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Tags: football  jerseys 
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You're not bipolar, you're just crazy. Unless the NFL enters into a sponsorship with Gaia you will never get the crap you keep asking for, so you might as well give it up already. Gaia can't make what you want without the permission of the NFL and the various teams within it. Quit being so God damned stubborn and learn to accept the facts. At the rate you're going you really will be banned before too long.

Ok, I don't know who you are, and yes you can call me crazy all you want, thats what my friends love me for. Anyways, I know that we need sponsors and blah blah blah, but I was not born yesterday, I know the damn process, okay? And I am not being stubborn, I know what I'm doing.
Not to be mean or anything, but I am supporting all those people out there who get me, so if you're assuming that what I like is "crap", um, you need to look at what you're saying and definitely what you're wearing.
I follow two nascar teams, a baseball team, and even even a few wrestlers, but most of those on the list aren't gunna come 'round gaia anytime soon. So, instead of having the Eagles or another football team come in, why not root for Durem? It could even invoke football games in towns. We have soccer, why not?

It's one more team you can follow and because gaia owns Durem, we could get uniforms for players, cheerleaders(another set perhaps?Something like that reality show..Be a Texas..something. sweatdrop ), even a referee. I wouldn't mind seeing flags that go in your house personally.
SNAFU..Situation Normal all fouled up.

Abe: My grandfather knew the exact hour, day, time and minute that he was going to die.
Sol: Really? How?!
Abe: The judge told him.

Leon: Prevent forest fires and avoid using solar ray rings.

listen here u mindless b*****d! you just threatened meh that i was gonna get shot! so back off you friggin homo! i can say WAY more worse threats than you can ever imagine. and if this is a public site, then u shouldnt tell US to get off your so called turf, and wats so good about the friggin gaia team colors? and myspace is another thing! and how am i on the caffiene? u should look at yourself and see how ur dressed, are u horny or something?


A few things I realized. You don't understand what "figures of speech" are. And you don't understand what being shot out of the sky means. Hell, you don't even understand what homosexual means. Sure, I get threatened all the time from the gangsta wannabes on this sites- and I happen to enjoy laughing at them. See, it so happens;- I'm WAAAAAAYYYYY out of their jurisdiction. Just ask for a plane ticket to halfway around the world.

Learn to spell, too. That'll help. smile

This is our turf. And if that's how you think of the Gaia team colors, I must ask you - what's so good about plagiarism?. Nussin'. Gaia is for people who like originality. Not for the generic flock of sheep that most "teens" are. I suggest going back to your Twilight books and staying there.

Okay. I take the caffeine comment back. You seem to be high on a cocktail of vodka, soviet vodka and Manufactured McSourface. I can dress how I want, when I want. I do not have to obey the simpering rules of your society. I'm not horny - I'm just the average psycho. biggrin

PS: I like it IRL secks much better. LOL.
Pixel secks has nothing on IRL secks.

PS: How was the 3d?
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