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It was the third morning to shine over Osaka since the initial gathering date for the fighters, and with that note, Yui Su’ang couldn’t have felt any more tired. Sure he did manage to spend the night with Sakura, Darrell and Karin, too tired from searching for his girlfriend to make it all the way to his normal hotel room, but still, he could barely sleep that night. He couldn’t stop worrying about what could’ve happened to Kaoru since they parted the previous morning...

(It just isn’t like her...) he pondered as he dropped off the elevator to the floor in which his team was situated at. (I mean it is... I hope she didn’t run off again... She knows that I hate it when she does things like that...)

Arms crossed and a frown on his face, the silver-haired Korean slowly made it back to his room to hopefully reach Mitsumi. Since he got into the Young World Warriors’ room last night, he tried to call numerous times back to his original room, but with no luck. Now, he was going to investigate the matter first-hand.

“Here...” he said to himself, finally getting to his room. He then reached into his right jean pocket and pulled out the plastic card key to get inside... but the moment he slid it into its slot and unlocked it, it opened on its own accord, catching his slightly off guard. His eyes lifted up to see who was opening it up for him, and smiled as he realized who it was.

“Kaoru! There you are,” he smirked, looking at his Japanese girlfriend below him. She was currently wearing a bath towel, as if she had just came out of the shower. “I’ve been looking all over for you, you know...”

“Oh, Yui... I was wondering what happened to you...” came her reply, and in a way it bothered him. Why did she sound so... unconcerned...?

“Are you ok? Anything happened to you the other night?”

Kaoru simply shook her head. “No. I’m just fine. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that I’ve been trying to reach you all day yesterday and you never responded to me... I was worried about you, you know...”

“Oh... I’m sorry, Yui... I was pretty busy yesterday...”

Yui placed his hands on his hips and made a face. “Really? What could’ve gotten your attention like that...?”

Kaoru looked at her boyfriend’s face for a moment and then made up her mind. “Why don’t you come on in...? I’ll show you.”


And with that, the silver-haired Korean stepped into his original bedroom, Kaoru closing the door behind her. As he familiarized himself with his surroundings again, Kaoru led him over to the bedroom area, Yui thinking that she was going to get some clothes on for today... but as they passed by the living room, Yui’s cautious eyes found themselves aiming at the single chair...

“Um... Kaoru...?” he started slowly. “Is that your... bra on the seat...?”

The black-haired girl blinked as she looked for herself, and found out that wasn’t even... half-right. There was more than one pair of women’s underwear on the set... Five different colored and sized bras and one single pair of panties littered that one piece of the room alone...

“Um... well... yes...” Kaoru said lightly, blushing a little bit as inside her mind she cursed at the fact of forgetting to clean up...

“All of them...?” Yui asked again, this time raising an eyebrow, Kaoru letting out a nervous laugh.

“Well, you see, sweetie... Mitsumi and I were... um...” she looked around, searching for words, and came up with some. “She wanted to do some silly comparison with our clothes... Don’t ask me why I agreed...”

Yui made a face. “Um...”

“Oh, don’t worry yourself over that...” Kaoru responded, collecting the articles of clothing into her arms, smiling lightly as she did so. “Here, I’ll clean it up...”

“Yeah... ok...” the silver-haired boy mumbled, scratching his hair. “Listen... I told Sakura and the others that we’ll meet them outside for some more training. The three are pretty serious, it seems... Karin managed to set up a training bout with Ryu, Monica, and Ken and she invited us to overlook their strategy. So...”

Yui stopped once he found out that Kaoru came close to him, suddenly cuddling up next to him, tracing her right hand across his cheek and making it turn a light red...

“Oh, Yui... I think you work yourself too hard...” she said in a soft tone. “Come on. Sakura and the others can afford for us to be a little late. How about giving yourself a break? I can tell the other day was pretty tiring on you due to all that worrying.”

At first a little speechless, Yui did respond with a slightly confused nod. Sure Kaoru was only really affectionate around him, but... not quite to this degree... She was never this carefree before in her life; he knew that for a fact... It really made him suspicious... The entire scene seemed very out of character for someone who was so serious about how she handled herself...

(Something must’ve happened yesterday...) he thought, but as Kaoru planted a light kiss on his lips, things suddenly didn’t seem so bad. It did make him feel well knowing that at least Kaoru wasn’t being peeved off like she was the other day...

Inside, Kaoru began to smile as she felt Yui’s arms come around her back as the two began to kiss once again, this time a little more passionate. After a little while of just standing in the middle of the room, locked in their embrace, the articles of clothing in Kaoru’s grip dropped to the floor as the two dropped down comfortably onto the seat next to them. Kaoru’s hands felt up and down her boyfriend’s body and hair, Yui letting out a pleasant sound as the two cuddled. However, before things could get too serious, Yui pulled away, making Kaoru blink.

“Do you smell that...?”

“Huh...? Smell wha...?”

Just then Kaoru smacked herself inside her head.

(That’s the smell of what we did to Mitsumi the other night...!)

“Um... I-I don’t smell anything...” she stuttered, Yui barely catching the exaggeration before Kaoru suddenly broke the embrace, pushing off him and into a standing position. In a way, it was a wonder the towel around her was still on her body.

“Say... Let’s... you know... Go somewhere else...?”

Yui was then brought back to square one of this sudden brigade. Kaoru never... EVER acted like this... Not only was this starting to confuse & worry him, it was slightly getting on his nerves.

“Kaoru, are you hiding something from me...?” Yui said in a low and even warning tone. Granted, Yui never addressed Kaoru in this manner, but at the same token, a situation like this never came across them before. In the back of his mind, he was afraid that it might be much deeper...

Kaoru, on the other hand, bit her lower lip, trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. It was a very tough pinch, to say the least... Inside she hated holding in her secret, but she knew that it was going to cause some serious damage...

Yui was now standing up, Kaoru taking a step backwards away from him, a very ashamed look on her face. She honestly didn’t have a clue what to do or say...

“What is it...?” Yui asked again, this time calmer for the fact that he was scaring his girlfriend. Not apparent before, he figured that if he was to get some answers, he’d have to remember the promise he made to himself a few years ago...

(I have to make sure to love her no matter what... No matter the circumstances... She’s the one who brought me around in life... I can’t just...)

“Yui...” the black-haired girl started, looking down at the carpet shamefully. “I... It-s... hard to expla—“


The sudden voice shocked both spouses, Yui because he never heard this girlish tone before... and Kaoru because SHE KNEW...

(Oh, god... Not now... Not NOW...!)

“Who... in the world...?” Yui whispered to himself, turning around to find out where the new and mysterious voice was coming from... and whom it belonged to...

Unfortunately, the answer came in no quicker than 2 seconds. Yui’s eyes went to the bedroom area... and out came a pretty familiar individual... sporting a long black ponytail... and much to Yui’s shock, nothing else on her body than what she was born with...

“Hey, Kaoru, where you vanish to...?” came the voice of Tomoko Nakumura. “I know you’re out the shower, sweetie... Come on out. I can’t wait to get a ho... ho... holy shit.....”

At that moment, the biker queen just realized who was in the room and froze on the spot. Instantly she let out a yelp and jumped backwards to the wall behind her, staring straight into Yui’s eyes with total shock flowing through her. On his end, Yui only stared back, unable to determine what to do from here. He didn’t know if he should be mad, hurt... or...

He just couldn’t believe it...

“Kaoru...” he whispered, turning his attention back to the younger girl. “You didn’t... Please tell me you didn’t...”

She tried to move... She tried to move her mouth to speak, but no noise came out at all... After all, what COULD she say...? The entire time since she stared this... she never thought this could happen... The only thing she could do was say her boyfriend’s name softly under her breath...

“You mind explaining yourself, then...?” Yui said, turning around and eyeing Tomoko seriously. Tomoko let out a small scowl, but it didn’t last long. “I just don’t understand how... how you could do this... In fact it’s downright confusing... Seriously, what the hell, Kaoru... You didn’t even know she existed before yesterday, then you utterly hated her last time I remember... now... all of a sudden you sleeping with her behind my back...!”

Although he tried to fight it, Yui just couldn’t contain the amounts of anger he was going through. Even though he spoke, no words could pinpoint just how badly he was feeling about this...

And much to the contrary, Tomoko let out a laugh, a short yet loud one, startling Yui. “Heh... if you think this is bad, you should see your bedroom...”

“What was that...?”

“Tomoko!” Kaoru shouted. “What the heck are you trying to do, get me killed!?”

“Kaoru! I want to know exactly what the heck you’ve been doing since you left...” Yui said strongly. “I might as well know the extent to all of this to find out what the heck I’m going to do with you now... What’s gotten into you? You’ve never acted like this before in your life...! G—“

“Yui...” Kaoru said, this time looking Yui right in the eye, a feat that was almost impossible to do a few minutes ago. “I might as well show you now... No use in holding this from you any longer than needed...”

This silenced the silver-haired boy, looking on as Kaoru and Tomoko shared a glance before the younger of the two began moving past Yui and towards the door. Yui quickly followed behind her, and Tomoko just looked at the two from the side. Needless to say, once Kaoru opened the door and Yui passed her to look inside, he almost died on the spot. On the bed they shared together two days ago rested Mitsumi along with two other girls new to his eyes, Angelica Baxter and Keiko Tsuki, all three of them partially under the sheets of the bed and also bare of any clothing, peacefully asleep.

“Oh... My... God...” was all Yui managed to say, Kaoru’s eyes and face hidden from view by her hair. Just as Yui began to turn and give his girlfriend a piece of his mind, a hard shove pushed him in and off balance from behind, making him trip forwards and land on the bed himself...

“You see, sweetie...” Kaoru’s voice went through the air, only this time no longer afraid and timid... “yesterday I managed to find a side of me that I never knew I had...” Kaoru’s head then lifted up and a pleased smile crossed her face, “So why just hold this to myself when I could share it with some new and old friends of mine...?”

“Honestly you missed a lot, Yui,” Tomoko chimed in, closing the door behind her. “It was so much fun... Don’t sweat it, though... I think we can make up for the missed time...”

“S... say... WHAT!?”

In utter shock, Yui scampered up from the bed, finding himself standing up against the wall next to his and Kaoru’s bed, his eyes racing from the bed to make sure he didn’t wake the others and back to where Kaoru and Tomoko were staring at him hungrily...

(What the heck have I gotten myself into...!?)

The panicky look on his face was all Kaoru needed to see.

“You might be mine as a boyfriend...” she said slowly, taking stalking steps towards Yui, “but now you’re really M... I...”

At this part, she was right in front of Yui, who was strongly fighting the urge to lay his hands on Kaoru for the first time in his life... but, in the little time he had to think, he quickly grew disgusted by actually considering that... It was just wrong... Even... even if... it was leading to... this...


Yui’s eyes then sprung open as wide as they could, realizing that Kaoru’s hands were coming up and clasping onto his cheeks. A light blush fell over his face as he blankly shared eye contact with the Japanese girl’s... seeing her move in for a deep kiss, and just before she could plant it, his mind let out one last, desperate call...

((Rose...! We need your help.........))


The last letter came out in a whisper, barely able to be heard, but the force of the word hit Yui on his lips... with Kaoru’s lips quick to follow... Kaoru let her eyes close as she began her lustful kiss, Yui’s confusion highly apparent as he reluctantly returned it. Honestly, it was the only thing he could bring himself to do. He’d hate himself like no tomorrow if he hit Kaoru out of vain, and running away wasn’t anywhere near his mind. All he could bring himself to do was hold his lust-driven girlfriend in his arms and just go with it...

Tomoko silently stood behind her new lover with heavy interest, peering over Kaoru’s shoulder to see the slow, calming expression on Yui’s worried face, eventually sitting down on the bed quietly, her focus turning to the others asleep on the bed... Once the two were heavily engorged into their lip lock, their hands beginning to roam their spouse’s bodies, she gently tapped on each of the sleeping girl’s shoulders, trying to wake them up...

“You three...” she whispered, not quite able to get her eyes away from the scene in front of her. “Come on... Wake up... We got a visitor here...”

“...um...?” came a groggy mumble from Angelica, being the first to slip out of the safety of her sleep. Stretching a bit, the shorter, brown-haired girl yarned a little and gave Tomoko a sleepy look. “Who...?”

Tomoko brought a finger up to her lips, silencing her a bit, then pointed up towards the scene next to her... and opened her eyes wider, instantly waking up. Due to the distraction of seeing this new, silver-haired boy right next to her, she didn’t see the others, Keiko and Mitsumi, also spring up out of their rest... and as Mitsumi let out a tiny gasp, it made Yui’s eyes advert from Kaoru to the others looking on at him all of a sudden...

However, at this stage of events, he didn’t really bother now. His conscience was effectively turned off, as were all those dark emotions clouding his earlier judgment. In a way, behind in his girlfriend’s embrace made things seem a whole lot more bearable... and... now that he thought about it... it didn’t seem so bad...

