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“WHAT!? YOU of all people already got THREE points already!? How!?”

The Todo girl could not help but smile as big as she could at Xiangfie’s shock. “And who was the one saying Todos don’t have charm?”

“I still don’t believe it...” the Chinese girl muttered while shaking her head. “I didn’t find anyone worth getting into, and yet you get that Jamaican girl, Melody, Chela, and above all, ATHENA! I can’t believe your luck...”

Kasumi gave her friend a taunting stare as she gazed at the board that Chun-Li hung on the back of the woman’s team’s door. So far Kasumi was in the lead with 3, May Lee marked off Chae Lim for a point, and Chun-Li’s slot had Tomoko’s name right next to hers in almost perfect penmanship. However, ever since they dispatched from the room, neither Kasumi nor Xiangfie caught a word from either King or Mai, so theirs remained blank, along with Xiangfie. The last girl pouted a little and her partner noticed this, and decided to give her a tip...

“Dear Xiangfie, it’s not all about finding the perfect one. We’re not dating here. The object of our little competition is to lure as many fighters to you to the point where they just can’t resist anymore. It’s all about numbers, and it’s all about just letting it all go...”

“Yeah, yeah... I get that much...” the younger girl with the black hair paused a bit before ending, “I’m going back out. Perhaps my luck will get better tonight.”

“By all means go on. Me? I think I have quite the comfortable lead right now... I think I’m going to take tonight off and go back on whipping your butts tomorrow...”

Xiangfie immediately gave her partner a raspberry for her comment, opened the door to the room, and exited, slamming it shut. Kasumi, now the only one in the room, let out a silent giggle before sitting lazily in the chair that she played with Chun-Li the previous night, and relaxed, letting a leg hang over the arm of it.

(If this keeps up, then winning this bet is going to be a piece of cake...)

A good while passed, the only thing active in the room was the TV which was turned onto the news, and as Kasumi’s mind wandered so did her right hand, its fingers lightly teasing her crotch... making her close her eyes in a blissful state.

(Mm... Wonder... what that busty agent and that Shiranui ninja are up to right now, anyways...)

---- ----

“So... I see you’re back. Tell me, did you enjoy it?”

Far from the hotel and in an area hidden from the streets of Osaka, the biker queen known as Tomoko was standing in a small alleyway, giving a certain Interpol officer the largest grin of her life, and even the darkness of the evening couldn’t hide that from Chun-Li’s eyes.

“You know, for a... ‘cop’, you sure do know how to please a girl. I never would’ve thought something like that could feel so... great! It sure livened up my day.”

Chun-Li smiled, sitting on an old dumpster that was heavily rusted, however and luckily, it wasn’t stinking. In fact, it was odd that the two were meeting in such a place. However, there was a good reason why...


“Dismount from the motorcycle now and keep your hands up in the air! And no sudden movements, or else you’re going to regret it!”

A few minutes after her fight with Kaoru, and later still after she let her gang run wild so that she could get some ‘free time’ with her bike, Tomoko quickly found herself being tailed by another motorcycle, this one with a woman in blue and yellow on it. However, the moment she caught the badge on her shirt, she sped off, instantly knowing that it was a police officer. Not bothering to pull over on the first command, she merely kept going, blazing through the streets of Osaka at 55 miles per hour solid, leading her pursier on a good chase that lasted 20 minutes before she made the mistake of trying to lose her in an alleyway...

“SHIT!” she cursed, hitting the brakes while sliding the bike to a stop before it could hit the wooden wall in front of her, and instantly she looked backwards to find out that the cop blocked her off in a similar manner. Tomoko growled, and that was when the woman said the quote just mentioned... and reluctantly dropped off to the ground.

“Say, what’s the big idea?” she demanded, standing on guard as the brunette in the police attire walked slowly towards her. “I haven’t done a thing wrong!”

On the contrary, the officer, who Tomoko realized was Chinese, her hair done in twin buns at the side (almost hidden by the police cap), shook her head.

“Oh, but with what I got on you, I think you’re in quite some trouble, little miss.”

“Tch! Don’t ever call me that!” the biker queen spat, crossing her arms and leaning backwards on the wall.

“Anyways, I have you charged with speeding—“

“I was going 55! The speed limit on that road was 65!”

“—unmarked license plates—“

“Are you BLIND? Those plates are authentic—“

“And several acts of vandalism caused by your ‘trope’...”

At this Tomoko paused, not because the woman in front of her was right (because honestly, she didn’t even know herself if her gang lost their mind or not since she dismissed them...), but rather because she began to recognize the woman. She leaned forward, squinted her eyes, and tried to get a good look at the figure and face...

“Yes. Miss Tomoko Nakamura. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you will now. You’re wanted...”

At the moment, Tomoko felt as if she was going to explode. “Wanted?!? For what!? And just how in the hell do you know my name!? You’re not of this c...”

And then she stopped, finding out that the Chinese officer was now extremely close to her, and as she looked up and under the cap, her eyes widened... At this view, there was no mistake about it...

“Oh, but I have a good reason for all that,” came a seductive response to Tomoko’s questions. “I’ve had my eyes on you for quite a while... Studying every move you’ve been doing. Oh, yes, you’re quite the catcher... You’re wanted on my list, Tomoko...”

“Hey...!” the young gang leader yelled while pointing at the older woman. “You’re... that famous agent! Chun—“



The biker queen instantly grew wide-eyed at the fact that Chun-Li now placed a finger on her lips at first to silence her... then, once it was removed and Tomoko thought she had a chance to speak, Chun-Li leaned forward, and, before the younger of the two could react, replaced her finger with her own lips...

During the 3 seconds or so that the kiss endured, Tomoko’s pointing arm jerked in surprise... stayed in the air over Chun-Li’s shoulder... then, on the third second, it slumped down limply... and as the Chinese brunette pulled away, she left a very, VERY bewildered and confused girl leaning back onto the wall, her body too stunned to move... She could only stutter...

“Wha...? What are...? What... the...?”

Chun-Li then giggled, taking off her fake police cap and throwing it back onto the bike that she conveniently borrowed from the local forces. “Leading a rowdy bike gang is definitely an offense, but so is going around with sexy looks like that... You’re well beyond a fine charge...”

“But... but I’m no lesbian...” Tomoko huffed, her mind swimming for reasons well beyond her comprehension. Sure she had experienced kisses while she was attending school, but none of them left her this dazed before. It was almost as if Chun-Li’s lips contained some type of drug in them...

“No lesbian? That’s not what I saw back when you fought that other young girl... It seemed like you enjoyed it...”

Almost instantly after hearing that, Tomoko gasped, all her senses temporarily snapping out of dreamland and back to earth long enough to stammer, “Y—you mean you saw--??”

“That kiss?” Chun-Li interjected. “Yes, I did, and just thinking about it makes me want to have you more...”

At this moment, the biker didn’t have a clue what to do. She didn’t know wither to clean the Chinese officer’s clock or try to make a run for it... Then her body reminded her that she wasn’t going anywhere, as instantly she felt her body grow hot and fuzzy, and it seemed as if she was burning...

Her body throbbed, and Tomoko let out a moan, heavy breaths emerging out of her mouth to try to vent herself, but it sure wasn’t working... It was like the words the officer spoke were making her temperature shoot through the roof. She clutched her white bra’s front and closed her eyes, trying to rip it off...

“W... why am I... so hot.....?” she panted.

And as she did all this, Chun-Li just looked on, smiling mischievously...

“D... dammit... A... answer me.......... Oooohhhhh... W... what’s... happening... to me.......?”

As her right hand tried to literally throw off her bra, her left shot down to her leather pants, her brain unaware that it was unbuckling the belt so that the heat below could get out... and at each clumsy brush of the aching area between her legs, Tomoko’s moans increased in pitch...

