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“(*yarn*) Phew... I haven’t... slept so good before in my life...”

It was the next morning, and May Lee could be seen stretching her arms above her head, welcoming the morning sun rays. At first blurry in the eyes, after a few blinks, the Korean girl shook her head clear and caught sight of her surrounds...

...and slowly grew aware of where she was... and WHY she was there.

This wasn’t the second room for the Korean team. Not by a long shot.

Clothes, even more so than last time she cared to check, were littering the entire living room of the hotel room, and the air was STILL a bit thick with the smell of sex from last night. On the floor, just below and to the right of her couch in which she found herself at, were the still sleeping bodies of Mai and King, the kunoichi on top and her right hand in the blonde’s hair. Likewise, in the chair beyond that sat Chun-Li with Kasumi embraced in her arms, both also asleep. Not only that, but every woman in the room was stripped of everything from their bodies, even underwear... and at first, May Lee was a bit thrown off finding herself in such a place.

No... This was definitely NOT the Korean team’s room.

This was the Women’s Team’s room... and it certainly was “busy”, as May Lee could make it out.

“Wow....” was all that escaped her lips, rubbing the back of her head as she looked at the commotion that they caused. “I guess.... I had a hand in all this somehow...”

“Oh, you have nooooooooo idea...”

May Lee blinked as she heard another girl’s voice to her left. She turned her head, and blushed hard once she found out that Li Xiangfie was just a few inches away from her, sprawled out in a very comical way, but just now waking up, looking straight at her in the process. At the same time, she just now noticed something else...

(Jeez... This couch is STILL damp...)

“Good morning, May...” Xiangfie purred, now adjusting herself so that she was crawling over to her companion from last night. “Slept well...?”

After a few moments, May Lee caught on and nodded. “Sure did... and if I’m right, you dreamed like I did, didn’t you?”

The girl from China nodded. “Oh, yeah. It was quite a good dream, too... but nothing compared to last night... Oh, wow, May. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

May Lee smirked. “First time for anything.”

“Yep. That’s my May...”

“Your May...?”

Xiangfie nodded while now closing the gap between her and the Korean, not stopping until she was once again fully on top of her bare body. She then lowered her head down and once again the lips that were so at work on her own body last night connected with hers...

“Yes. My May...” she said in between a kiss. She then closed her eyes and now proceeded to really get back into her groove, and May Lee accepted, snaking her arms around Xiangfie’s neck. The two stayed like this for only about 15 seconds, for before anything could really pick off the ground and into orbit once again, a voice rang out in the air.

“At it again? I never thought that you’d enjoy it that much...”

Both girls broke their kiss to look up and see Kasumi now starting to stretch her arms herself, yarning in the process, as well as waking up Chun-Li. The Interpol agent blinked quite a few times before her mind began to clear up from sleep. At first she was a bit speechless, because the scene she was seeing now didn’t ring a bell at first, but quickly, everything fell back into place...

...and a smile appeared on her face, out of all things...

“Morning, girls,” she greeted, getting a warm and even sexy response from the others that were awake. “I see everyone enjoyed their... experience last night.”

May Lee and Xiangfie nodded in response while Kasumi turned around on her lap and kissed Chun-Li on the lips, giving her answer to that.

“Thanks... It was a blast,” the Todo girl added.

“Yeah, well, before most of this started... Chun-Li and I had an idea... I think you four might want to hear it out...”

The newest voice came from Mai who, now slowly dragging herself off her also awaking partner, King, ran a hand through the mess she called her hair to try to straighten it out.

“Idea...?” Kasumi asked. “I knew you were up to something...” This was accompanied with a smirk. “Go on... Let’s hear it.”

Mai now sat on her knees in front of the door, so that every woman in the room could see her. With a smile, she began.

“Ok, so... last night, at the bar, King gave me and Chun-Li a special drink that... I don’t know... must have influenced us to do what we did last night. Now... considering how happy it made all of us... Am I right...?” Mai paused to get a nod from everyone, then she continued. “Chun-Li and I had a thought. If we could do this right out of the blue, just like that, all because of a drink... and seeing that it’s practically contagious... whoever we chose to go after...”

“Oooooo....” Xiangfie carried on. “You want to spread the love, don’t you?”

Mai nodded fiercely. “Exactly. Imagine... all that pleasure we all endured last night... and that was only 6 of us. There’s a truckload of other fighters that need to realize this! And then, it won’t just be us having fun...”

May Lee blinked a bit, the back of her mind telling her... no, screaming at her to stop now, but immediately she threw that thought out the window. “Now that you say that... I think that Chae Lim and Master Kim’s sons would be pretty... entertaining... to see...”

“Right...” Kasumi followed, “and my eyes won’t have any trouble picking up some hot guy... or girl around this place...”

“Perhaps Ryo would like to get a load of the new... King in the circuit...” the bartender said while putting a hand on her chin, giving a slick smile.

“And I can finally get that blasted Bogard...” Mai began... then, surprising everyone else, shook her head. “You know what? Last night made me realize something. I’ve been wasting enough time trying to get him. I can get pleasure by other means. I think I’m going to shop around some... Ha, ha! I’m going to have so much fun this time around!”

“Sounds just splendid,” Chun-Li encouraged. “I think I’ll join that ‘shopping spree’ as well. Seems as if this tournament won’t be such a bore now. In fact...” As she spoke, and thought, about this, Chun-Li’s mouth sprouted an even wider smile. “I think I know how this can even get even more exciting...”

“What’s up, Chun-Li?” Mai asked.

“Well... I say we hold a... contest... Whoever, out of the 6 of us, can get the most people ‘under her spell’ wins the contest.”

“And just how will we know how many the others have?” Xiangfie asked. Chun-Li thought about this for a minute, then came up with an idea.

“How about we keep a tally board somewhere in this room. Perhaps behind the door. Each time you score someone, you come back here whenever you get the chance, and put the fighter’s name under yours. If someone’s already did him or her, you don’t get the point... even though I have the strangest feeling that it’ll be sort of easy to find out who’s been laid or not.”

“True... true...” May Lee noted, “but... if I feel like it... can I still nail a person that one of your already did... just if I want to?”

Chun-Li looked at May Lee naughtily. “I don’t see why not... You just won’t get a point...”

May Lee only shrugged it off.

“So, do we have a bet?” King asked.

“Not quite...” Mai cut her off. “Just what does the winner win?”

For about 2 minutes, the 6 women in the room turned silent, thinking of what possible prize could the winner get for her efforts. Then, of all people, Kasumi was the one to speak.

“I say... the 5 who lose have to all submit to the winner for a full week. No questions asked, and no matter what she’d want them to do.”

“Ah... that’s a classic bet...” Mai commented, smiling at the once-in-a lifetime chance to practically be the queen of the tournament. “I’m in.”

“Me, too.”

“Me, three.”



“And I’ll be six.”

“There!” the kunoichi announced while standing up fully. “It’s settled then! We’re going to turn this fighting tournament into another type of tournament... an orgy tournament! Losers have to do whatever the winner says for a week... and trust me... I already have a whole lot of things you 5 can do for me...”

“You must be dreaming!” May Lee challenged while getting off the couch. “I’m going to win this bet! A superheroine never loses!”

“We’ll just see about that! No matter how good of a superheroine you think you are, you’re no match for a Todo!”

“Todo, Shmo-do,” Xiangfie waved carelessly. “You people aren’t known for your charm worth a dime, and unfortunately for you, I have enough of that to go around for the both of us.”

“Charm only goes but so far, Xiangfie...” Mai taunted, waving a finger at her young teammate. “If you wanna win... you’re going to have to be seductive... and that’s something I practically excel at.”

“Well, enough chat,” King interrupted. “I say we get this thing started... and I know a good place for us to start, just to... you know... have us all have an equal playing ground.”

All the girls looked at King as she walked towards a window... and looked down at the park in front of the hotel...

“I got wind last night that some teams will be out here training in the morning... Also, more fighters should be arriving today...”

The others looked at one another, then at the window themselves, each one of them wearing devilish smiles.

“Fine,” Mai said. “Looks like we’ll be starting there... Girls? Let the best woman win.”

---- ----

“Mmmm... Yui...”

Right now, Kaoru was in heaven. For reasons she neither knew or cared for, her body was just... electrified. What made things weird was that it was all so sudden. First everything was pitch black and it was the normal feeling of nothingness that comes with sleep. Then suddenly a tiny touch fell over her body. First it made itself known on her breasts... then down south, traveling slowly until it reached the most private of areas... and it played around some, lightly yet erotically...

...and through the temporary bliss that Kaoru went through, a sensation that was rather rare on her day to day basis compared to other people, she just knew it hat to be him...

“Oh... Yui... You’re so.... ah... sweet...”

Then, the unexpected happened.


Kaoru woke up.

The hotel room that was encased in darkness hours ago was now bathed in early morning sunlight, nullifying the need for any lightbulbs to be turned on, and it was a rather nice vibe to accompany the pleasant sensation that she just experienced. As she woke up fully, Kaoru let out a yarn, stretching her arms then blinked a few times before shortly rubbing her eyes. That was quite a dream she had, and it the back of her mind she wished it wasn’t one...

Then, for a... somewhat related reason, Kaoru blinked again.


Perhaps it wasn’t quite a dream after all, for, as her dark eyes gazed down upon her body, she found out that the sheets used to keep her body warm were in quite disarray, done in such a way that Kaoru was convinced that she didn’t do it herself. Also, her mind grew more aware of the situation, she could “feel” something moist down below, and it didn’t take long to put two plus two together.

“Yui...” she said in a light voice while nudging the young Korean next to her with her hand. “Come on and wake up...”

After a few moments, the Japanese girl caught word of their partner’s groans as he opened his eyes to sleepily stare back at her.

“Mm... What’s... up...?”

Kaoru gave a sly smirk. “I think you know, you sly devil. Playing with me while I’m asleep, eh...? You’re such a hentai.”

She was almost certain that Yui would give her a smile, a mischievous one, in return and to confirm her allegation, but instead he gave a blank, confused one. “What are you talking about?”

After a moment of pause, the dark-skinned girl decided to show her spuse, flipping off the sheets from her body and onto Yui, and from here, they both could clearly see the... “mess” that accrued within the area of Kaoru’s panty section.

“Does that ring a bell to you?”

“Actually....... no, it doesn’t.”

Kaoru immediately gave Yui a look, this one a bit more serious. “Come on, Yui. You know darn well that at times you do this...”

“Yes, but normally I’d remember it and plan doing it in advance... and admit that I did it. After last night... let’s just say that it was the least on my mind...”


“Sorry, Kaoru,” Yui replied while sitting up, “but I didn’t do it this time. Perhaps you had quite a good dream last night...”

“Yui, you know that I don’t dream like that unless you invoke it. I never had such dreams just because, and I’m not going to begin that now.”

“Kaoru... I didn’t do it, and if you’re saying that you didn’t... then that only leaves one other person...”

And at that statement, both paused and looked over to the second bed in the room, the one that the mountain girl, Mitsumi, slept on. However, it wasn’t occupied at all. In fact, it seemed as if it was barely slept in...

“Hey, where did she go?” Kaoru asked, and practically immediately after that, the sound of a door closing rang through the air. All attention went towards the bathroom, and out stepped Mitsumi, who was still in her nightwear and brushing her braided hair.

“Mitsumi...?” Kaoru called. The older woman looked her way and flashed a smile.

“Hey, you two. Good to see you up. A bit behind schedule... but not by much.”

Kaoru had a quick thought... then immediately shook it off. No. There was just NO way in the world SHE could’ve... However, someone must have caused her little accident.... She might as well ask...

“Hey...” she began, starting off slowly, “Did you... by any chance......”

She then sighed, and decided to flip the covers clean off the bed for Mitsumi to see for herself...

“W... whoa....” she marveled. “Looks like someone’s had quite the dirty dream last night.”

A small, annoyed mark appeared on Kaoru’s forehead, but it was quick to leave. “Yeah. The thing is that I... sort of had some help. I know for a fact that I can’t possibly have those dreams without... provocation... and Yui says that he didn’t—“

By this time Mitsumi gave her friend a look. “Y... you’re kidding, right....? You don’t honestly think—“

“Mitsumi, I didn’t say all that. I was only going to ask if you... happened to—“

“Kaoru... I gotta ask... You mean to tell me that you never, EVER... had wet dreams before you met Yui or aren’t around him... and that you never... ‘experimented’ before?”

The dark-skinned girl twisted her mouth. “I told you about my past and you know how I behave. It just never comes to my mind like other people. In fact... well... I didn’t know such things like this existed until I met Yui.”

Mitsumi, in turn, adjusted her face to match Kaoru’s. “Puberty with you must’ve sucked...”

Kaoru twitched and finally blurted out, “Mitsumi... Did you touch me last night or not...?”

The Chinese girl instantly double-taked. “What are you? Crazy? I didn’t touch you, ok? You said last night that you were uncomfortable with the whole thing and besides I don’t fly that way personally. I might joke but that’s beyond me. WAY beyond me. Geez, Kaoru, cut me some slack for once.”

Mitsumi then ended that by turning her back to the two in the room, her arms crossed and a heated expression on her face. As to Mitsumi’s sudden response, both Yui and Kaoru made a surprised face.

(Wow... She’s pretty dead-set on that... I never seen her react like that to anything) Yui thought. However, Kaoru took it a different way.

(So... if Mitsumi swears that she didn’t do it... Then what’s going on with me...? Perhaps I am... changing...)

Kaoru quickly shook her head and dismissed the thought. “Well, never mind then. We need to meet Sakura and the others in the front grounds soon to start warming up. I think I’ll get ready for that and think about this later.”