“Oy...” he said quietly to Kaoru, breaking the kiss to say so. “Must be those... you know...”

“Hormones...?” Kaoru winked at Yui, making him smile. “Well... being that we’re as old as we are... they’re bound to be ripe and in their prime now... Why not use them...?”

“Yeah, I agree with that...” Mitsumi sighed, smiling back at the two once she figured out how things were happening. “But Kaoru... I thought you didn’t know much about sex.”

Kaoru shrugged, pulling Yui off the wall... and making the two of them fall next to the biker girl and into the mist of the other girls lying in the bed, landing on top of her Korean boyfriend. “I learned a lot yesterday...”

“And there’s still some things you could get into, sweetie...” Tomoko replied, running a hand through Kaoru’s hair as she began to kiss Yui on his cheeks. “Like... oh, I don’t know... how to make a 5 way into a 6 way... and... for extra credit...”

Kaoru’s eyes lit up, once she found out that Tomoko was sliding off the bed and to her bare knees, landing at the legs of the couple... and both Kaoru and Yui let out a yelp of surprise once a hand found its way in-between both of their legs...

“Having it so that everyone gets their share at the same time...” Tomoko smiled naughtily. It was clear that her perversion was high already, and it all helped everyone else in the room get back into the mood, even at this early hour...

Everyone... except Angelica. Just before any festivities could commence, everyone noticed that she was off the bed, stretching her arms over her head. The sudden turn of events threw all the people in the room off.

“Sorry, but if he’s here, then I’m afraid that I’m out,” she said with her back to the group.

“Huh? You’re kidding right?” Tomoko replied right afterwards. “What’s with the sudden cold feet all because a boy is...”

Tomoko stopped, somehow quickly putting 1 and 1 together. “Let me guess...” she said with a slow voice. Angelica paused for a moment before turning around and smirking.

“Yep. This girl only touches those of the X chromosome and no more,” she replied. “Don’t worry about me... I’ll be finding some fun... elsewhere...”

“Aww... that’s a shame...” Mitsumi mumbled. “But I guess we can’t quite hold you back if you don’t want to stay with us.”

Angelica then turned back around and the rest just watched on as she went out the doorway. Then, for a few moments, it was quiet before Yui made and odd comment.

“Is it just me, or am I the only who is thinking that she’s really planning on leaving without any clothes on.”

Tomoko just waved it off. “Meh, let her go. I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of her, anyways. Well, us girls anyway. The way she carried on last night only got wilder and wilder. She even topped me. Scary...”

All the other girls in attendance merely nodded.

“And here I thought that she was a gentle girl...” Keiko muttered as well. “Could’ve fooled me.”

“Anyways, enough with the silly prattle,” Kaoru announced. “She’s gone, no changing that now. Might as well enjoy the company we got now, right...?”

A bunch of snickers and sly murmurs filled the air in the room, and anyone with any sense knew where it was going... to lead from there...

---- ----

Just outside at the same time, however, Angelica was closing the hotel door behind her, then sighed for a moment, closing her eyes and, for a brief second, she was back to normal... as if nothing happened... then suddenly... literally out of nowhere...

((I’ve found my vessel...))

...then the next second later, she found herself hunched over as a very strong wave flew threw her body. It felt like the initial, perverted surge that welcomed her to this situation in the first place, only a whole lot stronger, easily overcoming her body. It was like it was multiplied by 50....

(W... what’s... happening... to... me...!?)

Letting out a loud moan, the youngest of the Baxter sisters fell on her hands and knees, feeling every end of her body feel as if it was on fire... and the situation didn’t stop until about a minute later and then.... it stopped. Granted, the sensation was still running wild in Angelica’s body, however, she grew a lot calmer, breathing slowly again. It seemed like she was accepting it...

“What.... whatever this is... inside me...” she said to herself in-between pants, slowly “calming” herself down, “it’s... great...”

And with that she stood up, but the look in her eyes was much more... demented... The same with the big smile that she sprouted... Now, things were a lot clearer...

“No girl’s going to escape me, now... I’m going to exert this... and go on a field day. And... I just know how to start...”

---- ----

“We’ve got to get that timing down...” Sakura repeated as her and her two teammates reached their hotel room. “I just know that it’s going to work perfectly, but if we can’t get coordinated, then it’s no use.”

“I don’t know, Sakura,” Karin interjected. “The attack is too conditional... and it’s going to take a lot of effort to pull it off just on one opponent. Personally, I think staying with our original plan will work a whole lot better.”

“Original plan...?” Darrell mimicked, leaning on the wall across from their hotel door, hands in pockets. “And that would be...?”

“That would win without relying on our partners so much. You and Sakura help each other far too often, and anyone half worth their salt is going to pick one of you off. Then we’ll be in the whole lot of trouble.”

“Well, let’s look at you, Miss ‘Be a winner at everything’,” Sakura said in a somewhat bitter tone. “You think that once you’re in you’re going to dominate, but look at what just happened out there! You were facing Ryu for crying out loud! You can’t be like that against a fighter of his caliber; he’s going to beat you every time if you’re going to fight selfishly.”

The Kanzuki girl gave her rival an intense glare. “Oh, ha-ha. Very funny, Sakura, but remember when you guys tried the Harugokusatsu on Ken? You took too long getting to him in the first place and had to rely on Darrell hold him longer than expected. In the allotted time that that happened, he could’ve did an offensive move by himself, like the Saishuu Hinote, and that would’ve been just as effective. BUT... that didn’t even happen, did it?”

Sakura fell silent, making a face as she remembered that part of her spar with Ryu, Ken Masters, and Monica Baxter. “No—“

“That’s right. Ken slipped out and the BOTH of you ate a nice flaming Shinryuken! Why do you think the two of you look a mess now, or did you really forget that?”

As a person passing by would’ve noticed, the work-out clothes that both Darrell and Sakura were wearing had burn marks all over them, where as Karin’s expensive outfit was just a little more or less intact... but she did have a bruise or two on her skin... Well, technically, that was an understatement. Ryu left Karin with quite a bit of battle marks as well, even on her bare legs, courtesy of the fact that the pink outfit sported a skirt.

“Ok, I screwed up once, but that’s not the point,” the younger schoolgirl fighter shot back, staring a hole into Karin. “The point is that I know that in order to win a team tournament we have to ACT like a team!”

“And here I thought that I was full of myself!” the rich girl countered, returning Sakura’s hardened stare. “MY point is that you rely too much on that one aspect! Aren’t you listening to me?”

“I’m listening but you aren’t making any sense to me!”

“Maybe that’s because you don’t have any in you to realize your mistakes! Maybe if your mind wasn’t so fixed on how great of a fighter Ryu is then you’ll get it!”

Sakura’s eyes turned to wildfire. “You take that back!”

“Why should I? I must be right! You fantasize about him every day almost, and I bet you go on and fuck yourself every night imagining that it’s him doing it! Better yet, how about every time you do it with Darrell, huh? Do you scream out his name instead of your own boyfriend!?”

“Why don’t you just go to hell then!?”

“Make me! Come on, I’ll fight you right now if that’s what it takes to get this through your head!”

Then, finally, the third wheel shot off.

“GIRLS!!” Darrell shouted out, his voice going over both Sakura’s and Karin’s. “The both of you! Shut up for a second and LISTEN to yourselves!”

Both girls, who were just seconds away at going at each other’s throats physically instead of verbally, looked back at their third teammate, who was giving them a seriously heated look. They both saw him like this before, but not directed towards them... It was like one he’d give Bison...

“We’re not getting anywhere like this, now are we?” he continued, crossing his arms while doing so. The schoolgirls exchanged glances for a while and then simultaneously sighed.

“Iie... (No...)” came both their replies.

Darrell’s dark eyes then closed, relaxing once again on the wall behind him. “I thought so. Both of those points are valid, but not just one of them is going to help us out here. We need to balance it out. If we don’t do that, then we’re going to lose all our fights here, and I just can’t stand having to witness that.”

A short pause went by before he went on, now opening his eyes again, this time softly.

“All this tension that we’re creating isn’t from the tournament; we’re forcing it on ourselves. Just two days ago we we’re all just fine, partying and what not. Now we’re at each other’s necks and the first match isn’t until next Monday. We’ve got to chill out, get ourselves together and relax... and compromise. Got me?”

“Yeah, I get it...” Sakura muttered, looking at her sneaker as she kicked at the carpet, embarrassed. Karin closed her eyes and also lowered her gaze, trying to regain her composure. The youngest of the group then pushed off his mount on the wall and placed one arm over each girl’s shoulder, bringing their attention back to his brightening expression.

“Let’s try to keep ourselves sane during our stay here, eh? We’ll figure something out. We just have to keep a light head. We have plenty of time to get our game plan set up. Until then, I say we get in our room, change out of these clothes, and take the rest of the day off. What do you say to that?”

The two others nodded in agreement, then Karin, the oldest out of the Young Street Fighters team, pulled out her hotel room key and slipped it in.

“Honestly, with all the expensive items here in this hotel, you’d think that the hotel rooms would reach up to mansion-caliber,” she said, returning back to the Karin both Sakura and Darrell knew so well. “I might have to call Shibizaki and tell him to hire a redecorate team for our room.”

This made Sakura giggle a bit. “Karin, we’re only staying here for a short while.”

“Still,” the blond haired girl said while opening their team’s hotel room door, “my living accommodations should be up to par. I shouldn’t have to come in from a nice workout to look at this.... plain....”

Karin never finished, for the moment her eyes met their team’s living room, she couldn’t bring herself to finish. Their hotel room, which last time they remembered resembled that of a normal hotel room, bland but with all the necessities needed to get by, was now totally different, the surroundings coated with numerous decorations all lighting the room a heavenly red color. Flowers sat on the table in front of the sofa as well as on any real solid surface, and overall everything had a very exotic tone to it...

“What... the hell...?” Darrell mumbled to himself. “The event organizers didn’t tell us that they would be redecorating our room...”

“Still, it looks nice, that’s for sure...” Sakura said, her voice in awe in how beautiful their room had gotten since they left about an hour or so ago. As she took the time to slip out of her sneakers that she wore, the others went on further inside.

“Yeah... I just hope everything that was here before they redecorated is where we put it last...” the flamethrower said while stepping forward and preparing to close the door behind him... only the moment he reached out for the door, it slipped out of his range and closed on its own... making him stumble a little.

“Huh...?” he gasped, the other two in his team looking behind him and noticing that fact as well.

“That... didn’t do that before...” Sakura muttered, a bit confused.

“Automatic door shutter? I’m beginning to like these changes...” the Kanzuki smirked, now comfortably sitting down on the couch of the room. “Hey, they even gave us drinks pre-served! I’m convinced. Class-A Room Service!”


Sakura blinked as she took a look at the table in the middle of the room. As Karin said, strung around the wooden table sat a pitcher with 3 crystal wine glasses, each one with a clear drink already poured in them. As Sakura and Darrell moved closer to observe, Karin found a small card next to the pitcher, picked it up, and read it...

“’To the residence of this room; Ms. Sakura Kasugano, Ms. Karin Kanzuki, and Mr. Darrell Markis... As you may have noticed, your room has been redecorated. This elegant change of scenery is to represent our appreciation for you making it to the exhibition, and to also show the level of customer care in this specialized hotel. We hope you enjoy your new scenery, and also the drinks sitting on the table next to this card.’”

Upon ending the card, Karin’s face read a pleased smirk.

“Oh, I’m really enjoying it already...”

“So... I guess it would be rude to just let that sit there, huh...?” Darrell murmured, making a face. “I wonder if its soda or something... It looks awfully like Sprite.”

“What are you?” Karin jested. “This has to be some sort of fancy wine for it to be served in such a manner.”

The youngest of the three shrugged. “Hey, not everyone’s all into the high-class, you know. To me, as long as it is good to drink, they can serve it in a little paper cup. Just as long as there is enough to fill up on.”

Karin sighed while bringing one leg over the other, grabbing the cup closest to her. “I guess some things never change in you, Darrell...” She then closed her eyes and began to take a small sip of her drink. As she did so, the cherry blossom sat next to her, also preparing a cup to down. Darrell, instead, walked past them and headed towards the window, making Sakura take a quick sip so she could speak.

“You’re not going to have any...?” she asked.

“I will in a second...” he said, looking to the park below. “I’m just checking out the scenery.”

“Well... if you don’t take it soon, then I will,” Karin joked, politely placing the now half-full cup on its holder. “This is quite a drink they’ve given us. I might have to personally thank them for such a nice gift.”

“Well... if you put it that way, then I’ll take mine with me,” Darrell said with a smirk. He then turned away from the window to head back towards the table, grabbing the third, untouched cup, and bringing it with him into his own bedroom, closing the door behind him. As he did, Sakura drank some more and sat back into the couch, sighing happily.

