Diagnostics for Windows
4.12 Rev A
This package contains the Diagnostics for Windows software for the listedcomputer models and operating systems.Diagnostics for Windows displays information about the computer'shardware and software configuration and tests the computer to ensure it isoperating properly.

08 March 2004
Software - System Management


Armada 100S All Models
Armada 110 All Models
Armada 1500 Family 1505
Armada 1500 Family 1510
Armada 1500 Family 1520
Armada 1500 Family 1530
Armada 1500 Family 1535
Armada 1500 Family 1540
Armada 1500 Family 1550
Armada 1500 Family 1560
Armada 1500 Family 1570
Armada 1500 Family 1571
Armada 1500 Family 1572
Armada 1500 Family 1573
Armada 1500 Family 1574
Armada 1500 Family 1575
Armada 1500 Family 1580
Armada 1500 Family 1585
Armada 1500 Family 1590
Armada 1500 Family 1592
Armada 1500 Family 1594
Armada 1500 Family 1595
Armada 1500 Family 1597
Armada 1500 Family 1598
Armada 1500c Family C266/S/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C266/S/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C266/S/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C266/S/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C266/S/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C266/S/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C300/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C300/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C300/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C300/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C300/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C300/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C366/S/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C366/S/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C366/S/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C366/S/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C366/S/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C366/S/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C366/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/S/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1500c Family C400/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1700 Family 6233/S/3200/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/S/3200/D/M/2
Armada 1700 Family 6233/S/3200/D/M/3
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/2
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/3
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6233/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1700 Family 6266/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6266/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/0/1
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/0/2
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/0/3
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/M/1
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/M/2
Armada 1700 Family 6300/T/5000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6300/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T/6400/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6333/T14/6000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/4000/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6366/T/6400/D/M/3
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/0/1
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/0/2
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/0/3
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/M/1
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/M/2
Armada 1750 Family 6400/T14/10.0/D/M/3
Armada 3500 Family 6266/T/4100/0/0/1
Armada 3500 Family 6266/T/4100/0/0/2
Armada 3500 Family 6266/T/4100/0/0/3
Armada 3500 Family 6300/T/6400/0/0/1
Armada 3500 Family 6300/T/6400/0/0/3
Armada 3500 Family 6333/T/4000/0/0/1
Armada 3500 Family 6333/T/4000/0/0/2
Armada 3500 Family 6333/T/4000/0/0/3
Armada 3500 Family 6366/T/6400/0/0/1
Armada 3500 Family 6366/T/6400/0/0/2
Armada 3500 Family 6366/T/6400/0/0/3
Armada 4100 Family 4110
Armada 4100 Family 4120
Armada 4100 Family 4125
Armada 4100 Family 4130
Armada 4100 Family 4131
Armada 4100 Family 4150
Armada 4100 Family 4160
Armada 4200 Family 4210
Armada 4200 Family 4220
Armada 6500 Family 6300/T/6400/D/0/1
Armada 6500 Family 6300/T/6400/D/0/2
Armada 6500 Family 6300/T/6400/D/0/3
Armada 6500 Family 6300/T/6400/D/M/1
Armada 6500 Family 6300/T/6400/D/M/2
Armada 6500 Family 6300/T/6400/D/M/3
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/0/1
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/0/2
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/0/3
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/M/1
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/M/2
Armada 6500 Family 6366/T/6400/V/M/3
Armada 7300 Family 7330
Armada 7300 Family 7350
Armada 7300 Family 7360
Armada 7300 Family 7370
Armada 7300 Family 7380
Armada 7400 Family 6266/T/4000/D/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6266/T/4000/D/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6300/T/6000/D/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6300/T/6000/D/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6300/T/6000/D/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6333/T/6.4/D/M/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T/10.0/V/M/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/0/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/0/3
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/M/1
Armada 7400 Family 6366/T14/10.0/V/M/3
Armada 7700 Family 7710
Armada 7700 Family 7730
Armada 7700 Family 7750
Armada 7700 Family 7770
Armada 7700 Family 7790
Armada 7700 Family 7792
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/5000/D/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/5000/D/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/5000/D/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/8000/D/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/8000/D/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6266/T/8000/D/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6300/T/8000/V/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6300/T/8000/V/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6300/T/8000/V/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6366/T/14.0/V/M/3
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/0/1
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/0/3
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/M/1
Armada 7800 Family 6400/T14/14.0/V/M/3
Armada E500 Family All Models
Armada E500S Family All Models
Armada E700 Family All Models
Armada M300 Family All Models
Armada M700 Family All Models
Armada SB Family 5200/32/3.2/D
Armada SB Family 5200/32/3.2/DM
Armada SB Family 5233/32/4.0/DMT
Armada SB Family 5233/32/4.0/DT
Armada SB Family 5233/S/2100/D/0/1
Armada SB Family 5233/S/3200/D/M/2
Armada SB Family 6233/T/3200/D/0/1
Armada SB Family 6233/T/3200/D/M/2
Armada V300 Family All Models

