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Author's Chapter Notes:
During these MSTings, I like to sprinkle some minor things into the fray. Some are obvious, but others are hard to spot, and a few are in-jokes. Did you find them all?

(Part One)

Amy: Jeez, everyone just reminds this guy of Maria, huh?
Everyone else: *stares at Amy*
Amy: Oh. Whoops.

This is a shout out to Sonic Adventure 2, in which Amy convinces Shadow to work with everyone in saving the planet.


Sonia: Hey, Shadow must have taken some tips from Shyloh and did a girly swoon!

This is only obscure if you jumped to this fic and didn't read "Meet Shyloh", the Egg Spiral's first riffed fic. Sonia's shout out is to one of her brother's older riffs in which Shyloh faints upon seeing Shadow.


Amy: Perfect Chaos: Part Two.

Shout out to the first Sonic Adventure, in which Chaos actually destroys a good chunk of Station Square.


Amy: *grabs Sonic's arm* Wait, guys! Did you forget that the bridge has no oxygen?
Sonic: And when has that stopped me

Sonic's actually making a crack... at his own set of video games. The blue blur can breathe in space. He can also breathe in volcanoes... yet, he always drowns in water, mainly because the guy can't swim.


Amy: Plot device. Really, you should just relax.

Amy's referring to the theme song to "Mystery Science Theater 3000".


Sonic: Shadow, be careful. That... thing's been taking tips from the Mishima family.
Kyo: So, it can withstand ravines, volcanoes, and explosions from boatloads of robots?
Sonic: Exactly.

Sonic's referring to the "Tekken" series... in which the Mishima clan... yes, actually withstood those things.


Sonia: This is worse than bringing legendaries to a Pokémon battle and winning tournaments without a hitch.

While this does happen over actual battles, Sonia's referring to the anime, in which a trainer actually won the Sinnoh league with legendaries. Of course, a good chunk of the anime's fans were not happy.


Amy: *sarcastically* All's well that ends well, right?

Amy's making a jab at the end of Sonic Adventure, in which Tails actually says this line.


(Part Two)

Kyo: Including the memories of the unlucky souls that have watched "Perfect Couples"!

Obscure if you've never watched TV between January and April of 2011. In my opinion, this show was terrible... probably because it featured three bland and unfunny Wonder Bread couples.


Amy: Good! Then your training partner will be... Akuma! No, Shin Akuma! No... it's actually Oni!
Sonia: Also, if you're going to train against Evil Ryu... don't aim for the chest, because there's a hole in it. You'll whiff, and you'll look stupid.

These characters all hail from "Street Fighter". Shin Akuma is basically Akuma's true form. Oni may be too, but nobody is sure yet. Evil Ryu is obviously the evil version of Ryu. Yes, his recent incarnation actually has a hole in his chest. Don't ask.


Sonic: Also, you must open your heart.

Yes, Sonic is referring to the main theme for "Sonic Adventure" entitled "Open Your Heart".


(Part Three)

Amy: Of Christmas?
Sonic, Sonia, Manic: ...
Jessie: Congratulations, Amy. You now know how I felt that day.

This is actually a shout out to the riffs of the Black Crow's third episode, in which Cassy questions Jessie about Christmas... if that's okay.


Jessie: *yelling* I can accept the fact that I actually want to rip your bloody heart out with my bare hands and eat it raw!

That "eat it raw" part is a reference to a very unknown bloody fighting game called "Bloodstorm".


Sonia: I guess I don't have to hire Kano for you, then...

Sonia's referring to the character Kano's first fatality from the original "Mortal Kombat", in which he rips the beating heart out of his opponent... without the eating part, as Jessie desired.


Kyo: *as Kusanagi* What have I told you about fighting with your anger...?

Obscure if you haven't read my crappy fanfiction. It seems that Kyo's been poking around and read "Kusanagi's Wrath" for a good laugh.


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