“Sometimes I wonder how things would be like if we didn’t have him around...” she murmured.

“Well... he is the bit of an equalizer...” Karin said.

“Equalizer...?” Sakura repeated.

“Put it this way... Compare us to some of the others here... I think it’s safe to say that I fit the role of the ‘Ken’ here, since I’m the rich girl, and that I like the finer things in life. You’re most certainly ‘Ryu” for you have a passion for fighting that a lot of others admire. Darrell’s...”

Karin then stopped, realizing that in fact she couldn’t find someone to compare Darrell to.

“Darrell’s what...?” Sakura egged her friend on, Karin in turn making a face.

“Well... to be honest, he’s himself. He’s not the snob or overconfident guy that ‘Sean’ is... nor is he so focused on fighting that he’d kill someone... He’s not a ‘Dan’ by any stretch of the imagination... He’s himself. He’s willing to help, doesn’t put himself over his friends, and enjoys a fair challenge...”

“Yeah, I know that...”

Sakura then gulped down the rest of the drink she had in her hand and placed the cup on the holder next to Karin’s.

“I guess that’s why I like being around him...” she ended.

Silence followed afterwards as the two girls sat peacefully next to one another, searching for some words to say. The younger of the two let out a sigh as she pit her eyes to the ceiling, all the while Karin re-crossed her legs and held her glass elegantly.

“Tell me something, Sakura...”

“Huh...? What is it...?”

Karin gave Sakura a mild look from the side of her eyes. “What is it like when you have those moments with Darrell...?”

“Say what...?” Sakura asked back, taken by surprise at the question.

Karin sighed and turned away for a moment, sipping the remains of her drink down. She then went on and took of her matching pink boots and replied, “As you probably know, I don’t have a boyfriend... All the male students in my private school are utter snobs. Sure... some might classify me as a spoiled brat... I guess in some ways that’s right. I’ve been brought up at the pinnacle of our society, so its natural for me to believe that I’m the best there is... That changed somewhat when I met you, you know. At first, it didn’t set in... I was so sure that first fight we had was a fluke, so I trained hard to try to beat you. By the time we fought again and I won, I began to realize just how someone who had fewer things than me could enjoy life so well. It wasn’t just the material things and titles in life that could bring joy into someone. I slowly brought myself back to earth... and looked into the things that made you... you. Forget the little things that brought you happiness... I went straight to the main reasons... Outside of your burning spirit for fighting, you had someone who you shared a bond with... Someone who you could totally relate with... Someone you loved... Same couldn’t be said for me... None of those saps at the Academy can ever be good for me... A Kanzuki isn’t suited to be second dog to anyone. I can see it now. If by any reason I fell for some of those guys who are also heirs of their companies, they might try to use me to get to our resources, or just to boost their own company. It wouldn’t be out of love, but just out of personal gain. That I can’t stand to let that happen...”

Karin’s eyes closed as she continued. “Honestly, I don’t think there’s one man out there that’s my equal... but I’m often left wondering... how it must feel... to have unconditional love... Darrell just seems so perfect for you... You’re very lucky, you know.”

Sakura paused, surprised that the conversation went so deep so quickly. Despite the fact she went along with it, knowing that this is a subject that Karin was very set on...

“Yes, I know I’m lucky... but there’s a belief that there’s a person suited for everyone out there... You don’t have to look for it... It just sort of... happens...”

“Seems too good of a fairy tale for me...” the blond sighed, putting her glass down on the coaster. “Come on... how can love just... you know... pop out of nowhere like that? It’s a bunch of phooey if you ask me.”

Sakura began to respond to that, but a sudden, warm feeling fell through her body. A very tiny gasp escaped her mouth, but before she knew it, it vanished... and...

...and so did something else...

A breath of air rushed out of her mouth and after the sigh, her eyes, already calm and peaceful, went into an even softer tone...

(I know what I can do...)

“Sakura...? Something the matter?” Karin asked, looking next to her to wonder why she suddenly felt so silent. Sakura had her glaze to the carpet below her. Not looking back up, she spoke to Karin.

“Are you so sure about that, Karin?”

Karin paused a bit but still answered. “About love just... happening? Yeah, I’m pretty sure, Sakura.”

“Well... this time you might want to reconsider...”

“Nani?” the rich girl asked, looking at the cherry blossom girl with curiosity. “Just what do you mean by that, huh?”

Sakura now looked back at her... in a certain way that made Karin gasp a bit. This look... It was... different somehow...


Suddenly Karin started to feel strange. The sensation was odd to say the least. She couldn’t quite get a fix on it... It was as if her heart began to pound harder and faster... and a flash of heat blew over her skin... It took her breath away for a moment; that one moment having so many things happen to her at once that could’ve happened in months... even years... It was an unspeakable sensation...

“I don’t know how to exactly say this without sounding dumb...” Sakura admitted, inching a little closer to Karin, “but... well... there’s these things that... well... during our little competitions... I really enjoy... All the times we fight... be it like we did just a few minutes ago or like our fights years ago and in the making... You see... You bring something that none of the others that I spar with bring... Sure... Darrell’s a great thrill to fight... Hinata is fun as well, and I gotta say that Kaoru really tests my abilities... but you seem to do all three at once... plus... you... just have that special tenacity... to be the best... I’m not sure ‘snob’ is what I call you... It’ll be something else... well...”

She paused, Karin realizing that Sakura brought herself the maximum distance closest to her... In fact, their bodies were touching...

“You’re just certainly the best rival I could ever ask for...”

Karin’s cheeks abruptly went crimson and the burning feeling that blew through her literally burst open.

“Wow... Sakura... I never knew you felt that way... To be honest... The times we share together... I can’t really forget about them that well, either...”

The quote caused Sakura to giggle again; a hand coming up shyly upon her mouth as her cheeks began to match the redness of her friend and rival. “I guess that’s something we really do share in common... In fact... Well...”

Sakura’s bright brown eyes gazed kindly into Karin’s, and before the two knew it, they found themselves locked in a heavy invisible embrace, their eyes acting like magnets; attracting them closer and closer to one another...

“You can say... that I’ve fell in love with them...” Sakura ended, her eyes showing lust-filled intensions.

Karin smiled, using a hand to brush a little of her golden locks away from her face. “So... I’m guessing this is... what you were talking about...? About love just... popping up...?”

Sakura, surprisingly, shook her head. “No... This was something... years in the making, Karin...”

“And Darrell...?”

“Don’t worry about him. Just focus on me...”

Karin then no longer questioned it. Despite the fact that all these feelings just ran out of her over the course of 3 minutes, it was almost as if it was all planned all along... Delicately, Karin reached over and pulled Sakura closer to her, the Kanzuki’s touch making Sakura’s eyes close and let herself get reeled in. Once she was close enough, Karin wasted no time letting her lips match her friends, and from there the world seemed like a much brighter place for her. Almost immediately she realized that this was indeed her first true “kiss”, a desire she held deep in her mainframe for the longest time yet thought it was impossible to reach. Now that she had it, she wanted to deeply cherish it... hold it and never let go of it...

For about 10 seconds the kiss was very tame, both schoolgirls not moving anything but their tongues as they pressed on one another, hands clasping with the others as they started to settle in on their new found level of companionship. Although it came out of practically nowhere, the two didn’t complain about it one bit... As time went by, Karin’s grip went around Sakura’s back, leading her back so that the two began to lie down comfortable on the sofa in the living room and from there, things escalated. As the two let the kiss run deeper and deeper the cherry blossom girl let her fingers come up to tug and twirl in Karin’s locks, Karin’s own hands unable to come out of Sakura’s short, dark brown hair. The pair was inseparable, Sakura kissing and licking at Karin while lying on top, and Karin feeling all Sakura’s writing body, from her back to her front. Once Karin got a hold of Sakura’s chest, despite the fact that it wasn’t necessarily large at all, the younger of the two couldn’t help but moan, arching her back and letting Karin grip onto the through her shirt. All that just encouraged the blond more.

“K... Karin...” Sakura struggled to say, beginning to lose her breath as her body reacted to Karin’s delicate yet strong hold on her breasts. “Oh, Karin... A... ah... You’re... making me...”

“Shh... I know...” the Kanzuki replied. “Just relax and let me do this... It’s something I always wanted to do to the one I found myself with in this sort of situation...”

“No, you don’t understand...”

Karin then found herself falling victim to the same sort of treatment she was applying to Sakura, the blossom now holding one of Karin’s breasts through her designer top, squeezing it with quite a bit of pressure behind it.

“It was you who wanted this...” Sakura spoke again, her voice heavy with her breathing. “So it should be you who gets treated like a queen like she deserves...”

“Sa... kura...” Karin moaned, loving Sakura’s hand and the attention she was giving her. Sure, what her short-haired rival and friend turned lover said was true, but still she couldn’t quite accept it... It was missing something...

Reluctantly, Karin attempted to push Sakura off her, but the cherry blossom girl would have nothing of it. She just kept at it, Karin finding herself weakening by the second. Again, she tried to plead with her... but still, Sakura wouldn’t stop. It took quite a bit from her... but she managed to meet Sakura halfway. Since her hands never left Sakura’s body, Karin managed to bring up a hand to Sakura’s mouth, making her stop as if she flipped a switch...

“Sakura... Listen...” the rich girl of the team panted through her pleasure. “I’m trying to tell you... I... I don’t want to be treated the way you assume...”

“Nani...? Karin, what do you mean by that...?”

Karin made a pause, trying to catch her breath some. Once she did...

“I know this might not quite sound like what... a Kanzuki might say, being that we’re all about class and whatnot... but... I don’t wish to be treated like a Kanzuki, Sakura. Not this time... I knew that was what you’d do... but please... just treat me as if I was just a normal girl... Just plain old Karin...”

Sakura paused, trying to understand just exactly why Karin would ask for such a request. “That’s quite unlike you, you know...”

Karin simply nodded. “I know you were listening to what I was saying before... I envy you... You have such a simple way of being who you are and don’t have any type of high class treatment, yet still you live a happier life than me. I always envied that part of you... Something I deeply longed for...”

Sakura kept her silence as Karin went on and placed her pointer finger on her lips playfully, and as she looked at her, Karin’s eyes just didn’t seem the same... They were practically sparkling.

“If you do want to see what I mean... just follow my lead... I don’t want to feel as if someone’s serving me. I’ve had that all my life... In fact...”

Sakura then gasped when she found out that Karin’s finger swooped downwards faster than she could really catch it, and touched Sakura down below her abdomen... in her special spot covered by her sweatpants...

“I’d like it if we... ‘shared’ these new feelings.... You understand...?”

Karin then smiled as Sakura nodded her head as well before leaning forwards and kissing Karin again on the lips. At the same time, Sakura mimicked Karin’s earlier action, playing with Karin’s panties under her stylish skirt. Karin’s body felt an exhilarating charge almost on contact, one that made her body arch into Sakura’s as the cherry blossom’s fingers toyed through the cotton. This made Sakura moan as a deep electric surge ran through her and, at last, she truly understood where Karin was coming from...

The sight as a whole would’ve made any pervert outrageously happy. Both Sakura and Karin were like mirror images, every part of their bodies molding together as if they were two pieces to a puzzle. Things only got more heated up as the kiss escalated, Sakura feeling that is was the longest time she’d just kissed anyone, including Darrell. The moment just felt so good... she didn’t want it to stop for the world. Karin was no different. Their actions grew more wanting as they began to feel a dampness form under the other’s fingers, hearts beating in rough tempo, and the moans became louder and louder without a care at all... Deep breaths quickly filled the air as the foregoing moment just kept going, hearts kicking up their tempo and beating hard against one another, and each girl’s cheeks turning abrupt crimson as the passion totally overtook them…

Karin finally felt that missing ingredient to her bliss. Everything was just how she wished... and with a girl that she’d be affiliated with for a long time... and the entire moment was totally overwhelming. Her grip on Sakura grew tighter as she felt herself literally began to feel her love juices flowing out under Sakura’s fingers... No real words could explain just how... happy she was...

Sakura, in turn, tried her best to keep her end of the deal afloat despite the hot surges claiming every fiber of her body. She’d probably had faired better if it weren’t for the fact that Karin was so deceptively... GOOD at this... It totally blew her mind how Karin’s lustful touches were making her so hot, and her mind, body, soul.... everything craving for more... This time tracing a free hand along Karin’s locks and face, Sakura pushed her fingers further into Karin’s panties, just barely touching a hardened nub through the limitations of the fabric (just why she wasn’t just plain taking it off was beyond her, but still, it felt soooo hot...). Surprising the cherry blossom, however, Karin’s reaction to her little move was practically instant. A lightning bolt shot through her now sweating body and her mouth gaped open in a smile of pure bliss... something that of its magnitude never appeared before on her face...

“M... my god...! S... Sakura...! Don’t stop...! Please...!”

