[CVA File Information] CVA Version=2 CVASyntaxVersion=1.5E2 [Software Title] US=Adaptec 2100S SCSI RAID Ultra160 Controller Drivers [US.Software Description] This softpaq contains the replacement files needed to install the driver and Storage Manager for the Adaptec 2100S SCSI RAID Ultra160 Controller in the workstation models listed below. [General] DeliverableID=2986.10023.30248.2 PN=N/A Version=1.00 Revision=A Pass=2 Division=Workstations DistributionMethod=Support Software CD,Active Update,Internet Type=Driver Category=Storage Installation= TargetPartition= VendorVersion= [SupportedLanguages] Languages=US [DetailFileInformation] [Softpaq] SoftpaqNumber=SP16952 SoftpaqEffectiveDate=05/21/2001 SoftpaqUtilityVersion=5.0 SupersededSoftpaqNumber=N/A PackageExtraction= [Operating Systems] NT40=SP#6a Win2000=OEM [Devices] [System Information] SysID0=0x858C SysName0="Professional Workstation AP550" SysID1=0x8618 SysName1="Professional Workstation SP750" SysID2=0x06C8 SysName2="Deskpro Workstation 300" SysID3=0x554h SysName3="Deskpro Workstation AP250" SysID4=0x86CC SysName4="Evo Workstation W8000" SysID5=0x86D0 SysName5="Evo Workstation W6000" [Software Dependencies] PN= SP= [US.Enhancements] [US.Solutions] [US.Notes] Note1=SYSTEM CONFIGURATION: Adaptec 2100S SCSI RAID Ultra160 Controller. Note2=This is not compatible with SSM. (Compaq System Software Manager) [End-User Installation Instructions] HOW TO USE: 1. Download the SoftPaq to a temporary, empty directory on your hard drive. The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number above. 2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. Enter "Y" to confirm the unpacking of files into the download directory. 3. After the files have been unpacked, you may delete the self-extracting file downloaded in step 1. 4. Step 2 creates four directories which correspond to each diskette. These directories can be copied to diskettes or MAKEDISK.EXE can be used to create the diskettes.(Run MAKEDISK A:) 5. For further installation instructions, refer to the README.TXT and READ.ME files, which are part of this Softpaq. [Uninstallation Instructions] [Install Execution]