Compaq D315 Business PC All Models

Compaq Evo n1000c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n1000v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n1005v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n1010v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n1015v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n1020v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n1050v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n150 Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n160 Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n180 Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n400c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n410c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n600c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n610c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n610v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n620c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n800c Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n800v Notebook PC
Compaq Evo n800w Notebook PC
Compaq Evo Notebook n200
Compaq Evo Notebook PC n110 Series
Compaq Evo Notebook PC n115 Series

Deskpro EN Series 6266
Deskpro EN Series 6300
Deskpro EN Series 6300A
Deskpro EN Series 6300C
Deskpro EN Series 6333
Deskpro EN Series 6333C
Deskpro EN Series 6350
Deskpro EN Series 6400
Deskpro EN Series 6400C
Deskpro EN Series 6450
Deskpro EN Series 6450+
Deskpro EN Series 6500
Deskpro EN Series C466/810
Deskpro EN Series C500/810
Deskpro EN Series C566 (na)
Deskpro EN Series C600
Deskpro EN Series C850
Deskpro EN Series P1.0GHz
Deskpro EN Series P1.13GHz
Deskpro EN Series P550
Deskpro EN Series P600
Deskpro EN Series P600/820
Deskpro EN Series P650
Deskpro EN Series P667
Deskpro EN Series P667 (na)
Deskpro EN Series P667/820
Deskpro EN Series P700
Deskpro EN Series P733
Deskpro EN Series P733 (na)
Deskpro EN Series P733/820
Deskpro EN Series P800
Deskpro EN Series P866
Deskpro EN Series P933
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300A
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300C
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6333
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6333C
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6350
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6400
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6450
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6450+
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6500
Deskpro EN Series SFF C466/810
Deskpro EN Series SFF C500/810
Deskpro EN Series SFF C566 (SFF-na)
Deskpro EN Series SFF C600 (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF Net PC 6300
Deskpro EN Series SFF Net PC 6400
Deskpro EN Series SFF P1.0GHz (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P1.0GHz (SFF-v)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P450+/810e
Deskpro EN Series SFF P500/810e
Deskpro EN Series SFF P533/810e
Deskpro EN Series SFF P550
Deskpro EN Series SFF P600
Deskpro EN Series SFF P600/810e
Deskpro EN Series SFF P600/820
Deskpro EN Series SFF P650
Deskpro EN Series SFF P667 (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P667 (SFF-na)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P667 (SFF-v)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P667/810e
Deskpro EN Series SFF P667/820
Deskpro EN Series SFF P700
Deskpro EN Series SFF P733 (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P733 (SFF-na)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P733 (SFF-v)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P733/820
Deskpro EN Series SFF P800 (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P800 (SFF-v)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P866 (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P866 (SFF-v)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P933 (SFF)
Deskpro EN Series SFF P933 (SFF-v)
Deskpro EP Series 6266
Deskpro EP Series 6266C
Deskpro EP Series 6300
Deskpro EP Series 6300A
Deskpro EP Series 6333
Deskpro EP Series 6333C
Deskpro EP Series 6350
Deskpro EP Series 6400
Deskpro EP Series 6400C
Deskpro EP Series 6450
Deskpro EP Series 6450+
Deskpro EP Series 6500
Deskpro EP Series a/C466/810e
Deskpro EP Series a/C500/810e
Deskpro EP Series a/P500E/810e
Deskpro EP Series a/P550E/810e
Deskpro EP Series a/P600E/810e
Deskpro EP Series a/P667E/810e
Deskpro EP Series a/P733E/810e
Deskpro EP Series C433/810
Deskpro EP Series C466/810
Deskpro EP Series C500/810
Deskpro EP Series P450+/810e
Deskpro EP Series P500/810e
Deskpro EP Series P533/810e
Deskpro EP Series P550
Deskpro EP Series P600
Deskpro EP Series P600/810e
Deskpro EP Series P650
Deskpro EP Series P667/810e
Deskpro EP Series P700
Deskpro EX 810e Microtower
Deskpro EX C566
Deskpro EX C600
Deskpro EX C633
Deskpro EX C667
Deskpro EX C700
Deskpro EX P1.0GHz
Deskpro EX P667
Deskpro EX P733
Deskpro EX P800
Deskpro EX P866
Deskpro EX P933
Deskpro EXS C566
Deskpro EXS C600
Deskpro EXS C633
Deskpro EXS C667
Deskpro EXS C700
Deskpro EXS P1.0GHz
Deskpro EXS P1.4GHz/850
Deskpro EXS P1.5GHz/850
Deskpro EXS P667
Deskpro EXS P733
Deskpro EXS P800
Deskpro EXS P866
Deskpro EXS P933
Deskpro EXS SF C1.1G/815e
Deskpro EXS SF C667/815e
Deskpro EXS SF C733/815e
Deskpro EXS SF P1.0G/815e
Deskpro EXS SF P800/815e
Deskpro SB Series 6266
Deskpro SB Series 6300
Deskpro SB Series 6333
Deskpro SB Series 6350
Deskpro SB Series 6400
Deskpro SB Series C566/i810e
Deskpro SB Series C600/i810e
Deskpro SB Series C600/i815
Deskpro SB Series C633/i810e
Deskpro SB Series C633/i815
Deskpro SB Series C700/i815
Deskpro SB Series P1.0/i815
Deskpro SB Series P667/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P700/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P733/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P733/i815
Deskpro SB Series P800/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P866/i810e
Deskpro SB Series P866/i815
Deskpro SB Series P933/i815
Deskpro Workstation 300 All Models
Deskpro Workstation AP230 All Models
Deskpro Workstation AP240 600/EB
Deskpro Workstation AP240 700
Deskpro Workstation AP240 733
Deskpro Workstation AP250 All Models