“Ok, Kaoru, you do that,” Yui encouraged, and with that Kaoru jumped off the bed and into the bathroom to clean herself. However, hidden to both her and Yui’s eyes as Mitsumi walked away and towards the other section of the room, she stopped, looked back at the door Kaoru concealed herself behind, and sighed.

---- ----

“Let’s go, Wagner. Give me your best shot.”

“You need to be careful as to what you wish for. You’re going to regret it.”

Little to most people inside the hotel, a chosen few were already outside and limbering up for the tournament. Within the park, in a clear area, stood two strong individuals, both with blond hair. One was older and his hair outspreading. Even though there was no sign of his army attire, he still wore his dogtag over his white tee and jeans. The other individual wore something similar to that, only he also wore a brown leather jacket and his hair was much shorter. This individual was the one named Scott, Scott Wagner in full (he preferred to be called by his last name), and the morning was perfect to get some rounds in with the man that took him in, Guile.

There was little breeze through the air, but that quickly changed once Scott began to advance, striking with a bunch of rapid jabs at his “new” father. Guile kept his guard up while backing up some, then, after finding an opening, turned with a strong backfist that Wagner blocked. The younger then went for a rolling sobat, but Guile swatted the kick away while moving to the side a bit for a strong punch... however, Wagner was fast enough to avoid it.

“You’re getting slow,” Wagner commented.

“That’s what you think...” Guile replied, now bringing his arms back as far as they could... and Wagner knew darn well what this move was.


Guile’s fists came back fast and across his body, generating a lightning fast projectile attack that barely shaved Wagner’s hair as he ducked it, the move going on farther until it collided... and sliced through, a nearby tree. Luckily it was done in such a way that the attack didn’t make the tree crumble over.

“Looks like your aim’s slacking,” the Air Force Airman smirked. “My turn.”

Wagner’s right arm instantly began to glow in a yellowish electrical tint and Guile blinked, because this move didn’t seem familiar, especially when he reared it across his chest...


...and threw out his energy into a sharp, razor disk that zoomed forward.

“Taking tips, eh?” Guile commented while dodging to the side, letting the attack pass on by... only this time, Wagner was the one to give a taunt.

“You underestimate me...”

Guile turned his focus back to the attack, and noticed that the Ultra Disc was coming back in reverse as if it was attracted to the army man.


Not wanting to make it come around once again, Guile blocked it, making it wear out on contact. Then, he ducked to the side to avoid a fist to the head. The two went at this pace for quite a bit, neither combatant gaining the advantage of the situation, and ultimate no one would.

“Mmm... Wagner, stop.”

At the command, the younger ceased attacking at a dime, noticing that Guile’s focus turned from him to the pathway, where someone was standing with heavy interest... Guile recognized this man from the KOF circuit. The white and blue gi was enough proof.

“Hmmm... Kim Kaphwan, I presume...” Guile said while standing up and facing the world Korean chap.

“Yes. Those were some very excellent tactics you both displayed. Don’t mind me peeking.”

Wagner shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. There are many other times where we do this.”

“So tell me; who is your third fighter?”

“My long time partner, Charlie, should be flying in from an assignment in a few days,” Guile responded. “Should be interesting to see what you have to offer...”

Kim gave a friendly smile. “Well, I think it’s only fair since I’ve been watching you practice. I was just bringing both my teams out so we can start preparations for the tournament.”

“Looks like we’ll be scouting then...” Guile then turned to Wagner, and added. “You up for it?”

“Sure. No problem.”

Just then, two more individuals appeared behind Kim, reveling themselves to be his sons.

“Ah... Jae Hoon. Dong Hwan. Say good morning to two of the Air Force Team members.”

Jae Hoon, in his normal white and green uniform, gave a formal greeting, while Dong Hwan, in the black and red, merely put a hand up and gave a half-hearted “Yo” in response.

“Say...” Kim began. “Where are Chae Lim and May Lee?”

“They’re still in the room. May Lee was still getting ready when we left and Chae Lim was helping her out.”

“Hmmmm...” Kim muttered, putting a hand on his chin. “May Lee late to a practice...? Is she feeling ok?”

Jae Hoon only nodded.

(Perhaps something is wrong with her...) the father thought to himself. (Then again, this is May Lee. She wouldn’t miss much of a practice...)

“Well,” he finally said out loud, “Let’s go meet up with Jhun, Choi, and Chang. We’ll wait on the girls for a few minutes, then if they’re still getting ready, we’ll start without them.”

---- ----

“Wow, May Lee. I didn’t know that you could be so forgetful. Really. Didn’t you know that today was our first training session?”

“Yes, I knew that! I just overslept and now I have to rush to meet the rest of the guys back outside! I just hope we’re not too late!”

(Not... I’m in no rush at all...)

Back in the hotel room, May Lee was busy rummaging through her bag, her drawers... Anywhere she knew she had her old Taekwondo uniform so she could wear to practice. Sure, she could go with her regular street attire, but this was just a practice, and it wasn’t to involve her... special alterego. However...

...this was how Chae Lim thought the situation was.

For May Lee, however... this was just an act... and she smirked as she hid her head in a dresser drawer, because she knew that very well as she looked at Chae Lim through the corner of her eyes...

(May Lee’s first play is about to pick up...)

“Alright!” she exclaimed out loud, backing away from the drawer to pick up a white and blue uniform abet similar to that of Chae’s. “Found it! It’s been ages since I put this one own.”

The silver-haired girl, who was at another drawer next to a bed, spun around. “It’s about time. Hurry up and throw it on so we can get out of here.”

May Lee took a pause, then faced the already clothed Chae. “Problem is... I’m missing the belt for it...”


Chae had to blink at that. Indeed, by the way May Lee packed it and was showing it off to her to see, everything was in place... yet, being as that she held the pants in one hand and the upper portion of the gi in the other, the belt was indeed missing.

“Just how old is that gi, May Lee? I’m pretty sure you can find another one besides that one.”

“We don’t have time for that!” the dark-haired girl responded. “You want to hurry up and catch the others, don’t you?”

Chae Lim instantly nodded.

“Well... tell you what...”

May Lee now put the gi itself on the bed next to her, and took a few steps so that she could get close to Chae Lim. At this distance... something struck itself... a bit weird to the younger. She couldn’t quite place it however... but it was somewhere in May Lee’s face that gave off strange vibes...

“Tell me... what...?” she asked.

Then... May Lee gave a very, very quick smirk and in a blur her right hand reached forward to an end to Chae Lim’s own black belt...

“E... ey....!”

...and in one surprisingly quick motion, May Lee whisked it off.

“Why don’t I borrow yours...?” the superheroine ended, looking at the belt itself for a moment before looking back at her partner... just in time to make a surprised face as she saw Chae Lim’s uniform go undone in a chain reaction. The silver-haired girl instantly blushed in embarrassment as she quickly tried to hold the gi still, but even so, the upper part went just out of her reach and exposed enough of her body for May Lee to see a bit of her white bra before her arms blocked her view.


“Oops...!” May Lee responded, her voice making it seem as if she really did that by mistake, but her face read loud and clear that it was just the opposite. “Did I do that...?”

At first, Chae Lim couldn’t speak. All she could do was look at May Lee in shock as the dark-haired girl just a few centimeters away from her gave a look that she never seen before...

“M... May...!” she finally managed to sputter out. “W... what’s gotten into you...? Why are you...!?”

May Lee’s eyes silenced her as she now closed the gap between their faces. That look... It was definitely making Chae Lim uneasy and even a bit afraid... Afraid of what this might lead to...

“’Why am I doing this...?’” May Lee repeated, her eyes looking at Chae Lim mischievously. “Is that what you were about to ask? Well... I’ll tell you... Last night... I wasn’t here sleeping. I was in the room down the hall; you know... the one the Women’s Team stays at... and... while I was there... I had an awakening of sorts. I was introduced into something absolutely wonderful...”

By this time, the superheroine’s right hand was creeping forward, totally undetected by Chae Lim, for she couldn’t pry her attention away from May Lee’s face...

...that is... until...


May Lee’s fingers snuck in-between Chae Lim’s, successfully finding the area in which her left breast lay at... Instantly, Chae threw her body back and away from May, but it didn’t get far, for she found herself forced against the dresser she was just finished searching through and rendering her unable to escape.

“It’s awesome, Chae,” May Lee continued in a soave voice, being as calm as she can while still being seductive. “You just have to try it out...”

“Y... you can’t be the real May Lee...” Chae whispered harshly, half from her current shock and half from the sudden... ‘shock’ that ran through her body once May Lee’s finger brushed against her soft skin that was her nipple. “She’d never do such things like this... W... who are you...?”

May Lee just giggled. “Silly. I am May Lee, in the flesh, and no, I’m not an evil clone... I’m just... how do you say... a little more... balanced... Sure, before all I wanted to do was become a really great heroine that could rid everything in this world from being tainted by evil, just like Master Kim, but... last night... Mai made me realize that I was missing something... Balance. She told me that if that’s all I do, then I’d lose myself in the process... She told me that it was about time I got to realize other joys that I can partake in... and right now, I’m going to exercise that...”

May’s fingers wouldn’t leave from their place on Chae’s body, much to the latter’s dismay, as it left the dark-haired fighter to continuously “play” around with her breast, and no matter how much Chae tried to block it, May’s hands were just too fast... Chae would move her arm up to block an advance, yet May would find another way under and to the same spot she was before... and then Chae would try to block that, but it left her other breast vulnerable...

“Mai taught me so many things, Chae...”

...and, with each little touch, the little “shock” that ran through Chae’s body would grow, and not just little by little, but by a lot, and the silver-haired Korean slowly began to realize that it was making her grow goosebumps all over...

(Wha... What is she... doing... to me...?)

“So many wonderful things... and I can’t hold them all to myself...”

By now, May Lee’s inner passion was beginning to erupt, for, as she continued to seduce Chae, her hands moved faster and more skillfully and her breathing upgraded to little pants as her anticipation grew. She knew by the look in Chae’s eyes that it was working...

(Any second now... and Chae Lim is mine... Stay... focused, May... Don’t lose it yet...)

May Lee then let out a smile as she leaned forward onto Chae, her hands now on the younger’s wrists to slowly pry them away from their guarding posts and still Chae continued to fend her partner off...


...to no avail.

And even so, as the two remained locked by their eyes ever since the beginning, Chae Lim slowly began to stop on her own right, for... as she gazed into May’s eyes, something began to take over...

(No...! I... I gotta fight it...! I have to snap May Lee out of this! I have to...)

“Chae...” May Lee continued, her voice in a very low tone as her hands placed Chae Lim’s arms to her sides, “I want to share what I learned with you...”

“May Lee..... Don’t....”

The older paid the younger no mind at all, her face now barely scraping against the other’s... From this distance, Chae could barely hold back any further. May Lee was just too fast with her hands for her to block; too... dominant for her to pry off...

“It’s a little thing called...”

And then May Lee closed the gap, not bothering to finish her sentence, as her lips connected with Chae’s. No one moved a muscle for about a second before Chae Lim’s body responded with a startled and resisting yell that was muffled by May Lee’s mouth and because of this, her lips parted enough for May Lee to slip in her tongue from her mouth to Chae’s.

From one minute to the next, Chae Lim was in a whirlwind of emotions. She didn’t know what to do or why this was happening to begin with. She wasn’t prepared at all for anything like this to happen. Overnight at that... and at the moment she couldn’t do anything but take in the kiss...

A kiss that made her body go on end with electricity from within...

And as fast as May Lee put the kiss in, she pulled back, not moving anything away from Chae Lim except her head.

“Called ‘pleasure’... Desire... Lust.........” she ended her previous sentence, panting lightly as she spoke.

On the other end, Chae Lim could only look back at May Lee, her mind only able to say one thing.

(She kissed me... She... she... kissed me...)

Her heart ran wildly as she tried to sort things out now that May Lee seemed to let her catch her breath. She needed footing on the situation. She needed to understand why things were happening so fast... and at all. She needed to know a lot of things...

Like... why her body felt so... zapped once May Lee kissed her...

And how... how she actually felt a bit... welcome at it...

And... and...

She needed to know why she stopped...


At that moment, Chae Lim seemed to forget everything prior to this entire moment. She forgot about practice with the others. She forgot about the tournament. She forgot about EVERYTHING...

...except the kiss...

And May Lee...

She was too fast to block...

Too strong to break away...


“Oh, May.....”

And too seductive to resist.

Chae Lim’s arms rose from their dormant positions, but not to try to defend herself. This time they wrapped around May Lee’s neck to pull her closer, all making the older give off a warm smile.

“I told you it was wonderful, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did...” Chae replied, her own eyes filling with a strong passion that never existed within her fiber before in her life. “I never knew such a powerful feeling could be... like this...”

“Would you like for me to teach you more?”

“Yes... Please do... I want to know everything about it. Don’t hold back anything at all, May...”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Chae... I’ll teach you everything I learned from last night... but first... we’ll start from where we left off...”

And with that, the kiss continued. The two partners and friends quickly came together in a tight embrace, Chae Lim’s arms making sure
May Lee wouldn’t get away from her first willing kiss, and it grew apparent to the superheroine that Chae was quickly growing addicted to her lips. The younger Korean kissed not with aggressive nature, but still wanting, somewhat leading her partner-turned-lover towards the bed, May Lee not fighting at all. The two plopped down at the same times on their sides and quickly entwined their legs, the cotton of Chae’s gi swishing against the denim jeans May wore last night, and almost as quickly as they dressed earlier that morning for practice, the two Korean girls began to reverse the process, Chae beginning it by kicking off May’s red and white sneakers for her. Next came her white socks and almost feverishly, the silver hair brought her hand over towards May’s pants...

