... Mai....! Chun......!” she moaned loudly once Mai was done with one particular kiss, “Oh...! Wow........ Ah! Aahhhhaaaa....”

“So... Mai...” Chun-Li purred from her position, still not letting up in her exercise. “Do you say we let her... finish...?”

The kunoichi nodded. “I think so too... Take it away...”

And with that, Mai pulled away from May Lee’s ever so sexy body, leaving the young girl to open her eyes slightly and wonder just why she stopped kissing her. It was even more apparent by her eyes that she was flat-out addicted to them, and she was beginning to open her mouth to plead her to come back...

...that is, until May’s mind grew aware of the steady slickness that rested between her legs, and the fact that something was moving in and out of it with quite some force... and although she was showing her appreciation for it like she did before by simply giving in to the feeling, now she was aware of what was going on...

“Oh, yes....!” she squealed. “Faster...! Faster, Chun-Li...! Don’t stop...!”

Chun-Li didn’t respond, yet in still, she answered to the girl’s wish. On command, the two fingers inside May Lee picked up the pace, and as a result, a long groan escaped the Korean’s mouth. She couldn’t completely explain or understand what was going on within her, but all she knew was that it felt wonderful, and that even still, the pleasure was increasing more and more...

...and once Chun-Li decided to push in even further, her fingers completely buried inside May’s cunt, it peaked... and finally, after practically forever, May Lee exploded in a tidal wave of pure bliss. The yell could’ve been easily heard all throughout the remote area of the hotel, and as it happened, hot tears came down the heroine’s eyes, but they were of inner joy...

...all stemming from the eruption below that was her very first orgasm.

Once it was all over, May Lee’s body slumped down fully on the carpet, her chest heaving up and down as she struggled desperately to catch her breath. Meanwhile, the Interpol officer pulled her two magic makers out of the girl’s lower entrance and grew a mischievous grin once she saw it glisten in May Lee’s love juice. As she proceeded to lick it off, Mai leaned forward so that her face was only inches away from May’s, and whispered in a very light voice...

“Wonderful... Wasn’t it...?”

May Lee gasped as she tried to answer, but all that came out were noises. Then, after a few tries, she gulped and replied, her voice light itself due to weakness...

“Yeeeeesssss... Oooooohhhhhhhh... Oh..... So.... Wonderful.....”

“So how about it...? Will you stay for tonight? I have a feeling that tonight’s only going to get better... especially with more company coming over...”


To May Lee, more was most certainly better at the moment. More things to learn. More bliss to enjoy. More girls to share it with...

“Oh, yes, May. More. I’m pretty sure that Kasumi and Xiangfie would like to get a load of this... King, too. What do you say?”

Then, just as some amount of strength returned to her body, May Lee gave a slow nod.

“Sounds like a date...”

“Well, then,” Mai said while lending a hand to May Lee. “In that case I have an idea. Let’s go prepare for them. They’ll be here any minute.”

---- ----

“Most certainly, it does, May... Most certainly it does... Yeeeeesssssssssss...”

A few feet away, near the door, the little pervert Choi was literally going overboard as his mind pictured the scene in his head. To imagine... Six. Count ‘em: SIX lovely females in one room, licking, kissing, touching, caressing, screaming, cumming....

“Chang... How much tape is left on that tape?” he asked the bigger pervert, who looked at the time via the small screen in the camera.

“About an hour.”

“Well, I say...”

Choi paused as the sound of the elevator at the end of the hall rang through the air. Instantly the two Koreans looked towards that direction to get sight of three women right walking out of the transport device. They were easily identifiable... One blond woman named King, one young Japanese girl named Kasumi Todo, and one slightly younger still Chinese girl named Li Xiangfei, all (for the exception of King, who was wearing her bartending suit) wearing street clothes to accompany the bags they were holding from various shops.

“I say we get out of here, before they catch on,” Choi ended, getting up from her perch as Chang slowly closed the door in front of him. “By another tape from the mall, and come back... I’m going to have a volume of this stuff by the time the night’s over.”

Chang only nodded, and, much to the surprise of anyone looking, walked away as calmly as they could past the three women, neither party even exchanging glances with one another. The girls, on their hand, were too busy conversation themselves...

“...I’m just glad that the food here is so inexpensive,” Kasumi continued from where she left off, a noticeable traditional Japanese umbrella, newly bought, sticking out of one of her bags. “Xiangfie set an new record today eating at that restaurant tonight and had that been anywhere else, we’d probably have to win 3 other tournaments like this to pay off the bill.”

