TITLE: HP t5725 Thin Client Control Panel Package Update

VERSION: 1.0.3 Rev. 2
This package updates the control panel applet that originally shipped with the 
HP t5725 Thin Client. It works with the supported operating systems. 

NOTE: This package does NOT contain the actual software, but contains a text 
file that provides instructions for installing the update. To install the 
actual software, see the Installation Instructions. 

PURPOSE: Recommended
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 16, 2007
CATEGORY: Operating System - Enhancements and QFEs

Thin Clients

HP t5725: All Models


Debian GNU/Linux 3.1

US English

- Adds a kiosk applet that enables basic control of the HP Connection 
Administrator or Firefox in a kiosk mode. The applet also enables the 
administrator to hide the Start menu, desktop icons, and/or window manager. 
Additionally, this applet enables auto launching of the HP Connection 
Administrator. NOTE: User auto-login has moved from the users' applet to the 
kiosk applet.

- Enhances the printer configuration support for PPD filters and the ThinPrint 
tab. The printer configuration is a GUI-based interface to install printer 
support for HPIJS, LPRNG, and ThinPrint.

- Enhances network support to enable the HP t5725 Thin Client network name to 
be discoverable.

- Changes the start-up script to check for a new monitor and, if found, to 
reset the resolution.

- Improves monitor applet performance.


Because the HP t5725 Thin Client is based on Debian, the image comes preloaded 
with both Aptitude and Synaptic package management programs. For more 
information, see the "HP t5725 Thin Client Administrators Guide."

Aptitude is a command-line and/or text-based GUI program for connecting to 
Debian repositories and managing Debian packages locally. The Debian package is 
the generic term for all software, drivers, features, and so forth, that are 
"wrapped" in code. These elements enable the software to be easier and more 
logical; to automatically install into proper directories; and to check for any 
other dependences that are required to ensure they work properly once 
installed. Once created, packages reside in various repositories that are 
maintained by the Open Source Community for open source packages. HP hosts a 
unique repository for updates and features specifically for the HP t5725 Thin 

Additionally, the HP t5725 Thin Client image comes with Synaptic, a GUI-based 
package management tool, which enables Debian package software and driver 
packages to be easily added and removed. Synaptic and Aptitude must be run as 
root, and cannot be run at the same time. HP hosts a repository specifically 
for HP t5725 Thin Client options, add-on, and package updates, such as new ICA 
and rdesktop updates. Both Synaptic and Aptitude refer to /etc/apt/sources.list 
for the locations of the repositories. The sources list can be changed with a 
text editor or from within Synaptic by clicking the Settings menu and then 
clicking Repositories (Settings->Repositories).

To use Aptitude to install this package, complete the following steps:

1. Go to an xterm session (that is, click the xterm icon on the Start bar).

2. Type:
aptitude update && aptitude install -R hptc-control-panel

NOTE: If deploying package installations or upgrades by using a script, you may 
want to add -y after the -R to enable unattended installation. The -y option 
automatically accepts the package installation.

3. If prompted to accept or decline the package, read the message carefully, 
and if you agree and want to proceed, accept the package.

To use Synaptic to install this package, complete the following steps:

1. Click the Synaptic icon on the desktop to launch Synaptic.

NOTE: If this is the first time the icon has been clicked, the script for the 
icon connects to the Debian repositories to install Synaptic. When the 
installation is complete, the icon changes and then the process continues.

2. Click the Reload icon (located at the top of the Synaptic application), to 
load the latest list of available packages.

3. Click the Search icon, then type the name of the package for which you are 
searching. For this package, type:

4. Once the hptc-control-panel package is located, click the result, and then 
right-click the package and select "Mark for Upgrade".

5. Click Apply.

6. Confirm the action, if prompted.

NOTE: If you are trying to create a repository, and want to put the HP packages 
in the new repository, the actual packages can be found by going to the 
following URL and downloading the corresponding .deb package: 

Copyright (c) 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.