TITLE: HP Compaq Blade Workstation Raw Image

VERSION: 08.62 Rev. A
This package contains the image needed to restore or replace the operating 
system image on an HP Compaq Blade Workstation Client running the HP Blade 
Workstation Client Embedded Operating System. 

Raw images are created by using Linux dd to create an exact bit-for-bit copy of 
the DOM drive for the HP Workstation Blade Client. Altiris Deployment Solution 
(DS) 6.8 is the only supported network installation tool.

This raw image is provided for users who want to select a different 
installation tool and need a base image with which to start. 

PURPOSE: Routine
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 13, 2007
CATEGORY: Software


HP Compaq Blade Workstation Client: All Models
HP dc72 Blade Workstation Client: All Models


HP Blade Workstation Client Embedded OS


- Contains HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) 5.0 and 4.2.1, and HP Session 
Allocation Manager (SAM) Connection Client 2.1 Beta 1. Use Webmin to select 
appropriate software.

- Provides new, flexible monitor configuration tool that includes:
* Layout: 261 shapes are legal with four monitors, including Ls, Ts, and 
"fastest monitors in the center."
* Resolution: Each monitor can have a different resolution. Resolutions choices 
are probed directly from the monitors. Supports resolutions up to 1920x1600 
* Orientation: Monitors can be oriented in Landscape mode or rotated 90 degrees 
clockwise or counter-clockwise, in any combination.
* Analog Output: Individual monitors can be forced to analog output to get 
1920x1200 resolution out of the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI Card.
* Heads: Up to four graphics cards and eight heads are supported by the 
software. HP currently has no hardware configurations with more than two cards 
and four heads.
* Interface: Webmin interface for monitor configuration has been completely 
reworked to add features and improve usability.
NOTE: Dual-link monitors are NOT supported.

- Includes the following Altiris Software enhancements:
* Supports Altiris Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2.
* Includes netbooton tool to trigger "boot to network" first from within a job, 
eliminating the need to manually change the boot order in the BIOS.
* Enables Altiris multi-cast support for finding a Deployment Solution.
* Updates switches to allow multi-cast server probing, server IP address, 
thereby enabling new configuration options.
* Adds a Webmin option to disable the Altiris agent.

- Includes the following keyboard enhancements:
* Supports new Bloomberg keyboard.
* Provides official support for Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Turkish-Q, 
and Simplified Chinese.
* Provides experimental support for Korean.

- Adds Software Client Aggregation to enable a single mouse and keyboard to be 
used with multiple clients.

- Fixes issue where the following key sequences were ignored: Alt+Ctrl+Fn and 
Alt+Ctrl+Keypad keys.
- Changes Num Lock default to On.
- Updates Scroll Lock functionality so it works with all keyboards, including 
international keyboards.
- Provides a "Test Pattern" background choice to help with monitor alignment.
- Updates Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client to accommodate 
multiple domain-names separated by spaces. All extras are ignored, except when 
used as a domain search path.
- Adds the ability to set a domain-search path, even if using DHCP.


1. Download the SoftPaq .IMG file to a directory on your hard drive. 

2. For details about applying raw images, see the installation instructions for 
the chosen network installation tool. 

NOTE: This raw image is not guaranteed to work with any specific tool, and is 
meant to completely overwrite all data on an existing DOM drive for the 

Preserving previous configuration settings is not possible when applying a raw 
image. Save the contents of /settings/settings*.txt files using a remote 
browser window to open a remote Webmin session: 
https://myclienthostnameorip:10010 -> Others -> System Logs to manually 
preserve settings. Use this raw image at your own risk.

Copyright (c) 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.