The brown-haired and braided Chinese girl merely pouted while crossing her arms and sticking her chin up. “Don’t be jealous! You know Din Sum is my favorite! It was only natural for me to win that contest.”

“And I’ll be amazed if you don’t wind up throwing it all back up later.”

Xiangfie merely gave a “Hmph!” as King gave a silent smirk. Of course, for obvious reasons and no-so, she didn’t reveal the incident back at the bar. Not only that, but King was oddly quiet ever since she met her teammates on her way into the hotel. Neither of the girls to her sides asked or even noticed, and it gave her time to let her mind wander. She knew what was in her system full and well now. The bad (or really, in her case, good), news about it was that it wasn’t going to wear off anytime soon... so it enabled her to just keep daydreaming about so many naughty things...

(I might have missed out at the bar, but that doesn’t mean that the night’s over... Oh, not by a longshot.)

King kept in mind the fact that Mai also had her fill of the crystal drink earlier, and that, if it had not set in already, she’d be soon acting just like she was right at this moment... and frankly, King couldn’t wait to get her hands all over that busty form of a woman for the night. She could envision it so well that it began to hurt just thinking about it...

(I need that SOOOOOOO badly...)

“Hey, King...?” Kasumi’s voice shut off her thoughts just long enough for her to pay attention to her voice. “We’re here. Can you unlock the door? I have my hotel key, but the bags are holding me down.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.”

With a flick of the hand in her jacket pocket, King whirled out the white plastic card to the door and slid it in. The moment she did so, the door practically flew open, something that the door normally didn’t do, and for good reason. Someone was behind it.

“Oh, guess who it is. Early, huh? What’s the rush?”

King let out a smile as she and the red kunoichi exchanged glances before that same Shiranui woman looked at the others in their group. That little glance was all it took... and she knew.

(Looks like I don’t need to worry about that...)

Mai had clothes on, yet, a bit like how King was currently looking, it seemed as if she just threw them on straight from the dresser. She merely wore her tee-shirt from earlier and another pair of shorts, this one a brighter red and white color. Add that the fact that her hair was a bit undone and, unknown to either Kasumi or Xiangfie, it was apparent that she had quite a workout. The non-athletic type.

“Early...?” Kasumi repeated. “Come on... It’s around 10:30. I’m pretty sure that’s anything but early. Well, are you going to block the way or are you going to let us in?”

Mai didn’t say a word, yet moved to the side, letting the other three women walk inside and drop their bags at the floor. As soon as she did so, Kasumi let out a sigh and plopped down on the nearest sitting apparatus, that being a comfortable chair near the TV, and began kicking off her shoes.

“I’m beat... I spent all day today following Xiangfie all around the city. I think I might’ve lost a couple of pounds just from all that walking.”

“I don’t know why you’re complaining. I feel just great,” sprouted Xiangfie, who sat across from her teammate on the sofa. “Just... maybe a bit full...... uh?”

Then, the Chinese girl began to sniff the air... causing Kasumi to sweatdrop.

“What is it now? Sensing another lovely dish in the remote area?” she joked.

“No...” was Xiangfie’s response, shaking her head in emphasis. “Don’t you smell it? It’s...”

Now that she thought about it, Kasumi took a regular breath... and cocked her head back a bit. Xiangfie was right. The air was rich with something... Something quite strong... And the atmosphere... It didn’t seem... calm...

“Yeah... I smell it...” she replied. “I don’t know what that could be, though... except...”

And then Kasumi blinked, her mind coming up with a possible answer.

“Say, Mai...” she asked while turning towards the oldest of the four female fighters, “How long have you been here?”

“Oh..... About 30 minutes...” came the kunoichi’s honest reply. Once again Kasumi blinked, her face beginning to show signs of curiosity and suspicion. She knew she smelled this before... but she couldn’t put a hand on it... or a finger... or anything.

(Darn... Where did I smell this odd scent before...?)

After a few more moments, Kasumi faced Mai again, who was now heading towards the back of the room where everything lead to the bedroom part of the hotel room.

“Hey, what have you been doing ever since you been here?”

Hidden to the other three women, Mai let out a mischievous smile as she reached the doorway of the bedroom, which was dark. Then, she spun around and answered.

“Oh, nothing much... I just decided to hang out with some company, if that’s alright with you.”