“You don’t know what’s happening...?” Chun-Li asked dumbly, slowly approaching the biker queen. “Well, to put it bluntly... you’re growing aroused beyond belief! And that was all after just one kiss, at that. Hehe! You’re definitely a ripe plum waiting to get picked...”

Unable to notice the woman approach, Tomoko forced her eyes to open... and all she could see was Chun-Li’s anxious yet... attractive face stare upon her racked body...

“Let me show you how a real kiss is like...”

As much as she wanted to protest, Tomoko just couldn’t do it. Her body was betraying her judgment...

...and, as the officer kissed the rebel, all that heat that paralyzed the younger’s body converted into something much more bearable... even pleasing... As they stay locked, Chun-Li’s hands held onto Tomoko’s shoulders, looking at the heavy eyelids of the biker as she seemingly stopped questioning the situation... Her right hand seemed to indicate it as it lightly began fingering at the individual strands of Chun-Li’s hair...

(That’s it... You’re mine, now... Just enjoy it...)

Keeping the young girl preoccupied, Chun-Li’s right hand dropped down and around Tomoko, reaching into the jacket and searching for something...

...and found it.

Two seconds later, the white bra that was originally on Tomoko’s body was now on the pavement next to their sneakers...

(Definitely ripe for the plucking...)

To even strengthen that phrase, the Chinese woman let her right hand come back and feel across Tomoko’s breasts, each little pass making the biker gasp as her erect nipples took joy into the tease. Then the next step assured, the busty pair on the rebel’s body now being caressed and molded whichever way Chun-Li seemed fit...

And still the kiss kept going, Tomoko too far into bliss to stop, and practically begging in muffled moans for the attention as time went on. Her brown eyes were since heavily closed, her body steadily weakening form the waves of electricity throughout her every fiber, and it seemed any moment she would just collapse onto the ground in a heap... However, with the strong arms of Chun-Li keeping her up, no such thing occurred...

Then, at one point, Chun-Li’s caresses stopped... and before Tomoko could even begin to cry out a protest, she instantly felt one of the brunette’s hands seep into her pants while the other snaked around her neck so that the marathon of kisses wouldn’t cease...

(Such a beautiful girl...) Chun-Li thought to herself as her delicate fingers lightly tapped the fabric on the biker queen’s hips. (Under all the toughness, when it all boils down to it... she’s nothing more but a regular schoolgirl... and the same tricks that work on schoolgirls will work on a schoolgirl who owns a motorcycle gang...)

At the end of the thought, a long, demanding moan escaped Tomoko’s mouth, throwing herself back onto the wall as she felt the area between her legs ache at Chun-Li’s teasing touch, her fingers not pressing into her sex but rather just stimulating the lips. It was just then that she realized that she was rapidly growing damp there, and that it made sensations grow three fold every time Chun-Li rubbed... each one slow and devilish... making her demand more... By only the third one, Tomoko broke her junction with Chun-Li’s lips and looked up into the sky, her body barely able to stand the pressure...

“O.... oh....! P... please....! I... I...!”

“What is it, my lovely Tomoko?” the officer asked devilishly.

Another light rub on Tomoko’s sex...

“I... I want... I....”

Yet another, Chun-Li knowing darn well why it was so difficult for the girl to say what she wanted to say. Ecstasy was impairing her speech... She teased again, and was satisfied that Tomoko’s legs now squeezed together as a reaction, the pleasure centering below her panties on the verge of erupting... The biker’s face was only adding to the situation; completely desperate, her mouth open wide as she tried to breathe and speak at the same time...

“I want you..... in....”

“In...? In what?”

And still another.... Chun-Li’s two fingers now pressing into the material and against Tomoko’s clit... which made the girl’s entire body spasm... And Tomoko knew this was too much...

“I want you INSIDE me!” she cried out, officially at the end of her rope. “I want your fingers inside my wet pussy! I want you to make me cum! Oh, PLEASE don’t make me beg! PLLLEEEEEEAAAASSEEEE!!!”

“Haha... Better to crack now than later, I guess...”

It took no longer than 2 seconds for those two magic makers to pull Tomoko’s panties to the side a little and gently flick at the uber-sensitive nub within....

.....and it took even less for Tomoko to explode.


The emotional high was enough for the biker to curse in her native language, and her body heat could’ve easily shot down a flying aircraft. The fabric that was her cotton panties never stood much of a chance holding out on the strong bursts of girl cum that blasted out, and Chun-Li could easily feel her fingers grow sticky and wet as she continued to rub the swollen sex...

...all the while wearing a smile.

“Intense...? Sure suits your personality...”


“I just came back here to thank you,” the biker queen said. “I never had such a fun time before, even while out with the gang, and I’m sure going to spice things up tonight.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Too bad I won’t be able to join you...”

Tomoko blinked. “Why not?”

Chun-Li gave a kind smile. “I have to meet up with someone. It’s important...”

“Oh... bummer...”

“It’s ok, though. I’ll let you know the next time I’m available. You just make sure your friend will enjoy it, too.”

Tomoko immediately nodded, as if she was a little girl. “Uh-huh. She sure did enjoy our first little routing... She’s waiting for me now back at the hotel.”

“What a coincidence... I have to head back that way, too. You don’t mind giving me a lift, now don’t you?”

There was absolutely no delay for Tomoko’s reaction. Instantly she turned around towards her beloved motorcycle and hopped on, Chun-Li right behind her. As the younger woman began to gear up to leave, she felt Chun-Li’s hands grasp onto her sides sensuously...


“You’re such a silly girl...” the Chinese officer commented with a wink in her eye. “I haven’t even did anything serious to you and already you’re moaning.”

Tomoko turned her head back to Chun-Li, her eyes showing a hint of lust in them. “I know... but every time you touch me, I can’t resist...”

Chun-Li responded with a playful giggle. “Do you think you can still drive if I do... this...?”

As Chun-Li ended, her hands began to travel up Tomoko’s body... finding her palms resting against Tomoko’s breasts once again...

“...we’ll see...” was all Tomoko responded with, her own excitement beginning to rise. With that she pulled the bike into drive and sped off. It didn’t take a genius to find out that she was going to have a wild ride...

---- ----

“It’s about time you guys got here! We’ve been waiting on you all day! What took you? We live in the same city for Pete’s sake!”

For once, the man in the brown jacket and jeans couldn’t really answer. His blond hair was cut from its famous ponytail, and went wild all around his head. The lone wolf known as Terry Bogard simply kept his peace, staring at the Southtown police siblings known as Mary and Kevin Ryan, most particularly Kevin, who was shooting his head off.

Along with Terry in the hotel lobby was his young prodigy, Rock Howard, wearing the same black jeans and red jacket with the wings in the back, Joe Higashi, a world-renowned Muay Thai fighter from the KOF circuit, and lastly Terry’s brother, Andy, who was still in his normal fighting attire from getting a few rounds of practice not too long ago. Even though he arrived a good 5 hours before the others in their group, Andy still found himself on the heat of Kevin’s attack, even though it was only because he didn’t make an effort to find him....

...and also out of fear at the possibility of “That Woman” tagging along her friend, Mary...

Surprisingly, ever since Andy got to Osaka, he didn’t hear or see not an ounce of Mai’s appearance, and in a way that struck him as odd... but then again, the more time he could go without seeing that love-struck kunoichi, the better in his case.

“You know, you really need to relax, Kevin,” Terry finally answered, sweatdropping of all things. “Things here don’t get serious until next week, so why are you going nuts now? We have plenty of time to get prepared, you know.”

“That’s besides the point!” the taller blond in the heavily armed police uniform mused. “We should’ve come together hours ago. I don’t know why you insisted on taking another plane... You see what happens? We just lost a day.”

As Terry kept pleading his case, Rock silently looked around in the lobby. Although his red eyes caught the sight of various other fighters for the tournament, he didn’t get to see the one he was looking for...

(I thought you were dead... I guess I was wrong... I want answers... and I’m not going to rest until you tell me them face to face... father...)

