TITLE: HP PC Session Allocation Manager (Japanese)

VERSION: 1.1.0 Rev. A
This software package contains both English and Japanese HP PC Session 
Allocation Manager (SAM) installation files. 

HP SAM serves as the control point in managing desktop session allocations in a 
Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI) deployment. Specifically, it manages 
the assignment of Microsoft Remote Desktop connections from a user's access 
device (client) to Remote Desktop sessions (blade PC).

HP SAM 1.1.0 supersedes previous 1.0.x versions. You should upgrade to this 
version as soon as your schedule allows.

Additional server and SQL platforms supported with HP SAM version 1.1.0:
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000 MSDE Edition
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition 
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition 
* Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Web Edition 

PURPOSE: Recommended
EFFECTIVE DATE: March 9, 2007
CATEGORY: Software - Solutions


HP bc1000: All Models
HP bc1500 Blade PC: All Models


Microsoft Windows XP Professional


- Smart Card Hot Desking. This feature enables the user to connect to a blade 
PC with a smart card from an access device running the HP SAM Web client or the 
HP SAM XPe client. When the user removes the smart card from the access device, 
the session is automatically disconnected, if configured to do so. Inserting 
the smart card into another access device automatically transfers the 
disconnected session to that new access device. This feature also effectively 
provides Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality with the HP SAM Client. 

- HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) enablement. RGS is a proprietary HP 
protocol that delivers an enhanced graphical experience for a remote desktop or 
workstation. HP SAM 1.1.0 enables certain RGS software specific features that 
enable Remote Workstation Solution (RWS) customers to use HP SAM to dynamically 
allocate users to HP Blade Workstations. RGS is licensed separately and 
available for purchase through HP. 

- Multiple HP SAM Administrative Roles. This feature enables the HP SAM 
Administrator to create additional HP SAM administrative roles with limited 
capabilities. For example, an HP SAM Help Desk Administrator role can be 
created with Read Only access to the HP SAM Administrator Console with the 
added ability to disable/enable blade PC resources. 

- Database Pruning. This feature enables the HP SAM Administrator to disable HP 
SAM history and/or log recording features to keep the size of the database to a 
minimum. This feature is useful for Microsoft SQL 2000 MSDE or SQL 2005 Express 
Edition, which have strict limitations on the size of the database - currently 
4 GB.

- XPe Client User Interface Customization. Starting with HP SAM 1.1, you can 
fully customize the HP SAM XPe client user interface. For instructions 
detailing how to customize the client user interface, see the HP SAM 
Administrator User Guide.

- Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 must be installed on the HP SAM Web 
server. Download this software from the Microsoft website and install it on the 
HP SAM Web server prior to installing HP SAM 1.1. Additionally, if your SQL 
server is on a separate server from the HP SAM Web server, you must install 
.NET Framework 2.0 on the SQL server, or run the HP SAM SQL installation 
portion from the HP SAM Web server that has .NET Framework 2.0 already 

1. Download the .EXE file to a directory on your hard drive. 

2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

- Do not install HP SAM 1.1 if you have less than 1 GB of memory (which is 
below the HP SAM requirement) on the HP SAM Web server.

- If you want to keep the HP SAM Web and SQL database installed on the same 
server, do not clear SAM Web site from the list during the installation of 
version 1.1.0. Doing so will uninstall the HP SAM Web site from the server.

- HP SAM 1.1.0 is compatible with the previous HP SAM 1.0.0 release. You can 
mix between 1.0 and 1.1 for the HP SAM client, blade service, and Web server. 
When doing so, the environment steps down to the 1.0 level features in order to 
maintain compatibility. To fully take advantage of all the available features, 
upgrade all HP SAM components to the same 1.1.0 version. The recommended order 
of upgrade is: 
1. HP SAM Web/SQL server 
2. HP SAM blade service
3. HP SAM client

Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.