(Whoa...! T... too fast...!)

...making May Lee break their loving kiss unexpectedly and stop Chae from going farther.

“A... a little... too soon... for that, isn’t it...?” she panted, moreso than last time she spoke. Chae responded with a blush.

“Perhaps....” she replied mischievously, May returning the favor.

“I see you aren’t as hopeless as you thought you were... It seems you know a thing or two... Have you been experimenting behind Master Kim’s back...?”

On cue the blush on the younger girl grew more. “I admit I had my urges... I always thought it was just... natural...”

“Well, that’s alright by me... but... let’s not spoil the moment by going fast. Master Kim can wait on us if he wants to...”

Both girls giggled and then met one another once again, Chae this time taking it slow like May wanted. As the two locked in both lips and tongues, their hands roamed all along the opposite’s back, sides, neck... and anything else they could find and reach. Taking the time to enjoy the moment, Chae couldn’t quite think of anything else she could add to this moment... but apparently May did, for it wasn’t long until she pushed onto the younger girl, making her lie on her back as the superheroine pinned her down with her own body. May then brought herself just a tiny bit away from Chae’s body, quickly bringing it back and making a soft purring noise.

“Prrrr.... This feline sees something she likes from the one behind her...” she said. “Something very... delicious....”

At first Chae didn’t quite catch on, but it didn’t take long...

(Impersonating a cat...? Two can play like that...)

“Oh, whatever can that be....? Mmmmmm....?” Chae replied, the latter part coming out very cat-like.

“Those breasts hiding under your clothes....... They’re luring me in... Your clothes... They have to go...”

“Only if yours go, too...”

“Sure... Seems fair to me... Even... *giggle* fun...”

May Lee made another purr as her right hand “clawed” at the folds of Chae’s gi, which was still not fully on her body after the incident. After a few small efforts, each one making Chae shudder, the white and blue custom-made gi slipped off the silver-hair’s shoulders and sides, lying limply under her body, now exposing the bra for May to feast eyes on.

“Now for this... Mmmm...?”

Without saying a word to May Lee, Chae Lim’s hands came forward and grabbed onto the bottom of May’s shirt, quickly beginning to dispatch of it, the heroine helping out herself. Once it was off completely, Chae let out a tiny gasp.

“May...? No...?”

May only shook her head, smiling at the fact that Chae noticed that there was no material holding up her breasts, just like last night. She then resumed her impersonation, rolling Chae onto her side a bit as her right hand clawed at the skin playfully before aiming at the strap keeping it on Chae’s body....

...then, its role changed to just being one of the articles of clothing left on the bed and floor...

“Ah.... there’s my milk....” May cutely announced her prize, just before letting her tongue lap at one erect nipple... once...

“Oh! May...!”

Chae’s instantly felt a jolt of electricity shoot all throughout her frame, and she cried out the instant May licked a second time... and a third... and a forth...

...and from there, May continued to lap at Chae’s sensitive mount like a cat drinking milk from her favorite dish, and right now, the other girl was enjoying every little sensation. Her hands gripped the sheets of the bed as she moaned, louder than she did before, and it grew apparent that she wanted more, for Chae’s body, more specifically her hips, began to rock up against May Lee’s body, trying to get more by any means...

“Mmmm... Does my silver-haired lover want me to go lower than this....?” May Lee taunted dominantly.

“Oooooooooohh, yeeeesssss!!” was the younger’s response. “I want you to lap me everywhere, May....!”

“That’s good... Yes... Good idea.... In fact... that’s a great one...”

May, deciding to fulfill Chae’s wish, still wouldn’t quite let those pretty mounds of hers alone, for as she slipped lower, her fingers still remained in that area, this time pinching and giving both erect little nubs an equal amount of sexual attention... and the silver-hair just couldn’t get enough. By the time May finally did decide to go lower, Chae could barely contain the mighty force building up within her...


“Don’t worry...” the dark-haired girl said sweetly, her right hand creeping downwards... seeping under Chae’s gi pants....

...and instantly May Lee’s ears tingled at the sound of Chae Lim’s loud moans as her fingers successfully founded the sweet wetness tucked away... and without delay she began her job in sending pleasure waves all throughout her partner’s body...


“AAH! M... MAY!!”

Taking May Lee by surprise, Chae erupted into an orgasm after only 5 flicks at her sensitive southern mound, and each burst of cum steadily dampened May’s fingers as well as her pants.

“Looks like you’ll need to clean up once we’re done...” May giggled as her friend went temporarily limp for about 10 seconds, recovering from her high. After collecting her breath, Chae sighed...

“Oh... but... I don’t think... that’ll be any time soon...”

The older blinked as Chae smiled lovingly back at her, her own hands beginning to take off the remaining amount of clothes from her body... For the first time, the superheroine was face to face with a totally nude Chae, the cum from her body running down her legs...

At this time, May could’ve said something extremely erotic... however, she couldn’t speak. Only her mind did...

(Chalk one up for May Lee...)

---- ----

“Ok, here we go! Youoroken!”

“Hmm... HA!”

Two ki projectiles, one a long streak of fire, and the other a dark gray ball of energy, collided with exploding impact. At one end stood Kaoru, wearing her workout clothes, a short white designed tee with gray sweatpants, and rushing towards her as fast as he could, was Darrell, wearing a black shirt with a white kanji letter on the front along with matching pants. The two were facing off at an open area few inches away from the main pathway that lead to the hotel front doors, which was in the distance.

A few inches away from his adopted ‘sister’, Darrell turned around and leaped forward, his attacking leg striking on fire as he set his sights on Kaoru’s stomach. The Hiya, as he called it, as blocked by Kaoru, but as he landed to follow up with a lunging overhead fist, but Kaoru teleported away in a flash behind him, now starting to counter with a spinning standing sweep. The older rolled forward to avoid it and then hopped up to face her, then hopped away from Kaoru to go defensive. Quickly Kaoru kept the pressure on with a few random attacks, and then ended with a fast fist to the face.

“Whoa!” Darrell shouted while bending back a bit to make it gaze over his head, then he straightened himself to return it with an elbow to the stomach. Kaoru doubled back, but unmoving in will, and decided to try another trick...

“Tama Heki...”

Kaoru’s eyes closed and in an instant, another Kaoru emerged from her body.

(Hey... nice new trick, Kaoru) Darrell thought to himself. (How about we give it a test run...)

Not keeping his eyes off the original girl, Darrell opted to launching another Youoroken blast at that one. While the second Kaoru moved to the side, the first one merely stood her ground and blocked the attack. Yet, in the corner of his eye, Darrell could make out movement. The second Kaoru ducked down while dashing and opted to perform the Hiagasen, but once again Darrell moved out of the way, this time running forward to try to rush the original.


Darrell’s right fist bloomed into flames as he attacked with a pair of fast jabs that were blocked. However, before he could add on, a sudden jump of ki interrupted him. He spun around just in time to see the other Kaoru begin to lift a finger towards his head, a small ball of silver energy on it...

“And this it new, too!” he exclaimed in surprise. “Sakura! Assist!”

“Ok! No problem!”


With that, Kaoru’s finger shot off a violent wave of dark ki energy towards Darrell, streaking up into the air and making it impossible to jump over. The speed was also good enough to prevent a dodge, so all Darrell could do was block. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only wave. Kaoru then pulled her arm back and prepared the second and more powerful strike to her super, Karasuhebi no Tanjuu, but another yell made her change focus...




Kaoru spun around and threw her arm forward, just as Darrell’s teammate, the Tamagawa Minami student known as Sakura Kasugano, threw both her palms forward to unleash a huge ki blast at the same time. Kaoru’s took the form of a long snake that collided head first into the Hadouken, barely winning over its power struggle battle to keep moving forward. Sakura instantly broke out of her pose and rolled to her side, just in time to find out that the Kaoru who fired the Karasuhebi no Tanjuu let out a small yelp as her head whisked backwards and her body vanished into thin air.

(So that was the fake one...) she thought. (Must’ve been too much ki for that one to handle...)

Darrell realized this, too, as he instantly whirled around just in time to catch the real Kaoru’s fist with his hand. He then ducked to the side and hopped away from her.

“Karin!” he called. “Looks like it’s showtime for you now!”

“You bet it is!” Sakura’s rival, the rich blond girl known as Karin Kanzuki, responded while stepping onto the “playing field” that was marked off earlier. “Just watch me make quick work of her!”

“Sorry, but I don’t think I want to play with you today,” Kaoru replied while turning away herself and flicking at her black hair before jumping out of the play field. “Mitsumi, you’re up!”

“It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for ages for my turn!”

With a mighty cry, Mitsumi jumped in to meet Karin, entering her fighting stance. Karin merely put a hand on her chin and let out a short laugh before getting ready herself.

“Mountain girl, you’re about to see what a real fighter can do...”

“Ha! I don’t need to see what I already know; thanks for the offer, though. Now, are we going to taunt or are we going to fight it out?”

“Fine by me...”

Karin then prepared to take the early offensive with one of her signature moves, the Gurenken, but it was interrupted... by a voice.

“Hey, that sounds good and all, but I have an even better idea!”

The two girls, not to mention the remaining members of the teams, all dropped their exhibition that was just warming up, and looked towards the path heading away from the hotel. In the distance were a bunch of people, all on motorcycle bikes, all parked on the hill facing them, but there was one person already right in front of them. It was a young female, roughly 19 or so, wearing a short black leather jacket with a white bra underneath with matching black pants and boots. She also sported brown hair worn long and in a bit of a ponytail, and in her mouth was a regular plastic straw with quite a few chew marks on it.

“Hmph... How rude, interrupting a private spar like that,” Karin pouted, crossing her arms. “Just who are you, anyway?”

The girl merely sprouted a smirk as she continued to chew on the straw. “Oh, just a bored girl who’s looking for some action... Name’s Tomoko... and I think I know a few of you... You’re that rich girl that owns that Zaibatsu thing; Karin Kanzuki. Yep... Just as snooty as I thought you’d be.”

Karin just scoffed in defense. “Figures, all that coming from some common biker thug. Doesn’t know a shred of dignity or respect at all.”

Now it was Tomoko’s turn to scoff, rolling her eyes as well. “Whatever... Oh...” Her focus then went to Sakura. “And you’re that schoolgirl that kept going into all those international tournaments... Sakura, isn’t it...?”

In response, Sakura nodded.

“Hmm... not bad... Wonder how you manage to balance your schoolwork with all that fighting you do... Hey, that’s not a bad idea, however... I’m bored, and my gang’s getting restless... I’m just itching for a fight right now, and I’m not going to wait a full week until this stupid tournament starts until I can get what I want. So... let’s see... Which one looks like..... fun.....?”

As she trailed off, Tomoko’s gaze leaned off Sakura to the others out in the grass area...

(That Korean kid...? Nah... He might be just like that Kim guy with all those kicks... The girl with that huge braid...? Looks Chinese... Kung-Fu, maybe? Pass... Hmmmmm...)


With that, Tomoko took the straw from her mouth and pointed it towards... Kaoru, who responded by just giving her a stare.

“You seem like an interesting person. Sure, that black dude don’t seem too bad either... but you... You seem to have a special... ‘mystery’ factor to ya. Come on, let’s mix it up a little.”

“Hmph...” Kaoru sighed. “I don’t think you’ll be able to handle someone like me... Besides, why should I even bother...?”

“Well... I could always get things more exciting by calling my little gang hanging out down the road and we can THEN go at it... Like I said, they’re just as restless as I am...”

Not even bothering to consider what that meant, because in the back of her mind she already knew, Kaoru let out another sigh. “I swear people like you really rile me up... You’re ready to do anything for kicks, even so much to be so reckless... I have better things to do at this tournament than to just pick fights, but if you really want to be in a battle so badly, then fine. Just don’t make me waste my time like other people do.”

Tomoko then kicked the brake on the motorcycle that she owned and jumped down, now walking past the others there to get to Kaoru, with Yui next to her. As she passed Karin, the blond couldn’t help but feel a little agitated...

(She’d pick a fight with her but not with me...? Some taste she’s got...)

As the biker gang leader walked towards the young traveler, Yui looked at his girlfriend in a little bit of concern.

“You sure you want to...”

“Yui, stand aside. I’ll handle this.”

Yui didn’t respond for a while, but then he nodded and did as she said, causing her to stand right in front of Tomoko with no distractions. As she got close, Tomoko put a hand on her hip and gave Kaoru some attention as well. Tomoko was only 3 inches taller than Kaoru, but other than that there seemed to be little physical differences between them outside of appearance.

“This should be interesting...” Tomoko started. “So, what’s your name?”


“I’ll remember that... Let’s go then.”

“I thought you’d never ask... HA!”

Right at the end of the sentence, Kaoru threw her right fist forward right at Tomoko’s head, and Tomoko responded by moving her head back and out of the way. Right afterwards the younger froze, looking back at Tomoko.

“Seems as if you might just be... worth it...” she said. “Any rookie would’ve gotten floored by a fist that fast.”

“Do I look like a rookie to you?” was all Tomoko answered with as she returned the attack with her own hard left hook. Kaoru ducked it while spinning and countered with a hard roundhouse kick to the head, yet her attack was blocked at the last minute. Tomoko then quickly backed off and readied herself, her right hand reaching towards her waist.

“Let’s take it up a notch!”

And with a yell, a long biker chain whipped out from Tomoko’s waist and into her right hand.

“A weapon...?” Kaoru noticed, unmoving in her stance. “Big whoop... HA!”