The mere thought of seeing his biological father made Rock’s blood boil. He just knew he was here somewhere, and it went well beyond that of his name being in the roster. This wasn’t about the tournament for Rock. This was all business. In a way, he didn’t care how he’d do it. He just wanted Geese...

However, in the meantime, as he eyed the elevators around him, he noticed that one opened up... Everyone else noticed it, too, and turned that way. The vibe from the person coming out was unmistakable... and it made Andy twitch.

“Damn it... It’s her...” he mumbled.

Indeed it was. Sporting tight shorts and a mere tee shirt came the flame-haired Mai Shiranui, and instantly she stopped next to the Fatal Fury group, wearing a smile on her face.

“Well then...” she opened up. “It’s nice to see you guys again. What’s it been...? Three days now...?”

“Yeah, just about,” Mary replied. Instantly, Mai’s eyes shot over to Andy... who was now wishing that he was invisible, because he knew the moment Mai lays eyes on him he wasn’t getting away from them unless he disappeared somehow, and began to brace himself for being haggled to death... However, as moments passed... the younger Bogard noticed that all Mai was doing was staring at him... and that was it... No advances... no words at all, even... In fact, her face read no real emotion towards him...

...all of this rendered him stunned.

By now, everyone in the circle was silent, their eyes on Mai, then a confused Andy... and it stayed like this for about 10 seconds before Mai turned her head away a bit.

“Sorry that I can’t stay and chat, but I originally came down here to get some things from the little store down here, so, if you don’t mind...”

“Um... yeah...” was all Joe muttered out, although in his mind he wanted to say more. Then, in a surprise to everyone, Mai just walked through everyone, not even giving Andy a second glance. As she slipped towards the store she spoke of in the distance, the others just followed with their eyes... until Terry spoke up.

“Must be your lucky night, Andy...”

Andy could only rub the back of his long-haired head, making a face. “This has to be some type of new trick of hers...”

---- ----

“Welcome. How may I help you, Miss Shiranui?”

“Oh, yes... Can I have two large cans of whipped cream, a bowl filled with fruit, some warm sake, a piece of nylon rope, and a bottle of cosmetic oil, please...?”


“Oh... It’s just for someone upstairs... That’s all...”

---- ----

As this was going on... one Benimaru Nikaido was literally exhausted, his nude body sprawled out on top of one of the beds in the woman’s team’s room, the lights out completely and the air heavy in the smell of heavy-scented perfume and sex... His eyes were open but they never moved off the ceiling, bewildered at all that happened the past 10 hours... In no time flat he found himself in a wet version of heaven... and fortunately, he wasn’t done yet...

“Mai...” his weak, out-in-space voice cracked the silence of the room, “Please... come back really soon...”

---- ----

“Phew! Now that was a workout! A few more of those and we’re destined to come out first place, easy!”

Not too far away from the Fatal Fury team, Yang Lee was the first Lee Dragon to enter into the lobby, Yun and Yin right behind him. The sky had since gone a dark red glow, and the Triple Dragons had spent the entire afternoon getting their team moves down. Now, with the end of day 2 of 14 until the first matches began, the only thing on Yun and Yin’s mind was to chill out. Yang, however, kept his intentions to himself, his eyes scanning coolly along the area at the random bit of fighters and employees around.

“So what do you say that we go score some grub?” Yin suggested, a wide smile on her face as they approached an elevator. “I can whip up something nice in our room so that we don’t have to go to a restaurant.”

The suggestion made Yun raise an eyebrow. “Why go through the work? The food here is free, Yin.”

“I know that, brother, but I recently called our aunt and got a recipe that we can use for our own restaurant back home. I figured that we could sample it.”

“Well, if you put it that way, I guess we can do that...” the oldest Dragon answered, not exactly thrilled about that, yet he knew business booms always equaled great sales... Yun then looked up to the display, and found out that the elevator was now on the 17th floor, working its way downwards... He muttered something inaudible to himself before leaning against the wall next to the doorway and tucked his cap over his eyes, planning on getting some rest as the three siblings waited for their liftoff...

...then, he felt the presence of a pair of individuals stop right in front of him... Yun lifted his head up... and twitched a little as he realized who it was... Yang and Yin’s response was no different.

“Hey...” Yin whispered cautiously, “it’s the two girls that we saw the other night....”

Indeed it was. Only 2 body lengths away from the Triple Dragons stood Shui Mei-Ling and Xiao Fen, the two of them in their martial arts outfits, just like the Dragons, and in a similar reaction, both girls froze dead in their tracks once they grew aware of who were waiting at the elevator...

For about 10 seconds, a heavy silence surrounded the 5 individuals, not one of them daring to start off any sudden movements... then, growing sick of being so quiet, Fen slowly broke the ice.

“Um.... h... hi...” she formally greeted, biting her lower lip at the end of her quote.

“...hi... to you, too...” replied Yin, letting the phrase creep slowly from her lips.

Mei-Ling then began rubbing her right arm nervously, not at all forgetting what happened the last time she laid eyes on the Dragons, and there was no doubt that was the cause of the tension between the Chinese teens...

“Listen...” Yun began, “we’re... sorry for peaking into your... session last night...”

This made both Mei-Ling and Fen blink. “Really?” the light-haired girl asked.

“It... was none of our business to barge into that building like that,” the youngest Dragon added, the words now flowing better than before. “We’re really sorry that we made you...”

As the girl of the Dragons trailed off, Mei-Ling gave a nod, reclaiming her nerve. “No hard feelings... So... I figure that you three were out practicing as well...”

Yang only responded with a nod.

“I don’t think we’ve formally met,” the older of the two Shanghai girls said. “I’m Shui Mei-Ling and this is my friend, Xiao Fen.”

Fen responded with a friendly wave of the hand and a smile. “Nice to meet you guys.”

“Yeah, well, with your reaction, I don’t think we need to introduce ourselves, but we will anyway,” Yun offered. “Of course, I’m Yun, and these are my younger siblings, Yang and Yin. The three of us make up—“

“The Triple Dragons,” Fen ended. “I know. Mei-Ling told me about this fight she had when she was young with your sister...”

The moment Fen mentioned that, both Mei-Ling and Yin exchanged glances...

“Wow...” the braided girl sighed. “During our... encounter I didn’t even notice that you were there in the group, Yin. I haven’t seen you ever since then.”

“Yeah, I remember you now... That fight was so long ago... I guess that’s why I was so shocked that it was you there...”

Once again the youngest Dragon trailed off, biting the innards of her mouth, then, after a short pause, resumed talking.

“So what are you about to do?”

Mei-Ling and Fen both traded chances a bit before facing the Dragons once again. “We were... about to eat some dinner.”

Then, somewhere in Yin’s being, her mind came up with a suggestion. “That’s a coincidence. We’re about to have supper in our own room. As you might know, we do own a restaurant, and I’m one of the top chefs there.”

“So...” Fen began, her eyes opening up a bit, “you’re offering us dinner?”

Yin looked up to her brothers and gave them both a solid nod, as if to say, “Is that OK, with you?” Both brothers returned the favor...

“Yes, that’s exactly it,” Yin ended.

“Well, if you say so... Mei-Ling?”

Mei-Ling only nodded her head and began to accompany the Dragons onto the elevator that just opened up, Fen just behind her. The doors closed...

...and when they opened on the 14th floor about a minute later and the Dragons stepped out, Mei-Ling and Fen merely stepped out of the elevator... and simultaneously slumped up against the opposite sides of the hallway, the two of them sighing heavily.

“God... that Yun is so... hot up close...!” Fen whispered loudly enough for her friend to hear. “I never knew he could look so good...!”

“And Yang made my heart skip a beat...” Mei-Ling replied breathlessly, her hand over her pounding heart. “I have to have him...”

“Tonight...” Fen finished, her face sprouting a smile. “Question is... how do we get rid of Yin...?”