Along with the intensity of Karin’s pleads, Karin’s own hand showed off her need, sliding under the fabric of Sakura’s sweatpants to feed the cherry blossom the same way. Sakura, in her own right, just couldn’t imagine this behavior from Karin, and everything was hitting the right nerves... Never... ever... did she feel this... electrified... It got to the point that Sakura couldn’t form words anymore due to the state in which she was in. Once Karin (somehow managing to move through the tidal waves of wet pleasure pounding down on her) worked her workout pants down to Sakura’s knees and began to directly please her brown-haired lover personally under her soaked undies, Sakura arched her back fiercely, the pleasure resting between her legs driving her mad...

“Karin!! I can’t hold it much longer!” she practically screamed out, Karin heeding the warning as she felt Sakura’s pussy pulse through her shamelessly wet fabric. Knowing she wasn’t too far off herself, Karin let herself go, not fighting any of her strong urges off (not that she really was anyways). She kissed Sakura strongly all over her pretty face, totally fueled by her lust towards the Ansatsuken user, speeding up her pace so that practically each second Sakura moaned as loud as she could, transforming her into a wild, sex-shocked shell of her former self... Sakura couldn’t contain herself, shaking wildly below her rival, eyes closed shut and her pussy drooling over Karin’s fingers...

“KARIN!!!” she finally screamed at the top of her lungs, her body jolting up like a cat dumped with water as she felt a unbelievably strong current shoot out of her and into her panties and Karin’s hand, no long able to hold onto the inevitable orgasm building with. Sakura’s reaction to her own orgasm instantly triggered a domino effect into Karin, as if in a shockwave, as Karin found herself unable to stop herself from losing her grip on herself as well...

“Oh, yes...! Yes! Sakura....!!” Karin replied harshly, gripping Sakura’s body as tightly as Sakura was doing to her as she felt herself losing it all... “Sakura!! SAKU.... RAAAA!!!!”

---- ----

“KO! You win!”

“(sigh) As usual...”

It wasn’t easy for Darrell to bore with a video game. Especially a fighting game, but today it seemed to be one of those off days. The PlayStation 2 controller in his hands dropped softly on the carpet and he stood up off the edge of his bed briefly, reached forward, and turned off the system as well as the 20” TV on the stand next to him. He then found his body flopping backwards on the neat bed sheets behind him, back-first, eyes squarely on the ceiling above him. For a short while his mind was a blank with no random thoughts at all.

“I wonder what other teams made it so far...” he said to himself finally. “It’ll do me some good to head out and see the others work out and such.”

A few moments later and Darrell sat up on his bed, punching his open hand with a fist.

“Yeah! I’ll do just that. I’d better change clothes, though. Ken really did a number on me...”

With that, the young fighter hopped to the ground and threw off his beaten up shirt onto a random bed pole. Afterwards, he headed to his dresser and began rummaging through his drawers, looking for an old jersey or something to wear outside.

“No... No.... Uh-uh... Not that either...”

After a few moments in one drawer, coming up empty-handed, he closed that one and went to the next one. However, he couldn’t look at much before the door knocked...

“Darrell...?” came a voice from the other side.

“Yeah, Sakura?”

“What’re you up to now?”

“I’m... getting dressed... Why? You need me?”

“Yeah... and it’s a little urgent. Can you come here?”

Darrell paused and looked towards the closed door. “I... don’t have a shirt on, Sakie...”

“That’s ok. I just need you right now...”

“...alright, whatever...”

Darrell quickly found a black shirt in the drawer and threw it on, then went to reach to the door, but not before noticing the cup that he placed on the little table next to the door. Not thinking much of it, Darrell picked up the little cup and took a quick sip before bringing it with him to the living room. Closing the door after him, Darrell grew aware that no one was actually in the room. The couch was blank, and the doors to everything except the kitchen were closed...

“Sakura?” he called, putting his hands in his jean pockets just as a pair of arms gently found their way around his neck...


“Oh... There you are... What’s with leaving me all alone in this room, huh?”

Darrell smirked, trying to look behind him, but the pair of arms made sure he kept seeing forwards. “Well... if putting on fresh clothes is a crime, then...”

“Well... in this case it is...”

Darrell made a small double take, noticing the tone of voice within Sakura’s mouth... “Sakura...” he whispered. “I appreciate what you’re trying to do... but come on... Karin’s still here... We can’t do this now.”

“Karin...? What are you talking about? I’m right here!”

And before he even knew himself, Darrell’s eyes grew buggy. THAT voice was right behind him... not Sakura’s. Instantly he shrugged the person off his back and stumbled forward, spinning around to see Karin’s smiling face glaring back at him... and at the moment, with nothing on her body save for the pink skirt and a white bra that went with her lovely outfit from fighting earlier... not to mention a mischievous smile on her million-dollar face...

”Hey...! Is this some type of joke, Karin!?” he shot back, his right eye twitching a bit. “Not funny, you two!”

“Oh, this is no joke...” Sakura’s voice rang again, Darrell tracing it to the other side of his door. His bedroom door closed to show Sakura, who also stripped herself of her shirt, as well as her bra... and at that moment, Darrell’s eye pupils dilated... In a flash, a thought came to his mind... back at the bar two nights ago... with King, Mei-Ling, and Fen... and all the rumors that were beginning to spread among the fighters attending the competition...

[Holy shit...! It suddenly makes sense now...! That bar! I should’ve known that something was fishy about that place...!]

And then he gasped, grabbing his throat upon realizing that fact, dropping his glass on the carpet and spilling the clear drink held inside...

[And I DRUNK some of that...! It must’ve come from...! Oh, god, I gotta warn somebody! Kim! Yeah...! He’s the one who’s starting that justice party or whatever...! I gotta get to him fast before...]

And almost as if they read his mind, Sakura let out a giddy laugh while stepping forwards...

“Honestly, Darrell... Why would you want to leave...? I bet you had dreams of this sometime or another...”

Trying to ignore it, Darrell instantly turned his sights to the front door of their hotel room and without hesitation began to make a break for it... but he couldn’t make two steps forward before a hand latched onto his right hand and another on the back of his shirt neck... Next thing he knew, he was thrown down hard onto the pink carpet floor head first...

“Uugh...” his groan filled the air as he found himself looking at the ceiling, rubbing the back of his head with a hand... but soon stopped and froze as two girls came into his sight...

“Oops!” came Karin’s voice from above. “Didn’t mean to drop you like that... but it’s really rude for you to just up and leave when two lonely ladies need your help...”

“Yep, that’s right, my little chocolate bar,” Sakura rang right afterwards. “That’s not like you at all...”

Darrell instantly started to jump back up again, but Sakura dropped to the floor before he could get up and pinned him down by his shoulders with her hands and knees...

“See? This is more like it...” she snickered. “Just stay like that...”

“Sakura...! Let me go...!” the youngest of the three cried out, desperately trying to think of something to get away. He tossed and turned and tried to throw her off, but that just didn’t happen. Sakura stayed tight on him like a fly to flypaper.

“Don’t worry yourself so much...” another voice, Karin’s, said, rang through the air, making Darrell stop cold as he felt something began messing around with the zipper to his jeans... “You don’t have to actually do anything... You just need to relax... I’ll give you a king’s treatment... no questions asked...”

Although he couldn’t see it, he most certainly could feel it, and know what was going on... Karin was unzipping the fly to his jeans... and softly removing the article of clothing from his body... all the while Sakura used one hand to roll up the shirt towards his chin...

“All you have to do is be hard for us, Darrell...” Karin whispered, finding her prize after unwrapping it down below...

“No...! Karin, STOP!!” Darrell screamed out, although by this moment, his face was becoming flushed despite his best efforts. “Don’t do this to me...!”

“Why not...?” Karin smirked, her head lowering to Darrell’s now exposed cock. “I’m pretty sure that if Sakura did this, you’d change your tune...”

“No...! It’s not that... I... I mean... Just... It isn’t right...! This isn’t like you two...! Come on! Snap out of it!”

The Kanzuki girl smiled and grasped his hard member with a hand, making its owner gasp hard at the sensation that followed...

“Trust me... I think only Sakura knows how I’m truly like on the inside... isn’t that right...?”

Sakura snickered as she watched their teammate collapse back onto the carpet, panting lightly as Karin’s hand ran up and down on his dick. “Yep... That’s right... and trust me... you’ll begin to like it...”

The youngest of the group closed his eyes hard, trying his best to force out the warm feeling of pleasure that was starting to build within him, his mind trying to focus on getting out of there... Problem was, he had nowhere to go, and with every second Karin played with him, it became a whole lot more difficult for him to fight his urges...

Sakura still sensed the unwillingness in her boyfriend, and decided to help uplift his worries... Now sitting beside him, she softly ran her hand down his forehead and short black hair and said in a soft tune, “Now, now, there, Darrell... It’s ok... Just let it go. It’s ok...”

“N... no.... I... can’t...” he still managed to say despite it being a pretty weak defense, eyes closed heavily as he dug deep within himself to break free, but for some reason, Karin and Sakura’s hold on him combined wasn’t going to let that happen for long... His hands gripped the carpet now, just as something escaped him that he wish didn’t...

He let out a gasp... Not any old gasp... but one that Karin and Sakura knew meant without even hesitating with it...

(He’s cracking...) Karin thought gleefully, now defiantly deciding to take it to the next level before it was too late. Granted, 20 minutes ago she wouldn’t necessarily know what to do in such a situation and personally, she wouldn’t have even imagined doing anything of the like, but that certainly wasn’t the case right now. Apparently, everything just seemed to flow without her thinking about it... and it was all working so well... Now ending her current little hand massage, the Kanzuki lay her body down parallel to the carpet, positioning herself so that her hands rested on Darrell’s thighs, and let out a bit of a snicker as she let her face see what was standing up rigid right in front of her...

(He won’t know what hit him...)

...most certainly he did.

“K... Karin.....!” he gasped out, his voice now lighter as he began breathing harder for air. The blond of the group stopped her little surprise treatment on Darrell and looked over to see his face... and there it was... That look of defiance was gone... With Darrell’s eyes open now, she could very well see the want within...

“That’s what I wanted...” she said huskily. “Now... go ahead and say the magic words... and I’ll continue from where I left off...”

“...ah... P... K.... Keep... s... sucking......”

“Good enough...” she replied, more than happy to keep up with Darrell’s request. Just as Karin welcomed Darrell’s member into his mouth and him mouth gapped open to let out a shudder, Sakura wasted no time jumping right on her boyfriend’s mouth, instantly letting out a gasp as his tongue and breath hit her hot lower regions…

“Oooohhh! That’s great…!” the cherry blossom sighed happily as her enjoyed Darrell involuntarily lapping at her pussy lips. “Keep him moaning, Karin, I’m liking this a lot…!”

Again, the Kanzuki girl wasted no time, continuing her play on the only boy in the group, still sucking greedily on Darrell’s hardness, who, in turn, found himself deep within a sea of hot lust… something he just happened to be liking more and more…

Every time Karin hit a soft spot in him, his mouth would hit Sakura’s sweetness in just the right spot, making her moan all over again as she gave into her wild passion even more than before. All this was starting to get to the blond’s head, and before she knew it, her own body was once again getting deeply aroused to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore… She needed some more of the action as well…

After about only a minute and a half of this, Karin upped the ante again, now taking the rod out of her mouth, now totally covered with her saliva, and, without any remorse on her mind, placed her own dampening pussy over Darrell, instantly letting out a yell at the first feeling of something like THIS go deep within her…

“Oooh!! Put it in me deeper!” she cried out, her mind now completely lost as she began to hop up and down Darrell’s shaft, now as wild as she had ever been in her entire existence. “Make me CUM you two…!!”

And, from there… the moment spurred on… and at that point… Darrell long forgot about the cause of all this uncontrolled lust… all that he could be brought to recall was just how wild the rest of the day became between him and his two teammates…

---- ----

“He, he... Score three for the Shiranui kunoichi...!”

Just outside the Young Street Fighters excited room, one Mai Shiranui couldn’t have felt more proud of herself. Sure, sneaking into the room was easy. Coming up with the right opportunity to use the crystal drinks was another. Lucky for her about the argument... or else she feared she’d have to actually show herself... but what’s the fun in that with no challenge in it all...?

“I best leave... I don’t want to get caught out here... or catch myself giving in to all those sweet sounds myself... There’s much more to be done...!”

And with that, along with three simultaneous yells of bliss from the room behind her, Mai scampered out of sight, her next plan already in mind... and a dousie to boot...

----- -----

“Oriya...! Tadaima...! (Here I am...!) Yakeru! (Burn!)

Outside the window of the Young World Warriors room and down below, streaks of flames slew all through the air, as young Emi attacked with greater focus with each and every attack. She’d been outside training with her boyfriend and sensei, Kyo for a while now, and she’d been keeping a steady pace with the Kusanagi heir, who was simply guarding all her attacks.