The younger girl’s hands went to her chest, forming a small ball of silver energy, and then in a flash she shot it out. At the same time, Tomoko whipped the chain in front of her, the steel clashing with the Doushaburi and actually sending it back where it came. Kaoru had to swat her own attack away, but she didn’t get a chance to see the metal whip come her way, wrap around her neck, and in one single tug, dragged her down face first.

The others who looked on with mixed emotions as Tomoko let out a laugh, watching her opponent bring her hands up to the chain to try to pry it off while standing up at the same time, but another tug made her slip once again to one knee.

(Damn... This thing’s tight...)

“Bet you’re not saying that I’m weak now, are you?” the biker leader taunted while tugging lightly but still enough to make Kaoru move towards her.

“Once... I get this thing... off....!” Kaoru muttered loudly, straining the best she could but to no avail.

“I’d like to see you try to get that off! You’re mine!”

No longer playing around, Tomoko reeled her in, planning on giving Kaoru more punishment, but just before she got close, Kaoru’s body faded out, and the older girl swore her eyes were playing tricks on her...


Only it wasn’t a trick. It was a teleport, and Kaoru made the most of her position behind Tomoko by applying a hold on her neck, similar to that of Tomoko’s chain, making the owner of the weapon grunt hard while pushing backwards. Kaoru tried to keep her footing but Tomoko took advantage of her balance, placing her leg in front of Kaoru’s unstable one, and with that the both of them fell onto the ground, only Tomoko was faster to her feet. Once again the biker queen took the initiative and tried to kick the young traveler in the ribs while she tried to gather herself, but Kaoru put a hand out and parried it while rolling away and to her vertical base.

From here, the two once again stared each other down, Kaoru’s hardening eyes meeting with Tomoko’s. As time went by, the younger clenched her fists while the older’s grip on her chain tightened. Then, Kaoru’s sneaker cautiously went forwards, trying to plan herself out. Tomoko, however, let out a small smirk, then suddenly her body seemed to blur as she ducked down, a leg out, and successfully caught Kaoru off guard, sliding and sweeping the leg she planted out. Instantly the tanned fighter put her hands out to stop her fall and instantly rolled away once again, this time taking the attacking matter with a few hard attacks. Similar to the Doushaburi, Tomoko used her metal chain to ward off Kaoru’s moves, but one punch changed that.

“What the--?”

Tomoko froze the moment she found out the last one coming for her face stopped short and grabbed onto her chain, and in a strong yank, Kaoru managed to get one end of the chain out of her left hand, Tomoko having to hold tight to the other to prevent the entire chain from leaving her.

And just like that, the two found themselves connected by the chain, each girl holding an end, Kaoru smirking a little as if to say, “Look what I got.” The other girl twisted her mouth for about a second before smiling herself, her hand now wrapping her end around the palm.

“You honestly think that you can tangle at this game with me?” the biker asked, now smugly tying the chain around her right hand.

“You keep speaking,” Kaoru shot back, repeating Tomoko’s action. “It’s just going to make you feel even more stupid once I knock you out.”

“You’re a regular riot, girl... This’ll spice things up, though. A chain-fight seems just right for two bitchy girls like us.”

As the term, “bitchy”, came out, Kaoru’s eyes turned almost coal-like, Tomoko seeing this clearly and bracing herself.

“No more games, Kaoru...” she said, her voice lowering. “Time to put up or shut up.”

“The latter to you...” was all Tomoko’s adversary commented with, falling back, but pulling the chain her way, catching the owner of it a bit off guard and making her stumble forward a step. Instantly she planted her feet and returned the favor, Kaoru being surprised at the force of the pull, and nearly tripled in her reaction, bringing her within reach of Tomoko. Thinking quickly, the younger ducked her head down, avoiding a welcoming attack, and spun, bringing her arm up to try to strike Tomoko with the chain, but the biker queen saw it coming and brought her head to the side while facing Kaoru. She then quickly flicked her wrist, making the chain “vibrate” once and almost jump and hit Kaoru’s face, but it was ducked, the traveler bringing her free arm up to hold the attacking part of the chain and pulled as hard as she could. Expecting Tomoko to come closer, she grew disappointed that Tomoko stopped herself after only two steps. Just when she began to think of another tactic, she grew surprised that the small gap between them was closing... because Tomoko was now dashing in close. Kaoru opted to block...

“I don’t think so!”


...but the biker, using her slight size advantage, ducked, throwing all her weight down so that the chain pulled Kaoru off balance and towards her, and then lashed out with a hard kick with her boot to the side of the head, and in this position, it was devastating. Kaoru temporarily went limp, falling over on her side but not fully, stopping on one knee as Tomoko held tight and kept her up by only the chain...

“Come on back!” Tomoko taunted, now hoisting and dragging the dazed fighter back onto her feet and closer. “I’m not done screwing with you yet!”

The younger fighter managed to blink a little and shake her head hard, getting the stars out of her, and waited until Tomoko began to attack again before rising up with an elbow right between the eyes. Tomoko stammered back, rubbing the now sore area with the back of her free hand, but Kaoru wasn’t planning on letting her stay there long...

As quickly as she could, she jumped into the air (not being able to get a lot of height due to the restraint) and quickly came down with a sharp kick, shadows of herself following. Tomoko barely had the time to recover before the black sneaker landed home in her stomach, and it forced the older girl onto a knee...

“And now... I’m going to put a HUGE dent in your ego!” Kaoru snapped, not wasting time on her landing before once again focusing her ki, bringing up a finger slowly to aim her silver energy bullet at Tomoko... She aimed her super attack carefully... and once she was sure she wasn’t going to miss, she fired her first wave to her Karasuhebi no Tanjuu. However, before the attack could hit, Tomoko dodged to her right, the momentum throwing off Kaoru from completing the attack, and that worsened once the biker queen pulled as hard as she could, waiting for the slightly smaller girl to come to her before she wrapped the chain around her neck once again, only this time, it was accompanied with the owner of the chain turning her back against Kaoru, using the leverage and aid of the chain to hoist Kaoru up off her feet. The traveler let out a gargled yelp as the pressure around her neck cut off her air from her lungs for about 2 seconds before Tomoko slammed her over her back and face first into the ground. The older wasn’t finished, however, as she jumped onto Kaoru and landed square on her back with both feet full force...

“YAAAAAH!!” came the scream of the younger fighter from the effects of the Overrun, and the others watching couldn’t help but wince at the scene. Yui himself was beginning to be fed up with the sight of seeing his girlfriend fight like this, and that feeling only grew once Tomoko added.

“Oh, did that hurt? Don’t worry... If it didn’t, than THIS will! Time to try out this new attack I’ve been trying out recently...”

Tomoko bent down a little and tapped Kaoru’s flushed cheek teasingly before getting off the younger’s body, but once she did she pulled up on the chain, reeling a stunned Kaoru up off the grass against her will. Once she was up, the biker queen grabbed a part of the chain just in front of Kaoru’s face, tightening the hold even more around her neck. Then, as she was convinced that it was enough, signaled by Kaoru’s coughing as she desperately tried to reverse it, Tomoko let out a laugh, not bringing her hand away from Kaoru...

“This’ll serve as a nice wake up... ‘shock’!”

And on cue, Tomoko was able to sent a strong current of electricity through the chain, and instantly the channel went all throughout Kaoru’s frame in painful jolts, each one making her scream...

“Ha! State Charge, Kaoru!” the older girl said in dominance. “And you’re its first victim!”

(That’s it...)

A few meters away, as the others watched the momentum slowly slip away from Kaoru, Yui finally had enough. Seeing the girl that he held dear in this position and not do anything about it was something he just couldn’t stand...

“Kaoru!” he shouted, beginning to run up towards the battle and break it up, but something made him stop...

“Y... Yui.....! You..... stay right there.......!”

And just like that, he did, astonished that of all people, Kaoru herself was denying him the opportunity to set her free. “But you’re...!”

“I told you.....” she strained while getting the words out of her, still yelping as her eyes closed in pain. “I told you that I’d handle this...! Let me!”

The Korean teenager didn’t find the words to respond to Kaoru’s request, instead watching at Kaoru’s hands, once trying to free her body from the chain locked around her neck, fell down... At first it seemed as if she finally passed out, but, much to Tomoko’s surprise, the relocated to her opponent’s shirt...

“Wha...!? You’re kidding...!” the older girl shrieked. “You can’t POSSIBLY--!”

“This is the end!”

A strong elbow rocketed into Tomoko’s face, breaking the super attack that was the State Charge, and it was strong enough to daze the pony-tailed girl. Kaoru then quickly grabbed onto the chain that was between her and the biker, and pulled her back to her, this time not having to wait until she was close before she administrated a hard forward kick to the stomach, followed by an overhead blow, then an uppercut with the following fist, the one chained. Four more kicks rained down onto Tomoko’s head before Kaoru threw her shoulder forward...


...and ended her attack with authority.


Kaoru’s super attack finished with a point-blank ki attack from both hands to the vulnerable stomach of Tomoko, and the force was enough to knock the older vixen on her back, surprisingly the first time she was downed the entire fight. However, this caused Kaoru to fall down fast with her, and this time she wasn’t able to catch herself. Tomoko wasn’t able to even catch one breath before it was forced out of her with Kaoru landing hard on top of her...

...and, instantly, all the others watching grew wide-eyed, along with the two warring females, as the found out that as the traveler fell, her lips seemingly honed in on the opposite set in front of her... and connected all in one swift motion...

“SIS!?” Sakura yelled, Darrell only letting out a hoarse “Dude...” as he half-coughed, half-laughed, Karin only able to hold a hand over her mouth in risk of what might fly out. Mitsumi was only able to laugh at her heart’s content and Yui was beyond shocked.

Just like the two that were actually linked by their lips, who were at first unable to move from the sudden twist of events. Then, in a sudden boost of will, Kaoru pulled while Tomoko pushed, the younger girl now lying just beside her current rival, the chain bounding them strapping them across their chests, which rose up and down as they tried to catch their breath.

“...t... this... this doesn’t leave between the two of us...” Kaoru muttered harshly between breathers.

“...agreed...” Tomoko sternly replied, her free hand now resting on her forehead as she began to recuperate. Hidden to anyone else there, only a good 10 feet away on the other pathway, a certain man with brown hair, pony-tailed set, and in a pink karate gi couldn’t help but let out a gush of blood from his nose once he found out what just happened as he was passing by on his way to his hotel room, only to be rewarded with the sight of the two young and surprisingly sexy girls now lying right next to each other in a coincidentally arousing way...

“This MUST be a good omen!” one Dan Hibiki shouted to no one in particular. “Did you see that, oyaji!? I’ve seen my calling! I make that out as a sign that Saikyo style will finally prevail! I’ve got a GOOD feeling about this tournament!! Yousha!!!”

...and as he began going all about the training area, doing only what other people looking on would call “being Dan”, a few meters across, at a park bench, sat old man Chin of the Psycho Soldier team, along with his students, young Bao and Kenshou, the earlier mentioned noticing that suddenly his master had grown frozen and looking at something in the near distance...

“Master...” he asked while tapping on Chin’s back. “What’s wrong? You’ve suddenly stopped talking and now you’re all sweaty and stuff...”

At first Chin didn’t reply, his eyes normally hidden under his heavy brows now wide to the max as he got a GOOD view of the two girls.

“Oh, my heart be still...” he whispered to himself, using a hand to block the sun from his view. “Not even an illusion! I must be drinking too much sake...!”

“Master?” Bao repeated, his innocent eyes unable to grasp the situation as he looked for himself. “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong, little Bao... Everything’s right in the world right now...”

“How can you say that!?” a hysterical Kenshou sniffed, sitting with his head hung low and in an emotional low. “How can anything be right when Athena’s gone!? She hates me... and... and....”

He trailed off, wiping his crying eyes with his jacket sleeve, but unfortunately, Chin tuned him out, only responding with a lame “That’s fine, Kenshou,” as he stared on, his focus right on the areas between Kaoru and Tomoko’s legs, hidden by their pants...

(Oh, sweet father... make someone let out a moan...!) his mind wished heavily... and as if his father DID reply, Tomoko answered the prayer with a tired and exhausted one, the girl unable to explain WHY she did it in the first place... Instantly, Chin felt a bloodrush to his head and he dropped it towards the concrete, smiling a toothy grin (minus quite a few teeth).

(Life is sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood....)

Back to the main attraction, the biker finally felt a little energy come back to her, and then rolled over so that she was now on top of Kaoru, her black hair falling down a bit...

“Not bad... Not bad at all... I knew you’d be fun...”

“Fun is not the word I’d use for this...” the tanned Japanese girl answered, “and I’d appreciate it a lot if you got off me...”

Tomoko let out a laugh. “Give me your hand, then. I want my chain back... that is, of course, if you want to stick around with me.”

Kaoru then opened her eyes fully and gave Tomoko a look. “No, that’s quite alright... I’d rather not spend too much time around people like you... Those bad habits of yours might taint me more than I already am.”

Despite that, she willfully gave Tomoko her right hand, the biker queen unattached the metal chain from it. She then rose to her feet, wiping the sweat out from her forehead before brushing her jacket off. Kaoru, in turn, now sat up and stared at the girl in front of her.

“So, what? You’re not going to finish this?” she asked.

“Finish...?” Tomoko then shook her head. “Kaoru, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve had my fun with you... At least, for now.”

Kaoru twisted her mouth. “Don’t get excited... If you even bother to try a stunt like this again, don’t expect it to end like this.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, really. For one, one of us is going to be out cold, and it sure won’t be me.”

“I’ll hold you by that...”

A firm shake of the head to relax later, the biker girl placed the chain back in its holder and ended, “I’ll see you soon...”

“Yeah... Hopefully later than sooner. MUCH later.”