Mei-Ling paused. Through her sudden fascination over the younger twin of the Triple Dragons, she forgot about the youngest member...

“We’ll... need to keep her preoccupied somehow... She said she was cooking, right...?”

Fen nodded.

“Well... I think we’ll need to make our moves quickly while she’s preparing dinner... We don’t want to be caught, now do we...?”

“Hey...! What’s wrong, you two?” Yin’s voice shouted out from down the hall at an open doorway. “We’re right here!”

“O... ok! Coming!” the light haired teen yelled out, then shot her friend a mischievous look. “Let’s go do it...”

Mei-Ling nodded strongly and together the two of them ran up to where Yin was holding the door open for them... and together the three stepped inside...

“I’m going on ahead to start dinner,” Yin said sweetly once she closed the door behind them. “You guys can stay out here with my brothers once they come out of their room. They said they’re going to get their night wear on first before they eat, so you can stay here in the living room if you want and check out to TV.”

“That’s cool...” Fen replied, her eyes instantly heading off into the bedroom door that was closed. Because of this, she missed Yin wave off to her as she turned towards the kitchen area.

“I don’t want you guys looking at this new recipe my aunt sent me, so just sit tight and don’t look. It should be ready in about 30 or 40 minutes. I have to get everything prepared and all that.”

“That’s nice, Yin,” Mei-Ling said calmly. “Why don’t you head along with it?”

Yin nodded and happily slipped into the kitchen that was specifically prepared for their team... and once she was inside, the two Shanghai girls instantly set their sights on the first bedroom...

“I bet they locked the door...” Mei-Ling commented.

“That’s ok...” Fen winked. “Its nothing a well-placed punch won’t solve...”

Mei-Ling paused for a second before whispering harshly, “You’re not going to blow the door open, are you?”

The younger girl shook her head. “No, but you have the right idea....”

---- ----

“Brother... you don’t think this is a good idea to let those two in here, do you...?”

Yun only sighed as he took off his white Kenpo shirt and cap and rested it on a nearby chair in the brother’s bedroom. “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea... but I figured I’d let Yin have a little fun with her friends. You know what she’s always saying about me... That I treat her like a little girl. Well, it’s about time she changes her tune about me.”

“Perhaps...” Yang replied, he himself only standing next to one of the beds as Yun flopped down on it.

“Besides, it’ll be a nice time to get to know them a little better. I could always use some more rivals other than Makoto and Ibuki.”

The younger only nodded. This left Yun to sigh a little. “What do you think Yin is making?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell me about any new recipe she got from our aunt. Then again, she’s more in contact with her, so I guess we won’t know until she finishes...”

And instantly, startling both Lee brothers, the door knob twisted and, defying the lock that was on the door, the door flew open; not in a bang, but still with some force to it... and both brothers grew shocked that it was the light-haired girl known as Xiao Fen who was responsible with it, her fist out as if she had struck the door...

“W... what the...!?” Yun began, but Fen cut him off.

“You know... while we’re waiting on your sister to finish supper, why don’t we spend some time getting to know each other....?”

As she spoke, Yang immediately noticed that her eyes were ridden with an odd vibe; not exactly threatening, but still with enough intent that made him uneasy. Right behind Fen was Mei-Ling, and her eyes were absolutely no different as the two stepped into the room... and locked the door after them...

“Whoa...!” Yun shouted out, shooting off the bed and towards the wall behind him. Fen, in the meantime, spent no time getting close and pinning Yun to the wall. Yang, on the other hand, couldn’t necessarily react to any of this; letting Mei-Ling come and wrap her arms around his back...

“Hey... Did anyone tell you how handsome you look up close?” the younger girl asked the older Lee, her right hand right next to Yun’s sweating head. The White Dragon was literally bug-eyed, unable to break free from the corner he found himself in... This made Fen let out a laugh.

“You’re so cute giving me that look... It’s priceless...!”

Fen decided that she wasn’t going to wait anymore and leaned forward and planted her lips onto Yun’s... instantly triggering a protesting “MMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” as he tried to instantly fight it. Yang looked to see his brother in this position, and he utterly froze, unable to figure out what to do. He was quickly yanked out of that by Mei-Ling, who pulled him closer to her... making sure the only thing the brown-haired twin could see was her face as she brought it close to his...

“Come on... I want you to play with me...”

“M... Mei...” was all that escaped the younger twin’s mouth, before Mei-Ling lustfully sealed it off with her lips... On contact with the lust-driven girl’s lips, Yang could taste an intoxicating sweetness in Mei-Ling’s lips, one that seemed to take over his mind almost automatically.

---- ----

(35 minutes later)

“Guys! Time to come chow down! Dinner’s ready!”

As Yin finished cleaning up the mess in the kitchen that was created in order to create the nice noodle-esque dinner that was now steaming on the large table, the door to the brother’s bedroom swung open, abet slowly, and out came the four other Chinese teens, Yun walking side-by-side with Fen, and Yang right along with Mei-Ling...

“Oh! There you guys are,” the young Lee sister greeted while turning around to see the others settle down at the table she set. “It was sort of quiet around here while I was cooking. What were you all up to?”

The four fighters in front of her exchanged glances with one another before Yun merely answered, “We were just getting to know one another better... That’s all...”

Yin smiled in response. “That’s great, brother. You guys dig in while I finish up. Tell me how you like it, ok?”

---- ----

“Hmmm... is that....?”

Just a little bit in front of the hotel’s front doors, Xiangfie came to a complete halt. After taking a while to clear her thoughts and take what her friend brought to mind, Xiangfie was about to call the night a wrap until she heard the sounds of battle shouts in the distance. It sure didn’t take long for the Chinese girl to recognize them, either. A few meters in front of her, working out in the dim surroundings of the park, was a determined Shingo Yabuki, wearing his normal navy blue school attire minus the jacket and Kusanagi gloves. On normal occasion Xiangfie wouldn’t have paid the Kyo-wannabe much mind due to his obsessive tendency to want to “shoot fire”... but as she stood in silence, observing each soulful movement that Shingo was putting into his kata, she could feel something within her click...

“Perhaps I should...”

As Shingo took a stop after a good deal of work, wiping his bare arm over his forehead while breathing a sigh, Xiangfie sprouted a smirk.

“Yeah... Let’s try it out...” she whispered to herself silently. Then, as she watched Shingo take a seat under a large tree where his water bottle, jacket and sweat rag sat, she let out a small breather to get her act together, and then dove right in...

“Hey, Shingo!” Shingo’s ears caught the sound of a young female next to him, and quickly his gaze came up to see the Chinese girl with the bottomless appetite come to approach him. Quickly he adjusted his posture, sitting up rigid against the tree and gave her his undivided attention.

“Oh, hi there,” he greeted politely, letting Xiangfie sit down next to him.

“I see that you were doing some late night training. Where’s the rest of your team?”

“Master Kyo and Miss Emi are in our hotel room along with Miss Keiko,” the young fighter reported matter-of-factly. “Benimaru went out somewhere with Mai and the last time I saw Daimon he was measuring strength with that Zangief guy in the mall.”

Xiangfie nodded. “So why are you the only one that’s not relaxing?”

“I decided to take the time to keep on working. I won’t stop until I get to shoot fire, and I’m willing to do all I can to achieve that.”

For a while, Xiangfie didn’t respond, letting Shingo’s words sink in as he temporarily turned to the side and took a sip of his water. As he drunk, Xiangfie looked up...


At this view, Shingo actually looked rather... nice. Perhaps, good, to say the least. The moonlight from the cloudless sky made the sweat all over Shingo’s surprisingly toned body glisten...

(He’s not so dorky from this view... In fact...)


“Yes?” Kyo’s student asked, giving Xiangfie a clueless look. The Chinese girl smiled a little and, surprising Shingo, leaned forward and kissed him on his lips... Deeply...

