TITLE: HP Compaq Thin Clients Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Image

VERSION: 5.1.409 Rev. A
This package contains the tools and image needed to restore or replace the 
operating system image on the supported thin client models running the 
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded (XPe) Operating System. 

The Chinese (Traditional) image contained in this package must be deployed on a 
Thin Client model with a minimum of a 512-MB flash memory card. This image also 
requires that the Thin Client model be configured with a minimum of 512 MB of 

PURPOSE: Routine
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 21, 2008
CATEGORY: Operating System - Enhancements and QFEs

Thin Clients

HP Compaq t5730 Thin Client: All Models
HP t5720: All Models


Microsoft Windows XP Embedded

Taiwanese Chinese

The new image contains the following changes from the previous version:

- Provides an updated image that is based on Microsoft Windows XPe with Rollup 
- Includes HP PC Session Allocation Manager (PC-SAM) client. 
- Includes Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 (11.0.5721.5230).
- Includes Microsoft Internet Explorer (7.0.5730.11).
- Includes Citrix Program Neighborhood (10.100.55836). 
- Includes TeemNT 6.0 (29B2C).
- Updates the Sygate Security Agent STDDEF.DAT file.
- Includes ATI Radeon X1250 driver (8.390.0).
- Includes Realtek High-Definition Audio driver (
- Includes Broadcom 802.11a/b/g WLAN driver (
- Includes Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet driver (
- Includes Realtek High-Definition Audio driver (
- Updates the HP DHCP Settings Update client.
- Updates the HP System Information Center.
- Updates the HP ThinState Capture Tool to support 2GB+ DOKs. 
- Updates the HP wallpaper bitmap.

This image contains Microsoft hotfixes for the following Knowledge Base 
Articles (added since the previous image version was released):

- 933729 MS07-058: Vulnerability in RPC Could Allow Denial of Service
- 939653 MS07-057: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
- 941202 MS07-056: Security Update for Outlook Express and Windows Mail
- 936782 MS07-047: Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote 
code execution
- 938829 MS07-046: Vulnerability in GDI Could Allow Remote Code Execution 
- 937143 MS07-045: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
- 921503 MS07-043: Vulnerability in OLE Automation Could Allow Remote Code 
- 936021 MS07-042: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow 
Remote Code Execution
- 935839 MS07-035: Vulnerability in Win 32 API Could Allow Remote Code 
- 933566 MS07-033: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
- 935840 MS07-031: Vulnerability in SChannel could allow Remote Code Execution
- 888111 UAA High Definition Audio class driver 
- 917021 WPA 2 hotfix
- 931836 February 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows 
operating systems (re-release) 
- 933360 August 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows 
operating systems

Successful deployment and operation of the Chinese (Traditional) image requires 
a minimum of:

- 512-MB flash memory card
- 512 MB of RAM

1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE file to a directory on your hard drive. 

2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. 

This SoftPaq contains a utility that is designed to aid in the deployment of 
this factory image. 

During the installation, you are prompted to choose one of the following 
- Create an ISO image for CD mastering software.
- Format a USB drive with the image and tools.
- Unpack the contents into a directory of your choice. 

If you are not sure about how to proceed, or if you want to integrate this 
image into a managed environment, choose "Deployment" and review the 
documentation provided in the RECOVERY.PDF file. 

NOTE: To determine the version of your operating system, click the Start 
button, which is located in the lower-left corner of the display screen, and 
then select HP System Information. In the System Information panel that is 
displayed, check the value beside the Image Version label.

Copyright (c) 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.