As Tomoko walked away, unable to stop smiling at Kaoru’s attitude, Kaoru stood up and looked on as the older girl mounted onto her bike and prepared to leave...

“Are you ok, Kaoru?” a soothing voice came from her side. Kaoru quickly turned to face her boyfriend as he came close along with the rest of their group. She only nodded, forgetting about the pain around her neck.

“I don’t see why she wouldn’t be ok,” Mitsumi broke in, grinning mischievously ear to ear. “After an end like that, it must’ve blown her mind straight to the moon!”

Instantly the younger girl shot her friend a hot look. “Back off! I didn’t want to kiss her! You know that was an accident, and if I wasn’t bound by that stupid chain I wouldn’t even have to go through all that with that biker!”

The Chinese mountain girl only waved it off. “Ok, ok, sure. You go on about that.”

Ignoring Mitsumi, Kaoru turned to face her “siblings”, Darrell in particular looking down towards the ground and hiding his face behind his hand. Sakura, however, seemed to be putting up a straight face.

“Never quite seen you in a battle like that...” she commented, her voice a little low and bewildered. Kaoru kept a little quiet and kept her focus on her ‘brother’.


“Ok, ok......” he said, shaking his head, now trying to give a regular face. “I’m ok.”

The ‘little sister’ only shook her head. “I would’ve thought better of you than that...”

“I... I’m sorry!” he immediately choked. “It’s... its hormones, Kaoru. D... don’t worry. It’ll wear off...”

“Yeah, well, for your safety I’d hope so,” she half-joked. “You guys, I’m going off.”

“Where are you going?” Yui asked.

“Just to get some ‘me’ time. You guys go on and do some more training if you want. I’ll catch up with you all.”

She then turned down a path down past the bench where the Psycho Soldier team sat at, leaving her friends to watch her go. After she seemed to disappear behind a tree, Sakura let out a sigh.

“Well, there’s no use having to wait on her. Come on, guys. We still have a lot of light to burn. I’m going to practice some katas.”

“I’m coming with you,” Darrell volunteered. The rest silently agreed and together they resumed their training. However, Yui was the last to get back into the groove, his mind still not able to rid itself of Kaoru’s image as she went on and out of the area.

(Hmm... Just take it easy...)

---- ----

And even still hidden from the others in the area, a woman was watching the entire thing from start to finish in the shadows of the trees. As she watched Tomoko get on her bike and drive off, the vixen in the blue jumpsuit licked her lips and smiled to herself... knowing that another set of lips were already moist...

(Looks like I found my first point...)

She then slipped out of possible eyesight, undetected by anyone, and began her plan...

---- ----

Inside the foyer, just now checking in, stood a pretty dominant group. Anyone who was anyone knew this team...

The young brown-haired man in the black denim attire...

The somewhat thin blond with the hair that literally was standing on end...

The Judo master, looming over everyone else...

The young “student” of the first man, still wearing a blue version of a boy’s school uniform and fighting gloves...

The young girl, brown haired and casually dressed, and sporting a pair of gloves very similar to that of the first man still...

A slightly younger girl, her sister, standing with an ever-speculating glance at that one man that was getting the key from the woman behind the desk...

And finally the first girl’s best friend, the girl that could’ve been easily mistaken for a boy on first glance due to the short hairstyle.

Kyo Kusanagi. Benimaru Nikaido. Goro Daimon. Shingo Yabuki. Emi Tsuki. Keiko Tsuki. Miyuki Kumebara.

Team Esaka.

The legendary Japan team from KOF.

And they were officially in Osaka.

It didn’t take them long to get here, it was just that Benimaru thought that it would be a better choice to come the night after the day everyone was supposed to be at the grand hotel that housed all the fighters for the exhibition. He believed in the expression “come fashionably late” but now wasn’t the time to talk about that. They were here, and now it was time to unload...

“So, Master Kyo,” said Shingo, wearing a bright and colorful expression as he carried not only his but Kyo’s bags over his back (something he actually volunteered to do), “Are we going to start preparing for the exhibition today?”

“Well... I don’t know about you,” answered the heir of the Kusanagi flames, getting the card to their room located on the 10th floor, “but I’m going to spend most of today unpacking... and the rest of that enjoying my break. If you want you can go out and scout out the competition, but if anything I’ll be ready to go around tomorrow.”

“Oh, ok. No sweat!”

“Hmph. Typical of you... I swear you just as lazy as a fighter can get,” Keiko commented with a hint of disgust in her voice, her arms crossed. The comment itself made Kyo respond with a mute look, hidden to her gaze.

“How come I get the feeling that you was born with the sole purpose to hound me at every turn?”

“What was that?” Keiko immediately shot back, but before another infamous encounter between the two could start, Daimon broke it up.

“Hey, I thought we agreed that we’d stop having these little quarrels. At least until this exhibition ended.”

Keiko only sighed while Kyo began to move on towards the elevator, Shingo hot on his heels.

“Heh, you guys never really fail to brighten up a day,” Miyuki commented, her hands planted in her pant pockets and with a smirk on her face. Keiko turned her head to face Miyuki and gave her a questioning look.

“And just what are you implying by that...?”

“Oh... nothing...” came the other girl’s innocent response. With that, Keiko turned her attention back to her sister.

“Really, I’m going to pray for you, Emi. I still can’t quite understand how we wound up with associated with him...”

“Come on... You know you’re just forcing your anger towards him.”

“Hey, I just don’t like him. I’m not forcing a thing.”

(Sure you aren’t, you crazy nutcase...) Kyo silently thought as he waited for the elevator to come pick him up. “Hey, you guys coming or what?”

Emi politely nodded, getting her belongings for her trip and began to follow, her friend, Miyuki, at her side. As they joined the two other members of the Esaka team, Keiko could only shake her head as she crossed her arms.

“Beinmaru... no offence, but your friend’s a total jerk...”

The man with the golden hair standing on end only grabbed his stuff. “Yeah, well... Kyo’s never been quite the... ‘friendly’ type outside his little circle. He still needs to get used to you.”

“Haha, nice joke,” the girl responded, getting her bag in which a handle to a classic Japanese katana was poking out of the top. “Considering how long we’ve known each other, I might need to use ‘you-know-what’ against him for real one day.”

Daimon only sighed as the remaining three members joined the group, just as the elevator arrived. However, Benimaru was barely able to catch the sight of Kyo boarding it before he heard his name being called...

“Benimaru... It’s been a while.”

He and Keiko turned around... and grew a bit surprised at the fact that the flame-haired kunoichi known as Mai Shiranui was standing right behind her, all set in her red ninja uniform, her fan up to her chin and giving him a beautiful look...

“Mai...?” the bishounen of the group immediately smirked in the way only he could do. “Hey... Nice for you to drop by...”

At this Keiko sighed heavily. “And there he goes...”

“Nice for you to make it,” the woman greeted. “I was beginning to worry if you guys would make it.”

“Well, you know,” Benimaru began, leaning against the wall and entering his cool mode, “I always say make a late entrance. That way, people expect you more.”

“Ah! I see... Nice little tactic... It sure worked for me...”

Keiko immediately sighed hard. “I’m out of here. We’ll see you at the hotel room.”

“Yeah, sure.”

The teenage girl rolled her eyes and then boarded along with Kyo and the others, leaving Benimaru behind. Mai looked on behind his shoulder just in time catch the doors close, and inside she smirked.

(Now... to give Benimaru a little sample...)

“So, where’s your group at?” Benimaru asked. “I figure you’re still looking for—“

“Andy? Gosh, no... This young woman’s got far too many years ahead of her to be chasing after only one man.”


That quote made Benimaru blink. Mai? Giving up her search for the ninja Bogard?

“You’ve must be joking... I don’t believe you for a second.”

And with that, Mai’s eyes sparkled and a mischievous grin crossed her face...

“Oh...? Well then... Let me show you how much I’m joking, then...”

(Oh, yes... This’ll be exciting...)

---- ---

“Hey, Athena!”

“What’s up, Melody?”

“Hey, I guess what everyone’s saying was right. A lot of the teams for the tournament are outside prepping and showing off. You think after breakfast we should scout around?”

Athena, now wearing something a lot more casual than normal, a short t-shirt and a jean skirt, nodded as she sat at the table which housed the Diva’s morning meal. “Sounds like a good idea. Sure.”

The Jamaican woman gave a cocky smile as she sat down with the singing goddess and her Mexican counterpart, the three girls enjoying their stay at the food court located at the center of the mall. As of now, it was pretty much unpopulated with the other contestants either outside training or in their rooms or about the place. In fact, the only other fighters that either girl had seen yet was members of the Wrestling League, Zangief, Tizoc, Darun Mister, and Hugo, all in the Russian-style bar down the hall having an arm-wrestling contest, not to mention the sight of the Ryans, Mary and Kevin, as they passed by discussing times on the police force. Since the hotel was designed just for the fighters for the exhibition, and because of that, no spectators were to be on the grounds, the popular singers knew they could rest easy knowing that when they wake up there won’t be security guards outside the door trying to hold off a thousand screaming fans.

And such a fact was definitely a subject that Melody wanted to address...

“So... girls... keep it real with me...” she started while beginning to chow down. “We have about 9 days until the first matches begin. No paparazzi to worry about, no fans trying to tear us limb from limb for souvenirs... How does the space make you feel?”

Such a question made Chela blink a little. She swallowed and answered at first with a mere “Ummmmmmmmmmmmm.... not... quite sure... really.....”

Athena was no better. She simply shrugged before giving a real answer. “To think about it, now that I’m no longer on the Psycho Soldiers and that there’s no pressure until next week as far as my star status, I actually feel relaxed. In the first time in about... ever, I had some down time. I got to admit, this... is a wonderful time.”

To cap it off, Athena smiled while sitting back and taking a drink from her cup. The Mexican star took all those words to mind and nodded.

“Yeah. I think that’s it, too. I just wish that Dee Jay caught the flight with us, but he said that he was behind schedule on his newest album and he needed to catch up.”

“Yeah, Uncle Dee Jay runs into those types of problems quite a bit...” Melody said jokingly. “Parties all night and is never really ready to go in the morning. He tends to fall behind like this... but he’s a great producer, so I guess that’s why the record company lets him do that all the time.”

“And I guess that’s why you act like the way you do?”

The three girls now turned their attention to the entrance of their current eatery to see the sight of one of the Women’s team’s members, Kasumi Todo. She, just like the others enjoying their food, was downing casual wear, and it seemed as if she just came by to strike conversation...

Well, that’s what Melody thought, taking the Japanese girl’s smile as a signal.

“I guess so. I mean... I was raised up quite a bit by my uncle by the beats of the Caribbean. I think it’s only natural that, you know, I follow suit.”

Kasumi nodded, now making her way to the table and sitting across from all three girls in the empty seat to the table. It was here that the entire Diva team could see her attire; a blue buttoned decorated shirt along with (and to Athena, somewhat out of character) really short denim shorts. In fact, the shorts barely emerged down the legs. Athena initially began to at least make a comment to the choice of attire that the Todo girl was downing, but ultimately she fought it off.

“So, it’s a new day, and a new schedule,” Kasumi started, leaning forward while placing her chin onto her hands, elbows on the table. “What’s your team got on their schedule, Athena?”

“We were just talking about that... Melody suggested that we head out to check out the competition, so I guess we’ll be spending the morning doing that. Then, maybe we’ll do a little bit of loosening up for about an hour, and finally we’ll enjoy the humongous break in our schedule until nighttime.”

Chela nodded as she ate and Melody did the same, giving Kasumi her full focus. Hey, it wasn’t like she had much of a choice; she left her headphones at the hotel room. After a moment or two of silence among the four girls, Kasumi sat back up, her back pressing against the seat, and then brought one of her legs up to cross against the other. Melody, not thinking much prior to this, took a close look at this move...


Due to the shorts, Melody could make out Kasumi’s toned thighs as she, perhaps even a little deliberately, took her time putting her leg over her other knee, and as the leg reached its peak, Melody blinked.

“Umm...” she began, but Kasumi cut her off.

“Not a bad idea. With all those teams, it’s nice to scout them out. Getting their tactics down and all... Yep... A wise move indeed.”

Then, hidden even to Melody’s observing eyes, Kasumi’s eye gave a tinkle and she smiled to herself, her focus now trading with the Jamaican fighter across from her...

“Don’t you think so, Melody...?” she asked, her tone becoming a bit more intentive. The girl in the colorful clothes hesitated a bit and sat up rigid, cupping a hand over her mouth.

“I... er... um... yeah... I... I guess...”

(No Todo charm, eh? They underestimate me...)

Melody tried to calm herself down by taking her attention off Kasumi and took the last bit of her breakfast and began to bring it down, but as she looked up again she nearly choked.

“Hmm... A bit warm today, isn’t it? Doesn’t this place have air conditioning or something like that?”

Kasumi looked up towards the ceiling while bringing a hand up to the top of the shirt, and after a second, the button that rested above the rest came loose. By this time, Chela was done with her food, and she, along with Melody, brought her attention to the Todo as she began to unbutton her shirt down to the second button, and her eyes somewhat widened a bit.

“Um, Kasumi...” she started, “What are you doing...?”

“Just trying to cool down. Really, it is baking in here!”

By now she was working on the third, and as Athena swallowed and looked up, she completed the hat trick of girls that were simply staring at Kasumi, as now she was showing off far too much of herself, white bra clearly in view...

And to make things “worse” Kasumi merely brought her free hand up to her face and waved it a bit to create some moving wind.

“K... Kasumi...! Please...!” the very dark violet-haired singer/fighter hushed. “This is a public area...!”