Before Shingo could even think of a reaction, his mind went completely blank... especially when Xiangfie’s hands wrapped around his head and dragged him down... Xiangfie herself was especially surprised at how fast she was moving...

(Kasumi was right... This... this is a little too easy... but the easier the better... I wonder... I wonder if I can go and make more of getting Shingo...)

At the end of her thought, Xiangfie broke the kiss, giving Shingo, her first playmate a laugh, and asked.

“Say, Shingo... How would you like to have a little fun tonight...?”

The boy didn’t reply, instead just nodding like a very good boy. Xiangfie laughed some more and then turned her head towards the rooms above them...

“Follow me, then...”

---- ----

“Room 1003... Room 1003...”

So far a certain young woman, sporting dark brown hair down to her shoulders and green eyes to go along with her golden yellow and blue attire, just couldn’t get around the huge hotel. Sure, she knew how hotels operated and such, and that she knew the number of her room... especially since she knew that it was the one in which her sisters were supposed to share. It had been months since she’s seen any of them, and frankly she couldn’t wait to see how everyone was doing.

Of course, she would have to anyway, since there was still the manner of finding room number 1003. Carrying her belongings in a bag on her shoulder, the girl known as Angelica Baxter kept on her silent search for her room, turning a few corners in the process. So far she hadn’t found anyone on this floor. Although she didn’t really denounce it as an odd happening, Angelica still had an out-of-place feeling about this. The hotel was supposed to house all the fighters participating in the tournament. It made no sense that things were so... calm... Even... quiet...

Perhaps... Too quiet...

Angelica didn’t like this. This wasn’t a normal sort of quiet. In fact, it was because of that she stopped that the next corner, staring at the door in front of her.

“(sigh) Just 1022...” she whispered to herself, crossing her arms and making a face. “I feel as if I’m walking around in circles here... I could’ve sworn that I came around this door before...”

After taking a moment to think about it, Angelica then came up with an idea.

“Hmm... perhaps I took a wrong turn around here... This place is so huge I don’t know how many hallways there are around here... Huh?”

Just then something caught her attention. Angelica took an action out of the sudden nature of the sound and hid herself behind the wall, looking over the side to see who was causing the sound of walking across the adjacent hallway. It was then that she laid eyes on a biker girl, wearing all black, her clothes all zipped up and matching with her long black ponytail. For some reason, Angelica was really relieved to see her. At least she wasn’t alone in this floor. In fact, maybe she might know the way to her room. It did seem as if she knew where she was going...

Angelica stood tight and let the other girl pass her, looking at her backside as she went on down the other corridor. She kept quiet, deciding wither she should stop her. However, she wouldn’t need to... She stopped by herself in front of a door...

And it was here that she heard something that made her heart pound and her blood run hot...

“Hey there, you sexy thing you...”

---- ----

“Can you go on and get some hair shampoo for me? Oh, and while you’re at it, how about getting this for me, too? Why do I bother...?”

Just coming off an elevator on the same floor was Japan team member Keiko Tsuki, and at the moment she didn’t seem exactly mad... Just a little ticked off (and for someone of her stature and personality, that was saying something). In her hands was a white bag full of accessories that her teammate Miyuki asked her to get for the room, and at the moment she was on her way back to drop it off.

“I still have the feeling that I’m getting tricked somehow... I can’t leave those two alone for a second,” she continued while still speaking to herself as she walked. “I’m going to make sure nothing happens between that baka and my sister as long as we’re staying here. I should’ve told Miyuki to get these things herself. Seriously, she acts as if the shampoo they have in the room is not good enough for her... Wha...?”

Once she came up to another hallway where she needed to take a right turn, Keiko stopped as another girl passed her by. She was a little younger than she was, having black hair to accompany her street clothes and dark skin tone. Although originally she was just going to ignore her and go about her business, for some reason, her mere presence seemed to distract Keiko. As the individual kept walking forward, the Esaka team member just stood tight, her eyes not coming off the teenage girl...

“Say... That’s that Kaoru girl that I saw meditating earlier today...” she whispered to herself. “I wonder what she’s...”

Fortunately for her, her wondering of what the introvert’s business could be was being answered just that moment. Kaoru stopped in front of a room, not going in, but instead pausing as someone else met up with her...

Keiko then slipped down the other hallway a little, peeking over the side to spy on them. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this... but still she did like to poke into other’s business like this...

Because of her moving, she missed what Kaoru first said to this other girl, but she did catch everything else from the one in the biker clothes...

“Looks like you haven’t been able to wait...”

“You know I don’t like waiting, Tomoko...” the younger of the two said with a small pout on her face. “I don’t like it when you leave me.”

“Even for a second?” the biker asked. Kaoru shook her head.

“Not even for a second... When you’re away... I’m always finding myself thinking about you...”

(Looks like the two are very close friends...) Keiko observed from her safe point. Still, she kept watching.

“Oh, is that so...?” Tomoko asked, Keiko noticing that her voice was a little... strange. It lowered its tone... and it even sounded... seductive... “By the way I see it, you were doing more than thinking about me...”

Hidden to Keiko’s eyes, since Kaoru had her back to her, the dark-skinned girl was now blushing. “I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out...”

---- ----

On the other end of the hall, Angelica’s eyes were wide in surprise.

(I... I don’t believe it...! They can’t possibly be... like THAT, could they...?)

As more time went by and the more the two spoke, the harder the Baxter girl’s heart pounded. She could feel her pulse all throughout her body as she stood as she held the corner tightly with her hands. She needed to know...

“So...” Tomoko said while inching closer to the younger Kaoru, “if that’s the case... let me observe you a little... Hehe... I like how you’re pressing your thighs so tightly together... You must like that feeling you’re having right now...”

At the moment, Kaoru’s cheeks were becoming flushed and her eyes were beginning to gloss. “Oh, you have no idea, Tomoko,” she said in a panting voice. “This is what happens when you leave me... I get so horny thinking about you...”

(They... ARE...!?) Angelica thought loudly in her mind. Instantly her face went crimson and her body felt a strong electrical surge all throughout it. Now she was hooked. She couldn’t get her eyes off Kaoru and Tomoko. She wanted to see more...

“Mmm! Such a dirty Kaoru you are!” Tomoko teased, placing a finger lightly in-between the younger girl’s legs, making her shudder and moan simultaneously. “You know I love this side of you...”

“O... ohhh...” was all Kaoru replied with, her lust-filled eyes closing as she let the soaking feeling in her panties hidden underneath her sweatpants grow. “Ooh, yes, Tomoko... Tease me...”

“Don’t worry...” the biker queen replied, her eyes now closing a bit as that familiar surge filled her being. “I’m all over that my sexy lover...”

---- ----

(Just what the heck is going on here!? They’re lesbians!?)

Right now Keiko’s mind was on red alert. She just couldn’t believe what she was seeing now. Her body shook as she kept her eyes on the scene being displayed in front of her eyes. As she gazed at Tomoko pleasing Kaoru as they stood, Keiko just couldn’t think of anything she could do at the moment. She didn’t know if she should just leave and find another way around them, because in order to get to her room, she’d have to get past the two girls... Or... Or...

Or she could stay...

(...n... no...! What am I doing...!?) Keiko yelled at herself. (What’s happening to me!? I shouldn’t be here! I shouldn’t be staying here and watching this...! I...)

Just then Keiko’s thoughts were cut off by a rather audible groan from Kaoru, who was well beyond the point of no return. Tomoko’s touch was sending shivers all through her, and she just loved how her finger pressed around and into her sex...

Moving up... and down... So slowly...

Making her want more... and more... every second...

“To... tomoko... D... don’t stop...” she gasped heavily, unable to understand how she was still standing while receiving all this pleasure. “Oohh... Oh, Tomo-chan...”

“That’s it... Just relax, Kaoru...” the biker girl replied. “Just let it go...”

