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Hey, people! This is Sony Love, former Fanfiction.Net and Freedom of Speech fanfiction writer (the latter's now defunct).

Over here, I just have a small site that just hosts fanfics and MSTs. Nothing special.

Well, my work is not the best in the world, but yeah, I do what I can and try my best in it. Anyway, to go around this place, simply click on one of the various links above the "Recent News" to go to a different part of the site. Simple, eh?

Also, most of the fics and "special features" will take time to sprout, due to a little thing called 'life'... and another thing called 'inspration'. And 'laziness'. Bleh. But, I suggest you keep checking up.

Now, you can get comfy with this really simple site that even a frickin' monkey could set up.


*This site launched on September 5, 2004 on Geocities, and relocated here on cwcyrix.duckdns.org on July 30, 2009.*

Now pick a page, why don't 'cha?

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Mystery Science Theater En Masse
(Making you question your sanity since 2011!)
Sissy Reads (Coming Soon)
(MST 'EM spinoff where awful books and articles are riffed)
Crappy Fanfiction (Pre MST 'EM)
Hopefully Less Crappy Fanfiction
(Post MST 'EM)
Sissy Rants
(Where Sissy rants about various crap. Obviously.)
Fanfiction Histories & Mysteries
(With MST 'EM's Miyu Prower)

Recent News, Recent News!

January 12, 2018: Sony has turned 29, and she's going to ruin her own birthday. Here's the final part of the "Moonlight warrior" riffing. Yes, it got even worse.

January 8, 2018: Part Two of the "Moonlight warrior" riffing is up. Brace yourself, reader. It's getting worse.

January 6, 2018: Oh, dear. The third dose of Benji is here. Jessie, James, Miyuki and Tomoko are tackling the sequel to "Crescent Variation". Watch the future get ruined in the first part.

January 3, 2018: Happy New Year! And this day is the eve of the seventh year of riffing! MST 'EM's back for another whacking. This season will be mostly full of sequels. The Black Crow starts off with the sequel to "All My Heart", and the Egg Spiral follows that up with the sequel to "The New Girl". Unfortunately, it's the fic that Sonic, Amy, and Tails absolutely hated. Come join them for some unhealthy doses of Alex and Sasha. It's all up on the brand new "Sequelitis" season.

November 10, 2017: First phase of MST 'EM's giant editing is complete. Next up are the edited descriptions for the riffings from the first five seasons... and maybe Seasons 6-7. Yikes.

October 14, 2017: Regarding MST 'EM... every riffing up to Season 6 is currently undergoing an editing process. Extremely harsh language (specifically, riffers calling female characters certain demeaning terms) is being edited out or altered. This currently excludes the first five specials. I'll be editing those at a later date. For Seasons 5-7 and the movie... Akiko's surname is now "Miyadama" instead of "Miadama" (Yes, the same also goes for her sister, Kaoru). Since those characters are owned by the editor, I've decided to update that because I'm a picky person. Also, don't worry, I'm still working on "Black Blood: Awakening". Just dealing with a tiny block at the moment.


And here's the old disclaimer:
King of Fighters is owned by SNK, Sonic and Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle are both owned by Sega, and Street Fighter is owned by Capcom. The fics/articles/books that are being riffed in "Mystery Science Theater En Masse" and the upcoming "Sissy Reads" are owned by their respective authors. This is all entertainment, no money is being made, and I do not wish for any mystical rocks to fall on any of the authors who had their materials riffed.