This package contains the .ISO image of the HP Point of Sale System Software 
and Documentation CD that is shipped with each of the HP Point of Sale 

The .ISO file enables the creation of a CD that contains:

- Point of Sale (POS) Accessory Configuration and Test Guide, which is an 
overview document that includes some troubleshooting steps, installation steps, 
and how-to-use instructions for the test applets.
- Common Control Object package.
- HP POS Keyboard configuration software.
- HP POS USB Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) OLE for Retail POS (OPOS) and 
configuration package.
- HP Receipt Printer OPOS package and Microsoft Windows USB drivers for the 
Device Manager.
- HP Barcode Scanner guides.
- HP Barcode OPOS package.
- HP regulatory documentation (that is, Regulatory Notice/Safety and Comfort 
Guide/WEEE Documentation).

NOTE: If only one item is needed, most of the items that are included in the 
.ISO file are also available on the HP website as individual downloads.