After her last special attack, the Tsuki No De, Kyo jumped back, Emi quick to follow. She threw a few blows, getting encouragement from her sensei, but once she was into a state of security and attacked again, Kyo threw a counterattack of his own, Emi letting out a yelp, instinctively swaying head backwards to avoid being clocked by his fist.

(Normally that would’ve caught her...) he thought, smirking a bit as Emi stood on guard in her stance. “Alright, that’s enough...”

The comment made Emi blink a little. “Huh? Are you serious? I mean... you know... So soon?”

Kyo put a hand in his white jacket and nodded once. “Yeah. Call me crazy, but I want to find Benimaru. He didn’t come back from wherever he went with Mai the other day, and Daimon didn’t see anything at all. To think about it, Keiko’s also missing. Honestly, I was almost looking forward to having her barge in on us the other night... It was just too good that we actually went uninterrupted... well... besides the Shingo incident...” Kyo paused once again, making a face... “Come to think about it... He’s never came back his own self.... Geez. What’s with everyone all of a sudden?”

Emi nodded in acknowledgement. “You want me to come with you?”

“Nah, I’ll be alright,” the Kusanagi heir waved it off, staring to head towards the hotel again. “You just relax. You did pretty well today. I’ll catch you back at the hotel room, alright?”

“Ok. I’ll see you then.”

Kyo gave Emi a loving look and then went inside, the door to the back of the lobby only a few feet away. Once he was cleanly inside, Emi sighed and sat next to a nearby tree. Wiping the light sweat away from her body with a towel that she hung on a low branch, she temporarily looked up at the sky, her mind flashing back to the other night. To say that she was shocked about it all would’ve been a big understatement. Yet... somehow the thought, just as fast as it had went into her mind, it crept out, and she found herself just closing her eyes and letting the breeze sweep by...

“Hello, there!”

The sudden voice startled Emi, knocking her out of her dormant mood. Opening her eyes towards the sound of the voice, the brown-haired Esaka girl managed to meet someone she rarely saw outside of the TV. In front of her was another young girl, her natural purple hair done in a very stylish ponytail curling down the back. On her body rested a casual but just as eye-catching yellow short shirt showing off her mid-section, black jean skirt socks and custom made sneakers to match. The words “Psycho Queen” ran in big letters along the shirt and sides of her skirt... Easily, her presence definitively got Emi’s full attention.

“Athena Asamiya! Wow, its been a long time,” Emi greeted while standing up to meet the superstar singer with a warm smile.

“Yes, it has,” Athena replied brightly. “You’re not as common at KOF like Kyo-san is. Its nice to see you again.”

The little comment was true, but it wasn’t without good reasons... Despite that, it didn’t phase Emi one bit.

“What brings you here to this exhibition?” the idol asked, bending down to sit next to Emi as the brown-hair plopped back onto the grass.

“Well... Kyo-sensei wants to see the progress that Shingo and I have been making,” came Emi’s honest reply. “Honestly, I don’t think he’s going to be doing a lot outside of that. He didn’t seem too... driven to fight for himself.”

“That’s like Kusanagi-san alright...” Athena said while making a face. “How about the others?”

“Oh, everyone’s here. Benimaru, Daimon, Miyuki, and my sister, too.”

Athena smiled again while crossing her semi-bare legs. “That’s pretty big for a team...”

“So is it true?” Emi asked right afterwards. “You’re on a different team now?”

“Without hesitation Athena nodded. “Yep. I’m on a brand-new team with Melody Forte and Chela Castillo from the World Warrior circuit. I’m going to show that baka Kensou that I don’t need him to get by. Indeed, that’s the other way around.”

Emi could sense a very small tint of bitterness in Athena’s lovely voice and decided to leave the subject alone. “So where is your new team now?”

Athena looked up to the sky a bit, holding her hands behind her head, and replied, “Melody’s taking a stroll around the area and Chela mentioned contacting her family back in Mexico.”

Emi nodded in confirmation, “And you? What were you up to before you decided to say hi to me?”

“Just checking to see who else made it here. For once I think this tournament will go by without some crazy, power-hungry god or whatever controlling it. Honestly, that gets on your nerves going through all that all the time.”

The comment made Emi giggle some, Athena smiling at her new friend’s gleefulness.

“That’s so true,” the Esaka girl added. “I mean, why can’t those sort of things end like normal competitions? I’d bet money that happens at every KOF from start to finish. It does sort of worry me every time Kyo goes to one when I stay in safety. I know he doesn’t like going, but those white envelopes are like homing missiles, and once they find you, it’s like you have to go. Just what is with that, anyways...?”

Athena, surprisingly, shrugged. “I honestly haven’t thought about that... Good point.”

Emi then brushed the question aside. “What I mean to say is, usually when he gets back there’s that vibe... especially since after N.E.S.T.S. went down. I’m just glad he got back at all. Seriously. I wish those tournaments would be tamer. Kyo almost went nuts once these invites showed up. He just came back from the last KOF not too long ago, and I had to show it to him that it wasn’t a KOF invite. I never saw him so relieved, so I guess I don’t blame him if he doesn’t participate this time around.”

The Esaka girl paused, giving Athena a quizzical look, then continued. “Are these things as stressful to you?”

“Well... in a way...” Athena replied a bit uneasily. “I guess its because Kyo’s family clan is hereditarily so strong that all these things just fall on him. I can’t relate. I guess its that I get frustrated at times because the Psycho Soldiers never, ever made it to the semi-final rounds in any of the KOFs. We always wind up fighting either Kyo, Iori, K`, or Terry’s teams and we never match up right.” Athena closed her eyes and sighed hard. “I wish at the most that I could have some solid backup. You know what happened at the last one. It wound up to me alone facing both Maxima and K`, and although I started off fighting, I already knew I wasn’t going to make it. However, half-way into my bout, I just quit. I couldn’t do it all by myself...” A long pause again, Emi now seeing Athena’s eyes grow softer from the memory. The idol’s left hand picked up a blade of grass and blew it away in one breath.

“You know, I envy you...”

“Nani?” Emi blinked, the quote surprising her. Did she hear right? How could an international singing sensation envy a simple girl like her? Athena turned to her and repeated.

“I sort of wish I was in your shoes. Even if you enter KOF, you’re there with Kyo backing you up. My best shot is Kensou, and ever since he lost his psycho power things just haven’t clicked. Heck, off the tournament scene, you’re his girlfriend, yet with me I just don’t necessarily see Kensou in the same light. At time I wonder what he actually finds attractive about me. A large part of me says its just about how beautiful I am physically and that’s it, but I’m not sure... I get so much mail from horny boys saying that but it’s obviously the same vibe with them all. Guys can be so trivial...”

Emi took a pause as she thought of a response, taking the time to look over Athena’s attire again at in the process.

“It’s... to be expected, though...” she said after a short while of quiet between the two. “The way you dress... and you natural pretty face and such...”

Athena then noticed a few strands of her dark violet hair being lifted up and observed, making full eye contact with Emi, who held her hair in a hand... Oddly, the expression on her face... seemed as if she was really fascinated in they way she looked...

“You’re really gifted with so many things that leave so many dreaming about you... You’re... a... really enchanting...”

Then, suddenly Emi stopped, noticing just what she was saying and doing. A hard color of crimson fell over her face, at the same time releasing her hold on Athena’s locks of hair.

“Oh, dear... I... I’m sorry...” the brown-haired girl gasped out her apology. “I... I don’t know what came over me...”

Athena shook her head. “No. It’s alright...” she then flicked at her long hair as she spoke. “You don’t need to feel embarrassed over that... You make a lot of sense, anyways...”

The pop-singer then inched herself closer to the Esaka girl, the two sitting side by side and touching by the side of their arms and legs... and for some odd reason, Emi’s blush grew even hotter, almost as if her entire face was on fire...

(God... W... what’s coming over me...? I’m so hot now... a... and this close to her...)

Athena then turned and noticed the flushed expression that was quickly claiming Emi’s being and asked softly “Are you alright, Emi?”

“I...” was all that managed to come out of her mouth, her eyes mesmerized by Athena’s presence. As much as she was telling herself to look away and regain her composure, she just couldn’t...

“Emi...?” Athena asked again, just as Emi’s eyes stopped staring into hers and gazed down at the grass with a glossy tone, blush intact.

“Athena...” she began, her voice a light whisper, I just... realized just how... ‘attractive’ you are... and... well... its gotten to the point that I can’t help but feel jealous all of a sudden... Its amazing how you haven’t really found anyone yourself, since you... have so many boys falling for you all over the world.”

Was she really saying all this...? So sudden...? The answer was totally fleeting Emi’s mind right now, and deep, deep inside her it was scaring her. She never felt this way before... and everything... her feelings... her actions... her words... were all so foreign to her... Regardless of all this, she found herself still speaking...

“I don’t know why... but suddenly I feel self-conscience of myself... I mean... I think the only reason I’m with Kyo is because... well...”

She never managed to finish her thought as a hand gently held under her chin, lifting her focus back up to the idol’s face, whose eyes were warm and holding a sudden... spark... in them...

“Emi... I’m not sure what’s going through your head... but you’ve got nothing to worry about...”

The flame-user of the two suddenly found the Psycho Soldier creeping closer still to her, their faces just millimeters apart...

“It doesn’t bother me about the others I’ve passed on before... I’ve just been waiting on the right one... but you...”

Eni’s body was frozen in place, eyes locked on Athena as she kept falling forwards...

“You shouldn’t worry... You’re great as you are... In fact...”

...and the next comment, literally, hit Emi square on her own lips...

“I find you plenty attractive myself...” Athena ended, her voice growing deeper than it had been the last few minutes, a rosy tint to her own cheeks appearing to accommodate the situation they found themselves in... “Just... just enough... to...”

Athena’s eyes closed as her sentence trailed off... and left it to finish, not with her words... but with her lips...

The moment Athena’s lips fell over hers, Emi’s mind completely erased itself. Her eyes widened in contrast to Athena’s, her body statue-still. She couldn’t move at all as the singer delivered an insanely slow kiss on her, her lips so sweet she was almost certain she was tasting pure apples right then and there... As her mind was sent far away into the wind, Emi’s right hand, the one farthest way from her companion, gripped the grass below her, just as Athena’s right fell over her other...

And just like that, the two young girls found themselves lost within the deep meeting of their mouths, their breaths escalating together in deepness and the warmth within their bodies growing more. Seconds passed... then a few minutes... and still the two didn’t show any signs of stopping this... mother of a kiss... It seemed to last an eternity to both Emi and Athena, and with each passing second their want... no... need to be with one another was as solid as still. By the time they did break their mind-blowing kiss, the two were terribly flustered, breathing harder than they have even had their entire lives... It was unreal...

“A... A... Athena...” Emi’s passion-filled voice escaped her vocal chords. “Kiss me again... P... please...!” she was practically begging to be attended to...

...and the long-haired star answered her plan instantly. She threw herself into Emi’s clutches, her own hands holding out Emi’s shoulders tight as then passionate kiss returned two-fold, hungrier and more wanting that before... Emi’s hands pressing Athena’s lithe body against her own while the other flowed feverishly in her hair. Legs intertwined in the heat of the moment and every inch of their skin was scorching from the sudden heat that sprung from within their souls...

As the two melted fully into one another, they slid down closer to the soft field of grass below until they lay on their sides, stopping their first hot kiss to quickly gather up a little of their strength to apply another. The two members of KOF gazed hard into each others’ eyes, trying to catch themselves as they both wondered, through all they’ve been going through... just what was making them do this all of a sudden...

Emi perhaps more so than Athena...

“Athena...” she panted, the first sensible word to flow through the air in the past... 3 minutes or so... “Y... you know... we shouldn’t... shouldn’t be doing this...”

Athena just nodded her head, still breathing harshly through her mouth. Gosh, she never felt this... bothered in her whole life... She wanted to reply with words... and even more so with her actions... but she just couldn’t pass anything through her heavy pants...

Emi, in turn, took a deep breath, despite the fact that it didn’t help much, and tried her best to muster up her next choice of words...

“I... I’m supposed... to stay... true to Kyo...”

Still terribly close to giving Athena more of what she was currently enjoying, Emi took her time collecting the words she so desperately needed to say...

“And I’ve never even... thought about doing this with another girl... but right now... I just don’t care...”

As she continued, Emi’s right hand found its way to Athena’s bare legs, tracing them from bottom of her ankles to the top of her thighs, Athena closing her eyes and savoring Emi’s touch fully...

“I... want to try... this... with you...” Emi finally finished, the breathless stemming from her excitement returning again. “I... don’t know why I--”

“You don’t have to...” Athena cut her off, opening her eyes to share her peaked passion with Emi. She just couldn’t wait for it anymore. “Just... take... me...”