“Calm down, Athena,” the representative of the Woman’s team responded uncaringly. “In case you haven’t noticed, the only guys on this level are all the way down the hall, and everyone else is outside. The vendors all went on break. I think that creates room for me to do this, don’t you think?”

At this time, all three members of the Music Divas didn’t, or rather, couldn’t reply to Kasumi, for their focus only seemed to rest on the area between the Todo girl’s neck and stomach as she still continued to work her way down, unbuttoning the shirt, until finally all 7 buttons were undone and the shirt collapsed outwards to show off the upper half of Kasumi’s body like show curtains...

...and, as a result, Kasumi couldn’t help but let out a small laugh...

“Girls... You’re blushing....”

The team opposite of Kasumi all let out simultaneous gasps as they sat back and tried to reclaim themselves, but Kasumi was set...

(You’re already stepped into the pool... Might as well come all the way into the deep water...)

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed,” she continued out loud. “Hey, go on and try it yourselves.”

On cue, each one of the girls denied it sharply, but hidden to them, they couldn’t pick up what was happening to them. A part of Athena wanted to scold Kasumi for being so loose, a part of Chela wanted to simply pretend that this wasn’t happening, and a part of Melody just wanted to get away before things got weirder.

However, they forgot the “strange display” from the previous night.... and how slowly, Kasumi was dragging them in, as if she was influencing them through some sort of hidden mind control...

“...A... Athena....?”

...and such control began to head into place, for, as Dee Jay’s prodigies looked on in surprise, the girl in-between them began to bring her hands up to the top of her own shirt and slowly but surly began to loosen them one by one...

“Athena...?? Just what in the heck do you think you’re...?”

“I... I guess Kasumi’s right, Chela...” the older and more experienced fighter immediately intercepted, her voice a bit confused as to why she was doing it herself. “It is a bit... warm...”

(Haha... and I know why, too...) Kasumi grinned.

After a bit of hesitation, Melody gave a shy nod and brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt...

“Yeah... It is...”

And in a swift motion, unlike the previous two, Melody threw the green and orange shirt off her body, revealing a surprisingly athletic and toned body along with a colorful bra matching that of her shirt that suddenly found its way behind her and to the next table beyond. Chela at first merely gazed on as the other two girls removed their shirts completely, and simply gave a twist of the mouth.

“Well, if you all are doing it...”

The Mexican girl began to follow the breeze and do the same, but Athena cut her off.

“Wait, let me help.”

The singing goddess closed her eyes and to a little of Chela’s surprise, she could feel hands with no type of physical form at all begin to latch onto her shirt and tug upwards, and she lifted her arms to allow it to come clean off and meet the small pile of clothes in the chair behind them.

“T... thanks...” Chela said while cracking a slight smile towards her psychic teammate. Athena merely brought a hand behind her head and rubbed, giving a cute smile herself.

“Don’t mention it...”

“Feels better, doesn’t it?” Kasumi asked. As the three refocused on her, they found out that the shirt that she originally wore was now off the chair and onto the floor rather recklessly...

“Ummmmm...” Melody began, her eyes once again becoming glued to the Japanese girl’s frame. “I... I’ll pick that up...”

“Thanks. I’d appreciate that.”

The Jamaican cautiously rose out of her seat, her eyes still on Kasumi’s smooth bare flesh as she did so, and then she willed herself (an action she wasn’t aware of at all) to turn around and get the article of clothing Kasumi mysteriously dropped. She came to it, looked to the side to make sure that no one was in the mall walking around, and once she grew aware that the coast is clear, bent down to claim it...

“You know, Melody...”

“AH!” the brown-skinned girl gasped suddenly, noticing that a sudden pressure seized her rear end, and as she looked over her shoulder, found Kasumi reaching over to grasp and feel on her ass, wearing a devilish smirk while doing so. Instantly Melody froze, unable to react at all to this moment, instead listening to Kasumi as she spoke...

“In all my ages, I must admit... that rear end of yours is possibly the best I’ve seen out of any individual...” she said, a very noticeable “purr” emerging from her vocals. Upon hearing that, Melody’s blush returned only 3 times deeper than it was before. She began to react once again, not even sure what her body would’ve did, but once again the Todo cut her off.

“Your eyes too... So watchful... Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at me a while ago... Looks like you had an eye out for me, huh?”

When Melody let out more stammers, Kasumi giggled and continued.

“It seems to me that you were doing your own type of scouting here... Liked what you saw?”

As once again Melody sprouted a hotter shade of red, she licked her lips, trying her best to at least speak. She was successful...

“Y... yeah....”

“And I’ve made my own observation as well... and I came to a conclusion... I think we need to... examine each other more closely...”

As the two talked, Athena and Chela were practically dumbstruck. Sure, the words were computing and it made sense, but any defensive action towards them never came out. They just looked on in amazement as Melody left the blue shirt on the floor and turned around, seeing the lustful gaze within Kasumi’s pupils.

“I... I guess studying that close would... be nice...” she manage to speak, her voice a little uneven but beginning to recover from her shot emotions. However, that didn’t speak for the rest of her body, for her heart was literally drumming like drums in the most intense Caribbean songs, and she began to make her way towards the Todo girl, growing more dazzled by her wits by the second...

And never once did any of the Music Divas wonder how Kasumi did this. How she held this “demonic” will that led them to this moment. Only Kasumi knew, and she was definitely planning on cashing in on her efforts. She adjusted herself, letting Melody sit inside her thigh, and the moment she sat, Kasumi’s left hand planted itself onto the side of Melody’s butt...

“Let’s see how well I can ‘study’ you...”

With that, Kasumi brought a hand behind Melody’s head, brought her close gently, and let their lips press onto one another. Although she’d been kissed before, Melody suddenly felt a special spark flash through her the instant she began the kiss. A sudden shot of hot breath escaped her mouth, and her stomach began to well up with a sudden emotion that didn’t hold a name at the moment. Even if it did, it was irrelevant, because it began to grow once Kasumi upped the ante by letting her tongue come and play with hers in her home.

And in a domino effect, Melody let out a desperate moan as she suddenly began accepting the kiss and demanding more, turning around more and beginning to force Kasumi down onto the long seat, and once her back was firmly placed on it, Melody’s left hand cupped the back of her head so she could share eye contact, Kasumi able to see the sudden passion that was building within Melody’s body...

Now out of sight of the remaining two, Chela began to bite her lower lip. She felt her own body begin to grow excited out of the blue just by watching the beginning moments of the kiss, and as the air began to fill with the sound of lustful groans, the Mexican singer began to find her own hand begin to creep inward between her legs...

(Oh... Oh, man... What am I... doing...?)

Little to herself, that was the exact same thing that Athena was asking herself, for, as she noticed that her hands stayed in their original positions, she could just FEEL the area under her skirt and under her panties began to grow active and it began to demand more provocation that this...

Then, almost at the call of duty, both their minds came with one solution........

Chela’s pointer finger began to sneak up to the space between her legs while Athena began to use her psychic powers to imagine an object... ANYTHING, just stealthily approaching the area her dampening panties were holding hidden underneath...

...and at the same time, they rubbed...

And, just like Melody, Athena and Chela were gone, and as Kasumi could pick up the beginning signs of their breathless pants, she could only give a laugh inside her mind as she accepted Melody’s advances.

(Looks like I score three on my first go... Let’s... see the others... top that--oh, Melody....!)

Kasumi’s train of thought was unexpectedly cut off as Melody almost effortlessly stripped her of her bra, and greedily began to nibble on her sensitive breasts, the Jamaican girl’s mind only able to compute the need to just dive into the girl she was haggling for the past 10 minutes. It was a lust that just exploded out of her, and now that she was granted it, she was going to exploit it all. Melody slightly pushed herself back a bit just so that she could get more comfortable as she hovered on top of Kasumi, giving the young Todo as much pleasure as she could muster up, and by more means, fondling the free breast with her hand as she twisted and pulled and teased the hardened little nub.

And as Kasumi hushed Melody’s name huskily, her head pressing hard against the material of the seating device, the other two girls were busy letting their own fantasies run wild. The only things driving Athena and Chela were Kasumi’s moans and their own needs, rubbing against their sexes with increasing force... Chela’s hair jolted as her head snapped back against the chair and her eyes closed shut, her free hand now fast in removing her bra so that she could tease herself even more, and Athena was long since gone, surrendering herself to her own Psycho Power as she felt her mind go absolutely mad with lust. All she could imagine was that she was surrounded by a lot of people, her loving and adoring fans, and that each and every one of them was doing something to her body to make her go absolutely bonkers. A kiss on the lips? A young man was there doing that. On the collar? Another boy. Her breasts? Taken care of by two girls, twins at that... Her navel? A nice, brown-haired fanboy was joyously taking the pleasure of leaving kisses all over there... Even her feet were being kissed erotically by a never-ending list of people, all of them changing and rotating their jobs, but the most precious areas, her pussy and even her ass, were being attended to by two people she knew very well...

“AH!!! KYO!! KENSHOU!! Deeper! Faster!!”

Athena’s eyes never seen anything so... wonderful in her life. Among the millions of fans she all-so-loved was that dreamy Kusanagi heir, nothing on his body but his old headband as he was busy letting his manhood please Athena’s body through her front entrance... and even though she knew Kenshou was a baka, now it didn’t matter, for he was making it up by making Athena scream from the back, and at this moment, the goddess didn’t know which way was up or down...

...and because of her assistance, she could feel her body begin to practically explode in an earth-shattering shower of an orgasm any minute. No, any second...

And neither of the girls knew it, but Athena’s loss of control over herself triggered a side effect in ALL of them, and suddenly, they all lost touch with reality... Suddenly, the mall didn’t exist. The four of them were just in a massive area with a million people crowding them, Athena already taking it all in as she let her fans, Kyo, and Kenshou make her shed pure tears of joy, while Chela’s mind found itself being clouded with the vision of being that the mercy of some of the world’s finest men, either letting them tend to her precious mounds a.k.a. her breasts, or letting their enlarged members go anywhere she seemed fit, and that was practically everywhere. She didn’t even mind giving the one above her head the pleasure of entering her mouth, where she gladly let her mouth suck on it and lap all around the length of it...

To Melody, there was only one, and it was Sean. Although she could clearly see herself kissing Kasumi, it was the Brazilian fighter that she adored so much letting his presence known, driving himself into her ass back and forth, as hard as she wanted it, and she couldn’t stop screaming at the top of her lungs from the pleasure...

And Kasumi, the last of them all, found herself back to where she was last night... and the life of the party was her. She was treated to the feel of Chun-Li’s kisses once again claiming her lips, May Lee and Xiangfie lapping at her bare, shining wet pussy, Mai and King all over her breasts, doing everything they could think of to them...

“Oh, yes!” the Todo shrieked, feeling her body begin to wear out, “All of you! Keep going! Oh, PLEASE keep going!! Ahhhhh!!! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!!!”

“OHMIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!” came Chela’s yell of bliss.

“SEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNN!!! TAKE ME!!!!” Melody followed afterwards, her body tensing up and sensing her almost most violent climax ever.

“KYOOOO!!! KENSHOU!!!!!!!!” Athena topped it off, her eyes as tight as humanly possible...

And then... all four of them reached the brink.

What followed was a strong set of screams of ecstasy as the four girls came, stronger than any normal night alone could’ve produced two-fold. In a barrage of streams, the group grew very unaware that they still had some sort of bottom wear on their bodies, and because of that, the articles of clothing became tainted with their girl cum from the inside out...

...then, after a good while, all four of them slumped, exhausted from Athena’s enhancer, and then, nothing spread among them besides deep, desperate cries of recuperation as they slowly brought themselves back to earth....

...and once she was sure she had enough, Chela forced herself to sit up, leaning onto the table in front of her...

“What... what just... came over us...?” she asked breathlessly. The others merely joined her on the table, giving each other weak glances.

“I... I wish I knew...” Melody sighed. “But... but it was.... the best feeling I’ve ever.... had in my life...”

Athena merely moaned again to accept, and Kasumi just closed her eyes, trying to get herself back together.

---- ----

“Uh.... Yama...?”

“What is it, Reji?”

“Boss... check that out...”

A slick young man being surrounded by a few much more built men took off his shades and looked to the side, and even he couldn’t believe it. The leader of the infamous Mizuryu gang of Tokyo, who entered the tournament merely to dominate it, found out that just by walking in today that things weren’t as they seemed. It was only supposed to be a trip to try to get something quick to eat for his select group of fighters from his gang, but here he just stopped and found out that four of the young girls that are to participate in the tournament, two of them also known as great singers and a third a niece of a wealthy producer, were in an empty shop either masturbating or on top of one another, pleasing each other...

“So... what do we do...?” Reji asked. “Should we get a piece of the action?”

Yama in response merely held a hand up. “Don’t be ridiculous. Not even we stoop that low... Those four must have lost their minds...”

“So... we... don’t.....?”

Yama remained silent, putting on his shades once again as he gave the scene a dismissing thought, the turned away.


“Yes, boss?”

“I want you to call the rest of the gang in Tokyo. Tell them to get up here... pronto. Once they’re up here... then we’ll... start... ‘collecting’...”

With that order Reji smiled greedily. “Yeah, I gotcha...”

“Mizuryu!” Yama then pointed forward. “We’re movin’ out... We’ve got a change of plans. In addition to winning this tournament, we’re going to be collecting quite a few bitches along the way... so keep your eyes out for any more activity. Oh, and we’ll come back to those four later...”

And as they walked on, the small group of Mizuryu let out an excited yell as they moved on with rejuvenated senses.