As time dragged by, Keiko kept wondering why the heck she was still spying... She wanted to leave... She really wanted to... but... she couldn’t. It was like someone was holding her still and making her look at every little bit of the moment that was unfolding...


...and something became known to Keiko, making her gasp and blush at the same time...

(Oh, no... I... I’m wet...)

Finally, somehow she was able to take her eyes off Kaoru’s pleasured being and focus on her own body... and sure enough, she was right... She just looked down in shock and awe as she noticed her jeans show off a small damp spot... It was by no means showing off how bad the situation really was, for she could FEEL it... below those blue jeans...

(S... so soaked...)

Keiko could feel herself slowly but surly losing her grip, unable to get any other though out of her mind other than that of her dripping wet pussy... and how it was aching now... So badly...

(N... no...) her mind protested harshly and desperately. (I... I can’t... I... I won’t...)

“K... Kiss me...!” Kaoru’s voice filled the air, making Keiko turn her attention back to base 1, and just in time to see the younger and shorter girl lean forward and hungrily kiss her new lover deeply on the lips, all while Tomoko still fingered her pussy... It was at that moment Keiko felt something inside her go away... Something she was so desperately trying to fight to keep... but to no avail...

Her will...

---- ----


That was the sound of Angelica’s bag hitting the ground behind her...

(Geez... I... I can’t get enough of this... It’s so... arousing...)

Angelica just couldn’t deny it anymore. The feelings that kept surging through her were just too great for her, and deep inside she didn’t want to deny them. Hidden to anyone else she knew, she always liked things like this... but this was the first time in a long while she was able to actually see it for real...

...and only a few feet away at that...

It was just too much for her. The more she watched, the more aroused she wound up being. It wasn’t long until she couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Tomoko make this type of love to Kaoru was making her so hot, and she needed to be tended to...

Before she knew it, she slipped down to her knees, her eyes closed and her ears only listening to Kaoru’s moans, which were growing louder and more passionate by the minute. She could feel it. Her panties were soaking wet... Almost feverishly Angelica’s fingers slipped her blue pants down just enough for her to slip them under her panties while her other hand slipped under her shirt to fondle her rock-hard nipples...

...and almost instantly, she found herself moaning right along with the dark-skinned fighter just around the corner from her...

---- ----

...and on the opposite corner, Keiko found herself sitting on the ground, her small shopping bag on the floor, having spilled its contents, and her predicament was no better. She was already heavily gasping and groaning as her fingers touched and rubbed the aching spot between her legs. The feeling was so great she just couldn’t stand it. She long since surrendered to her sudden horniness, and now she was enjoying the benefits...

“O... ooohh....!” she cried out blissfully, pressing her back against the wall as she fucked herself with her fingers, her eyes closed tightly from all the pleasure her body was seizing. “Ohmigod, yeeeesss...!”

The faster and harder her fingers went, the more her cunt leaked its precious cum, and to Keiko there seemed to be just no limit to how horny she could get. As she felt herself get closer and closer to her climax, she wondered why she never felt this way before...?

(I... is this what Emi feels when she... she’s around that baka, Kyo...? Ooh... S... So much... p... pleaaaaaassuuuuuree....)

---- ----

Back to the main attraction, Tomoko was convinced. Kaoru was very close to going over the edge. Her moans were almost screams and yells, and she could barely control the shaking her body was going through...

“Lie down, Kaoru...” she ordered... and on command, Kaoru’s legs finally gave out, her weakened body collapsing onto the carpeted floor on its back. Her chest heaved as she panted, her legs spread out as if offering her wetness to her biker lover. Tomoko lowered herself to Kaoru’s level, just looking at how wet Kaoru’s sweatpant crotch was...

“My gosh... Its waaaay past ready for eating...” Tomoko purred.

“Take me, Tomo-chan!” Kaoru cried out desperately, her eyes still closed tightly. “Eat my wet cunt! I need it now! Eeeaaattt meeeeee...!”

“Well, then,” Tomoko snickered, “Since you asked so nicely... I guess I’ll...”





Kaoru’s cry from Tomoko’s first lick on her pussy could’ve been heard two miles away. The dark-skinned girl’s back arched as she absorbed every single lick Tomoko gave her dripping sex. Each and every one drove her insane, and they both knew that any moment she was going to explode in one of her best orgasms. It was just a matter of time... of listening to Kaoru’s moaning, panting & screaming... Every breathless word that escaped her lips... Every little drop of cum that left her pussy so willingly and onto Tomoko’s tongue... Every little sensation, all coming together into one universal surge...


Rest assured, they both enjoyed Kaoru’s most explosive climax ever...



...and, as a sudden surprise, Tomoko and Kaoru realized that they weren’t alone... taking the sudden two squeals of pleasure as their cue. At the moment they let those go unattended, letting Kaoru ride out her orgasm, her love juices spraying all in Tomoko’s mouth...

...and once it was done and Kaoru recovered, she was about to speak, but Tomoko held a finger to her mouth, silencing her. She then merely gestured Kaoru to go to her side of the hall and she’ll do the same...

---- ----

“A... ah... oh, god... That... that was so... wonderful...”

Keiko felt dizzy. Very dizzy. Her mind was an utter mess, her body weakened from the fact that she just came all over herself...

Keiko panted, desperately trying to catch her breath after experiencing such feelings firsthand. Sure she had little things like this, but this... This was a lot bigger than she thought was possible...

And the evidence showed. Her legs were lined with cum, she was developing a sweat all over her body, and her body still felt hot...

...and what amazed Keiko was that she STILL didn’t have enough...

“Something... this... good...! I... I have to have more...”

“Don’t worry. I think I can do that...”

Keiko gasped and turned her full attention to her right... and the moment she laid eyes on the person speaking, she felt her face grow crimson. Standing in front of her was that same Miadama girl she was gazing at, wearing a very mischievous smile on her face. Her face read lust all over it, and that special feeling Keiko was currently experiencing just seemed to amplify by knowing that it was her she was lusting for... Before she knew it, Keiko was hit by another horny wave, because she knew what was coming next...

“We might not have met...” Kaoru started, sitting right next to Keiko, “but... I just know what you want...”

Keiko smiled, letting her legs spread just a little, offering herself to Kaoru. “Go on and give it to me... I’m all yours...”

And with that Kaoru smiled, finding herself start to move in-between the Esaka girl’s legs, just like Tomoko did to her all so recently... “It’ll be... our pleasure...”

---- ----

“It’s past 9... Just where the heck is Kaoru?”

In her hotel room, Mitsumi sat impatiently on the couch, her arms crossed as she stared at the clock above the TV in front of her. It was starting to get dark outside, and she was beginning to grow increasingly worried at the fact that Kaoru wasn’t returning her “mind calls”. Sure she knew that the girl could take care of herself, but still...

“Would it hurt her to at least let me know where she’s at? She’s got all the others looking for her.”

A pause...

“Or rather, I have them looking out for her...”

And then, Mitsumi closed her eyes hard as an aggravated expression rose onto her face.

“Dammit! Ever since that night I can’t help but think about her... I’m surprised she’s still not wise to me. Argh! It’s all because of that stupid night that I’ve been acting like this! I need to lighten up...”

Heaving a sigh, Mitsumi stood up from the couch and stretched her body, letting out a yarn as she did so.

“Come on, it’s Kaoru I’m stressing over... She can take care of herself. I think I’ll head on out to bed...”

And just as she thought about that, the door instantly came unlocked and swung open, and Mitsumi instantly turned her gaze to it, noticing the familiar vibe...

“Oh, there you are, Kaoru. I was..... um....”

...and instantly, once Mitsumi got a good look on the doorway, she froze completely. Sure, Kaoru was at the door, but she wasn’t alone. The mountain girl could clearly see Tomoko from earlier holding onto her arm in a flirtish way, not to mention two other girls that were unfamiliar to her eyes...

“Hi, Mitsumi...” Kaoru replied, her voice low and carrying an odd tone, “It’s nice to see you here....”