The final three words came spaced out among one another, yet the moment the third hit her ears, any hint of hesitation eroded off of Emi’s conscience completely. Now the roles from earlier reversed, Emi coming into Athena’s welcoming arms and kissing the idol fiercely on her sweet lips while positioning herself on top of Athena, pressing her back onto the grass below... Once her back made contact with the ground, Emi left her lips alone to focus on other means of making Athena hot all over, and as Emi’s warm kisses fell onto her cheeks, neck, and shoulders, Athena realized that this was something most fan boys would’ve killed for...

...all of which Emi, who didn’t have the slightest clue as to what to actually do in this new situation, was magically accomplishing with expert tenacity... It was as if something... or someone... was guiding her... making her do all the right moves... and everything she did seemed to work perfectly... leaving the Psycho Soldier moaning as she had no choice but to sit back and receive all Emi gave her...

“Ooooooh... Emi...” Athena let out in a far-away voice. “E... Emi... Oo.... Ah.....!”

In all honestly, the only things that could be made out were non-sensible groans and sighs, and each time Athena managed to say Emi’s name, Emi’s own arousal grew, making her just as far-gone as Athena was without being touched...

The short-haired girl fought her own burning urges to keep herself focused on her target, now seeking to explore the beautiful singer’s body. Without saying a word, she grasped hold of Athena’s yellow top, and with the owner’s assistance, removed it completely off her body. Emi then paused again, gazing at every little detail that rose on Athena’s bra-protected chest. Besides little... moments with her sister when she was younger, she never been so close to another woman’s breasts before... and Athena’s left her nothing short of amazed.

“They’re... perfect...” was all Emi said, her voice now in a whisper. Along with the comment, she let a hand reach down and touched one of the two bumps personally through the cotton material...

...triggering a noticeable louder moan of appreciation from Athena’s mouth, her body now flat on the grass in a state of euphoria. Seeing the effect that little touch had, the Esaka girl decided to push the envelope even more, now grabbing hold to Athena’s left breast fully rather than simply touching it... and the product was twice as rewarding as the first. A long, loud moan escaped the singer’s vocal chords, her eyes closed heavily, her face a hard crimson, and her head thrown to the side, her whole body aching for more...

“Oh... god... D... do that again... Emiiiiiii.....” she encouraged her new lover, something that was done with much pleasure intended. Emi now squeezed and massaged Athena’s breasts, both of them, through her cotton bra, and the Psycho Soldier couldn’t get enough of it. Her gasps and groans were coming out faster and louder than before as time went by, and Athena could fully feel a steady slickness beginning to develop underneath her skirt and panties, turning her own even more...

“Aaah...! Ohhhhh, don’t stop, Emi...! ....Sooo.... goooood....!”

Emi could fully sense Athena’s arousal reaching new heights, her body now fidgeting restlessly as more waves of pleasure settled in. Wanting to keep this going as long as possible, Emi decided it was time to get bolder...

“Athena...” she cooed softly, her fingers tracing the outlines on Athena’s sole defense against leaving her chest open and exposed to the world around her, “This will... be... This will have to be done away with...”

The violet-haired girl’s only response was a longing moan, unable to wait any longer. She had to have it... now...

Emi easily reached behind Athena and within seconds, did away with the last little garment on the top of Athena’s body...

...and in the same amount of time, caused Athena to practically scream out in sheer joy, ducking down and lapping at Athena’s bare mounds with her tongue. As Emi tried to fit as much as Athena’s tit into her mouth as possible, the singer’s hands flew onto the back of her head, holding her dearly as she felt herself get closer to her limit. She just couldn’t stop moaning and each lick, suck, and even nibble on her fleshy mounds made her body quake with raw pleasure...

“Emi...! I...! I...!!”

The Esaka girl then found Athena’s entire body grow rigid for a few moments, and by the tightening expression on her face, knew what about to happen...

“Emmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

Said girl quickly shot a hand beneath Athena’s skirt, just in time to feel hot streams of Athena’s nectar splash against the already wet panties she wore, all as Athena yelled out to the heavens as she came... with her lower wardrobe still on her body...

It took a while for Athena to finally stop cumming all over herself, but she didn’t wait for that to cease before she sat up and landed a deep lustful kiss onto Emi’s lips, arms snaking around her lover’s neck. Athena then, at the golden moment, realized something...

First the other day with Kasumi...

Now here with Emi...

She suddenly smiled inside. She never realized it before... Just how... dirty had she became over the last 24 hours? And the kicker was... she loved her newfound perverted-ness. It was brining her to a brand new world, one that was always bright, sunny and full of surprises. She was finally free from her stressful schedule, her pressure to perform, and upkeep her image in front of annoying paparazzi. Athena left her old, superstar self behind... and all that remained was the pleasure-crazing Psycho Soldier.

Still locked with the Esaka girl by the lips, the violet-haired girl pushed softly onto Emi’s chest, and without fighting it, Emi’s body willingly fell to the grass back first.

“Thank you..." Emi’s partner said close to her ear. “Now, its your turn...”

Emi let out an “mmmmm...” as Athena began to return the favor, teasing her companion by trailing her fingers along the curves on Emi’s shirt, namely her chest area. As Emi cooed, Athena spoke lightly.

“You know... because of you I’ve finally realized something that was hidden in me... These... beautiful feelings... I wouldn’t trade them for the world...”

Emi then felt more movement, and lifted her head to see Athena sit up on her own abdomen, unzipping her jean skirt... and Emi couldn’t help but grow a little crimson...

“I don’t have anymore worries...” the Psycho Soldier continued, now maneuvering herself in a particularly seeing way to slip out of her shirt, “and I don’t care about anything else other then exploring myself... I simply need to know more...”

“I... I see...” Emi began to pant, now seeing Athena’s strip tease continue, now slipping out of her practically drooling panties, Emi now gazing upon her lover’s fully nude body save her socks and sneakers... and, after another minute or two, those were discarded as well. Seeing Emi’s red face made Athena giggle some more. “You like?”

Emi couldn’t do anything but nod her head shamelessly. Another giggle fell from Athena. “Don’t you think you should rid yourself of something as well...?”

Emi quickly got the meaning to Athena’s words, but the instant she began to reach for her own top, Athena’s hand beat hers to it.

“No, no...” the Psycho Soldier said, waving a naughty finger in Emi’s direction. “I’ll handle everything... You just relax...”

“Ok, Athena...”

Once the Esaka girl surrendered herself, Athena used a hand to roll up the bottom of Emi’s shut Emi having to hold her arms up above hear heed to get it off...

“I’m going to make this fun for the both of us...” Athena assured with a flashy smile, tossing Emi’s shirt to the side where the rest of the singer’s clothes lay. Her hands then fooled around on Emi’s collarbone, all the while Athena repositioning herself so that she sat on the top of Emi’s stomach, Emi felling Athena’s sweetness easily... Once she was happy with her position, the long-hair girl’s hangs then homed in on the fastens on Emi’s bra, and had them off in no time...

“I... want you to really see this...” the girl in command murmured, bending over on Emi’s bare chest and settling her head above the aroused breasts. “You’ll like...”

Shortly afterwards, Emi’s throat got caught in her throat as she felt something wet and rough, Athena’s red tongue, lap point plank at the tip of the Esaka girl’s hardened nipples, slow yet long. After only two of these, Emi’s throat couldn’t hold back the loving moan that was building within her. Her head rolled in a circle as Athena continued to lick solely on her nipples, the feeling just as great, if not more, than when Kyo did these things to her...

It was now time for Emi to call Athena’s name in pure bliss, now truly understanding the effects that these actions caused.

(You haven’t seen anything yet, Emi...)

Curiosity overcame Athena’s mind and, now convinced Emi was ready for it, stopped licking. The Esaka girl, however, couldn’t respond in protest, as Athena rose a small bit... bringing herself closer to Emi’s face... stopped... then sat back down again...


The reaction was instant; Emi’s eyes shooting open from the new shocking feeling that fell on her right breast, and also the same time, a chill flew through her body at the feel of something even wetter than Athena’s tongue enveloped her breast...

“Oohh... This... feels... weird...” Athena said, making an odd face as she tried to get a hang of this new position. She shuffled her hips some, shook around a bit... and searched for a nice feel on Emi’s breast...

Little did she know each move was hitting Emi’s VERY hard...

“K... kami..! Athena...!” she found herself wailing. “What are you DOING...!?”

“What does it look like, silly...?” Athena smiled back, now finding a groove. Rest assured, it was EXACTLY as it looked like. Athena was literally sitting on Emi’s breast, but not any old ‘sit’. Athena’s bare, moist pussy was totally covering up Emi’s breast...

.and if Emi’s guess was right... then...



The moment the thought crept into her head, Emi almost felt a gallon of her own juices shoot to her own wetness like a geyser in anticipation, a long, loud moan echoing throughout the are as her head pressed hard against the earth...

The action, ironically, causing a domino effect on Athena, as she just computed what she was doing, and about to do... and her own pussy started to leak all over again... Breathing heavy and eyes closing just as hard, Athena leaned back, half home the pleasure racking her body again, and the other half from needing to strip Emi’s remaining wardrobe from her body... After a few clumsy attempts, she managed to work Emi’s pants, now showing their own damp spots, and also her panties, down far enough for Emi to kick them off herself, the brown-haired girl’s wetness glistening beautifully in the sunlight...

(I... told you I’d made this fun...) Athena thought, now facing Emi’s face fully, her hands on Emi’s shoulders. (Now... prepare for the ride of your life...)

And with that, Athena began bumping her hips up and down on Emi’s breast, and from the very first hop on Emi’s chest, Emi’s gasps and groans flew freely, Athena’s short to follow. As time went on, Athena’s grip on Emi grew tighter, not only by her hands, but also her swollen pussy contracting against Emi’s aroused breasts, her cunt dribbling tiny rivers of her precum down her chest, collecting in Emi’s bosom... She wasn’t the only girl who was dripping with desire... Emi was enjoying the moment just was well as Athena was, totally unable to contain herself from making her own puddle of ecstasy on the grass between her legs...

Athena never let up the pace, going faster each moment, now jumping up and down on Emi’s body to get even more pleasure out of the both of them, to much success. Both girls eyes were shut as their bodies wore from enduring so many waves of uncontained lust, and Athena STILL wasn’t done on her many ways to make Emi upgrade from moaning to screaming and yelling... eventually reaching a hand back to drive a few of her fingers into Emi’s wetness as hard as she was humping Emi’s long breast; and action the Esaka girl was more than happy to accept...

“Ohhhhhh! Athena...!” she cried out, now totally overboard, reaching to her second breast she could please herself to add to her mad state of mind. Her chest was so hard it hurt, and her body kept jolting with pleasure bolts all over... hitting every nerve possible...

“Yes, Emi...! Let it all loose!” Athena yelled out as well, her own body feeling overwhelmed all over again. At this point she felt as if she was a faucet that was left on running full blast for about 2 hours straight... “Cum...! Cum for me...!”

The two kept pushing each other to the brink... knowing full well that once they did went over their limit, they’d be practically nothing left in their bodies to probably even stand up right for a long while, and all the while, their bodies kept welling up from the hunger every time they thought about it (considering they could think, granted all the intercourse they were sharing...) It kept driving them to got at each other more... Athena crushing her soaked pussy into Emi’s breast as hard as she could and as fast as she could manage it...

More and more....

“ATHENA!!!” Emi shrieked at the time of her lungs, the force within her literally beginning to rip her insides apart as it began to explode out of her. “AAAHHHH!!! ATHENAAAAAAAAA!”

“AAAHHH...!!” Athena’s own yell came immediately afterwards, triggered from Emi’s howl. “I’M GOING TO.....!!!!! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!”

At that moment, neither girl could hold it anymore... Almost as if bond by the same force, the two clutched hold on one another for dear life, Emi holding onto Athena’s legs at both her sides while Athena’s one hand literally could’ve put their own marks into Emi’s shoulder, the other jammed permanently by Emi’s lower pussy walls... Both their backs arching backwards madly... feeling everything beginning to spill out of their bodies all at once...

...and let all their passion... lust... and emotion... go...



The two schoolgirls hit a high note they never could’ve regenerate even if they tried, screaming at the top of their lungs and riding out this bomb of an orgasm for all it was worth. Cum seemed to just rocket out of their swollen lower lips with absolutely no control at all. Athena’s thick stream of her honey literally coated Emi’s breasts, the force of her summit so great that it made Athena jolt off Emi’s body completely to collapse, curled up in a reckless heap next to her lover as their rivers continued to run freely out of their tired bodies. Emi, along with Athena, was practically crying from all the aftereffects, their voices unbelievably loud as they rang for seconds on end...

...and didn’t stop until long after their orgasms did... yet still not fully... As they tried to catch their breath, Athena’s voice, now a bit lower but still very much heavy, sounded through the air...

“E... Em...i...?” she asked unevenly, her bare body still in the same exact position it was about 3 minutes ago, a lake of cum resting below her hips and legs. The brown-haired girl only moaned in response to the call.