“Company?” came Xiangfie’s confused voice as she gave Mai a puzzled look. “Like who?”

“Like us...”

And with that, King, Kasumi, and most noticeable, Xiangfie, gasped as behind the Chinese fighter and the sofa rose an individual with dark blue hair. As she revealed more of herself, her arm began to slink forward and onto Xiangfie’s neck, circling ever so slightly, rendering her unable to speak, then, as she fully stood up, Kasumi’s eyes grew as wide as they could in shock.

“May Lee...!? What are you doing here...? And w... what are you WEARING!?”

“I think the question is, ‘what am I not wearing...’” chimed May Lee, who, to put it bluntly, was as little clothed as possible. Kasumi could barely able to believe the fact that the Korean superheroine was not wearing anything besides a pair of bra and panties, colored yellow to match with her hair, and the fact that she wasn’t acting like her normal, “Rid the world of evil” self. The only person who was more surprised was Xiangfie, who could barely move to see what was happening. For some reason, although May’s finger was the only thing pinning her to the couch, she couldn’t press up against it, like if it had a paralysis over her entire body.

“M... May...?” she asked. “W... what... are you doing...?”

“Oh, nothing...” the Korean replied in a light and even carefree and cute voice. “I just felt like messing around......”

Then, during that long pause, May Lee’s bare finger moved up from Xiangfie’s neck to her face, most noticeably, her lips.

“Messing around with you, that is...”

At this moment, Kasumi was ready to sit right back up and smack May Lee silly and back to her senses the only way a Todo knew how. Alas, the thought only rendered itself valid for about 2 seconds before a set of hands came from behind her own seat just as she stood, preventing her from moving forward.

“And she’s not the only one who’s got plans...”

This voice was unfamiliar with Kasumi, so she didn’t recognize who it was until her head whirled around to see who it was...

“C... Chun-Li—mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!”

Before she could even exercise her shock, Kasumi was cut off the moment she found out that her lips were being blocked... no... KISSED, by Chun-Li’s own. The rate of how things were going along were almost too fast for her to compensate them in her brain, but right now, the only thing that poked into her mind was to react...

...and she did so by trying her best to push away from the Interpol officer and only Street Fighter in the room. She gained control of her hands and pushed forward as hard as she could, yet, as she did so, somewhere in-between the moment of doing the action and its contact with Chun-Li’s body, she found out several things.

1: The force of the push was really weak, barely classifying as a tap. Maybe it was because of the hastiness of it all...

2: Just like May Lee, Chun-Li was absent of any suitable waredrobe outside of that of her underwear, hers a baby blue color.

And finally...

3: Chun-Li carried a strong scent... All over her body... and then, she finally remembered where she smelled it from...

...from all the times that she was alone in her room earlier in her teenage years, and would at times experiment her “growing up” in solitude...

...but this... THIS was a very strong one, and she could only imagine what that could’ve stemmed from...

(Wait... Am... Am I still KISSING her?!?)

Indeed she was, and she found herself back to square one; trying desperately to break her liplock with the other female standing behind her chair. However, she grew aware that her body began to tingle at the realization that she was indeed kissing Chun-Li and not dreaming it... and she felt that will to fight back begin to vanish...

Wait...! No! She had to fight it. What was coming over her? This wasn’t natural. No! Not natural at all! She shouldn’t be thinking about how Chun-Li was making her feel right now! She should be uncovering answers at to why they were acting like this!

Perhaps Mai got Chun-Li and May Lee all drunk with her sake along with herself... and it finally went too far...

Or maybe...

Or maybe...


As time, be it as slow as it was going right now, passed by and the longer she stayed like this, Kasumi began to loose her tension and her eyes began to return to their normal size...

And, for reasons beyond her understanding, her will to get away faded rapidly, being replaced by just... a wonderful sense of security...

And, still outside her reason, her body was becoming more and more willing, simply going along with the flow of things as she found her arms begin to move from Chun-Li’s upper chest area (they were there the entire time...?) and now began to wrap around the older Chinese woman’s back into a tight embrace...

(That’s it, Kasumi...) Chun-Li thought happily. (Just relax... and enjoy the feelings this brings...)

Indeed that was what the young fighter was doing, barely aware that now Chun-Li was now in front of her, her hands away from her sides and now concentrating on unbuttoning the shirt that she wore. With each button, starting from the top, Kasumi felt her strength being zapped from her, until, just only after three buttons being unhooked, she couldn’t stand anymore, merely leaning onto Chun-Li’s body for support, a burning sensation now steadily raging all throughout her inner being.

