This package contains the HP My Display utility for the listed HP monitor 

The HP My Display utilty is a monitor control and calibration program that 
offers an easy step-by-step process for obtaining the best overall picture 

Monitor performance can vary due to the graphics card, host computer, lighting 
conditions, and other environmental factors.

To get the best image on a monitor, it must be adjusted for the unique setting 
where it is placed. Unfortunately, the manual controls available to tune the 
image often prove to be challenging. Proper adjustment (tuning) requires an 
easy-to-use program that provides a step-by-step process to obtain the best 
overall picture quality.

The HP My Display utility guides users through the tuning process with 
easy-to-understand instructions and background patterns designed for each 
monitor control. The display settings for each user can be saved, providing an 
easy way to select display characteristics in a multi-user environment, or to 
save multiple defined presets for a single user based on content and ambient 

HP My Display enables monitor adjustment and color tuning using the Display 
Data Channel Command Interface (DDC/CI) protocol. All adjustments to the 
display are controlled through software to eliminate the need to use the 
monitor on-screen display (OSD). HP My Display runs in the background and can 
be accessed through the Task tray, Start menu, or by right-clicking in a blank 
area of the desktop. The HP My Display utility enables quick, accurate tuning 
of the display, with the ability to easily save and use monitor configurations 
that are best suited to the user. 

HP My Display has two modes of operation: Wizard and OSD mode. The preferred 
method of use is Wizard mode, which provides a step-by-step process to 
accurately calibrate the monitor. OSD mode enables changes to any single 
monitor setting without stepping through a predefined sequence. This method is 
less accurate than Wizard mode, but enables easy access to any monitor