“C... can... you move... at all...?”

Emi, still feeling all the surges coursing through her body from earlier, tried to answer Athena by figuring it out, but she found out that she couldn’t even lift a finger.

“I...Iie... I... I can’t... move...” came her light cry.

Athena then tried to move herself... using up all her energy just to lift her body up...

...and managed to stand up to a vertical base, her legs totally weak and arms down limply to her sides...

...for only about 3 seconds... after which, her body utterly shut down and she fell hard once again, this time lying on top of Emi’s nude body as well, her hair sprawled out all over her chest.

“I don’t think we… are going anywhere… anytime soon…” Athena said in a light voice. “Might as well… just… rest…”

Emi let out a light noise, just as her eyes closed and before she knew it, she was a sleep, simply too tired to keep her eyes open. Athena then looked at Emi the best she could, then smiled as she collapsed along Emi's chest, accompanying her new lover in the warm darkness of sleep…

---- ----

“So... that is what has been happening these past few days...”

“Yes. By the way Kim has been saying it, there’s a weird atmosphere hanging around this place. We can’t really place it, but there’s something up with all of this. Everything here is free, and no one has really seen a lot of people working the hotel. In addition to that, there seems to be an increase of the number of Mizuryu and Burakkuuindo (Black Wind) members hanging around the city. It all points to something rotten, and I have a strong belief that it has something to do with this exhibition.”

In a recently redecorated room, sporting a green camouflage tone to the scenery, Guile sat directly in front of his best friend and partner, Charlie Nash, who had just shown up at the hotel 20 minutes ago from the Air Force. Nothing changed as far as his appearance; even his blonde hair, set in a hangar style, was unaffected from the jet flight. As the two spoke, Charlie kept a calm tone on his face, trying to put his knowledge up to the situation.

“So... I suppose that something here is amiss,” Charlie began. “And you say Kim Kapwhan has assembled a group of fighters to investigate the matter?”

Guile nodded. “Exactly. Wagner and I are already part of the team, and if you ask me, I believe Shadowloo’s got a hand in this. Perhaps this is a place for Bison to start scouting for more people to join their ranks.”

Charlie put a hand on his chin, then fixed his glasses. “That would be a little odd of him, however... The fighters here all got invites, and it would be rather stupid of him to right-out invite members of the US Air Force, Interpol, and Ikari to a crime get-together. People back at HQ have already decided to keep an eye out for any overly-odd activity that could happen here, and so far no reports outside of the gangs swarming the place. Besides, we’ve lost track of Bison and Shadowloo for the past 3 months. It would be really dumb of him to show up at a public exhibition knowing these people are after him.”

“Perhaps you’re right, but I’m not going to rule that out,” Guile countered. “N.E.S.T.S. did a similar thing not too long ago. That organization is gone and Rugal is dead. I can’t think of anyone outside of Geese Howard that could possibly show up here and be the mastermind of all of this, and he’s participating too on account of an invite. It just doesn’t make any sense right now.”

The two men paused for a while, thinking about what they had to deal with, then after a few moments, Charlie spoke.

“Perhaps it would be wise to sit back a bit and watch things develop. Hopefully we can get a clue as to what is going on here.”


Just as Guile ended his remark, the door to their room opened up, revealing Wagner, along with some company...

“Ok, you two,” he began, walking in. “I picked the Delta Red representatives from the airport. They’re with me right now.”

“Ms. Cammy White is here?” Charlie asked, turning around to face the doorway to their room. Surely, the ex-assassin and doll of Shadowloo was standing right at the doorway, complete with her green Delta Red uniform, hat and boots. Charlie and Guile both stood up and greeted the Englishwoman at the door formally before realizing that two smaller individuals were behind her...

“And who are these two...? Other operatives, Cammy?” Guile asked.

“These two are my children...” Cammy responded calmly, and at the sound of that from her, it was odd, making both Guile and Charlie blink a bit before staring back at the two kids behind her. The two were similar in everyway other than the fact that they were opposite genders, and it was difficult to acknowledge them as members of Delta Red, for they wore normal street clothes and looked no older than 16 years old a piece...

“Noel and Drake White?” Guile mumbled, making the twins nod back at him.

“Hey! You’re Guile!” Drake, the older of the two by 8 minutes, yelled out. “Sweet! I heard a lot about you from the guys in Sector-T5. James says you’re a real brawler.”

The comment made Guile smirk. “Well then, this one’s certainly got spunk... Should be interesting to see how he fares here.” He then turned to Noel, noticing that her focus wasn’t on anyone else in the room anymore, but rather on a person outside. Guile himself turned to the direction, and found another woman approaching the group...

“Vicki Small,” Charlie identified. “Member of the US Secret Service...”

”Uh-oh...” Wagner muttered. “If she’s here, that means that there IS something big happening here in Osaka...”

Said operative was wearing a very formal business suit, her blond hair set into a short, neat hairstyle. Her blue eyes were very hard and serious, and it seemed as if already she was getting down to business...

“Commander Guile... Air Force Captain Charlie... Delta Red operatives...” her version of a greeting came, nodding while acknowledging each of the people in the room...


Vicki then blinked, noticing Wagner standing in front of her, arms crossed and giving her a look.

“Oh... that’s right... Wagner...” she corrected herself.

“Why must every time we meet you have to diss me?” Wagner asked, annoyed.

“I don’t know exactly... It’s probably the only joy of my life...” Vicki responded.

“Hey, I can pinpoint sarcasm, you know. Even from you.”

“Alright, Wagner, that’s enough...” Guile interrupted. “I think it’s about time that we get in order. I believe its time that we got you all up to date...”

---- ----

“Yang...! Yun…? Where are you...?”

Just inside the lobby doors, Yin Lee was busy on a mission. Since she woke up today, she’d noticed that she was the only one in the Triple Dragon’s room. Startled, she quickly washed up and got ready for the day, and ever since she left her room, she’d been busy trying to find her two older twin brothers, Yun and Yang. Currently, Yin was in another section of the lobby, apart from the main check-in area, wearing moderate length jean shorts and a yellow themed short sleeve shirt, a gold hairband across the front of her hair. Her eyes scanned the area, which was bare save for a few fighters scattered about, and in her search, she even asked a few on their whereabouts, yet to no avail.

“Where could those two have gone off to…?” Yin asked herself, putting her hands on her hips, now finding herself in the second part of the lobby, the lounge, which hosted a café for breakfast and fast meals, and just outside that, a few statues and a large water fountain towards the end of the area. After a bit of thinking, Yin decided to sit down, taking the closest chair and table to her in the café to occupy. Almost immediately upon sitting down, she felt someone approaching her
from the right…

“Hello, Ms Lee. May I get you anything?”

“Huh…?” gasped the youngest Lee Dragon, thrown off from the sudden voice. She turned her attention to find a male waiter in a white and red uniform standing beside her, notepad and pen already out and ready to take the order.

“Oh… Oh, ok…” Yin said, regaining herself. “Sort of scared me there… Ok, I’ll just take a cup of hot tea and that’s it… and could you please make it quick? I have to be somewhere.”

The waiter nodded his head in acceptance, not needing to write down such an easy order, and turned to get Yin’s tea. As he left, Yin just stared at him as he disappeared into the back of the café.

(I wonder where he came from… I could’ve sworn that I only saw that guy in that blue army vest, cap and shades over on the other side of the room… Maybe I just didn’t notice him…)

Yin then sighed, looking straight forward and down the lobby lounge, seeing only a few other fighters that she didn’t recognize pass by. After a while, however, that changed.

“Is that you, Yin?”

Yin turned her head around, and smiled upon seeing a familiar face for the first time in a while. Standing on the outside of the café was a young woman, a bit older and taller than Yin, dark-skinned and with short white hair. On her body rested a orange simple top with purple long pants and white sneakers, a carrying bag in her hand from shopping out in Osaka…

“Hi, Elena!” Yin greeted happily. “Seems as if you’re coming back from some early morning shopping, eh?”

Elena nodded, a bright expression on her face as well.

“When’d you make it here?”

“Oh, Unoka and I both got here rather late last night, so we missed saying hello to anyone that was already here and sleeping. Unoka right now is in our room doing some private training exercises on the 5th floor, hence why he’s not here with me right now.”

“Yeah, that’s the workhorse… Just like I remember him…” Yin paused some, then asked, “You know you need three fighters at least to participate here… Where’s your third member at?”

“Oh, I haven’t met her yet,” Elena admitted, “but she e-mailed me when the exhibition was still taking in team orders, and says her name is Mignon Beart. Apparently she’s a newbie in the KOF circuit yet she got invited to this exhibition and needed a partner, so we took her in.”

“Well, that’s nice of you to do that. I probably wouldn’t have did the same if I were you.”

“Speaking of teammates, where are your brothers?”

Yin twisted her mouth at the question. “That’s exactly why I’m down here right now. I woke up this morning and they were gone. They must’ve ran out somewhere and early to boot, so they snuck out so that they wouldn’t wake me up or something…” she shrugged after that. “I really don’t know…”

Yin then stopped herself, looking Elena square in the eyes, and asked, “You haven’t came across either Yun or Yang, have you?”

The silver-haired women began to shake her head and say no, but just then, her eyes caught someone near the fountain down the lounge…

“Isn’t that Yang right there with that girl?” she asked, the mention of the word ‘girl’ throwing the young Dragon off.


Yin spun around in her seat, and sure enough there was Yang, wearing a blue denim vest open to see a white undershirt, and jeans on his legs, walking towards the water fountain… and also holding hands with a girl in dual pony tails, dark red clothes… and that face…

“Mei-Ling…?” Yin asked herself, her hawk eyes staying on the two as they talked to one another. Then, the two disappeared behind the waterfall, but not before Yin could see that both were about to sit on the edge of the fountain…

Yin stayed still for a moment, somehow a little suspicious about the sight, then remembered Elena was still standing next to her table.

“Um… excuse me, Elena. I need to see what my brother’s up to.”

“Sure thing, Yin. As a matter of fact, I need to get going myself. I have a bit of ice cream in this bag and I need to get it upstairs soon or else it’ll melt. I’ll catch you a little later. Maybe we can hang out some this afternoon or something.”

Yin accepted Elena’s offer and the two Street Fighters split up for the time being, Elena heading towards the elevators and Yin, of course, heading to the large water structure…

(Those two seem awfully buddy-buddy for people who only met each other fr the firs time under 12 hours ago…) she thought, her destination getting closer to her. Once she was on the opposite side of the fountain, she stopped, peering through the falling water to eavesdrop on the two…

“…me seriously. She’s always a bit of a nut, yet I have to love her for it,” this was Mei-Ling’s voice. “Fen’s really a enchanting person.”

“I can see,” Yang’s turn to speak now. “She and Yun should get along just fine, sort of like we are right now…”

Yin, even through the obstructed view, could make out a small blush on Mei-Ling’s face as Yang spoke again.

“Your fighting style in unique as well as your personality. It’s nice to see a girl who takes Chinese martial arts so seriously. I got a good feeling that you’ll make it really far, not only in this exhibition, but in the normal circuit as well.”

Mei-Ling’s face flushed even more, her hands coming shyly together in her lap, “Aww… Yang, that’s really nice of you to say that… I’m flattered.”

Yin’s eyes then scoped Yang as he came forwards, grabbed Mei-Ling’s left hand, and actually kissed it lightly in a humble manner.

“My pleasure…”

(Alright, Yang… A bit more gentlemanly than I wish for…) Yin said quietly in her mind, hands gripping the edge of the fountain tightly as she spied on the two. (But I shouldn’t worry… He has Shaomei… He wouldn’t… do that… He’s no Yun. He knows what he’s doing…)

As Yang looked up, Mei-Ling scooted over some more, the two literally side by side, and ran a hand through Yang’s brown hair.

“I’d like to thank you for taking me out last night… That late movie was so romantic…”

“You’re welcome, Mei-Ling. It’s the least I could do for the time we had in the hotel…”


The two sentences shocked Yin to no end. A large part of her couldn’t believe it. All of this happened behind her back… HER back, and so quickly and ell done she never noticed a thing…

And the thing that made her eyes widen was that it was YANG doing this. At least Yun she’d half expect to do a stunt like this, since his relationship with Hoimei was basically tough love, but Yang was the legit brother; the one that spoke all the wisdom and sense in the group… and there was no problems between him and Shaomei…

So why…? Why… THIS!?

Mei-Ling giggled, snapping Yin’s attention back to the scene unfolding in front of her…

“Say, you think Yin knows you’re missing yet?” the braided Chinese girl asked Yang.

“Now that you think about it, she should be up and about by now… I’d better head back before she notices I’m missing…”

“Yes, well… thank you again… I enjoyed everything we did together… Just… before you go…”

Mei-Ling now brought herself as close as she probably could to Yang, bringing herself face to face with the middle Triple Dragon…

“…could… could you…?”

