This package contains utilities that can be used to restore or update the 
system BIOS on the listed desktop models with a 786E1 BIOS.

The Active Management Technology (AMT) v 2.1 Management Engine (ME) firmware 
image is only intended for Intel vPro configurations. This SoftPaq, including 
the v 2.09 system BIOS, is not intended for non-AMT systems. 

IMPORTANT: The system should NOT be updated with this new ME firmware if it is 
a non-vPro configuration or if it is using ASF as the management selection in a 
vPro configuration. Once the ME firmware is updated to this new image, it 
CANNOT be re-flashed to an older ME firmware version (that is, it CANNOT be 
restored to a v 2.0 or older AMT version), and functionality may be adversely 
impacted in some ASF configurations.

Several methods for changing the BIOS version may be chosen. Included in this 
package are the following methods:

- Use the DOS utility with a pre-boot execution environment (PXE) management 
application to locally update or restore the system BIOS.
- Use HPQFlash to upgrade the BIOS directly in a Microsoft Windows or Microsoft 
Windows Vista environment.
- Create a CD image to upgrade/restore system BIOS.