Microsoft Windows XP Fix for Standby/Resume Error
1.0 Rev A
This fixes a problem under Windows XP where a STOP 0xEA error message may occurin the Compaq models below after entering and resuming multiple times fromStandby and/or hibernate modes. This is not needed on systems withServicePack 1. For further information, refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article 326147.

Recommended Update
May 21, 2003
OS and OS Enhancements

Evo D300 Convertible Minitower: All Models
Evo D300 Desktop: All Models
Evo D300 Small Form Factor: All Models
Evo D300s
Evo D300v
Evo D320: All Models

Evo D500 Convertible Minitower: All Models
Evo D500 Desktop: All Models
Evo D500 Small Form Factor: All Models
Evo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop: All Models

Evo Workstation W4000 CMT
Evo Workstation W4000 SFF
Evo Workstation W6000
Evo Workstation W8000

HP Business Desktop d325

HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 Desktop
HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 Microtower
HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 Slim Tower
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Convertible Minitower
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Small Form Factor
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Ultra-slim Desktop

HP workstation xw6000

Presario 900xx : 900AP, 900US, 900AP, 900US, 901AP,
: 901EA, 902AP, 902AU, 902EA, 902FR,
: 903AP, 903KR, 904AP, 904EA, 904RSH,
: 905AP, 905AU, 905EA, 905LA, 905TC,
: 905US, 906AP, 906EA, 906US, 907AP,
: 907EA, 908EA, 910EA, 910US, 911DE,
: 912RSH, 915CA, 915EA, 915US, 916US,
: 917DE, 918RSH, 919EA, 920CA, 920EA,
: 920US,

Presario 1500xx : 1500AP, 1500AU, 1500SC, 1500TC, 1500US,
: 1501AP, 1501CL, 1501LA, 1501TC, 1502LA,
: 1502SC, 1502TC, 1503AP, 1503TC, 1504AP,
: 1504TC, 1505AP, 1505EA, 1505TC, 1505US,
: 1506AP, 1506TC, 1507AP, 1507EA, 1507TC,
: 1508AP, 1508EA, 1508TC, 1509AP, 1509AU,
: 1510AP, 1510AU, 1510CA, 1510EA, 1510TC,
: 1510US, 1511AP, 1511TC, 1512AP, 1512TC,
: 1513AP, 1514AP, 1515AP, 1515EA, 1516EA,