Mitsumi didn’t respond, instead taking a step backwards from the scene. As time went on, Mitsumi noticed that Kaoru’s top was off her shoulders, and it exposed quite a bit of her skin... Not only that, but the other three girls along with her were also quite messy when it came to their attire... as if they were wrestling just before coming into the room...

...and even THAT thought made Mitsumi bite her inner cheek while preventing herself from going crimson at that image...

“You know...” the young traveler began, not moving from her spot, her soft eyes peering into Mitsumi’s confused and shocked orbs, “While I was gone, I was thinking about what you said earlier... You know... with Rose and all that... and I came to a conclusion... I suddenly know why you’ve been acting so weird around me...”

“N... no you...” Mitsumi instantly stammered, taking another cautious step backwards. Kaoru only nodded her head.

“Yes, I have... When you lived back in Tong-An... you said your friend was attracted to this certain girl... Tell me... Were YOU that girl she was with?”

Now it was clearly apparent to the others that the oldest out of the 5 girls in the room was embarrassed; her now panicky actions being the proof. Quickly Mitsumi’s whole body shaded red, just as she hesitated before bringing a warning hand up to her face, itself glowing with golden energy.

“Y... you stay back...” she stammered, trying her best to get the grasp on the situation. “I... I think I know what’s happening here... I haven’t forgotten what I saw last night... but apparently YOU DID! Kaoru! Snap OUT of it! I don’t know what happened when you meditated, but please! Don’t make me beat the sense back into you...”

With that threat, Kaoru pouted, putting one hand (the one unoccupied by Tomoko) on her hip. “Oh, Mitsumi... Come, now. You really aren’t threatening your own best friend like that, are you...? That’s not nice... I thought you cared for me...”

And once again, Mitsumi sputtered out her response. “K... Kaoru... I...”

“It’s written all over your face, Mitsumi...” came the voice of Angelica from just behind Kaoru.

“Yeah. Stop playing hard to get,” Keiko immediately chimed afterwards.

“We all know what is going on with you...” Tomoko added.

“I bet you were that girl you were speaking of in that story, now weren’t you....?” Kaoru ended the foursome, noticing that the energy in Mitsumi’s hand died out and Mitsumi clenched her hands tightly into fists, looking down towards the ground. “You were, weren’t you...?”

“......s....” came a small, almost wind-like whisper.

“What was that? I didn’t catch it...”


“Come on... You’re normally loud spoken. This isn’t like you to be so quiet, Mitsumi... Perhaps—“

“YES!” the Chinese girl finally blurted out. “Yes, I’m bi! Yes, I’m attracted to both boys and girls, and YES, I’m attracted to YOU!”

As she ended, Mitsumi’s eyes closed heavily, as if she couldn’t look at her friend anymore... However, a few seconds passed before a warm hand found its way on her cheek...

“Don’t tell me that you’re being ashamed of that...” Kaoru said, looking her friend square in the eyes. “It’s ok. I’m growing really attracted to you, too...”

“What...? Really...? You... you mean... THAT way...?”

The Japanese girl only nodded. Mitsumi slowly opened her eyes to stare at her friend the same way she was... and it didn’t take long for her to really notice that lustful gaze in Kaoru’s black eyes...

“No... I don’t believe you...” Mitsumi said quietly. “There’s no way you can...”

Before she could finish her sentence, Kaoru’s other hand pressed onto Mitsumi’s stomach... and in one small push, Mitsumi found herself falling backwards, slowly... until she landed on the single chair behind her.

“Wow, Mitsumi. I never realized that you can be so stubborn to accept things like this,” her best friend purred, coming closer to her once again. “Do you want me to show you that I’m not lying...?”

The Chinese girl didn’t know how to respond to that, so taking the initiative, Kaoru decided to sit on one of her legs... and the moment she did, Mitsumi gasped.

“K... Kaoru...! You’re... You’re soaking wet...!” she exclaimed, her eyes zoning in on how Kaoru was sitting. Surely, her sat squarely on her leg, deliberately letting Mitsumi feel how wet she became over the last half hour or so. In response to Mitsumi’s shocked expression, she only smirked.

“Not so much of a surprise there, huh...?” she asked.

The mountain girl then decided to look at Kaoru’s face once again, but she couldn’t... for right in front of her, that same girl was lifting her shirt off of her body and throwing it onto the floor, revealing her black bra, totally matching with her body... The moment she saw it, Mitsumi’s cheeks went burning red and her eyes went even wider.

“I bet you’re liking what you see, don’t you...?” Kaoru purred in a sexy voice. Mitsumi could only nod, her vocal chords shot. It was then that Kaoru noticed Mitsumi’s free leg was slowly pressing towards the one she was sitting on...

“Ooooo... Do you see this, Keiko?” Kaoru called, the Esaka girl coming close to see for herself. “I think she’s hiding something from me... I wonder what that could be, huh...?”

Standing in front of a nervous Mitsumi, the brown-haired Keiko, normally known for being very “bitchy” and such, couldn’t have been more of the opposite, smiling at the state that Kaoru’s friend was in... She then kneeled next to the chair and spoke herself.

“Ah, I think I see it, Kaoru...” she said, looking Mitsumi straight in her eyes. “You might be a tomboy, Mitsumi, but all tomboys are girls... and even tomboys get wet...”

“I...! A... ah....!” Mitsumi gasped, realizing that even before she could realize it, Keiko was brushing her fingers on the clothed lips of her dampening sex. Almost instantly her head shot up and she took deep breaths, a little part of her brain still trying to resist the pleasure she was starting to receive, but the other huge amount beginning to accept it...

“See? You don’t have to deny this...” Keiko continued. “It feels great once everything just flows out of you...”

“Y... yes...” came a low moan from Mitsumi, who was now verbally getting into it. “I... I want this... Please...”

“Mmmm... and I can see those hard nipples through that clumsy shirt of yours...” Angelica purred, the third girl now approaching Mitsumi and starting to lift the mountain girl’s red phoenix shirt off. “Isn’t that right, sexy Mitsumi...?”

“Oooh... Oh, they’re... so hard....” she panted in reply. It was clear that there was no way she was fighting it, and now she found herself at the point that she didn’t want to. This was a whole lot better than just having Kaoru by herself... Mitsumi was graciously enjoying multiple girls pleasing her on all fronts, Angelica now removing her bra to let her hands pinch and twist at her sensitive, hard nipples, Keiko teasing her wetness with her fingers, eventually doing away with her pants as well, and Kaoru just observing it all, her hands moving sensuously up and down various parts of Mitsumi’s steadily stripping body...

“Oh, don’t forget about me, girls...” Tomoko said, her voice behind Mitsumi. In no time flat she let her tongue start to lap at Mitsumi’s neck while her hands played with the long, brown braid Mitsumi’s hair was in. Before she could realize that, Keiko’s hands removed her soaking wet panties from her body and began to drive two fingers in and out of her snatch... Everything was happening so fast for the oldest girl of the group... and through her moans and cries of pleasure, she could barely speak.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any better, Mitsumi managed to catch the vision of Kaoru’s face again in her eyes...

“There’s just one more thing...” she whispered. “Enjoy it, Mitsumi... I just know you wanted this from the start...”

“Oh, p... please....!” Mitsumi begged, her mind and body totally unable to stand what was happening to her. “PLEASE!”

And just like she wanted... Kaoru leaned forward and let her lips fall in place where she should’ve been... right on her best friends... just as Keiko dug her fingers in as far as they could go into her wetness...

...and just like that, Mitsumi’s eyes went wide and she instantly moaned as loud as she could, the sound being muffled by Kaoru’s tongue in her mouth...


...and the moment Mitsumi came, Kaoru responded telepathically...

(Yes, I know... We all love you, too...)

---- ----

(about 20 minutes ago...)

“Wow, Emi. That’s pretty sneaky of you...”

