This package contains the fix from Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 931836 for 
the listed desktop models and operating systems.

NOTE: For more information about this issue, refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base 
Article 931836, "February 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft 
Windows operating systems."

IMPORTANT: This update supersedes and replaces Microsoft update 928388, 
released in November 2006. The February 2007 update also includes additional 
time zone changes that were signed into law after Microsoft update 928388 was 
created. Customers who have already deployed Microsoft update 928388 should 
evaluate if any of the six specific time zone changes that are addressed in 
Microsoft update 931836 merit deploying this update immediately. If systems are 
not directly affected, you can schedule deployment at the next available 
opportunity. We recommend that all customers standardize on the most current 
Microsoft Windows cumulative time zone update to guarantee the consistency of 
the time zone database on all systems. 

IMPORTANT: Before you apply the update in this SoftPaq, you should be aware of 
potential issues that may affect Microsoft Office Outlook. For more information 
about these issues, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 931667, "How to 
address the daylight saving time changes in 2007 by using the Time Zone Data 
Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook."

IMPORTANT: If you are running Microsoft Exchange Server in an IT environment, 
you must take additional measures to guarantee the correct operation of 
Exchange Server. For more information about the Exchange Daylight Savings Time 
(DST) update, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 926666, "Update for daylight 
saving time changes in 2007 for Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2."