Evo D300 Convertible Minitower All Models
Evo D300 Desktop All Models
Evo D300 Slim Tower All Celeron Models
Evo D300 Slim Tower All Pentium 4 Models
Evo D300 Small Form Factor All Celeron Models
Evo D300 Small Form Factor All Pentium 4 Models
Evo D300s All Pentium 4 Models
Evo D300v All Celeron Models
Evo D300v All Pentium 4 Models
Evo D300v All Pentium III Models
Evo D310 Desktop All Models
Evo D310 Micro-desktop All Models
Evo D310 Microtower All Models
Evo D310 Slim Tower All Models
Evo D310v All Models
Evo D320 All Models
Evo D500 Convertible Minitower All Models
Evo D500 Desktop All Models
Evo D500 Small Form Factor All Celeron Models
Evo D500 Small Form Factor All Pentium 4 Models
Evo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop All Celeron Models
Evo D510 Convertible Minitower All Models
Evo D510 e-pc All Models
Evo D510 Small Form Factor All Models
Evo D510 Ultra-slim Desktop All Models

Evo Workstation W4000 CMT All Models
Evo Workstation W4000 SFF All Models
Evo Workstation W4000 SFF DDR All Models
Evo Workstation W6000 All Models
Evo Workstation W8000 All Models

HP Business Desktop d325 All Models
HP Compaq Business D210 All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d220 All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d228 Microtower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d230 All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d248 Microtower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 Desktop All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 Microtower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 Slim Tower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d338 Microtower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Convertible Minitower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Small Form Factor All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Ultra-slim Desktop All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d538 Convertible Minitower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop d538 Small Form Factor All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop dx2000 Microtower All Models
HP Compaq Business Desktop dx6050 All Models

HP Compaq Business Notebook nc4000
HP Compaq Business Notebook nc4010
HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6000
HP Compaq Business Notebook nc8000
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx5000
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx7000
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9000
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9005
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9100
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9105
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9110

HP Compaq nc4200 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nc6220 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nc6230 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nc8230 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nw8000 Mobile Workstation
HP Compaq nw8240 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx6115 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx6125 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx6130 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx7200 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx7220 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx8220 Notebook PC

HP Compaq Tablet PC tc1000
HP Compaq Tablet PC tc1100
HP Compaq Tablet PC tc4200

HP rp5000 All Models

HP Workstation xw3100 All Models
HP Workstation xw4000 All Models
HP Workstation xw4100 All Models
HP Workstation xw5000 All Models
HP Workstation xw6000 All Models
HP Workstation xw8000 All Models

iPAQ C500/810e
iPAQ C700/815e
iPAQ C800/815e
iPAQ Legacy-Free C500/810e
iPAQ Legacy-Free C700/815e
iPAQ Legacy-Free C800/815e
iPAQ Legacy-Free P1.0/815e
iPAQ Legacy-Free P500/810e
iPAQ Legacy-Free P733/810e
iPAQ Legacy-Free P866/815e
iPAQ P1.0/815e
iPAQ P500/810e
iPAQ P733/810e
iPAQ P866/815e