“Shhhh... Can you at least do that for me? I want to take advantage of things while Shingo, Benimaru and Daimon are gone... You know that while she’s around, she won’t let me do this, so I need for you to distract her. Get her out the room or something... Just as long as she doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“Can you do that for me, Miyuki?”

“Sure, no sweat. You just have fun, ok? I’ll probably go tell her to go get something for me from the mall or something...”

“That’s the way. I owe you one.”

Right after a friendly nod from her best friend, Emi turned around and closed the bedroom door. Right now, she was already in her nightgown, ready to “retire” for the night. However...

“So... you really think this is going to work...?” came Kyo’s rare, passionate voice. He was lying down in the large bed in the room that (against Keiko’s wishes) was set for him and Emi, wearing nothing but his boxers. Emi only smiled; she always did when Kyo sounded like that.

“I’ve got a good feeling about this... It’ll work...”

“Alright... I don’t want to have to lodge a huge sword out of my chest by the time tonight’s over.”

Emi only giggled as she made her way towards the bed. “Don’t worry about it, Master Kyo... Just think about the fun we’ll have tonight...”

“Heh...” the Kusanagi heir smirked. “I guess that works, too...”

“Ok, then...” Emi smirked, bringing her hands over to the ropes of her nightgown. In no time flat they came undone, and in no time at all, the green covering fell to the ground, letting Kyo once again find himself looking at her nude body, the only things on her was her white bra and panties.

“Excellent...” was all he said to Emi, making her smile even bigger. She then started to slip into the beg alongside her boyfriend, bringing herself as close as possible to him...

“Now... let’s begin, shall we...?” she whispered lovingly. Kyo’s eyes grew as soft as they could, and the two began to move and reunite by their lips...

(knock, knock, knock)

“Unko... (Shit...)” Kyo instantly cursed, being broken out of the mood from a knock on the door. “I thought you said your sister was gone.”

“If that was my sister, she would’ve sliced the door to wood chunks instead of knocking,” Emi reminded. “That might be Miyuki... Let’s just keep going... Maybe she’ll go away...”

“Well... if you say so...”

The two tried again, this time ignoring the knocking on their bedroom door and instead starting to passionately kiss. Just before things could get anywhere else... the door busted open, startling both Emi and Kyo. Instantly the Kusanagi heir shot off the bed, ready to defend himself... until he realized who it was at the door, staring back at him.

“S... Shingo...?” he stammered. “What the hell...?”

Shingo, on his end, didn’t respond, his eyes sorely on both Emi and Kyo. From her point of view, Emi could tell something was wrong with him. He never appeared so... odd... Kyo slowly noticed this, too...

“What’s the matter...?” Emi asked softly.

“Yeah, why are you staring at us like that?” Kyo responded. “You act like this is the first time you barged in on us like this.”

Shingo once again remained quiet... for 3 seconds. Then...

“Kusanagi-san...” he said in almost a whisper-like fashion. “Tsuki-chan...”

“Yes...? Yes, what is it...?” Emi persuaded him.

Then, suddenly, Shingo immediately blushed, but his overall tone was none the less strange.

“I... I want... you two to...”

“Want us to what? Come on and spit it out...!” Kyo responded with, not becoming ticked off. What came out next shocked the heck out of both of them. Shingo closed his eyes, looking down... and both Emi and Kyo looked down... at the bulged in his pants...

“Fuck me...” he finally muttered.

“NANI!?” Kyo almost shrieked. “What the heck’s the matter with you!?”

“Oh, don’t mind him. He’s always been like this, hasn’t he...?”

Kyo and Emi both blinked, for this wasn’t a very familiar voice, but one just enough to ring a bell. Behind Shingo, who also turned his attention to, was none other than Li Xiangfie, who was wearing something WAY out of left field; a black leather attire and her hair out of the usual circle braids and cut short, almost as if she was resembling Lei-Fang from Dead or Alive. Rest assured, neither Kyo nor Emi could’ve been more confused at what was going on.

“I just got him to get his desired out in the open, that’s all...” she continued with a smile on her face. “Seems that’s what he’s been looking forward to all these years at KOF, huh, Kyo? Funny. I always had a small thought that he wanted to do more than just be you...”

“Xiangfie, what the hell did you do to him!?” Kyo demanded, his fists burning into flames instantly. “And why are you wearing that tramp getup!?”

“It is NOT a tramp get-up!” Xiangfie protested. “I just decided to change my look up a little. I’m sort of getting tired of being the same ol’ Xiangfie, always known for eating and fighting and more eating. It’s about time my wild side came out, and so far I’m enjoying every little bit of it. Every since last night I never felt so good, and trust me, you’re definitely going to like this side of my, Kyo Kusanagi and Emi Tsuki. Shingo sure did, and he just adored it... Isn’t that right?”

Then to Kyo and Emi’s shock, Shingo turned to face Xiangfie and nodded, just before the two found themselves in a deep, lustful kiss... Kyo’s flames died out and he could only stare at it in shock.

“I’m... not seeing what I think I’m seeing, am I...?” he asked his girlfriend.

“Oh, I see it... but I just can’t believe it...” Emi replied, just as Shingo and Xiangfie broke their kiss. All since then the other two weren’t able to get their eyes off it...

“As you can see, Shingo and I have taken a liking to each other,” Xiangfie said. “I just wanted his to come up and show off how he’s became, and I think it’s safe to say he won’t be holding anything else back from us...”

Xiangfie then stopped and looked at Kyo and Emi, just to look at the priceless look of amazement they both had, and let out a giggle.

(Yes... That’s it. That’s all I needed to see...)

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you all later. Shingo’s going to be escorting me back to my room.”

“Yeah, Kusanagi-san,” Shingo replied, sounding more like himself. “I’ll be back later, alright?”

At first Kyo didn’t reply at all, but after a second he said slowly, “O...k...”

With that the door shut... but Kyo didn’t move at all.

“That... was odd and scary at the same time...” Emi whispered.

“Tell me about it... Things just get weirder and weirder around here... First Mai comes and suddenly Benimaru goes missing for the entire day, now Xiangfie hooks up with Shingo. I’m going to keep an eye out for all of this. Things look very suspicious...”

The Kusanagi heir then slipped back into bed with Emi... and, oddly, Emi noticed that Kyo... easily slipped back into the mood he was in before the interruption. She could feel his arms wrap around her waist and that same look found its way into his eyes again...

“But for now, I think we better just forget it and get something in before your crazy sister shows up again, don’t you think so?”

At first Emi couldn’t respond, a little confused at what Kyo said... but in about 2 seconds, it didn’t matter to her anymore. She then smirked and let Kyo kiss her again...

---- ----

(Yep... Just as I thought... It might not had been like Kasumi did it... but considered us tied...)

---- ----


In the least likely of places, a red-headed man stood on top of the hotel’s roof, his hands in his color-matching pant pockets as the wind blew lightly by. On his back rested a black jacket with the symbol of the moon on the back, and in his eyes sat an indifferent expression, giving off an uneasy and heavy vibe.

Iori Yagami was in Osaka ever since last Thursday, a full week and a half ago, the moment he received his invitation to the exhibition, yet none of the other fighters could get a good focus on him. Iori himself was only here for one purpose...

“I see Kyo’s having his fun...”

A long pause rested in the air as Iori focused in on the ground below him, the once green grass of the surrounding park now a dark blue. He just stared at it for a long while, not moving a muscle...

“So... The drink does exist...”

Another break, the wind that was once calm now picking up in a brief whirlwind before it quieted down once again...

“I would step in to stop this nonsense... but... this might prove to be quite entertaining...”

Then, a rare sight occurred, one that most likely only happened once a blue moon...

Iori smirked....

“Kusanagi has no idea what he’s gotten himself into...”

And with that, the Yagami heir turned his back to the scenery and slowly brought himself back inside, planning on keeping his secrets to himself... and enjoy the show in the process...
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