…and even closer still…

(…don’t you even dare, Yang…!) Yin threatened in her mind, feeling an inner heat within her body ass he gripped even harder to the ledge of the fountain, leaning towards the waterfall to the point her nose could’ve touched the falling water… Mei-Ling then puckered up her lips, eyes closing passionately, and at first Yang just gazed back at her face…

Then, to Yin’s shock, he began to move along with the moment and meet her halfway…

…and just then, Yin let out a gasp, eyes widening as she felt her body tilt towards the two, sneakers coming up off the floor… and found herself falling right into the pool of water in front of her… She tried to regain herself, but her hands slipped right off the wet ledge…

…and just before Yang and Mei-Ling could complete their kiss, the water behind them exploded, following a sharp scream, making the two stand up abruptly to avoid getting wet.

“What in the world…?” Mei-Ling gasped, holding onto Yang’s arm some as the two stared at the fountain… and grew on alert as someone rose from underneath the water’s surface, coughing to get her throat clear, and drenched from head to toe. Upon seeing her clearly, Yang’s eyes grew wide.

“Y… Yin…?”

Said person jumped out of the fountain, not even bothering to swat the dripping water from her face and hair, instead staring a hole right into her older brother…

“Yang Lee…” she said in a cold tone, “you… You are in SO much trouble!”

Both Mei-Ling and Yang stayed silent as the drenched Yin stepped closer to them.

“What in the HELL were you thinking!?” Yin demanded, pointing right at Yang’s chest. “have you forgotten about Shaomei!? What would she think if she knew you were doing this, huh? That girl is your real girlfriend! It took forever for her to open up to you, and you accepted her! Your lips belong to her and her only, and I’ll be DAMNED if I let you, of all people, go… go…”

The next word was very hard for her to say, for she never would’ve guessed that she would be saying this to her older brother… but it came out with just as much vigor as the rest of her words.

“CHEAT on her behind her back!! Come on, Yang, I’m taking you right back to the hotel room. I want to know EXACTLY what is going on with—“

As she spoke, Yin motioned to grab Yang and drag him in a similar matter as to which Hoimei would do Yun, but before she knew it her hand was smacked away with much force, actually making her stumble to her side a bit. She then looked up in surprise to see Mei-Ling looming over her, standing in front of Yang with a bold look on her face…

“You leave him alone…” was all she said, Yin standing up to stare her down face to face…

“You don’t have any right to tell me what to do with my own flesh and blood…” the youngest Lee Dragon shot back coldly, clenching her fists to her sides. Mei-ling merely stood her ground, all the girl-like motions in her body gone, not daunted at all by Yin’s attitude.

“You are not going to touch Yang in that manner…” she responded, her voice low. “I won’t let you, regardless of if you’re his sister or not…”

Then, surprising Yang, Yin sucked her teeth, hissed a bit at the older Chinese girl, and sprouted an evil look through her wet hair. The next moment afterwards, Mei-Ling stumbled to her side, falling down to her knees as a shot landed across her face faster than her eyes could pick it up. Yin’s left hand literally slapped the taste out of Mei-Ling’s mouth, leaving the Shui stunned for a moment and now her focus lay purely on her brother…

“Yang, let’s go. NOW!” she repeated, Yang only staring blankly back at his sister. He didn’t know how to react. He never… seen this side of her before… However, Yin couldn’t do much else as she found herself getting spun around roughly to her right, in which time she swung out horizontally to counter with her Shurraizan… yet it hit only air, missing a crouching Mei-Ling by only a hair…

…then a mighty cry ran though the air, Mei-Ling’s leg rocketing upwards to meet Yin’s check cleanly, uprooting her clean off the floor and sent her spiraling a few feet backwards, water shooting wildly off her body, until she crashed onto the file floor in a heap, eyes closed and K.O.’ed upon impact…

For a while, Mei-Ling stayed her fighting stance, then stood up fully and flicked a thumb across the bottom of her nose, sprouting a ‘tch’ sound from her mouth.

“Serves you right, you little brat…”

Mei-Ling never realized the words that she said were out of character, instead turning to yang and suggesting, this time in a happier tone. “How about we have some breakfast…? Anywhere but here, though…”

Yang didn’t say a word, instead just walking away from the spot he was in for the past 2 minutes and accompanying Mei-Ling on their way out the lobby. Just as they left out the exit corridor close by, Yin’s black eyes fluttered open, and she groaned at the pain that rocketed through her head…

“Wh… what just… happened…?” she mumbled weakly, slowly standing up and holding a hand over her swollen cheek. Granted, it took her three tries to stand up fully, her body stumbling through her dizziness. Once she was up she shook her head clear, and looked around for any trace of Mei-Ling or Yang… and came up with nothing. Once everything was settled into her mind, her eyes hardened like coal…

…and about 15 seconds later, Yin was seen passing by the waiter who took her order earlier back at café, holding her tea in his hand…

“Oh, Miss Lee. There you are. I’ve been waiting to give you your tea. Sorry about the delay coming back with i—“

“You know what you can do with that tea, pal!?” Yin instantly cut him off, snatching the hot tea cup from the waiter, just to toss its contents right out and all over his shirt, making him yell out as it burned hot right through it. She wasn’t done, unfortunately…

“You can take this mug and shove it right up your ass!”

And the next thing the waiter knew, the mug the tea was in smashed across his face, breaking on contact and flooring him instantly. The youngest Lee sibling then shot out of the café and outside into the garden surrounding the building in a hot rage… but not before saying…

“Bastard! It doesn’t take 5 minutes to make hot tea!”

And through it all, sitting right at the table closest to the exit door, Ikari team member Clark Steel just looked up from his paper in time to see Yin’s assault against the waiter, then, behind his shades, saw him knocked unconscious on the floor, shattered bits of the mug all over him, then returned to reading, shaking his head some as some of the other people working came to his aid from the back.

(Ironic thing is… that guy came back with the tea the moment she left down the lounge… Poor guy… I expected that kind of behavior from Ralf…)

---- ----

“Something’s horribly wrong with this place... I can feel it already.”

“Oh, stop worrying so much. Everywhere you go you have those “Bushin Vibes” of yours. Can you go one day without having to be so freaking serious?”

The Bushin modern ninja, or most specifically, the current Bushin Grandmaster, Guy, made a smug face. “Cody, are you implying that I can’t have an off day?”

Beside him, wearing normal street clothes contrary to Guy’s Bushin gi uniform, was the blue-eyed, blond hero of Metro City, Cody, and on his face sat a smirk that could rival Terry Bogard’s in cleverness. “Yes, I’m implying that.”

“Well, I take that as a compliment,” Guy said matter-of-factly. “I’d rather be overly cautious than laid back, i.e. you. This is why I’ve been prevented from going overboard about when to engage in combat and avoid being locked up in prison.”

“Hey, that’s a cheap shot!”

Just at that point Guy cracked a rare smile. The two men had just arrived at the Osaka Hotel Grounds about 3 minutes ago and were walking towards the front door as they spoke. Currently no one else was in sight in the remote area, but even so, Guy couldn’t quite help the feeling that already things were going awry in the confines. Besides, they always seem to during get-togethers like this... and the realization of that made the smirk on his face fade fast, his eyes on the building coming more and more into sight in the near distance.

“Anyways, this looks like its going to be another one of those times, Cody...”

Cody closed his eyes and crossed his arms smugly. “Well, if that’s the case, then you know that at least it’s going to be exciting. Perhaps Haggar can tell us about what’s up when we meet him.”

Guy nodded in agreement... just as the wind blew ever so slightly. Instantly, Guy stopped walking on a dime, making Cody stop as well and stare at him.

“What is it now...?” Cody asked. However Guy didn’t speak. His eyes hardened and look towards the surrounding trees to his left. A few seconds passed... and suddenly the leaves rustled heavily. On instinct Guy ducked down, just as something... or rather someone flew over him, where his head was at a millisecond ago. The whole event startled Cody to an extent as he watched Guy stand up calmly and look at the red-clothed blur come to a halt a few feet away. It was a blond woman, sporting a red alternative gi of Guy’s, her hair done in a long ponytail and her right arm wielding a single tomfa.

“So...” the woman greeted while turning around to Guy and pointing her weapon to his face. “Just what were you talking with Cody about that couldn’t wait until you saw the rest of us that’s so important?”

Upon remembering her features, Cody sighed. “Oh... Its only Maki...”

Guy crossed his arms and eyed his rival with intensity. “Well... I suppose that you could’ve told us that, since you’ve been here the longest.”

Maki placed her weapon-wielding arm on her hip and made a face. “Yeah. You’re talking about that odd vibe that’s surrounding this place, right?”

“Again with the vibes!” Cody complained loudly. “Why don’t you two just come on out with what’s wrong, huh? You know that I like a fight, but all because I’m not into all that mumbo-jumbo you think I can’t handle it!”

For a short moment, both the Bushin-ryuu fighters just stared at their companion for a while before facing each other once again, making Cody sigh heavily.

“Well, if you aren’t going to tell me, then I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to go see if I can find good ol’ Haggar around.”

“Ok, you do that,” Guy said. “I’ll catch up.”

“Yeah, you’d better.”

“Our room’s #840...” Maki called back, just as Cody went out of earshot. Then she faced Guy again...

“As I was saying... I got a bad feeling about all of this...”

“You’re not the only one, Maki,” Guy replied. “It’s just not the normal disturbance. It’s more.... sentimental than physically threatening... It’s odd.”

“Yeah...” Maki muttered while crossing her arms as well. “I thought things were off the moment I laid down to sleep last night. What do you suppose it—“


“What the...?”

Before either Maki or Guy could find out what was happening, the two found themselves being pushed back harshly from their positions. As they regained themselves, they immediately looked in the direction of the disturbance and found it to be a very pissed off Yin Lee, who was sulking away from them in utter rage, her clothes just now drying off from her earlier bath.

“Why... HEY!” Maki shouted back, “How about an APOLOGY, huh?”


Then, before she even knew it, Maki found her instincts kick in automatically and she ducked, a millisecond later the wind sliced above her, due to a vicious Shourai Shurrai from Yin. As she stood up, Maki’s face had a major scowl on her face.

“You’re really asking for it, twerp!” she warned, making Yin spin around, a wild look on her face. Before the two could go at it, though, Guy cut in-between them and held Maki back.

“This isn’t the place for you to be losing your temper...!” was all he said while dragging a kicking and screaming Maki towards the hotel. Yin just stared on with a devilish expression on her face, then spun around and stormed off. For exactly how long Yin didn’t know. All she could bring herself to do was think about what she just witnessed...

[Brother... You’re not like that... You’re too far above that... Why...? How could you cheat on Shaomei like that...!? I can’t forgive you or Mei-Ling for that...!]

“Yin... Is that you...?”

“WHO WANTS TO KNOW.... oh...”

Yin brought herself back to reality and found herself near a water fountain in the middle of the park, and that someone was kneeling in front of it, her head towards her. She wore brown, feather shoes and blue jeans to go with her denim vest, and on her short, brown hair sat a Native American style head ornament complete with feathers... Yin recognized her instantly...

“Skye...? What are you doing here...?” she asked, holding back her emotions. Skye, in turn, gave a worried face as she faced the fountain again.

“I was here feeding the birds... but your rampaging scared them away...”

Skye Hawk, daughter of Thunder Hawk, then turned back to the youngest Lee Dragon and asked, “What’s the matter? You seem heavily troubled...”

Yin instantly turned away, crossing her arms. “Its nothing you need to be concerned about. Everything ok.”

Yin then found out that someone was walking closer to her, and she turned back around to find out that Skye was standing right in front of her...

“You’re lying to me, Yin...” Skye muttered seriously. “You really make a terrible liar, and I known you long enough to know when something’s the matter. Now go on and spill it... You have nothing to hide from me...”

At that moment, looking square into Skye’s eyes, Yin just couldn’t help herself. Her emotions took over her, and instantly tears formed in her eyes....

“Skye... Yang...”

...she didn’t even come close to finishing before she broke down, collapsing into Skye’s comforting arms, Skye trying to soothe her as well as she could. As she cried, Yin’s words came out in loud sobs.

“I saw my brother kiss another girl! My faithful brother, Yang! My old friend....! It makes no sense! How could he cheat on Shaomei like that!? I... it just...!”

“It’s ok... Its ok, Yin... Just let it out... I’m here for you...”

As the two stood there, little did they know that on the other side of the fountain, Kim was watching over them, arms crossed and a grim look on his face. Solemnly he shook his head in pity at the scene in front of him...

[So... It appears that I’ve found a break in this mystery... Time to call everyone together...]

He then opened his eyes and gazed at Yin’s emotionally wrecked body...

[Don’t you worry, Yin Lee. Although you do belong to a group of the Hong Kong underground, I shall bring you around for justice’s sake! The first meeting of the Justice Party shall be hosted tonight!]
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