Notebook 100 Series All Models

Professional Workstation 5000 All Models
Professional Workstation 5100 All Models
Professional Workstation 6000 All Models
Professional Workstation 8000 All Models
Professional Workstation AP200 All Models
Professional Workstation AP400 All Models
Professional Workstation AP500 All Models
Professional Workstation AP550 All Models
Professional Workstation SP700 All Models
Professional Workstation SP750 All Models
Professional Workstation XP1000 All Models

ProLiant 1600 All Models
ProLiant 1850R All Models
ProLiant 2500 All Models
ProLiant 3000 All Models
ProLiant 5500 All Models
ProLiant 6000 All Models
ProLiant 6400R All Models
ProLiant 6500 All Models
ProLiant 7000 All Models
ProLiant 8000 All Models
ProLiant 8500 All Models
ProLiant 850R All Models
ProLiant BL40p All Models
ProLiant CL1850 All Models
ProLiant CL380 All Models
ProLiant DL140 All Models
ProLiant DL320 (800-1.53GHz)
ProLiant DL320 G2 (2.26GHz+)
ProLiant DL360 (550-1266MHz)
ProLiant DL360 G2 (1.4GHz)
ProLiant DL360 G3 (2.4GHz+)
ProLiant DL360 G4
ProLiant DL380 (667-1000MHz)
ProLiant DL380 G2 (1133-1400MHz)
ProLiant DL380 G3 (2.4GHz+)
ProLiant DL380 G3 Packaged Cluster MSA500
ProLiant DL380 G4 (3.4GHz+)
ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster G2 (1266MHz)
ProLiant DL560 (1.5GHz+)
ProLiant DL580 (700-900MHz)
ProLiant DL580 G2 (1400MHz+)
ProLiant DL580 G3 (XXX MHz+)
ProLiant DL740 (1.5GHz+)
ProLiant DL760 (700-900MHz)
ProLiant DL760 G2 (1.5GHz+)
ProLiant ML110 G1
ProLiant ML110 G2 (1 GHz+)
ProLiant ML150 (limited availability Asia Pacific and Europe) All Models
ProLiant ML310 All Models
ProLiant ML330 (667-999MHz)
ProLiant ML330 G2 (1000MHz)
ProLiant ML330 G3 (2.4GHz+)
ProLiant ML330e All Models
ProLiant ML350 (667-1000MHz)
ProLiant ML350 G2 (1133-1400MHz )
ProLiant ML350 G3 (2.0GHz+)
ProLiant ML350 G4
ProLiant ML370 (600-1000MHz)
ProLiant ML370 G2 (1133-1400MHz)
ProLiant ML370 G3 (2.4GHz+)
ProLiant ML370 G4 (3.2GHz+)
ProLiant ML530 (667-1000MHz)
ProLiant ML530 G2 (2.4GHz+)
ProLiant ML570 (667-1000MHz)
ProLiant ML570 G2 (1.4GHz+)
ProLiant ML570 G3 (XXX MHz+)
ProLiant ML570 G4
ProLiant ML750 All Models

Prosignia 340 6466C
Prosignia 340 6533C
Prosignia 340 6550
Prosignia 340 6600
ProSignia 500 All Models
Prosignia Family 120
Prosignia Family 122
Prosignia Family 124
Prosignia Family 140
Prosignia Family 142
Prosignia Family 144
Prosignia Family 150
Prosignia Family 160
Prosignia Family 161
Prosignia Family 162
Prosignia Family 165
Prosignia Family 170
Prosignia Family 190
Prosignia Server 740 All Models

SCSI Controller All Models
SCSI Hard Drives All Models
Tape Drives All Models
Tape Library All Models
TaskSmart C-Series All Models
TaskSmart N-Series All Models
TaskSmart W-Series All Models
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME)
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Brazilian Portuguese
Latin American Spanish
US English

- Adds support for new models.

1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.

2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. To
create the four optional installation diskettes, run MAKEDISK.BAT and
follow the on-screen instructions.

3. To install interactively:

a) Delete all previous versions of Diagnostics for Windows 1.xx. Because
the DFW 1.xx is a 16-bit application that does not have an uninstall
feature, simply delete the C:\WINDOWS\CPQDIAG directory.

b) Remove all previous versions of Diagnostics for Windows 2.xx, as
- Select Start, Settings, Control Panel.
- Select Add/Remove Programs.
- Select Diagnostics for Windows and "Add/Remove."
- Delete the C:\WINDOWS\CPQDIAG directory, if it still exists.

c) Install this version of Diagnostics for Windows, as follows:
- Insert diskette #1 into drive A: (if installing from optional
- Run A:\SETUP.EXE or from the download directory created in
Step 2, run SETUP.EXE.
- Select Next.
- Select Finish.

4. After the installation is complete, the directory created in Step 2 can be
deleted, if desired.

Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.