(Oh, yes...) her mind said in a sudden bliss that she neither knew where it came from nor why it was even speaking at all. (This sensation...)

And still, while this was going, Kasumi and Chun-Li’s lips never parted, the two of them barely able to breathe, mostly Kasumi. The younger was now completely lightheaded, allowing the older to simply slide her plaid shirt off her shoulders and to the ground, revealing all of her upperbody save for her own white bra protectively enclosing her breasts.

And all the while, Xiangfie just watched on in complete awe and confusion. Even though she was apparently the more “down to earth” now that Kasumi was now... “gone”, she just couldn’t understand a thing that just happened. Her eyes were just on her friend and the Interpol agent as they continued to kiss, Chun-Li now letting her tongue slip into Kasumi’s mouth and taste more of her.

“Looks like fun, doesn’t it, Xiangfie?”

Xiangfie was ripped out of her starefest by May Lee’s voice, who was now beside her and sitting next to her on the sofa. She began to look at May Lee, who was staring at her with a look that she never, ever seen before in her life, then back at Kasumi... then back at May Lee... then back at Kasumi...

And the final time, when she looked back at May Lee, her cheeks were red with an embarrassment that came out of absolutely nowhere. May Lee proceeded to let out a giggle.

“Go on... Let me know.”

“M... May... I...”

Right now, the Chinese girl had no idea what to say. She was just... lost... in everything right now. Hopelessly lost as to why Chun-Li was kissing Kasumi; why neither King nor Mai were saying anything about this...

And why she was finding the sight...

Pleasing...? Even..............


Xiangfie bit her lower lip, nervousness setting in with other feelings quickly following suit. Just what in the world was coming over her? Was it the atmosphere having an effect on her? Or was there something... more to it...?

However, a surge went through her body, and without realizing it, Xiangfie’s mouth, without notice from its brain, began to speak in a tiny voice.

“I... feel... weird.......” was all she could say about it. However, those three words were able to register to May, and she smiled upon hearing it, taking it as a cue to move in closer.

“I don’t know about weird... but I know what you’re feeling... I know because I just felt it 30 minutes ago... Let me show you how it works... It’s probably the best feeling in the world...”

And before any protest, if any were to come out of her mouth, could be heard, May Lee leaned forward completely, easily looming over Xiangfie, causing her to lie back onto the sofa and May to lie on top of her. May Lee’s hands then dropped onto Xiangfie’s shoulders, and, taking a big leap of faith, let her lips meet the girl’s below her.

The reaction was instant. Xiangfie’s eyes closed a bit and a small, yet rather audible moan escaped her vocal chords. And instantly, as if it was contained in a jar that just broke on the floor, pleasure just seemed to flow all through the Chinese girl’s body... and, unlike Kasumi, there was no fighting it. Xiangfie just accepted it, and May Lee was right.

The feeling was amazing...

Amist all of this bonding between female and female, King could feel as if she was going to burst. She was anticipating this... Well, maybe not this whole scene, but she knew what was up... Chun-Li had Kasumi occupied and May Lee was busy with Xiangfie... That only left...

“Mai...” she said, her voice heavy in lust at the realization. Already she could feel her lower lips begin to drool upon just the name. And, across and just a few inches away... and closing... Mai was experiencing the same thing.

“Looks like we’re the only ones not... connecting...” Mai opened up, her voice just as husky as King’s as she closed the gap, pushing King back to the wall next to the couch.

“Why don’t we fix that...?” came King’s reply. Both women, close friends, found the other’s eyes just screaming in lust towards one another. Then, without another word between them, King and Mai’s arms grasped tightly around one another and they just dove into one another with a hungry kiss, Mai pressing her full frame into King while the latter hugged Mai close to her own body. It was the hungriest out of the three kisses being applied, and maybe it was because they knew each other for so long that they were just going into this without any sort of formal warning or warming up. Technically, neither needed to warm up at all; they were already scorching...

---- ----

And, for the lucky two men that just happened to be watching (and filming) the entire thing, it was merely impossible to not get hard watching it. This time, neither Choi nor Chang shared dialogue between one another. They just observed... and inside, they just knew things couldn’t get any better than this.

Boy... were they wrong...

The party was just getting started...
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