---- ----

Around this time, and a good, long ways away, Kaoru was busy sitting on the ground underneath a tree, her body poised in an “Indian” style form, and her eyes closed, a faint aura surrounding her body. This time there was no telepathic conversations involved, contrary to what she told both Mitsumi and Yui. It was just that after the fight with the biker queen, Tomoko, she needed to calm herself down, and she did that the only was she knew how: meditating.

As she stayed dormant, her ears picking up the sounds of a passerby or two crossing the path in front of her, inside her mind was busy just X’ing out all her problems and thoughts for the time being. All that she could sense was darkness....

....until her senses picked up a familiar aura closing in rather fast in front of her. Letting out a curious growl, Kaoru opened her eyes to find out the sound of an engine was growing steadily in the air and a familiar girl was on top of the bike the engine was housed in...

“Not again...” she moaned, frustrated, not bothering to move any part of her body other than her eyelids. The last battle was pretty rough to say the least for both of them. What could she possibly want NOW? Technically, it only took 12 seconds for Tomoko to get in front of her and cut the engine off, now looking square at the girl she just fought with...

“Look... I gave you your fight...” Kaoru started. “I’m not fighting you again, so please... for both our sakes, why don’t you just say what you gotta say and head on about your business? As you can see, I’m busy.”

Tomoko, in turn, merely mounted off her precious bike and proceeded to step wordlessly towards the younger girl. With each step, Kaoru began to get strange vibes from the biker, totally different from those that were displayed a good while ago. Tomoko carried on in a very girlish manner, whereas before she was definitely tougher than this. Her appearance was also... changed. Her leather pants were being worn a bit lower than she remembered, and the belt the secured it was even unbuckled, exposing a little bit of Tomoko’s panties... The moment Kaoru laid eyes on that, her focus instantly shot up to the biker’s upperbody, where the jacket was pretty much left intact...

...yet, the white bra from earlier was conspicuously absent from her body...

...and here, Kaoru was fully on defensive mode.

(Just what the heck does she think she’s doing??)

“I knew that you’d be somewhere around here...” Tomoko opened up, and Kaoru instantly took notice to the fact that Tomoko’s voice was different in tone than before. MUCH different... as if she was somewhat glad that Kaoru was sitting there in the manner in which she was. Also, her eyes carried a very soft look, one that was absent completely from her face in their last altercation.

(I can’t believe that this is the same girl I fought before...)

Kaoru then cleared her throat, trying her best to keep her eyes on Tomoko’s face, and responded with, “Ok, I know I don’t actually care much but... have you looked at yourself recently? You look a mess... and with your jacket undone...”

Kaoru didn’t finish, for Tomoko now put a hand over her mouth and looked a bit above Kaoru as she spoke. “Yeah, I know... It’s a bit warm out so I decided to loosen up...”

“THIS is ‘loosening up’?”

Tomoko’s eyes then reverted back to Kaoru’s. “You act like you never seen anyone like this before...”

“I haven’t!” Kaoru mused, her cheeks suddenly running hot at the thought.

“Not even yourself...?” the biker asked, her mouth now giving a slick smirk as Kaoru now paused, thought about what she said... and let the blush grow even more.

“S... shut up!” was all Kaoru could answer with, now turning her head away from Tomoko and try not to look at her. Despite that, she still gave a quick glance out of the corner of her eye before looking away once again...

A look that Tomoko caught cleanly. With that, the biker closed the ground between them even more, and once she was so close that her boots were practically a millimeter away from Kaoru’s sneakers, she squatted a bit so that she could examine the darker girl in front of her.

Kaoru, on the other hand, was beginning to grow irritated just by Tomoko’s presence right next to her. She knew where she was now, and the bad part was that she didn’t know WHAT she was going to do...

“Why are you here....?” she asked in a low, even threatening tone. Tomoko’s smirk never left her face.

“It’s a free country... I think I can do what I want...”

“Oh, get over yourself...” Kaoru muttered, rolling her eyes... only to once again lay eyes on Tomoko... and gasped hard, noticing that the gaze was planted on the space hidden underneath the leather jacket. In an instant Kaoru leaned back hard against the tree, finding out that as Tomoko lowered herself, the jacket loomed out to clearly expose her breasts for her to gawk at...

“H... Hey! What the hell’s the matter with you!?” the younger shot out loudly. “Just what do you think are DOING?? If you don’t watch it I swear you’re gang’s going to have to decide who’s going to be the new leader!”

“Girl, you are SO uptight...” Tomoko said silkly, calmly placing a hand under her chin as she looked at Kaoru. “Really, you think a girl your age would be making better days other than just sitting around and being the dark horse.”

“For YOUR information,” Kaoru flared, “I spend all that alone time calming my senses! The power that flows through me is unstable, and if I don’t get it under control, who knows who’s going to get hurt? I don’t have time to be running along with a band of grimy people like you.”

“Tch. If only you know what really goes on in a biker gang... You think all we do is cause a disturbance. Sure, we get wild, but we’re not destructive. We just ride wherever the world seems to take us, and we live life a day at a time. All that other ‘biker’ stuff you see on TV is so stereotypical it makes me sick. Hell, you ain’t the first to tell me that, that’s for sure.”

“So why do it in the first place? Don’t you have anything better to do?”

“Maybe... but then again, I’ve always wanted to live my life like this. It was fascinating when I was younger, and it sure did beat the heck out of having to listen to all those adults I had to put up with at home and school 24/7. I tell you, it’s pretty cool to be able to do what you want and not have to listen to anyone but yourself and your instincts...”

Tomoko then paused, getting a good look at Kaoru as she lowered her gaze at the ground...

“And, by the way you’re looking right now, that’s more than I can say for you. What? Your parents on your chops like that, too?”

Kaoru remained quiet at the remark.


Still quiet, only this time, Kaoru’s eyes closed heavily and her body twitched. Tomoko twisted her mouth, and tried a final time.

“Cat got your smart tongue? Speak up already...”

And with that, the younger girl finally snapped.

“I KILLED MY PARENTS, OK!?” she yelled, her eyes literally burning a hole into Tomoko’s frame. “I was the one who murdered my mother and father, all because of this stupid power! I spent practically my whole life on the streets struggling to find a place to stay alive at, while at the same time being haunted by this damn curse! I had no family and the orphanages were hell! Even then I went on a murderous spree that was all for what? NOTHING! You think its fun being all alone like that and living life the way you want!? Guess what? I never HAD any childhood dreams like that, because I was too busy trying to figure out how I was going to survive without all the things you were so lucky to have. And here you stand and tell me how great it is getting AWAY from that!? Go fuck yourself!! I’d KILL to have that life...!”

And once the rant was all over, Kaoru was in tears, shaking uncontrollably as so many dark emotions began to fill her being, and, as Tomoko just looked on in semi-shock, her eyes were beginning to water up...

“You just... don’t.... understand...”

Then, an idea popped into Kaoru’s mind, as she made an attempt to suck it all up, and give the speechless Tomoko a look...

“However... I guess now wouldn’t be a bad time... to MAKE YOU understand that myself!”

Then, before the biker leader could react, Kaoru sprung forward in a fury, tackling Tomoko in utter rage, and then pinned her down to the grass, her hands firmly on her shoulders... and make Tomoko stare right into the hatred that was burning in Kaoru’s black eyes...

“Let’s see how fun you think it is NOW!”

“Girl, you’ve completely LOST it!” Tomoko yelled out, struggling herself to move underneath Kaoru’s grip, who was now trying to choke the life out of her. After a bit of a fight, the older girl managed to get her right arm out and then wrapped it around Kaoru’s neck, and with that she reversed the situation, trying to restrain the younger girl underneath her.

“Let me GO!” Kaoru ordered.

“Not until you get back to your senses, you nutcase!”

Kaoru responded with an angry growl, throwing her entire weight up so that she could counter the hold herself. The two kept going back and forth at this pace. Back and forth... back and forth... back and forth...

...until, for one final time, Tomoko pinned Kaoru down to the grass.

It was a good minute and a half worth of a tussle, and by this time the two had worked their way behind the tree and out of the view of pedestrians. The two, still a bit spent from their last battle, were now almost totally exhausted. In fact, as Kaoru lay ‘calmly’ in defeat under Tomoko’s mass, the latter could barely keep herself upright in fear that her body would just give out. The two exchange heavy gasps and pants as they managed to collect themselves once again, and, in a sigh, Tomoko spoke.

“You back to normal...?”

Kaoru gave a questioning look before answering. “I... I guess...”

Suddenly, the older girl whipped her head up a little, letting her hair flow backwards. “Heh... you really are something else... going off like that... I almost thought you’d be more than I can handle at first...”

This made the younger close her eyes and mutter, “I just lost myself... Sorry about that... I normally don’t blow up like that anymore...”

“Well... I guess I understand why... I did sorta push you over the edge... No one ever acted like that around me before...”

A few more pants between them...

And Kaoru began to generate the sentence “So do you think you can get off me now?” However... for some reason, she couldn’t say it. The situation she caused seemed to leave her in a peculiar position... She was right under Tomoko’s body, helpless and unable to move... and the realization of that seemed to have an odd effect on her...

(Wha... what the....?)

Kaoru suddenly began to feel fluttery inside, and, surprisingly, Tomoko was faring no better. As she and the younger girl exchanged eye contact, their hearts suddenly began to increase in tempo, and, almost simultaneously, the two shared a light blush. Words were meaning to come out of their mouths, but ultimately they were lost on their way out. All they could do was stare at each other, wondering just why their bodies were reacting this way.

Inside, Tomoko seemed to know where this was going. Heck, she did just come off an unexpected episode with that... ‘officer’ not too long ago. But again, that time she wasn’t able to really... feel that way towards her. Sure, the party was fun... but here... it was something similar yet different...

(This girl... Could it be that... I’m... really... actually growing....?)

On the flip side, Kaoru knew this feeling already, and it began to scare her. She only felt this way when she was around Yui... in that special way... and now that she was feeling that now with Tomoko, she couldn’t understand it at all...

(What... what am I thinking...? I... I love Yui... That’s no question about it... I shouldn’t be attracted to Tomoko... She... she’s a gi...)

And then, Kaoru knew. The conversation and events from last night finally began to register in her mind... Most specifically, Kaoru remembered Mitsumi’s words... about the explanation Rose gave them...

(Am... am I... turning...?)

For a very, very long while, the only thing audible was the sound of the girl’s pants, only this time, the pants were turning from that of exhaustion to that of something different...

And before they knew it...

“K... Kaoru...?”


“Um... I gotta say... I haven’t really been... quite in a position like this... Sure, I was planning on messing with you... but... but I wasn’t expecting things to lead to this...”


“I don’t know why... but I feel as if... we share something quite in common... What that is exactly, I’m not quite... sure... yet... all that fighting that we did recently... and being this close to you... I’m guessing there’s more to all of this than me just looking for fun... At least now...”

“So you’re saying that you...”

“Yeah... I think I might be... falling for you...”

“...that must explain why I’m feeling so warm right now... The only other time that I feel this way is when I’m with my boyfriend... only it’s a girl this time... Frankly, I don’t open up much... except for people I’m close to ... but in this case, I guess... I’ll make an exception...”

Tomoko sprouted a smirk. “I guess that means that you’re agreeing with all this...?”

“I guess so... Yes...”

“That’s fine by me in my book...”

Tomoko then let her body drop down onto Kaoru’s, letting out a coo as her bare breasts landed onto her body. She then went on to place her hand by Kaoru’s face... and lowered herself more, letting herself brush her lips across Kaoru’s in a somewhat teasing manner before sealing the deal...

The girl on the bottom let out a slight gasp as soon as Tomoko’s lips met hers. On contact, she knew that something was different about this type of kiss... Sure, the ones that Yui gave her were romantic and sweet, and she truly treasured each and every one of them, but Tomoko’s seemed so magical... It instantly set all her senses on a new high, and before she knew it, she felt the last of her defenses, if any still existed, collapse.

A small moan of bliss escaping her vocals, the tanned traveler let her hands come up above her head, surrendering herself to the biker queen, who in turn, couldn’t help but feel quite at ease with what she was doing. It all felt so natural... even when her right hand cupped Kaoru’s flushed cheek as her left began to feel all along the younger girl’s side.

(Mmmm... Her skin... Its like she’s burning... but damn, she’s so soft, too...)

Tomoko’s eyes seemed to sparkle as she continued her play with Kaoru, and the latter, whose eyes were passionately closed, yet not totally, the two girls letting off a hue of love that must have been hidden deep within their fiber for a long, long time. Every move just seemed to be just right as it was performed... As time went by, the kiss grew more demanding and the girls upgraded from a liplock to tasting the other’s tongues with her own, Kaoru’s eyes closing fully this time and uttering yet another sigh.

Her body began to swell with her building emotions, and she began to squirm, not out of protest, but in the need to get more... Her arms wrapped around Tomoko’s neck as she let the leg that was resting between Tomoko’s come up, using the leverage to bump her hip once into her new lover, not noticing that her now raised knee lightly brushed against the long-hair’s clothed sex...

“O... ooh....” came a sudden gasp from Tomoko, her eyes springing open just a little as a sudden jolt ran through her body once Kaoru did her action, and it was enough for her to break the kiss, one that seemed to last forever, yet she still remained close to the girl who was looking up at her with worried eyes.


“Y... your leg... brushed up against... my...” she trailed off, her face unconsciously blushing and not even aware that she was out of breath so quickly. At first thinking that she would actually finish her quote, Kaoru got the picture first.

“Oh... I didn’t mean to...”

“Its fine...” the biker immediately reassured. “I... it felt... great...”

“So can I keep it there...?”

“Of course... In fact... I think you should try that out...”