Presario 2800xx : 2800AP, 2800AU, 2800CA, 2800EA, 2800SC,
: 2800T, 2800TC, 2801AP, 2801CL, 2801EA,
: 2801SC, 2801TC, 2802AP, 2802EA, 2802SC,
: 2802SP, 2802TC, 2803EA, 2803TC, 2804AP,
: 2804EA, 2804SC, 2804TC, 2805AP, 2805AU,
: 2805EA, 2805TC, 2805US, 2806AP, 2806CL,
: 2806EA, 2806SC, 2807AP, 2807EA, 2808EA,
: 2809AP, 2809FR, 2810AP, 2810AU, 2810CA,
: 2810EA, 2810SC, 2810TC, 2811AP, 2811CA,
: 2811CL, 2811EA, 2811SW, 2812AP, 2812AU,
: 2812EA, 2812SP, 2812TC, 2813AU, 2813TC,
: 2814AP, 2814AU, 2815AP, 2815AU, 2815EA,
: 2815SP, 2815TC, 2816AP, 2816EA, 2816KR,
: 2816TC, 2817AR, 2817EA, 2817FR, 2817KR,
: 2817TC, 2818AP, 2818FR, 2818KR, 2818TC,
: 2819AP, 2819TC, 2820AP, 2820AU, 2820EA,
: 2820SC, 2820TC, 2821AP, 2821AU, 2821DE,
: 2821EA, 2821TC, 2822AP, 2822EA, 2822TC,
: 2823AP, 2823AU, 2823TC, 2824AP, 2824TC,
: 2825AP, 2825EA, 2825TC, 2826AP, 2826EA,
: 2826TC, 2827AP, 2827TC, 2828AP, 2828TC,
: 2829AP, 2829TC, 2830AP, 2830EA, 2831AP,
: 2832AP, 2835EA, 2837EA, 2878CL,
Presario 3900xx : 3901JP, 3901TW, 3902HK, 3902JP, 3903HK,
: 3903JP, 3904JP, 3904TW, 3905HK, 3906TC,
: 3907HK, 3907JP, 3908HK, 3908JP, 3909JP,
Presario 4000T : 4LCXE1, 4LCXEC, 4LCXED, 4LCXEG, 4LCXEH,
Presario 4400xx : 4403US, 4406RSH, 4409CL, 4410LA, 4410LB,
: 4411CT, 4412CT, 4413CT, 4414CT, 4415CT,
: 4415TC, 4416CT, 4417CT, 4419LB, 4420CA,
: 4420LA,
Presario 4500xx : 4502EA, 4504EA, 4505EA, 4506BE, 4506EA,
: 4507EA, 4508EA, 4509EA, 4510EA, 4511EA,
: 4511FR, 4513EA, 4514EA, 4515EA, 4519EA,
: 4520EA,
Presario 4700xx : 4710LA, 4720LA,
Presario 600 : 6140-EA,
Presario 6000T : 6LPPE1, 6LPPEG, 6LPXE1, 6LPXEC, 6LPXEG,
Presario 6000xx : 6010TW, 6011AK, 6013GC, 6015CA, 6015US,
: 6016US, 6017GC, 6021AK, 6022AP, 6022TH,
: 6024AP, 6025AP, 6025GC, 6025RSH, 6027CA,
: 6027US, 6028AK, 6029AK, 6029US, 6030AK,
: 6031CL, 6033US, 6035CL, 6036HK, 6037CA,
: 6040AK, 6040TH, 6042AK, 6042TH, 6045CA,
: 6045GC, 6046AP, 6046GC, 6048AP, 6050GC,
: 6055GC, 6096TC,
Presario 6100xx : 6104EA, 6105TC, 6106EA, 6108EA, 6110AP,
: 6110TC, 6111AK, 6112EA, 6115TC, 6116EA,
: 6118EA, 6120EA, 6121AK, 6122AP, 6122TH,
: 6124EA, 6125AP, 6125EA, 6128AK, 6130AK,
: 6130HK, 6130LA, 6134EA, 6135HK, 6136HK,
: 6137EA, 6137HK, 6140AK, 6140EA, 6140TH,
: 6142EA, 6142TH, 6143EA, 6144EA, 6145EA,
: 6145TH, 6146AP, 6146TC, 6146TH, 6147EA,
: 6148AP, 6149AP, 6150HK, 6150UK, 6152EA,
: 6154EA, 6155HK, 6159EA, 6162EA, 6163EA,
: 6164EA, 6165EA, 6166EA, 6171EA, 6173EA,
: 6174EA, 6177EA, 6178EA, 6180EA, 6181EA,
: 6182EA, 6183EA, 6184EA, 6184NWA, 6185EA,
: 6186EA, 6186NWA, 6187EA, 6188EA, 6189EA,
: 6190EA, 6191EA, 6193EA, 6193SE, 6194UK,
: 6195EA, 6195ME, 6196EA, 6196UK, 6197EA,
: 6197NL, 6198EA, 6199EA,
Presario 6200xx : 6200EA, 6201EA, 6203EA, 6205EA, 6207EA,
: 6212EA, 6217EA, 6220EA, 6222EA, 6230LA,
: 6232EA, 6233EA, 6240EA, 6240LA, 6242EA,
: 6243EA, 6247EA, 6248EA, 6265AA, 6265EA,
Presario 6300xx : 6300CA, 6310CA, 6330CA, 6350CA,
Presario 6500xx : 6515GC, 6521AU, 6522AU, 6522NZ, 6525HK,
: 6527AP, 6527AU, 6527NZ,
Presario 6600xx : 6615TC, 6621AU, 6621NZ, 6622AU, 6622NZ,
: 6626HK, 6627AP, 6627AU, 6627NZ,
Presario 8000T : 8LSPE1, 8LSPEG, 8LSXE1, 8LSXEC, 8LSXEG,
Presario 8000Z : 8ZSPE1, 8ZSPEG, 8ZSXE1, 8ZSXEC, 8ZSXEG,
Presario 8100xx : 8105EA, 8121EA, 8125EA, 8130EA, 8140EA,
: 8145EA
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