The "New" Fanfic Page (which will hopefully be better than the last fanfic page)

Well, after a few years dealing with a massive writer's block, I've had the habit of working on riffing fanfics and articles instead. And during those few years, I've learned a lot. For example, I've gotten over the old "Grrrl Powah!" phase, and yes, I'll still write alternate universes, with the key requirement being that the canon characters retain their canon personalities... if they have an established personality. (Though... I'll always have the mindset that my writing will be rather simplistic.)

Anyway, push came to shove, and all of that. Just... enjoy what's mostly rebooted here.

(Yes, I know that this page is a bit sloppy right now, but it'll be cleaned up a bit in the future.)


Of course, I'm still using Fiction Ratings, so here are the equivalents:

G = K
PG = K+
PG-13 = T
R = M
NC-17 = MA


For Sonic:

Blackstone (SatAM/Archie series)
-A simple chapter fic that follows the Blackstone Canyon Freedom Fighters as they ally with Knothole.
(Coming Soon)


For King of Fighters:

Black Blood Series
-A rewritten version of the Esaka Destiny "Saga" which was riffed in "Mystery Science Theater En Masse", this (hopefully) fixes the glaring plot holes and all of the silly randomness that the original trilogy had. (Eventual warnings for possible sex scenes and violent scenes.)

Book 1: Awakening
After the fall of NESTS, Kyo has to deal with two unexpected events. The first involves training a new student so she can properly control her unstable flames, and the second involves a hidden clone who wants nothing more than to kill and replace him. Unfortunately for him, his actions will cause those two events to blend together...
Rating: T (for some possible language and some violent scenes)
Chapters: Introduction  Ch. 1  Ch. 2  Ch. 3  Ch. 4  Ch. 5  Ch. 6  Ch.7  Ch.8

Book 2: Merciless
(Coming Soon)

Book 3: Endgame
(Coming Soon)



La Péril (Rewrite)
(Coming Soon)


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