Tomoko let herself ease up as much as she could and relaxed against Kaoru once again, a “mmmmmm....” coming out as soon as she repositioned her lower area against Kaoru’s leg. At the same token, she brought her right knee up so that both girls found their crotches being occupied by the other’s knee...

“Feels good...?”

“Hai...” came a breathless reply from the younger.

“Mmm... I can just tell by this... You’re so fucking hot lying on your back like that... So wet too...”

“I... guess that’s another thing we share in common...”

A playful smile sprouted along the older’s face as she focused on the area of Kaoru’s upper chest that her tee-shirt was hiding, and brought her tongue to give the hot skin a lap. Instantly her lover shuddered... Another brought out a groan as Tomoko worked on the meeting from her collarbone and the cloth... and a third made them both give a loving moan, Tomoko’s licking sending tiny shockwaves down their bodies, centering on their womanhoods, which were now very much active, and the pressure from the other’s leg was not making things any less intense... In a matter of seconds, Kaoru’s mind went astray, and she rested her head against the grass, her mouth panting “More, Tomoko...” in a harsh hush as the older aimed her efforts up Kaoru’s neck and finally back to square one.

A short while of passionate kissing later, the biker once again broke their lip embrace, but in favor of something else...

“Let’s make this interesting, then... Just sit back...”

Kaoru forced her mind to at least give Tomoko half-focus as she watched the biker reluctantly raise off her body, but instead turn around a full 180 degrees, the young traveler finding herself pinned in-between her legs. Tomoko then crawled a few inches backwards, so that her open jacket could house Kaoru’s face and give her black eyes a perfect view of her somewhat busty breasts just centimeters away from her face, all the while the biker queen grabbing hold of the bottom of the young girl’s shirt, and rolling it up past her own twin set...

“Kaoru... The bra... It has to go...”

“O.... ok...”

Luckily it didn’t take Tomoko’s expert hands no longer than 10 seconds to find the buckle in the back, snap it off, and discard it from Kaoru’s precious body. She then tucked her head down a little...

“Kaoru... You see my breasts...?”

“Hai... They’re wonderful...”

“Lick them.”

A “Nn?” noise came out of Kaoru, but it was quickly overridden by her next action... Moving up a little slowly, Kaoru let her tongue peep out and touch the hard nub of one of Tomoko’s breasts, triggering a sudden exhale in response through Tomoko’s mouth.

“Yes, that’s it... Don’t be shy of them...”

“Who said I was shy...?”

Going braver, the girl on the bottom now gave the nipple a harder, slower lick... and another... and another... and despite the pleasure that emerged from each one, the biker willed herself to give Kaoru’s aroused body the same amount of attention. Bringing a hand to fondle and caress one breast, her tongue occupied the other, and it wasn’t long before the two girls, once known for their dark and wild personalities, were reduced to being nothing more but pleasure-racked teenage girls. Sure, at random times Tomoko shot Kaoru some dirty talk, but both knew that deep down the biker really didn’t mean any of it. It all served to make the vibes that empowered their bodies increase in force and appreciation for what they were doing to one another.

After a good 5 minutes of working each other’s breasts, Kaoru stopped once she found out that Tomoko also ceased, her body now moving forward just a bit...

“Oh, Kaoru......”


...grabbed hold of the hem of Kaoru’s sweats...

“I’m so wet...... You’re driving me wild...!”

...and pulled them down...

“Please.... My pants...! Take them off!”

At this time, the girl’s heads were right in-between the other’s legs, and Tomoko was totally lost in the moment, her eyes as lustful as ever as she gazed upon the soaked cotton that was Kaoru’s panties. The same could be said for Kaoru, who grew mystified at the sight of the dampness of Tomoko’s, who, during their session, worked her leather pants down more than it was before so she could occasionally run her finger against her own wetness. This time, however...

“I need my pussy licked...!” the biker cried out, looking back at the girl below her desperately. “I need it SO badly...”

Kaoru’s vocal chords and vocabulary was completely shot. She couldn’t speak any words at the moment, be it English or Japanese. The only thing she did to respond was tug Tomoko’s pants down to her knees, and, just to tease her lover, licked sensuously along the dampness of Tomoko’s panties...

“Oooooooooooohhhhh...!” came a loud cry from the older girl, her head dropping as far as it can go, unable to bare the response her lower body gave to Kaoru’s tongue. For a second she thought she was actually go over the edge, just off that one lick! And it only got worse... or rather, better. The younger girl licked lovingly once again, this time tracing the entrance of Tomoko’s lower lips deliberately and torturously slow. The longer she did it, the more desperate Tomoko’s moans and cries grew.

“S... stop... teasing me...!” she yelled in a shout. “I need you to LICK me, Kaoru!”

“Oh... Did I hear right...? Are you pleading, Tomoko?” the traveler taunted with a devilish smile to herself. “Big, tough Tomoko, gang leader? Begging little ol’ Kaoru to give her pleasure? I’m surprised... I thought you were the type to... be more reserved...”

Another longing moan flew out of Tomoko’s throat. “I... I can’t....!”

“Tomoko Nakamura... You’re so horny right now... Your cunt... It’s practically dripping right now, crying for me... You’re such a dirty girl, Tomoko. Aren’t you?”

Before Kaoru could even realize what she just said, the girl lying on top of her moaned out again.

“Hai! I’m such a dirty, naught girl! Such a horny bitch!”

And at the same token, not even Tomoko, who every knew had a bit of a foul mouth, was surprised that she was saying what she was saying. However, in the back of her mind, she really didn’t care. All she wanted was something... ANYTHING to stimulate her pussy, even if she had to sell her dignity to do it...


Kaoru’s eyes then widened in surprise, and suddenly her heart jumped. Something hot suddenly blew across her exposed panties... and it found out to be Tomoko’s hot pants for air... The reaction broke Kaoru’s momentum... and it made the biker girl smirked.

“...but you forget... This makes two of us...” Tomoko added on, her tongue adding the period by dabbing at Kaoru’s love hole, triggering a steep increase in the younger’s breathing.

“W... wait...!” Kaoru immediately found herself gasp. “D... don’t....!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Tomoko asked. “You’re just as turned on as I am, and there’s absolutely no denying it. If you’re doing to tease me, then it’s only fair that I return the favor...”

Once again, Kaoru let out a moan as Tomoko’s tongue teased her sex, the licker loving the taste of the juices that were seeping out of the now gray cotton material...

“Do you see...? No use denying it... You’re just as horny a slut as I am...” more taunting ensured, Tomoko’s voice very pleased at the fact. “Although I must admit... all this dirty talk is making me hungry...”

Kaoru didn’t need to think to know what she was talking about... and frankly, once the word “hungry” crossed her eardrums, something that no one was foreseeing happened...

Kaoru and Tomoko lost it.

“Foul mouth or not, I just don’t care anymore! Eat me for all I’m worth, and don’t for a second hold back!”

“And that goes double for you!”

Once the dialogue ended, both girls utterly went crazy in their lust towards one another. Dignity and moral were cast aside in favor of just one thing; sex. In an instant, the two pulled down the other’s panties and hungrily feasted upon the other’s wet snatch, which were waiting for eons for attention. The air was quickly filled with moans, cries, yelps, and howls of uncontained pleasure, and it was a miracle that no one was nearby to hear it. Frankly, even if someone DID, at the moment, Kaoru and Tomoko would not have cared. Waves upon waves crashed down on their weakened bodies, and both knew any minute they were going to explode...

“K... Kaoru!! I... IKKUUU!! A... a... are... MAAAAA!! AAAH!! ATASHI......!!” (“I... I’M COMING!! Oh... Oh... my.... GOD!! AAAH! I.......!!”)

“To... Tomoko!! Matamo...! Matamo...! Y.... YAAAH!! IKU!!” (Again...! Again...! Y... YAAAH! I’M COMING!!”)

...all the more reason to keep going...

...and it only took two more licks of their sensitive clits before they went over the limit and busted wide open. A gorgeous double orgasm claimed both girls, most of their love juices going into their lover’s mouth and down their cheeks. The two came practically in tears, but, of course, not of the bad type... Both their bodies bucked as they rode out their peak... and once it was all over...

“Otsukaresama... Tomoko-chan...” (“Thanks... Tomoko...”)

“Dou... itashimashite...” (“Don’t... mention it...”)

...Tomoko and Kaoru’s eyes closed... and the older’s body didn’t even have the chance to collapse on top of the younger’s all the way before both of them passed out...

...and then... quiet... as the two enjoyed the peace between them...

---- ----

“So that is why I’m starting a justice party. To keep on the look out for any more suspicious activity that has been going along recently. I don’t like the fact that May Lee and Chae Lim haven’t been seen since an hour ago, and honestly all these gangs approaching the area isn’t much help, either. I hope you understand why I called you all here.”

In the lobby area of the hotel, standing in front of Kim... and over him at a good 7’ was the man fighters around the world knew as Sagat, a.k.a. the emperor of Muay Thai, who was currently in his fighting attire, fresh from the training grounds, and full on the contemplation of Kim’s ‘organization’. Sure, he wasn’t expecting such events to take place, but then again...

“And how would this benefit me?” he asked. “I didn’t come here to have to be a security guard. I came here to do battle with warriors. All because you dedicate your life solely to justice, doesn’t mean you need to drag other people into your little charade.”

“I might not necessarily agree with Sagat... but still... you don’t suppose that they might’ve had some difficulties and couldn’t come?”

This comment rose from Monica Baxter, the well-dressed, brown-haired woman of the group, who had just arrived at the hotel no longer than 15 minutes ago along with her husband, the world-renowned World Warrior, Ryu. Ryu himself had his arms crossed and his eyes closed, not saying anything but still putting his mind onto this predicament. Aside from Ryu stood Guile and Scott, both of them already agreeing to be on the look out for activity.

“No, Chae and May have never missed a practice,” Kim commented. “I can only expect the worse.”

“If you ask me, I think you’re overreacting. Come on, kids will be kids, and they play games like this.”

To Sagat’s left stood another individual, known throughout the United States as its two-time Tae Kwon Do champion, Frederick Lowe. From the expression on his face, it was clear that he wasn’t pleased being pulled over in the middle of checking in along with his girlfriend (who was now currently on her way to their room on the 8th level) and would be much rather breaking his room in instead of hearing about all of this. Kim, on the other hand, gave Frederick a mute look.

“You know, I’ve heard about you...” Kim muttered, “and at times I wonder if you’re really a representative of Tae Kwon Do with such attitude...”

“What’s that?” the man with the corn rolls asked in a warning tone, but before anything could happen, Wagner took the precaution to hold him back.

“Hey, chill out, the both of you,” he refereed. “There’s no need to blow our tops over such a minor manner. All we have to do is keep an eye out. We don’t need to be on patrol, if you know what I mean.”

This made Frederick draw a deep breath and slowly pull away from Scott, straightening himself up some as Kim cleared his throat.

“Would you at least do that? If you see anything suspicious, try to let the others in the group know about it. If you must, take action. I don’t quite know what’s going on but it’s not good to be caught off guard, considering what seems to happen anyways in get-togethers like this.”

“Now with that, I’ll agree with,” Guile said. “It COULD be some trap set by Shadowloo or the like. I mean, come on. All this stuff practically being thrown at us right now for no charge, and the way the format is for the fights next week, I’d be watching out, myself. Its not the classic ‘winner goes on, loser goes home’ tournament. It allows all the fighters to stick around for an equal amount of fights, so just keep your eyes peeled.”

Ryu and Monica only nodded at Guile’s comment, and Frederic and Scott especially showing how much they knew about such events.

“Alright... I’ll be on the watch,” the emperor replied, “but don’t make this into a habit, Kim.”

Almost instantly, Monica looked towards the side...

“Hey, isn’t that your students right there?”

Kim immediately spun around towards the elevator and found both girls of the Korean team unload from one of the elevators, both wearing traditional Tae Kwon Do uniforms, Chae’s a yellow and black color and May’s a red and white...

“I told you,” Frederick said smugly. Kim merely ignored it.

“Chae! May!” he called as they spotted and approached the small group of fighters near the front door. “What took you two so long? I was looking for an hour!”

“An... hour...?” Chae repeated slowly. She then hit herself on her head with her palm. “I’m sorry, Master Kim, but May Lee had some difficulty with her uniform. We had to... find her another one.”

“But I thought I told you to pack more than one, May,” the world champion of Tae Kwon Do said to his super heroine and she immediately countered.

“It’s not only that. I overslept as well, so in addition of that I had to wash up. The stupid alarm clock must not have gone off.”

Kim’s eyebrow raised. “Really? Both Jae Hoon and Dong Hwan were both on time...” A pause, then... “which is odd, because normally Dong Hwan is never on time.”

May Lee’s mouth twisted. “That baka must have set the alarm clock earlier than normal. You guys know I’m a sound sleeper.”

After that, Kim gave his two girls a long yet meaningful stare, then he suddenly flashed a smile.

“It’s no problem. Now that you’re ready, we can meet the others out in the grounds.”

“Alright!” the super heroine yelled loudly. “Let’s get to work!”

Kim then bid his farewells to the group and exited out the door along with May Lee and Chae Lim. The moment he was out of earshot, Frederick shook his head.

“That guy is just as nuts as people said he was...”

“Yes, well... he has good intensions...” Ryu said quietly, opening his eyes for the first time in over 10 minutes. Frederick simply sighed and went on to follow his girlfriend. This left Sagat and Ryu to exchange glances for a while...

“You are aware... this time—“

“Yes, I know... We’ll just see... But honestly... I can’t help but have this feeling... There’s... something odd about this exhibition... The vibes in the air... Something going on around here.”

And, in a universal tone, all the others complied, although, for reasons beyond them, they didn’t know what it could be or why it existed...
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